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According to Péter Szijjártó, the charge of genocide is an impossibility
According to Péter Szijjártó, the charge of genocide is an impossibility

"The charge of genocide is an impossibility!" - Péter Szijjártó gave a statement to the Jerusalem Post on
27.01.2024. source

"The Israeli army's military action against Hamas is an anti-terrorist operation," said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Hungarian government stands by Israel, and wants Europe to stand up and recognize the Jewish state's right to defend itself, stated Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó in an interview with the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post published on Friday. "Unfortunately, I find that when the issue of the current conflict in Gaza is discussed on the international political scene, they somehow forget how it started," the minister said.
(That's right, Zionist Jews occupied Palestine, then persecuted the local population, pushed them out of their living space, retaliated against all revolts. Then they funded Hamas and let them carry out a terrorist attack, which they can now avenge with the long-planned GENOCIDE! - KJ)

He reminded that almost four months have passed since the beginning of the armed conflict in Gaza, which is "a long time, but it cannot be long enough for all of us to forget" the carnage of Hamas on October 7, he said.

"Anti-terrorist operation"

For Hungary, the Israeli army's military action against Hamas is an "anti-terrorist operation", the success of which is not only in Israel's interest, but also in the global interest, as it contributes to preventing such an attack anywhere in the world in the future, he said. "Hungary is therefore one of the countries that protested against the request submitted by the Republic of South Africa to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which requested a declaration that Israel is committing genocide in the Gaza Strip," he reminded.

According to Péter Szijjártó, the accusation of genocide is "incompetence" and Hungary stands by Israel against all "unbalanced and unjust" international actions. He pointed out: Hungary is one of the countries directly affected by the attack by Hamas on October 7, as four Hungarian-Israeli dual citizens were among those who were captured that morning, and one lost his life during the attack.

Three have since been released, but a father of two children is still being held in Gaza.

The head of Hungarian diplomacy also said that he had negotiated with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, as well as Qatari diplomats acting as mediators in the case, in order to release the hostages. "I think that the entire international community has not only a political but also a moral duty to exert appropriate pressure on Hamas to release all the hostages, unconditionally and immediately," he emphasized.

Cifrás Mihály Varga: the most important thing is that balance and growth go hand in hand The growth that overturns the equilibrium position has no meaning - said Mihály Varga in the InfoRádió Aréna program. The Minister of Finance spoke about their growth and inflation estimates, the fate of the family allowance and the 13th monthly pension, but also expressed his opinion about the interest rate policy of the central bank.
In the past period, the deficit target had to be modified several times, it became larger than planned. What didn't go as planned?

Life and the performance of the economy did not develop as we had previously expected. Let me start from the statement that it is not very possible to separate the state of the budget and state finances from the state of the economy. Tax revenues, expenditures, financing of initiated programs, yield levels come from the real economy, and the budget must always be adjusted to this. What I consider to be a great merit is that the budget has performed well in recent years and has held up even in the crisis. During the pandemic, we were able to finance programs that were otherwise not planned for. In 2021, we were able to start the restart programs, which were also financed by the budget. In 2022, war broke out, inflation soared, there was an energy crisis, sanctions appeared, but the Hungarian budget was still able to stand up. And in the meantime, we were able to rebuild the 13th monthly pension, which the budget can finance. As a result of our disputes, we did not receive any transfers from the European Union for a good year and a half, but we were able to pre-finance the programs - rural development program, economic development programs, operational programs. So, without a doubt, the budget runs with a bigger deficit than it would otherwise be healthy in the long term, and the task is therefore to reduce it, but otherwise it has adapted to the state of the economy, and in such a period, I think that protecting and preserving the achieved results is also a big performance.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague decided
The International Court of Justice in The Hague decided

The International Court of Justice in The Hague has decided: Israel must do everything to prevent genocide.
January 26, 2024. source

(He'd rather cut his sideburns - KJ) At the same time, the body does not oblige Israel to end its anti-terrorist military operation in the Gaza Strip.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) calls on Israel to take all measures during its military operations in Gaza to prevent genocide, but does not oblige Israel to end its anti-terrorist military operation in the Gaza Strip, US Prosecutor Joan E. Donoghue informed the UN Hague-based court its president on Friday, a day before World Holocaust Day, in the framework of the procedure initiated by South Africa to request interim measures against Israel.

The prosecutor reminded: at the end of December, the Republic of South Africa asked the court to establish that Israel had violated its obligations under the Genocide Convention with its military action against the Palestinian organization Hamas in Gaza. At the same time, it called for interim measures to stop the fighting in order to "protect the Palestinian people from further serious and irreparable harm to their rights under the Genocide Convention" and "to ensure that Israel fulfills its obligations under the Convention." Joan E. Donoghue, in reading the order announced on Friday, emphasized first of all: the court is aware of the scale of the human tragedy unfolding in the region and expresses deep concern about the deaths and human suffering.

"Gaza has become a place of death and despair," he said.

He said some of the acts and omissions committed by Israel in Gaza appear to fall within the scope of the Genocide Convention. Knowing this, the court concluded that "it cannot comply with Israel's request not to accept the request." He emphasized: based on the available evidence, the court has jurisdiction to judge the case. As he put it: "there is sufficient evidence available for the accusations of genocide." The Palestinians are considered a protected group according to the convention, the court therefore does not drop the charges related to genocide by passing the order on temporary measures announced in the framework of the preliminary decision-making procedure, he said.

In detailing the order, Joan E. Donoghue said the court recognizes the right of Palestinians to be protected from genocide. Israel must ensure that its military forces do not commit genocide and guarantee the preservation of evidence of possible genocide, he stated. The court orders Israel to report within a month on what it is doing to

Israel must do everything in its power to prevent a possible genocide in Gaza, he underlined.

The court also orders that Israel prevent and punish the incitement to genocide, he underlined. Israel must also take immediate and effective measures to enable the provision of urgently needed basic services and humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, the competent prosecutor added.

The International Court of Justice first heard South Africa's arguments and then Israel's response during a two-day session in mid-January. The UN International Court of Justice, based in The Hague, was established to settle disputes between countries. Its decisions are binding, but it has no direct means of implementing them.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague may or may not issue a verdict He did not drop the charge of genocide against Israel, but he called on Israel to end the genocide - The trial and the massacre continue At the
Friday session of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, he did not order Israel to end its military operation in the Gaza Strip. However, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague did not drop the genocide lawsuit against Israel and, with immediate effect, called on the Jewish state to do everything possible to prevent genocide, improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza, and prevent and punish incitement to genocide. At the same time, he can make a judgment about whether the Jewish state committed genocide only years later.

Joan Donoghue, the president of the court, said in her judgment read out today at one o'clock in The Hague: "The ICJ will not dismiss the case related to the issue of genocide, that is, it rejected Israel's request for this. The

trial will therefore continue, according to The Guardian's report.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled on Friday that Israel must take measures to prevent genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but did not call for an end to military operations.The

ICJ said Israel must allow humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and cannot destroy any evidence related to the case .

These "interim measures" differ from the main request by South Africa, which filed the suit, which called for a full and immediate ceasefire.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague previously announced that it would rule on South Africa's request for an interim measure against Israel on Friday.

Pretoria insists that Israel has violated the Genocide Convention. The South African legal team asked the judges to order Israel to immediately end its military operations in Gaza, prevent the forced displacement of people, ensure that civilians have access to adequate sources of food, water and medicine and refrain from any from an act or statement that could aggravate military operations.

Israel says it has the right to defend itself and is targeting Hamas militants, not Palestinian civilians. Israeli authorities have asked judges at The Hague to reject South Africa's application, which they say is based on gross distortion and baseless allegations of a non-existent genocide.

Joan Donoghue, the leading president of Friday's court hearing, also ordered Israel to prevent and punish the incitement to genocide, as South Africa has also accused Israeli politicians and public figures. Although the verdict created legal obligations for the Jewish state, at the same time it did not call the Netanyahus for a ceasefire. The trial continues.
(This is what I usually say everywhere: SHOW! - KJ)
Israeli media: Sissi refuses to take a phone call from Netanyahu Israel's Channel 13 revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "recently tried to initiate a telephone conversation with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, but the answer was rejected."
The Israeli channel said on Wednesday that "at the request of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli National Security Council tried to communicate with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, but he did not respond."

He explained that "an official in Netanyahu's office is responsible for uncovering these details, but no official comment has been released."

This rejection, according to Channel 13, was due to significant disagreements with the Egyptians over "a possible movement along the Philadelphia-Rafah axis."

He noted that "the last reported conversation between Netanyahu and Sissi took place in June, after the Egyptian border attack and months before the war began."

Two days ago, the head of Egypt's intelligence service, Diaa Rashwan, claimed that "Israeli efforts to control the Philadelphia axis in the Gaza Strip, along the Egyptian border" are "a serious and serious threat to Egyptian Israeli relations".
Israel's war on Gaza: Doctors at Nasser Hospital work to the sound of tanks Palestinians look at the destruction after an Israeli strike in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, on Saturday.

A doctor at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis told Al Jazeera that 95 percent of the staff had fled to Rafah as Israeli forces were "bombing everything in their path".
According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, 174 Palestinians were killed and 310 wounded in the enclave in 24 hours.
Thousands of people fleeing the fighting in Khan Younis are arriving in overcrowded Rafah, where refugee camps have been flooded by winter storms.
In its long-awaited interim ruling, the court also said it had jurisdiction to rule on South Africa's genocide case against Israel, but did not call for an immediate ceasefire.
Since October 7, at least 26,257 people have been killed and 64,797 injured in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. The death toll from the Hamas attacks on October 7 in Israel is 1,139.
Texas governor opposes Biden's agenda while pro-American states prepare to defend against invasion. The governor of Texas has defied an illegal, unconstitutional SCOTUS order demanding that Texas open its borders and allow the unrestricted invasion of the country by enemy combatants.
Referring to the US Constitution, Governor Abbott declared that the rights of Texas override the powers of the federal government.

Treasonous Democrats are calling for Biden to take over the Texas National Guard. But Oklahoma, Virginia, Florida and other states have said they stand with Texas.

We are rapidly moving towards a civil war scenario due to illegal immigration and the illegal Biden regime will stop at nothing to see America completely destroyed and all its citizens wiped out.

This is a fight for our mere survival.

Today's broadcast covers this in detail and includes an emergency interview with Michael Yon. Brighteon Broadcast News' interview with Michael Yon can be found here.

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Is World War III Coming? The wisest among us see the definite signs, the historical traps set, and other signs. Let's go through it and see if the US and the EU have enough weight and hubris to launch one.
In terms of self-righteousness, American neocons and the current administration are well supplied. Many of Europe's elected leaders, as well as the unelected governments of the EU and NATO, elite clubs like the WEF and global banking syndicates seem to constantly surprise us with their need to impose and reinforce their power, dominance, vision and agenda (the with our money and our enthusiastic submission).

I do not doubt the belief that many of these believe in their ability to make history, control international and national narratives, and profit from the situations they create. This has worked well so far.

But there are signs of an underlying weakness in the hubris factor. Many noted the oddity of allowing speakers invited to Davos to flog and criticize the WEF's practices and agenda, such as Javier Milei and Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts.

Milei was outstanding, delivering Rand's message: "[C]apitalist successful businessmen are social benefactors who, far from appropriating the wealth of others, contribute to the general welfare. Ultimately, the successful entrepreneur is a hero."

He concluded his speech with a heart-warming Rothbard theme:

Let us not be afraid of political castes or parasites from the state. Don't surrender to a political class that only wants to stay in power and keep its privileges. You are social benefactors. You are heroes. You are the creators of the most extraordinary period of prosperity ever seen.

Don't let anyone tell you that your ambitions are immoral. If they make money, it's because they offer a better product at a better price and thereby contribute to the general well-being.

Don't give in to the advance of the state. The state is not the solution. The state is the problem...

I'm not sure what the average WEF attendee learned from Milei; I hope there were some lessons learned. Roberts, a spokesman for the generally pro-war, anti-trade Heritage Foundation, offers further insight into the hegemonic thinking of the East and the South. The panel entitled "What to Expect from a Possible Republican Government" included the neoconservative Hudson Institute, the neoconservative Manhattan Institute, the five-eyed ghost-backed Chatham House (the spokesperson is the former head of CSIS in Washington, a think tank known for decades fully supported the war in Ukraine), the neocon-influenced Wall Street Journal, and the namesake of the newly formed Portman Center for Policy Solutions at the University of Cincinnati, alongside a 24-year congressional veteran. Retiring Senator from Ohio, Portman recently joined the American Enterprise Institute, another neocon-infested pro-war think tank.

Okay, so what actually happened there was a panel where people presented their ideas about how a second Trump presidency would affect their core interests, and in the process, the WEF got a little scolded by one of the speakers. From the examples of "free thinking" spoken at the last meeting in Davos, I conclude that the level of self-belief is high and that the world war can be done - even with a Republican president in Washington. The elites who benefit from the massive debt, inflation, and resource destruction that accompanies all wars, big or small, are not particularly concerned about getting their wars and the spoils.

The elite's interest in elaborate doomsday bunkers is driven not by fear, but by self-belief. They expect to survive.

Incumbency among Western elites remains high - and they feel it can remain high if populist parties like the AfD, populist politicians like Milei, and people who disobey their appointed and chosen governments can be limited or eliminated. This is the happy little tree that grows out of Davos.

The real question about an impending World War III is whether the elite-controlled West - fueled by a shrinking middle class and a growing poor, both of which tend to be politically unreliable - has the stamina to handle a major war in a week or two. continue?

Duran's Alex Mercouris and Alexander Christoforou pointed out the other day where economic weight and survivability and military sustainability lie on the planet. Not in the USA, and not in Europe. The ability of the US and the EU to supply arms and ammunition and all kinds of military systems is not robust, as Ukraine and even tiny Gaza and the Red Sea show. Taiwan gets it, even if many Americans don't. The description of the US's current $34 trillion federal debt and the shrinking forced by inflation, austerity, and "sudden" and "unexpected" deaths among those approaching or already using Western unfunded and unfunded welfare systems will also harm any global war effort . Why? Because the energy of the state will have to be turned inward, and governments riding this drastic shift of resources among their increasingly alarmed and angry populations will have to watch their sixes day and night.

I don't think the US has the weight to sustain a third world war - and I doubt that in such an imagined war, much of the opposition would have an interest in putting up with it for long. In the past, the convulsive death throes of empires may have caused a world war, but the economic power and spirituality of the West, which fueled and sustained the past two world wars, no longer exists.

We see a microcosm of this harsh reality today in the desperate destruction of Israel and the long-planned annexation of Gaza. Israel's right wing and its elite created an opportunity last year and took advantage of it. If the world was like it was in 1967, maybe they would have succeeded. No cell phones, no Internet, no millions of North Africans and Middle Easterners emigrating to new European and North American countries, no Soviet threat to rally against, no weak dependencies in Sykes-Picot land for the West to dictate to. Television was as tightly controlled by Western governments in the 1960s as it is today - but at the time there were few alternative sources of information available. We don't have to wait that long for historical revision, and that's a good thing.

The world as it exists prevents even a "minor genocide" from happening as planned for land, gas and coastline. This plan, supported by less than 7 million Israelis who live near Gaza, is hurting Israel. Even more shocking is that this particular genocide is sanctioned and supported by the full military, financial, and diplomatic might of the United States of America, and yet it fails. This failure - the failure of law, trust, justice, faith and massive military power in a tiny geographical area - while tragic for the more than 2 million displaced, starving and frustrated Gazans, is instructive for the coming World War III.

It is possible that, as things speed up, since the Great War, with its confused and elite-driven origins, since World War II, with its momentum and continued American and British deceptions and deceptions, to the many instructive Cold War disasters driven by American elite interests - see in Korea, Vietnam, Central America, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine - we will see through the lies sooner, recognize the economic and political connections sooner, and follow the money a little sooner than the last twenty times when the USA and its allies went to war. It's almost like the planet is learning something.

Resistance to a world war started or supported by the USA may be rudimentary, but in the form of a decentralized jelly, it is as effective as a well-defined global resistance to American stupidity.

It's not hard to raise the cost of doing business globally, as the Houthis prove. Net wealth differences across the planet do not favor the US, either in natural or human resources. The social, religious, and sometimes nationalist forces that we see growing everywhere except the USA and Europe, all of these indicate that the so-called West is not in a good position for wars.

The arrogance of the elite combined with their economic weight is a predictor of an electoral war. Dying, crumbling empires often seek war - but can they really fight them, let alone win? Soldiers dragged to the battlefields, lied to in the war, enslaved to serve the state - can we imagine fighting such a war today? Ukraine's Zelensky does, and his country is shrinking, crumbling, and dying at a rapid rate. Israel, while successfully slaughtering more than 25,000 Palestinians and displacing 2 million Palestinians, has already lost the moral, economic and political battle in a way that threatens the entire Zionist experiment of the last century. For Jews to be safe in the future, they will need a new approach - ideally a non-Zionist separation of synagogue and state - that is, greater decentralization of power and severely limited government intervention in the economy, as Javier Milei argued last week advised the world.

Is World War III Coming? To me this is unlikely and the real money will be on how dead empires like the US will deal with their internal problems and deconcentrate.
Biden Considers Iraq/Syria Withdrawal Due to Neocons Freaking Out Neocon heads like the Middle East Institute's Charles Lister exploded at today's news that the Biden administration may be considering withdrawing from its illegal occupation of Syria and Iraq.
First about Syria. As Lister writes in today's Foreign Policy:
...four sources within the Defense and State Departments said the White House no longer wants to maintain a mission it considers unnecessary. There are currently active internal discussions about how and when the withdrawal could take place.

Lister, an early and staunch supporter of the al-Qaeda-linked insurgency in Syria against Assad, "warns of the catastrophic effect that withdrawal would have on US and allied influence in Syria, which is in an unresolved and acute crisis," adding that "it would also be a gift to the Islamic State".

Ah. SO-SO. Do you remember them? We haven't heard from them in a while. That moving feast. Not long after Syria's Assad invited Russia to rescue the country, which was teetering on the brink of a total takeover by US-backed "freedom fighters".

But...suddenly, as if at last...they came back! Just when, after more than a hundred recent attacks on US occupied bases, even Biden and his "Middle East experts" were convinced that it was only a matter of time before much American blood would be shed, ISIS suddenly returned for the neocons to try justify Washington's continued presence in the region.

Very comfortable.

But maybe someone reminded Biden that it's an election year, and voters might start to question why and under what authority US troops are stationed in Iraq and Syria. Especially since the missiles (and missiles?) of the "resistance" are getting closer and closer.

Similar to Lister's panic over the US invasion of Syria, CNN is reporting today that "the US and Iraqi governments are expected to begin talks on the future of the US military presence in the country."

CNN's deep state mouthpiece Natasha Bertrand writes: "The US and Iraq are expected to begin talks soon on the future of the US military presence in the country, according to sources familiar with the matter, as the Iraqi government publicly calls on the US to withdraw its troops."

Bertrand quotes several residents of Washington's "think tank topia" who warn that withdrawing US "barbed wire" troops from Iraq and Syria would negatively affect their plans for war with Iran... er... could embolden ISIS!

Bertrand quotes MIC-funded CSIS "deep thinker" Jon Alterman:

Still, rumors of a possible change in U.S. forces in Iraq would be a victory for Iran, Alterman said. 'Any sign that this is the beginning of the end would be widely celebrated in the corridors of Iran.'

Ah yes! If the US ended its illegal occupation of Syria and Iraq, Iran would celebrate! Those vile mullahs! How dare they celebrate that there are no enemy troops on their border!

You know who else would be celebrating? Every single mother, wife, husband and relative of American soldiers who must sacrifice their lives for an occupation that has nothing to do with US national interests.

Is Biden a cynical and bloodthirsty monster? Undoubtedly. Is he (or his puppeteers) just worried about keeping the ring in his hands for another four years? Absolute. But would I celebrate and praise any decision by the Biden administration to do the right thing and withdraw from the Middle East, starting with the invasion of Iraq and Syria? You're damn right!

As neocon madman Michael Ledeen said... "faster, please!"
War on deception: Is Israel trying to drag the US into a conflict with Iran? Despite the rhetoric in Washington that suggests the United States rejects direct confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and its allies in the region, the actions of the Biden administration speak a different language. While the US does not appear to be seeking direct confrontation with Iran, the role it is playing in supporting Israel's war on Gaza suggests a regional conflict is closer than ever.

Although the US administration claims it wants to prevent a regional war in West Asia as an extension of the war between Gaza and Israel, its actions show the exact opposite. The US refuses to budge from its position of "unconditional support" for Israel, even as its ally in Tel Aviv commits what the South African government officially describes as genocide against the people of Gaza.

The USA's reputation in the Arab and Muslim world has long been tarnished by its unconditional support of the Israeli regime and its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people. Although the Levantine nations—Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan—began their quest for national independence and sovereignty with the intention of cultivating friendly relations with the United States government, as they saw it as a more viable option than the European colonial powers, France and Britain, this image has long been forgotten. When the Syrian Parliament was formed in 1920, in which representatives of the four nations of the Levant - then called Greater Syria - tried to establish a democratic Syrian state, these efforts were partially supported by the USA, but ultimately destroyed by France and Great Britain.

The US could have acted as a neutral actor in the region, seeking a peaceful outcome for all, but it pursued an aggressive policy, supported a colonizing settler entity [Israel], and sought to dominate the indigenous population of the region. They chose to support dictatorships, install despots at the head of their client states, and violently liquidate any regional actors seeking independence. From the hostile attitude towards Nasser in Egypt to the illegal invasion of Iraq, from the destruction of the Libyan state by NATO to the destruction of Syria by a brutal proxy war, the US government has chosen the path of violence throughout West Asia.

In 2003, the US military had the ability to simply dismember an entire country, as it did in Iraq, and install puppet governments, as it did in Afghanistan. Today, in 2024, the US can no longer manage its affairs in this way. Although defense officials know that the war in the entire so-called Middle East can no longer be waged as it was in the early 2000s or even the early 1920s, the White House exudes the same arrogance.

The US puppet government in Afghanistan has fallen, its dirty war against Syria has failed, regime change in Iraq has created new enemy militias desperate to rid their country of Western influence, and Yemen, starved and bombed since 2015, has become a military force to be reckoned with . Lebanon's Hezbollah is now capable of inflicting a heavy military defeat on the Israeli army, and there are serious fears that it could seize the Israeli-held Galilee in an all-out war. Furthermore, armed Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip defied the Israeli army, also with US support, for three months and prevented the Israelis from achieving a single objective with their offensive.

People living in the region are no longer afraid of the USA and Israel. The idea of ​​deterrence, the idea that Arabs, Iranians, Afghans, Africans and Muslims in general can be coerced into complicity with bombs, is gone. The quest for freedom has grown, become a tangible future that has become almost within reach in West Asia. Each failure, each massacre only made the next generation stronger and more willing to realize the goals of liberation, with each repetition of the struggle it became more radical and - thanks to the innovative minds of Iran - more sophisticated militarily.

All of this must be taken into account in order to understand a broad understanding of US policy over the past 100 years, as well as the US government's perception of the region. Washington is no longer the number one leader in the region, and while that is hard to swallow, it is an inescapable reality on the ground.

Is an escalation between the US and Iran on the brink?

With the first series of Israeli assassinations against high-ranking Lebanese, Iranian and Palestinian officials in Lebanon and Syria, it became clear that the war had spilled over from the Gaza frontline to areas outside occupied Palestine. Israel attacked Damascus, Syria, killing a top adviser to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Seyyed Razi Mousavi, after which Iran retaliated with strikes on a Mossad headquarters and seven other sensitive sites in northern Iraq. In parallel with the attacks on Israeli targets in Iraq, Tehran fired ballistic missiles at Daesh and al-Qaeda targets some 1,250 kilometers away, the distance between Iran and Tel Aviv.

Israel also killed the deputy head of Hamas' political office, Saleh al-Arouri, in an airstrike on a building in the southern Beirut suburb of Dahi. The escalation, which killed a total of 7 people, was the first attack by Israeli warplanes against the Lebanese capital since 2006, which has always been associated with an attack on Tel Aviv. Not long after, the Israeli regime decided to assassinate Wissam al-Taweel, a high-ranking Hezbollah camp commander in southern Lebanon.

Although a violent reaction was expected, Hezbollah decided to continue on the path of "conflict management", attacking sensitive Israeli military targets around Mount Meron and Safad, and refraining from attacking cities such as Haifa or Tel Aviv. The reason for this response, which could be interpreted as the group taking the weakest possible retaliatory measures, is clearly in line with the group's policy of preventing a war between Israel and Lebanon. In the event of a war with Lebanon, attention to the political and humanitarian solution to the Gaza crisis would be lost, and international attention would shift from the Palestinian issue to the Lebanese issue. It is therefore reasonable for Hezbollah to play only a supporting role and not enter the war as an equal player alongside Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups. It is also clear that if Hezbollah enters open war, the conflict will escalate into a regional confrontation, and such an explosion of violence could result in unprecedented casualties on multiple fronts.

Hezbollah and Iran responded tactically and cautiously to Israel's reckless aggression, which Israel did not officially announce, because of the consequences these attacks can have under international law. The US also pretended to see nothing wrong with the matter and denied any knowledge of the Israeli Air Force's actions. It is clear that Tel Aviv received the green light from the Biden-led US government - either directly or through the US administration's weak position on the escalating killing campaign - and decided to escalate further. Late last week, the Israeli Air Force launched an attack on the Mezzeh neighborhood in central Damascus, killing five members of the Iranian IRGC as well as civilians and Syrian soldiers in another unprovoked attack. Iran has said it reserves the right to respond.

However, it is not only Israel that is increasing the tension, the USA has also taken dangerous escalation steps in the entire region. It began with the announcement of Operation "Prosperity Guardian" in the Red Sea and culminated in attacks on Yemeni naval forces that killed 10 people, followed by at least six separate bombings of Yemeni targets. The US also carried out airstrikes on the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing a prominent Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) commander, prompting Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani to cut all ties with US forces and ask them to leave. country.

We have now reached the point where the Yemeni Ansarallah are vowing to respond to US-British bombing of their country as an act of war and a violation of the country's sovereignty, while Iraqi resistance forces are now launching ballistic missiles at US personnel in Iraq. Since the war between Gaza and Israel began on October 7, Iraqi groups have carried out more than 146 attacks in support of the Palestinian people, and the US has launched its own attacks against Iraqi forces in Syria and Iraq. However, the recent Iraqi ballistic missile attack on the Ain al-Assad base - the largest military base of US forces in Iraq - marked a qualitative leap in the type of ammunition these groups are willing to use.

If the US government cannot now bring itself to stop its rabid Israeli war dogs from indiscriminately attacking anyone in sight, it faces a regional paroxysm. The coming explosion of violence will blow up in the face of the US and seal its fate in West Asia. Either the US reins in the Israelis and forces them to engage in diplomacy, or the situation escalates and becomes unmanageable. Regional forces allied with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza will not back down, and if they are attacked, the blows will only get harder. The US cannot win a regional war and neither can Israel. The result is obvious: Israel and all American facilities in the region will be destroyed in such a war, leaving the Israeli-American aggressors with only one last option: nuclear war. The Israelis and the Americans will not profit from what they start and the escalation will only serve to further the political career of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while the useless diplomats leading the US are completely bought and paid off - they clearly do not have the collective brains to understand the gravity of what they are facing.

Four months ago, a war with Iran seemed very far away, now it is imminent. Unless the Israeli regime is forced to end its genocidal assault on Gaza, we can expect the collapse of the oil market, serious problems in international trade, and thousands of American soldiers returning home in coffins.
Why are Israeli soldiers showing snuff videos of their genocide in Gaza? Decades of impunity, not only for the Israeli regime, but also for Israeli individuals who committed war crimes, led to this point.

Since the genocide in Gaza began in October, Israeli soldiers have posted what can only be described as snuff videos on social media platforms. In the videos, soldiers commit war crimes against Palestinians, often with pleasure.

In one video, an Israeli soldier dressed as a dinosaur loads a tank with artillery shells and dances as the shells are fired into Gaza. Another video shows a soldier dedicating an explosion to his two-year-old daughter for her birthday. Seconds later, a Palestinian house explodes behind him. Other videos show Israeli soldiers burning Palestinian food supplies during a hunger strike and taunting Palestinian civilians, who are stripped, herded and blindfolded.

Palestinians and their allies took to social media to express shock and outrage at the videos. Many said the videos should be used as evidence in the genocide trial against the Israeli regime at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The recent aggression against Gaza is truly one of the most well-documented atrocities in history. And never before has the genocidal intent of both soldiers and political leaders been so openly expressed.

Even supporters of the Israeli regime are appalled by the brazenness with which Israeli soldiers distribute these videos. British presenter Piers Morgan, for example, asked on X earlier on Twitter: "Why do Israeli soldiers keep filming themselves doing such extreme, insensitive things? Why don't their commanders stop them? Does it make them insensitive when they kill so many children in Gaza?" ." For Morgan, it seems the problem isn't what the soldiers are doing, but that they're filming themselves.

Those who are not so well versed in the background may find it strange that these soldiers are so easily implicated in such heinous crimes. But anyone familiar with the colonial project of the Zionist settlers in Palestine knows that decades of impunity - not only for the Israeli regime, but also for Israeli individuals who committed war crimes - led to this.

In fact, the Israeli regime has yet to face serious consequences from third countries for the crimes it has committed against the Palestinian people since its inception. On the contrary, it enjoys exceptional diplomatic and trade relations with most of the Western world and is the largest recipient of US aid. Instead of being shunned by global institutions and events, it is included and celebrated everywhere from Eurovision to the Olympic Games.

There is another aspect of Israeli impunity that is often overlooked: Israeli soldiers regularly admit to committing heinous crimes against Palestinians to appease their conscience and absolve themselves of personal responsibility, but are never held accountable.

The Israelis themselves call this practice "yorim ve bochim," which in Hebrew means "shoot and cry." It is a favorite pastime of the Zionist left and is the focus of dozens of Israeli films and documentaries.

One such example is the highly successful film Tantura, named after a Palestinian fishing village that fell victim to a massacre in 1948. In this film, several Israeli war veterans talk shamelessly about killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians. Others openly admit to participating in ethnic cleansing, but all are portrayed as complex characters suffering from the trauma inflicted on Palestinians.

"Yorim ve bochim" also embodies the work of the Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence. The organization of Israeli army veterans, a favorite of the liberal West, seeks to reveal the reality of the "occupied territories" by providing a space for Israeli soldiers to speak confidentially about their experiences in the Israeli army, sometimes admitting to their participation in systematic abuse and destruction . The reports on the organization's website are incredibly difficult to read, especially now that we see what is happening in Gaza. But nowhere does this organization call for accountability or talk about what justice might look like for Palestinians who have been systematically abused for decades by the soldiers it works with.

The reality is that the brutalization and killing of Palestinians over the past seven and a half decades has gone completely unpunished. The genocide taking place in Gaza and how the perpetrators brazenly broadcast it on social media is an expression of this impunity. The only way to stop this and prevent it from happening again is to bring to justice not only the perpetrators, but also the accomplices of the genocide.
Negotiations began on the Middle East crisis - with the participation of those involved Constructive talks were held in Paris on an evening ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the release of abducted Israelis, but there are significant gaps between the individual positions, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced on Sunday.
William Burns, director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), met with David Barnea, head of Israel's foreign intelligence service, the Mossad, as well as Qatari Prime Minister Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman al-Zhani and Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel. The parties will meet again next week to continue the dialogue.

According to the knowledge of the American newspaper The New York Times, one of the text proposals of the American government was discussed in Paris, which, in addition to Israeli proposals, also includes suggestions from the radical Islamist Hamas. According to the ideas, the extremists would release the approximately 130 hostages still held in the Gaza Strip, in exchange for Israel suspending its military operation for two months.

According to the plan, in a first phase, fighting would be stopped for 30 days. During this time, the terrorist organization would release the women, the elderly and the wounded. In parallel, the parties would negotiate a second phase, in which the men and soldiers held hostage would be released in exchange for a 30-day extension.
Israel is at war - easing is not an option Nothing has caused such a difference of opinion as the current Israel-Gaza war - about its background, course and solution. Today we publish two considered but divergent perspectives on these questions and the necessary or inevitable conclusions to which each leads.
Many years ago, Dean Inge, a great Anglican priest and scholar, summed up the arguments against pacifism and appeasement in these words: "It makes no sense that the sheep take a stand for vegetarianism while the wolf takes a different view. The same

truth applies as well as repeated attempts at a lasting and peaceful solution to the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israeli concessions can never bring peace as long as their enemies are committed to the destruction of the Jewish state and the physical removal of its inhabitants. Nothing

has demonstrated this more dramatically than Gaza history. To quote Charles Krauthammer, who wrote in the Washington Post on July 17, 2014, nine years before Hamas's brutal and unprovoked attack on Israel sparked the current war: "

Hamas' apologists for the bloodlust of the Israeli occupation and blockade are attributed. Nobody remembers anything? Less than ten years ago, the world's television showed the Israeli army pulling down hardened settlers from the rooftops of synagogues in the Gaza Strip, while Israel liquidates its settlements, expels its citizens, withdraws its military, and hands over every inch of Gaza to the Palestinians. Not a single soldier, not a single settler, not a single Israeli remained in Gaza. And there was no blockade. On the contrary, Israel wanted this new Palestinian state to succeed. To help the Gazan economy, Israel gave the Palestinians 3,000 of its greenhouses in which fruit and flowers were grown for export. He opened border crossings and encouraged trade. The whole idea was to create a model of two states living peacefully and productively side by side. No one seems to remember that at the same time as the withdrawal from Gaza, Israel liquidated four small settlements in the northern part of the West Bank, which was a clear sign that Israel wanted to leave the West Bank as well, and thus achieve a peaceful two-state solution....

"And how did the Palestinians in Gaza react when the Israelis gave them what no previous ruler, Egyptian, British or Turkish, had given them - an independent territory? First they destroyed the greenhouses. Then they elected Hamas. Instead, that they would have built a state with its political and economic institutions, spent a decade transforming Gaza into a huge military base filled with terror weapons to wage an unrelenting war against Israel... built miles of underground tunnels to hide their weapons, and when the going gets rough, their military commanders. They have spent millions importing and manufacturing rockets, rocket launchers, mortars, small arms and even drones. They have deliberately placed them in schools, hospitals, mosques and private homes to further expose their own civilians.'

The same hatred of Jews and denial of Israel's right to exist characterizes the attitude and policies of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA), which governs the West Bank, undermining the prospects for peaceful coexistence between Israel and a Palestinian state.To quote Abu Iyad, who in 1991 until his death, he was Yasser Arafat's second-in-command in the PLO: "There should be no illusions about a solution, either through the United States or through an international conference. According to the phased plan, we will establish a Palestinian state in any part of Palestine from which the enemy withdraws.... We cannot achieve the strategic goal of establishing a Palestinian state in all of Palestine without first establishing a Palestinian state in part of the territory.

That this is still the strategy of the current Palestinian Authority is also supported by the fact that its logo still brazenly shows a map of a future Palestinian state stretching from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea - that is, not next to Israel, but instead of it. More importantly, its media, mosques, and educational institutions continue to demonize Jews and encourage violence against Israel, and the Palestinian Authority continues to honor Palestinian terrorists as "heroes" and "martyrs" and provide financial support to their families. The result? Most Palestinians in the West Bank, at least according to a recent survey, fully support Hamas and welcomed the brutal and sadistic massacre of Israeli civilians on October 7.

In light of this, it is hardly surprising that Netanyahu and other Israelis oppose the "two-state solution" favored by Western leaders and are determined to maintain security controls around all their borders. We would do the same if we faced constant existential threats like they did.

So what is the solution to this tragic conflict? If I knew, I could claim the Nobel Peace Prize, but one thing seems clear to me. The public of Western democracies and their governments should stop uncritically accepting the narrative of Palestinian appropriation, which delegitimizes and weakens Israel, encourages anti-Semitism, and is completely and demonstrably false - as shown in my earlier article on this website and in a much longer 2015 I tried to present it in my study written in , which is freely available from me upon request.
Biden gave Texas 1 day to withdraw! 25 US Republican governors support Texas in opposition to Biden
The border state of Texas and federal agencies have been in a legal battle over immigration for months. A large group of Republican governors issued a joint statement expressing "solidarity" with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and strengthening border security, accusing the White House of leaving the country "totally vulnerable" amid an influx of illegal immigrants.

Biden gave Texas 1 day to withdraw!

Yesterday I wrote here and here that the state of Texas rebelled against the Washington government and immigration policy!

Message from Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Twitter/X:

My Statement on Texas' Constitutional Right to Self-Defense.

Despite my warnings in a series of letters, one of which I personally delivered to him, President Biden has ignored Texas' demands that it fulfill its constitutional obligations.

President Biden has broken his oath to faithfully implement the immigration laws passed by Congress.

Instead of charging the immigrants with the federal crime of illegal entry, President Biden sent his lawyers to federal courts to sue Texas for taking measures to secure the border.

President Biden has directed his agencies to ignore federal laws requiring the detention of illegal immigrants. The consequence of this is that they allow them to enter the United States illegally en masse.

By wasting taxpayer dollars on dismantling Texas' border security infrastructure, President Biden has lured illegal immigrants from the 28 legal points of entry along the state's southern border — bridges where no one would drown in the dangerous waters of the Rio Grande." - Greg Abbott

The open letter, released Thursday , was signed by 25 GOP governors across the country, with Vermont Gov. Phil Scott the only Republican who did not sign the message.

State leaders sharply criticized President Joe Biden, who they said "attacked and sued Texas for taking steps to protect American citizens from the historic influx of illegal immigrants, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and terrorists into our country."

"We stand in solidarity with our colleague, Governor Greg Abbott, and the state of Texas, who are using every tool and strategy, including barbed wire fencing, to secure the border," the letter continued.

"We're doing this in part because the Biden administration refuses to enforce existing immigration laws and is unlawfully allowing the mass release of migrants who came to our country illegally into America."

Abbott has been embroiled in a lengthy legal battle with Biden's Justice Department over Texas' efforts to curb illegal immigration into the United States.

Tensions were exacerbated earlier this week by a Supreme Court decision authorizing federal Border Patrol agents to remove razor wire installed by Texas authorities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Abbott responded to the decision by saying that Biden "has refused to enforce [immigration] laws and has actually violated them." (...)

Nobody needs a government
Nobody needs a government

No one needs government: All governments and dominions are corrupt and evil!
Gary D. Barnett January 26, 2024 source

"My dad always said that governing is like watching another person pee in your boot. Someone makes you feel better, but it sure as hell isn't you."
~ Orson Scott Card, Heartfire

Ah government, that institution invented for the sole purpose of consolidating a monopoly of power over the people, so that it can rule over all society with an iron fist of violence. This bastard, immoral and vile practice is now consuming this country and the world and it has been allowed to happen with little resistance. When the rule is overbearing and tyrannical, the ruling class may be condemned, but when that tyranny lasts forever, the masses of people who have willingly accepted and embraced their own servitude are to be blamed. This reality is deliberately avoided by most, as taking personal responsibility would require a responsibility that the masses do not seek.

In today's world the situation is much worse, again due to a complete lack of individual responsibility and courage; of overwhelming dependence on government and an abundance of mass indifference in the herd. There are few, if any, institutions that deserve respect or praise, so universal rule is not only obvious, but the lack of worthy or reliable institutions is fuel for tyranny. These include NGOs, most so-called charities, religious entities, churches, corporations, bureaucracies, the vast majority of purported health and medical institutions, educational mental institutions, the mainstream media, global "think tanks", and of course, a consortium controlled by all authorities. As long as the majority expects others to care for and protect them, obeys the rules-based master class, and sees obedience as the path to safety and survival, this paradigm shift into totalitarian hell will continue.

The power of the individual is far greater than most can imagine, especially when large groups of individuals are willing to reject even the idea of ​​state or rule, and to renounce compliance under any threat of force or violence. However, the problem of dominance remains because as more and more people "say" they are awakened, and more and more support this narrative, global agendas continue to effectively move forward regardless of the rhetoric. Recently, it has become fashionable, especially in the circles of the "alternative media", to proclaim that we are "winning" and that with a new "election" the new ruler in power will throw off the chains that enslave "us". Few people know that there is not and never will be a viable political solution. As Larken Rose rightly put it:

"The truth is that anyone who seeks freedom by appealing to those in power to give it to them has already failed, regardless of the answer. To beg for the blessing of 'power' is to accept, that the choice belongs only to the master, which means that the person is already a slave by definition".

All governments everywhere, including this hideous American democracy or so-called "constitutional republic", have a "legal" (illegal) monopoly on violence and therefore use that violence to suppress the population at every possible level. All you have to do is enact a law and then threaten confiscation, imprisonment, injury or death to enforce compliance. Just consider the United States and the bewildering array of so-called laws.

No one, not the statisticians, not even the government itself, has any idea how many federal laws there are. No one knows how many rules, restrictions and regulations there are, and it is impossible to find an answer to this question. The Federal Register alone, the daily repository of proposed and final federal rules and regulations, is well over 85,000 pages long. The Code of Federal Regulations is 186,000 pages as of 2019, and the Federal Register Pages have exceeded 800,000 pages in the past decade. This in itself is unthinkable. But of course there is more to it than that. In this country, there is a law for every aspect of our lives, and for every activity or thought there is a completely separate international law, state law, county law, city law and licensing law. This is complete madness, and this is why every single "citizen" can be classified as a criminal at any moment. Even in the time of the Roman historian Tacitus, he claimed that "the more corrupt the state, the more the law." The USA has far more laws than any other nation on Earth in history,

When the only basis of the state is control and violence, which it always and forever is, then the essence of human existence is slavery. No one needs government because all government and rule is corrupt and evil, and the very idea that people should be governed in every aspect of their being by state-made "laws" is the epitome of immorality and anti-freedom.


essential basic concept of Marxism, the concept of the enemy to be persecuted, the so-called internal enemy / class enemy / anti-system recalcitrant, has been reborn, that is, it appears again in the globalist-totalitarian-pseudo-green ideology, where the enemy to be persecuted and oppressed is the homo sapiens using nature that emits carbon dioxide, "interacting irresponsibly" with nature. Bolshevism, also known as Leninism or Stalinism, used the training and idea of ​​the class enemy to justify systematic genocide, with which it targeted and liquidated entire social strata and groups. Dr. Tibor Pákh, who visited the Gulag and Kádár-Csermanek prisons, highlighted this and argued it in his official submissions, pointing out that the theory and practice of liquidating entire social classes exhausts the factual elements of the crime of genocide. In the pseudo-green ideology of the globalist-totalitarian ("globáltotál" /globtot), a crime gang that today drives the entire world's population into a hole, homo sapiens itself is set up as a natural destroyer of nature; as a conscious and perverted enemy of the ecosystem, who, of course, in their view must be neutralized and liquidated - at least suppressed and kept in digital slavery.


By now, most have settled into the blind and foolish position of not only accepting the outcome and selection of their next Tsar, but looking forward to participating in the upcoming fraud called "the election". Many, including those anti-state pretenders, will once again vote for their own slavery, and the reigning circus of tyranny will continue anew.

Saying they are awakened is one thing, but acting on that so-called awakening is a whole different story. If you choose to accept your fate as a slave controlled by masters and continue to participate in voting idiocy, continue to obey and conform, continue to allow the state to exist at all; it is the state that is the perpetrator of control and violence against you, then you deserve your fate of slavery.

Aggression is not necessary to end government power. The answer is simply to refuse to do the government's bidding every step of the way, refuse to obey, refuse to conform, refuse to support any rules, and refuse to appoint masters to rule your lives.

"Resolve to serve no more, and be free at once. I do not ask that you lay hands on the tyrant to overthrow him, but simply that you no longer support him; then you will see him as a great colossus to whom its pedestal has been pulled down, it falls under its own weight and breaks into pieces."

Underground tunnels and hybrid breeding programs The hidden plan to plant the seeds of the human race after a major cataclysmic reboot...
The tunnels under Chabad's headquarters in Brooklyn were immediately filled with concrete, ensuring that there would be no investigation to contradict the improbable cover story that they had just been excavated. due to the COVID closures. In today's pop culture, it is speculated that these tunnels are related to child sex trafficking, a truly terrible problem in the human race, but it seems that there is something more to these tunnels. Tunnels leading underground are one of Earth's greatest mysteries and can be found all over the world and throughout history.

Phil Schneider, a structural engineer who spent seventeen years as a military contractor building military bases deep underground, toured, lectured and blew the whistle on what he witnessed. He claimed that there were one hundred and twenty-nine deep underground bases in America alone. Each of them was the size of a small town. He discovered that some of these underground bases were connected to ancient underground tunnels and cave networks inhabited by a non-human race that he ran into while building an underground base under Dulce New Mexico. According to Schneider, the area around Dulce was a hub of underground bases connected by a high-speed underground rail system. Less than a year after the announcement, Schneider died under suspicious circumstances.

Dulce New Mexico is one hundred and seventy kilometers from the Four Corners, an area known for the Skinwalkers, described by the Hopi tribe as a non-human race that lives underground. Dulce is two hundred and sixty kilometers from Scientology's heavily guarded underground Trementina base. And Dulce is two hundred kilometers from Jeffrey Epstein's Zorro Ranch, which is known to have an eight thousand square meter underground level and is rumored to lead even deeper underground. According to several renowned scientists who were hosted by Jeffrey Epstein, Epstein hoped that after a cataclysm he would be able to abort the human race by impregnating twenty women at the Zorro Ranch at once.

According to researcher Christopher Jon Bjerknes, the purpose of breeding Jewish seed lines with non-Jewish women is to fulfill the Kabbalistic legends about Samael and Lilith. According to Bjerknes, Kabbalistic teachings include a geocentric model of the Earth, with an underworld extending seven levels below the surface, inhabited by a reptilian species. These legends predict the cleansing of the Earth, when everyone on the surface will perish and only those living in the underworld will survive.

High level Freemasons are said to believe in a hollow Earth ruled by a non-human race from the underworld called Agartha. And their best-kept secrets seem to revolve around a cyclical cataclysmic event.

Phil Schneider also built submarine bases and said most of them were connected to a vast network of deep underground bases. Ghislaine Maxwell had a submarine license and was known to transport people to Epstein Island via an underwater submarine port. The US military has built a submarine base on St Thomas Island, which is only thirteen kilometers from Epstein Island. And right next to that submarine base is Water Island, which is owned by Joe Biden's brother and their business partner.

In a recent interview with Ickonic, Juliet Bryant, who was abducted by Jeffrey Epstein for two years, said she never witnessed any of the dozen or so girls there being sold to men other than Epstein, but once she woke up paralyzed on a lab table. And he witnessed Epstein transform into something else.
Digital Public Infrastructure Plan (DPI) The unelected globalists of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have been working on the Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) , the first phase of a digital identity system, for ten years.
"Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) is a common tool for many purposes. It is an important tool for digital transformation and helps improve the delivery of public services at scale. When well designed and implemented, it can help countries achieve their national priorities and accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals. Governments, donors, the private sector and civil society all have the opportunity to help shape it.

Digital Public Infrastructure Plan (DPI)

As usual, the program is advertised as a convenient way for modern people to access documents. Based on DPI data, 100 countries are expected to make progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030.

"According to the G20 Leaders' Statement 2023, digital public infrastructure represents a critical breakthrough that will create the necessary momentum to change course and achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030 for all 17 SDGs. With the exponential development of new technologies, an acute opportunity is opening up. for whole communities to benefit from a growing number of life-changing digital solutions - from digital money transfers to e-health services - if they properly invest in their own digital infrastructure."

The plan is to reach absolutely everyone, including the 2.6 billion people who have Internet access. Forget clean water, food or shelter - we're wasting resources collecting their data. Speaking of resources, you are already demanding more funding because the pandemic has "increased the annual financing gap for the SDGs in developing countries from $2.5 trillion to $3.9 trillion, and the funding available for DPI is insufficient to meet the growing to meet global needs." Yes, a trillion.

The program even allows the globalists to completely censor the news. They said it would fight disinformation during the election, or rather become another propaganda tool.

None other than Bill Gates has a hand in this madness. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports the "50 in 5" program, which aims to help 50 countries develop their own DPI by 2028.

DPI will enable globalists to promote the SDGs by:

- ​​SDG1 End poverty: DPI can start a cycle of increased economic resilience, more employment opportunities and reduced poverty to help the 670 million people living in extreme poverty (ie 8.4% of the world's population).
- SDG5 Gender Equality: DPI can improve access to services for more than 250 million women.
- SDG8 Decent work and economic growth: DPI can provide access to financial institutions for more than two billion unbanked people.
- SDG13 Climate action: Using DPI for common measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) systems and linking carbon registries can reduce CO2 emissions by 3-4 percent of current emission reduction targets in developing countries.

This is absurd. They want us to believe that they can completely eradicate poverty by forcing every nation to hand over total control to a few unknowns. They want gender equality, but wait - what is a woman? The only economic growth they want from this project is another tax that the people will never benefit from. Of course they have to bring climate change into the picture because that is the main scare tactic to get money.

Don't you understand? All the world's problems can be solved if you give up your freedom.
European farmers band together and march on Brussels to deliver a final blow Sieta van Keimpema, representative of the Farmers Defense Force (FDF), visited Brussels on Wednesday to communicate with French farmers participating in the election campaign.
The European elections are just around the corner and we need to get rid of the Green Deal and all the vigilante politics that come from it, says Mark van den Oever, head of the FDF, in a vlog.

European farmers band together and march on Brussels to deliver a final blow

On June 4, farmers from all over Europe arrive in Brussels. The FDF teamed up with the German farmers' association, LSV, and the Polish farmers' organization, IGR, who held action at 177 locations on Wednesday.

"From these three organizations we will build the relationship with all sister organizations in other European countries," says Van den Oever. He mentions Lithuania, France and Belgium. These sister organizations, in turn, will build relationships.

"The road to Brussels is long, but we have to do it," the head of EVS emphasizes. "Because it will not go well if we continue like this. European politics must change".

When they are most sensitive, two days before the elections, we will strike them," says Van den Oever, who wants to deliver the final blow in Brussels.
The WEF's attempts to restore confidence failed in Davos No one is more guilty of spreading harmful misinformation and fueling mistrust than the unelected globalists and their public and private partners: expression.
Attempts by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to restore trust in so-called public health experts, the media and unelected globalist politicians failed miserably in Davos.
It took four years for Davos to switch from the phrase "we need a major restart of society and the world economy" in 2020 to the phrase "we need to restore trust" in 2024.

By appointing themselves trustees over the future of humanity and claiming they own the facts and the news while admitting they were wrong about everything about the massive suffering caused by the shutdowns and vaccine mandates without committing to substantive change , the unelected globalists of the WEF and their partners continue to show how untrustworthy they really are.

Below is a look at some publicly available debates from this year's WEF annual meeting that show how much our so-called elites despise the people they seek to control.

Klaus Schwab appoints himself and the Davos audience as "curators of the future".

Let's start with the founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, who in the opening speech of this year's annual meeting in Davos called himself and the audience in Davos "the curators of the future".

"Trust is not just a feeling; trust is a commitment to action, to faith, to hope [...] We must rediscover the narrative that has driven humanity since the beginning and make it our own - as stewards of a better future ."
Klaus Schwab, WEF Annual Meeting 2024

For Schwab, trust means commitment to action, faith and hope.

Every time the founder of the WEF says, "we must restore trust," what he is really saying is that the unelected globalists must restore their own commitment to action through blind hope and faith.

"As curators of the future, we are responsible for fostering a world that is richer in opportunity, fairer in opportunity, and more secure in its foundations. Moreover, as leaders in government, business, and society, we have a special responsibility to restore confidence in how our own trustees we play our part."

And with that, Schwab provided the framework for the overarching theme of restoring trust that ran through this year's WEF Annual Meeting in Davos.

Restoring trust in the non-elected, custodians of our social, economic and political life

In terms of rebuilding trust, this is not a good start.

Now let's see what the establishment media had to say about restoring trust.

Legacy media are complaining that they don't own the news anymore, they are being challenged and they need to be transparent.

Wall Street Journal Editor-in-Chief Emma Tucker said in a talk on "Defending Truth" that as a legacy media brand, "we still have a lot of trust [...] I think we have to work to maintain trust in a way that we don't I didn't need it that long ago either".

To this, Tucker added,
"We were the owners of the news. We were the gatekeepers and we owned the facts [...] People these days can go to all kinds of other news sources and they're much more likely to question what we're saying."
Emma Tucker, WSJ Editor-in-Chief, WEF Annual Meeting 2024

Tucker's solution to restoring trust in the media lies in practicing real journalism, such as transparent sourcing, which in theory should be practiced from day one.

How many times have you heard old media say, "according to an anonymous source" or "according to a person with knowledge of the situation"?

"We almost have to explain how we work so that readers understand how we source the stories; they want to know how we get the stories; we have to lift the hood, so to speak, in a way that newspapers aren't used to."

WSJ Editor-in-Chief Emma Tucker WEF Annual Meeting 2024
The WSJ Editor-in-Chief's explanation of how to restore trust makes no mention of who funds legacy media or potential conflicts of interest.

Instead, he just says that newspapers don't tend to show their work, so they need to be "much more transparent."

At the same "Defending Truth" session, Meredith Kopit Levien, president and CEO of the New York Times, essentially said that audiences need to be re-educated to restore trust and understand why they need traditional media. .

"We need to help the public become more media literate about the value and importance of independent journalism [...] We need an audience that understands the value of journalism, which is about searching, not knowing and not playing for one side or one team it stems from his attitude."
Meredith Kopit Levien, NYT CEO, WEF ANNUAL MEETING, 2024

In other words, the New York Times CEO believes that the mainstream media should operate the same way as before, and the audience should change.

You and I are the ones who are ignorant and need to be reeducated to understand

At the same time, the NYT CEO gave a speech on the value of independent journalism, praising Google and other big tech platforms for cracking down on independent journalism, which he labeled "low-quality content" and "everything else" that doesn't fit the official narrative.

"Technological progress, which has brought us so much, including a much larger audience for our work, has resulted in platforms leading to the proliferation of low-quality content [...] What can be done about this? Technology is giving us better signals to to distinguish independent, fact-based journalism from the rest."

"Google has made real progress in this area over the years. How does search work? How do they index things? We're moving into the next chapter of the information ecosystem. How will quality be highlighted?" content? How will they be recognized? How will it appear on the scale?"

So the NYT CEO not only wants to educate the public about why they need old media, but also proposes to suppress dissent and counterarguments by manipulating Google search results .

This is exactly what UN Communications Director Melissa Fleming admitted at the WEF 2022 sustainable development meeting, where she said: "We partnered with Google.

"We partnered with Google. For example, if you search for the term 'climate change' in Google, you will get all kinds of UN resources at the top of the search.

"We created this partnership when we were shocked to find that when we Googled the term 'climate change', the first place we got incredibly biased information."

Fleming then explained in 2022,
"We own the science and we think the world needs to know, and the platforms themselves know that."
Melissa Fleming , UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, at the WEF Sustainable Development Impact Assessment Meeting, 2022.

If you compare Fleming's 2022 words about owning science to what the editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal said in 2024 about owning news and facts, the message it couldn't be clearer - they want to be the only source of information and take steps to suppress opposing opinions.

Health experts failed with unscientific claims that became public policy and ruined people's lives

Now, let's move on to another panel discussion at this year's annual meeting in Davos to see

One of the solutions from the panel discussion "Restoring trust in science" came from German Federal Minister of Education and Research Bettina Stark-Watzinger, who said that researchers should better communicate their findings to the public and that scientists should be protected when they speak out, stating that:

"[We need to] protect scientists when they speak out - to protect them all and not leave them standing alone in the fire".
Bettina Stark-Watzinger, German Federal Minister of Education and Research, WEF ANNUAL MEETING, 2024

The moderator replied with a wink:
"Yes, that's a good argument. I mean, Dr. Fauci's comment last week about the six-foot distance was very damaging to the public , because he basically said, 'Well, this was an assumption that we made. It seemed like a good idea, but we didn't have a scientific basis for it,' and yet it became public policy."
Richard W. Edelman, WEF Annual Meeting, 2024.

Ibid. during the panel discussion "Restoring Trust in Science," moderator Richard Edelman asked Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis International, “How damaged do you think the CDC [Center for Disease Control and Prevention] is in the post-COVID era?” Narasimhan responded

that the CDC was harmed because it published messages that were "considered to be declarative statements," but overall, the CDC is "one of the preeminent epidemiologic organizations in public health," he said: "[

CDC] has certainly been harmed. First of all, I would say that the CDC is one of the preeminent public health epidemiology organizations in the world [...] We made statements that were perceived as telling, and then we had to revise those statements again and again, and how quickly that trust was lost".
Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis International WEF Annual Meeting 2024

"I mean, I've sat with governors in the US and it's unbelievable how distrustful they are of public health in the US in terms of vaccination requirements and wearing masks!"
Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis International , WEF Annual Meeting, 2024.

They also remember when former CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Albert Bourla, Bill Gates, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, US President Joe Biden and countless others claimed that the do so-called COVID-19 vaccines prevent people from becoming infected and transmitting the virus?

Yes, it was all misinformation and disinformation by their own standards and definitions.

"Misinformation and disinformation: Persistent misinformation (whether intentional or unintentional) widely disseminated through media networks that significantly changes public opinion toward mistrust of facts and authorities. These include, but are not limited to: false, falsified , manipulated and fake content"
WEF Global Risks REport, 2024.

According to the WEF Global Risks Report 2024, disinformation is the biggest global concern over the next two years, but no one is more guilty of spreading misinformation and destroying trust than the WEF's unelected globalists and their public and private partners.

Misinformation and disinformation by unelected globalists, governments, Big Pharma, Big Tech and so-called health experts has led to a two-tiered society as of 2020, where people who choose the so-called vaccine have lost their jobs and been excluded from many areas of society, while small businesses have closed and the the world experienced the greatest redistribution of wealth from the lower class to the upper class in all of human history.

Many lives were ruined while the most powerful became even richer.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands - repeating the comments of the CEO of Novartis about the vaccination requirements leading to a loss of trust - again emphasized the importance of vaccination passports linked to the digital identity card.

Speaking at the WEF 2024 Annual Meeting on 'Comparative Notes on Financial Inclusion', Her Majesty said:
"To open an account we need an identity card. I have to say that when I started there were very few countries in Africa or Latin In America, where digital and biometric ID cards were everywhere."

"We've been working with all our partners to drive this development and what's interesting is that while it's very important for financial services, it's not just that!".

"It's also good for school enrolment; it's also good for health - who's vaccinated and who's not; it's very good for getting subsidies from the government."

When Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen shared my clip of the Queen of the Netherlands making these statements, which has already been viewed more than 1.5 million times, Elon Musk, the owner of X, responded:

"They're still talking about Covid vaccines after someone shoves them in the face he coughed on stage!".

"It [the digital ID] is also good for school enrollment; it's also good for health - who's actually been vaccinated and who hasn't; it's very good for getting subsidies from the government."

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and the UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Inclusive Development Financing, WEF Annual Meeting 2024.

While Musk assumed that the Queen of the Netherlands was talking about COVID-19 vaccines, which is entirely possible, he did not mention another important talking point at this year's meeting in Davos, namely a future disease that the WHO calls "Disease X".

Be that as it may, although vaccination requirements for COVID-19 have been lifted in many cases around the world, there is no guarantee that vaccination requirements will not be imposed in the future.

The WEF is failing miserably in its attempt to restore confidence in self-appointed media, public health and unelected globalist political experts.

The information and perspectives presented in this opinion piece only scratch the surface and examine only a few publicly available sessions from this year's WEF Annual Meeting in Davos.

Among the dozens of meetings that took place last week, there are many more examples of the failures of unelected globalists.

It is clear from the sources presented here that the elites are fully aware that they have not been transparent, that they know that the people do not trust them, but they still carry on as they have because they are the experts.

They know they're spreading misinformation and disinformation, but in their eyes, that's okay because they've done the best they can with the knowledge they have.

What happened to the other doctors, journalists, constitutional advocates, and concerned citizens around the world who had the same information and tried to warn everyone about government overreach and corporate capture?

They were demonized, demonized, de-platformed and censored until they were forgotten.

The same thing will happen again and again because there will always be another "crisis" - real or perceived - that those in power will use as an excuse to suppress dissent and enforce totalitarian policies in their quest for global tyranny.

The pendulum may swing in favor of freedom for a time, but it will always swing back to the quislings who sell their countries and souls to the world's unelected and self-appointed trustees.

What will you do differently this time with the knowledge given to you?

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem (Better dangerous freedom than quiet slavery).
Chicago bans natural gas use in private homes to meet WEF's Net Zero goals The Democrat-controlled city of Chicago is pushing to ban natural gas from all new homes to meet the "Net Zero" goals of the unelected World Economic Forum (WEF).
The Chicago City Council is considering an ordinance that would ban the use of natural gas in most new buildings.

City council officials say the plan is vital to meeting the WEF's "Net Zero" program to "save the planet" from what they call a "climate crisis".

The proposal is called the Clean and Affordable Buildings Ordinance (CABO).

It would set an emissions standard that would effectively ban natural gas through an unattainable standard.

This would make the Windy City the latest blue city to ban the use of gas stoves in homes in the future.

It would also pave the way for electric heating and appliances that are said to have lower greenhouse gas emissions.

"This is a matter of real survival and the future of our city — and especially our economic future," said Democratic Councilwoman Maria Hadden, who introduced CABO.

"We are forced in this direction [not only] by nature, but also by politics, business and [industry]. People make these decisions because it is more economical, healthier [and] safer."

The Democrats raised and initiated the banning of gas stoves at the federal, state and local levels.

The rule proposed by the Department of Energy (DOE), led by Democratic President Joe Biden, would ban the sale of half of the gas stoves on the market, the department planned in February 2023.

Months later, the New York State Legislature passed a bill that would require induction cookers and electric heat pumps to be used in new buildings seven stories or less.

Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul compared the transition from natural gas to the transition from coal.

In June, the Biden administration backed a 2019 plan by Berkeley, California, to ban the use of natural gas in buildings in the future.

Years after the city passed the plan, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that restrictions on natural gas by cities and states violate federal law.

Earlier this month, the court rejected a request to retry the case, meaning the decision will be final unless the Supreme Court takes up the case.

Meanwhile, some left-wing lawmakers are calling for heavy penalties to force the public to comply with "Net Zero."

In Washington state, Democrats are calling for members of the public to face up to a year in prison if they are caught using gas-powered garden tools, Slay News reported.

According to state representatives. Amy Walen and Liz Berry say jailing law-abiding citizens for powering their lawnmowers will help fight "climate change."

Democratic lawmakers introduced House Bill 1868 last month.

The aim of the legislation is to reach "net zero" by 2030 by "reducing emissions from outdoor power plants".

According to the bill, gas- and diesel-powered garden tools "emit many air pollutants".

These "pollutants" are said to "contribute to climate change and negatively affect public health," the legislation states.

Elsewhere, Democratic mayors across the country are pushing for measures to ban the public from eating meat and dairy products as part of a nationwide effort to comply with the WEF's globalist agenda.

As reported by Slay News, 14 major US cities have "set a target" to ban meat and dairy consumption and car ownership by 2030 to meet the goals of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Green Agenda.

American cities have created a coalition called the "C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group".

C40 has set an "ambitious target" to meet the WEF's goals by 2030.

In order to meet the "goal", the C40 cities pledged that their residents would adhere to the following list of mandatory rules:

"0 kg meat consumption"
"0 kg dairy consumption".
"3 new items of clothing per person per year".
"0 own car".
"Every 3 years and 1 short-haul (less than 1,500 km) round-trip flight per person".

C40 Cities' dystopian goals can be read in its report "The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World".

The report was published in 2019 and emphasized again in 2023.

The organization is led and largely financed by the Democratic billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

The organization is made up of nearly 100 cities around the world.

US city members of the C40 include:

Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York
San Francisco
Washington, DC

John Kerry, the outgoing "climate czar" of Democratic President Joe Biden, has stated that to achieve "Net Zero" farmers must stop producing food.

At the USDA's AIM for Climate summit last year, Kerry told the audience that "we can't get to net zero, we can't do this job unless agriculture is at the center as part of the solution."

Kerry warned attendees that his and other world leaders' "lives depend" on farmers going out of business.

If farmers stop growing food, it will reduce "emissions" from agriculture, Kerry insists.

He went on to say that he no longer even calls this issue climate change.

"This is not change, this is a crisis," he declared.

"Mitrating methane is the fastest way to reduce warming in the short term," Kerry said as he took aim at ranchers.

"The food industry and agriculture can contribute to a low-methane future by improving the productivity and resilience of farmers," he said.

But Kerry's overall message seemed to be that eating meat should be a luxury limited only to wealthy elitists like himself.

Essentially, the masses must stop eating meat and using natural fuels to achieve the goals of the elite.
Climate scare mongers: Throwing another £40bn of cash down the Net Zero drain The government is generous with your money again. Drax has just been given the green light to install carbon capture technology (CCS) at its wood-fired power station in North Yorkshire. They are also expected to extend the sponsorship deal, which already brings Drax £700m a year and expires in 2027.

The idea is to capture the carbon dioxide from the burning of the trees and channel it into storage under the North Sea, theoretically making the whole thing carbon negative. All this, of course, in order to achieve Net Zero goals.

Unfortunately, this will cost money, a lot of money. And imagine, you and I will have to pay for all of this through our electricity bills. Ember, the energy analysis firm, estimates the total subsidy to be £1.7 billion a year, which translates to £42 billion over the life of the plant.

This only covers the operating costs of the power plant, not the multi-billion capital costs, which also require some form of support. The operating costs of CCS are much higher since it is an energy-intensive process. When added to a biomass power plant, it would use up some of the heat from burning biomass that would otherwise be used to generate electricity. This means that more wood would have to be burned to produce the same amount of electricity.

Even environmentalists are furious with the plans. There have long been complaints that wood pellet burning in Drax is destroying North American virgin forests. Furthermore, CCS technology is unproven at scale and unlikely to remove all carbon dioxide even if it worked.

Burning wood is also bad for air pollution; it is actually much worse than coal.

In the best-case scenario, Drax could reduce its carbon emissions by 8 million tonnes per year, or 2 per cent of the UK's total CO2 emissions. Is it really worth spending £40 billion on?

Don't be fooled by claims of 99 mph winds

The Met Office is at it again! The media has been inundated with claims that Cyclone Isha brought winds of 99mph, based on Met Office reports.

This time the claim was based on data from Brizlee Wood in Northumberland. Brizlee is no ordinary forest: it is an RAF radar station on top of an 820ft hill in the middle of the Alnwick Moors, itself a highly exposed area.

Climate scare mongers: Throwing another £40bn of cash down the Net Zero drain

Brizlee Wood

As usual, the wind patterns in the Met Office's favored mountainous and rocky locations are out of sync with the rest of the country. A few miles away, in the coastal village of Boulmer, the average wind speed was just 34 mph.

Every time there is windy weather, the Met Office only reports the places with the strongest gusts. This time, along with Brizlee, Capel Curig (midway in the Snowdonia mountains), the Needles, Shap (800ft) and Salsburgh (a 900ft village in the Lanarkshire mountains) are also on the list.

Most of these high-altitude stations have only been in operation since the 1990s, around the time automatic weather stations appeared. Brizlee is set to open in 2021, so it's hardly surprising that we've never heard of 99mph winds in Northumberland.

Until a few years ago, the Met Office's monthly weather reports regularly showed wind speeds in the places where people lived. For example, in January 1993 the wind speed was 89mph in Glasgow, 83mph in Edinburgh and 94mph in Leeds. They didn't feel the need to exaggerate wind speeds by using weather stations that were not at all representative of the rest of the country.

Their motivation is clear. They want people to believe that our weather is getting more extreme. They even took out one of their meteorologists on BBC Radio 5 on Monday to claim that climate change is causing the "more intense" storms in the UK.

Instead of telling lies, perhaps he should have said that storms were much more intense in this country in the 1980s and 90s, as confirmed by the Met Office's own 'State of the Climate' report last year: " Maximum wind speeds above these thresholds [40/50/60 kts] have occurred less frequently in the last two decades than in previous decades, especially when comparing the period before and after 2000. This earlier period [before 2000] was observed in the UK it was among the worst storms ever recorded, including the "Burns Day Storm" of 25 January 1990, the "Boxing Day Storm" of 26 December 1998 and the "Great Storm" of 16 October 1987 . Any comparison of storms is complex as it depends on severity, areal extent and duration. Storm Eunice [in 2022] was the most severe storm to hit England and Wales since February 2014, but still ranks second in the 1980s and the storms of the 1990s were much more severe.

Yes, Isha was probably the strongest storm of the winter. But the public has a right to all the facts from the Met Office, not just their propaganda.

It's cold and there's no wind...

Guess what? It's cold in Canada in winter too! And when it's cold, the wind often stops, as Alberta experienced to its detriment a few weeks ago. While demand has grown, wind power has practically dropped to nothing, generating just 1 percent of the province's electricity. Needless to say, their thousands of solar panels did not provide a single KW in the early evening.

As power became scarce, the Alberta Electric System Operator issued a critical emergency alert urging Albertans to reduce power usage to minimize potential power outages across the province. The call worked and the grid survived without the rolling blackouts that might otherwise have been necessary. Fortunately, Alberta still managed to generate 88 percent of its electricity from fossil fuels.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. If the politicians get their way and shut down all coal and gas producers, thousands of people will die.

Climate scare mongers: Throwing another £40bn of cash down the Net Zero drain

Alberta Power Grid January 13, 2024, 6:39 p.m.

Disease X created by the WHO is a lie
Disease X created by the WHO is a lie

The "X disease" lie created by the WHO
Magdolna Szőke Mária January 26, 2024. source

Dr. Robert Malone: ​​"The "X disease" lie created by the WHO aims to create panic so that governments transfer all power to nobody to a globalist organization not chosen by

Don't be fooled by the so-called "X", "Y" or "Z" disease. These are not real diseases. These are fictions, globalist projects. They are being used as a weapon to accept the transfer of funding and authority to an unelected globalist NGO, the WHO, stated Dr. Robert Malone in an article published on his blog, which is summarized below in Hungarian: Already in 2018, the World

Health Organization came up with the idea of ​​"disease X", representing a disease that could be the possible cause of a future major epidemic or pandemic. The original idea was that planning for an (imaginary) "disease X" would allow scientists, public health officials and doctors to develop best practices for a future epidemic or pandemic. Then they officially added "disease X" (which is just an imaginary disease) to the list of pathogens as a priority.

The idea of ​​"Disease X" was later weaponized to instill fear in both the public and governments.

This process began with communications related to COVID-19. A 2021 study found that "the only predictor of behavioral change during COVID-19 was fear."

In other words, fear-mongering, panic-mongering, and the propagation of lies by the authorities created an atmosphere of panic so that the masses, fearing for their lives, submit to completely unscientific and illegal measures.

Despite the well-known fact that fear is associated with a decline in both emotional and physical well-being, globalist manipulators have concluded that the only way to get masses of people to comply with measures is to use fear in public health.

The inventor of lipid nanoparticles knew that mRNA doesn't stay in your arm And the co-founder of BioNTech didn't want him to stay there anyway. Remember when they told you not to worry because this new mRNA vaccine will stay in your arm? You've been told condescendingly that once it's injected into your muscle, the mRNA will tell the muscle cells to start growing spike protein, you'll have an immune response, you won't infect anyone... ever, you'll be a hero, you won't die... of anything, and that's it too. There's nothing to worry about.

Well, we all knew that wasn't true, it was evident from people's side effects. But was this misinformation intentional or just the result of getting the product to market too quickly?

It turned out that this was not only deliberate misinformation, but an outright lie. Not only did they know that the mRNA wouldn't stay in the arm, they wanted it to travel throughout the body. It's clear that we've all been told the lie that it will "stay in the arm" to reduce vaccine uncertainty and increase profits for big pharma.

Last year we learned that BioNTech, the company developing the mRNA vaccine with Pfizer, wanted the mRNA to travel around the lymph nodes in the body.

French MP Virginie Joron tweeted a picture of a lecture she attended. The speaker was Özlem Türeci, co-founder of BioNTech, and his slide was entitled "The Bodyhack - Getting mRNA to the Right Cells to the Right Places".

The inventor of lipid nanoparticles knew that mRNA doesn't stay in your arm

The image clearly shows that the cells targeted by BioNTech were the dendritic cells in the lymph nodes. Robert Kogon reported that "An excerpt from the book The Vaccine, co-authored by Türeci and her husband, BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin, with journalist Joe Miller, explains why BioNTech's platform specifically targets lymph nodes:

Ugur learned that it doesn't matter where a vaccine gets the "circled poster." The reason for this - the pair's team from Mainz found out later - was that not all dendritic cells are the same. Those located in lymph nodes—the largest of which is the spleen—were particularly adept at capturing the mRNA and ensuring that the instructions it carried were carried out. These kidney-shaped organs, located under our armpits, in our groin, and in many other outposts of the body, are the information centers of the immune system. (p. 98)

Indeed, Sahin and Türeci were so determined to get their mRNA into the lymph nodes that they injected an earlier mRNA construct directly into the patient's inguinal lymph nodes (p. 104).

Needless to say, such an approach is unlikely to gain widespread acceptance as a vaccine! That is why it was necessary for the married couple - as they explain in their book - to package the mRNA in lipid nanoparticles, so that the mRNA administered by intramuscular injection is nevertheless widely distributed in the body and thus reaches the lymph nodes". From

this information, we therefore know that the BioNTech wanted the mRNA to travel through the body, but maybe that was kept secret and everyone else thought it really "stayed in the arm".


In October 2022, Dr. Pietr Cullis gave a lecture at the University of Manitoba at the annual Gairdner lecture - Science and serendipity: Lipid nanoparticles enabling COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

Dr. Cullis is widely credited with inventing the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery system, which ensures that mRNA does not degrade before reaching cells. Without LNPs, mRNA would be destroyed long before it reaches cells, and thus is critical for vaccines to “work.”

Cullis is also the founder of Acuitas Therapeutics, which is developing LNPs and whose technology Pfizer's Covid- It is used in 19 vaccines.

The inventor of lipid nanoparticles knew that mRNA doesn't stay in your arm

In his presentation, he was asked whether the LNP carrier system he developed can target specific tissues or limit which tissues it remains in. Dr. Cullis says, "This is going to be tricky. People have been trying to deliver these lipids, or any kind of nanomedicine, for 40 years without success... I've worn out 5 graduate students on this project. The last one refused to continue , unless I changed your project".

They have known for over 40 years that the LNP will not stay in power. In fact, they never wanted to stay there. They wanted the "vaccine" to travel throughout the body so that some of it would go to the lymph nodes. There, dendritic cells are more likely to translate the mRNA in the desired manner.

But they kept it from you, because would they really go and get an injection if they were told that this new technology would travel all over their body, where it would be picked up by all kinds of cells, including spleen, liver, and ovarian cells, which would then be instructed to to produce a spike protein created in a lab somewhere that would cause who knows what side effects because the trials were stopped early because it just wasn't fair that the placebo group didn't get mRNA.
Remember, children are not human shields! Against Covid, right; against NAZIS™ they are of course fine and even welcome at government-sponsored rallies.
Remember, remember, the good old days, Zero Covid?
Zeit Online: Children are not human shields
Antivaxxer pretending to care for their children [orig. Querdenker] parents knowingly endanger their children. They thus waive their right to be heard.

Remember, children are not human shields!
Remember, children are not human shields!

Zeit Online: Children at rallies: politicians from birth

Do children not understand enough about social contexts? That may be so, but that is no reason to exclude them from demonstrations.

And within just a few years, the same people who proudly declare that everything and everyone is a "social construct" will be claiming the opposite.

Not to mention the perverse inversion of basic rights and freedoms (top image) and parental duty to protect their children.

These people and others like them are so sick.

See also:
Demonstrations ordered by the German government "against the right" show their "true" colors.
Students are sent to Katalin Novák's program in Gyula The information sent to parents by one of the schools reveals that entire classes will be taken out for the arrival of the President of the Republic on Wednesday. According to the school district, they are merely giving the opportunity to the children who want to be there. There are 800 students.
"In January, the President of the Republic of Hungary, Katalin Novák, will pay a three-day visit to Békés County, during which she will be staying in Gyula. Don't be surprised if you meet the President at some point in the city. It is an extraordinary honor for our city - and somewhere for the city development work of the citizens of Gyula over generations recognition - that when the Hungarian head of state visits the Békés county, he chooses the town of Gyula as his accommodation, thus his temporary headquarters. We all welcome him with great love and respect!" - announced Gyula's governing party city manager Ernő Görgényi Görgényi, who has been at the head of the spa town of Békés since 2010, in his celebratory speech at the town hall on January 13, describing no matter how many honors.

It has now become clear that there will not be the least bit of surprise arising from possible spontaneity, the mayor of Fidesz makes sure of this in his letter to the leaders of local educational institutions. A post of a closed Facebook group used by the parents and class teacher of one of the sixth grades of the primary school in Gyula with the largest number of students reached our portal. In it, the headmaster of one of the sixth classes of the Implom József Primary School informs the parents of the children about how they will participate in the event on Wednesday, January 24, where the President of the Republic, Katalin Novák, will visit the only intact Gothic fortress in Central Europe, the Gyula Castle. (The city manager must have invited other local schools to the event as well.)

The class teacher informed the parents that they had already discussed this with the children during the class teacher's class, but some changes had taken place compared to that. According to this, the head of state "will arrive at the castle on January 24th at 9:30 in the morning, and the office of the President of the Republic will be there that day. In front of the castle, a ceremonial flag raising and changing of the guard will take place, just as is customary in front of the Sándor Palace." The teacher also wrote that "all this is a tourist attraction and a recognized event for Buda Castle".

In a message to parents, he added: "Interpreting the invitation of Mayor Dr. Ernő Görgényi, the students and their accompanying teachers are invited and waiting for this unique and solemn event." He then indicated that they should arrive at school at 7:30 a.m. on this day, so that they could leave for Gyula Castle ten minutes later. You have to get there before Katalin Novák arrives at the medieval fortress. (...)
They urge governments to support a global moratorium on mRNA injections In a study published Wednesday, researchers reanalyzed data from a Phase 3 trial of Pfizer's covid "vaccine" and found more serious side effects among those in the vaccine group.
Published reports on Pfizer's Phase 3 trials did not say so. "Several key study findings were either misreported or omitted entirely from published reports," the researchers said.

Seven researchers - M. Nathaniel Mead, Stephanie Seneff, Russ Wolfinger, Jessica Rose, Kris Denhaerynck, Steve Kirsch and Peter A. McCullough - set out to reanalyze Pfizer's trial data because: - their understanding of
covid vaccines and their impact on health and mortality our knowledge has advanced significantly since the introduction of the first vaccines; and,
- there were issues with the methods, conduct and reporting of key phase 3 trials.

They published their results on Wednesday under the title "Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign". The study was published in the medical journal Cureus.

"A reanalysis of the Pfizer trial data revealed a statistically significant increase in serious adverse events (SAEs) in the vaccine group," the researchers wrote.

It added: "Many SAEs have been identified following emergency use authorization (EUA), including deaths, cancers, cardiac events, and various autoimmune, hematologic, reproductive, and neurological disorders."

The EUA to which the researchers refer is an authorization granted to Pfizer by the US Food and Drug Administration ("FDA").

As the study noted, Pfizer's covid "vaccines" have never passed safety and toxicology tests that meet previously established scientific standards. He goes on to detail absolute risk reduction, underreporting of harm in trials, shifting narratives and the illusion of protection, quality control and manufacturing process contamination, biological mechanisms behind side effects, and why vaccines are ineffective based on how our immune system works.

Concluding their comprehensive review, the researchers wrote:
Given the extensive, well-documented SAEs and the unacceptably high harm/benefit ratio, we urge governments to support a global moratorium on modified mRNA products until causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are addressed. we do not get answers to all relevant questions.

The paper noted that while the vaccine platform of gene therapy products ("GTPs") has been studied as an experimental cancer treatment for more than 30 years, the terms "gene therapy" and "mRNA vaccination" are often used interchangeably.

"Although we use the terms "vaccine" and "vaccination" throughout this study, the covid-19 mRNA products are also accurately called gene therapy products (GTPs), because essentially the application of GTP technology to vaccination was discussed here" - was written.

As such, in their analysis, the terms "vaccines" and "vaccines" are used interchangeably with injections, vaccinations, biologics, or simply products.

Below you can read some details from the study. You can read the entire study HERE .

Serious harms revealed after EUA was granted

In this narrative review, we revisit the pedigree studies and review the analyzes of AEs from these studies and other relevant studies. Most of the revelations have come to light only recently, due to widespread censorship over the past few years of health professionals and researchers who have challenged the dominant narrative set by the vaccine company.

Despite the rhetoric, no large, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial has demonstrated a reduction in SARS-CoV-2 transmission, hospitalization, or death.

The trial designs of the pivotal trials leading up to the EUA were never intended to determine whether mRNA vaccines could help prevent serious illness or early death.

It was only after the EUA that the serious biological consequences of rushing trials became apparent: numerous cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, hematological, malignant and autoimmune SAEs were identified and published in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

Moreover, the covid mRNA vaccines produced by Process 1 and evaluated in the trials were not the same products that were eventually marketed worldwide; all disclosed covid-19 mRNA products were produced using procedure 2 and have been shown to contain varying degrees of DNA contamination.

Contaminants related to the procedure were not present in the covid-19 mRNA products used in the pedigree studies. Virtually all of the doses used in these studies were derived from "clinical batches" prepared by a procedure known as procedure 1. However, as a post-licensing emergency measure for global distribution, a more mass-producible method known as Process 2, which uses bacterial plasmid DNA, was developed.

The regulatory authorities' failure thus far to disclose process-related contaminants (e.g., SV40) has further raised concerns about the safety and quality control oversight of mRNA vaccine manufacturing processes.

Incentives played a key role in undermining scientific evaluation

Political and financial incentives may have played a key role in undermining the scientific evaluation process prior to the EUA.

Before the pandemic, the US National Institutes of Health invested $116 million (35%) in mRNA vaccine technology, the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority ("BARDA") invested $148 million (44%), while the Department of Defense ("DOD") provided $72 million (21%) for mRNA vaccine development.

BARDA and the Department of Defense also worked closely together to develop Moderna's mRNA vaccine, contributing more than $18 billion, which included guaranteed vaccine purchases. This meant pre-purchasing hundreds of millions of doses of mRNA vaccines, in addition to direct financial support for clinical trials and the expansion of Moderna's manufacturing capacity.After the

outbreak of the pandemic, $29.2 billion - 92% of which was funded by US public funds - for covid-19 mRNA products an additional $2.2 billion (7%) to support clinical trials, and $108 million (less than 1%) to manufacturing and basic research.

The use of US taxpayer money to pre-purchase so many doses suggests that prior to the EUA process, US federal agencies were heavily biased towards the successful outcome of genealogy attempts.

Conventional vaccine testing period abolished

Prior to the fast-track approval process, no vaccine was allowed to be marketed without undergoing at least a four-year testing period. The previous Phase 3 pilot testing timeframe averaged 10 years. Health ministries have stated that 10 to 15 years is the usual time frame for assessing the safety of vaccines.

The 10- to 15-year time frame previously established for clinical evaluation of vaccines was considered necessary to allow sufficient time to monitor the development of side effects such as cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Pfizer's covid vaccine completed the process in seven months.

Established Safety Standards Abandoned

For covid vaccines, safety has never been evaluated to previously established scientific standards, as they bypassed many of the safety testing and toxicology protocols normally followed by the FDA.

There are historical accounts of cases where vaccines were brought to market prematurely under enormous pressure and later developed crippling or even fatal side effects. Examples include the contamination of polio vaccines in 1955, Guillain-Barré syndrome observed in flu vaccine recipients in 1976, and the link between narcolepsy and a certain flu vaccine in 2009.

Given all of this, it's no surprise that many medical and public health experts have expressed concern about covid mRNA vaccines bypassing the standard safety testing process.

Concerns about inadequate safety testing go beyond standard regulatory approval standards and practices.

Since no specific regulations existed during the fast-track approval process, regulators quickly "reengineered" the products, generalized the concept of "vaccine" to suit them, and then granted EU authorization for viral diseases for the first time.

Since GTPs have been reclassified as vaccines, none of their components have been thoroughly evaluated for safety. In a nutshell, the main concern is that the covid mRNA products can turn the body's cells into viral protein factories that have no off-button - that is, no built-in mechanism to stop or control reproduction - and the spike protein ("S protein") for long periods of time is produced, which causes chronic, systemic inflammation and immune system dysfunction.

When protein S enters the bloodstream and spreads systemically, it can contribute to a variety of AEs in susceptible individuals.

Enact a Global Moratorium

Given the well-documented SAEs and the unacceptable harm/benefit ratio, we urge governments to support and enforce a global moratorium on such modified mRNA products until causality, residual DNA and all relevant questions about aberrant protein production remain unanswered.
The big cover-up has begun! The European Medicines Agency has deleted tens of thousands of cases of side effects from its database. A major cover-up of the damage caused by vaccines has begun, says Marcel de Graaff (FVD), member of the European Parliament. It can be found here on X.
"We shouldn't know how deadly Covid vaccines are," he adds.

Catherine Theilhet works as a programmer in the Paris city administration. He likes numbers and has written reports on the VAERS database of adverse reactions for the EMA and the French regulator ANSM.

Now you have found what you were looking for in the EMA database. After comparing EMA data from 2021 to 2023 with data published on January 1, 2024, he discovered that tens of thousands of cases previously listed in recent publications had disappeared.

These include 14,963 cases of myocarditis, 11,424 cases of pericarditis, 17,079 cases of thrombosis, 7,295 cases of pulmonary embolism, 22,107 cases of amenorrhoea (absence of menstruation) and dysmenorrhoea (menstrual pain), 4,241 deaths, 2,827 cases of defis. blindness and 1,482 miscarriages.

Here are the fruits of his discoveries, comparing the 2021-2023 data with the data published on January 1, 2024:

The big cover-up has begun!

It's as if these people never existed. And when you consider that the reported cases are only the tip of the iceberg.

He continues:
"Some countries no longer publish these statistics. Others, such as New Zealand, jail those who report them, not for reporting false data but for reporting the correct official data. Autopsies are discouraged by people to avoid finding out the real reasons, which feeds suspicion. They discourage those who want to report something and point fingers at them to make them feel guilty for doing a good job. I know people who listen to keep their peace of mind. It's unnatural that all these declarations are made by the families or the patients, when it should be done by the doctors because it is their job, even worse, it is their duty. The

testimony of Jean-Pierre Pernaud's wife is telling and sums it up well: Before expressing his condolences , her doctor told her, "First of all, tell her she's dying of her cancer," even though the last tests showed a complete remission, and from the last dose she had one stroke after another until she finally died.
An expert warns: the exposure of the COVID injection fraud will have shocking consequences "Once it becomes clear how big a scam it is, people will be shocked. And then, unfortunately, people will hold doctors accountable."
Edward Dowd, former BlackRock fund manager, founder of Phinance Technologies and co-financier of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign, tells Seth Holehouse what to expect in the next year. Overall, he predicts "a lot of cultural and political chaos" but "hopes there will be no violence." Regardless, it singles out doctors as the class of professionals who will be held responsible for administering extremely dangerous and completely useless COVID injections to the masses.

"Let's talk about the doctors who promoted the vaccine. I mean, a lot of those doctors were complicit," Dowd says in the clip. "Even simple things like going to the doctor are questioned. Because when it turns out it was a scam, people will be shocked. And then the doctors will be trampled, unfortunately."

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, according to Dowd, who says "literally almost every institution needs to be rethought."

"I call it meta-fraud," says Dowd. "It's a fraud that involves different silos. Not necessarily in a back room where they drink whiskey and plan everything, but they take advantage of what's going on."

"This process will be very damaging psychologically to many people who have lived with the preconception of normality," he adds, pointing out that those who think "everything is fine" will be shocked.
More tragic stories of mRNA damage: Children who lost both parents Children who lost both parents: Two-year-old British Bronson Battersby died curled up next to his father who had a heart attack; a 14-year-old Canadian boy suddenly lost both parents on Christmas Day 2023.
When parents are inoculated with COVID-19 mRNA, which has an mRNA fatality rate of about 1:500-1:1000, there is always a risk that both parents will die suddenly within a short period of time and the children will be orphaned.

I present 4 such tragic cases.

- January 2024 - Bronson Battersby, a two-year-old boy from the United Kingdom, is found starving to death and curled up next to his father, who suffered a heart attack and died suddenly.
- January 2024 - Canada - 14-year-old Simon Keats from Glovertown, Newfoundland, Canada, loses both of his parents during the Christmas holidays. His father, Jason, 42, died of cancer on December 22, and his mother, Robyn, 40, died unexpectedly of a heart attack on December 26.
- November 2023 - White Bear Lake, MN - Tess Natterstad and her two siblings are orphaned after their mother, 61-year-old Colleen Natterstad, dies unexpectedly of a heart attack in August 2023, and their father, Mike Natterstad, dies unexpectedly in early November 2023.
- Aug 2023 2023 - London, United Kingdom - Lisa Savell, 54, mother of five, dies suddenly of a brain aneurysm. Her children, aged 24 and 19, are facing eviction from their London flat.

I believe that every family that has at least one mRNA vaccinated member should be prepared for the possibility of sudden death and what would happen to their children in such a case.

The tragic story of two-year-old British boy Bronson Battersby, who starved to death next to his father after suffering an unexpected heart attack, is the clearest warning sign I've seen yet.
New FDA rule allows medical research without informed consent Tests should not pose more than a minimal risk to people and should include adequate safeguards to protect the rights, safety and well-being of those involved.

In an effort to encourage the discovery of more treatment and diagnostic options in medicine, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized a rule that allows certain clinical trials to operate without informed consent from participants.

The catch? The study must not pose more than a minimal risk to humans and must include adequate safeguards to protect the rights, safety and well-being of participants.

The rule was issued in late December 2023 and went into effect on January 22, 2024.

"We expect that this new rule will allow for minimal-risk research that would not otherwise be feasible," FDA Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Robert M. Califf wrote on the FDA's "Catching Up With Califf" blog. "This may include studies comparing the effectiveness of approved products to determine which option works best for certain patients."

The FDA originally proposed the rule in November 2018 to allow an institutional review board to waive the requirement for informed consent under certain conditions. The agency received fewer than 50 comment letters on the proposed rule from academia, institutional review boards (IRBs), public interest groups, industry, trade organizations, public health organizations, and citizens.

Most of the comments, FDA said, supported the agency's efforts and supported the rule because it would reduce the administrative burden on IRBs and researchers while encouraging valuable research on important public health issues without putting trial participants at risk. .

Not all comments were supportive, with some warning that "waiver of consent may be necessary and ethically justified for certain types of clinical trials that are critical to medical advancement, patient care, and safety." Two commenters believed that the rule was simply "antithetical" to the spirit of protecting people in medicine.

However, several researchers have noted in their support that certain minimal-risk studies are almost impossible to perform if consent is required. One example of this is the analysis of retrospective data recordings; before the new rule, such a study required the consent of the patients whose data were being studied. By being able to delve into such information, these researchers and the FDA argue that they may be able to make medical advances without sacrificing patient safety or rights.

Road to broken trust?

Much of the opposition to the new rule suggested that the changes would allow IRBs to compromise standards more and more, adding that the term "minimal risk" was too vague and open to misinterpretation or abuse. The result would be a loss of public trust in research and health care providers.
"Third parties, including IRBs, should not be allowed to decide for study subjects what constitutes 'minimal risk,'" stated one commenter.

The FDA defines minimal risk as meaning that subjects are no more likely to experience harm or discomfort during the study than during everyday tasks. In other words, there is minimal risk in almost every activity, from walking to washing the dishes to putting away the dishes and picking up the kids from school; the risk of the test cannot exceed the everyday risk.

The decision comes at a time when the FDA cannot afford to lose any more public trust; the agency is trying to restore its reputation following the COVID outbreak, which many say was influenced by political influence. Industry leaders have called on the agency to tighten the approval process for prescription drugs and medical devices — and make it more transparent.
In his blog post, Dr. Califf says the new rule is a start.

"These efforts will facilitate further robust clinical research to generate evidence for clinical decision-making and ultimately improve treatment and diagnostic options for patients," he wrote.
It was discovered that Janssen (J&J) poisoned the Philippines with the Covid-19 VACCINE! Straight from the Philippines FDA...
I apologize in advance to Filipinos for taking so long to find this.
Thanks in part to ICAN for the CDC FOIA'd manufacturing batch data that I audited in my previous articles HERE . During my check, the Philippines came up on my radar, not the data in ICAN, but the data or "hot items" that were excluded from CDC's previous submissions to ICAN. The kind of maneuver the CDC pulled on ICAN just shows the world how much they try to hide information, especially things that look really bad. I stated that the CDC / FDA VAERS doesn't even publish all the legitimate reports they receive, so I can only imagine that the actual data must be worse than what I'm showing now.

For the sake of clarity, I need to report three Under Reporting Factors (URFs)

1. Physicians and the public at all have the wisdom to report to VAERS.

2. The manufacturer cross paths with VAERS

3. VAERS publishes the reports to the world A 2010 study known as

the Harvard Pilgrim Study aka the Lazarus Report details the first type of URF and what was calculated to be about 100x. The second and third types are what I realize are probably more than the first type!

It is impossible to query the foreign reports from the CDC or even the OpenVAERS systems, but from medalerts.org the query can be done in expert mode, if it is not too complicated. Use this script HERE for Janssen and Philippines only for future reference:

Here's what just the Philippines and Janssen look like in VaersAware:

Looks like I got three reports wrong, VAERS must have switched some UNK foreign location reports to the Philippines along the way and I missed it, I'll fix that soon! Also note the ethical coding of the reports, some of the more serious adverse events have been moved to a more appropriate category. Same thing with UNK AGES, you can see I found almost ~150 unknown ages and categorized them accordingly.

Here's an example of upcoding an elderly Filipino as a serious event instead of safe and effective Guillian-Barré:

I wonder if the Philippine FDA will do itself a favor and hand it out from the bottom of the deck and put this report in the "non-serious" ledger? Probably if they are controlled by the same pharmaceutical cabal as our FDA.

Have all covid-19 vaccine deaths in the Philippines in VAERS:

Here's how all other countries' Janssen deaths compare to the Philippines:

Let's look at all the countries and Janssen's worst guilty lots 213C21A and 212C21A also went? No other country has a VAERS report for these two items!

Here are all the death items in the Philippines


Keep in mind that among the 408 unknown and empty lots, there are sure to be more of these Janssen JJ hot lots. As you can see, neither the FDA nor the CDC do a very good job of keeping complete records, and they basically lack integrity. Let's not forget all the injured and maimed, how many of them might be dead by now but were technically alive when the reports were filed? There's enough detail and variables here, and a live, current dashboard for the world to get out their calculators and figure out how bad it is. Janssen, JJ and Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets NFL football team, are murderers and criminals. I don't care if Woody is Trump's buddy, some of my buddies are probably criminals too and I don't know about it. God bless you.

- Special thanks also to SuperSally for reading my stuff and enlightening me about the Philippines.

- Health and wellness. Currently, coverage is mostly focused on the Covid-19 scene in the Philippines, with occasional posts about Australia.

- Remember the good old days when there was still informed consent? In this case, they should have said "This "vaccine" manufactured by the military industrial complex is a gene therapy bioweapon with an SV40 cancer promoter, plasmid DNA, endotoxins, and millions of different spiked proteins and fragments that can be incorporated into your genome and passed on to your children." Now roll up your sleeves." Ooooh yes please, it sounds so delicious!

- My experience with Filipinos, as a caregiver for a mentally disabled family member here in Canada, is that as a culture, they are the warmest, kindest, and most loving people in the entire world. My heart beats with great sadness for their nation. I pray that whoever brought this calamity to the people of the Philippines will be quickly brought to justice. May Jesus and His Father bless the Filipino people, wherever they are in the world, and their country as well.

- Oh, I know, I grew up in Santa Clara, California, and I have a lot of Filipino friends. For some reason there was a contingent in the Montague neighborhood of north San Jose when I was a kid. Many of them took a short school bus ride to Santa Clara. Over the years, more have spread to the Milpitas area, and just generalized to my local area, the South Bay of Silicon Valley. They are the nicest, nicest people. The best I can say is that they give the "foreigner" the upper hand first. They are hopeful people, I am deeply afraid of what their government and the pharmaceutical conspiracy has done to them. They have already fought against the Dengue vaccine scam. They have the best rice balls! The best dessert I've ever had! My friend Arnold Pasag's mom or Dino Sinisol's mom made these rice balls for the team, which have a caramelized, crispy outer shell. Delicious. I still remember these things, even after 40 years.

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