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Exit WHO: Legal action will be taken against the UK
Exit WHO: Legal action will be taken against the UK

Legal action is being taken against the UK to stop WHO funding and withdraw from the WHO; how can we help
Rhoda Wilson January 29, 2024 source

Efforts to expose the World Health Organization's vile Pandemic Accord and its ugly sibling, the International Health Regulations Amendments, are being ignored by those elected to protect citizens' rights to life, liberty and freedom .

While we can't currently count on our government to protect and defend our rights and freedoms, there seems to be hope, writes Dr. Tess Lawrie.

That hope comes after researchers recently discovered that the UK's membership of the World Health Organization ("WHO") is illegal. Based on this, The People's Lawyers (A Nép Ügyvédjei) initiated an injunction to reject the proposed amendments to the IHR and the Pandemic Treaty.

People's Lawyers is also seeking to end UK government funding to the WHO and associated organizations and to have the UK withdraw from the WHO.

So what can we do to help?

Is the UK an illegal member of the WHO?
Dr. Tess Lawrie
Summary of what you need to know.

Shocking (but hopeful!) discovery

If those running the World Health Organization ("WHO") have their way, the UK and other member states will soon find themselves under medical and political tyranny following amendments to the International Health Regulations 2005 ("IHR") and the so-called To date, citizen efforts to resist these developments have been largely ignored. But suddenly there seems to be hope!

New research has revealed that the UK is an illegal member of the WHO! Based on this discovery, a group called The People's Lawyers is launching legal action to reject the IHR and its proposed amendments, any "Pandemic Treaty" and all WHO dictates, now and in the future. They also seek to stop British government funding of the WHO and related organizations and for the UK to withdraw from the WHO on the grounds that its membership was illegal from the start.

How did this situation develop?

The fundamental concern is that significant fraud was committed in the creation of the WHO. Documents, including diary entries, prove that the "official story" is a highly distorted version of the actual events. You can read the details of the whole interesting story HERE, but for a quick overview here are the essential points that illustrate the fraudulent nature of the WHO's origins and give hope that it may help the UK withdraw.

1. According to the official story: "In April 1945, at the conference in San Francisco that created the United Nations (UN), representatives of Brazil and China proposed the creation of an international health organization and the convening of a conference to draft its constitution."

Indeed, it was not a spontaneous proposal of two nations; instead, the two doctors who made the proposal, Dr. Souza from Brazil and Dr. Sze, a Chinese American, worked together at the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration ("UNRRA") in Washington, DC, and collaborated with the US government and the Rockefeller With Foundation ("RF") in planning the creation of WHO. Dr. Sze wrote the documents purporting to be from the Chinese and Brazilian governments about "their" wishes for an international health organization, and both doctors worked hard to convince the Brazilian and Chinese delegates to cooperate.

2. Dr. Sze also drafted a resolution from the San Francisco conference and took it to Washington, where Rockefeller-influenced officials approved it as a temporary health committee. This mechanism - first used in 1943 when the Food and Agriculture Organization was created - made it possible to create an organization exactly as needed. People who didn't participate in the "expert" process couldn't change things later. The WHO was thus created by stealth, without the notification or participation of potential member states.

3. The role of the Rockefeller Foundation, which has quietly steered the global public health agenda for more than a century, should not be underestimated. Since its founding in 1913, it has been a major funder of public health research, policy, implementation and education worldwide. Although it is a philanthropic organization, this level of investment has great geopolitical power and influence. The predecessor of the WHO - the Health Organization of the League of Nations (LNHO), founded after the First World War - was created on the model of the RF's own International Health Department (founded in 1927) and was the main supporter of the RF.

4. The UN Economic and Social Council ("ESC") convened an International Health Conference in New York (19 June - 22 July 1946) to establish the WHO. This turned out to be only a rubber stamp, as prior to the conference, the WHO Technical Preparatory Committee - which consisted of members connected to the RF, including Souza and Sze, as well as representatives of the US government - finalized the WHO's proposed constitution.

5. This Constitution was essentially forced upon the delegates. They assumed that it would be properly scrutinized and ratified, and that their own governments could reject it, but that didn't happen. No attempt has been made in the UK to revise or ratify the document. It was signed by representatives of 61 nations on July 22, 1946. Although this appears to be the date of the creation of the WHO, the Constitution did not enter into force until 1948, after 26 nations had ratified it. The Interim Committee remained in force for two more years until it was replaced by the WHO on 31 August 1948.

6. The UK's involvement in the creation of the WHO is shrouded in mystery. The official parliamentary record, Hansard, makes no mention of the UK signing the "World Health Organization" in May 1946, shortly after the United Nations Economic and Social Committee meeting in New York. Although the official UN attendance list lists Hector McNeil, the minister leading the UK delegation, Hansard notes that he was speaking in Parliament that day - so he could not have been in New York. Very few members of parliament - not even the Minister of Health - knew about the International Health Conference or the signing of the WHO Constitution. It is highly irregular that the UK did not have to ratify its membership and that the Cabinet did not discuss and agree to this international agreement.

7. At the end of the International Health Conference, the WHO Constitution was signed by two "government advisers" - Dr McKenzie and Mr Yates - on behalf of the United Kingdom. No British ministers were present, and Sir Wilson Jameson, the UK's chief health officer, who attended the conference, was not a signatory. It is outrageous that such an important agreement could be signed without Parliament even knowing about the process and without a single senior member of the government present. Even the legality of the original signed Constitution was questioned, as many of the signatures were only scribbles and lacked the printed names and titles of the signatories, which is mandatory on a legally binding document.

8. One of the reasons for the creation of the WHO was to take over the functions of the UNRRA - an organization with a limited life but a huge public health mandate. This organization imposed international health conventions on the whole world in 1944 and had the power to require vaccination for anyone it wanted.

9. Another organization that was merged into the WHO in 1946 was the LNHO. By transferring all its staff to the WHO, the new organization absorbed much of the LNHO's sinister past, including its history of Nazi and fascist collaboration during World War II, its policy support of eugenics - population control and sterilization,

Time to take legal action

The WHO's current desperate power grab obviously has a long history. Even before the signing of the WHO's constitution in 1946, WHO's predecessor organizations used public health as a means of expanding global control. The people and parliament of the UK were bypassed and duped when the WHO was created and have continued to be duped for the last 77 years due to the illegality of the UK's membership of the WHO. But now this massive fraud has been exposed and the legal challenge must happen.

Taking into account the above, the People's Advocates claim that:

- The United Kingdom illegally acceded to the WHO constitution. Therefore, it is not legally a WHO member state and cannot fall under the scope of the 2005 International Health Regulations, its recent amendments, or any "Pandemic Agreement".
- The UK should not submit to the dictates of the WHO, nor should it be subject to
any further financial contribution to the WHO or any associated organisation.
- Previous contributions to the WHO must now be returned as the WHO knowingly allowed unelected advisers to illegally sign the Constitution without ratifying it.

Recognizing the depth of the fraud, the other alleged WHO "member states" should also investigate how they became part of the WHO without a referendum or, in some cases, ratification. It is time for people to hold WHO accountable. Thanks to The People's Lawyers, we now have evidence that we can use to take down this disreputable organization.

Hypothesized Disease X: WHO's pandemic treaty is a fraud Demands compliance for "the next pandemic." "Very narrow national interests cannot stand in the way." WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus continues to mislead public opinion around the world.
There is no such thing as "disease X." This is the hypothetical construction of the WHO expert committee of virologists and disease analysts (2017-2018). It was subsequently imagined in the Clade X simulation (May 2018) and the Event 201 Simulation of a Pandemic (October 2019). Both events were held under the auspices of the John Hopkins Center for Heath Security with support from the Gates Foundation.

After that, Bill Gates announced at the Munich Security Conference in February 2022:
"The risk of serious illness caused by Covid-19 has 'declined dramatically', but another pandemic is almost certain," said Bill Gates.

"A potential new pandemic would likely originate from a pathogen other than the coronavirus family" (CNBC).
"There will be another pandemic. Next time it will be a different pathogen," Gates said.
How could he know this in advance?

"Prediction" and "preparation" for "X" disease, an unknown threat

In his presentation at the Davos24 WEF, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros rejected Bill Gates' premonition, pointing to the alleged severity of the Covid-19 crisis starting in early 2020, which is clearly contradicted official WHO data.

Bill Gates is Tedros' mentor. They are connected by a close personal relationship, which sometimes borders on "incompatibility".

Bill Gates, Tedros et al (backed by a WHO "committee of experts") are now predicting "Disease X" from a hypothetical pathogen said to be 20 times deadlier than SARS-CoV-2. What absolute nonsense.

"Other than the fact that it will wreak havoc on humanity, the research team has no idea of ​​the nature of the pathogen."

According to Forbes:
Disease X, a hypothetical unknown threat, is the name used by scientists to encourage the development of countermeasures, including vaccines and tests, to be used in the event of a future outbreak - WHO convened a group of more than 300 scientists in November 2022 , to study an "unknown pathogen that could cause a major international epidemic" and which has a mortality rate 20 times that of Covid-19".

300 scientists to study an unknown and hypothetical thing? Media propaganda citing "scientific opinion" as follows : "Disease X is 20 times more dangerous than Covid".

The 24/7 fear campaign has been renewed, consisting of reports of an alleged new wave of Covid deaths,

Video: Vaccine for a Hypothetical "Disease X" Pandemic.
Produced by Lux Media. Michel Chossudovsky and Caroline Mailloux

Hypothesized Disease X: WHO's pandemic treaty is a fraud

To view the interview, click here .

The suspected causative agent of "Disease X" was "identified" by the WHO expert committee two years before the Covid-19 crisis.
At the beginning of February 2018, the WHO expert committee met behind closed doors in Geneva to "consider the unthinkable" .

"The goal was to identify pathogens that may be capable of spreading and causing millions of deaths, but for which there are currently no or insufficient countermeasures available."

The expert committee has met twice before, probably in 2017:

"This was the third time that the committee, made up of leading virologists, bacteriologists and infectious disease experts, met to examine diseases with epidemic or pandemic potential.

However, when two weeks ago [In mid-February 2018] the 2018 list was released, including an entry not seen in previous years.Eight

scary but familiar diseases, including Ebola, Zika and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) the list also included a ninth global threat: Disease X." (Daily Telegraph, emphasis added)

This all sounds very scientific, based on experts contracted and rewarded by the WHO, on the advice of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

"Disease X is the knowledge [what knowledge?] that a major international epidemic is caused by a can be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease".

According to WHO experts, disease X can come from different sources and can strike at any time.

"History shows that the next big epidemic will probably be something we haven't seen before," said John-Arne Rottingen, director general of the Research Council of Norway, scientific adviser to the WHO committee.

"It may seem strange to add an 'X', but the point is to prepare and plan flexibly for vaccines and diagnostic tests.

"We want to develop 'plug and play' platforms that work for any one or many diseases ; systems that will allow us to quickly create countermeasures." (Telegraph)

The work of the "expert committee" was followed by two desktop simulations in May 2018 and October 2019.

The Clade X simulation: "Parainfluenza X clade"

A few months later, WHO experts Following its meeting in Geneva in early 2018, which categorized a hypothetical disease X as a "global threat",

"The scenario begins with an outbreak of a new parainfluenza virus that is moderately contagious and moderately lethal, and for which there are no effective medical countermeasures."

The virus is the so-called "parainfluenza X clade".

"Disease X" and the Global Pandemic 201 Simulation The

hypothetical Disease X concept developed in 2017-2018 by a WHO expert committee of leading virologists and disease experts was simulated in a desktop simulation of the deadly coronavirus pandemic event 201. The global pandemic exercise was held in New York under the auspices of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health, Center for Heath Security (which also hosted the May 2018 Clade X simulation). The event was supported by the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. (Event 201)

An October 21, 2019 report, "Disease X dummy run: World health experts prepare for a deadly pandemic and its aftermath," confirms that Disease X was part of the 201st Global Pandemic Simulation: On

Friday, a New York- i hotel ballroom, a panel of 15 high-ranking international personalities gathered to "enact" a scenario in which a pandemic rages around the world and kills millions.

Health experts fully expect the world to face a rapidly spreading global pandemic. Situation reports came thick and fast into the room - and the news wasn't good. The virus was spreading... The former CIA deputy director took off his glasses, rubbed his eyes and addressed the panel. "We also have to take into account that terrorists can take advantage of this situation," he said. "We face the possibility of famine. There is the possibility of secondary disease outbreaks".

"I fully expect that we will face a rapidly spreading global pandemic," said Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Health Emergencies Programme.

Speaking to the participants - and the 150 observers - before the start of the scenario, he said that the WHO deals with 200 epidemics every year. It's only a matter of time before one of these becomes a pandemic — defined as a disease that covers an entire country or the entire world." (Telegraph, emphasis added)

Hypothesized Disease X: WHO's pandemic treaty is a fraud

Video: Tedros Says Covid Was "The First X Disease"

Hypothesized Disease X: WHO's pandemic treaty is a fraud

Click here to watch the video .

Evidence: There will be no pandemic in early 2020. Misleading statements by Dr. Tedros, fraudulent decisions
In a nutshell:

- Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on January 30, 2020. Outside of China, there were 83 "confirmed cases" for a population of 6.4 billion.

- There was no "scientific basis" to justify declaring a worldwide public health emergency.

- On February 20, 2020: At a briefing in Geneva, Dr. Tedros, the Director-General of the WHO, said that he is "concerned that the chance of curbing the coronavirus epidemic is "closer"... "I believe that the possibility is still there, but the window is narrowing." These statements were based on 1,076 "confirmed cases" outside China.

- WHO officially declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020, when the number of PCR cases outside China (population 6.4 billion) reached 44,279 cumulative confirmed cases cases was on the order of magnitude.-

All so-called confirmed cases are PCR test results that do not detect the virus.-

The United States had 3,457 "confirmed cases" on March 9, 2020 out of a population of 329.5 million.-

Canada March 2020 On the 9th, there were 125 "confirmed cases" out of a population of 38.5 million.

- Germany had 2,948 "confirmed cases" out of a population of 83.2 million on March 9, 2020.

The above data is a summary. Click here and scroll down below for links and analysis.

The "Disease X" fear campaign and the Pandemic Treaty

There is a huge literature available on the Pandemic Treaty and its expected consequences.

The Pandemic Agreement represents the creation of a global health organization under the auspices of the WHO. This is the path to "Global Governance", during which the entire 8 billion population of the world would be digitized and integrated into a global digital data bank.

This database would contain all personal data, which would lead to a deviation from basic human rights and the subordination of national governments to the dominant financial institution system.

The pandemic treaty would be tied to the creation of a worldwide digital identity system.

According to David Skripac:

"A worldwide digital identity system is emerging. [The WEF - and all central banks - aim] to implement a global system where everyone's personal data is fed into a central bank digital currency (CBDC) network."

Peter Koenig describes the process behind it as follows:

"a fully electronic identity card - which connects every single person to everything (health, banking, personal and privacy records, etc.)".

Bombshell news: Vaccination against a hypothetical "Disease X" epidemic with an "unknown pathogen"

Dr. Tedros announced in Davos24, not to mention several credible statements by Bill Gates, governments must prepare for the outbreak of "Disease X".

A supposedly state-of-the-art "vaccine" to "build our immunity" against "Disease X" (which is a hypothetical construct based on an unknown pathogen) is planned for the UK's "Vaccine Development and Evaluation Center" (UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA) in Porto Down campus in Wiltshire, which will open in August 2023.

"Ministers have opened a new vaccine research center in Britain where scientists will work to prepare for 'Disease X', the agent of the next potential pandemic.

Prof Dame Jenny Harries said: " What

we're trying to do now is take the excellent work of Covid and ensure that we use it against new pandemic threats." with the vaccines that are already available to check that they are still effective.

"But we are also looking at how quickly we can develop a new test that we would use if a brand new virus emerged somewhere." "

This state-of-the-art complex it will also help us deliver on our commitment to produce new vaccines within 100 days of identifying a new threat."

(The Guardian, emphasis added)

"Disease X" "vaccine" at the UK Ministry of Defense's Science and Technology Center , will be developed at the Porter Down Campus

The "Vaccine Development and Evaluation Center" (VDEC) - tasked with developing a vaccine against "Disease X" - is a civilian research institute under the British National Health Service (NHS), led by Dame Jennifer Harries ( DBE) is managed by the UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA).

Inaugurated in August 2023, VDEC Significance:

The "Defence Science and Technology Laboratory" [Dstl] at Porton Down, Wiltshire, is one of the UK Ministry of Defence's most secretive and controversial military research facilities, specializing in the testing of biological and chemical weapons.

The United Kingdom's Health and Safety Executive (UKHSA) has launched a global and national "integrated disease surveillance" project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A representative of the Gates Foundation is a member of the UKHSA advisory board.

A mass movement is needed to oppose the adoption of the Pandemic Agreement at the World Health Assembly (May 27, 2024).

Furthermore, we demand the immediate withdrawal of the Covid-19 "killer vaccine".

Ironically, WHO Director-General Tedros admits that "momentum has been slowed by entrenched positions and 'a flood of fake news, lies and conspiracy theories.'" To

read Steve Watson's article, click here: World Health Organization Head: Global Compliance Needed For Next Pandemic (World Health Organization chief: Global compliance is needed for the next epidemic).
A student's perspective on the COVID-19 vaccine from US congressional testimony Dr. Peter McCullough invited me to the most recent hearing on January 12th in the Capitol building in Washington. The hearing was chaired by Marjorie Taylor Greene, Representative of Georgia's 14th Congressional District. He was accompanied by Congressmen Ron Johnson, Andy Biggs and Warren Davidson. The topic of the hearing focused on blood-related side effects after the COVID vaccine. Dr. Peter McCullough was accompanied by Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Kirk Milhoan. Each doctor described the negative effects of the spiked protein from the COVID vaccine from the perspective of their medical expertise - while meticulously citing each observation with documents from the preprint servers.

Liberty University student James Friday and Georgia State Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R)
Dr. Milhoan cited the Hippocratic Oath and 1 Timothy 1:5-7 as the basis for his work methods within the practice of medicine. The medical community could use more of these; however, since that is not the case, this hearing and others like it are happening to inform the public about what they are not hearing from the mainstream media. It is because of the courage and bravery of these great doctors and others like them that we as Americans and people around the world can gain invaluable wisdom and insight into how to properly care for our own bodies.

Dr. McCullough noted the fact that before the pandemic, the number of myocarditis cases was roughly 200-400 per year - now, after the introduction of the COVID vaccine, the number of myocarditis cases is in the thousands. In addition, McCullough and colleagues discovered that the death rate from myocarditis was 0.22 percent, with a range of 0.41 to 45.9 percent. Mr McCullough renewed his call for the vaccines to be withdrawn from the market as they are unsafe. Another way to reduce the effects of COVID-19, the flu, and the common cold is to use diluted povidone-iodine nasal sprays and mouth rinses. In addition, the film Oppehemier has been referenced regarding the anxiety J. Robert Oppenhiemer felt over the release of a dangerous nuclear weapon. More citizens should be concerned about the release of the latest genetically modified vaccines and other plans outlined by the World Economic Forum.

Senator Johnson asked "why is the rest of the medical community still silent?" Well, it's not literally the million dollar question. Dr. Milhoan responded in part, "many of your colleagues will say that Kirk is right, but I'm not going to stick my head out. I'm going to work for two or more years and then I'm going to retire." Dr. Cole then responded that "fear is simple answer," and "that the number of people who spoke up were mostly independent, and those who were not independent paid the price - they lost their jobs for telling the truth." Limiting early treatment, extorting employees and patients , to vaccinate themselves, and ultimately as a result of obeying the dictates of the bio-pharmaceutical complex - many patients died or became vaccine-injured, and a whole host of other issues and problems that could have been easily avoided, or at least mitigated. statements made by doctors are emblematic of the psychology of the average citizen's response to a global crisis.What will be the next psychological operation, and how many people from each country will succumb to it this time? (...)
Carbon passports: The looming surveillance dystopia Governments and think tanks are considering unprecedented levels of surveillance.

At the recent United Nations climate change conference (COP28) in the United Arab Emirates, the idea of ​​so-called "carbon passports" was presented, which is supported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

These digital passports are used to record and limit a person's carbon footprint, ostensibly to promote sustainable living and reduce global carbon emissions. However, like other phenomena used by governments to limit freedoms and increase surveillance and tracking, carbon passports raise serious concerns about civil liberties and individual liberty.

Similar to China's social credit score, the carbon passport records the amount of carbon dioxide an individual emits during their travel, energy consumption and other daily activities. The essence of the idea is to establish a personal carbon dioxide emission limit that encourages or forces the individual to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Although this concept is consistent with the overall goal of environmental protection, it has significant implications for freedom.

The biggest concern with carbon passports is the invasion of privacy. Accurately determining a person's carbon footprint requires extensive data collection, from travel habits to energy consumption. This level of tracking can create a comprehensive profile of a person's lifestyle, raising fears that sensitive personal data could be misused or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Another critical issue is the potential for social injustice. A carbon passport could disproportionately affect low-income groups, who may not have the means to reduce their carbon footprint. This inequality can manifest itself in limited mobility or penalties, which can further exacerbate existing social inequalities.

The introduction of carbon dioxide passports also carries the risk of a shift towards authoritarianism. If governments are empowered to monitor and control the behavior of individuals on an unprecedented scale, there is a danger that democratic values ​​and individual autonomy will be undermined. The carbon passport mechanism could theoretically be used for other forms of surveillance and control, which would set a worrying precedent.

The head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, attended the COP28 conference and spoke about a controversial system currently being considered (and possibly being developed): "carbon pricing" (essentially taxing companies on their carbon emissions).

Georgieva described the idea as affecting one of the world's most profitable industries, the energy sector, but critics say ordinary citizens would pay for it through higher consumer prices, and the "little people" would be expected to give up their lifestyles while the rich would not be affected.

(The World Economic Forum (WEF) is always a vivid example of this hypocrisy: lately one of the main topics of the informal elite has been the climate change agenda - while their fleet of private jets waits to spread carbon dioxide scaremongering and citizens are more vigilant require control and supervision).

So there is plenty of room for the question: why is attention so intense on this particular policy? And this makes it possible to develop different theories. It's not just money that billions of consumers around the world have to worry about: It's also about things like the introduction of personal carbon credits and the tracking of each individual citizen.

Skeptics therefore wonder: is it really about introducing another tool to control the population? After all, the effective control of individual carbon dioxide consumption would require very complex control measures.

Meanwhile, it's hard to seriously listen to a global financial giant like the top representative of the IMF talking about "warning" oil and gas companies that "the signs are stormy" while claiming that this carbon policy is a quick way to get them to "decarbonize".

The focus on moving away from fossil fuels - perhaps a sign of deep concern - comes amid a geopolitical crisis in which energy plays a key role.

Georgieva is nevertheless optimistic: she calls her former employer, the EU, a "success story": the emissions trading system not only reduced emissions, but also brought governments $191 billion through the carbon price.

But that's not all. At last year's COP28, there was a lot of talk about carbon dioxide emission units. However, observers say this is a lot of hot air (no pun intended), as they are being introduced and promoted without any rules for the system being agreed upon.

Not to mention that opponents of carbon credits and carbon passports like Georgieva can cite their own research when it comes to carbon pricing: the studies they cite show no significant or any reduction in carbon emissions .

The logical question would therefore be, "Why is there so much pressure towards carbon dioxide passports?".

In its simplest form, the carbon dioxide passport would be a digital ledger in which a person's carbon dioxide emissions, for example related to travel, would be recorded. This could include flights, car journeys and even the use of public transport. The premise is to encourage more sustainable travel choices by making people directly responsible for their carbon footprint.

By quantifying the carbon emissions of each trip, individuals can better assess the environmental impact of their travel decisions and become more aware of the impact of their lifestyle on our planet.

To be effective, a carbon passport system could provide incentives for low carbon emissions, for example in the form of tax credits or rewards. Conversely, high emissions could be penalized with higher taxes or travel restrictions. This "carrot and stick" approach aims to encourage citizens to behave more sustainably.

But what about the significant cost to personal freedom and privacy?

The introduction of carbon passports may lead to restrictions on the fundamental right to free movement. Potential penalties for excessive travel may limit the travel freedom of people with higher carbon emissions, raising ethical questions of fairness and freedom.

A comprehensive tracking system would be needed to accurately record each person's travel-related CO2 emissions. This could include tracking travel routes, vehicle usage and even daily commutes. Such tracking raises significant privacy concerns, as large amounts of personal data would need to be collected, stored and analyzed.

The accumulation of personal travel data carries the risk of data security breaches and misuse. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, individuals can become vulnerable to invasions of privacy, targeted advertising and, in the worst cases, to abuse of their travel habits.

The CO2 passport system could disproportionately affect low-income people. Those who cannot afford to offset their emissions with sustainable alternatives could feel penalized, exacerbating social inequalities. Furthermore, such a system may appear to be a form of control that has a disproportionate impact on certain communities and ways of life.

Carbon dioxide emission passports would also record carbon dioxide emissions related to people's dietary and leisure habits. This could include tracking the consumption of meat, dairy and processed foods, as well as the use of electronic devices and participation in carbon-intensive leisure activities.

Tracking individuals' nutrition and entertainment would require a high level of surveillance, raising significant privacy concerns. This could lead to a scenario in which personal lifestyle decisions are no longer a matter of privacy, which could be a violation of fundamental freedoms.

To track these aspects effectively, the Carbon Passport would need access to an unprecedented amount of personal data, including:

GPS and location data to track travel patterns.

Utility and purchase data to measure energy and food consumption.

Online activity data to determine the carbon footprint of digital entertainment.

This comprehensive data collection raises significant privacy concerns, as it would provide detailed insight into the most intimate aspects of an individual's life.

Once the carbon passport infrastructure is built, it could easily be used for other forms of surveillance that go beyond the original environmental goals. This "creeping use" can lead to a scenario where the data is used for law enforcement or even commercial purposes.

The centralized collection of such large amounts of personal data is also one of the main targets of cyber attacks. Data breaches can lead to the disclosure of sensitive personal data, which poses risks such as identity theft, harassment and various forms of cybercrime.

In a new world order where carbon passports are mandatory, the concept of anonymity may disappear. Continuous monitoring and data collection would mean that almost every aspect of a person's life would be recorded, analyzed and potentially investigated.
An open letter condemning the 2019 WEF-UN partnership A controlled opposition that speaks out against the rise of the global corporation but does not really challenge its power.
Dr. Jacob Nordangard: A reader of my recent Substack article - "G20, BRICS, WEF and 'building a just world and a sustainable planet'" - drew my attention to an open letter published in September 2019 in which more than 400 NGOs and 40 international network condemned the pioneering partnership of the World Economic Forum and the UN in 2019 (which I learned about in 2020 and which I tried to draw the world's attention to in my books, articles, interviews and lectures).

The letter described this as a global corporate takeover. In the words of one of the main organizers, Gonzalo Berrón of the Transnational Institute:

"The UN-WEF agreement is the formal expression of a disturbing corporate takeover of the United Nations. It is moving the world dangerously towards privatized and anti-democratic global governance.

Just six months later this partnership has shown its ugly face. The Transnational Institute wrote in its strategic plan for 2021-25 that:

"The global Covid-19 pandemic has been used as an excuse to introduce and normalize digital identification systems and tracking applications to further consolidate it the perception that we are a threat to each other.

This was a very valid criticism, with which we can only agree. But TI didn't see the whole picture. The Institute's mission is to "strengthen international social movements with in-depth research, reliable information, well-founded analyzes and constructive proposals that promote progressive, democratic political changes and joint solutions to global problems".

This means, among other things, that they are fully committed to the catastrophic climate change narrative.

Decades of greenhouse gas emissions and environmentally destructive practices have pushed ecosystems to their breaking point and threaten catastrophic global warming. The pace of this development is alarming and makes climate the greatest threat to young people everywhere.

I would like to add that "joint solutions to global problems" are often problematic, as we live in a very diverse world. It is not easy to apply the same solution that is equally applicable to all nations.

As I reveal in my book "Rockefeller: Controlling the game", climate change is a problem that has been defined and supported since the 1950s by the same forces that created digital identification systems and the WEF. These actors also firmly believe in global solutions to global problems and know

One example of this is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund's "Sustainable Development Report 2005-2010":

RBF supported "allied voices for action on climate change," including corporations, investors, evangelicals, farmers, athletes, unions, military leaders, national security advocates , there are veterans, young people, and governors and mayors. Each of these groups plays an important role.

And how independent is the "Transnational Institute"? Their 2020 annual report states that they receive 50% of their income from the Dutch government, 19% from other governments and 14% from the European Union. They also receive support from philanthropic foundations such as the Asia Foundation, the European Cultural Foundation, the Foundation for the Promotion of Open Societies founded by György Soros, as well as - drum roll - the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

RBF Grants to "Transnational Institute"

This gives the impression of a controlled opposition that speaks out against the rise of global corpocracy but does not actually challenge its power. You can't win if you believe the fairy tales the enemy concocts while getting money out of their pockets.

In the meantime, the WEF is doing everything it can to facilitate the transformation of the UN system in line with its goals. As WEF President Brende Börge told UN Secretary-General António Guterres in Davos this week:
"We are also very much looking forward to the future summit in September, and you can count on our full support here as well.
You are not interested in open letters questioning your authority.
Biological Hacking of Disease X, COVID-19, and the Next Pandemic With mail-order kits, anyone can modify DNA. "We used to think that our destiny was in our stars. Now we know that our destiny is largely in our genes." ~ Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson
The abd-A mutant created using CRISPR-Cas9. Source: Erin Jarvis and Nipam Patel, UC Berkel
The next pandemic was on everyone's lips as the elite gathered in Davos for the World Economic Forum's annual chat. It's called "Disease X." Um, where have I heard that before? Oh yes, Elon Musk has renamed Twitter. X. It's a bit confusing that the next pandemic disease has this name as well.

But it suits him. It reminds us that the further we go on the path of "progress", the less we know about where we are going.

According to the World Health Organization, the X means "it is recognized that a major international outbreak may be caused by a pathogen not previously known to cause human disease."

It is said that Covid-19 has killed nearly 7 million people worldwide. This supposed virus would be twenty times more deadly.

"If we did this poorly with a virus like COVID-19, you can imagine how poorly we would do with an event like 1918," said Dr. Amish Adalja, an expert on emerging diseases at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, referring to the to the 1918 influenza pandemic, which killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide.

Of course, those who do not believe in the existence of viruses will have a hard time swallowing this last piece of information. I have readers with a variety of opinions, and that's a good thing. Please do not let them discourage you from reading further. This article is not about proving or disproving viruses, but about what happens next, whatever you call it. We just don't know - I mean, "X." And as much as we may disagree, we can agree that something sweeps the Earth regularly and kills a lot of people, and something is bound to do it again. The only question is whether it is caused by man or nature.

Whatever our theory about Covid, whether it happened exactly as the government claims, whether we believe it's a newly invented flu, or a bioweapon released from a lab, or whether it's just a money-making scheme by Big Pharma, we continue to receive conflicting information about it. , leading to continued confusion and division.

So let's put all that aside for a moment and focus on what we know. Something called Covid happened that changed our lives forever. It's doubtful that any of us fully comprehend how much Covid has messed us up mentally. Many have become absolute hypochondriacs. Anyone who coughs will sound the alarm bells. More and more people are wearing masks again. Anything to make them feel safe in a dangerous world.

Back in the days before Covid, when I was sick, I would sometimes say to friends or hear from them, "Wow, I've never been so sick in my life, I feel like I'm going to die." But that was just a turn of phrase. We were young and strong, we were all healed and soon forgotten.

Not anymore! People read death from even the slightest throat tickle. We are told that the only way to fight disease is to treat it like a war. Oh, and now we really have war on our minds, any war. How can we deal with the diseases, death and destruction that are upon us? We may not be able to control world wars, but we can take drugs, vaccines, pills, and cures, and perhaps regain some control over our bodies, which are slipping more and more out of our hands every day.

The WHO warns that health emergencies are becoming more frequent and intense due to the threats posed by pathogens. "Climate change could double the likelihood of future pandemics of the scale of COVID. This troubling combination of disasters and disease, as well as climate shocks, portends a perfect storm of destruction and disruption — and that means that COVID-19 could be just a taste of what's to come." which is yet to come."

Let's wait! Let me pop a pill, put on some headphones and listen to my favorite politician on YouTube to bring me back from the brink of hysteria.

There is no doubt that Covid vaccines have seen better days. Not many people still want to take them. But this does not mean the end of these types of vaccines. This is just the beginning. Pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and Moderna are always looking for the next big disease - trying to predict which disease they can make the most money from. In my essay Building the mRNA Empire, I describe how mRNA factories are being built around the world to prepare for the next disaster. One example is the BioNTech BioNTainers, portable, transportable, modular and turnkey mRNA production facilities. Each container can produce 50 million doses of mRNA vaccine per year - or any other vaccine for any other disease.

"By the next pandemic, we'll have gigantic mRNA factories in India," says Bill Gates.

"The goal is to bring all these applications that we've been hoping and advocating for into everyday life," says Dr. Adalja. "When the history of vaccines is written, this is likely to be a turning point."

Yes, the Covid vaccines were a turning point. They have shown that a large part of the world can be convinced to take an experimental drug, all at once, for the "greater good". If an even worse disaster strikes, the masses will be queuing up and begging for the vaccine. They will shut themselves up and accuse their neighbors of causing death if they disobey. The big Covid vaccine trial may be coming to an end. But we are already preparing for the next experiment.

Remember when we were told that the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine does not enter cells and change DNA? Maybe that's true, maybe not. As with everything else, we get conflicting information. So let's stick to the facts. Let's stick to what the experts themselves tell us. This helps us realize how these mRNA vaccines and tests encouraging the masses to test themselves have led to the acceptance of increasingly invasive experiments.

The World Health Organization says:

The field of DNA vaccination is advancing rapidly. Vaccines currently under development use not only DNA, but also additives that help the DNA enter cells, target specific cells, or act as adjuvants to stimulate or direct the immune response. Ultimately, the difference between an advanced DNA vaccine and a simple viral vector may not be clear. Many aspects of the immune response induced by DNA vaccines are still unknown. However, this has not prevented significant progress in the use of this type of vaccine in humans, and clinical trials have already been carried out.

How many times do we hear from scientists that "we don't understand what we are doing", but they continue anyway. They say it's all terribly exciting because it's progress, and progress can't be stopped. Be a good experiment rat and jump into the petri dish - to progress.

We will certainly need to do more testing in the next pandemic. Data will need to be collected. And we're going to do it with CRISPR-based technology.

Here's a simple diagram to show how CRISPR works:

Biological Hacking of Disease X, COVID-19, and the Next Pandemic

Scientists are going crazy for CRISPR. This means they can play God by messing with our DNA. They can cut and sew at the cellular level, changing everything from microbes to plants and animals to us. Think about it - says the skinny, spiky scientist - maybe we can make Superman out of everyone. Well, not everyone, not all the normal people we experiment on. But we will dazzle you with cures for some diseases, such as the first CRISPR treatment approved for sickle cell anemia. Okay, it costs $2.2 million per patient, but it's a real breakthrough! And yes, the procedure involves chemotherapy, another poison. Let's see how this all plays out.....

If they show they care about sickle cell patients, they can keep experimenting on everyone to cure us all. Because we're all sick of something, aren't we?

The first step in a great experiment is testing. Covid PCR testing has primed the masses to accept this invasion as normal and necessary.

Let's take a look at SHERLOCK Biosciences.

The company made history in 2020 with the first FDA-approved application of CRISPR technology. The company prides itself on "developing biology that can be tested anywhere, anytime."

SHERLOCK stands for "Specific High-sensitivity Enzymatic Reporter unLOCKing" and is a CRISPR-based diagnostic tool capable of detecting genetic "fingerprints" in multiple organisms or sample types, down to the single-digit attomolar range, which can indicate the presence of a single DNA or RNA molecule. in the sample.

They are faster than PCR tests and can be performed in an hour, which means that a laboratory can expand its volume by thousands of tests per day. Companies like SHERLOCK also care about the poor. With the 221B FOUNDATION, Sherlock Biosciences is committed to "making a positive impact on global health." Their goal is to "bring novel CRISPR-based diagnostics to underserved populations around the world to maximize global impact and improve public health."

In November 2022, SHERLOCK Biosciences announced that "technology developed with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will enable testing in remote, low- and middle-income areas, expanding access to health care and improving global health."

Sherlock Biosciences develops products that empower people to get answers and exercise more control over their healthcare decisions.... SHERLOCK and INSPECTR can be used in virtually any environment without complex instrumentation, making them ideal for home and low-resource applications. environments, opening up a wide range of potential applications in areas such as infectious diseases, early cancer detection, treatment monitoring, and precision medicine.

The day may come when you are tested for anything and everything is stored in a government-controlled database. Such genetic databases are a gold mine. I have written more about this in essays such as The Nefarious Purpose Behind Covid Testing.

Edward H. You, Special Agent in Charge of the Biological Countermeasures Division of the FBI's Directorate of Weapons of Mass Destruction, is a former biochemist turned FBI investigator. Here's what he says about the dangers:

They are working on creating a huge domestic database. And now that they can supplement that with data from all over the world, it's all about who can get the biggest and most diverse set of data. So the ticking time bomb is that once they are able to achieve true artificial intelligence, they can compete with that data.

Think of the beginnings of the Internet of Things, 5G networks, smart homes and smart cities. There will be sensors everywhere. They will follow your movements, your behavior, your habits. And finally, there will be a biological application, which means that you can analyze the collected data and try to improve your health. This data is incredibly important and will be very, very valuable.

A government, a terrorist organization, or a lone wolf could use this data and infect a person or a group of people with some disease. Experiments are regularly conducted in laboratories to find out how this can happen. We all remember the debate surrounding the increase in function of Covid. Dr. Fauci assured us that the NIH never funded the gain-of-function research conducted at the Wuhan lab. In 2020, President Donald Trump was ridiculed for claiming that the virus that causes COVID-19 was either intentionally created or the result of a laboratory accident at China's Wuhan Institute of Virology. Just another conspiracy theory.

In 2021, even mainstream news outlets such as Newsweek admitted that Dr. Fauci had lied to Congress about the research at the Wuhan laboratory. The debate about what actually happened continues to this day. Someone knows what is true and what is not, but is unlikely to let the masses they are experimenting on find out.

Whatever we think of Fauci's veracity, it's no secret that the United States is conducting experiments in China and other countries that tarnish its image of ethical, clean energy. It is logical that the "most powerful country in the world" does not want its rivals to get ahead of itself. That would be crazy. As in all wars, there are battles between rivals who want to outdo each other.

Just last month, it was reported that a Chinese laboratory had developed a mutant strain of COVID-19 that has a 100% mortality rate in "humanized" mice and leads to "surprisingly" rapid death.

In a study reminiscent of Wuhan, Chinese scientists are experimenting with a mutant strain of COVID-19 that is 100% lethal to "humanized" mice.

The deadly virus - known as GX_P2V - attacked the brains of mice genetically modified to resemble humans, according to a study published in Beijing last week.

All of the mice infected with the virus died within just eight days, which the researchers called a "surprisingly" rapid death rate.

GX_P2V infected the lungs, bones, eyes, trachea, and brain of dead mice, and the final infection was so severe that the animals eventually died.

The most terrifying thing is that the animals' eyes turned completely white the day before they died.

Francois Balloux, an epidemiologist at University College London's Institute of Genetics, called the research "terrible" and "scientifically completely pointless".

"The preliminary form does not detail what biosecurity level and biosecurity precautions were used during the research," he said.

"The lack of this information raises the worrisome possibility that some or all of the research - such as the 2016-2019 research in Wuhan that likely caused the Covid-19 pandemic - was carried out recklessly without minimum biosafety precautions and practices, which are essential for research into potential pandemic pathogens." he added.

Dr. Gennady Glinsky, a retired professor of medicine at Stanford, wrote: "This madness must be stopped before it is too late."

How many times have we heard this. Of course they won't stop him. Just as the race for the development of artificial general intelligence cannot be stopped.

Development cannot be stopped!

CRISPR-Cas9 gene-driving technology can change the likelihood of a particular DNA sequence being inherited, and that can be a good thing. But it can also be used to change a virus, a mosquito, a rat, or anything else that a bad person wants to use to harm people.

The disadvantages of CRISPR technology - as Shelley Simona wrote in Harvard Law's Bill of Health 2019 - may far outweigh the advantages.

The target groups are potential

Thanks to the progress achieved in the field of genetic testing in recent decades, it has been discovered that certain carriers of Jewish origin and mutations that occur more frequently among Jews can be detected (it must be emphasized that there is no such thing as a "Jewish gene"). In this regard, the Jews may not be the only ones; many other populations may share genetic traits. Thus, gene editing technologies can be deliberately used as "negative enhancement tools" against certain groups.

The possibility of targeting individuals

New developments in gene editing technologies could pave the way for an entirely new kind of "personal warfare". It is not far-fetched to imagine a scenario in which a potential attacker collects and grows a target's living cells and eventually develops a personalized tool against them. An easier way to collect genetic information may be "gene hacking." It is likely that huge genetic databases will be created in the future. Like other databases, genetic databases will not be immune to cyber attacks. Instead of trying to gather information from tissue or hair left behind by a particular person, gene hackers will be able to gather genetic information by breaking into a database and then use it for illegal purposes.

Demographic Engineering One

could imagine a scenario in which governments use gene editing technologies to control the population within their borders. This danger is reminiscent of Foucault's concept of "biopolitics", according to which states exercise the power to authorize life and death, and to define and control life itself.

What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?

In February, the US declared gene editing a potential weapon of mass destruction.

At the same time, kits for modifying the genes of bacteria with CRISPR are offered online for as little as $140. The only restriction I've found on these test kits is in California, where a human biohacking law prohibits the sale of the kits - unless they have a warning label saying they can't be used on ourselves. What does that mean? So you can't use it on yourself, but you can on someone else? What about your cat? Or some cute little mouse?

Companies like Creative Biolabs are happy to offer you the following services:

1) gRNA design and vector construction service, where you either provide the target sequences, select the vector, and we construct the plasmid. You can also just enter the genome sequence and we design the target sequences using our own gRNA design tool.

2) CRISPR/Cas9 Cell Line Development: We offer a variety of reliable CRISPR/Cas9 cell line development services to create genetically modified cells using any mammalian cell line and targeting any gene.

3) CRISPR/Cas9 genome knockout kits with 2 gRNA vectors and donor DNA so that you can modify the given gene yourself.

4) Services for transgenic mice.

Yes, you can even order transgenic mice like the ones Chinese scientists experimented with to create the mutant strain of COVID-19 that is 100% lethal.

What are transgenic mice, you may ask? In 2007, Dr. Mario R. Capecchi of Uta University was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for developing a method by which, by changing or removing a single gene in the mouse genome, strains of mice can be created that pass the modified gene from parents to offspring. In recent years, these ``transgenic'' and ``knockout'' mice have become commonplace in laboratories. What

about ``transgenic'' or ``knockout'' humans?

cool rebels of the world, among them Josiah Zayner is a legend.

Biological Hacking of Disease X, COVID-19, and the Next Pandemic

Josiah Zayner has a PhD in molecular biophysics and was a NASA researcher for two years. To me, he is the Andy Warhol of the biohacker world. You could even say that he turned it into a kind of performance art.

Zayner has his own company, The Odin, and sells his biohacking kits to the general public. He believes that everyone should have access to the technology that governments keep behind closed doors in their laboratories.

A 2016 article by The Verge describes how Zayner sterilized his body to "transplant" his entire microbiome in front of a reporter. He documents all of his experiments, such as trying to genetically modify his skin color. To repair his muscles, he injected himself with DNA encoding CRISPR and streamed it live on YouTube.

According to Odin's website,

"...we believe the future will be dominated by genetic engineering, and consumer genetic engineering will play a big role in that. We make this possible by developing kits and tools that allow anyone to create unique and usable organisms at home, in the laboratory or anywhere else".

Here are examples of products that can be ordered:
Cell Culture Lab Kit: $3,973.00
Grow Your Own Penicillin Test Kit: $79.99
Glowmander - Fluorescent GFP Axolotl: $299.00
Home Genetic Engineering Lab Kit: $2,500.00 $1,664.00

What do you think? If governments can do these things, if scientists can experiment on us with these tests and vaccines, and now with the promise of changing our DNA, shouldn't we be allowed to do the same to ourselves? Or do we put our trust in the hands of the scientists employed by our government? Or should it be stopped altogether?

In his book The Codebreaker, author Walter Isaacson compares the technological possibilities of CRISPR to "Prometheus stealing fire from the gods - or perhaps Adam and Eve biting into the apple".

And we all know how it ended.

"Today we can not only read the secrets of life - our DNA - but also write them. We can rewrite them if we want to," says Isaacson. "Like all technology, it's only as good or bad as we are."

I think the real question is which part of us will win out in the end, the good or the bad?
1984/2024 - the hidden hope in Orwell's warning The nation is a surveillance-laden world where history has been rewritten to fit the narrative of the leaders who control every aspect of life. This control is maintained through propaganda, manipulation of information and suppression of dissent. Censorship is a valuable tool, and it even censors certain words in favor of the thought police, "Newspeak," but "Don't you see that the whole point of Newspeak is to narrow thought? We end up literally making thoughtcrime impossible because there will be no words to express it that." (1984)

Such is life in the nation of Oceania as depicted in George Orwell's 1949 dystopian classic novel "1984", which is very often described as a "frightening example". Orwell used the political and historical context of the mid-20th century and through the life of the main character, a low-ranking member of the ruling party, Winston Smith, warns of the dangers of tyranny and the erosion of personal freedom,

The story has been talked about a lot in recent years and is all over the internet Memes containing Orwell quotes were shared, such as perhaps most famously, "Big Brother is Watching You." or "In a Time of Universal Deceit - Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act", and they drew our attention to the many parallels with today's nations, living in a world we thought existed only in Orwell's imagination. and as the memes often say: "This is 1984!".

You weren't crazy!

Of course, not everyone will agree and call those who choose the truth crazy conspiracy theorists, but another Orwell 1984 quote covers that "Being in the minority, even a one-person minority, did not make you crazy. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you stuck to the truth even in the face of the whole world, then you were not crazy."

Yet, unfortunately, the propaganda machine works hard to continually reinforce this label, because "if everyone else accepted the lie the Party pushed—if every record told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became the truth. "He who rules the past", was the slogan of the party, "rules the future: he who rules the present, rules the past".

We know that this is due to the decades-long plan of totalitarian control and power, and "Power is not a means, but an end. One does not create a dictatorship to protect a revolution, but one makes a revolution to create a dictatorship. The purpose of persecution persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me."

It is especially important to remember these days!!!
As you can see, this could go on for a long time! But when you look at the many similarities between our world today and 1984, which many of us now see as, if not prophecy, then the fiction of a real life plan, it can all seem doom and gloom. However, according to Paul Cudenec of Winter Oak, there is a "hidden hope" in Orwell's warning.

It has been forty years since George Orwell set his imaginary dystopian society.

The novel Nineteen Eighty-Four was, of course, never considered a literal prophecy, but for the first three and a half decades following its publication in 1949, at least in Britain, it held a strong hold on the public imagination.

When I was growing up in the 1970s, the four digits of "1984" were the terrifying password for the totalitarian future that we all somehow knew was just around the corner if we didn't stay vigilant.

I believe that Orwell's book, along with Aldous Huxley's 1931 novel Brave New World, helped prevent the world they both warned us about by making it clear that no one, regardless of political affiliation, would welcome such a future.

Of course, the date lost a lot of its power when the year came and went. Suddenly 1984 was part of everyday life - it was the year your girlfriend left you, the year you passed your driving test or the year Everton beat Watford in the FA Cup final.

And while many were still worried about the prospect of the Big Brother State gaining power, there was no longer a sense of grim countdown to that fateful year - instead, people began to look forward to the bright new future heralded by the 2000 year.

By now, however, the date 1984 has once again fallen into a semi-abstract state, especially for anyone born after that date, and the title of the book seems far less important than its content, which is still all too relevant today.

Admittedly, some of the outer forms of the story are now quite out of date. When I re-read it for this article, I was struck by how Orwell very much describes a post-war, bombed-out London that had disappeared by the time I was born, and which he imagines as inhabited by a white working class (the "proles") that has now largely been displaced. .

The idea that you "literally never saw" foreigners walking the streets of London would have sounded a bit strange even in real life in 1984, let alone today!

I also noticed a bit of a believability flaw in the plot where Winston Smith, having been meticulous about never being seen talking to his love Julia in public, cheerfully takes her to O'Brien, whom he only hopes will be on his side.

Then, within seconds of arriving at the official's home, he rattles off, "We are enemies of the party!", and then agrees to "corrupt children's minds," "spread sexually transmitted diseases," and "throw sulfuric acid in a child's face" if asked by the underground resistance called the Brotherhood. .

Would anyone really do that?

But these are small things compared to the gruesome way in which Orwell foresaw much of the psychological control and manipulation we see today.

On the pages of the novel, for example, we can immediately recognize those who are currently pushing for the great reset and the UN's sustainable development goals.

"The kind of people who would rule this world was equally obvious. The new aristocracy consisted largely of bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, union organizers, advertising professionals, sociologists, teachers, journalists, and professional politicians.

"These people, whose origins were paid it came from the middle class and the upper classes of the working class, it was shaped and brought together by the bleak world of monopoly industry and centralized government".

Likewise with the extent of their control: "Even the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages was tolerant by modern standards. Part of the reason for this was that in the past no government had the power to keep its citizens under constant surveillance...

"With the development of television and the technical advances that made it possible to receive and broadcast simultaneously on the same instrument , privacy was over.

"Every citizen, or at least every citizen important enough to be worth watching, could be kept twenty-four hours a day under the eyes of the police and the sounds of official propaganda...

" complete obedience, but to force complete unity of opinion on all subjects".

The globalist program of the current criminocracy is also clearly outlined: "The two goals of the party are to conquer the entire surface of the Earth and to extinguish the possibility of independent thinking once and for all." (...)
New FDA rule allows medical research without informed consent Tests should not pose more than a minimal risk to people and should include adequate safeguards to protect the rights, safety and well-being of those involved.
New FDA Rule Allows Medical Research Without Informed Consent
In an effort to encourage the discovery of more treatment and diagnostic options in medicine, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized a rule that allows certain clinical trials operate without the informed consent of the participants.

The catch? The study must not pose more than a minimal risk to humans and must include adequate safeguards to protect the rights, safety and well-being of participants.

The rule was issued in late December 2023 and went into effect on January 22, 2024.

"We expect that this new rule will allow for minimal-risk research that would not otherwise be feasible," FDA Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Robert M. Califf wrote on the FDA's "Catching Up With Califf" blog. "This may include studies comparing the effectiveness of approved products to determine which option works best for certain patients."

The FDA originally proposed the rule in November 2018 to allow an institutional review board to waive the requirement for informed consent under certain conditions. The agency received fewer than 50 comment letters on the proposed rule from academia, institutional review boards (IRBs), public interest groups, industry, trade organizations, public health organizations, and citizens.

Most of the comments, FDA said, supported the agency's efforts and supported the rule because it would reduce the administrative burden on IRBs and researchers while encouraging valuable research on important public health issues without putting trial participants at risk. .

Not all comments were supportive, with some warning that "waiver of consent may be necessary and ethically justified for certain types of clinical trials that are critical to medical advancement, patient care, and safety." Two commenters believed that the rule was simply "antithetical" to the spirit of protecting people in medicine.

However, several researchers have noted in their support that certain minimal-risk studies are almost impossible to perform if consent is required. One example of this is the analysis of retrospective data recordings; before the new rule, such a study required the consent of the patients whose data were being studied. By being able to delve into such information, these researchers and the FDA argue that they may be able to make medical advances without sacrificing patient safety or rights.

Road to broken trust?

Much of the opposition to the new rule suggested that the changes would allow IRBs to compromise standards more and more, adding that the term "minimal risk" was too vague and open to misinterpretation or abuse. The result would be a loss of public trust in research and health care providers.
"Third parties, including IRBs, should not be allowed to decide for study subjects what constitutes 'minimal risk,'" stated one commenter.

The FDA defines minimal risk as meaning that subjects are no more likely to experience harm or discomfort during the study than during everyday tasks. In other words, there is minimal risk in almost every activity, from walking to washing the dishes to putting away the dishes and picking up the kids from school; the risk of the test cannot exceed the everyday risk.

The decision comes at a time when the FDA cannot afford to lose any more public trust; the agency is trying to restore its reputation following the COVID outbreak, which many say was influenced by political influence. Industry leaders have called on the agency to tighten the approval process for prescription drugs and medical devices — and make it more transparent.

In his blog post, Dr. Califf says the new rule is a start.

"These efforts will facilitate further robust clinical research to generate evidence for clinical decision-making and ultimately improve treatment and diagnostic options for patients," he wrote.
The WEF Bank is calling for restrictions on the consumption of coffee in public to fight "climate change". The globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) has called on one bank to limit coffee consumption in order to achieve the goals of the green program.
A video has emerged from the WEF's recent annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, in which Swiss banker Hubert Keller talks about how coffee production allegedly contributes to so-called "climate change."

During a panel discussion, Keller told fellow globalists at the WEF that coffee production puts too much "carbon dioxide emissions" into the atmosphere.

Warned that they will "come for your coffee".

In the clip, Keller, who is listed as an "agenda contributor" to the WEF, notes how many "tons" (a metric unit equivalent to 2,204 pounds) of CO2 are released into the atmosphere by coffee brewers around the world during the production of their product.

"Basically, the coffee we all drink emits 15 to 20 tons of CO2 per ton," he said.

“So we all need to know that this — every time we drink coffee, we're basically putting CO2 into the atmosphere.”

Keller added, “Most coffee plantations — most coffee is monoculture, and monoculture is also affected by climate change.

"The quality of these natural assets is deteriorating quite quickly."

Elsewhere, the WEF employee told his elite colleagues that there is - conveniently - the possibility of reorganizing the coffee industry.

He noted that there is a "$250 billion market globally" that can be captured if the WEF elites can capture the market by claiming to be dealing with "climate change".

Keller suggested that it would be easy prey because "most coffee farmers live below the poverty line."


Tech journalist Tim Hinchliffe, who originally posted the video of the comments on X, interpreted Keller's points as saying that the livelihoods of coffee farmers will be taken away by big business.

He wrote: "They're going after the coffee farmers."

"When he says production is 'fragmented', he's saying it hasn't been corporatized & centralized.

"Coffee farmers in what globalists call the 'Global South' are being stripped of their livelihoods in the name of climate justice."

Hinchliffe added: "It's guilt-inducing in coffee consumers, for supporting poor coffee producers because they do not know better in their 'monoculture' endeavors.

"This is all a power grab to confiscate the land and the means of production to doom us to oblivion with a carbon tax."

Other X-users slammed Keller for even addressing coffee's impact on the climate, saying it was a clear attempt by green agenda activists to regulate something people love.

An X account called "Wide Awake Media" reposted Hinchliffe's video, writing: "Now they're coming for your coffee."

Author and scientist Gad Saad shared a sarcastic response to Keller's statements, writing:

"Pets harm the climate; so do cars; having children is irresponsible because of overpopulation; eating meat is eco-terrorism; gas stoves are evil; and now coffee.

" Many other examples I could list more, but now here's a way you can help the environment."

He added: "If you don't have children, commit to celibacy; limit your diet to tofu; use walking as a green mode of transport; reimagine water as coffee and drink it in the morning; and for God's sake, put those eco-terrorist pets to sleep!"

Conservative columnist Tim Young wrote:

"Now the WEF clowns are claiming coffee is bad for the environment.

"You will have nothing and you will love it."

Australian politician Malcolm Roberts reprimanded Keller and the Davos elite, saying, "Hands off our coffee.

" The Davos elitists like to chat about travel restrictions while comparing the private jets they flew here on.

"Electric vehicles are urged, yet the limousines in Davos run on fuel.

"At forum meetings, they openly plot to suppress animal husbandry and fishing, yet they eat the most delicious steaks and seafood.

"Where do we draw the line?" He added: "It 's

all part of a plan to make you feel guilty about buying into products owned by existing and WEF-linked billionaires.

"Reject the CO2 climate fraud."

"One Nation is hugely anti-philanthropic and anti-WEF."

Conservative influencer ALX asked, "How much CO2 is this idiot putting into the atmosphere?", and

earth science researcher and self-proclaimed climate "realist" Dr. Matthew M. Wielicki wrote,

"You need to stop drinking coffee...

" So Swiss banker Hubert Keller can fly another 4 miles with his private plane."
A tiny country's health ministry tried to block it the website of an American scientist, journalist and entrepreneur (Steve Kirsch) for publishing anonymized important public health data. He said no.
The same Department of Health has gone out of its way to confuse the public about New Zealand's rejection of the WHO IHR amendments in November 2023. Who do they REALLY work for?

The New Zealand Department of Health acted in bad faith and under false pretenses to remove information on covid vaccine deaths after a New Zealand whistleblower disclosed the anonymized data when he could no longer bear to cover up the deaths. He is now in prison in New Zealand for leaking critical health information that should have been known to the public. Governments are the criminals and the new New Zealand government has yet to get its agencies under control after years of Jacinda Ardern's reign of terror. Ardern had to flee NZ and is now studying at Harvard, home of has-beens, frauds and plagiarists, along with Lori Lightfoot, former terrorist mayor of Chicago. Enjoy Steve Kirsch's speech below - Nass

Healthcare New Zealand is here again! They are trying to get my site removed. It will not happen.

Here are the emails I sent to the Australian lawyers hired by HNZ ​​and NZ ERA. Bottom line: Hiding public health information from the public is never a good idea. Never. I will not obey.

STEVE KIRSCH: Maybe they should change their slogan: "Hiding public health data from the public since 2022."


Trying to hide public health information from the public is never a good idea, especially not when the population is being murdered with a vaccine they are pushing.

Health New Zealand cannot explain how their data is consistent with a safe vaccine (not consistent).

So they are trying to get my hosting provider to take down my site. Shame on you! Censoring the truth is never a good plan and those involved in such efforts should be ashamed of themselves.

Why can't we have a public debate about what the data says instead of trying to censor the truth?

Here are two emails I just sent. Have fun!

I emailed Clyde & Co, an Australian law firm, to my hosting provider to delete my website.
From: Steve Kirsch
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2024 10:13 PM
Cc: Berkahn, Richard; Patey, Lachlan; Andrew Slater; Margie Apa
Subject: URGENT - Deletion request
Important: High

Hi Anthony,

What a pleasure to meet you!

If you would like me to delete your PHI, I am happy to do so.

Why didn't you ask me nicely? Going directly to my hosting provider doesn't sound like you're acting in good faith.

I'm sure you want to save lives, as I do, but pulling a stunt like this is NOT going to build a great relationship with me.

As you know, you have no jurisdiction over me or my hosting provider. So pissing me off is just NOT a good idea. It's not doing your client any good to do that.

You'll have as much luck forcing me to remove the data as the DOJ had with the NY Times and the Pentagon Papers. You should study that decision. It didn't end well for the DOJ. Here is a link.

I told Margie's Dad that I would be happy to remove any MRN that disclosed PHI.

I shared my offer with him publicly.

He ignored my request. I do not understand.

If you want to mitigate the damage, it's stupid to ignore my request.

I suggest you tell them to give you the list of offending MRNs and the corresponding NHI number IMMEDIATELY. Will you do this for me?

As far as I know, all the records I have posted are completely obfuscated, making it impossible for even me to discover any person's PHI or match the MRN to the NHI.

The records I post do not match the records of any person living or dead. Not a single one. I was wrong?

If Health New Zealand disagrees, please provide the MRN and NHI ID.

If you can't do that, then what's the point?

I mean no harm to anyone and I am happy to voluntarily redact any offending data, but you have not provided any evidence of harm.

Please submit the list of offending MRNs and associated NHIs IMMEDIATELY so that the damages can be mitigated.

I am available at címen, és ÖRÜLÖMÖSSEN vennék részt egy FELJEGYZETT megbeszélésen ebben az ügyben, ha bármilyen kérdése van. Kaliforniában vagyok, és este 10 óráig hívhat PST.

Végül, 2 hónappal ezelőtt közzétettem egy cikket "Egy ajánlat, amit nem utasíthatsz vissza".

Az Egészségügy Új-Zéland SEMMIT sem tett a kérésemre.

Ha közzéteszik a TELJES adatokat, szívesen eltávolítom az adataimat, mivel már nem lesz rájuk szükség. Miért hagyták ezt figyelmen kívül? Ez egy másik módja a probléma megoldásának.

Várom a válaszukat.


P. S. Barry Young egy hős. Ezek a feljegyzések bizonyítják, hogy az Egészségügyi Új-Zéland embereket ölt meg ezekkel az oltásokkal. Talán meg kellene kérni őket, hogy nézzék meg a kiszivárgott adatokat? Kértem egy találkozót az epidemiológusaikkal, hogy magyarázzák el nekem, hogy ha a vakcina biztonságos, akkor miért térnek el a halálozási görbék a vakcinázottak és a háttérben lévők között. EZT MEGTAGADTÁK. Miért tennék ezt, hacsak nem rejtegetnek valamit: például azt, hogy a vakcinák okozzák több ezer ember többlethalálozását Új-Zélandon. Miért nem beszélhetünk erről? Szívesen meghívnám a YALE professzorát, HARVEY RISCH-t a találkozóra; ő a világ egyik legjobb EPIDEMIOLÓGUSA. MIÉRT NEM TUDUNK ERRŐL BESZÉLNI?

Az Új-Zélandi Foglalkoztatási Kapcsolatok Hatóságának küldött e-mailem
[2023] NZERA 718 3266200 A Health New Zealand nem tesz eleget a kártérítés mérséklésére irányuló kérésemnek. El kell kötelezni őket a jogsértő MRN-ek átadására.

Barry Young közölte velem az információt. Amerikai újságíró vagyok, és az interneten közzétettem a titkosított adatokat.

Azt mondtam az Egészségügyi Új-Zéland vezérigazgatójának, hogy szívesen eltávolítok Önkéntesen minden olyan nyilvántartást, amely "valószínűleg jelentős és helyrehozhatatlan káros következményekkel járna az egyénekre és whanau-jukra nézve".

Nem voltak hajlandók eleget tenni a kérésemnek.

Kérem, hogy az ERA kötelezze őket, hogy adják át nekem a sérelmes rekordokat (az MRN rekordazonosító használatával), és magyarázzák el, hogyan lehetséges, hogy a rekordot bármely élő vagy halott személyhez hozzárendeljék, oly módon, hogy az károsítsa az adott személyt.

Az összes rekordot egy ONE WAY randomizációs algoritmus segítségével homályosították el, hogy egy adott személy adatait ne lehessen azonosítani. Ezért LEHETETLEN, hogy bárki azonosítsa valaki más rekordját.

A PHI megsértése tehát LEHETETLEN. Senki sem kereste meg, hogy távolítsam el a rekordját, mert senki sem találja meg a rekordját, mert az nem fellelhető.

Bizonyítaniuk kell az ERA-nak, hogy az S3 oldalamon közzétett 4M rekord közül legalább egy olyan van, amely felfedheti a PHI-t, vagy jelentős vagy IRREPARÁTÍV következményekkel járhat.

Hol van ez a bizonyíték?

Nem tudnak megfelelni ennek a tehernek.

I said that I would voluntarily remove any such record from my website.

They refused to identify the MRN(s) of such records!!!

The ERA should require them to IMMEDIATELY identify the MRN of such records to mitigate damages.

If they fail to do so, they will be held liable for any damage caused by their inaction.

I am available atat and I would be HAPPY to have a RECORDED discussion on this matter if you have any questions.

They are not willing to engage in dialogue in order to settle the case.

I do NOT wish to harm people, but they refuse to provide evidence of harm.

Where is the list of MRNs to be removed and the description of irreparable damage for each record requested?


US journalist Steve Kirsch: Summary

Health New Zealand is seeking to enforce an order obtained under false pretenses, arguing that the release of classified records would have "significant and irreparable harm to individuals and their families".

This is obviously false.

They cannot identify a single record in the data I released that "could have significant and irreparable harm to individuals and their families." Not a single one.

When I asked them to identify the MRN of the offending records so I could voluntarily remove them, they refused to respond to my request.

They want the entire database deleted to cover their crime.

They have murdered people and are unable to explain their own data.

Even the best New Zealand experts can't explain the New Zealand data leaked by Barry Young. A colossal failure every time. This is ridiculous. Janine Paynter, for example, got so worked up that I didn't buy into her crappy, handiwork arguments that she got banned. This is how Janine resolves the conflict! Maybe next time try to provide data instead of pointless crappy arguments?

Health New Zealand wants to censor public health data so the public have no evidence to convict them of manslaughter. It is that simple.

I'm sorry, but I will not participate in the crime scene cover-up.
The WEF's obsession with artificial intelligence and brain chipping "We" can create an artificial intelligence system "where we don't even need democratic elections" Klaus Schwab.
They recall Klaus Schwab's 2016 interview with a Swiss French television host, in which Schwab said something like, "Imagine that by 2025 we all have a chip implanted somewhere in our body or in our brain, and we'll be able to do it without a phone, even to communicate with each other without using our voice..."? Klaus Schwab calls this a fusion of the physical, digital and biological worlds.

He also talks about how we will have personalized "butlers" in the form of robots who are not just slaves, but more like assistants, since they operate with artificial intelligence (AI) and will learn from us.....

Schwab's obsession is the fourth industrial revolution - the complete digitization of everything - seems limitless. Watch this full interview from 2016 (video 28 minutes) with the people who are spiked starting at 00:02:30.

The WEF's obsession with artificial intelligence and brain chipping

he is all moving towards globalization and the One World Government, for which the drastic reduction of the world's population is the destination. This remains the number one goal of the WEF, according to the Great Reboot and the UN Agenda 2030. Klaus Schwab's dream of the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence and the digitization of everything are just tools to get there faster.

Another tool was covid and bioweapons "vaccines" and maybe the new "X" virus propagated by WEF Davos24 - it doesn't exist yet, but it's wandering around somewhere (Gates, Tedros, WHO) and ridiculously the "vaxes" are already it is still being developed - and one of the most important tools of this globalist genocide is the enormous climate fraud.

The climate lie has been perpetrated at least since the devastating "Limits to Growth" report by the Club of Rome, which is still the blueprint for much of what is happening today, including population reduction. In the context of climate change, all eugenicist dreams can come true. If we the people let them.

Rockefeller's invention, the Club of Rome, is also headquartered in Switzerland (Winterthur), as are the WEF, the WHO, GAVI (the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry association) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is also the central bank of all central banks. are called All with full diplomatic immunity and tax free. Coincidence?

Klaus Schwab's interview for Swiss television was conducted on January 10, 2016, just before WEF Davos16, the 46th WEF, which was organized under the theme "Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution".

Eight years later, the 54th WEF Davos24, which ended 6 days ago, was titled "Rebuilding Trust". To begin with, one might think that the WEF has realized that it is in a deeper mess with people around the world, including big business and the WEF's formerly proud followers, and that it really needs to rebuild trust.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The topics discussed at WEF plenary sessions - "climate change", the emergence of a new, as-yet-unknown disease, "X" which is "already out there somewhere", and the cultish admiration for ever-perfecting artificial intelligence - did little to "rebuild trust ".

Especially if you look at some of the closed, limited audience sessions where Klaus Schwab's obsession with microchip implants, artificial intelligence and mind reading came to the fore.

These are surely some of the scariest moments at WEF Davos24. For example, when he talks to Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google and the former chairman of Google's parent company, Alphabet. With a net worth of $118 billion (2024), Mr. Brin is the 9th richest person in the world (Forbes).

Klaus Schwab is said to fantasize:

"Imagine ten years from now we're sitting here and we have an implant in our brain and I can feel it immediately, because we all have an implant, I can measure your brain waves and I can tell you immediately how people are reacting to your responses... Imaginable this?".

Sergey Brin looks rather shocked at the question, visibly uncomfortable, unsure of what to say, then rolls his eyes, then throws his arms up in the air in some sort of confusion and hesitantly says... "I think it's possible..." It's a circus show.

And he quotes Klaus Schwab's 2016 interview with Swiss French television.


The founder and chairman of the WEF then takes his obsession one step further and suggests,
"We can create a system where we don't even need democratic elections because we can predict how you will think and feel..."

Never mind, that democratic elections are already a thing of the distant past. In the last twenty years or so, there has hardly been an election in the world that has not been manipulated in some way by the Masters of the Universe... even in the homelands of the Masters and self-appointed emperors.

It's interesting that Schwab always refers to We, as if WE control you, your thoughts, your feelings, we put you in "predictive" mode.

What Mr. Schwab never says, although heavily implied, is that "We" controlling your electronically controlled brain waves will influence your thinking as We will. You can see the full, terrifying moments of the crazy "predictive engineering" in a 5-minute video clip

below . Since this is a cult ritual, Klaus Schwab - and others of his dark age ilk, predicting, telling and warning people about what they plan to do to us, to us, to the people, MUST be successful. At another WEF Davos24 meeting someone asked - "What can we do to avoid electing the wrong president?". No names were mentioned, but it was clear that the commenter was referring to Donald Trump, an anti-globalist who would win a landslide victory in the US if FAIR elections were held today.

The WEF's obsession with artificial intelligence and brain chipping

We currently live under a sectarian dictatorship in the Western world and most people don't even realize it. Steeped in thousands of years of sectarian thinking, dark actions will only succeed if the people who will be affected are told one way or another.

Often disguised, or by fantasy, or by movies (Hollywood is also part of the cult culture), so that people take it easy and don't rebel. When it's too late to reach them.

The obsession with implanted chips and artificial intelligence dominating our daily lives, with robots replacing humans in the labor market, has been going on for a long time. Indoctrination or social engineering, as one of the main mind manipulation agencies, the British-based Tavistock Institute, calls it, has been perfectly executed. Tavistock is likely to work with Hollywood and take the pulse of events like WEF-Davos, the UN General Assembly and many other international as well as local events, getting to know people's reactions and impulses.

That's why it's so hard today to spot fraud, like the climate hoax, and even recognize that they've been duped. Admitting to ourselves and others that we have fallen for lies or brain manipulation is the most difficult obstacle to overcome - and wake up. Social engineers know this.

We live in cognitive dissonance in a dystopian environment where everything goes and becomes "normal". We are well past George Orwell's 1984 - where war is peace and hate is love.

At WEF24 in Davos, someone was quoted as saying, "We need to bomb the way to peace." Sorry, the link is no longer available. He became a victim of "fact checkers" filtering out "false information".

We must be aware and alert to what is happening around us. While scaremongering is being spread in Brussels about the impending introduction of a Digital Identity that will be linked to all personal belongings, health data, vaxx records, banking data and eventually the programmable Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that controls everything. If that happens, and we negligently let it happen - then we're done.

Digital Identity, which is a misnomer because it is not just an identity, it is a kind of disguise, is built backwards. In Switzerland and other parts of Europe, people are forced to use QR code / smartphone e-banking, which is the first step to control money, what and where you buy or do any financial transaction, because they track you through the smartphone. The QR code collects all the data.

The banking tyranny is already here. If you want to continue using your bank account, you must comply with the rules of the financial system. It has nothing to do with laws - this is an order based on rules.

The WEF's obsession with artificial intelligence and brain chipping

A QR code can store an almost unlimited amount of personal data, as well as data about where and what you spend your money on - ultimately knowing more about you than you know about yourself.

Let us be awake and aware and ready to build an alternative money and banking system run by the People for the People and by the People. It is no longer left or right. We MUST fight against globalism.
Great Reset: Climate terror begins in the USA! WEF Order: Chicago Must Ban Gas Stoves. In the USA, the Biden administration has begun to implement the climate restrictions ordered by the WEF. The Democratic-controlled city of Chicago is preparing to ban natural gas from all new housing in order to meet the World Economic Forum's (WEF) "net zero" goals.

The Chicago City Council is preparing to vote on an ordinance that would ban the use of natural gas in most new buildings.

The mayor's representatives say the plan is vital to meet the WEF's "Net Zero" program to "save the planet" from the so-called "climate crisis."

The proposal was called the Clean and Accessible Buildings Ordinance (CABO).

This would create an emissions standard that would effectively ban the use of natural gas through an unaffordable standard.

This would make Chicago the latest "blue city" to ban gas stoves in future homes.

It would also pave the way for electric heating and electrical appliances, which are said to emit fewer greenhouse gases.

As we wrote, the Biden regime will probably try to introduce restrictions in the United States due to climate lies before the November presidential elections.
WEF global solutions, but for whom?  WEF climate commitment "Nowadays, the concept of stakeholder capitalism and the idea that the complex problems that arise in our world can only be solved by the cooperation of the public and private sectors are finally starting to become mainstream! Stakeholder responsibility at the corporate and global level is still the principle behind everything we do."

- Professor Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum.

Click to download audio (in MP3 format)

Is it business and financial leaders adding their expertise to the problems facing the world to advance answers for the world's governments? Or just the other way around?

The World Economic Forum concluded its 24th annual meeting in Davos last Friday. Leaders from Davos boasted presentations on artificial intelligence, the role of cities in strengthening sustainability, resilience and affordability, central banks and digital currencies, and the geopolitics of the Middle East and Africa. According to their website, the WEF "crowdsources solutions to the world's most important and pressing issues."

However, the WEF no longer deliberates in a vacuum of public attention. Indeed, the deliberations of the world's business leaders and their government allies are very much in the eye of a curious public. And their discussions behind closed doors fuel the fire of suspicion about what they plan to do in the coming years.

The video below is fake. It was created with the help of artificial intelligence. But it pretty much sums up what the average person thinks about the WEF.

It's a coincidence that farmers are shut down because of the nitrous oxide they produce, but nobody would think to shut down the artificial intelligence financial gold rush that is expected to increase energy consumption.

There is a particular suspicion regarding the large-scale effort to deal with climate change. Greta Thunberg and the message that carbon dioxide is the "number one enemy" are hardly removed from YouTube, Facebook and Internet search engines, as is the criticism of mRNA vaccines. Indeed, there have been critics of this position.

Traditional climate change activism is NOT a threat to elites. In fact, the history of the WEF, from its beginnings as the Club of Rome, shows that their class wants the masses to believe there is a global threat, apparently so that they will accept and not oppose the solutions they offer.

Problem. Reaction. Solution.
If climate change is the problem, what are we to do with the solutions they offer? We will explore this question at length in this week's episode of the Global Research News Hour.

In this week's installment of the Global Research News Hour, two Global Research regulars, Peter Koenig and Julian Rose, weigh in on whether the climate threat posed by carbon dioxide isn't what it seems (they're skeptical) and what role it plays along with pandemics and all other threats to the world leading up to 2030.

Another Global Research author, Elizabeth Woodworth, also commented, expressing her concerns about the WEF undermining democracy, although her position is shared by the vast majority of published climate scientists.

Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and former senior economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for more than 30 years worldwide. Author of Implosion - An economic thriller about war, environmental destruction and corporate greed; and co-author Cynthia McKinney "When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis" (Clarity Press - November 1, 2020). Peter is a research associate at the Globalization Research Center (CRG). He is also a non-resident senior fellow at the Chongyang Institute of Beijing Renmin University.

Julian Rose is an organic farmer, writer, presenter and international activist. He is the author of four books, the most recent of which, "Overcoming the Robotic Mind," is a call to resist the despotic New World Order taking over our lives. For more information, visit his website: www.julianrose.info. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Elizabeth Woodworth is heavily involved in climate change science and activism. He has published 42 articles in Global Research, co-authored "Unprecedented Climate Mobilization", "Unprecedented Crime: Climate Science Denial and Game Changers for Survival" and co-produced the COP21 video "A Climate Revolution For All". He is the author of "What can I do?" , a popular handbook on anti-nuclear activism, and the novel "The November Deep." She worked as a health librarian for the BC government for 25 years. She holds a BA from Queen's and a BA in Library Science from UBC. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.
Understanding WHO's plans for you How does Big Pharma get trade journals, hospitals and the government to be so corrupt? According to an interview by Tucker Carlson, most people have no idea how sophisticated Pharma's wallet of tricks is. This is nothing more than intellectual property rights blackmail - and you'll be surprised how it works.

The video above shows Tucker Carlson's interview with Bret Weinstein, an American podcaster and former professor of evolutionary biology. In the recording originally broadcast on January 5, 2024, they discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, "the game of Big Pharma", the disastrous effects of mRNA vaccines and the World Health Organization's (WHO) further plans for humanity. This is an excellent interview you won't want to miss.

Mr. Weinstein's explanation of the big pharmaceutical companies' heist game

begins by addressing what he calls "Big Pharma's game." He believed himself to be somewhat of an expert on the pharmaceutical industry, but over the past four years he has found himself "schooled" and many aspects of the industry are not at all what he imagined.

Of course, Big Pharma has a "perverse incentive" to promote poor health because its financial results depend on it. They don't make money off of healthy people.

"But I think most of us didn't know how sophisticated the trickery was," Mr. Weinstein said, "and the nature of that trickery. To describe it, I'd say the pharmaceutical industry is an intellectual property rights racket. "Essentially,

the Pharma owns different things - molecules, compounds, technologies, and what it's looking for is a disease to which these things can plausibly be applied.

" , that:
- The disease is widespread.
- The disease is serious.
- Competing drugs are considered unsafe or ineffective.
- The government orders the drug to be used.
- The medical establishment declares this drug to be the standard method of care.

"You just wrote down the pandemic response!" said Mr. Carlson. And indeed, analyzing the pandemic response is what allowed Mr. Weinstein to recognize these tricks.

The pharmaceutical industry, he said, is constantly trying to make its intellectual property look more useful and safer than it really is, and to convince medical institutions, journals, medical societies, hospitals and the government to "steer people toward drugs that which they wouldn't otherwise take. That's what blackmail is."

It's important to understand what pharmaceutical racketeering is and how it works, because long before COVID, Pharma was "expert at figuring out how to frame a disease as more prevalent and dangerous than it is" and "excellent at making a compound more effective set as is".

So when COVID-19 hit, the industry was more than prepared to take advantage of the situation. COVID "was the biggest pharmacological cash cow imaginable," Mr. Weinstein noted.

A Fatal Mistake

The immediate needs of the crisis allowed Pharma to do what otherwise would have been impossible, namely to push mRNA technology at "warp speed" under the pretense that it was the latest and greatest in vaccine technology. Gene therapies are subject to far more stringent safety and efficacy tests, all of which were bypassed in this case.
Mr. Weinstein suspects that the mRNA technology "under normal circumstances would not have passed even the most minute safety tests" because it has a "terrible security flaw."

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are non-targeted, so they can and will be taken up by any cell they encounter. This wouldn't be so bad if the injection actually stayed in the injection site as promised, but it doesn't.

This was, of course, completely predictable. Almost all injected compounds leach from the injection site and eventually circulate throughout the body. The risk of systemic effects was further increased by the fact that health authorities advised NOT to aspirate the needle prior to injection.

During aspiration, the needle is pulled back onto the plunger to make sure there is no blood in it. If there is blood, it landed in a vessel, which means it injects directly into the bloodstream and not into the delta tissue, which would help minimize the spread of the mRNA throughout the body.

As Mr. Weinstein explained, the danger of mRNA technology is related to how immunity develops in nature.

A viral infection occurs when a virus enters a cell and causes it to make copies of the virus. These copies enter and infect neighboring cells, and many are spread to other people through coughing and sneezing. When cells produce an antigen (foreign protein) that the immune system cannot recognize, the immune system assumes that the cell is infected with a virus and sets out to destroy it.

The problem with mRNA transfection technology is that it tricks random cells in your body into producing a foreign protein that your immune system recognizes as an ongoing infection.

The pharmaceutical industry had a potentially hugely profitable property that it couldn't bring to market because a safety test would have revealed [the] intractable problem at its heart. Pharma used the emergency [the COVID] to slip through things that would normally prevent the widespread adoption of such a dangerous technology. - Bret Weinstein

So your immune system starts to destroy the affected cells, and if those cells are in your heart, brain, or other internal organs, the result can be life-threatening. In addition to deadly heart problems, we are also seeing a dramatic increase in extremely fast-progressing cancers.

"Going back to the original story, Pharma had a potentially hugely profitable property that it couldn't bring to market because a safety test would have revealed this intractable problem at its heart," Mr. Weinstein said.

"My hypothesis is that he realized that the thing that could get around that hurdle was an emergency that caused public demand for a remedy ... that would have prompted the government to streamline the safety testing process so that it wouldn't poke these things out.

” And indeed the safety studies were so radically curtailed that long-term damage was impossible to detect. So the hypothesis in question is that Pharma used an emergency to circumvent an obstacle to bringing in an incredibly profitable technology - by normalizing it in the public and the regulatory apparatus - to get around the things that would normally prevent such a thing. The plan to introduce risky technology

was central to the COVID response
Jeffrey A. Tucker, founder of the Brownstone Institute, wrote about the interview and in his additional commentary to the interview:

"The bigger picture, the sinister reality is only slowly emerging. it dawned on me, namely that the mRNA platform technology was central to the entire COVID response. Without understanding this, we cannot see the forest for the trees. It was the driving force behind the initiation and absurd extension of the shutdowns."

"When you consider the amount of damage it is doing to society as a whole and the world as a whole, all for the purpose of patent piracy and speeding up a technological introduction, it is almost impossible to imagine that any government could hold it so captive. and can be corrupt. This seems to stretch the limits of believability and yet here we are.

"Knowing all this helps frame some of the mysteries of the age, such as wild and aggressive censorship. To manage a fugitive on such a scale, it was necessary to create the appearance of consensus. The point was to prepare the way for the introduction of the vaccine, which would free everyone from lockdowns, masks and

"There's a reason we haven't heard any high-level apologies or confessions . The reason is that doing the right thing was never the goal. It was an industrial takeover from the start, a perfect corporatist plan to gain a significant advantage in the wars for pharmaceuticals and their future."

Tens of millions have probably already died,

Mr. Weinstein cited research by Joseph Fraiman et al., which reanalyzed Pfizer's own trial data and showed that the risk of serious side effects was 1 in 800. This risk was cleverly concealed by giving the placebo group an injection of the real mRNA one month after the study.
This risk was not 1 in 800 people, but 1 in 800 doses, and people initially received two doses. According to research presented at a recent conference in Romania, about 17 million people have died from the vaccines so far. Yet these vaccines are still recommended for children as young as 6 months old and in the absence of any emergency.

And, as Weinstein Mr. It's like most people just don't want to think about the damage they've done. They do not want to admit that they have been deceived by a sophisticated propaganda machine.

But we still give these vaccines to children, and that means we have a moral obligation to admit the inconvenient truth that vaccines are dangerous and should be stopped.

Freedom of speech is a matter of life and death

As Mr. Weinstein noted, fortunately the relatively small number of voices in the alternative media were able to educate enough people about the harms, so that the reminders have now fallen off the proverbial cliff. Now we are faced with the problem that the WHO, in its amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the International Epidemiological Convention, is trying to gain control over all the media worldwide.

If the IHRs and the treaty are adopted, it would be the sole authority of the WHO to decide what medical truth is, and all countries would be required to censor accordingly, by any means necessary.

Considering how important alternative news has been in making people aware of the reality of COVID, what will happen if we face another global pandemic without them? One could easily say that freedom of speech in the context of healthcare and medicine is a matter of life and death. If scientific debate and opposing views are eliminated, the death toll of medical propaganda will be even greater than we have seen so far.

WHO's plan in broad strokes

Mr. Weinstein went on to outline the planned coup of the WHO through the IHR amendments and the pandemic treaty. Broadly speaking, these two tools seek to achieve global rule by the few and total control of the masses under the guise of public health.

In short, this treaty requires every member country that signs up to give up their national sovereignty to the WHO, making it the de facto totalitarian ruler of the entire world.

According to the WHO, the COVID epidemic became so severe because nations could not cooperate. Therefore, according to the argument, an international treaty is needed that centralizes the authority of the WHO to fight against pandemics.

The problem, of course, is that most nations have REALLY followed the WHO's irrational and unscientific recommendations. Incompetence, whether intentional or not, destroyed economies and led to unnecessary deaths.

Under the proposed treaty, the WHO will have the authority to declare a public health emergency on any basis, even without evidence, and will be empowered to order remedies that all member states must implement.

This includes mandating vaccines, travel restrictions, what drugs can and cannot be used, and censoring anything that doesn't meet official WHO recommendations, to name a few. Importantly, censorship is not limited to "misinformation" (false information) and "disinformation" (deliberate misinformation and lies), both of which are at least to some degree related to truth and falsehood.

No, as Mr. Weinstein explained, the most important term to understand is "disinformation," which is defined as true information that causes distrust of authority.

Criminalization of misinformation - legalized suppression of the truth

So when you point out the lies of government officials, you commit misinformation, which the US Department of Homeland Security has now included in the definition of terrorist acts, in addition to spreading misinformation and disinformation. It's absolutely terrifying because "terrorism" is "a legal label that makes all your rights evaporate," Mr. Weinstein said.

"So at the point when the Department of Homeland Security says you're guilty of some kind of terrorism because you're saying true things that make you distrust your government, they're also saying something about what rights they have to silence you. "

These are not normal rights. So these things are all scary, and I think the impact of the COVID epidemic has made us aware of a lot of structures that have been built around us, something that former NSA officer William Binny once described as the turnkey totalitarian state. The totalitarian state was built around us, but not activated. Then, once he's recovered, they turn the key.

"Now we see something ... that surpasses even William Binny's description, because this is a turnkey totalitarian planet. The World Health Organization is above the level of nations and will be in a position, if these provisions are passed, to dictate to nations how to behave with their own citizens, supersedes their constitution."


The 77th World Health Assembly, which will vote on the IHR amendments and the pandemic treaty, is scheduled to begin on May 27, 2024. Amendments to the IHR will only require a 50 percent vote of those present in the room at the time of the vote.

However, the working group dealing with IHR amendments must submit the final package of amendments by January 27, 2024. 4 If the final version of the proposed amendments is not properly submitted by that date, then the World Health Assembly has no legal right to vote on them at the 77th session to be held in May 2024. World Health Assembly.

That means we only have two weeks left to raise enough awareness of these amendments to prevent their passage. So please help spread the word by sharing the videos listed on James Roguski's Substack page.

Mr. Roguski has generously provided the world with a list of other actions you can take depending on where you live:
- USA.
- CanadianPetition.com.
- AustraliaExitsTheWHO.com.
- Worldwide: Click HERE, HERE and HERE.

Door To Freedom (DoorToFreedom.org), an organization founded by Dr. Meryl Nass, also has a poster explaining how the pandemic treaty and IHR amendments are changing life as we know it and depriving us of it. from all vestiges of freedom. Please download this poster and share it with everyone you know. Post it on public notice boards and places where communities share information.

If adopted, the IHR amendments will enter into force 10 months later for all nations that do not opt ​​out of the amendment. Nations that have not formally renounced will be bound by the new conditions set out in the amendments.

Schedule of the treaty on the pandemic

The treaty on the pandemic will also be discussed at the annual meeting of the World Health Assembly, May 22-24, 2024. 6 The treaty requires a yes vote of two-thirds of the members present, and it enters into force as soon as 30 nations have ratified it.

Thirty days thereafter, the treaty will enter into force for all signatory nations. Any nation that has not signed the treaty will be excluded from its terms. Those who sign the contract must wait three years before they can withdraw.

The most recent version of the contract, dated October 30, 2023, can be found here. The Intergovernmental Negotiating Board (INB) has been instructed to prepare another draft before the next meeting scheduled for the period between February 19 and March 1, 2024, so further amendments are expected.

The good news

Although the situation may seem bleak, Mr. Weinstein remains optimistic, if only because we, the opponents of the global coup, are actually the bravest intellectuals on our team.

Scientists, researchers, doctors, academics and journalists all over the world who dared to speak out against the official narrative were pushed out of their positions of authority.

As a result, we now have a "Dream Team" made up of "every player you could ever want on your team to fight some kind of historic battle against a terrible villain," Mr. Weinstein said. Indeed, as Mr. Carlson noted,8 these experts are all "right now a powerful counterforce to correct information," and they're not going away.

However, to truly prevent this global coup, we need all of you, ordinary people everywhere, to speak up and share the truth as much as you can. Only in this way will our voice be greater than that of the propaganda machine.
The BBC misrepresented the risk of Covid to boost support for the lockdown says the government's chief scientific adviser. The BBC was allowed to "distort" the risk posed by Covid to most people in order to boost public support for the lockdown, Professor Mark Woolhouse, the government's adviser to the UK's Covid inquiry, has said. The Telegraph reported the story.

Professor Mark Woolhouse, a leading epidemiologist and government adviser, criticized the company for "repeatedly reporting rare cases of death or illness in healthy adults as if they were the norm".

According to him, this gave BBC News viewers the "misleading impression" at the start of the pandemic that "we are all at risk" and that "the virus does not discriminate".

In reality, he said, they already knew at the time that the risk of dying from Covid was ten thousand times greater for people over 75 than for people under 15.

However, Professor Woolhouse told the Covid inquiry that the BBC did not correct its reporting: "I suspect that this misinformation was allowed to stand in 2020 because it justified the entire population being locked down".

He said further evidence of this was provided by a March 22, 2020 briefing by a sub-group of the UK government's Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGE), which focused on public behaviour.

It stated that "a significant proportion of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; they may be reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group...perceived levels of personal threat should be increased among those who are comfortable with tough emotional messages ".

According to Professor Woolhouse, the "misperception" created by the BBC's coverage that everyone is at risk "is an obstacle to targeting interventions at the vulnerable minority who are really at great risk from Covid".

In a written submission to the inquiry about the impact north of the border, he said: "I fear that the Scottish Government's response to the pandemic has been compromised as a result".

It concluded that the lockdown was "least effective at protecting the most vulnerable precisely because they needed contact with health and social care workers - self-isolation was not an option." The expert added: "This should have been recognized from the beginning."
The government and society as a whole have failed in relation to the officially accepted pandemic measures All of humanity must stand up to fix this! Call to action!
Why should people ever trust the WHO, their governments and their government agencies? They cannot and should not be trusted! They won't! In handling and responding to the pandemic, "the whole of society" failed.
The pandemic, or more precisely the name PLANDÉMIA, was triggered by the response measures ordered by the WHO to a virus that was manufactured in a laboratory and released (accidentally or not).

The viral component selected as the target of the vaccine was the spike protein of the coronavirus. The spike is now known to be the most pathogenic component of the virus, causing a variety of multisystem damage.

The scientists who developed the Covid-19 virus must have known about the pathogenicity of the spike protein. These are high level scientists who are well versed in medicine, biology, biochemistry and microbiology. Logically, then, everything that followed had to be intentional.

The Covid-19 vaccines, which were developed and produced under US Department of Defense contracts, were not content to use traditional technologies where an inactivated antigen, in controlled amounts, is introduced into the human host to (hopefully) trigger a protective immune response. Instead, they developed a genetically modified product that causes the cells of the human host to produce a spike that is produced in uncontrolled amounts for an unknown amount of time and that does not break down easily! The damage would last until the recipient's death.

The vaccines were delivered via a novel lipid nanoparticle-based carrier process that ensured the gene-modifying payload was easily distributed throughout the body's cells, prompting the recipient's own cells to produce spikes without turning them off until the immune system detected and covered them. destroys the co-opted cell.

The cells in the recipient's body are programmed to produce a toxin that their own immune system will try to remove, killing those same cells. This is the definition of autoimmunity! It is a pity if these damaged or destroyed cells are not replaceable heart, kidney or brain cells. Too bad if these are vascular cells where inflammation results in clotting and/or bleeding problems!

The immune system is not designed to be on infinite high alert for a single toxin. This high alertness prevents the immune system from properly performing its usual tasks, such as preventing and treating other regular pathogens, early detection and prevention of cancers.

Fatigue and eventual failure of the immune system is expected. Human health is ruined. Without an off switch, the damage will continue and will continue to develop and escalate over time!

Gene modification results in epigenetic changes, with as yet undetermined consequences for surviving offspring, and this will change what a person is!

Defense Department experts had to know exactly what they were doing with this vaccine and its mechanism of action. They had to know exactly what kind of havoc it would wreak on human hosts. Labeling both the spike and vaccine-induced reactions as biological weapons seems accurate.

How to destroy a nation? How do we prepare for hostile forces to take over?

You kill men and youth. You kill the old to erase their memory and wisdom. You cripple and incapacitate people so that others are so busy caring for them that they have little energy or resources left to fight. We are witnessing this happening in real time.

You scare people and make their lives so difficult that they are constantly in flight or fight survival mode. This state precludes rational thought and deliberation, or action.

You are destroying the community. You divide them and turn them against each other. You prevent managers from leading innovatively. You govern (and govern) people so harshly, pointlessly, mercilessly, without voice or representation, that they lose hope that they will be able to make a difference, to change, to make things better. Then they give up, curl up and wait for death! This is what the execs were hoping for.

Who (or WEF and WHO) is the occupying enemy force?

I see what happened! I document, record, report! I will not listen at all! I'm part of a great community of people doing the same! We will work tirelessly together until those responsible are held accountable. Until we reverse the mistakes and make sure they don't happen again. Never!

WHO's effort to force all nations to surrender their sovereignty to submit to the Pandemic Treaty and IRHs to end their world domination. This is treason!

It is recommended to watch this talk by Dr. Campbell, where Ester McVey clearly describes the consequences of the pandemic measures of the last 3 years and the risks of what the WHO is trying to achieve now (13:43 min).

We will not forget:-

Failure of governments, regulatory agencies, health bodies, health professionals to exercise due diligence. To practice and follow all the standards that have been developed to ensure the quality and safety of the products.

Failing to conduct cost-benefit analyzes before implementing unreasonable measures and then refusing to re-evaluate approaches even when they clearly did not work (as evidenced by the escalation of the pandemic).


Masking was (and still is) strongly advocated, but it has many disadvantages: - Masking.

Covering has not been shown to prevent respiratory virus transmission, even when masks are worn properly.

Masking is proven to be harmful due to the limitation of oxygen levels and the increase of CO2 levels.

Masks are not safe to wear for extended periods of time in an uncontrolled environment and increase the risk of infection if they do not fit properly and are not changed frequently.

They influence childhood development both in terms of language development and social interactions.

Masks depersonalize their wearer.

Masks are unhygienic if they are used continuously and in a way that is imposed by the population.

Disposable masks have devastating environmental consequences.

Social distancing, which was an arbitrary concept with no scientific basis. How can a virus be problematic if we are walking but not problematic if we are sitting in a restaurant?

School closures have caused a devastating educational loss for students and have consequences for the workforce's skills and readiness for higher education that will have great personal and national costs.

The closure of businesses and ports has not stopped the spread of Covid-19 and has had devastating economic and supply chain consequences.

A Covid-19 vaccine that could not prevent infection, transmission or even hospitalization. Covid-19 cases, deaths and all-cause mortality have all increased following the introduction of vaccination. Health and regulatory agencies have yet to acknowledge these findings or provide an explanation.

The endless reporting of daily illnesses and daily deaths along with the falsification of numbers, the marking of deaths as deaths caused by covid-19 when they clearly were not.

Killing the elderly by deliberately infecting them and leaving them to die untreated, or worse, putting them (and other "unwanted" persons) on "end-of-life pathways"... effectively sedating, dehydrating and neglecting them to an early death.

Instead of providing care, hospitals have become killing fields, grotesquely filled with much-applauded, grinning, PPE-clad, dancing staff.

So many were killed by expensive, inappropriate, and inappropriate treatments (while so many doctors and scientists neglected to share effective protocols), followed by ventilators that deflated lungs and ended lives.

Remdesivir, Tony Fauci's favorite drug, failed for Ebola, but was repurposed for Covid-19 and forced into widespread hospital use. This caused kidney failure, lungs filled with water attributed to Covid-19 and rapid death.

Targeting, persecuting, discriminating, master-listing, tracking and forcing people who refuse to be vaccinated is the perversity of humanity. How could anyone think this was okay, still okay in the places where it was still going on?

Denial of access to work, school, places of eating and entertainment, church, transportation services, travel.

The administration of the vaccine is tied to the use of aid/assistance.

Blocking effective drugs and treatments

Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, cheap and old drugs that have been used safely for decades, have proven to be very effective prevention and treatment methods against covid in the early stages of the pandemic.

Their use was strongly discouraged and even banned in favor of new and very expensive drugs such as remdesivir (which caused kidney failure and killed instead of saving) and monoclonal antibodies, which were unaffordable for many people who did not have access for advanced and assured health care.

Deliberate misinformation campaigns against early treatment options that used recycled drugs like Ivermectin and HCQ.

Early treatment with nutritional supplements such as vitamin C, D, zinc, melatonin was discouraged and even denied [still denied by the DOH in its "Philippines COVID-19 Living Recommendations[4]".

Failure to treat secondary bacterial infections early and aggressively after covid-19 has also led to many deaths, especially in the elderly.

Ignoring "unapproved narrative experts". Any physician or practitioner who spoke in favor of unapproved approaches, prevention tools, or treatments was subject to smear campaigns and misinformation.

The imposition on the population of rapidly developed Covid-19 vaccines known by the manufacturers to be toxic already in the development phase. Manufacturers knew from the earliest days of development that these vaccines were not fit for purpose and could not prevent infection or transmission.

Pfizer knew, and the vaccine's development and testing documents, which were originally supposed to be withheld for 75 years[5] but then forced to release, showed serious harm from the earliest days of the trial[6]. Pfizer killed 1,223 people and injured 40,000 in the first 90 days of the clinical trial.

Pfizer and other manufacturers destroyed their control groups by offering them the vaccine before the clinical trials were completed. By destroying the control group, they ensured that comparative health outcomes would never be known.

Clinical trial data from Pfizer (and other manufacturers) have been made available to national health agencies. Being experts, they would have seen their inadequacy and the warning signs. Yet they ignored all previous protocols, threw an abundance of caution to the winds, and still approved these products.

Adopting a "vaccines are the only cure" policy, contrary to all known prior medical principles? Along with a complete denial of the historically known benefits and importance of natural immunity.

Life was first put on hold until vaccines arrived.

Life was then suspended until enough people accepted the vaccines.

The measure then continued despite the surge in cases and deaths.

Countries base their approvals on other countries' permits without doing their own due diligence! This is complete neglect of the public office. Medical societies imitated the approaches of other medical societies and did not exercise abundant caution in the face of so many unknowns. Highly sensitive populations, such as pregnant and lactating women, were targeted for vaccination. Low-risk population groups such as children and healthy adults have also been targeted.

Lack of transparency of state bodies. When the data no longer showed what these agencies wanted, they simply stopped publishing the data!

Failure to collect outcome data for clinical and EUA trial products. Without adequate data collection, health agencies cannot prove safety and efficacy claims. Tricks include:

Incomplete collection of vaccination data (discrepancies between DOH and FDA).

Tracking the vaccination status of people who have died from any cause.

Failure to follow the vaccination status of those who died due to/with covid-19.

They do not track the vaccination status of people hospitalized for Covid-19.

Persons who died due to/with Covid-19 were cremated immediately, without an autopsy.

Ignoring the indications of pharmacovigilance systems. Safe and effective is a lie: millions of injuries and hundreds of thousands of deaths have already been reported. This is supported by data from insurance actuaries and coroners. A growing body of peer-reviewed literature documenting impairment and adverse outcomes is steadfastly ignored.

Pharmacovigilance systems and vaccine injury compensation systems are not fit for purpose.

The happenings are grossly undernourished. Minimal tracking of events. There is little or no attempt to identify the root causes of harm.

Difficult to access compensation systems. They often reject legitimate claims and award compensation that is shockingly inadequate for the cost of the injury, let alone the pain and suffering or loss of life.

Those harmed by vaccines and the families of those killed by vaccines have effectively been let down by their governments and health agencies.

Governments do not acknowledge, explain or address excess deaths and declining births. They continue to publicly express confusion, ignorance and confusion about the possible causes. This makes them appear foolish and deceitful.

All countries where the covid-19 vaccine has been introduced are experiencing both an excess of deaths and a decrease in the birth rate. These excess deaths and declining births will continue in 2023.

Population-based population statistics are critical for assessing overall mortality to determine the effects of the covid-19 vaccination program and lockdown policies. If the vaccines had been effective, there should have been no deaths or even a declining trend since their introduction and introduction. The opposite was true.

The government and society as a whole have failed in relation to the officially accepted pandemic measures

Loss of freedom of speech! Countries are working to ban and punish the sharing of unapproved media and scientific documentation. They stifle lively intellectual, sociological and scientific debate.

Lack of accountability and responsibility! Let's see how health officials run, hide, deny and lie!

The Great Reset ultimate summary and call to action from Marc Morano, author of The Great Reset, who brilliantly and succinctly describes the circumvention of democracy for covid regulations and now climate change. Deliberate collapse of modern society!

The government and society as a whole have failed in relation to the officially accepted pandemic measures

Video: FINALLY! The final summary of the Great Reset - and a call to action!

Why should people ever trust the WHO, their governments and their government agencies again? They can't and they shouldn't! They won't!
60 cm blood clots were found in victims of mRNA vaccinations the COVID vaccine is the most dangerous government decision in the world!" (+18 VIDEOS!) Renowned American cardiologist Peter McCullough testified at a recent Congressional Committee hearing on the side effects of CIVID-19 mRNA vaccines that he had seen patients vaccinated with the COVID vaccine who had blood clots larger than 60 cm in their bodies after the vaccination, and these are the largest blood clots ever seen in clinical medicine. Is he also a "conteos"
?! -after the administration of an mRNA vaccine," testified Dr. Peter McCullough.

Photo: Doctors find giant blood clots in the corpses of victims who died due to the COVID vaccine, the renowned cardiologist testified at the hearing of the US Congressional Committee.

The cardiologist also said that people's mRNA -vaccination is "the most dangerous proposal ever made by government agencies in the United States".

"What we have come to realize is unbelievable and dangerous. The messenger RNA circulates in the blood for at least 28 days. And we still don't know what it causes during this time."

Harvard researchers have shown that "the messenger RNA remains in the heart for 30 days after vaccination," and people die from the inflammation that develops around it, presumably because of the spike protein.

The 3,400 just published spike protein, reviewed in the publication, has been shown to cause heart damage and myocarditis.

Spike protein is found naturally in blood clots, "the largest blood clots we've ever seen in clinical medicine. Every research doctor on the planet who works on this agrees with that!" the medical professor testified before a congressional committee.

In fact, there are guidelines in the UK and Australia for the diagnosis and treatment of vaccine-induced myocarditis. Something has become commonplace.

"And spike protein is in those. in the amazing blood clots, the biggest blood clots ever seen in clinical medicine!" - emphasized Dr. McCullough.

+18 VIDEO!!!: The "effective and safe" and even Nobel prize-winning COVID-serum forced on people caused a lot of such changes in his vaccinated body. Interestingly, no one mentioned this, for example, in the propaganda of the Nobel prize-awarded COVID mass murderers! In the video below, the doctors found the shocking blood clots during a life-saving operation.

Gaza exposes Western liberals as frauds
Gaza exposes Western liberals as frauds

Gaza exposes western liberals as frauds
Caitlin Johnstone January 26, 2024 source

The so-called liberal "moderates" have never been tasked with standing up against racism, fascism, tyranny, injustice or genocide, their task is to continually lift up the head of the two-headed monster that is the murderous western empire.

The entire Western liberal worldview is currently based on being able to psychologically insulate itself from the mass atrocities in Gaza and what Western governments are doing to perpetuate them.

Everything mainstream liberals claim to oppose can be found in Israel's actions in Gaza. Racism. Fascism. Tyranny. Injustice. Genocide. Yet they must avoid confronting these things at all costs, because to do so would be to admit that their own political affiliations are inextricably linked to them.

Protesters: "Genocide Joe, how many children must be killed in Gaza?" Democrats in the background: "Four more years! FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!" This crazy sectarian scum is perverted and deserves the worst.

That would put us up against Biden in an election year. It would mean admitting that their entire political stance against Trump has been a farce all along because they tacitly approve of everything they supposedly hate about him. It would mean admitting that their entire worldview is a lie and that all their critics on the left were right.

So the Western liberal of 2024 is in an exhausting regime of incessant mental gymnastics to avoid an authentic connection with the reality of what is happening in Gaza. They squirm here and there, focusing on empty nonsense like the rejection of Barbie movies at the Oscars and Trump's recent verbal diarrhea so that they don't see what's really going on. On the rare occasions when they are forced to face the reality of Gaza, they start talking about how "complicated" and "heartbreaking" the situation is and how much they hope for peace as soon as possible.

Gaza exposes the mainstream liberal ideology of the West for what it has always been: staged. The job of so-called "moderate" liberals has never been to oppose racism, fascism, tyranny, injustice, or genocide, their job is to prop up the head of the two-headed monster of murderous Western empire. Their task is to positively occupy the global power structure that feeds on human blood. Their job is to help elect the Bidens, Starmers, Trudeaus and Albaneses who will ensure that the cogs of empire continue to turn unhindered while they pay lip service to human rights and social justice.

The only glimmer of hope in this profoundly dark chapter of human history is that it may open the eyes of some to the deceptions of the mainstream political pseudo-left sold to the Western public as an alternative to far-right depravity. That people in the western world are starting to realize that everything they've been told about politics, their government, and their world is a lie. Such an awakening would be the first step towards a mass movement towards health.

Biden's Blackmail Increases: He Won't Close the Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukrainian, Israeli Funds With Republican governors circling Texas, President Biden on Saturday doubled down on his reluctant agreement to secure the U.S.'s southern border — but only if Congress passes a bipartisan bill that would also provide funds to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan and continue to allow even 150,000 illegal border crossings per month.

"If this bill were to become law today, I would close the border right now and fix it quickly and pass a bipartisan bill that would be good for America and help fix our broken immigration system and give fast access to those who deserve it. to be here," Biden said, according to Fox News' Chad Pergram.

But, as many have pointed out, Biden doesn't need Congress or the bill to do that right now.

As we reported yesterday, House Speaker Mike Johnson denied the claim, saying, "President Biden falsely claimed yesterday that he needed Congress to pass a new law to close the southern border, but he knows that's not true."

Biden's Blackmail Increases: He Won't Close the Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukrainian, Israeli Funds

"As I explained to him in a letter late last year, and have reiterated specifically to him several times since then, he can and must take immediate executive action to reverse the disaster he has caused," Johnson continued.

Last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) hit back at the Supreme Court's decision Monday to allow the Biden administration to cut the state's razor wire along the U.S.-Mexico border amid broader litigation over the wires. Texas responded by installing more barbed wire.

Biden's Blackmail Increases: He Won't Close the Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukrainian, Israeli Funds

"The Texas National Guard continues to hold the front in Eagle Pass," Abbott announced Tuesday morning on X, adding, "Texas will not back down from our efforts to secure the border even in Biden's absence."

Congress Jumps

In Instead of forcing Biden to simply wave his pen and start securing the border, a bipartisan group of lawmakers simply can't let a good opportunity for pork go to waste and are "on the verge" of making a deal that with the Biden administration, which would introduce "comprehensive new border controls," reports CBS News.

After weeks of closed-door talks, the White House and a trio of senators could unveil an agreement as soon as this week, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the private nature of the discussions. The purpose of the bill is to reduce the unprecedented level of illegal border crossings registered along the southern border in the past three years.

While Democratic Sen. James Lankford, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy and independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema are close to finalizing a compromise with the White House, any bipartisan immigration proposal would face an uphill battle in the House of Representatives, where Speaker Mike Johnson and other conservative lawmakers say the asylum system is still a stricter amendment is advocated.

The deal would give the executive branch new legal authority to effectively suspend asylum at official ports of entry after migrants crossing into Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas reach certain levels. If that authority is invoked, illegal immigrants would face swift deportation to Mexico or their home country unless they are eligible to remain after screening for "humanitarian asylum."

There's a catch...

The bipartisan rule still allows migrant crossings to reach an average of 5,000 a day, or 8,500 in a single day, before the authority is empowered. So a maximum of 150,000 illegal border crossings per month would still be allowed.

CBS did not say whether Sunday's bipartisan package included Ukrainian or Israeli sources.
Netanyahu continues the mass slaughter The Israeli Forces attacked a school building sheltering civilians. According to reports so far, ten civilians were killed in the Israeli attack on UNRWA's one school in Gaza.
According to the report, the building is believed to have sheltered displaced persons fleeing the fighting.
The school operated by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), located in the Rimal district west of the Gaza Strip, was fired upon by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Al Jazeera television reported.

According to the channel, at least ten people died as a result of the attack, all of them unarmed civilians. The building allegedly sheltered displaced persons who fled the fighting from other parts of the Gaza Strip.
Liberal: The shame of Gaza, which will forever burn on the West and the Orbán government The brutal slaughter of Hamas cannot be justified by anything, just like the bombing and starvation of masses of women and children committed by Israel. A true humanist must condemn both. In the Gaza Strip, apocalyptic conditions almost incomprehensible to human reason prevail. The half-hearted helplessness of the West is infuriating, and the silence of the Orbán government and the Hungarian left is shameful. Note.

"I just returned from the Gaza Strip. (...) The scale of the tragedy is unprecedented. The place was overcrowded, the extent of the agony and the sanitary conditions were unfathomable. (...) The children were begging for a drink of water and a slice of bread. Everyone asked for a ceasefire at last. To put an end to this tragedy."

One of the saddest days

The quote above does not come from Hamas propaganda, but from the report of the head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA). On Wednesday, Philippe Lazzarini visited one of the schools maintained by the organization in Rafah, located on the Egyptian-Gaza border, which currently - like so many schools and hospitals throughout the Gaza Strip - functions as a shelter: masses of Palestinians seek refuge here from continuous Israeli airstrikes. (...)
Orbán: There will be no sympathy demonstration for Hamas in Budapest Similar to France, Hungary does not allow sympathizing with Hamas at the request of the terrorist organization. Their supporters would have gathered in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Hungary has one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe, "they are Hungarian citizens and they must be protected by the Hungarian state," the Hungarian Prime Minister stated on Kossuth radio, stressing that Hungarian citizens cannot be allowed to feel threatened because of their origin or religion. themselves.

"This must be prevented, this is a safe country," added Viktor Orbán, who, speaking about the sympathy demonstrations taking place in Western Europe, said that such demonstrations cannot be held in Hungary, because it would lead to the threat of terrorism in itself.

With this, the prime minister was obviously reacting to Hamas's call to hold anti-Jewish and anti-Israel actions worldwide on Friday, as well as sympathizing demonstrations alongside them. " with title.

"In contrast to many Western European countries, where thousands and tens of thousands celebrated and cheered the Palestinian mass murderers, Hungary never had to fear such a thing. Therefore, we strongly request the Hungarian government and the competent bodies not to allow the Jewish communities and all a movement that seriously violates the dignity of the person holding it," wrote the Tett és Védelem Alapítvány (TEV), which monitors anti-Semitism, about the event. (...)
Bad development: the head of the British army calls on the population to prepare for the general conscription "For king and nation" - The comments of the head of the British army, Sir Patrick Sanders, who called on the population to prepare for general conscription for a war against Russia, are causing great concern in Great Britain, reports Warnews247.

Sir Patrick Sanders spoke of a "civilian army" while introducing the term "pre-war generation" and emphasized that "preparatory steps must be taken to prepare our societies for war"!

His speech caused great consternation in the United Kingdom. Virtually all the British media reported on these comments.

"People prepare to line up"

Shortly before Sir Patrick Sanders' speech, the Daily Telegraph reported that "the head of Britain's armed forces will make an appeal to ordinary Britons today at the International Armaments Conference in Twickenham".

The head of Britain's armed forces called on British authorities on Wednesday (July 24th) to "mobilize the nation" to prepare for war with Russia.

The British population must be prepared to serve in the armed forces in the event of a total war with Russia, warned Sir Patrick Sanders, the head of the British army.

Although he did not argue for universal conscription, Sanders emphasized that a "switch needs to be turned" in the minds of the British public so that they are "psychologically prepared" for a military conflict with Russia.

The head of the British army emphasized that in the event of a war with Russia, the British could be called to fight for king and country.

The army is "too small" to cope with a European escalation alone.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the chief of staff, stressed that ministers must "mobilise the nation" in the event of a major conflict with Russia.

He also warned that building up the army to prepare for conflict was a "national aspiration".

General Sir Patrick, who has been an outspoken critic of the army's understaffing, believes there needs to be a "radical change" in public opinion to prepare the public to defend Britain against a foreign enemy.

The news comes at a time when NATO officials have already warned allies to be ready to take whatever action is necessary against Russia.

"Ordinary civilians must be trained and equipped - this is for the good of the nation".

Ordinary civilians must be "trained and equipped",

The comments, first reported by the Daily Telegraph, were seen as a warning that British men and women should be prepared to be drafted into the armed forces if Nato goes to war against Vladimir Putin.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said in a speech last week that "we are moving from a post-war world to a pre-war world" and Britain must ensure "the entire defense system is ready" to defend its own country.

Speaking at the International Armored Vehicle Conference in west London, Sir Patrick said Britain urgently needed to increase its army from the current 74,000 to around 120,000.

However, this is not enough and must be followed by the training and equipping of a "civilian army".

He pointed out that this is happening all over Europe and told the audience:

"Our friends in Eastern and Northern Europe, who most acutely feel the closeness of the Russian threat, are already acting wisely and creating the conditions for national mobilization.

As the Chairman of the NATO Military Commission in warned last week, and as the Swedish Government has done, it is now not only desirable but necessary that we take preparatory measures to ensure that our societies are ready in the event of war.

Sir Patrick added:

"We will not be immune and as a pre-war generation we we also have to prepare - and this is the task of the entire country. Ukraine brutally shows that regular armies start wars, but civilian armies win them."

"If we thought it was a vital interest, I'm sure people would get on board, but we've defined the vital interest of the UK quite badly." Major General Chip Chapman responds to warnings that Britain must build up its military and prepare for war.

We must win wars on land

In his speech today, Sir Patrick said Britain cannot rely

on its naval and air forces: "We must be able to fight and win wars on land".

He went on to note,

"We need an Army that is ready for rapid deployment to activate the First Corps, supply the Second Corps, and train and equip the civilian army that follows."

"Within the next three years there has to be credibility to talk about 120,000 British troops being moved into our reserve and strategic reserve. But that's not enough."

Tobias Ellwood says Britain needs to "watch closely" as army chief warns people could face conscription Former defense secretary Tobias Ellwood has warned the UK could face conscription as "authoritarian states take advantage of our timidity around the world" on stage." Speaking to Sky's Kay Burley, the Tory MP warned that Britain was "too complacent" and added that "the world is in a 1939 mood at the moment." Mr Ellwood spoke of reports that General Sir Patrick Sanders had suggested that the British population could be conscripted into the army in the event of war with Russia. Source: Sky News

What's on the horizon will shock us

Former Defense Secretary Tobias Ellwood, who served alongside Sir Patrick, said: "We need to listen carefully to the military leader."

"What's on the horizon should shock us. We should be worried and we're not prepared for it," he told Sky News.

According to the Bournemouth East MP, after decades of post-Cold War peace, he increasingly feels that authoritarian states can "take advantage of our courage, perhaps our reluctance to put out fire" - referring to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

"So Patrick Sanders is saying: prepare for what's on the horizon - the world is like 1939," he said.

Authoritarian states are arming themselves again. The West avoids the risk of dealing with them, and our global institutions, such as the UN, are incapable of holding these guilty nations accountable," he added.

The army and navy are also "only half the size they should be", the And the RAF does not have the equipment it needs, he said.Warnings

about the army's "shrinking size" also came from former army chief Lord Dannatt, who told The Times that troop numbers had fallen from 102,000 in 2006 to 74,000. , and continues to "decline rapidly".

He drew parallels with the 1930s, when the "bleak" state of the British armed forces failed to deter Adolf Hitler. "There is a serious risk of history repeating itself".

If further they need proof of their plans: Britain now refers to its population as the "pre-war generation".
Tucker Carlson attacks the Canadian euthanasia program and accuses the government of genocide Independent news host Tucker Carlson has now slammed Canada's far-left government over the country's radical euthanasia program.
Carlson accused the Canadian government of "genocide" for killing thousands of citizens through "assisted suicide."

He noted that the country's euthanasia program disproportionately targets indigenous citizens as opposed to newcomers.

The program, Medical Assistance in Dying, or "MAiD," is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Canadians.

As previously reported by Slay News, "assisted suicide" accounted for 4 percent of all deaths in Canada in 2022, according to the latest data released.

Canada has some of the most liberal euthanasia laws in the world.

In recent years, the government has increasingly relaxed laws that were originally designed to give terminally ill people a chance to die.

However, the expansion of the law means that people can now be euthanized for much less serious problems such as depression, homelessness or mental illness.

The laws have even been extended to "mature minors" and calls are being made to extend the program to infants.

Meanwhile, the government refuses to release more data on euthanasia recipients.

"If we kill 50,000 citizens, and the government does it through the MAiD program, and many of them are not actually terminally ill, they're just sad," Carlson said Wednesday in Alberta, Canada.

"And the government encourages them to submit to the government killing them."

"And then it doesn't release the latest statistics."

"What is it? Yes, it's genocide. That's exactly what it is."

"What percentage of these were born in Canada?"

"I bet it's about 100 percent," he continued.

"So if you're a government, you have a duty to your citizens."

"The people who come from here, whose ancestors built this place."

"Not exclusively for them, but primarily for them."

"How many applicants for the MAiD program came to Canada in the last 10 years?"

"I don't know the answer [but] I bet it's about zero."

Carlson went on to point out that Canada is experiencing an electoral crisis over its immigration policies.

"If they restrict your freedom to speak your mind (which means freedom of conscience), your freedom to protect yourself and your family from harm," he said.

"If you lose your right to vote by to change the population of the country - and that is what they are doing.

"Canada has the highest per capita immigration rate in the world.

"[To point that out] is not racism.

"I don't care if they come from New Zealand.

"I don't care if they take the population from Stockholm and move them to Canada.

"If you change the population of the country, you change the country and you dilute the voting power of the people who invest in that country.

"The people who were born there, who lived there for a long time, who know the history and the culture. Those who were purchased.

"And suddenly their vote means a lot less."


Tucker has questions about Canada's suicide program.

"If you kill 50,000 of your citizens and the government does it through the MAID program, and many of them aren't actually terminally ill, they're just sad. And the government encourages them to... pic.twitter.com/NTow7GUzIT

- Chief Nerd (@ TheChiefNerd) January 24, 2024

Carlson also pointed to the anti-Christian origins of the transgender movement during his tour of Canada,

issuing a stark warning that Democrats will do "unspeakable" things to prevent President Donald Trump from winning the next election.
Communist China accuses US of provocation as Navy warship sails into Taiwan Strait The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has accused the United States of trying to foment "trouble and provocation" as tensions continue to rise with America's arch-enemy.
The Chinese dictatorship issued a fiery statement on Thursday after a US Navy warship sailed through the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Wu Qian had a message for the US government while speaking to reporters at his monthly briefing.

"US warships and aircraft have caused trouble and provocation on China's doorstep, and have engaged in large-scale, high-frequency activities in the waters and airspace around China," Wu told reporters.

The remarks came after the USS John Finn sailed through a passage through the Taiwan Strait.

It was the first time a US warship had passed through the corridor since Taiwan held a presidential election.

The US Navy defended the action, saying the destroyer's voyage was "outside the territorial waters of any coastal state".

Wu said China's response to the ship's expulsion was "reasoned, reasonable, professional and restrained".

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said the CCP "continues to organize relevant military operations" in and around the Taiwan Strait.

China officially recognizes the democratically governed and autonomously operating Taiwan as part of its sovereignty.

However, Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, was never part of Communist China, officially the People's Republic of China.

Taiwan is the only remnant of the Republic of China after the Communist takeover of the mainland.

The US and most other countries recognize this so-called "One China" policy and officially accept that Taiwan is part of China.

In the island nation's most recent presidential election, the two leading candidates offered competing ideas about how Taiwan should relate to communist China.

In January, the Taiwanese elected William Laj, who campaigned on distancing himself from Beijing.

The elected president will be inaugurated in May.

At the briefing, Wu also accused the Philippines of "violating China's sovereignty and committing provocations in the South China Sea."

He was reacting to attempts to strengthen construction in the disputed Spratly Islands.

The spokesman also said Manilla was "colluding with outside powers."

China has also denied supplying any weapons or equipment to the Middle East.

The Israeli military accused China after it claimed that Hamas terrorists were using Chinese-made weapons in the Gaza Strip.
NASA quietly funds biblical research because of fears about "demonic" UFOs, claims a leading expert. A former British government official has claimed that NASA is "quietly funding" Bible research and theological conferences because it fears UFOs may be "demonic".
The claims were made by the former head of the British Ministry of Defense (MOD), Nick Pope.

According to Pope, NASA is said to "want to get ahead of the curve" when it comes to possible confluence between UFOs and "demonic" forces.

In an interview with GB News, Pope claimed that government officials around the world were "hedging their bets" over concerns.

"I don't believe in demons myself, but many do, and certainly the Bible talks about these things in terms of unclean spirits," Pope stated.

There is a lot of strange UFO and extraterrestrial information available for Bible research.

This is largely due to the sudden resurgence of interest in the Book of Enoch, a post-Old Testament, pre-New Testament writing.

He claims that God sent angels to Earth who bred a separate race of violent giants.

"There is probably still a faction in both the United States and the United Kingdom that believes that certain aspects of the UFO phenomenon are demonic," Pope also noted.

"One of the reasons they believe this is a passage in the Bible in Ephesians that speaks of Satan as the prince of the power of the air.

"I think it's undeniable that many of the world's major religions have had serious thought and theological debate in recent years. to go on about what the consequences of the discovery of extraterrestrial life would be."

The Pope further claimed that the Catholic Church has "no doctrinal objection" to the presence of alien life in the universe, as "man cannot impose creative limits on God".

"NASA quietly gave a little support to theological conferences that talked about it," Pope claimed.

"I think it's more that they're hedging their bets and they think that if it's true, they want to get ahead this time and not get into a science vs. religion dogfight like we saw in the Middle Ages with Copernicus and Galileo."


Nick Pope: NASA Funds Theology Conferences To Prepare Us For Aliens

"They think if this is true, they want to get ahead of the game this time & don't want to get involved in a science vs. religion into a dogfight, which we saw in the Middle Ages... in the case of Copernicus and Galileo.

In the past, however, similar claims have already been shut down by corporate media "fact checkers".

A 2021 "fact-checking" report by the Associated Press claimed that NASA did not hire theologians.
WEF think tank: Like God, human rights are a fiction A senior official at the World Economic Forum (WEF) declared that "human rights are a fiction, just like God." The comments were made in a recently surfaced video by Yuval Noah Harari. Harari is often credited with masterminding the WEF's anti-human agenda.

He is a senior advisor to the globalist organization and its founder and president, Professor Klaus Schwab.

During a Ted Talk, WEF architect Harari explains to the audience why he believes "useless people" should not have rights.

Before comparing people to "jellyfish" and chimpanzees, Harari ridicules members of the public for their "belief in human rights".

"But human rights are like heaven and like God - it's just a fictional story that we invented and spread," Harari declares.

"It might be a very nice story," he continues.

"It could be a very compelling story."

"You want to believe it, but it's just a story."

"This is not reality," he claims.

"Not a biological reality."

"Just as jellyfish, woodpeckers and ostriches have no rights, neither do homosapiens."

"Let's take a person, cut them open, look at them," he explained.

"You find the blood, you find the heart, the lungs, and the kidneys, but you don't find any rights there.

"The only place you find rights are in the fictional stories that people have made up and spread."

Harari then told the WEF he turned his words to promote his borderless globalist agenda.

"The same is true in the realm of politics," he said.

"States and nations, like human rights, whether it's God or Heaven—these are just stories."

Harari then expanded on the his open borders narrative by attacking America and Israel, which he claims do not exist in "reality." "

A mountain is a reality," he noted.

"You can see it, touch it, and smell it."

"But Israel or the United States — they're just stories."

"Very powerful stories—stories we might really want to believe." "

But they're just stories anyway."

"You can't really see the United States, you can't touch it, you can't smell it."


Harari's anti-human teachings have become an integral part of the WEF's agenda.

As reported by Slay News, Harari claims that much of the world's human population is "useless" and serves no purpose to the global elite.

He claims that most of the world's population will be of no use to the global elite, meaning they will no longer be "needed".

"Why do we need so many people?" Harari recently stated.

He also previously stated that "we simply don't need the vast majority of the population" in today's world.

Harari, who describes himself as a historian and futurist, argues that modern technologies such as artificial intelligence "make it possible to replace humans."

He made the comments in an interview with Chris Anderson, head of TED.

Harari assessed that widespread contemporary disillusionment among "ordinary people" is rooted in the fear of "being left behind" in a future controlled by "smart people".

He lamented that the world's power elite has relied on the general public to provide labor since the Industrial Revolution.

But Harari gleefully notes that the tide has now turned, as companies can now replace people with cheap technology.

"Now fast forward to the beginning of the 21st century, when we simply don't need the vast majority of the population," he boasted.

"The future is about the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, such as artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering.

"Most people don't contribute anything, except maybe their data, and whatever else people do that's useful, these technologies they increasingly make it redundant and allow people to be replaced".
Money leash: We will block the sources if the situation worsens in Hungary If the rule of law situation worsens in Hungary, then "we will block European Union funds again, this is a dynamic process", stated Vera Jourová, the EU Commissioner responsible for democracy and transparency, on Monday, arriving at the meeting of EU ministers dealing with EU affairs in Brussels.

EU funds are blocked when a country does not fulfill the conditions, and in Hungary it was not certain that fraud and corruption were sufficiently prosecuted, however, as soon as Budapest reformed the justice system, the EU also began to release the funds, stated the Czech commissioner.

The Financial Times wrote on Monday that a document drawn up by Brussels bureaucrats argues that if no decision is made on the 50 billion euro financing of Ukraine at Thursday's extraordinary EU summit, the member states will publicly declare that they cannot imagine Hungary being their will receive associated resources , and it is also suggested that these resources should be completely withdrawn.

Upon arriving at the meeting, Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib answered a journalist's question about it: the most important thing is that all 27 member states reach an agreement on Thursday, and the current Belgian presidency of the EU Council will work hard on this.

"After Thursday's summit, we will see what the alternative can be. But the goal is to reach a unanimous agreement. They will discuss the same draft as the one at the last summit in December," he added.

Anna Lührmann, the German Minister of State responsible for Europe and Climate Affairs, criticized in her statement to journalists upon her arrival that "an extraordinary EU summit had to be called for Thursday" because "Hungary is blocking the agreement on the aid package for Ukraine".

It is no coincidence that the EU member state that most violates our common values ​​and the rule of law, Hungary, is the one that is repeatedly outside the consensus of 26 EU member states, now in the Ukraine aid issue. The fundamental problem of Hungary, which has turned away from the common values ​​of the rule of law, is also related to the fact that they lack solidarity in relation to Ukraine, he said. In his opinion, the problem with Hungary is that it has not yet ratified Sweden's accession to NATO.


Today, free account management is not just advertising text that sounds good. In the Pénzcentrum account package calculator, you can find several plans in which the basic fee and the most important services can be free. Recently, three financial institutions announced serious promotions, so customers can currently save tens of thousands with the schemes of CIB Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, and UniCredit Bank. Browse through the latest account packages and switch financial institutions in minutes from your home. (x)

It is completely unacceptable to demonstrate such a lack of solidarity towards an EU member state - he emphasized. As he said, we have to make it clear to the EU member states that they are united regarding aid to Ukraine.

It is important to demonstrate this unity and to make it clear to the Hungarian government that violating the rule of law and fundamental EU values ​​in this way is not possible. The EU must be able to act and make it clear that we are ready to protect our values ​​both inside and outside, said the German Minister of State.
Archbishop Vigano: The attack by those who condemn the deep state and the deep church is a stab in the back The new conciliar and synodal religion requires the abandonment of the exclusivity of the Gospel, to "put ourselves under the banner of pluralism", that is, the apostasy from the faith and the abandonment of the Christian struggle.
Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano on Thursday posted a statement on X, previously on Twitter, rebuking an article by Canadian Catholic Cardinal Marc Oullet in which the latter said "the age of Christianity is over" and called on Christians to "place themselves in relation to their environment".

Where is II. the "missionary character" of the Vatican Church? Where is the "conciliar spring" which, by opening it to the world, was supposed to revive the Church after the post-Tridentine obscurantism? In their eagerness to meet the requirements of the age, the supporters of the conciliar and synodical revolution became insignificant and superfluous.

In the civil sphere, they say that globalism demands sacrifices, and that we must give up our sovereignty, impoverish ourselves, eat insects, have our every move monitored, and undergo ethnic replacement. In the ecclesiastical sphere, the same mantra is repeated: the new conciliar and synodal religion requires the abandonment of the exclusivity of the Gospel, in order to "put ourselves under the banner of pluralism", that is, the apostasy from the faith, Christian struggle, apostolate, preaching and the defense of Catholic principles surrender. The deep state and the deep church both show that they are the agents of the coming corruption and demand that we surrender to the enemy without resistance. Dissolutionists, like their globalist accomplices, look at the ruins of sixty years of apostasy as if the decay around them had nothing to do with their subversive activities.

But if the lies of subversives who undermine the social and religious order are not surprising, the contradiction of those who condemn the effects of the current revolution, but refuse to identify those responsible, is becoming more and more obvious. With a moderate view, they condemn the everyday horrors of the rulers of the hierarchy and civil leaders, but they do not hesitate to attack those who try to resist the cowardly abdication of power as best they can. This schizophrenic behavior - this must be admitted - is worse than the actions of the declared enemy, this is friendly fire, this is backstabbing.

"No one can serve two masters: for either he loves the one and hates the other; or he loves the first and despises the second. You cannot serve God and mammon" (Matthew 6:24).
Expert: China has placed 50 ships in front of the PH mission China condemns Canada's support for PH in South China Sea incidents. Photo: Chinese militia ships operate off Whitsun Reef in the South China Sea on December 2, 2023.
China has deployed at least 50 naval militia ships to Panganiban (Mischief) Reef ahead of another mission to resupply Philippine troops on a dilapidated World War II-era ship that serves as an outpost for the Philippines on nearby Ayungin (Thomas the Second) Reef, it says. an American maritime expert.

Ray Powell, who leads the Myoushu project in the South China Sea at Stanford University's Gordian Knot Center for National Security Innovation, told the Inquirer on Thursday that 35 of the Qiong Sansha Yu fleet a large ship and 15 smaller ones were seen at Panganiban.

READ: Defense chief scolds Chinese official who insulted Marcos: "Trash talk."

He said "there may be more that I'm not seeing".

Over the weekend, Powell said a larger rotation of Marine militia ships was taking place in the South China Sea.

On Thursday, he said "most of them" were deployed in waters inside the Philippines' 370-kilometer exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in Pangani in the West Philippine Sea.

'They never really fish'

The Qiong Sansha Yu vessels are China's "professional" militia vessels, Powell said.

"They are identified as fishing vessels, but they never actually fish. They are essentially paramilitary vessels," he said.

Those ships "were mainly responsible for the Ayungin Strait blockade, and now there are more than usual at Mischief Reef," Powell told the Inquirer. "China may be keeping the force level high until it arrives at the nearby Second Thomas Shoal after the next supply from the Philippines," he said.

Artificial island

According to Philippine maritime law expert Jay Batongbacal, Panganiban is "the largest artificial island" in the South China Sea built by China. It is located about 232 km west of Palawan province and 37 km southeast of Ayungin.

According to Batongbacal, it has port facilities that serve the People's Liberation Army Navy, China Coast Guard and maritime militia fleets. Panganiban is used as a base by Chinese maritime surveillance aircraft and "can also be used as an air base by fighter jets," he said.

READ: Chinese envoy dismisses Teodoro's comments on Scarborough harassment

Pangani has anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, radars and jammers and is the closest Chinese military base to the Philippines, Batongbacal said,

"The militia fleet is probably being sent there because it is in the best position closer to the Philippines and also because of the supplies and facilities available for the ships and crews," he told the Inquirer. According to Batongbacal, however, "the deployment of the ships does not in itself constitute an escalation, considering that such deployments have been ongoing since these bases have been operational."


China took control of Panganiban Reef in 1995. Four years later, the Philippine military landed the landing craft BRP Sierra Madre at Ayungin, where the situation had deteriorated over the years.

Ayungin is one of the flashpoints of recurring tensions between the Philippines and China in the West Philippine Sea, as China's coast guard, militia and navy try to thwart any efforts to resupply troops in the Sierra Madre.

On November 10 last year, a Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) ship also fired a water cannon at a Philippine supply ship that was heading towards the ship.

In February, a CCG vessel aimed a military laser at a Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) patrol vessel also heading to Ayungin, temporarily blinding the crew on the bridge.

Last weekend's airwaves

The last supply mission to the Sierra Madre was last December. A senior military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the army airlifted supplies to the ship last weekend after seaborne supplies were delayed.

Asked whether Beijing could still trust that it had deployed its naval militia ships near Ayungin, days after the Philippines and China agreed to ease tensions in the area, Batongbacal said that trust "is not necessarily depends" or is related to this step.

"Trust in China is a function of the whole relationship, not a single action like this," he said. "At this point, the government can only observe and remain vigilant regarding the subsequent activities of the said vessels".

China claims almost the entire South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea, so it is embroiled in maritime disputes not only with the Philippines, but also with Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan.

It rejected a 2016 arbitration award that recognized the Philippines' sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea and invalidated Beijing's sweeping claims, saying China lacked legal and historical basis.

At his monthly press conference in Beijing on Thursday, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Wu Qian accused the Philippines of "violating China's sovereignty and committing provocations in the South China Sea" while "colluding with external powers" in Manila's claim to the Spratly Islands. with his plans to strengthen constructions.

PH-Vietnam Cooperation

The PCG and the Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG) will sign a proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on maritime cooperation that the two sides have been working on since 2018 during President Marcos' visit to Hanoi next week, Rear Admiral Armand Balilo, PCG spokesperson according to

The memorandum of understanding "aims to strengthen the strategic partnership and cooperation between PCG and VCG to promote, preserve and protect common interests in the Southeast Asian region," PCG said.


According to the final draft of the memorandum of understanding, the agreement would allow Manila and Hanoi to resolve disputes in the South China Sea "in accordance with the principles of international law, the national laws of both sides, and international conventions to which both Vietnam and the Philippines are parties." ", be treated better.

China tends to be skeptical of progress in settling border disputes between other South China Sea claimants, but its response to the current memorandum of understanding may be restrained because the agreement is not about recognizing maritime claims, Phan Xuan Dung of Singapore-based ISEAS ( Institute of Southeast Asian Studies) think tank Vietnam researcher.

"The two most promising areas of cooperation between the Philippines and Vietnam are food security and maritime security," added Alexander Vuving of the Hawaii-based Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, according to a Reuters report.
How is Big Pharma fueling the radical MAGA Agenda? The Republicans' 2025 blueprint is an attack on women's health care. It would also end Biden's Medicare drug pricing plan. Big Pharma has invested heavily in organizations planning what a MAGA policy agenda will look like in a new Trump administration. Unsurprisingly, that political playbook includes a big gift to the pharmaceutical industry: the swift elimination of the Biden administration's landmark program that allowed Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.

For two decades, Congress has barred Medicare from negotiating prescription drug prices, one of the main reasons Americans pay more for drugs than anyone else in the world. In 2022, Democrats finally passed legislation creating a price negotiation pilot program.

That same year, the pharmaceutical lobby in Washington - Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA - donated $530,000 to groups participating in the far-right Project 2025 program. The agenda, intended to serve as a political road map for the first days of Donald Trump's new presidency, calls, among other things, to repeal new provisions allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

The provisions are one of the most popular achievements of Joe Biden's presidency, with 76 percent of Americans supporting Medicare drug price negotiations, including two-thirds of Republicans. According to a recent Associated Press poll, only 6 percent of Americans oppose the policy.

So it's no surprise that Big Pharma is funding front groups willing to fight an unpopular battle to boost drugmakers' bottom lines — something PhRMA has long done with organizations on both sides of the divide. However, the lobby group's donations to the organizations behind Project 2025 implicate the pharmaceutical industry in a far-right conservative plan that calls for ending access to the abortion pill, allowing states to ban hospitals from providing emergency abortions, and removing protections for LGBTQ+ Americans.

"We work with a variety of groups that have a variety of political views and priorities," says Alex Schriver, PhRMA's senior vice president of public affairs. "We may not agree on every issue, but we believe that engagement and dialogue are important to fostering a health policy environment that supports innovation, a highly skilled workforce, and access to life-saving medicines."

PhRMA's 2022 tax return -- the most recent available -- shows that the group donated $125,000 directly to the Heritage Foundation, the heavyweight conservative group spearheading Project 2025 and its program. However, this agenda was developed in collaboration with an advisory board of other right-wing political groups, many of which also received PhRMA dollars in 2022, the year the 2025 project began work.

These donations include:
- $125,000 to the Pacific Research Institute, which is dedicated to "promoting free-market policy solutions" of the Milton Friedman school of economics, and which believes that "the starting point of all policy solutions is unnecessary, even private, voluntary action instead of harmful government intervention".
- $110,000 to the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, which promotes a national, far-right "free market" agenda, state by state, by introducing "model laws" that GOP-led legislatures can copy and pass in various statehouses.
- $75,000 to American Commitment, which says it "wages critical public policy battles over the size and intrusion of government."
- $70,000 to FreedomWorks, infamous for its role in starting the Tea Party movement.
- $25,000 to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a far-right group best known for its work undermining climate science and touting the results of "40 years of dismantling overregulation."
- PhRMA has donated more than half a million dollars in total to Project 2025-affiliated groups. This behind-the-scenes giving is in line with PhRMA's overt efforts to ensure pharmaceutical manufacturers can continue to maximize the ability to siphon off Americans with prescription products.

Drug prices are so high in the United States primarily because the government has not negotiated lower prices than in other countries. Then there's America's rigged patent system, which allows companies to block competitors from selling cheaper generic versions of their products for years.

This status quo allows pharmaceutical companies to reap windfalls from patients in the United States, even as pharmaceutical companies regularly discount their most expensive drugs abroad - leading to the absurdity of American consumers traveling to Canada to redeem their prescriptions.

Perhaps the most outrageous part of the situation is that the US government subsidizes the research and development of virtually every new drug approved for marketing.

By passing the inflation-reducing law in 2022, the Biden administration partially fulfilled the old promise of the Democratic Party. The bill includes a pilot program that would authorize Medicare to negotiate prices for a handful of older, expensive drugs that contribute to rising health care costs.

Last summer, the Biden administration selected the first 10 drugs to be covered by the negotiation program. All of these drugs are sold in other countries for a fraction of what drug manufacturers charge Americans.

PhRMA has been quite open about its desire to prevent Medicare price gouging. And the 2025 project seems to favor the pharmaceutical industry. He claims that Medicare's "government price controls" are "reducing patient access to new drugs." And he says "this 'negotiation' program should be repealed".

Critics of industry special interests chide PhRMA for supporting the groups behind the 2025 project. "Pharmaceutical CEOs and lobbyists are desperate to take away Medicare's new negotiating power and prevent the Biden administration from cutting costs for seniors," said Liz Zelnick, director of the watchdog group Accountable.US. "PhRMA will stop at nothing to restore its price-gouging regime against struggling seniors."

Project 2025 calls for extreme restrictions on women's reproductive health care, which PhRMA reportedly opposes. The drug lobby tried to get the US Food and Drug Administration to keep approval of the abortion pill mifepristone in the Supreme Court, arguing that doing so would upset the "orderly regulatory system."

As Rolling Stone reported last month, the conservatives' Project 2025 draft "specifically states their intention not only to revoke FDA approval of the abortion pill, but also to revive a 150-year-old law that criminalizes sending or receiving any abortion drug through the mail ".

If the pharmaceutical industry really wanted to promote access to life-saving drugs, as its main lobby group claims - and not just its bottom line - it would not support organizations that participate in Project 2025.
Controlling the food supply - History repeats itself Open Tenpennyen, from the point of view of science and scholarship: A pile of American bison skulls waiting to be ground into fertilizer, circa 1870. Burton Historical Collection/Detroit Public Library.
It is January 2024. Amish farmers are still being robbed and Bill Gates is buying up more American farmland for god knows what. The Tenpenny Report has been writing for nearly a year now about how the deep state is trying to starve us and starve us even more. Food factory fires and bird flu are both cleverly disguised, but they all have one goal...control over the food supply. However, the COVID era is not the first time this has happened. Not even remotely. As the saying goes, history repeats itself.

The Bison Killers

In the 1800s, the American government played a decisive role in shaping the fate of Native Americans. How did they do this? The government authorized the decimation of bison herds in the Great Plain. When the bison disappeared, it was easier to force the Indians onto reservations. Why? Because their primary food source is gone.

The US government allowed massive overhunting, so much so that by 1899, the number of bison from the 30-60 million that once lived on the plains was reduced to only 300. It was a breathtaking and shocking loss. Fortunately, American conservation groups established a bison sanctuary in Yellowstone National Park, and since then their numbers have rebounded.

Controlling the food supply - History repeats itself

Rath & Wright's bison yard in 1878 with 40,000 bison hides, Dodge City, Kansas. - National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
Native Americans suffered a worse fate. US officials hailed this devastating hunt as the end of their means. If there were no bison, there was no food, and so the natives could be forced to settle on reservations.

Deadly European diseases and wars with the white man certainly took their toll on the Native American population. The Civil War also caused some damage, but the Indians were too resistant for the American government's liking. Such "scorched earth" Civil War generals as William Tecumseh Sherman and Philip Henry Sheridan were responsible for fighting the Indians, which was their next task after burning Atlanta.

Long Known Lies of the US Government

First, the Indians were promised that they could live freely on the Great Plains as long as the bison roamed freely there. No Indian could imagine that this was not so. Tens of millions of bison were then slaughtered for sport rather than food and clothing. A larger depopulation target was on the horizon. The end justifies the means, right?

The completion of the transcontinental railroad provided easy access for large hunting parties. The bison simply had no match. A hunter once expressed guilt after shooting 30 bison on a hunt, only to be told by US Army colonels to forget it: "Kill every bison you can! Every dead bison is the death of an Indian."

An 1872 government report clearly stated that the decimation of the bison herds "must greatly favor our efforts to confine the Indians to smaller territories, and to compel them to abandon their nomadic habits and settle in permanent homes."

When the bison disappeared, the US told the Indians that they had to move as per the previous agreement. With the promise that the government would provide them with food, clothing and shelter, they were herded into reservations. None of the promises were fulfilled. Sheridan himself said it best:

"We have taken from them their country and their means of subsistence, we have shattered their way of life, their habits of life, we have brought disease and corruption among them. And that is why they have made war on us. Could anyone expect anything less?"

Controlling the food supply - History repeats itself

Bison shooting from Kansas Pacific Railroad trains. Library of Congress.
The promises of the reservation are very similar to the false lure of 15-minute cities offered to us by today's global elite. Before we see this urban concept as an ideal utopia, let's remind ourselves that Native Americans are still living in deep poverty and are one of the most regulated populations on Earth.

There are 55 million hectares of land on Indian reservations, but only five percent of it is privately owned. The remainder is owned and operated by the federal government as part of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), US Department of the Interior (DOI).

Native Americans have a poverty rate nearly double that of the rest of the US, and many live without electricity, running water and other basic human needs. Alcoholism and violence against women are widespread. This is beyond tragic.

But the BIA says otherwise: "We promote safe and quality living environments, strong communities, self-sufficiency, and individual rights while enhancing protection of the lives, well-being, and prosperity of American Indians and Alaska Natives." Have the appointed BIA bureaucrats ever visited or spent time on the reservation they are supposed to oversee?

What the American government has done to Native Americans is genocide and democide, the systematic destruction of peoples based on ethnicity, religion, nationality, or race by the government. These great cultures were subjugated and forced to bow to the strong arm of the American government, submitting to the reservation system.

Covert, Not Overt Actions

Facebook censors went to work suppressing this person's social posts when I dared to compare bison killers to today's efforts to control our food supply. The posts were classified as misinformation and censored because "fact checkers" say there is no evidence today that the US government is actively trying to restrict our food supply. Do you see what they are doing? This was not open, just as the bison slaughter was not open. The US government did not actively kill the bison themselves - that is accurate. It was passive: the US government stood idly by as white hunters over-hunted bison and decimated their population.

Here's a question from a 2012 NPR article:

Yes, we evolved to eat meat, but how much is too much? Fast forward 10 years and an article asks why people eat meat at all. Many articles deal with America's obsession with meat. I also found one that lists 10 reasons why we shouldn't eat meat, one of which is meat sweating.

It wasn't enough to make meat-eating Americans feel bad about enjoying a good hamburger or steak. Soon the meat crisis became global. They claim that reducing meat consumption can increase global food security. The bottom line: meat consumption is linked to the root of all our problems: climate change. Not only will you get fat if you eat so much meat, but you're also burning the planet to dust while you're getting fat. But these meat-free rules only apply to individuals, not governments.

Like the rules only applied to Native Americans.

At the COP28 world climate conference, King Charles requested 5 trillion dollars a year to fight climate change. At the same time, the United Nations scorned Americans for eating too much meat, and the elite took a lunch break after a morning of telling everyone else what to do.

What was the menu? Avocado and alfalfa sprouts for sustainability? No. Meat, and lots of it: "juicy beef," "juicy meats," smoked wagyu burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, and "melt-in-your-mouth BBQ," including African street BBQ.

The false promises made by governments have been repeated again and again. King Károly and the gang from Davos take steps to deal with our "boiling planet" while stuffing their faces with sausages. Much like how they scold us about reducing our carbon footprint while flying carbon-heavy private jets to get to WEF meetings anywhere in the world.

History repeats itself.

The false lure of 15 minute cities is the same as the false lure of reservations. And remember, it all starts with controlling the food supply.
Air conditioning shutdown after a COVID shutdown?! The Americans fear that the Bidens will introduce climate restrictions to sabotage the November presidential election

JAN 2024. 28.

Several American publicists sounded the alarm, warning people about the preparation of another globalist terror. The democratic government of the United States, i.e. the globalist/Satanist mafia hiding behind the colors of the Democratic Party, are working insidiously to fulfill the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the last phase of Joe Biden's mandate, according to which the population will be locked in their homes based on the COVID pattern, the so-called " climate shutdowns" to "save the planet" from "global warming".

Photo: They couldn't incite the COVID-camouflage before the presidential elections, no matter how hard they tried to panic the population with all kinds of virus-mutants that never existed, but are they now trying to close the climate-camouflage?

Many Americans are just beginning to realize the devastating impact the COVID shutdowns have had on our society.

American businesses are also still struggling to recover from bankruptcy caused by the shutdowns, and children are trying to catch up on curricula that have been completely wiped out by the COVID terror.

But what if the pandemic was just a social dress rehearsal for more drastic climate change restrictions and shutdowns?

After decades of arguing that the world has reached a tipping point due to a supposed "climate crisis," Democrats may try to enact restrictions to supposedly halt perceived global warming, orders of magnitude greater than the measures taken to deal with COVID-19.

Some political forces and manipulators are already saying that "climate change" is the biggest health crisis of our time.

Microsoft co-founder and epidemic fan Bill Gates agrees that the climate crisis, of which nothing is true, could be worse than the COVID pandemic.

Some unelected bureaucrats are already starting to lay the groundwork for climate-related restrictions.

For example, states like New York and California have banned the use of fossil fuel vehicles, lawn mowers and stoves.

In fact, Minnesota Democrats are even advocating prison sentences for those caught using oil- and gas-powered garden tools, such as lawnmowers and tractors.

What exactly might environmental restrictions mean for ordinary Americans?

Short flights could be banned, as France has done "to combat climate change".

A carbon tax may be levied on journeys,

Some measures can also be introduced through forced changes, such as the four-day school week.

Such a change would likely be difficult for families working according to traditional work schedules, but this obstacle will be framed as "good" for the climate and the planet.

A mandatory four-day work week could do the same for families whose children attend school on a traditional schedule.

A Colorado utility recently came under fire for changing thermostats without customers' knowledge, and the same thing happened in Texas during extreme heat.

Restrictions on gasoline-powered cars could lead to a de facto regulatory regime similar to the 1973 oil embargo.

However, the climate restriction will not be an event covering all citizens without exception, such as the restrictions introduced at the beginning of the COVID epidemic.

Those on the political left and in the administrative state know that hitting Americans with just one regulation, tax, or ban at a time cannot provoke a dangerous backlash.

Instead of requiring, for example, not to leave your home, you may slowly notice over several years that your work, travel, and personal habits are restricted one step at a time.

This is the typical case of boiled frogs, under which the water is gradually heated.

The question is, will the Americans recognize this insidious plan and oppose it, if the Bidens introduce climate restrictions in the USA as a last ditch effort before the presidential elections?
Crowds of protesters on the streets of Tel Aviv They demand the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the end of the war - The protesters clashed with the police. Thousands of protesters on the streets of Tel Aviv: demand the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and an end to the war - clashes with the police - VIDEO
Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday and Sunday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the release of the hostages in Gaza, as well as an immediate end to the war demand.
According to the Israeli press, clashes broke out on Sunday between Israeli protesters and police trying to disperse the crowds in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The protesters demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a ceasefire and the release of hostages held in Gaza.

The Israel Broadcasting Authority reported that police "attempted to disperse the protesters in West Jerusalem's Paris Square, where several were arrested."

In Tel Aviv, the police arrested several protesters in Kaplan Square in the city center, and hundreds of them were dispersed by force, and the mobile phones and banners of some protesters were confiscated, reports Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

According to the newspaper, "thousands of Israelis gathered in Kaplan Square to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and early elections."

Netanyahu has been accused of not having a plan to end the war in Gaza. In addition, the protesters accuse the security forces of not being prepared for the October 7 Hamas attack and of deliberately responding too slowly to this attack by being ready and following orders.

Despite an interim ruling by the International Court of Justice on Friday calling on Tel Aviv to stop the genocide in Gaza, Israel continued its assault on the coastal enclave, killing at least 26,257 Palestinians, most of them women and children. According to Palestinian health authorities, 64,797 people have been injured since October 7.

According to the UN, as a result of the Israeli offensive, 85 percent of Gaza's population has been forced to leave their homes due to lack of food, drinking water and medicine, while 60 percent of the enclave's infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed.

So, as we can clearly see, anti-war demonstrations against the Zionist government are already taking place in Israel, as well as around the world. With the exception of Hungary, where Hungarians were prohibited from holding similar demonstrations in November by order of the Ministry of the Interior, making Hungary the only country where it is not possible to demonstrate against the genocide in Gaza and the Zionist Israeli regime.
Russian representative: in response, install Russian nuclear weapons near the American border Russia should place its nuclear weapons in "friendly countries" close to the United States in response to Washington's plan to deploy its own tactical weapons in Europe, lawmaker Alexei Zhuravlyov has suggested.
His comments came after The Telegraph reported on Saturday that the US was looking to deploy nuclear weapons in Britain for the first time in 15 years to counter an allegedly increased threat from Russia.

Zhuravlyov, who is the first deputy chairman of the Russian parliament's defense committee and the leader of the Rogyina (Homeland) party, pointed out in a post on Telegram that Britain has its own nuclear weapons and that the United States has already installed some of its nuclear arsenal in several European countries close to Russia. .

"Therefore, it is unlikely that [further installation of nuclear weapons in Great Britain] would affect the military-political situation," Zhuravlyov believed.

However, the politician suggested that Moscow should consider deploying its own nuclear weapons closer to the US and


However, Zhuravlyov acknowledged that weapons systems have improved greatly in the years since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. "Russian hypersonic missiles launched from our territory would reach the United States faster than subsonic ones launched from the American underworld," the representative wrote.

He also pointed out that Russia has strategic aviation and a huge arsenal of submarines stationed in undisclosed locations in the world's oceans.


The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously warned that Moscow will be forced to take countermeasures if US nuclear warheads return to Britain. Russia has repeatedly accused the West of stoking tensions in Europe and cited NATO's continued eastward expansion as one of the main causes of the conflict in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a number of Western officials - including the UK, Germany, Estonia and even the chairman of NATO's Military Committee - have stoked fears of a suspected Russian attack in Europe in the next few years and called on Western governments and citizens to prepare for a major confrontation with Moscow. to conflict.

However, Russia has denied that it plans to invade neighboring European countries, and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the claims fake news. Russian President Vladimir Putin also emphasized that Moscow "is not in the interests of...going to war against NATO either geopolitically, economically or militarily" and would instead prefer to improve relations with the US-led bloc.
Blessed: 3 American soldiers died in a drone strike in the Middle East the Pentagon announced. The White House also confirmed their deaths on January 28, promising a response. Three American military officers were killed in a drone attack on a small American base in Jordan early in the morning of January 28, the Biden administration said in a statement. At least two dozen other soldiers were injured in the incident, according to US officials.

Iran-backed groups have carried out a series of attacks on US forces across the Middle East since the beginning of the Gaza conflict between Israel and Hamas, and these soldiers appear to be the first deaths linked to such attacks, the White House and military officials confirmed. officials. President Joe Biden vowed to hold perpetrators accountable; so far no organization or government has claimed responsibility.

"America's heart is heavy today," the president said in a Jan. 28 statement. "Last night, three US military personnel were killed - and many others were injured - in an unmanned drone attack that targeted our forces stationed in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border."

US officials are still working to definitively identify the exact group responsible for the attack, and have identified one of several Iranian-backed groups.

"Out of respect for the families and in accordance with [Defense Department] policy, we will withhold the identity of soldiers until 24 hours after next of kin have been notified," the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.

Jordan, a kingdom bordered by Iraq, Israel, the Palestinian territories of the West Bank, Saudi Arabia and Syria, did not immediately respond. Around 3,000 American soldiers are typically stationed in Jordan.

In a statement, President Biden blamed Iran-backed "radical" groups operating in Iraq and Syria for the attacks and said the United States would "hold all those responsible accountable, at a time and in a manner we choose," without providing further details. He then called the dead "patriots" and said they were the victims of an "unjust attack".

"Together we will fulfill our sacred duty to their families. We will strive to be worthy of their honor and courage. We will continue their commitment to the fight against terrorism," he said.

Jordanian state television quoted government spokesman Muhannad Moubaideen as saying the attack took place outside the kingdom, across the border in Syria. The conflicting information could not be immediately verified by The Epoch Times.

Ever since Hamas launched a series of terrorist attacks against Israel on October 7, 2023 that killed around 1,300 civilians, US troops stationed in Iraq and Syria have faced drone and missile attacks on their bases. The attack on Jordan was the first attack targeting American soldiers in Jordan during the war.

Syria, led by longtime incumbent Bashar al-Assad and allies of Iran, is still in the midst of a civil war and has long been a staging ground for Iran-backed forces there, including the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, U.S. officials have long said. Several Shia militias and terrorist groups supported by Iran operate in Iraq as well.

Jordan, a staunch Western ally and dominant power in Jerusalem due to its control of holy sites there, is believed to have launched airstrikes in Syria to disrupt drug traffickers, including one that killed nine people earlier this month.

In January, two Marines were presumed dead by the US military after they went missing during an operation off the coast of Somalia, although few details were released. The officials said they were trying to seize Iranian-made weapons sent to the Yemen-based Houthi terrorist group, which has carried out a series of attacks on US military ships and commercial vehicles since the start of the Israel-Gaza conflict.
Over the weekend, the Houthis attacked another commercial vessel, a British-linked tanker, in the Gulf of Aden, officials said. The fire on the ship was eventually extinguished.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps described the attack as "intolerable and unlawful".

"It is our duty to protect freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and we remain as committed to this cause as we have been," he said on social media.

According to the Houthi spokesman, the Marlin Luanda ship is owned by the United Kingdom and the attack was necessary because of "American-British aggression" against our country, Yemen. But US and British officials, including those at CENTCOM, have both said the attacks on merchant ships have nothing to do with the Gaza conflict.
Trouble in Africa, 3 countries leave ECOWAS Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso withdraw from the Economic Community of West African States. The governments of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso announced on Sunday that they will withdraw from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) because they consider the organization to have imposed "unlawful and inhumane" sanctions against them.

Abuja, August 10, 2023. The leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will begin deliberations on further management of the Niger crisis in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, on August 10, 2023. The military junta in Niger did not comply with the community's ultimatum and did not restore the elected president to power. MTI/EPA Abuja, August 10, 2023.

The leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will begin deliberations on the further management of the crisis in Niger. in the Nigerian capital Abuja on August 10, 2023. Niger's military junta did not comply with the community's ultimatum and did not restore the elected president to power.

According to the joint statement of the three African countries - which are currently ruled by a military junta - the organization "has come under the influence of foreign powers, betrayed its founding principles and poses a threat to its member states." He did not provide them with help in the fight against terrorism, but on the contrary, he introduced "unlawful and inhumane" sanctions, which further worsened the humanitarian situation in the three African countries.

Created in 1975 in Lagos, Nigeria, ECOWAS, a group of 15 West African states, implemented punitive measures against Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso to force their governments to restore democracy. The influence of jihadists has recently increased in the three African countries. Their leadership has distanced themselves from Europe, especially from France, which once colonized their territory and stationed troops in the region.

The withdrawal of French forces was forced by the military junta that came to power in the coup.

Why is the Western mainstream media ignoring the peasant uprising?
Why is the Western mainstream media ignoring the peasant uprising?

Why is the Western mainstream media ignoring the peasant uprising?
January 25, 2024 source

The peasants' protest is similar to the peasant wars deeply rooted in European history - writes economist László Bogár in Magyar Hírlap.

... Although the global media used all its opinion-forming weapons to make the "peasant war" that rocked Germany appear non-existent, the new era of social media still provided the world with dramatic images of the mass demonstrations of the peasants.

"No fuel, no food, no future" - this was the most frequently used slogan of the German peasants, of course in English, as it was the only way they could communicate their current situation to the masses.

But it would have been easy to ignore the protests that raged in Germany last week, as well as in several other countries, including Romania and France. This is due to the fact that the mainstream media is clearly not interested in the farmers' revolution, and the producers seem to have been given particularly strict guidelines as to what they should and should not report.

The protests across Europe seemed to be under some kind of media embargo. Maybe we should think about why.

Although this is generally true, in post-war Europe, which was in a rather catastrophic situation, it has been proven time and time again that the food supply is perhaps an even more sensitive and important strategic sector than heavy industry. Even if the macro-statistics, which give a false picture, show agriculture as only a few percent or even "negligible", let alone not negligible, it is more important than anything imaginable.

The great peasant wars of the 15th and 16th centuries were fought for exactly the same reasons as today. In this century and a half, the peasants not only had the ground "pulled out from under their feet" in the literal sense, but the daily working hours of the average peasant doubled and his income halved. It is understandable (though not excusable) that the brutal cruelty of the somewhat frustrated peasant masses knew no bounds. Neither did the subsequent reprisals.

The cooperating power structures of the global power economy and Europe, increasingly subordinated and forced into a pariah role with it, are now doing the same, passing the costs of prolonging the agony of the US global empire onto the peasant society.

The outcome of the conflict is not yet predictable, because the entire European system of governance is on the verge of collapse. Just as the rebel leaders of the Peasant Wars centuries ago did not have the "right idea" of what an acceptable solution might look like, so today we live in a whirlwind of emotions, and there are few signs that a peaceful solution can be reached in the near future.

Romanian farmers are getting a lot of new support to end the protests The Bucharest government decided on sectoral subsidies to help the businesses of livestock breeders and transporters, after last week it had already adopted a first set of measures, with which it responded to the demands of farmers and transporters who have been protesting since January 10.
Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu announced at the beginning of the government meeting: after last week a subsidy of 100 euros per hectare was approved for farmers affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine, this time cattle breeders will be given a subsidy of 100 euros per animal, and farmers raising pigs and poultry will receive a "proportionate" subsidy receive to offset their increased costs. The total value of the support to be provided to animal breeders is 72 million euros, he added.

The goal is to have tractors on the fields again instead of on the streets.

The prime minister promised that this year the subsidy for diesel for agricultural use will be raised to the "highest possible level", to 2 lei (155 forints) per liter, that is, 25 percent of the price of the fuel used for agricultural work will be reimbursed to the for farmers. The Bucharest government discussed the draft decision on this matter - reducing the excise tax on diesel for agricultural use - in its first reading on Thursday.

As for carriers, the cabinet will "adopt a solution" on Thursday so that those whose road use stickers expire while waiting are not fined at border crossings. Another demand of the carriers will soon be resolved, that is, separate traffic lanes will be created at the border crossings and in the port of Constanta for Ukrainian grain shipments, the Prime Minister said.

According to Marcel Ciolacu, the agreement reached between the carriers and the consolidated financial supervision (ASF) also "proved to be functional", since in recent days more than 700 compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance policies have been concluded, the price of which does not exceed the reference price set by the authority last week - 9000 lei. (...)
The Earth's population is collapsing faster than previously thought The number of births fell shockingly last year in a number of countries. There are experts who believe that the decline of the Earth's population may occur decades earlier. In developed countries, the population may even be halved by the end of the century.
The Earth's population has increased drastically in recent decades. Seeing the great increase, those who like to extend the rising graphs to infinity, cried out that the human population will soon reach a size that the earth's resources will not be able to support. Following the data from developed economies in the last 1-2 decades, as well as the perceptible after-effects of China's one-child program, demographers are increasingly of the opinion that population growth will stop on its own in the future as a combined effect of various processes, and after that the number of the human population will slowly decrease. starts.

We previously wrote about the serious population decline affecting Hungary and its causes here.
According to the current forecast of UN experts, this may take place around 2080. However, this forecast is of course not an exact number and is the result of countless assumptions that can be considered extremely uncertain. Among these, the two most influential are how quickly the reproduction rate decreases in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa and how quickly China can recover from the shock caused by the one-child policy.

As Nick Parr, professor of demography at Macquarie University in Australia, pointed out, no evidence of the latter has yet been received, despite the fact that UN experts are counting on it.

In any case, the latest data paint a terribly gloomy picture. According to a recent compilation by analysts at the British HSBC Bank, in most countries that produce monthly or at least quarterly data series on the number of live births, the number of births will decrease significantly in 2023, by slightly more than 4 percent after 3 percent in 2022. By the way, the 3 percent in 2022 is roughly in line with the rate experienced after the Covid-19 epidemic, but now it has accelerated.

According to their model, the world's population would reach its peak in 2039, more than 40 years before the date predicted in the UN's current base case scenario. In developed economies, the process may result in their population falling from today's 1.3 billion to 1.15 billion by 2050, and to 650 million by 2100. On the current trajectory, the population in an average developed market economy would be halved by the end of the century. (...)
Canada: What happened to the arrested Freedom Convoy protesters? On Tuesday, the Canadian federal court ruled in favor of the Freedom Convoy protesters. The court ruled that the decision to use the War Measures (Emergencies) Act to respond to the Freedom Convoy was unreasonable and excessive, and that the use of the Emergency Act breached sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Lawyers across Canada rejoiced at the news that the Canadian Federal Court ruled the emergency law unconstitutional, reported True North.

Now that the court has ruled that the government acted without legal justification, what will happen to the protesters who have been punished, arrested and, more pressingly, those who are still in prison?

Punishing Protesters

Below is the "Punishing Protesters" article from Justin Trudeau's Canada: A Cautionary Tale of Receding Freedoms, written by Hannes Sarv and published by Freedom Research.

Jordan Peterson warns us to pay close attention to how Canada limits freedoms. He does it well, and not just because of his own experience.

"This is something that the reader - Canadian or otherwise - should pay close attention to, because this is what lies before us in the West, given the path our [Canadian] leaders and their still blind and deaf followers are charting," Peterson wrote in a past in his weekly opinion article.

Peterson's case is not an isolated case of how a citizen is treated in Canada if his opinion is not what those in power expect. The way the Canadian state has behaved towards its citizens in recent years was vividly illustrated by the Covid-19 crisis and its aftermath.

Just think of the raw violence that the Canadian state used in February 2022 to disperse the people who were protesting against mandatory vaccinations and senseless covid rules in the capital, Ottawa, for several weeks, led by trucks. In addition, the state froze the assets of people and companies participating in the protest.

It is important to note that the protest was completely peaceful, but the Trudeau government decided to use the Emergency Act to break up the demonstration. Under this act, the federal government can declare a national emergency if something seriously threatens the health and safety of Canadians or seriously threatens the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada.

It is essentially a law to be applied in a wartime situation - it replaced the previous War Measures Act in 1988 and the new law has never been used since. The law gives the federal government a lot of power - for example, the right to ban and disperse assemblies, and to freeze and confiscate individuals' property.

The unprecedented application of the law was sharply criticized two years ago, and on Tuesday a Canadian court decided that the application of the law was not justified.

"I have come to the conclusion that the decision to declare the (emergency law) does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness - justification, transparency and comprehensibility - and was not justified," wrote federal judge Richard Mosley in Ottawa in a statement about the decision. The Trudeau government has promised an appeal.

The way they treated the organizers of the demonstrations is also noteworthy. Tamara Lich, for example, was arrested on February 17, 2022, and the court initially denied her bail. He was only released on March 7, 2022.

He was arrested again on June 7 of the same year, accused of violating the terms of his first release. This was particularly attributed to his attendance at a gala where he accepted an award for organizing protests. The state interpreted this as a violation of his release conditions, as he was prohibited from meeting with other protest organizers who were present at the same gala. He was also banned from social media, but he did participate in a podcast. His bail application was initially rejected and he spent almost a month in jail before a higher court agreed to release him.

Although he has not been jailed since then, the story cannot be closed yet. They, along with another truck rally organizer, Chris Barber, still face criminal charges and must defend themselves in court. They are accused of disturbing the peace, obstructing the police, inciting and intimidating others to violate the peace. The long and exhausting process is itself a punishment in this case. But at least Lich was recently able to return to social media - the ban on its use was lifted on December 21 last year.

A Polish-Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, who protested the restrictions introduced during the covid crisis, was forced to endure a similarly lengthy trial. Because he did not comply with the restrictions, he was fined more than 40 times, arrested several times and kept under house arrest.

He was eventually accused of participating in the Freedom Convoy protests. But instead of Ottawa, he took part in blocking the bridge connecting Canada to the United States in Coutts. A significant part of the trade between the two countries passes through this bridge. Pawlowski's participation meant that he gave a speech to the people protesting there. He was therefore found guilty of bad faith for encouraging the truckers to continue their protest at the border, i.e. obstructing traffic on the bridge. Therefore, he was sentenced to 60 days in prison.

In addition to the Covid case, other recent examples of the abuse of power can also be highlighted. We recently wrote in our news summary that David Menzies, a reporter for the alternative publication Rebel News, who wanted to interview Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, was blocked and arrested by the police. The entire event was filmed and the police's behavior drew widespread criticism. This is probably why Menzies was quickly released and not charged.

Some of the protesters are still in jail years later
Canadian trucker and author Gord Magill joined Tucker Carlson on Wednesday to talk about the Coutts Four.

Four Alberta men participated in the blockade in Coutts, Alberta to support the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa.

On February 13 and 14, 2022, electrician Jerry Morin, landscaper Chris Carbert, electrician Chris Lysak, and gravel hauler Anthony Olienick were arrested on charges of vandalism causing damage over $5,000. He was soon indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit murder. They were named the Coutts Four.

At 4:30 p.m. on February 14, Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act. Several government officials testified before the Public Order Emergency Committee in Ottawa that the arrests in Coutts underscored the need to declare a national emergency.

The Coutts Four have been in custody for 23 months and more than 700 days. Bail is rarely denied in Canada. People accused of serious crimes are usually released on bail. Even those charged with first degree murder of a police officer.

Canada has sunk into an extremely dark place, Carlson said.

"The Ottawa Freedom Convoy was broken up [with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police] smashing truck windows [and] beating peaceful protesters," Magill said.

The Coutts Four were exercising their right to protest against government policy at the Freedom Convoy rally, Magill explained. "Because of the very strong forces, the government caught them and actually put them on the railways and used them as puppets".

After the Freedom Convoy ended and was crushed by Trudeau and the government, an investigation was launched, dubbed the Public Order Emergency Committee. Judge Paul Rouleau was appointed commissioner.

"Judge Rouleau, in his conclusion on the question of whether or not Justin Trudeau was justified in introducing the state of emergency law ... reluctantly agreed that Trudeau was justified," Magill said. "And a lot of that comes down to this Coutts case, which, when you look at it, isn't that big of a deal."

"These four average working-class guys who are at the scene of the protest have been in jail for almost two years now. They haven't been released on bail. They're being held in what's called pre-trial detention because they haven't been convicted of anything. They haven't gone to trial yet, so they are not given the rights of convicted prisoners; they are held in solitary confinement for long periods and are denied certain medical care."

"These guys were treated like shit," Magill said, explaining that the Coutts Four were given a false narrative created by the state-funded media and the Anti-Hate Network, a state-funded social justice group.

Trudeau is vindictive, Magill said. "You can't be wrong, you can't admit that the largest peaceful protest in Canadian history was just that, [a peaceful protest]".

Magill launched a Give Send Go campaign for the Coutts Four to raise money for "stronger and more competent legal representation" than they had received; to "get these people out of prison and reunite them with their long-suffering families."
Power sends troops to Texas due to fear of civil war Members of the ruling class of some states sent troops to Texas in case civil war broke out against the federal ruling class. The lines have already been drawn and the naive slaves are already siding with whichever master wants to rule them.
Several states have already begun sending personnel and resources to deal with increased migrant encounters at the US-Mexico border months ago, with one state saying "nothing is off the table" as tensions threaten to escalate Greg Between Texas Governor Abbott and the Biden administration.

CIVIL WAR? Two members of the ruling are fighting each other

Joe Biden gives Governor Greg Abbott a 24-hour ultimatum as the border standoff escalates.

Let's not forget that neither Abbott nor Biden will physically fight each other in this war if it comes to that. Both sociopaths demand that others obey their orders and go to war for them.

On Thursday, 25 Republican governors backed Abbott and "Texas' constitutional right to defend and protect itself" against what he called a migrant "invasion" of his state. Some say the situation is escalating toward civil war, and the mainstream media's rhetoric seems to be fueling that idea.

A joint statement from the conservative governors said:
"We stand in solidarity with our colleague Governor Greg Abbott and the state of Texas, who are using every tool and strategy, including barbed wire fences, to secure the border. We are doing this in part because the Biden administration is unwilling enforce existing immigration laws and unlawfully authorize the mass release of migrants who entered our country illegally through America."

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders deployed 80 Arkansas National Guard soldiers from June 24 to August 5. In the future, even more people may go down south.

"Gov. Sanders supports Gov. Abbott's efforts to secure the southern border, and we will not shy away from helping Texas in their efforts to defeat Biden," Sanders spokeswoman Alexa Henning told Newsweek in an email Thursday.

"It will continue to call attention to the humanitarian and security crisis, human trafficking and drug trafficking that is affecting every state in the country because of the Biden administration's disastrous open border policy." -Newsweek

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, one of the 25 who signed the letter, told Newsmax on Thursday:

"I mean, now there are federal agents cutting the wire and there's the Texas National Guard ordered to put up the wire, it's a gunpowder keg of tension. It's a very strange situation, we of course stand with Texas, which regarding the right to defence".
The French farmers prepared indefinitely for the siege of Paris blocking the highways - similar starts in Brussels. The siege of Paris has begun! The demonstration of farmers from all over Europe entered a new phase in France on Monday. The "siege" of Paris may even lead to clashes, the Macron government has sent 15,000 police officers to the streets, but they have been instructed to avoid conflicts with protesting farmers as much as possible.

French farmers have blocked part of the main roads leading to Paris to put pressure on the actions of French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Gabriel Attal.
"At the current stage of the protest, we are increasing the pressure, so we will close the main highways leading to Paris in a 30-kilometer circle. The goal is not to upset the lives of the French. We want to influence the government to find a solution to the crisis as soon as possible," said the largest agricultural company on Monday morning. head of an interest protection organization.

The most important French agricultural interest protection organization, the FNSA, and the Jeunes Agriculteurs (Young Farmers) organization started the blockade declared for an indefinite period in the Paris region and throughout northern France at 2:00 p.m. Agricultural unions announced eight blockade points on the main highways of the Paris region, a few kilometers from the capital's ring road.

Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin asked for a restrained action from the police, who do not act at the blockade points, but secure the locations of the demonstration. According to him, President Emmanuel Macron has ordered the police to ensure that tractors do not enter Paris and major cities and do not cause extreme disruptions, and that Paris airports and wholesale markets remain accessible and can operate without disruption.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal promised a quick response to the angry farmers on Sunday.

The Prime Minister already announced on Friday evening that the government will withdraw the planned increase in the tax on non-road diesel used in agriculture, and will also introduce ten administrative simplification measures to ease the burdens of the farmers who have been protesting for ten days. However, according to the FNSA trade union, the Prime Minister's announcements to reassure the farmers were minimal and did not meet expectations, which is why the protest movement continues.

Early on Monday afternoon, French farmers started using tractors to block two highways connecting to Paris: the A13 in the northwest of the French capital and the A4 in the east.

The protesters want to create a total of eight highway blockade points.

Farmers' dissatisfaction first manifested itself in December in Germany, and later in France, but protests also began in Romania, Poland and Belgium due to the globalist measures advocated by the European Union, clearly related to climate hysteria.

The explosive increase in fuel prices or the influx of duty-free Ukrainian products are just some of the reasons for farmers' dissatisfaction.

Farmers' dissatisfaction is particularly crystallized by the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which extended environmental protection obligations from 2023, but also by the European Green Pact, even if its provisions have not yet entered into force.

Despite the fact that France is the biggest recipient of European agricultural subsidies, Hexagon farmers condemn the common agricultural policy, which has lost touch with practical reality.

"France is one of the few major agricultural powers whose market share is declining," said a report presented to French senators in September 2022. In 20 years, France fell from second to sixth place in terms of agricultural exports.

On Monday, Macron tried to disarm the anger of the protesting farmers with promises, but this attempt was unsuccessful. For now, it is known that the protestors have organized themselves to besiege Paris "indefinitely".
Judit Varga sent a message to Brussels: we are already learning to drive a tractor The European Union would use measures attacking the Hungarian economy to force Hungary to vote for the aid of fifty billion euros intended for Ukraine - the Financial Times received a document from Brussels that talked about this plan. The former Minister of Justice, Judit Varga, sent a message to the EU on her Facebook page that our country will not allow itself to be blackmailed, and that we will reform the EU in the upcoming EP elections.

Hungary's former justice minister also spoke about the Brussels plans published based on the Financial Times article. Judit Varga stated that Hungary will not give in to EU pressure regarding the EUR 50 billion in aid intended for Ukraine.

Listen carefully, Brussels: Hungary will never give in to blackmail! The EP campaign is starting, we are learning to drive a tractor - wrote Judit Varga on her Facebook page.

The Financial Times obtained a document from Brussels in which European Union officials developed a strategy to persuade Hungary to vote for aid to Ukraine. The plan submitted to the Council of the European Union contains financial measures that would specifically attack the Hungarian economy. The document states that the heads of state and government of the EU will permanently cut off all EU funds from Hungary in the event that the government does not vote on the payment of Ukrainian aid at the EU summit on February 1. If all EU money is really withdrawn from Hungary, it will set back the country's economic growth. Due to the market effects, the exchange rate of the forint would start to fall, and investor confidence would be shaken to such an extent that international companies would bring less investment to the country. In addition, due to the deteriorating economic outlook, Hungary would receive fewer loans.

This is how Brussels has always worked: they blackmail us into stopping illegal migration, beating back LGBTQ madness and rejecting war. Even the President of the Commission does not deny this. Blackmail instead of negotiation, threats instead of constructive dialogue. We won't shut up! Moreover, we will be louder and louder in Germany, France, Belgium and throughout the EU - wrote Judit Varga. (...)

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