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V. Constitutional Law Conference - In memory of Dr József Zoltán Tóth

Can the Hungarian constitutional order be restored with the help of the Basic Law?

The Constitutional Law Conference series organized on the subject of the constitutional order of the Hungarian Holy Crown continues!

The motto of the Conference series, in the words of Ferenc Deák: "...we reclaim our ancient constitution, which was not a gift, but was established by mutual agreements and developed from the life of the nation; the constitution that we ourselves sometimes applied to the needs of the times, and we from now on we want to apply the constitution, the principles of which have been sanctified for centuries. Right and the law stand by us..." Its

importance and timeliness are confirmed by the words of István Kocsis:

"The doctrine of the Holy Crown has become the preserving force of the Hungarian constitution, Hungarian statehood, and the determining factor of the Hungarian development of public law, but its significance was not greatest when the Hungarian nation lived in prosperity and security, but when it found itself in difficult situations.

The Hungarian nation overcame the most difficult situations in its history with the help of the Holy Crown... Hungarian history was the creator of national unity in its most difficult and dramatic situations. And precisely because the Holy Crown primarily meant freedoms, fairness, and legal security for the political nation of the time, for the members of the Holy Crown, the free citizens of the countries of the Holy Crown naturally surrounded it with gratitude, love, and respect. He was respected and loved by all those who did not feel that the observance of the laws and the constitution was pregnant, respected with fear by those who kept the laws only out of compulsion."

It is necessary to return to the Historical Constitution and our Hungarian legal traditions.

Organizers: National Association for the Restoration of the Constitution, Association of Hungarians, Llikisimet 88 movement
Date: Saturday, February 24, 2023 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Location: Hazatérés Temple / Szabadság tér 2 /, Katakombaszínház
Executive chairman: Dr. Attila Diviki - Nagy, member of AJET, contributor Miklós Vestztergám
Conference patrons: Dr János Drábik and Dr Alfréd Pócs
Program :
10:00 a.m.: Opening from 10:15 a.m., presentations until the bell rings.
Lunch break at 12:00 p.m. - expect Csaba Nyers to bring ancient Hungarian dishes.
We will listen to the lectures from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and then from 5:00 p.m. there will be a round table discussion with the speakers, where they will answer the audience's questions on paper.

The entrance is free, but due to the capacity of the place and the indication of the request for lunch, it is worth registering for the event in advance!
Reservation and registration here: namzetegyesitok@proton.me

Lawyers and legal historians invited to the 5th Conference will express their views on the following topics:
The topics of the presentations:
Constitution and National Assembly: - the role of the National Assembly and the two-chamber Parliament according to the legal tradition in law-making
- The I. vh. Constitutions and the legal order of the Holy Crown after 1946, TV I of 1946 and TV XX of 1949. constitutionality
- Constitutional continuity of law, - Constitutional crisis
- The effect of the two National Assemblies so far on constitutional life
- The state, the concept of statehood, its changes, types of state,
- The relationship between law and justice in legislation, judicial judgment
National self-determination, national and constitutional identity:- The former and current limits of state sovereignty
- The role of customary law in the legislation and constitutionality of our country

We warmly welcome all interested parties to the event!
The 11th World Congress of Hungarians marks our unwritten Historical Constitution as a pledge of our survival! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6Kw4d9t2XM

Some ancient quotes about our TRUTH-LOVING ancestors, the Scythians

Anonymus (Gesta Hungarorum): the Asian Scythians, consisting of several peoples, i.e. the Sakas, are primarily mentioned in their works by the ancient historians: Herodotus, Megasthenes, Pliny, Ptolemy, Arrian, and then Strabo, so we have quite a lot of information about them .

Herodotus (440 BC): This great people who inhabited the western Eurasian plains for thousands of years... had exceptionally high, extremely important knowledge and wealth.

Thucydides (431 BC): "No European nation can stand comparison with the Scythians, and even in Asia there is not a single nation that can compete with them if they unite."

Justinus: "The nation of the Scythians was always considered very ancient." "The Egyptians always considered the Scythians to be older." "The Scythians only heard of the weapons of the Romans, but did not feel them. The Scythians were a nation accustomed to toil as well as to war; their physical strength is immeasurable. They gain nothing to fear losing. If they win, they desire nothing but glory. "

Curtius: "The reason of the Scythians is not unhewn or unpolished, like that of other barbarians." "He says of the Scythian Abius: "It is certain that they were very just, abstaining from armed action except when attacked."

Maximus Tyrius: "The Scythian people are valiant." "The Scythian people are free." "The Scythians came to the Greeks from his land a wise man from among the barbarians there, neither word-mongering nor chattering wisdom, but he had a principle: a free way of life, common sense, short and apt speech."

Laertius Diogenes: "When someone spoke freely, it was said of him that the Scythian way of speaking "
The Scythian Amacharsis, when asked what is both good and bad in man, answered: "The tongue." He also asserted that it is better to have one worthy friend than many worthless ones."

Aeschylus' name for the Scythians: - "the good-law Scythians."

Scymnus writes about the shepherd Scythians that none of them hurt "animals of any kind and draft cattle." "They feed on milk."

Strabo (66 BC - 24 AD) writes about the Scythians that they were very simple-minded, i.e. they were sincerely honest and not the least bit mercenary, they had much more modest demands than us and were satisfied with less. But they had famous philosophers who... lived in great honor because they showed their countrymen a friendly, uncorrupted and just character. "The Scythians are a distinguished and just people... they know no saving of revenue, nor swindling, except in barter.

"The wise Anacharsis was descended from the very pious shepherd Scythians." "the Scythians live in the most righteous morals."

Xenephon writes of the Abius Scythians that "they dwell in Asia, live according to their own laws, and are chiefly distinguished for their poverty and justice."

Homer calls the Scythians, called Abius, the most righteous people. Elsewhere: "The dairy Scythians are the fairest people."

(...In ancient times, many epoch-making inventions of the Scythians were also recorded...)

Antonio Bonfini (1427-1502): they do not know the truth from a law book, but nature instilled it in them. They consider theft to be the most serious crime, because they keep their cattle and food without shelter or fence while they roam the forests; if they were allowed to steal, they could not survive; they do not long for what others have, they are satisfied with what they have; they don't want gold or silver. Otherwise, they are balanced, moderate, honest by nature... Homer therefore rightly praises them so much.

István Werbőczy (circa 1458-1541): The width and length of the Sisty land are very large. To this day, the people who live on it are commonly called Dentu-Mogyers, and they have never been under the yoke of any kind of sovereign power. The Scythians are good old people...

(...and so on from the introductory texts of the exhibition entitled "People in Gold", which presents Scythian treasures found in Eurasia.)

Well, just as our honorable parents sent us to school and then to our independent lives, "let's not bring shame on their heads", - the same can be expected of our Scythian ancestors from us, their descendants living today.

A group was preparing to take over power in Hungary, and 150 policemen swooped down
A group was preparing to take over power in Hungary, and 150 policemen swooped down

Extraordinary! A group prepared to take over power in Hungary, 150 police officers attacked (VIDEO)
January 24, 2024. source

Note: the whole thing was the same state secret operation and deceptive hoax as the Teréz körút bombing! The purpose of this rubber bone is to discredit SKYTY! Thank you Viktor, THIS IS you!
It is not enough to defend against the world's mass-murdering usurers, the big problem is the miserable mafia government of our own country!

The members of Szkíta Magyarország put forward the prospect of disarming the Hungarian soldiers and arresting the government.

Police.hu writes that eight suspects are preparing to take control of the country, and has put forward the prospect of disarming the Hungarian police and soldiers if they show resistance. Finally, the Emergency Police National Investigation Bureau put an end to the organization with great force yesterday morning.

Regarding the history, it is said that last November a video was found in which the members of a company announced that they were forming the Scythian Hungary and had started arming the national free military troops.

It was announced that both former and current members of the government would be arrested.

They said that the disarmament of the Hungarian police and the transfer of the military would soon take place if they showed resistance. In the meantime, they managed to identify the members of the organization, who were arrested yesterday morning, they write.

Since it could not be ruled out that the members had firearms, the NNI asked the Terrorism Center to carry out the raids.

Considering the significant number of locations and suspects, and the fact that their liquidation had to be carried out simultaneously, the arrests were supported by the operational units of the TEK, the units of the Operational Service of the NNI and the Deployment Support Department of the KR, they write.

They emphasize: in the operation carried out in the counties of Veszprém, Pest, Zala, Bács-Kiskun, and in Budapest, nearly 150 police officers conducted arrests and searches at 10 locations at the same time.

The numbers: measures were taken against a total of 11 people, eight of them - seven men and one woman - were questioned by the investigators as suspects, and then a 53-year-old man from Murakeresztúr, a 68-year-old man from Veszprém and an 88-year-old man from Vác were detained.

"The company's determination is reflected in the fact that during the searches, the investigators found what are believed to be sharp handguns, ammunition, AK assault rifles,

as well as gas and stun guns, as well as rubber bullet weapons and air guns at several locations. All of these will be subjected to expert examination during the investigation" - shocking details are published by police.hu.

Among the seized objects are also various documents denying the existence of the Hungarian state and documents related to the organization Szkíta Magyarország. NNI employees also found documents issued by the company to its members. These included identity cards, traffic permits, and even documents certifying diplomatic immunity. The police seized the IT devices and electronic data of the organization's members in order to obtain additional evidence, they write.

The current situation: healthcare, education

The method changers: Soros, Göncz, Horn, Orbán

The peaceful Scythians distanced themselves from the violent ones The Scythian Association distanced itself from the people who claimed to be Scythians, who were detained by the police because they were preparing for a violent takeover.
Last November, a video was uploaded to YouTube in which members of a company talked about the formation of "Szkíta Hungary", the arming of national free military troops, the arrest of former and current members of the government, the disarmament of the police and the transfer of the army. In the language of the law, this means that preparations were made to forcibly change the constitutional order, which is a crime.

As Infostart also reported, after they were identified, 150 uniformed officers of the police and the Anti-Terrorism Center attacked them simultaneously at a total of ten locations in Budapest and in the counties of Pest, Veszprém, Zala and Bács-Kiskun. Investigators questioned seven men and one woman as suspects. A 53-year-old man from Murakeresztúr, a 68-year-old man from Veszprém and an 88-year-old man from Vác were detained.

Handguns, ammunition, AK assault rifles, gas and stun guns, as well as rubber bullet guns and air guns were found at several locations. They also seized documents whose authors denied the existence of the Hungarian state. Self-made documents, such as identity cards, traffic licenses and diplomatic immunity documents were also found with them.

According to the census data of the Central Statistical Office, 2,439 people in Hungary identify themselves as Scythians, or Scythians. Recently, one such group collected 1,371 signatures and even initiated a request by the National Assembly to declare them an independent nationality. Parliament voted it down.

Miklós Soltész, the State Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office responsible for ethnic relations, initially believed the submission to be a joke, which, in his opinion, goes against common sense. "It goes against many things, and that's why I can only quote the official position of the president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: there are neither physical nor legal conditions for the Scythians, who disappeared from the stage of history for more than 2000 years, to be can be recognized in Hungary as a native nationality preserving its traditions and language," he said in the parliament.

The petition was submitted to the Parliament by László Alfréd Pócs, the president of the Szkíta Association. The Eger municipal representative, who works as a doctor, became famous for his anti-vaccination views during the coronavirus epidemic, and now he has spoken to Népszava. He said that he only learned about Scythia's intention to take over from the press, which he distances himself from. "We imagine being Scythian in a different way, we fight for something and stand in line for something, not against something. We were founded for classical Scythian morality, we don't envision change in a radical way," emphasized the president of the Scythian Association.
Almost a coup: 8 Scythians were captured who wanted to take over power in Hungary at gunpoint The armed conspirators preparing to violently overthrow the state order, who were attacked by the police early in the morning by mobilizing exceptional forces, at 10 locations all over the country, could not be called secret.

The members of the group were noticed by the authorities because last November, in a video shared on social media, they announced that they would take over power and then form the Scythian Hungary. They talked about the fact that they had already started arming the "national free military troops". In the meantime, they were also preparing to disarm, which would have affected the police of current Hungary, and they planned to transfer the army to their side.

The Scythians' cleverly invented, populist program point would have been the arrest of all current and former members of the government. After watching the video, the emergency police launched an investigation "due to the preparation of a violent change of the constitutional order". It was also possible to identify the members who were attacked.

It turned out to be true what my great-uncle, the former Hortysta military officer, said: the Scythians are really not vocal people. The 150 police officers raiding 10 locations in the counties of Veszprém, Pest, Zala, Bács-Kiskun, and Budapest at the same time actually found weapons. A "presumably sharp" pistol, an AK assault rifle, as well as gas and stun guns, as well as rubber bullet weapons and ammunition were also seized.

Measures were taken against 11 people, 7 men and 1 woman were interrogated, and 3 men - aged 43, 68 and 88 - were detained. The Scythians do not live in one heap among us, there is no Scythian quarter, as there were also residents of Murakeresztúr, Veszprém and Vác among them.

They seized not only weapons, but also writings denying the existence of the Hungarian state and, best of all, the official personal documents of the planned Scythian Hungary. As well as identity cards and traffic permits, as well as documents certifying diplomatic immunity. It follows indirectly from this that even under Scythian rule it was not necessary to ride a horse.

There are rarely coups in Hungary, so we tried to draw conclusions about the conspirators who reached the threshold of taking power based on the police action video.

A typical Scythian hand gesture, which refers to the most famous Scythian, Jesus Christ. The facial features of the Scythians are rough, their heads are more angular than the average Hungarian. The Bible didn't ignore this by chance - The Scythians also have five fingers on their hands, in the same order as the Hungarians - The Scythians don't grow hair on their heads - (the article mocks - KJ)

Unlike ours, the Scythians' blood pressure fluctuates so much that the TEKs they also had to measure it. If you meet a Scythian, don't annoy him, instead play him water splashing or wheat field rustling from your phone!

Incidentally, the Scythians recently tried to declare themselves an official minority, but the parliament did not support the idea.
We know who could have planned an armed coup to overthrow the republic their program is like that of the Dialogue, only with the king and the Holy Crown. It was a long time ago that some people wanted to overthrow the Hungarian state order in an organized manner, in possession of firearms. However, at dawn, a total of 150 police officers went out to the most diverse corners of the country to interrogate 8 people and detain 3 of them, including an 88-year-old man, while they found at least one pistol and a machine gun. The emergency police have been investigating the case "due to the preparation of a violent change of the constitutional order" since last fall.

But who are the conspirators who claimed that they were preparing to disarm the police and had already planned the identity documents of the future Hungary?

The police did not reveal this, but at the beginning of their clipped video of the action, there are two film clips that may bring you closer to the solution. The first such clip shows an oath.

This video was familiar from somewhere, reporter Czinkóczi quickly found where. Well, from the website of the party called the Alliance for the Kingdom of the Holy Crown. By the way, this is an existing, registered party, which was also registered by the electoral office.

SZASZKO was basically created to restore historical Hungary and to restore the Constitution of the Holy Crown, whatever that means.

The main page of their mouth shows the same video that the police also showed for a few seconds. An elderly gentleman from Vác named Sándor Szigeti is about to take the oath of governor.

It was not by chance that the state authorities were frightened by Sándor Szigeti. Viktor Orbán's most powerful challenger recognized the true secret of the appeal of the Horthy nostalgia that continues to this day with a clever political sense, and therefore sewed at least two fancy naval officer uniforms for the movement. One for himself and one for the person he took the oath of office in front of.

In the video about the swearing-in, it can be seen that the Governor takes office standing behind a table on which three cult objects have been placed:
1. a decorative sword,
2. a dwarf Holy Crown that fits the head of a macaque
3. and a snake cucumber cut in half

According to the party program published on the organization's website the Alliance for the Country of the Holy Crown belongs to the progressive-incoherent-diliny current within the subculture.

They would keep the parliament and call their own leader the governor while they wait for the new king. If they had not been arrested, they would be the second-third strongest party in Újlipótváros and in the inner parts of the seventh-eighth district, as they strongly support
the wider dissemination of alternative and folk medicine, as well as holistic and homeopathic healing. And the Budapest School and the Waldorf school councils can be envious of their program point, which is to include knowledge of herbal medicine in the primary school curriculum. Okay, the runic writing as well, but that won't really hurt anyone.

In light of these, it is almost natural that they are enthusiastic supporters of home birth. As well as the construction of water reservoirs, alternative, renewable energy production and the recognition of inventors.

Before all the devil-stick spinners in batik trousers sign the declaration of entry, it is worth considering that they would also restore the kingdom.

On the other hand, they have the best "doctor answers" section in the history of Hungarian literacy. It's all about aluminum foil essentially curing everything. It starts like this and it only gets better from here: (...)

Every anti-state movement can learn from them, because - as I found out after a short online investigation - the text was stolen from Kiskegyed, the showcase newspaper of the system that illegally usurped power. The URL of the 2015 article still exists, but the paper, intimidated by the anti-Scythians, deleted its content!

It is interesting, however, that while the police's statement emphasized the fact that the conspirators would create a Scythian Hungary, the SZASZKO does not mention Scythia at all on its website, and instead sometimes ignores it. It is quite possible that it is because, for example, they teamed up with another Scythian-focused organization to carry out the coup, or because they themselves recently went in the Sumerian direction. I sent questions about the matter to the police, but they said nothing, citing the ongoing investigation.
Intimidation government comedy Hungary also loosely suppresses Alice's wonderland: Scythian resisters, Khazarian government puppets and 150 "brave" police officers who arrested some elderly men. Motto: A tyrannical power resorts to the intimidation of people when it is rightly afraid of people suffering from injustice!

And then by this afternoon, the news was already in the international press that "Scythian resistance fighters" were preparing for an armed coup d'état, but the brave Orbanistan policemen hit them well, 150 policemen arrested a couple of old men in 8 locations, and then of course this heroic deed received a lot of press coverage, anyway it looks just like when in "A Fool Makes a Hundred", the head nurse Jagodek is on a day off in the workshop and the fools can frolic without neckties. Some people think they are Scythians, some policemen and some think they are prime ministers in the rubber room!

I admit that even as a weathered "old fox" of the press, I just stare and I don't really understand what the hell is going on in Hungary again?

Because the Orbán government felt threatened by eight old men who declared themselves to be "Scythians", they immediately mobilized 150 police and counter-terrorists (after all, since the abolition of the COVID-19 terror, these supermen in uniform have not had the opportunity to show their teeth in the direction of the civilian population anyway) brave policemen from Orbanistan raided 8 civilian apartments and searched them, and according to the news, they produced 8 older men. We know who made the Orbáns feel threatened. Because the "Scythian" old men said in a video that they would put the Orbáns down and even disarm the government police. (...)
Announcement about the slander against the Scythians and the position of the Scythians Masses of media wrote and spoke today about the fact that some kind of Scythian terror organization was liquidated by ORFK and TEK.
On behalf of the leadership of the SZKITA (Holy Crown Truth Advisory and Legal Defender) Association and its 400 members, the 2,500 Hungarian citizens who declared themselves Scythian at the time of the census, the 1,300 Hungarian citizens who initiated the creation of the National Scythian Self-Government, and the growing number of Scythian Self-Governments in the counties, we distance ourselves from all from an act of violence. Scythian morality is a pure, loving philosophy that seeks justice and fairness, and has nothing to do with violence of any kind. The aforementioned organizations were founded on the basis of the laws of the Hungarian state, their activities are characterized by law-abiding behavior, therefore the main stream media's incitement against the Scythian people is considered groundless. We ask that the police investigate the case, take action and reassure the population that the problem is not with the citizens who follow the Scythian tradition.

At the same time, we also call upon the political decision-making for the anti-fundamental discrimination it has committed, - the refusal to declare it a native ethnic group, - which reinforces such apparently violent events.

We believe that this police action, the naming of the involved suspects as Scythians in general, can be a good opportunity for journalistic exaggeration, provocation, and inciting a hate campaign against Scythians, which very worryingly violates the rights of our fellow citizens belonging to this circle. This behavior is the same as gypsyism, Judaization, serialization, conspiracy theorizing, that is, the undeserved collective stigmatization and demonization of a ethnic group or social group.

We reassure all people who sympathize with us, our members, that the media appearances trying to discredit Scythia in connection with the case are more like the coordinated media attack of the COVID hysteria against those who question the COVID epidemic, or the discriminating attack of the media pushing the vaccination campaign against the unvaccinated, rather than factual journalism.

God bless the Hungarians!
Dr. József
Tamasi Dr.
Gábor Nagy Alfréd Pócs
This is a provocation! Miklós Patrubány's statement about the "armed" takeover attempt by TEK. The Hungarians XI. During and after the press conference in preparation for the World Congress, Miklós Patrubány, the president of the MVSZ, made a statement about the news dominating the Hungarian press, the capture of the eight assassins named as "Scythians".

"This is a provocation, a serious provocation against the Hungarian nation as a whole. Anyone who dares to speak against the Scythian concept or Scythism insults the Holy Crown.

The World Federation of Hungarians distances itself from any violent act that would try to overthrow the government here in Hungary by force, or anywhere. We have proven this quite clearly in the 86 years of our existence. I don't think we should apologize after hearing this news. The values ​​and morals of the Scythian world are different. We have incorporated Scythian values ​​into the Statutes of the World Federation of Hungarians and the life of the World Federation of Hungarians in the last thirty years . We have never heard of an association called Szkíta Hungary.

The Holy Crown itself, the idealism of the Holy Crown, and the role of the Holy Crown in the life of the Hungarian people are all Scythian heritage. Therefore, whoever dares to speak out against the Scythian concept or Scythism, it dishonors the Holy Crown.

I believe that this is a provocation. This is a serious provocation against the Hungarian nation as a whole. since the most important event of the universal Hungarian nation in 2024 is the Magyarok XI. World Congress. It is far more important than municipal elections and European Parliament elections. Here we are talking about the future of Hungarians as a whole, the future of humanity as a whole. This current action, with the media coverage with which it was served, is specifically meant to end the World Congress of Hungarians, the most significant event of the Hungarian nation this year - the World Congress, which even in its title calls the Scythians to fight against the Darkness. to scare everyone away from him, to keep delegates and speakers away. It won't work!" Miklós Patrubány summed up his thoughts after today's press conference.
The government is particularly happy when talented people leave Hungary Mária Vásárhelyi, a sociologist, was a guest of Klubrádió's Morning Person program. Of course, the conversation mostly focused on the current system, the sociologist talked, among other things, about how well the government uses the "moral panic" he invented to cover up everyday problems, such as the radical decline in consumption, which always threatens a greater danger, rather than people worrying about how much bread costs.

The past was discussed, in connection with which Vásárhelyi explained that in the past 100-150 years there was a kind of national pride characteristic of us Hungarians, so let's look down on the countries around us, who otherwise constantly surpass us.

According to him, this national pride can be further appeased by the government's nationalist Duma.

Vásárhelyi believes that the vast majority of society does not care where they get their information from, and travel is given to very few people. The vast majority never travel abroad.

And this government is particularly happy when those people who have real ambition, who are talented, who have a need for freedom and the Western way of life leave here, he continued later.

Regarding the press, he believes that it should not be forgotten that a significant part of the population is functionally illiterate, and that even reading is a huge effort for them. The tragically low level of language skills is also grist to the mill of this power, which otherwise does not care what will happen to the next generations, but they are not interested in the situation of Hungarian society as a whole today either, because they are motivated by only one thing, which is to cement their own power - explained the sociologist. According to him, if after the fall of the current system, the assets are not accounted for, then this society will really be over. He then mentioned that Hungarian society had never faced the crimes committed by him. He always put the blame on others.
Viktor Orbán used to be the vice-president of the Liberal International, now he is again the vice-president of the Christian Democratic International Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the president of Fidesz, was re-elected vice-president of the Christian Democratic International (CDI) at the organization's general meeting in Brussels, Bertalan Havasi, head of the Prime Minister's Press Office, informed MTI on Friday.

According to the information published on the social media page of the right-wing party association established in 1961, the president of the CDI is still the Colombian Andrés Pastrana, and the general secretary is the Spanish Antonio López-Istúriz White.

Among the European prime ministers - apart from Viktor Orbán - the Prime Minister of Slovenia, Janez Jansa, and the Prime Minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenković, hold the position of vice-president in the conservative party alliance.

By the way, Orbán was one of the vice-presidents of the Liberal International between 1992 and 2000. (...)
By the time the Budapest-Belgrade railway is built, everyone is already transporting in other directions It is now possible to travel by passenger train on the Szeged-Szabadka route five times a day. The 45-kilometer distance can be covered in 45 minutes by car, 1 hour 25-26 minutes by train, the price of the trip is HUF 2,356 each way. Neither the travel time nor the speed is very competitive: according to our information, an average of only ten passengers use the trains per day.

Getting to this point was not easy either: the passenger trains started one month late, in November 2023. But the only 13-kilometer Hungarian section rebuilt by the R-Kord railway builder of Mészáros Lőrinc at a cost of HUF 48 billion is not yet ready: according to current expectations, the overhead line will not be built until 2025, but the even more important train influencing and securing equipment has not been completed. This should be built by the Czech company A®D Praha as a subcontractor, but there is currently no information on when it can be completed.

All this does not hurt the passengers, but the rail freight transport: until the safety equipment is ready, there will only be one train on the Szeged-Szabadka line. This takes me back to the era of railway heroics: since there is no equipment to see where and how fast a train is on the single-track track, to put it simply, a train can only leave Szeged if it has reached the Horgos border station, and it can only leave Szabadka if it has reached the Hungarian border the field is empty.

Thus, in addition to five pairs of passenger trains per day, only two or three pairs of freight trains can run per day. Due to the reconstruction of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line until at least 2025, this is the entire Hungarian-Serbian railway freight transport capacity.

Since there is no chance that the Szeged-Szabadka line will be fully built by 2025, we should make do with this capacity. However, the renovation of the section was justified precisely by the fact that, while the Budapest-Belgrade section is being built, there would be a place for freight trains to travel.

Disappearing freight trains

Avoiding Hungary is not really possible: the closest possible route would be towards Pécs-Magyarbóly-Eszék, except that there is only a single-track track without overhead wires (i.e. only diesel traction is possible), and this is such a significant detour both in terms of distance and costs that this can no longer be managed - then they would rather transport the goods by truck.

This can be seen in the Serbian-Hungarian border traffic, in recent years, truck traffic has increased continuously, while rail freight transport has decreased.

The Hungarian (Budapest-Kelebia) section of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line consists of two parts: the 150-kilometer Soroksár-Kelebia section is being built by Lőrinc Mészáros in cooperation with Chinese state companies with a Chinese loan for 2,078 million dollars, while the 8-kilometer Ferencváros-Soroksár section is also being built by Mészáros for 173 million dollars. - won by the Chinese tandem, V-Híd and China Railway. All this at today's prices is about HUF 800 billion, but in addition to this, the state and MÁV have tens of billions of HUF in costs related to the project, in connection with engineering works and expropriations, but the interest will be an even greater burden. (...)
It is better to be a poor worker in Romania and Turkey than here Although minimum wages have been rising continuously in Hungary since 2012, we are quite low among OECD countries in terms of their real rate. Out of the 36 countries examined, we are only in eleventh place from the back. It is also interesting that a large increase in the minimum wage for 2021-2022 was really necessary, because the increase between 2020-2021 was so small that the purchasing value of the minimum wage is decreasing in a unique way in the last decade. And this could easily happen again in 2023 due to the inflationary crisis.

While the minimum wage in Hungary has increased practically every year in recent years, this does not say much about the real minimum wage. The real minimum wage (annual) shows the real value of the nominal minimum wage, i.e. it is determined by dividing the nominal minimum wage by the price level. The real minimum wage therefore shows the purchasing power of the smallest wage in a given country compared to prices.

And the latest comparative statisticians of the OECD go one step further, as the value of the real minimum wage is converted to a common currency (here now USD) using purchasing power parity (PPP). The value obtained in this way will show how much and how much the minimum wage is actually worth in a given country, and the amount obtained in this way also eliminates price differences in different countries. So we see how much our minimum wage would be, expressed in dollars, if everything cost the same everywhere. (...)
NER's private aircraft fleet is ready for takeoff Fidesz's favorite security company bought into Jet-Solution Kft., so the NER's prominent people can finally choose from several Cessna planes.
From now on, it will be even easier for the politicians and billionaires of NER if they want to travel with a more comfortable private plane instead of a scheduled flight. It happened that Valton-Sec Zrt., which guards and protects state, government and Fidesz events and institutions, bought itself into a company called Jet-Solution Kft. According to available information, the company's fleet has 9 business aircraft.

Until now, Jet-Solution Kft. belonged exclusively to Tamas Ploveczki, but Valton joined him as a minority owner with the registration of January 8.

Jet Solution offers a variety of flexible charter services within and outside the European region. We have access to business jets worldwide! Contact us today and skip the line! A unique quote can be requested within hours! Please provide as much information as possible - says their introduction.

It is certain that one of Jet-Solution Kft.'s Cessna Citation I type planes bears the registration mark HA-FIT based on the photos available on the company's website. A YouTube video of the plane is also available, in which it is currently landing on Ferihegy in the summer of 2020.

According to the description, the Cessna was probably manufactured between 1971 and 1985 and can carry up to six passengers. Valton had plenty to buy, as its net sales in 2021 were 14 billion, and in 2022 it was already 18 billion.

The company that transports wealthy private passengers has been doing well lately, so it is no wonder that the owners of Valton liked it, who had interests in other private aviation companies. Jet-Solution is taking off quickly: it only got this name in December 2020, before that it dealt with daycare for children and was called Szamóca Kft. A certain Attila Muha turned it into Jet-Solution Kft., but he sold it to Tamás Ploveczki in the summer of 2021. While there was zero HUF revenue in 2020, the business really took off in 2021: HUF 3.8 billion in revenue, which turned into a HUF 53 million profit. And the following year, they hit it with a shovel: with a turnover of HUF 6.5 billion, they were able to book HUF 295 million in profit. Of the 6.5 billion forints, 5.5 billion were export sales, so the customer must have been foreign, only 963 million forints came in from the country. (...)

Trump won again, crypto and gold defeated fake money
Trump won again, crypto and gold defeated fake money

Trump Wins Again, Crypto and Gold Defeat Fake Money

Mike Adams January 24, 2024 source

Trump just beat Nikki Haley in New Hampshire and the GOP nomination is almost certain. Whoever it is for Trump and the Democratic nominees, many believe it will be "Big Mike."

Today, we are also talking about the superiority of private cryptocurrencies and gold as value-preserving systems. They are valuable because governments cannot counterfeit them, and confiscation is almost impossible for governments.

Remember: Governments don't want you using a money system they can't monitor, confiscate, and counterfeit. That's why they oppose gold, silver, and crypto while supporting dollar-denominated bank accounts, T-bills, IRAs, and CBDCs.

You can read the full story in today's hard broadcast here, in which we interview one of Coin Bureau's senior writers.

Video: TRUMP WON again, CRYPTO and GOLD beat fake money

Why isn't it taught in American history?

The ancestors of living Native Americans arrived in North America about 15,000 years ago. As a result, the continent finally developed broad communities, societies and cultures over the millennia.

Before the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492, the population of Native Americans was estimated at 70 million.
About 562 tribes inhabited the territory of the United States. The ten largest North American Indian tribal nations were: Arikara, Cherokee, Iroquois, Pawnee, Sioux, Apache, Eskimo, Comanche, Choctaw, Cree, Ojibwa, Mohawk, Cheyenne, Navajo, Seminole, Hope, Shoshone, Mohican, Shawnee, Mi 'kmaq, Paiute, Wampanoag, Ho-Chunk, Chumash, Haida.

Michael Mcardle-Nakoma's (1996) Tribal Map of Early European North America, Central America and the Caribbean is shown below. An important historical document for those of us with Native American blood in our veins.

This map gives a Native American perspective of what unfolded in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean with the tribes in full bloom ~ the "Glory Days" Pre-contact from across the eastern seas, or at least before contact was seriously influenced the change.
During more than 400 years, the contact time was quite different from tribe to tribe. The "Glory Days" of the Mayans and Aztecs, for example, ended long before the interior tribes of other areas, some of whom resisted almost until the 20th century.

At one time, numbering ten million, the indigenous people spoke nearly 4,000 languages.

The European conquest of the Americas, which began in 1492, ended with epidemics, hostilities, ethnic cleansing, slavery, and the Indian Removal Act of 1830 in the Native American population. An estimated 60 million indigenous people died as a result of the combination of events.

When the United States was founded, the established Native American tribes were considered a semi-independent nation because they generally lived in communities separate from white immigrants.

Today, American Indians and Alaska Natives make up 9.7 million people, according to the 2020 census.

History is not for you to like or dislike. It's there for you to learn from. And if that offends you, even better. Because then you are less likely to repeat it. It is not yours to erase or destroy.
-Native American Long Ago

Defeat the mandates after two years We will win together in 2024 Tonight we have an exceptionally hopeful VSRF LIVE broadcast - I'll be talking to friends and allies from across the political spectrum who are all coming together to defeat the Mandates. We first gathered peacefully on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in January 2022, and two years later the Mandate System completely collapsed. While tens of millions of Americans are still suffering from the harms of the Covid-19 vaccine and mandates, our work together has allowed millions of others to be saved when they were at full strength.

Approaching perhaps the most difficult political season in our country's history, it is vital that we stick together - regardless of our differences - because only if we are together can we overcome what the government has planned for this year. We must remain #OneMovement.

Louisa Clary, a mother, real estate professional, and political campaign manager, co-founded the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation with Steve Kirsch in 2021 and has built and led the Defeat the Mandates team with creativity and commitment. The founding managing director of VSRF, Louisa's leadership extended to co-presenter of VSRF Weekly Update, now VSRF LIVE.

Matt Tune, Major in the Marine Corps Reserve and Director of Strategic Sales and Marketing at NBCUniversal, came up with the idea of ​​a peaceful rally against the Mandate system, and Defeat the Mandates was born.

JP Sears, YouTuber, comedian and freedom advocate who used humor in the face of adversity, hosted Defeat the Mandates and infused a serious matter with comedic hilarity. Labor activist Tramell Thompson, founder of Progressive Action, has been passionate about progress and justice since 2015. Beyond the workplace, Progressive Action strives to improve society through various initiatives and is a beacon of tangible progress and community-driven transformation.

Lara Logan, who is famous for her candid coverage of the world's most dangerous locations, has taken a prominent place among the world's number one foreign correspondents. During his influential tenure at 60 Minutes, Logan immersed himself in political and human conflict around the world, reporting from regions such as Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt. Demonstrating his unwavering commitment, he spent five tumultuous years in Iraq, reporting live from Baghdad's main square as the American army moved in, bringing down Saddam. Logan's distinguished career boasts numerous prestigious awards, including the Silver Baton from duPont-Columbia University, the Overseas Press Club Award, Emmy Awards, and the RTNDA/Edward R. Murrow Award. His commitment to uncovering the real issues of our time is exemplified by his courageous search for stories, even in dangerous situations such as Egypt's Tahrir Square, where he had a near-death experience during the Arab Spring. - VSRF Episode 45: The Frontline Strikes Back

As we prepare for the challenges of 2024, please join us and support VSRF every month. Your contributions are vital to sustaining our efforts in this critical year. Those wishing to contribute can donate directly at VacSafety.org/donate. Together we can make a significant impact. Thank you for your support!
Ukraine desperately wants to start World War III as soon as possible Ukraine is desperate. He can't win on the battlefield, and his sister-in-law Victoria Nuland, who heads the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), is the source of all the propaganda that constantly paints Russia as weak enough to be attacked by the West. Ukraine is now using drones and long-range missiles, carelessly violating NATO airspace and attacking an oil refinery in Finland. And now they attacked a refinery in southern Russia. It was the Ukrainians who destroyed Nord Stream. Russian hardliners say they are right and should have nuked Kiev.

Now they are so desperate that they are trying to get Russia to invade NATO airspace because Ukraine has free access. Even Jamie Diamond admitted that Trump was right about NATO - get rid of it.

These people are absolutely desperate to start World War III, and people like Nuland will never go to the front lines. It's like terrorists sending children to blow themselves up when they would never do it themselves. Sources have confirmed that if there is a war with NATO, it will be a nuclear war. The standard strategy would be to have a submarine off the coast of Europe and knock out NATO HQ. Brussels, if not Frankfurt, before anyone could react. This is the world that Nuland and ISW are trying to create. This woman should be in jail.

The three timing periods, when there is a risk that Ukraine will succeed in III in 2024. to start a world war to help the US elections, January/February 2024, July and September 3/4 2024. Gold and Dow timing arrays tend to highlight this.
Bloomberg: Biden's aides do not believe he will win the election in 2024 The current US President Joe Biden is considered by his party colleagues to be an outsider in the upcoming presidential election. This was written by Bloomberg.
"Democratic lawmakers said in interviews that Biden's campaign has so far failed. <...> They believe that Biden is now an outsider," the publication reads. According to the president's aides, his campaign is not developing and voters are concerned about Biden's age. The article also noted that lawmakers and some party officials are concerned about Biden's chances, with former US President Donald Trump leading in polls.

Earlier, US presidential candidate Donald Trump won the primary for candidates in New Hampshire. It was Trump's third victory in the state. He expressed confidence in his victory in the upcoming presidential election. He is proud of this victory and considers it particularly important.
Interfax-Ukraine: Kiev is behind the big fire at the oil refinery in Tuapse A fire broke out in Uspenka. The fire in the factory in Tuapse was caused by the attack of the AFU. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) is responsible for the fire at the oil refinery in Tuapse, and attacked the company with drones. This was reported by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

"The oil refinery in Tuapse, Russia has become another target of the SBU," the agency said in its material. They note that the SBU has struck deep into the Russian Federation to damage facilities that provide fuel for Russian troops.

Earlier, it became known for the fire that occurred in the area of ​​the oil refinery in Tuapse. The special services localized the fire and asked not to publish a video of the scene.
Our suspicions have been confirmed: Top EU official: Israel funded Hamas Now even high-ranking EU leaders openly admit that Israel made the rise of Hamas possible. During a question-and-answer session during his visit to Spain, EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell admitted that the Israeli authorities financed and strengthened the terrorist militant group Hamas.
- Yes, Hamas was financed by the Israeli government to weaken the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority - he said.

Nya Dagbladet previously highlighted how the Israeli authorities financed and built the Islamist movement that later became Hamas - the motive was to divide and weaken the Palestinian people and the leftist and nationalist Palestinian political movements.

Now Josep Borrell, the EU's foreign affairs chief, is saying the same thing - that Israel funded and enabled the creation of the militant group it has now vowed to destroy.

- Yes, Hamas was financed by the Israeli government with the aim of weakening the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority - Borrell admitted in his speech at the University of Valladolid in Spain, where he received an honorary doctorate.

In addition to the two-state solution,

the EU leader preferred not to elaborate his views on Israel's participation in the creation of Hamas, but added that the only peaceful solution in the region is the creation of a Palestinian state.

- "We only believe that a two-state solution imposed from the outside would lead to peace, even if Israel insists that this is negative. However,

the Israeli side does not appreciate and denies that its leaders financed or strengthened Hamas or its predecessors .

- Mr. Borrell is wrong. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, far from seeking to strengthen Hamas, as the EU foreign affairs chief claims, instead struck the group in three large-scale military operations in 2012, 2014 and 2021," wrote Ophir Falk in his statement. , foreign policy advisor to the Israeli Prime Minister.
Donald Trump warns that it will be chaos if his criminal cases hurt his 2024 campaign. Democrats are already facing a wave of threats of violence. Earlier in the election year, Donald Trump spoke of "complication" if criminal charges prevented him from retaking the White House. But the chaos that the former president threatens is not an abstraction. It's already here, just a month after 2024.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland recently warned that there has been a "deeply disturbing increase in the number of threats against those who serve the public." Last month, his top deputy said the Justice Department receives urgent reports of threats against public officials "on a weekly basis." Election officials in key battleground states across the country say they are devoting unprecedented resources to election and physical security and preparing for an increasingly hellish 2024.

The man who inspired much of the wave of threats and intimidation directed at politicians, judges, prosecutors and other officials is unfazed by this. Trump has stressed to his close allies that if the people he says are "harassing" him or trying to "cheat" him out of the 2024 election would simply do what he wants, the flood of death threats would stop immediately, according to two , a person who knows the situation.

Trump publicly vowed that if the criminal cases brought against him hurt his election chances, "there will be upheaval in the country." Trump's lawyers similarly warned the Supreme Court that there would be "chaos and upheaval" if Colorado prevailed in keeping him off the ballot.

At times, however, the former president privately accused some officials and Democrats of inventing certain threats and attacks to paint him in a bad light, the two sources added.

But for many of the recipients of the threats, there is nothing contrived about the dangers or the reverberating consequences. On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are working to find new ways to protect themselves and their staff. Three years after the deadly riot on January 6, the US Capitol Police is still dealing with an explosion in violent threats. And in states critical to the upcoming elections, the number of resignations among election workers and administrators is rising sharply, many of whom are openly declaring that they can no longer stand the pro-Trump, conspiracy theory-fueled horror stories.

For those who worked closely with the former president, Trump's steadfast refusal to condemn or even deter right-wing violence is as much a part of his political DNA.

"There have been times when I've been in the room, working in the Trump administration ... when one or more people warned him that his words could potentially cause violence, and he just waved his hand like he was swatting a fly, like he would have said 'whatever' or 'shut up,'" recalls Stephanie Grisham, Trump's former White House press secretary. "Every time they gave him something like that [he did it]. It was his sign that he didn't want to hear something. It was always that hand, and you just knew it. If you got the hand wave, you knew not to bring it up again - it was his way of showing that he thought you were being too dramatic."

This report is based on new internal government data reviewed by Rolling Stone and interviews with state election officials, senior congressional sources, former federal prosecutors, Biden administration officials and other Democratic and Republican sources familiar with the matter.

A spokesperson for Trump did not respond to inquiries from Rolling Stone.

The numbers speak for themselves: American public discourse is increasingly violent. In the past five fiscal years, federal criminal prosecutions of threat-related charges in general -- against both public officials and individuals -- jumped 47 percent over the previous five years, according to data provided to Rolling Stone by the Justice Department; the number of defendants jumped from 769 to 1,129.

Trump says anyone who donates to Haley is "permanently barred" from MAGA
Justice Department records include prosecutions for violations of seven different threat-related laws, including a federal law that prohibits the kidnapping of members of Congress or killing or conspiring to do so. Between fiscal years 2012 and 2018, the Department of Justice prosecuted only one such case. Since then, four cases have been prosecuted.

The number of threats investigated by the Metropolitan Police has doubled since 2017, Trump's first year in office. The agency's threat investigation case count that year was just under 4,000, but in 2021 it rose to a record 9,625. In 2023, the Capitol Police investigated more than 8,000 threats, and more are expected as the country heads into the presidential election. "This is going to be a very busy year for our special agents," Ashan Benedict, the Capitol Police's deputy director for protective and intelligence operations, said in a statement.

Many ominous or threatening messages sent to members of Congress often fall into a gray area between constitutionally protected, albeit crude, speech and promises of imminent violence, causing frustration among some public officials. The legal difference between a caller wishing the death of a lawmaker or his staff or actively threatening their lives isn't always obvious to the recipient, and the former can be jarring.

The office of Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) told Rolling Stone that they are exploring legislation that would allow law enforcement agencies to pursue a wider range of threats. "We never want to stifle free speech, but I think we have to look at something between free speech and a specific, direct threat," Swalwell says.

Of course, not all death threats in this ongoing trend can be attributed to extreme Trumpism or related ideologies. However, the former president's relentless public targeting of various political and legal opponents clearly threw a powerful accelerator on the already tense national situation.

Earlier this month, police were called when the residence of US District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who was assigned to the federal election tampering case against Trump, was the target of an apparent "hit" attempt. Elsewhere, Arthur Engoron, the judge presiding over the ex-president's civil fraud trial in New York, received a bomb threat this month. Last month, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D) announced she had been inundated with death threats following a lawsuit to remove Trump from the state's 2024 ballot.

"Within three weeks of filing this lawsuit, I received 64 death threats. Then I stopped counting," Griswold wrote. "I will not be intimidated. Democracy and peace will triumph over tyranny and violence." (...)
Hundreds of Chinese investment companies are going bankrupt, there is complete hopelessness in the market The Far Eastern market is at a five-year low, and the optimism of fund managers is rapidly decreasing. The Chinese economy is facing a very difficult period, with the departure of investors, the situation of the stock markets may deteriorate even further.
The investment companies that stuck with China to the end are paying a huge price: the stock market of the Far Eastern country recently hit a five-year low, and at the same time, the rate of closing investment funds accelerated to heights not seen in five years.

Chinese investment companies are closing in droves

During the course of last year, approximately 240 investment companies in China were forced to pull down the curtain, but 15 companies were forced to liquidate this year as well. Among them is Asia Genesis Asset Management, which manages $330 million, whose chief strategist, Chua Soon Hock, sent a letter to the company's clients this week stating that the company will cease operations due to poor results.

Asia Genesis closed the last few years with a considerable profit, but last year all their moves backfired: they shorted the Japanese market, and they unceasingly stuck to their positive vision regarding the Chinese market - and this became their loss. The decision to close the fund was made after they lost 19 percent of their managed capital this year.

I lost all confidence as a trader. China's economic data is much weaker than we expected, weaker than anyone expected. We've held out hope as long as possible, but we've made it this far

, Justin Thomson, international equity strategist at T. Rowe Price, told Bloomberg after his company admitted that they had lost more than 80 percent of their capital in China in recent years.

China's CSI 300 stock index has practically halved its value in three years from its 2021 peak, while the Japanese market hit a 34-year high and the US S&P 500 hit an all-time high.

At the beginning of last year, stock market performance diverged drastically

Since the peak of 2021, the Chinese and Hong Kong stock markets have lost 6 trillion dollars due to the collapse in valuations, but according to some local experts, even now it cannot be said that the decline has reached its bottom .

Zhang Wenchao, the president of Shanghai Yunhan Asset Management, pointed out that company valuations are becoming more and more attractive at current levels, but the market is also surrounded by a crisis of confidence to such an extent, in addition to economic and supervisory problems, that it is impossible to guess when the market will start to bounce back. parquet.

Luca Castoldi, the Singaporean trader of Reyl Intesa Sanpaolo, highlighted:
Investors are no longer interested in China, so those who don't need to invest their money here are no longer here. (...)
Györgyé Soros is in a lot of trouble After Iowa, Donald Trump also won a decisive victory in New Hampshire!
And this is very important for us Hungarians! Here is the boss's election program:
- He wants to hold the members of the Biden government and the EU accountable, who made one of the biggest deals in history out of the Ukrainian war.
- He wants to hold the vaccine manufacturers to account, who are still demanding millions of euros from Hungary.
- He will put an end to the Russian-Ukrainian war and wants to peacefully end all conflicts that do not threaten international trade - he urges strong action against them.
- He wants to close the American borders and would help their European allies with financial support to strengthen their own borders.
- He wants to put an end to LGBTQ, which has changed to a pedophile style in recent years.
- He wants to protect cash and oppose full digitization.

In vain they create more and more bogus Republicans, they cannot fool the voters, and DeSantis stepped down in favor of the boss.
Sunak under pressure over shocking war crime video British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been questioned over an ITV News video showing a civilian being shot while waving a white flag in Gaza. The shocking images have sparked accusations of war crimes, and Sunak was called on Wednesday to make a statement. ITV News at ten o'clock.

Ramzi Abu Sahloul, a children's clothing seller from Gaza, who stood unarmed among a group of Palestinian men holding a white flag, was shot dead minutes after speaking to an ITV cameraman. In a report broadcast by the British public broadcaster, the events unfolded as the group of five Palestinian men tried to reach family members trapped in a house in an active combat zone.

The Israeli army ordered the group to evacuate Khan Yunis, which was surrounded by IDF forces, but Sahloul's mother and brother were unable to get out of a nearby house. ITV foreign correspondent John Irvine, who presented Tuesday night's report, said the five men "did their best not to appear threatening" to Israeli soldiers who were nearby. "They tried to be careful".

Minutes before he was shot, the middle-aged Palestinian man, who spoke English, told ITV: "Nowhere in Gaza is safe. The Israeli army is everywhere. They are shooting at us at home, in every building and on the street. "The Israelis came to us, and they told us to evacuate, but they didn't let my brother out. We want to go and try to catch them, God willing".

As smoke billowed and gunshots echoed in the background, indicating nearby fighting, the ITV cameraman finished the interview and walked away. According to ITV, the cameraman "turned to take one last picture shoot the group," when shots rang out again. The broadcaster aired footage showing the group taking cover and moving away as the shots rang out. The footage then showed the group gathering around a member who had fallen to the ground. "

The interviewee was shot and fatally wounded," says Irvine. "While they were trying to get him to safety, more gunshots were heard and the whistling of a bullet was heard nearby," his voiceover adds, "indicating that the group was still being targeted."

The IDF claimed no knowledge of the specific incident and claimed the video was "clearly edited".

Sunak under pressure over shocking war crime video

ITV News at Ten's report on the murder.
"There is no safe place in Gaza, everywhere you go, you meet the Israeli army everywhere, they shoot at us at home, in any building on the street, wherever you are, everywhere they give you a chance, sometimes only 5 minutes, sometimes they don't give you a chance to take your clothes, to take the your children, to take your family, to get out of the building, this is our life in Gaza'." The

video below, taken the day before by ITV News cameraman Mohammed Abu Safia, shows a group of civilians in the enclave holding a white flag.

The Israeli In a statement to ITV News, the Defense Forces rejected the video, calling it a "vile accusation" that "can only be seen as an extension of Hamas's propaganda efforts to discredit the IDF".

Waving a white flag

However, the Independent also reported in December 2023 that an Israeli hostage a waved a makeshift white flag and another called for help in Hebrew when they were shot by Israeli soldiers in Gaza who "mistaken them for militants," a military official said.

According to the preliminary investigation, three male hostages, all shirtless, appeared in Shejaiya, in the northern Gaza Strip, holding a long stick with a white cloth attached to it. Nevertheless, a nearby soldier opened fire, the army said, hitting two hostages, while the third, who was wounded, managed to escape into a nearby building, where other soldiers heard him calling for help in Hebrew. He was killed by a second soldier before the commander, concerned about the incident, ordered a ceasefire.

Israeli military officials said they believed the hostages, identified by the military as Samer Fuad El-Talalka, Yotam Haim and Alon Shamriz, had either been released or escaped.

The Israeli rights group B'tselem wrote on X that international humanitarian law prohibits the shooting of people who surrender and hold a white flag, "regardless [of] whether they are combatants or not, regardless of their nationality and religion." source

International humanitarian law has been decisively ignored.

Law amounts to war crime

During Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, Scottish National Party MP Stephen Flynn challenged Sunak over the incident, asking him if "an act like this amounts to a war crime?".

In response, Sunak said that "international humanitarian law must be respected and civilians must be protected." But Flynn pushed further, saying: "I don't think it would be unreasonable to ask the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to stand up to the letterbox and tell the people of the islands and other islands that shooting an unarmed person walking under a white flag is a war crime ."

Labor MP Tahir Ali also bitterly criticized the prime minister over the Israel-Gaza conflict, saying "the blood of thousands of innocent people is on his hands" and asking him whether it was time to commit to "demanding an immediate ceasefire and in favor of ending the UK's arms trade with Israel." Source:

In December, Human Rights Watch said arms sales to Israel could make the UK complicit in war crimes. Since 2015, Britain has allowed at least 474 million pounds ($600 million) worth of military exports to the Jewish state, including warplane parts, tanks, missiles and ammunition.

The UK provides around 15% of the parts for the F-35 stealth fighter currently in use in Gaza, the organisation, which says open licenses lack transparency and allow for unlimited weapons exports.

Gaza health officials say more than 25,000 people - mostly civilians - have died in the Palestinian enclave since the war began. Source

Sunak cannot ignore the mass slaughter of innocent people and the obvious war crimes committed consistently, he cannot be considered complicit now that the British public has been shown evidence of war crimes on mainstream TV.

Atrocities and the intentional killing of innocent civilians cannot be denied, a ceasefire must be concluded!
It's a bloodbath for the mainstream media Should anyone be surprised that the news industry is being hit by a massive wave of layoffs? Survey after survey shows that the American people have lost trust in the mainstream media, and millions have chosen to turn to other sources of news and information. Mainstream news outlets have been losing viewers and readers for years, and now many of the biggest names in the news industry are losing staggering amounts. It was only a matter of time before we witnessed large-scale layoffs, and now they are here.

Of course, it's not just the mainstream media that is laying off workers. According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the number of layoffs in the United States will be 98 percent higher in 2023 than in 2022... The

pace of job cuts by American employers accelerated in 2023, with the number of layoffs jumping 98 percent compared to the previous year .

That's according to a new report published by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, which found that companies planned to cut 721,677 jobs last year, a significant increase from the 363,832 layoffs announced in 2022.

The problem could worsen in 2024 as the labor market continues to weaken due to high interest rates and stubborn inflation.

But it is also true that the news technology industry is particularly hard hit by the situation. Time Magazine, for example, recently announced that it is making layoffs "in multiple departments, including editorial, technical, sales and TIME Studios"...

Time Magazine on Tuesday laid off an unspecified number of employees from various departments, which CEO Jessica Sibley called it "a necessary step we need to take to move our business forward and improve our financial position."

In an internal memo obtained by Semafor's Max Tani, Sibley announced the layoffs.

"We have made the difficult decision to eliminate positions in several departments today, including editorial, technical, sales and TIME Studios," Sibley wrote to staff. "We are extremely grateful to these talented team members for their contributions during their time at TIME."

When I was a kid, Time magazine was highly respected, and my parents often had a copy on the coffee table.

But now it's dying, just like the rest of the mainstream media.

Just look at what's happening to California's largest newspaper. The Los Angeles Times has decided to cut "slightly more than 20% of its editorial staff" ...

The Los Angeles Times on Tuesday began a series of painful newsroom layoffs in the face of what top management called a "financial crisis" this week ,

The layoffs will affect at least 115 journalists, a person familiar with the matter told CNN, or slightly more than 20% of the editorial staff. Union leader Matt Pearce said 94 of the layoffs would come from union members, meaning a quarter of the union would be made redundant.

Can we be sad that the Los Angeles Times is going under?
I do not think so.
Elsewhere, Paramount is looking to lay off hundreds of workers...

Amid speculation about its future, Paramount Global will implement another wave of layoffs in February, Deadline was told. I've heard that the layoffs will affect hundreds of employees across the company.

In recent days, there have been reports that Paramount is about to lay off about 800 people. That followed a WSJ report in December that the company was considering potentially cutting more than 1,000 jobs in early 2024 to cut costs.

Paramount is the parent company of CBS, so it's likely that CBS's news division will soon become even smaller.

Of course, NBC's newsroom is also shrinking... (...)

Facial recognition is already being tested in stores - a new world is coming
Facial recognition is already being tested in stores - a new world is coming

Facial recognition is already being tested in stores - a new world may come
January 25, 2024 source

The United Kingdom is planning artificial intelligence-based facial recognition for alcohol sales in supermarkets to simplify checking the age of customers, Grocery Gazette wrote.

The United Kingdom is considering using artificial intelligence (AI) facial recognition technology in supermarkets in an innovative move to simplify the purchase of age-restricted products.


Law enforcement minister Chris Philp said talks were underway on possible changes to existing legislation. These amendments would allow the use of cameras placed at checkouts to estimate the age of customers.

Last year, well-known supermarket chains such as Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and the Co-op carried out a number of trials in partnership with digital identity verification company Yoti. The experiments used age estimation technology that allowed people believed to be over 25 to buy alcohol without further checks.


If this is introduced, it is believed that fewer minors would try to buy alcohol, and the aggression towards the staff that they used to face when they ask for the papers would decrease.

In addition, Philp emphasizes that for the technology to succeed, it is important that the public trust it.

Symposium: The reality of the targeted program We will explain that the targeting experienced by thousands of people worldwide is real. I myself have experienced and treated many targeted individuals who are being tortured remotely. Why should he know about such atrocities? Because microchipping and total surveillance of people is the agenda of the AI ​​Metaverse, the social credit system, the total tracking and control of the entire tracking and control network via 5 Gn and extensive satellite network. The TIs were innocent civilians who were microchipped against their will and tortured with directed energy weapons and other devices. This is not fiction, but FBI agents have testified to the reality of this program in American courts. As Ex-FBI Head Claims, It Happens Along With Satanic Cults and Organized Crime:

Affidavit of FBI Special Agent Geral Sosbee. Mr. Sosbee is a Texas attorney and has documented his ordeal on the website SosbeeVFBI.com. Mr. Sosbee confirms that the FBI is involved in organized gang harassment and Directed Energy Weapons. This affidavit is valid in any courtroom or you can obtain the original copy from the court case.

Here's an excerpt from former FBI chief Ted Gunderson's sworn testimony.

Affidavit of Former FBI Director Ted Gunderson. Mr. Gunderson confirmed that the FBI was involved in organized harassment and the Targeted Individual program. This affidavit is valid in any court or you can obtain an original. In the video, Gunderson talks about the CIA's criminal activities.

What some dissenters and opponents of the system are already experiencing daily is what the future of total human control will look like unless all of us stand up and fight back against this program. Remember that the transhumanist program is a satanic program and it is the technocratic One World Order.

China's entire control network, facial recognition, remote surveillance of women to enforce the 2-child limit, and the forced abortion of millions of women was made possible by this very technology. People think this can't happen in the US - but surveillance and torture are happening at an ever-increasing rate. Believe it or not, every single American is already under surveillance, and if you have a cell phone, use the cloud, and have a medical file in the allopathic system, your digital twin is being built. What do you think the self-assembling nanotechnology found in the blood is for? And what do you think MULTI-PURPOSE TECHNOLOGY really means? It means it can be used against you as a weapon.

Facial recognition and beyond: Journalist ventures inside China's 'surveillance state'.

Security cameras and facial recognition technology are gaining ground in China. In 2018, the People's Daily, the media mouthpiece of China's ruling Communist Party, claimed on Twitter in English that the country's facial recognition system could scan the faces of China's 1.4 billion citizens in one second.

According to Strittmatter, the Chinese state has amassed an astonishing amount of data on its citizens, which it uses to punish people for even the smallest deviations from expected norms.

Facial recognition is big business in China as local governments step up surveillance
"Sometimes people ask me, 'Should we be afraid of China?'" says Strittmatter. "My answer really is that ultimately we don't have to fear China. What we have to fear - if we have anything to fear at all - is really ourselves. Our fatalism, our resignation. We have to stand up and fight for our values ​​and our system, because I think it's still the best we've got."

The Chinese surveillance state proves that the concept of privacy is much more "plastic" than we think.

When Chin and Lin were planning the book, they envisioned doing a thought experiment at the end of the book about what would happen to surveillance technology if something like 9/11 happened. it would happen again. Then came the pandemic.

And like 9/11, the authors say, the coronavirus has accelerated the global surveillance industry — especially in China.

Chin and Lin report striking parallels between how China has used social security to justify the surveillance system it has built in Xinjiang and how it has used physical security to justify overreaching pandemic control tools. "In the past, it was always a metaphorical virus: Someone infected with terrorist ideas," says Lin. In Xinjiang, before the pandemic, the term "virus" was used in internal government documents to refer to what the state saw as "Islamic radicalism." "But with covid," he says, "we saw that China really turned the entire state surveillance apparatus against the entire population, against a completely invisible and contagious virus."

WBAN self-assembly nanotechnology and biosensors implanted through C19 injections, smart dust, DNA nanoantenna advanced nanotechnology called Morgellons, brain-computer interface - all are used for one purpose - to fully control human thought and engage in anti-hive. Everyone on this planet must understand the target program because this technology has been tested and used for decades. I believe that there are many more people in the crosshairs who don't even know about it. The next level of uploading is being phased in with vaccination passports, under-the-skin RFID monitoring, social credit scoring - and can also be used to get rid of dissidents and freedom fighters. The technology literally - under it is the patent for human tracking of RFID chips.

It will be an eye-opening event. Don't miss this opportunity to understand what happened and what a dystopian future of Big Brother government control might look like for everyone.
Perlavina started in England AstraZeneca must pay GBP 80 million in damages to vaccine-injured victims and the relatives of those who died due to the COVID vaccine. Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca owes around £80m in damages to victims who suffered complications and serious health damage as a result of its "effective and safe" COVID vaccine.

The information comes from 35 victims and relatives of deceased victims, who claim that severe health damage and, in several cases, death occurred after the vaccination due to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lawyers filed a lawsuit in this regard at the High Court in London.

More lawsuits are expected to be filed in one of the largest lawsuits of its kind in the ongoing trial of mass and intentional poisonings caused by COVID vaccines worldwide.

According to The Telegraph, the cases highlight an alleged very serious side effect that has been linked to the deaths of at least 81 people and serious injuries to hundreds more.

The complainants allege that a vaccine developed by AstraZeneca in collaboration with the University of Oxford caused the complaints.

The vaccine has been linked to a newly identified condition that causes blood clots to form called vaccine-induced immune thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (VIT). In approximately every fifth case where this VITT occurs, the patients died after the vaccine was administered.

A further 40 claims for damages and liability are expected to be filed, according to the Telegraph. If AstraZeneca loses, the total damages will be around £80m, making it one of the costliest vaccine injury cases in history.

The government funded legal action against AstraZeneca as part of a deal to launch a vaccination campaign against COVID-19. The manufacturers of the other COVID vaccines also received state compensation from which they can pay the damages. In Hungary, the government admitted that they were to blame for forcing people to use toxic gene therapies that were faked as vaccinations.
No food - no people - no carbon footprint You don't have a garden! When you're DIYing in your backyard, you don't think much about climate change. Well, it seems it should be with immeasurable guilt and shame: "The carbon footprint of food from urban agriculture is 6 times greater than that of conventional products, according to a study" (Science Daily, 01.22.2024):
According to a new international study led by the University of Michigan, the carbon footprint of fruits and vegetables grown on urban farms and gardens is on average six times greater than that of conventionally grown produce.

Farmers and gardeners were recruited as citizen scientists at urban agricultural sites in France, Germany, Poland, the UK, and the US, and daily diary entries were used to record intakes and yields at food production sites during the 2019 season.

So already in 2019 or even earlier, they started this program, the war on food. As the questions one asks reveal one's thought process. Or his intentions.

Now, for perspective, let's compare the raised bed in our garden to the millions of square kilometers of carbonate deposits in the earth's crust thousands of feet deep (not to mention all the hydrocarbon deposits, including pit moss, coal, gas, and oil). For example, carbonate reef deposits are about four kilometers (12,000 ft) thick off the west coast of Florida.

That's a lot of carbon dioxide that was removed from the atmosphere in just this one place!

In fact, coral regions all over the Earth are still hard at work sequestering carbon: "Global distribution of modern shallow-water marine carbonate factories: a spatial model based on environmental parameters" (Nature Scientific Reports vol. 9, article no. 16432, 2019):

No food - no people - no carbon footprint

Observed worldwide distribution of modern shallow-water marine carbonate factories. The extent of the carbonate factories is exaggerated for illustration. Background oceanographic map corresponds to remote sensing data of marine primary productivity (absorption by phytoplankton). The distribution of carbonate platforms is derived from literature data (see text for details). The 4 factories were defined following Michel et al.22,28, Schlager9,16,17 the T-factory into "biochemical" and "photozoan-T" factories, and the C-factory into "photo-C" and "heterozoan-C" broken down into factories.
And this is only the most direct crustal binding of the earth's crust to the much broader concept of carbonate reservoir geology:

Monte Cristallo, Trentino Dolomites, Italy Around The Worlds
Back to the backyard:
"Most of the climate impact of urban farms comes from the materials used in their construction - the infrastructure - they cause," said Goldstein. "These farms typically only operate for a few years or a decade, so the greenhouse gases used to produce the materials are not efficiently utilized. Conventional agriculture, on the other hand, is very efficient and difficult to compete with."

Leave it to the experts - save the planet from overheating!

From a Canadian perspective though, go ahead, knock yourself out!
It's not hate speech just because they don't like it, says Elon Elon Musk posted a message on Twitter this morning regarding the Irish "hate speech bill": "The thing we should be concerned about is that if the Irish parliament passes a law that defines hate speech as what they consider to be hate speech, then the people should be extremely concerned about that. You're just at the mercy of the ruling party and whatever bureaucrats they put in place and they can just define something as hate speech that isn't hate speech just because they don't like it." But is Musk guilty of the same?

Musk criticized the Irish government's anti-hate speech plans, which have been known about for the past year, reposting that the proposed legislation is a "massive attack on free speech".

The Irish Government's Criminal Justice

(Incitement to violence or hate or hate offenses and hate offences) Bill 2022 would certainly be a massive attack on free speech. The bill also wants to crack down on hate speech and hate speech, but as Elon Musk said, it's a bill that defines hate speech as they think hate speech is.

Therefore, "hate speech" is relative and political and anti-democratic in its ability to silence speech opposed to future legislation proposed by the government. We know that this can have an extremely harmful effect on the population.

Musk is even putting his money where his mouth is, generously offering to fund the legal fees of Irish citizens who want to challenge the bill, "so we can make sure that if they try to suppress the voice of the Irish people, we will do everything we can to protect them." The people of Ireland and their ability to have their say," he says.

Criminalizing Communications

Ireland's hate speech laws date back to 1989, a pre-internet era, long before the advent of social media, and there are undoubtedly areas that were not considered when drafting the legislation. The new proposals take the internet into account and arguably provide the necessary pretext to criminalize communications or behavior that the government wants to silence. Source:

What the bill seeks to silence is said to be speech that "incites violence or hatred against a group or individual because they are related to a protected characteristic." It says these characteristics include "race, color, nationality, religion, national or ethnic origin, descent, sex, sexual characteristics, sexual orientation and disability."

The entire population of the world surely fits into at least one category. Therefore, the bill can flexibly adapt to the current government agenda, and what counts as "hate speech" can also be relative to this agenda.

Elon has a big office

Yesterday, Musk said his default approach is to attack any legislation that infringes on people's ability to say what they want.

"Obviously we have the right, because our European headquarters is in Ireland, we have a big office in Ireland, we have a big presence in Ireland, so obviously we have the right," Elon Musk said.

X's big presence

Musk, or rather X, needs this big office, since he took over Twitter in October 2022 in a deal worth $44 billion. Currently, X provides a platform to more than 1.3 billion X accounts, of which 237.8 million are monetizable daily active users (mDAU) and 528.3 million are monetizable monthly active users as of 2024, according to statistics.

The US has the most Twitter users at 95.4 million followed by the UK at 23.15 million as shown in the chart below.

To put all this into perspective, the current population of Ireland as of Wednesday 24th January 2024 is 5,075,332, based on figures compiled by Worldometer from the latest UN data1.

The savior of free speech

It is therefore clear that Elon Musk and his X platform have a much larger reach to the world's population, and undoubtedly more influence in normalizing what is and is not "hate speech" and what is accepted as "hate speech" among those internet users. , who are targeted by the "hate bill".

That's fine, so Musk is a proponent of free speech, isn't he?

That's right, Elon! What a guy! And there are many more messages of this type on X.

X's Hateful Conduct Policy

Musk hired media mogul Linda Yaccarino as X's CEO, and her division echoed Musk's values, saying, "X is doing its thing on all fronts. As we build an essential global urban space so that everyone can connect, argue, share information and soon transact".


X's Hateful Conduct Policy Continues - "Last year we removed millions of content and suspended an equal number of accounts that violated our terms of service, including violent speech and hateful conduct policies. An excerpt of this is below. and also says - "we are also strengthening our efforts to fight hate and protect marginalized communities." Source: Hate Campaigns and Countering Hate Campaigns

Millions of accounts have been "removed" for their content?

(It is important to note that there are many individuals who X platform that we know have found themselves "removed!)

Again, who decides what is "hate"? In this "awakened" age, we see a lot of people who feel that "them" or others they they are represented, "marginalized" and treated as if they are not important.

Feelings of "marginalization" or even "oppression" are often socially constructed, even without the conscious knowledge of the population, to cause division. This is pre-programmed "thinking" and most of the time it is a politically correct method of silencing, straight from the first Marxist research school that also tried to reformulate the theory of Hegelian dialectics, the Frankfurt school. (...)
Europe is drifting towards a new medieval age of civil wars "I'm not a fortune teller, but I'm afraid. I think that after terrible chaos and civil wars, Europe will break up into islands with different civilizations," says religious philosopher György Tatár, who we asked about the Hamas attack, the Islamization of Europe and the future of our civilization.
"The most serious handicap of liberal political thinking is that it does not know what to do with the enemy, more precisely: with the concept of the mortal enemy." He wrote this in an article in 1998. In the last 26 years, the situation has only gotten worse. Several American universities teach that 9/11 was "a response to American foreign policy"; when a terrorist attack happens, the newspapers act as if it were just a natural disaster. How long do you think the West can go on refusing to notice the enemy?

At the time, I mainly thought that liberal politics was unwilling, even tentatively, to embrace the view that Jews acquired following the Holocaust, that is, that there is an uncompromising, deadly enemy, and that there is no alternative to armed struggle against it. And this struggle for self-defense can have no other carrier than an armed nation-state.

In the course of time, supranational and international organizations have all come under the - organized - influence of organizations representing international terror. Nation-states fighting for their own interests are forced to participate in their activities where their interests so desire; and where this would be to their detriment, they sabotage it. This has turned the language of international politics into a maze of impenetrable lies.

The various modern shades of the left and liberalism consider the concept of nation and its state to be the root of all historical evil, and therefore consider the natural interest and self-defense of nations to be the net extension of selfishness. For example, even during the Russo-Ukrainian war, it is noticeable that the West regularly avoids expressions such as the self-defense of the Ukrainian nation against the Russian nation, even in the case of the otherwise favored Ukraine. He wants to see the struggle of democracy and dictatorship, the struggle of progress and backwardness, the protection of the ends of Europe, and for this reason alone he is unwilling to take a more serious look at the Ukrainian national minorities - national! - position.(...)
The conspiracy theorists were right about climate shutdowns Well folks, I really hate to say this, but this is yet another victory for the conspiracy theorists. They can take off their tinfoil hats and take a deep bow. Another outrageous "prediction" of theirs comes true. For anyone keeping track, unfortunately the scorecard is pretty one-sided. I think the math is something like Conspiracy Theories = 1,000,000 wins vs. Logic and normality = 0 wins. I wish we could win on the "Logic and normality" scale!

So, I admit that I have a pretty dry sense of humor. I often use sarcasm. Some of my friends say they can't always tell when I'm serious and when I'm joking. This leads to the conclusion that many people will wonder "are you serious or joking with the title of your article?". I answer that I will tell you what I know, and then you will decide. (You know how much I like to promote critical thinking)...

Yesterday the unfortunate governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, issued a travel ban for an entire county. You read it right. No, not travel advice, but a complete travel ban! This means that New Yorkers living in Erie County are not allowed to go anywhere. What is another name for this? Well, if you live in a rural or very suburban area (which is most of New York State) where driving on the road is the way to get from A to B, I'd say the synonym would be "shutdown".

And what was Dictator Hochul's, I mean Governor Hochul's, reason for locking up the nearly one million New Yorkers living in Erie County? Just wait. Are you ready? It's going to snow! For anyone who doesn't live in New York or who has never been to Western New York in the winter, that part of our state gets a lot of snow. Often. And yet the Governor thinks (suddenly, out of the blue) that everyone who lives there is so ignorant that they should be confined to their homes until he says it's safe to return to the world. Either that, or he's just testing you to see how far his totalitarian desires can go. Or both.

For those keyboard critics who love to jump in and twist my words, I'll interrupt at the very beginning and say that I'm not criticizing the governor's desire to keep people safe after a storm. I'm not saying that at all. When a natural disaster is imminent, people must be warned, emergency services must be ready, and help must be readily available. Encouraging people to stock up, stay home and cower? Naturally! Banning people from leaving their homes? NO.

There is a big difference between caring about the safety of New Yorkers and wanting to control people. Powerful.

And in fact, Hochul forbade people to leave their homes even when it was NOT snowing! Does it sound unbelievable? Indeed it is. But remember that in my article last week I quoted an ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, who aptly said, "Truth often escapes recognition because it is utterly unbelievable." In other words, when something is so outrageous, it is often dismissed as untrue. Well, here's what Comrade Kathy posted on her Twitter yesterday:

She then tweeted several more times about the snow and the travel ban. I was actually encouraged that most of the comments he received were negative, logical rebuttals to his takeover.

Okay, if we dig a little deeper into travel bans, we realize that there have been travel bans in the past due to major storms here in New York. However, these were issued by the local government (i.e. county management) after a state of emergency was declared. These were not issued by the governor, nor were they issued without declaring a state of emergency.

Otherwise, the travel ban is still in effect in most of Erie County today. Anyone surprised?

Does anyone here see the connection between the excesses of the government, their pursuit of "centralized" power and their fearmongering? This is the same thing that the governor and the Department of Health are doing with their "quarantine camp" ordinance, which I have been fighting in court for almost two years now! The case is called Borrello v. Hochul, and you can read the details and history of the case here. If we connect the dots with the current analysis, you will notice that the Quarantine Camp Ordinance attempted to take away the power from (elected) judges (in accordance with our laws) who have the right to temporarily quarantine sick, dangerous people, and give that power to the non- devolved it to elected, state-level, DOH employees and appointees who have zero accountability to us the people.

Under their quarantine camp system, the governor and DOH would have centralized control over 19 million New Yorkers and could force you to lock yourself in your home or force you (with the help of the police) to go to a quarantine center/facility/camp (your choice whose name) go, without proving that he is sick, for an indefinite period of time, without any procedure to regain his freedom, and without declaring a state of emergency! The fear factor used here to justify the authoritarian takeover is the threat of death... If we don't lock up people who might be exposed to a disease, they could die. Let's replace the phrase "may be exposed to disease" and replace it with the phrase "unclean". What do you think of this?

My next question: do you see any similarities here with Hochul's probably illegal climate control? I say "probably illegal" because I couldn't find the supposed legal authority to ban people from driving. If you know what he's referring to, feel free to post it in the Substack comment section below.

Before you draw your own final conclusion about all of this, I'll add one last thing for you to consider. In December, a month before Hochul issued this Erie County travel ban, (Democrat) County Executive Mark Poloncarz created an online portal for residents to check if they qualify as "essential workers" and are thus exempt. from any future travel ban. Oh, and he consulted with federal government "partners" to compile the list! Sound familiar, folks?!

Remember Governor Cuomo's C19 shutdown ("Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve") that lasted months and all the "essential workers" he took out? Here's an article from Erie's coincidentally-just-in-time travel ban portal: "Erie County's new online portal identifies essential workers exempt from travel ban."

So... after taking all that into account, 1,000,000:1... or 1,000,001:0?
Recent false arrest with facial recognition in the US Another facial recognition-based arrest in the United States has resulted in a horror story of mistaken identity and a lawsuit. According to The Guardian, the wrong identification was not carried out by the police, but by retail security specialists.

In Houston, Texas, a Sunglass Hut store was robbed by two men at gunpoint. After the robbery, an employee of Sunglass Hut's parent company, EssilorLuxottica, contacted Macy's as part of the investigation, according to the lawsuit filed by Harvey Eugene Murphy Jr., the company's retail partner. Security camera footage, which the lawsuit claims was of poor quality, was fed into a facial recognition system that found Murphy as a match and linked him to two other robberies.

An EssilorLuxottica employee, cited by The Washington Post as the company's head of loss prevention, contacted Houston police to inform them of the identity of the perpetrator.

Murphy was in Sacramento, California on the day of the robbery. But more than a year and a half later, in October 2023, he returned to Texas to renew his license. While at the motor vehicle registration office, he was arrested. He spent ten days in the local county jail and a few more days in the Harris County jail before his alibi was confirmed and he was released. Before that, he claims that he was beaten and gang-raped by three other inmates. The 61-year-old also claims the men threatened to kill him.

Murphy is suing Sunglass Hut, EssilorLuxottica, Macy's and three individuals allegedly involved for $10 million.

Attorney Daniel Dutko took Murphy's case and found that the camera footage was shared by Sunglass Hut with Macy's, after which his client was identified. According to Dutko, the use of facial recognition is the only explanation for this sequence of events.

The facial recognition misidentification arrest follows a half-dozen others in the United States that have already sparked a congressional investigation. Murphy is white, but in all the other cases, the misidentified person is black.

The role of the police in Murphy's case, or the extent to which they investigated to corroborate the retailer's findings, is unclear.

Macy's is understood to have licensed facial recognition as a loss prevention tool from Clearview AI, at least on an experimental basis. However, the retailer was sued in 2020 over its use of Clearview.

As part of a May 2022 settlement with the ACLU, Clearview agreed not to license its technology to private companies or individuals after establishing its core business in the law enforcement biometrics market. The robbery for which Murphy was arrested occurred in January 2022.

Chris Burt is the managing editor and industry analyst at Biometric Update. He has also written nonfiction about computer science, the dramatic arts, sports culture, and fantasy basketball, as well as fiction about a doomed astronaut. He lives in Toronto. He can be followed on Twitter at @AFakeChrisBurt.
Disease X and the imaginary world of experts This week, world leaders met in Davos to discuss the threat of a so-called "Disease X" pandemic and how best to prepare for such an event. Described as a "placeholder" disease, no one knows what its origins, epidemiology or other defining characteristics will be, except that people promoting the idea say it will likely kill 20% more than Covid-19 pandemic. In a session titled "Preparing for Disease X," President Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus led a panel discussion on "the novel efforts needed to prepare health systems for the many challenges ahead if we are to prepare for a far deadlier pandemic."

The "Disease X" debate is perhaps the greatest charge leveled against orthodox science in these times, the use of "scientism" to promote government policy and widespread change in our society and way of life. This is undoubtedly a dangerous combination, the consequences of which were highlighted by Patrick M. Wood in his own writing on scientism: It

is a fatal mistake to equate scientism with science. Real science examines the natural world using the proven scientific method of repeated experimentation and validation. In comparison, scientism is a speculative, metaphysical, upside-down worldview about the nature of the universe and man's relationship to the universe. If left unchecked, scientism - as it is expressed in technocracy and transhumanism - will end in the obliteration of man and the civilization he has built (Wood, 2022: 3).

Hacker (2014) agrees with this definition and states that scientism is "the attempt to extend the natural sciences beyond their own explanatory competence and to use the methods of the natural sciences to explain phenomena that require a different kind of explanation" Scientism: Williams, Richard N., Robinson , Daniel N.: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store.

In his 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn radically departed from the orthodox view of science when he argued that scientific research is framed within the framework of "scientific paradigms" - tools and modes of operation that derive rather from social conventions and modes of behavior, rather than neutrally revealing the laws of objective truth. Challenging the theories of "logical positivism", Kuhn proposed that scientific discourse is formed through the dynamics of personalities involved in scientific research, where the influence of social conventions and the interplay of cultural and institutional norms determine revolutionary science.

Such ideas gained a completely new meaning from the turn of the decade, when the outbreak of the pandemic - together with the slogan "follow science" - was characterized by lies, fraud, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda. All this was launched under the banner of "science", and the role of "scientific experts" came into focus. It was clear to those who were paying close attention that the people overseeing this agenda seemed to have a better understanding of the ways and means by which people can be persuaded, coerced and manipulated into buying into a narrative than they do with hard facts and present them with data the facts and data supporting the events and justifying the accompanying policy. In the UK, for example, the cultural authority of the NHS was used as part of a billion-pound marketing campaign that emphasized "saving grandma" and "doing your part to protect the NHS from overload"; the "hand, face and space" mantra was repeated in daily government updates and visually displayed and reinforced in high streets, shops and other gathering places; people were reminded where to stand and where to walk; and people were encouraged and coerced into taking an experimental mRNA vaccine. All this was done in the name of science.

Sociologist Ulrich Beck has pointed out that the role and authority of science has always had its critics, but a growing awareness of the fallibility of science has resulted in a cultural change - the "risk society" - since the mid-1980s. According to Beck, in the risk society, the great narratives of modernity - of which the role of science is the most significant - began to be examined and then undermined due to the weight of their own contradictions and false statements. According to Beck, man-made disasters such as Aberfan, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima are examples where the negative effects of the application of science reverberate through the wider society, changing the everyday perception of previously unchallenged scientific claims. According to Beck, the increasing influence of the media and technological innovation has had a particularly strong impact on these phenomena, as the "Janus face" of science is no longer protected by experts, but rather has become visible in the real world and brought into focus, highlighting the to the ever-volatile balance between scientific "good" and "bad".

Inspired by Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, the counterculture of the 1960s embraced environmentalism based on this very premise - that industrialization and its positivist scientific basis was not the panacea that would create a progressive world for us all, as we were led to believe. The movement itself gained enormous momentum during a crisis in the role of science and its impact on nature, and led directly to the creation of environmental NGOs such as the World Wide Fund for Nature and Friends of the Earth. The non-governmental organizations themselves exerted a great influence on the developing environmental protection agenda, and were given a place alongside the heads of government at the Stockholm environmental protection conference in 1972, and 20 years later at the Earth Summit in Rio. Interestingly, recently, many people have questioned the role and influence of non-governmental organizations in the environmental debate, that is, whether they are not just propaganda and whether they do not represent civil society and the population, as well as the environmental movement in general.

Events since 2020 have raised the debate about science, its use and role in society, and the people involved in science, profitability, and marketing to a new level. Science as an institution and as a recognized form of knowledge is arguably the biggest contributor to the division we see in our society today. Matthias Desmet's book The Psychology of Totalitarianism was hugely influential in outlining the role of "mass education psychosis" in persuading large parts of the world's population to accept the terms of an authoritarian takeover. Crowd formation theory breaks with newer psychological and sociological models of human behavior and instead draws on 1950s/early 1960s social psychology to highlight the role of conformity in the consolidation of social norms and "groupthink". The central hypotheses of these studies were aimed at establishing how and under what conditions individuals understand and process social signals. Desmet argues that the free-floating anxiety created by the pandemic makes people more susceptible to manipulation and more likely to succumb to questionable policies, questionable science and nefarious political schemes. "Following Science" therefore offers a solution to those who find themselves in a state of fear, anxiety and/or confusion about what to do in a world that has suddenly been turned upside down and everyday social rules have been transformed.

In the recently published book by Paul Goddard and Angus Dalgleish: The death of science: the retreat from reason in the postmodern world, Clare Craig compared science in the covid era to "religion". He goes on to say:

The decline of the scientific method became more and more evident as various fields were plagued by manipulation and political interference. Science depends on objectivity, skepticism, and the willingness to change our minds based on new evidence. This is incompatible with a culture that is politicized or that believes in certain beliefs regardless of evidence. In recent years, politics and religious beliefs have contributed to the death of science (Craig, 2023: 221).

The gulf between those who choose to still believe in "scientific truth" and those who are now rightfully skeptical of these claims has never been sharper. Which brings us back to "Disease X." If possible, debates and preparations about a disease that currently exists only in the minds of experts would only mean a continuation of the way in which the credibility of scientific knowledge has been pushed to the limit of believability in the last four years. It is as if there is a competition between scientists, politicians and the media to come up with the most outrageous claim ("this vaccine is 97% effective", "only one vaccine will be needed", "we only met in Downing Street in official discussions, and yet we followed the science", etc.). Unbelievably, many people still believed the narrative being spread. Even after it was revealed that the UK government had openly broken its own rules by telling people to stay away from their dying friends and relatives; even after countless people became sick again after participating in an experimental vaccination program; even after the death rate has averaged more than 20% higher worldwide over the past three years. As the introduction of the vaccine has come under scrutiny - highlighted by news such as Pfizer's admission that the vaccines were never tested for transmission, but more grossly, the excess and "sudden deaths" - the level of denial has been breathtaking and remained unexplained.

They argued that current science could be seen as more of an "evolutionary takeover", where the scientific endeavors of the past 30 years, including "the genetic modification of bacteria, crops, seeds, grasses, insects, fish and animals, may appear benign and the they promise the good of humanity, but the practical purpose is to hijack evolution in order to control and control life on earth in the future".

Wood claims that science has never been about improving humanity. Ultimately, it is an elite institution run by moneyed elites in their own interests. Is it a coincidence that Schwab's Great Reboot happened right in the middle of a global pandemic? Or is this an example of how scientism has been used to push both the social and natural worlds into a "reductive materialism", which is roughly a mash-up of the scientific methods used in the natural sciences to solve more complex, metaphysical questions through empirical investigation? The ways in which these worlds were fused into an overarching agenda were heralded under the banner of "science."
Cash not accepted signs are bad news for millions of Americans How many people don't have a bank account? And how hard has it been to live without him? These issues are becoming more important as more and more stores refuse to accept cash in cities across the United States. People without bank accounts shy away from shops and restaurants that refuse to accept cash.

It just so happens that there are still a lot of people who don't have a bank account: roughly 6 million in the U.S., according to the most recent data, which is about the size of the population of the state of Wisconsin. And outside of the United States, more than a billion people don't have a bank account.

I am a business school professor who researches society's transition from cash to electronic payments. I was recently in Seattle and was surprised at the mixed signage I saw in the windows of many stores. In several stores, one sign proudly advertised how welcoming and accommodating they were - and another sign next to it said, "We do not accept cash." This sends a message to people without a bank account that they are not welcome.

Not far from Seattle, Mount Rainier National Park will not accept cash from May 2023.

Why not have a bank account?

Why would anyone want to avoid using banks? Every two years, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation conducts a survey of households' relationship with the banking system and asks people who do not have a bank account why they do not have a bank account. People can give multiple answers. In 2021, the top reason - chosen by more than 40% of respondents - was not having enough money to meet the minimum balance.

This is consistent with data showing that poorer households are less likely to have a bank account. According to the FDIC, about a quarter of people earning less than $15,000 a year do not have a bank account. Among those earning more than $75,000 a year, almost all respondents had a bank account.

The second and third most common responses show that some people are skeptical of banks. Roughly a third of those surveyed agreed that "avoiding the bank gives you more privacy," while another third said they simply "don't trust banks."

The first five reasons are completed by the costs of contacting the bank. More than a quarter of respondents felt that bank account fees were too high, and about the same number felt that fees were too unpredictable.

While many middle-class and wealthy people don't pay directly for their bank accounts, fees can be costly for those who can't maintain a minimum balance. According to a recent Bankrate survey, basic monthly service fees range from $5 to $15. In addition to these fixed fees, banks earn between $4 and $5 each time people withdraw cash from an ATM or use services such as cashier's checks. Unexpected bills can result in an overdraft fee of around $25 each time an account is overdrawn.

Being Unbanked in America

The FDIC calls people without a bank account "the unbanked." People who have a bank account but rely primarily on alternative services such as check deposit points are called "underbanked".

According to the most recent data from the FDIC, there are nearly 6 million unbanked and 19 million unbanked American households. Given that the average household has 2.5 people, this means that more than 15 million people live in unbanked homes and another 48 million in homes with only a weak connection to banks.

Combining the two figures means that roughly one in five people in the United States have little or no contact with banks or other financial institutions. This can result in those affected avoiding shops, restaurants, transport and healthcare providers that do not accept cash.

The true number of unbanked people is likely higher than the FDIC's estimate. Questions about banking or non-banking investment are supplementary questions added to a survey given to people in their homes. This means that the homeless, transients without a permanent address and undocumented immigrants are left out of the survey.

These people probably don't have a bank account, as a bank account requires a verified address and a government-issued tax identification number. With roughly 2.5 million migrants crossing the US-Mexico border in 2023 alone, there are millions more people in the cash-only economy than the FDIC estimates.

Cash not accepted signs are bad news for millions of Americans

How many people worldwide do not have a bank account?

While the United States has a relatively high rate of bank account holders, the picture is different in other parts of the world. The World Bank has created a database that shows what percentage of the population of each country has access to financial services. The World Bank's definition of bank account holders is broader than the FDIC's, as bank account holders include anyone who uses a mobile phone to send and receive money.

Overall, the World Bank estimates that about a quarter of the world's adult population does not have a bank or mobile phone account. However, this varies dramatically from region to region. In the countries that use the euro, almost everyone has a bank account, while in the Middle East and North Africa only about half of the population has one.

A more inclusive economy

Many of us pull out our credit card, tap our phone or insert a debit card to pay without thinking. However, at least 6 million people in the United States and almost 1.5 billion people worldwide do not have a bank account.

When businesses no longer accept cash, unbanked people are forced to use payment methods like prepaid debit cards. However, these prepaid cards are expensive. For example, Walmart, one of the largest US retailers, offers a basic reloadable debit card. The card costs $1 to buy and charges a monthly fee of $6, plus a $3 fee each time someone wants to load the card with cash at Walmart checkouts. Paying a minimum of $10 just to set up a debit card for a few purchases is a pretty steep price.

The next time you see a "No Cash Accepted" sign in the window of a store or restaurant, you're actually seeing a store that shuts out many unbanked and unbanked people. Insisting that all stores accept cash is an easy way to ensure everyone can participate in the modern economy.
Speakers question the World Economic Forum's globalist agenda The World Economic Forum January 15-19. met in Davos, Switzerland to discuss rebuilding trust because so few trust the WEF's plans for The Great Reboot, which promised us that by 2030 "You will own nothing"! The video below reports that Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF, said: "The anti-establishment movement is tearing down the establishment." According to him, "a revolution is taking place against the system".

A revolution against the elites!" - WEF President Klaus Schwab is openly concerned.
WEF is doubling down on "disinformation".
The links below show that the WEF said in Davos in January that disinformation and misinformation are the number one concern of the Global Risk Report !

Global risks 2024: At a turning point

Ursula von der Leyen: disinformation is the world's most serious problem
EU leader wants leaders to act against "industrial-scale" fake news

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said today that the " misinformation and disinformation" pose a greater threat to global business than war and climate change.

"The biggest concern for the global business community in the next two years is not conflict or climate," he said at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in his speech. “It's disinformation and disinformation, closely followed by polarization within society.”

Von der Leyen says the solution is for businesses and governments to work together to curb disinformation. "Many solutions lie not only in the cooperation of countries, but - crucially - in the cooperation of businesses and governments, businesses and democracies," he said. "While governments have many of the tools to tackle the great challenges of our time, business has [sic] the innovation, technology and talent to deliver the solutions we need to tackle threats such as climate change or disinformation on an industrial scale."

To illustrate his point, von der Leyen mentioned the upcoming election year, which he called "the biggest election year in history," and warned that bad actors could take advantage of the openness of democracies to influence elections with disinformation.

In the WEF's latest global risk report, misinformation and disinformation pose a greater risk to the world than anything except extreme weather.

Information: Three new levels of "terrorism".

Game changer Tucker Carlson interview! shows that in the video below, Dr. Brett Weinstein explains that the Department of Homeland Security issued a memo that defines three categories of "terrorism": "misinformation" (falsehoods), "disinformation" (deliberate errors/lies), and "misinformation ", which is "based on truth, but makes people distrust the authorities." As Tucker points out, this third category applies when journalists catch the government in a lie!

However, the founding fathers of the United States used the First Amendment to protect the freedom of the press so that the media could serve as the fourth estate and expose the illegalities of the other three branches of government. So it appears that the Department of Homeland Security does not understand the US Constitution.

Bret Weinstein exposes the dark plan of the World Health Organization

The danger of being labeled a "terrorist" is that during the war on terrorism, the United States ended the recognition of international conventions against torture. Thus, many people branded as "terrorists" were tortured for years at Guantánamo and other places. At the height of the COVID hysteria, the Biden administration branded "terrorists" mothers who went to parent union meetings to protest schools requiring their children to wear masks all day.

So anyone who questions any part of the official narrative on anything can now be branded a "domestic terrorist". The treatment of the people involved in the events of January 6 shows that once we are accused, we no longer enjoy the protections of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Obama repealed them in 2011 with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Lawsuit against the CIA/Pompeo for monitoring Assange! shows the US trying to extradite Australian journalist Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, for exposing US war crimes in the Middle East. So Assange faces 175 years in prison for telling the truth. This is what the founding fathers of the USA expected in the press!

Censorship: The First Sign of Dictatorship

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger is a former member of the World Health Organization's Research Ethics Review Committee. In the video below, in 2022, he explained that WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and his team are not doing scientific work. Because they didn't use Koch's postulates, they didn't even establish that there is a COVID virus! The authorities lied and the world media was paid to report what Big Pharma wanted. Since the money comes from our taxes, we financed the vaccination campaign and the deaths of 17 million people, allegedly.


Belgian professor Mattias Desmet, author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism, warned: "When freedom of speech ceases, the killing begins." Desmet is a professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University (Belgium) and a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Klaus Schwab and the WEF want to control your life!

WEF's Scariest Moments from Davos 1/20/24
WARNING: Klaus Schwab and the WEF Want to Control Your Life!

Argentina's new president speaks truth to power at WEF

For the first time, the WEF heard speakers questioning his worldview as it looked at the global loss of trust. The WEF may have used these speakers to appear more democratic - but it may have gotten more than it bargained for! Argentine President Javier Milei gave a speech on January 17 that went viral!

Transcript: Davos 2024: Special Speech by Javier Milei, President of Argentina

Argentine President Javier Milei took the stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in a fiery and passionate speech, delivering a powerful message of freedom and on the virtues of capitalism. Milei, a liberal economist and outspoken critic of government intervention, argued that the West was in grave danger from the rise of socialism, which he defined as "state intervention in the economy and downsizing of society."

Milei called for a return to the principles of individual freedom and the free market, which he says are the keys to prosperity and progress. "The state is not the solution, the state itself is the problem," he declared. "You are the real protagonists of this story. And rest assured that starting today, Argentina is your firm, unconditional ally."

Milei's speech was met with a mixture of applause and boos from the audience, but is sure to generate plenty of discussion and debate. . This is a real speech given by Javier Milei at the World Economic Forum. With the help of artificial intelligence, Javier Milei's contribution was translated from Spanish to English and read by his voice. You can find the original and the artificial intelligence version in the description and comments below.

LINKS! Javier Milei's original speech - https://x.com/SrLiberal/status/174766... ​​AI CONVERTED Javier Milei's speech to English - https://twitter.com/DavidSacks/status... Who is Javier Milei? Javier Gerardo Milei Argentine politician and economist who has been President of Argentina since December 2023. Milei has taught university courses in macroeconomics, economic growth, microeconomics and mathematics for economists

Javier Milei speaks at the World Economic Forum in Davos | FULL Speech 1/18/24

This is another recording of Argentine President Javier Milei's speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos on January 17, 2024.

'Into the belly of the beast': Javier Milei at the World Economic Forum 1/18/24

Argentine President Javier Milei performed a Ricky Gervais version of "Ricky Gervais" at the Golden Globes at the World Economic Forum, Sky News anchor Liz Storer reports. "Milei literally crawled into the belly of the beast only to have it implode," Ms Storer said. "They were very disappointed that Milei left - at all. "That's exactly why he did it. "He did a Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, but in the WEF version."

Heritage Foundation President Challenges WEF
Why I Go to Davos
Statement by Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation 1/12/24:
I don't go where I'm not wanted, but I go where I'm needed.

That's why I was intrigued by the invitation to attend a globalist camp in the beautiful Swiss Alps - a pop-up utopia called Davos. At first it sounded an awful lot like a trip with the New York Times editorial staff.

Notoriously hypocritical self-proclaimed Marxists, private-jet environmentalists, and pro-genocide humanitarians want to hear from the Heritage Foundation how they can "rebuild trust" with ordinary Americans against whom they have weaponized their institutions.

The biblical principle came to mind: "Do not cast your pearls before swine." But a deeply meaningful part of my role at Heritage is representing the voices of millions of forgotten men and women across the country. We are an outpost for everyday Americans in Washington, DC. In this way, I could happily - although admittedly terrified - jump across the Atlantic Ocean to the land where the left-wing elite pampers their insufferable elite companions, and I could give voice to the sharing of uncomfortable truths on the world stage.

And I will tell them this.

First, trust must be earned. The global elite failed not only in this regard. They have squandered the vast reserves of credibility they inherited from their institutional predecessors. The media, academia, government agencies, international organizations, corporations, and the arts have traded centuries of public trust for the unaccountable, ideological exploitation of the people they purport to serve.

The national leaders participating in the conference openly reject the nation-state. They refuse to secure their own besieged borders. Scholars and journalists openly subjugate facts to serve partisan political goals that undermine transparency and citizen choice. The generals support politics instead of military preparedness. Corporate executives ship jobs overseas to tyrants like China's Xi Jinping while lecturing their own countrymen about "diversity, equality and inclusion." Artists and entertainers celebrate each other's mocking disdain for the people and values ​​that fuel their privileged lives.

There is no mystery here. People around the world distrust the global elites because they hate us. They use their power to disempower us and their cultural influence to blackmail anyone who questions their self-serving corruption.

This is the shared virtue of constitutionalism, republicanism, nationalism, and free enterprise as traditionally practiced in the United States. They subordinate the ambitions of these elites to the authority of the people, rather than the other way around. This arrangement is good for the world and for all people who have ever embraced it. But it is uniquely frustrating for an elite that resists checking its power and resents accountability to the "unwashed masses" - which is, of course, the point.

Unchecked, centralized power leads to tyranny. Disasters are all the more serious the further away power is from the people (or the more it is separated from them).

To regain trust, Davos must accept the moral virtues, practical utility and natural right of individual nations (and ultimately families and individuals) to self-determination. No serious person believes that the great moral stance of the global elite in the past generation - submission to China, the abolition of borders, the worship of climate extremes - happened to serve their class interests at the direct expense of the democratic sovereignty and economic opportunities of ordinary people.

Our fractured and fragmented world doesn't need more lectures on "openness" from the people who covered up the origins of COVID-19 and then shut down people's lives for a year. Or about the "disinformation" from those who spent weeks defending the plagiarized president of Harvard University. Or about diversity from a hermetically isolated group of race-hating, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic bigots.

All we need is to be free to direct ourselves.

This is represented by Brexit, Donald Trump, Viktor Orbán, Javier Milei, Geert Wilders and the rising tide of populist, patriotic conservatism around the world. Nationalism - the love of one's own nation and culture and the political preference for one's own people and customs - cannot be erased and cannot be trampled on. This must be respected.

Trust is a choice.

Sooner or later, everyday citizens, workers and families who bear the brunt of Davos-style global elitism will reclaim their individual rights and national sovereignty. The only question is whether our elite can turn their corrupt institutions back in the direction of trust and reliability before "we the people" take matters into our own hands.
Parasites warn of new deadly epidemic When COVID-19 arrived, medical apartheid societies emerged, limiting citizens' rights and freedoms and pressuring or forcing them to take experimental mRNA vaccines that have since been proven to cause much suffering and death.

Suddenly, people around the world couldn't be outdoors as much as they wanted, visit friends and acquaintances, travel, go to social events or shopping malls, or even visit sick parents or grandparents.

Now the globalist elite in Davos are indicating that disease X may occur soon. It is predicted to be far more deadly than COVID-19 - "twenty times deadlier" according to the World Economic Forum.

The secretary-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) is in talks with other policymakers and representatives of the vaccine and pharmaceutical industries to develop strategies to "prepare for the emergence of an unknown pathogen," and they say money is needed - nearly $1 trillion.

US invests heavily in virus research

The name Disease X was first proposed by the WHO during a review of pathogens that are priorities for research and public health planning, not referring to a specific disease but to "a new pandemic virus that may emerge and which must be planned".

- "More often than not, something hits us that we didn't expect," says Anthony Fauci, head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Newsweek, and he promises that the US will step up research into "entire classes of viruses".

According to Marion Koopmans, a Dutch virologist and WHO consultant, COVID-19 should be considered "the first real pandemic challenge that can be categorized as Disease X", and also claims that more "pandemics" are expected soon.

The World Economic Forum's conference in Davos also focuses on the "new" pandemic and makes it clear that stopping it will require serious efforts and sacrifices.

However, whether the repression and the deprivation of citizens' rights and freedoms will be worse and more severe than during COVID-19, or whether the elites will give in to the widespread popular discontent that prevailed at the time, remains unclear.

The head of the WHO avoids the questions

However, not everyone is impressed by the "prediction". The WHO director general was confronted by journalists in Davos, among others, who argued that those in power had already practiced the spread of basically this type of "supervirus" and wondered when the WHO would release Disease X. However, Tedros declined to comment. However, Tedros declined to comment.

Swedish state epidemiologist Magnus Gisslén takes the same approach, saying it is "not at all unrealistic" that the next "pandemic" will be 20 times deadlier than the last.

Will the next pandemic be a disease 20 times more deadly than COVID-19? This scenario is being discussed at the World Economic Forum this week, and according to government epidemiologist Magnus Gisslén, it is not at all unrealistic.

- "We only have to go back in history to find examples of when humanity was hit by very deadly epidemics - the plague and the Spanish flu are just a few examples," he says, and confirms that they are dealing with a similar scenario in Sweden.

He goes on to say that "cross-border cooperation" is essential, and that "the health system must be able to isolate patients and expand care centers quickly."

- In order for the disease to turn into a global epidemic, several things are needed. It should be able to spread easily between people, like a respiratory infection. Ideally, the virus infects people before they develop severe symptoms and become ill. The longer they are infected, the better for the virus, which has time to infect more hosts," he continues.
How do fact-checkers and anti-disinformation campaigns limit free speech in an era of global turmoil? Historically, free speech has been limited through direct coercion. Today, however, they do so in much more subtle ways: "fact checkers," governments pressuring social media companies to censor, anti-disinformation campaigns, and "hate speech" laws.
The insidious restrictions have gotten so bad that people in some European countries are already afraid to express their opinions.

The activities of censors came to the fore during the covid crisis, when many critics of authoritarian power measures felt the stigma of fact-checkers and the resulting deletion. Meanwhile, disinformation and propaganda by the authorities was often not followed by fact-checking, restraint and accountability.

In part 1 of the article "Untouchable disinformation, or when fact-checking falls silent," writer and analyst Theo L. Glück examines freedom of speech in the "global seething era." Analysis: THE AGE OF GLOBAL REVOLUTION - Untouched disinformation, or when fact-checking falls silent (part 1)

While in totalitarian systems freedom of speech is limited by direct and strict coercion, in today's democracies it is done in a much more subtle way. A recent trend in both the EU and the US is to pressure social media companies to introduce censorship on a wide variety of topics (migration, climate, minorities, health, etc.) when critical views do not match those of the authorities with views approved by. In addition, many European countries have hate speech laws to protect "minorities" that specifically limit freedom of expression and threaten critics with criminal sanctions.

In Germany, Europe's largest country, the authorities have been particularly tough on freedom of expression in the last decade, which has led to an unprecedented low - already 44% of Germans say they should be careful about expressing their opinions, and only 40% think that you can still freely express your political opinion (see figure). Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the percentage of people who feel they can speak freely has fallen steadily, reaching an all-time low just in the past decade.

Freedom of speech is restricted in times of crisis

Freedom of speech is one of the first casualties when a society is in crisis or when it creates a crisis, especially a lasting crisis. If such a crisis becomes global, there is every reason to expect that those in power will come down hard on free speech and its critics. There are social and psychological reasons for this: from a social point of view, emotions run high in a crisis, and terrified masses demand action from point A to point B to overcome the crisis. Psychologically, it seems to those in power that something must be done to overcome the crisis, and that only they are willing to lead the way and know what to do. However, several crises have shown how wrong such justifications are. Emotions and fear are the worst companions with whom to make decisions at the table.

Nick Hudson, the creator of PANDA, aptly stated that when a phenomenon or event is presented as a global crisis with only global solutions, accompanied by censoring of dissent, it is clearly and exclusively a scam.

The Western world has gone from one crisis to another in the last decade, so it is no wonder that the situation of freedom of expression is becoming more and more confused. When the authorities start restricting freedom of speech, they always find some good-sounding justification - be it to fight "misinformation" or to protect "minorities". They try to subvert this rhetoric under the banner of harm reduction. Sounds convincing, doesn't it?

But in general, the essence of the harm - that is, what and how significant the harm is - always remains unanswered. And they especially don't pay attention to the harm that restrictions on free speech do to society, because each restriction on free speech almost always leads to another.

Much of the labeling for misinformation and disinformation is based on the work of so-called fact-checkers, whose number has grown from 11 organizations in the past 15 years to 424 by 2022. In the summer of 2022, investigative journalist Paul D. Thacker highlighted the bias of fact-checkers, highlighting some of the worst fact-checkers and how they help spread misinformation instead of stopping it. One of the main tasks of fact-checkers seems to be to refute inappropriate opinions and facts in areas more problematic for the ruling elite and label them as "false", "incorrect" and "misleading".

Myths of power versus censored facts

The activities of censors came to the fore during the covid crisis, when many critics of authoritarian power measures felt the stigma of fact-checkers and the resulting deletion. According to Vinay Prasad, a professor of epidemiology at the University of California, USA, the authorities lied about many aspects of covid-19, such as natural immunity, masks and vaccination requirements. Dr. Martin Kulldorff has pointed out that Big Tech has contributed greatly to the spread of misinformation by authorities about covid-19, including the denial of natural immunity. Marty Makary, professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University, has repeatedly pointed out that during the covid crisis, the government made many tragic mistakes, from school closures to the mandatory masking of children to the denial of natural immunity and the mandatory vaccination of the healthy. According to Jayanta Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, governments have been the primary source of misinformation, particularly about public health and science. An academic discipline dedicated to controlling disinformation selectively ignores government disinformation. As such, their primary purpose is to support the propaganda of those in power.

In Europe, the "anti-disinformation" campaign gained momentum in the corridors of power in Brussels, where the EU's initial fight against foreign propaganda (China, Russia, etc.) easily spread to other areas as well. Among the taboo topics of climate, migration, minorities and healthcare, misinformation emerged, despite the evidence and facts generally pointing in the opposite direction of those in power.

Disinformation and propaganda by the authorities was often not followed by fact-checking, restraint and accountability. Nor should it be so, if the voices of those who disagree with the authorities were given the same protection and due attention. Misinformation can only be countered with facts, more information, and the ability to tolerate dissent, not with threats of censorship or criminal prosecution.

Below we look at the following areas where the authorities have spread misinformation, misjudgments or exaggerated claims and thereby contributed to the development of a distorted picture of reality.

The boiling point of the planet (...)
Drinking tap water can kill you (or worse) Articles have appeared on the Internet and in the mainstream press that mock those who drink bottled spring water instead of tap water. These critics claim that bottled water is a waste of money.
Well, they are all wrong.

The truth is that anyone who drinks tap water is putting their health at risk. Even boiling tap water does not make it safe to drink. And of course the conspirators want us all to drink tap water (and not bottled water) because they can very easily put drugs in tap water. Fluoride is already added to tap water (despite the dangers), and some conspirators want to add hormones (to keep women from getting pregnant) and sedatives to drinking water. Tap water has been turned into a weapon.

Dr. Vernon Coleman: The following essay is from my book "Meat Causes Cancer - and Other Thought-provoking Things."

Back in 1982 - in a medical journal column - I raised the question of whether public drinking water supplies could be contaminated with female hormone residues that could affect the development of male children.

I tried to get television and radio journalists to address the problem. And I tried to get the politicians interested in the topic as well. But while many were horrified by the idea, everyone quickly decided it was too controversial a topic.

"It would scare people too much!" - was the common opinion.

However, it wasn't the only thing that worried her that female hormones - the remains of birth control pills - might cause problems. At the time I first wrote about this topic, what I discovered scared me so much that I spent over a year researching it before I wrote the article, and my fear was based on more information.

* Fact One: More and more people are taking more and more powerful drugs, such as antibiotics, painkillers, sedatives, sleeping pills, hormones (especially those in birth control pills), and steroids. Many people take medicine every day. Not many people go a whole year without taking at least one pill. Half of the population takes a prescribed medicine today (and tomorrow and the day after). And in addition to prescription drugs, there are over-the-counter drugs - pills bought at the pharmacy that are taken every day.

* Second fact: Many drugs are excreted in the urine when the body has finished consuming them. For example, up to 75% of a sedative dose can be excreted in the urine. In the case of other drugs, this rate can be as high as 90%. Some degradable drugs can chemically react with the environment and become active again.

* Third fact: Wastewater often ends up in freshwater rivers after going through standard treatment processes.

*Fourth fact: Drinking water supplies are often obtained from fresh water rivers - the same rivers into which sewage is pumped.

* Fact Five: Water purification programs were designed many years ago - before doctors started prescribing massive amounts of drugs for millions of patients and before the problem of removing drug residues was thought of.

I felt that even a person with a modest IQ should be able to see where this was going.

It seemed clear to me that anyone who turned on the tap and made a cup of tea could have a cocktail of other people's tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antibiotics, birth control pills, heart medications, arthritis pills, etc. contains its remains.

Back in 1982, I wrote: "With the increasing number of people taking drugs, there is a danger that drinking water supplies will eventually become contaminated to the point that people using ordinary drinking water will actually be taking drugs. Or we have already gotten there: and in some areas of the country do people who drink water already passively participate in everyday drug use?".

In 1982, no one seemed to know the answer to this daunting question.
And I still don't know the answer today.
Does anyone know?

Are you also an involuntary drug user? Could you be addicted to any drug residue in your drinking water? Maybe you're regularly taking bits of other people's antibiotics? Are you taking contraceptive hormone residues? Could these drug residues affect your fertility? Can drug residues affect the health of unborn children?

Nobody in the government seems to care about these issues.
I think you should.

It may soon be too late, as evidence is emerging to suggest that my original fears were correct.

In the UK, a 1999 report by the Environment Agency found that 57% of perch in one river had changed sex. Chemicals in treated sewage and factory waste have been blamed for disrupting the fish's natural hormone balance. The researchers found that fish were more likely to be affected if they were near a sewage drain. They also found that fish that lived upstream (away from the sewer) were much less likely to be affected. The chemicals in the sewage most likely to affect the fish appear to be female hormones, such as estrogen.

Strangely, some scientists are still puzzled by the source of female hormones. Since the average scientist's IQ seems to be like a dead tree, I guess we shouldn't be too surprised by this.

(The female hormones in tap water mean that men feminize, while women have an increased risk of breast cancer. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer should definitely avoid drinking tap water. Antoinette would be wise not to drink tap water in coffee shops The risk is significant. At home, we fill our kettle with bottled spring water).

While testing the lake's water for pesticide contamination, Swiss chemists were surprised to discover that the lake was contaminated with colofibric acid - a drug used to lower blood cholesterol. The possibility that this could have been caused by industrial contamination was ruled out when it was determined that clofibric acid was not manufactured in Switzerland. When chemists checked other lakes and rivers, they found low concentrations of the drug everywhere.

When researchers in Germany started looking for clofibric acid, they found the active ingredient in all kinds of water supplies, including tap water.

Driven by curiosity, the researchers continued their research.

And they found lipid-lowering drugs, pain relievers (including diclofenac and ibuprofen), beta-blocking heart drugs, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and hormones. All these drugs have been found in water bodies and drinking water. And they found that concentrations were highest in densely populated areas. After ruling out industrial contamination, the researchers realized that the drugs were derived from the wastes of the human body. This is exactly what I predicted in 1982.

Chances are, no one knows what drugs are in your drinking water. Why? Because no one is looking for it. Most governments do not test water supplies for drug residues. Nor do they require anyone else to do so.

But there is little doubt that drinking water is now heavily contaminated with drug residues. And the long-term impact of everything is hard to estimate. Minute amounts of antibiotics in drinking water can affect bacteria in many ways. They can certainly have a dramatic effect on the development of antibiotic-resistant organisms.

So far, there is no evidence to show a clear link between water pollution and problems affecting humans (such as fertility). But the lack of such evidence is probably the result of the fact that, to my knowledge, no one has yet done research on this issue. The research would be extremely easy to do and wouldn't cost much. Scientists would simply count the number of people with fertility problems (or some other specific disorder) who drank reclaimed water, and then compare that number to the incidence of fertility problems among those who drank fresh spring water or water from drilled wells. But who would want to do such research? Certainly not the water companies.

How do drugs in drinking water affect our health? Daily sedatives, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, chemotherapy drugs, heart drugs, pain relievers, etc. is your cocktail making you sick? How do these drugs interact? Is it likely that these drugs are at least partially responsible for the increase in cancer? Do they affect your immune system?

Nobody knows.
And nobody seems to want to know.
Maybe they are afraid to discover the truth.

Meanwhile, politicians around the world, at taxpayers' expense, drink spring water that is bottled at the source before it has too much of a chance to become contaminated.
The militarization of medicine Oct. 2022 13 - 18 USC 2333 Cases: Venue, National Security, Fauci, Expedited Proceedings - "One possible scenario involves motions for expedited proceedings, in which federal judges are asked to review the evidence and arguments presented and determine , that there is no dispute about the essential facts: that the evidence against the US government is so clear that the cases do not need to go to trial. The plaintiffs will argue that the US government has created a criminally unlawful framework of statutory, regulatory and executive powers, to theoretically decriminalize acts of terrorism and the use of chemical and biological weapons against the American people when they are committed by the US government itself through the Department of Defense under the false guise of “public health.” And that beginning in January 2020, named US government officials have actually used these illegal legal frameworks to use real bioweapons against people.

The US government's primary defense will be based on the argument that everything the defendants did was authorized by Congress and US presidents through the same laws, regulations and executive orders. Which means there is no dispute on fundamental issues of material fact. The only question is a moral and legal one: can a government legally kill its own people? Judges can and do grant relief to plaintiffs in an expedited process based on solid pleadings, early disclosure, and the lack of disputability of essential facts. The cognitive conundrum set up by globalists is that there is usually a difference between facts and law in litigation. But in this case the relevant facts are the laws...”

Jan 26, 2023 - War Criminals

Dec 2023 2023 Dec 20, 2023 - National Suicide Ending Act. Bill for the 118th Congress. PDF details legislative history

Challenges to the Constitutionality of Kill Box Laws

How the provisions of the United States Constitution and federal criminal laws have been and continue to be violated by identifiable individuals who claim to be federal, state, and local government officials (legislative, executive, judicial, administrative, military, public health, and law enforcement agencies) through international legal instruments, domestic laws, regulations, executive orders, and executive acts to enable the continued operation of depopulation/murder programs disguised as public health programs.

Note: Developing criminal cases and constitutional litigation requires prosecutors and lawyers interested in bringing such cases, as well as injured parties: crime victims and civil plaintiffs. In the case of a prosecutor and the victims, or a private lawyer and a plaintiff, the facts of each specific case should be analyzed in order to decide which defendants are against, which are due to overt acts and omissions, which involve constitutional violations and crimes.

Draft Factual History

Congress and US presidents have ratified international legal instruments, and Congress and state legislatures have passed domestic laws that, in the event of an "emergency," delegate legislative (legislative) and law enforcement (prosecutorial and judicial) powers to health and it is transferred to the Minister of Human Health, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Homeland Security, as well as their state counterparts.

Citing these laws, cabinet secretaries and their state counterparts were and are legally authorized to search and seize the persons and property of citizens without probable cause and without a warrant, and to deprive citizens of their life, liberty, and property without due process of law.

Cabinet secretaries and their state counterparts established administrative procedures for the application of these legal powers through decrees.

At the federal level, relevant administrative orders authorize cabinet secretaries and their state counterparts to ban speech; restrict housing, close and/or impede religious, social, commercial, governmental and political activity; suspend product safety regulations, civil tort law, criminal law, law enforcement and court proceedings; control the manufacture, distribution, use and application of poisonous devices and poisons (countermeasures); and impose contractual conditions on businesses and employees requiring them to comply with such restrictions, closures, suspensions, and product use, under penalty of loss of federal contracts and federal funds for business owners; loss of employment, wages and salaries for workers; and criminal liability in case of non-compliance. (See US v. Kirk Moore).

These federal laws include:

Title 42, The Public Health Service, 6A. chapter, Public Health Service, II. subsection, General Powers and Duties, Part G, Quarantine and Inspection, 264-272. §.

Title 50, War and National Defense, Chapter 32, Chemical and Biological Warfare Program, 1511-1528. §.

Title 42, Public Health Service, Part F, Licensing of Biological Products and Clinical Laboratories, Subpart 1, Biological Products, 42 USC 262-263.

Title 42, The Public Health Service, 6A. chapter, II. subchapter, part B, Federal and State Cooperation, 247d-247d-12. §, Public Health Emergencies.

Title 42, The Public Health Service, 6A. chapter, Public Health Service, XIX. subchapter, Vaccines, Part 1, National Vaccine Program, (§§ 300aa-1-300aa-6); and Part 2, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, (§§ 300aa-10-300aa-34).

Title 21, Foods and Drugs, Chapter 9, Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Subchapter V, Drugs and Devices, Part E, General Provisions Relating to Drugs and Devices, 360bbb- 360bbb-8d. §, Expanded access to unapproved therapies and diagnostic programs.

Title 42, Public Health Service, 6A. chapter, Public Health Service, XXVI. subchapter, National General Emergency Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies, Part AC, §300hh-1-300hh-37

See National Suicide Prevention Act. Bill for the 118th Congress. PDF includes legal history. See Legal History: American Domestic Bioterrorism Program. Authorizing laws, decrees, executive orders, guidance documents, etc. (May 2023 version).

Analogous state laws have been passed in individual states and the District of Columbia through the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act program.

Presidents and governors signed said laws into law and referenced said laws when issuing related executive orders, including but not limited to Presidential Executive Orders for "Quarantine Infectious Diseases": Executive Order 9708 (March 26, 1946) ; Executive Order No. 10532 (May 28, 1954); Executive Order No. 11070 (December 28, 1954); Executive Order No. 11070 (May 28, 1954). 12/1962); EO 12452 (Dec. 22, 1983); EO 13295, (April 4, 2004); EO 13375 (April 1, 2005); EO 13674 (July 31, 2014); EO 14047 (September 17, 2021).

Since January 2020, cabinet secretaries and their state counterparts have used the aforementioned laws to search and seize persons and property without probable cause and without a warrant, as well as to deprive citizens of their life, liberty and property without due process of law.

Prosecutors and private lawyers did not file cases demanding a basic constitutional review of the said laws, although many requested a constitutional review of the executive and administrative acts committed under the presumed jurisdiction of the said laws.

Federal and state judges have not conducted substantive constitutional review, but have upheld the unconstitutional statutes themselves and dismissed derivative claims on standing, procedural, and/or mootness grounds.

The Question Presented Whether

said legislative acts of Congress and state legislatures, executive acts of presidents and governors, and administrative acts of cabinet secretaries and state health and law enforcement officials violate the Constitution of the United States and must therefore be null, void, and unenforceable to declare them.

A constitutional violation involving one or more identifiable defendants, including members of Congress, presidents, cabinet secretaries, state legislatures, state governors, state health and law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and judges.

Article 1, Section 1 - Unconstitutional transfer of federal legislative powers from Congress to the President and Cabinet Secretaries.

Article 1, Section 8 - Unconstitutional use of Commerce Clause power to intentionally introduce noxious poisons into interstate commerce and preempt the power of states to protect their populations from noxious poisons.

Article, Section 1 - Unconstitutional transfer of executive power from the president to cabinet secretaries.

Article 2, Section 3 - Unconstitutional failure of the President to ensure the faithful execution of the laws, especially the Constitution and federal criminal statutes.

Article 2, Section 4 - Unconstitutional failure of Congress to impeach, indict, and convict the President, Vice President, and civilian officials (Cabinet Secretaries) of treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Article 3, Sections 1 and 2 - Unconstitutional removal of judicial powers from federal courts by Congress, US Presidents, and Cabinet Secretaries to prohibit judicial review of treaties, laws, regulations, executive orders, and acts of government; the unconstitutional failure of the federal courts to exercise their inherent constitutional power to review and annul unconstitutional treaties, laws, regulations, executive orders, and governmental acts.

Article 3, Section 3 - Waging unconstitutional (treasonous) war against the United States, or joining, aiding and abetting their enemies.

Article 4, Section 4 - Unconstitutional failure of the federal government of the United States to guarantee to all states of the Union a republican form of government and to protect them against invasion and domestic violence.

Article 6 - Unconstitutional failure of the federal government of the United States to uphold the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, which binds every member of Congress, every federal judge, every president, and every federal officer, and every state governor, legislature, and binds a judge and prohibits treaties, laws, regulations, executive orders, and administrative acts passed and executed in violation of the United States Constitution.

First Amendment - Unconstitutional passage of congressional and presidential laws introducing religion (cult of public health emergencies); prohibiting the free practice of other religions; restriction of freedom of speech; restriction of press freedom; restriction of the people's right to peaceful assembly; limiting the right of the people to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Second Amendment - Passing unconstitutional congressional and presidential laws that infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Fourth Amendment - Unconstitutional violation of the right of the people to have their person, house, papers, and chattels safe from unreasonable search and seizure.

Fifth Amendment - Unconstitutional deprivation of life, liberty, and property without due process of law (federal government); taking private property for public use without just compensation.

Sixth Amendment - Unconstitutional prosecutions, convictions, and sentences [extrajudicial killings] speedy and public trial, opportunity to hear witnesses, and without assistance of counsel.

Seventh Amendment - Unconstitutional violation of right to jury trial in civil suits.

Eighth Amendment - Unconstitutional Violation of Prohibition of Cruel and Unusual Punishments.

Ninth Amendment - Unconstitutional denial and curtailment of rights held by the people but not enumerated in the Constitution.

Tenth Amendment - Unconstitutional enforcement and use of powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution and reserved to the states and the people.

Thirteenth Amendment, Section 1 - Unconstitutional violation of the right to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime of which the person has been duly convicted.

Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1 - Deprivation of life, liberty, and property by state government without due process of law is unconstitutional; denial of equal protection of the law by the state.

Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3 - It is unconstitutional for senators, representatives, or any federal, civil, or military office, or state legislative, executive, or judicial officer, to hold office who have taken an oath to support the Constitution and have committed insurrection or rebellion against the United States , or provided aid or comfort to enemies of the United States.

Suspension, repeal, or overruling of federal criminal laws due to unconstitutional acts by Congress, presidents, state legislatures, governors, and unconstitutional omissions by federal and state judges.

18 USC 175 - prohibits the development, production, stockpiling, transfer, acquisition, retention, possession of bioweapons.

18 USC 201 - prohibits corruption in public office (federal bribery and kickbacks)

18 USC 229 - prohibits the development, manufacture, stockpiling, transfer, acquisition, retention, possession of chemical weapons

18 USC 241 - prohibits conspiracy against rights.

18 USC 242 - prohibits deprivation of rights by operation of law.

18 USC 666 - prohibits bribery in the program.

18 USC 872 - prohibits extortion by an official or employee of the US.

18 USC 875 - Prohibits extortion in interstate commerce

18 USC 1001 - Prohibits false statements, concealment

18 USC 1091 - Prohibits genocide

18 USC 1346 - Prohibits honest services fraud

18 USC 1918 - Prohibits breach of oath to the US Constitution

18 USC 1951 - prohibits obtaining property by extortion or pretense of office

18 USC 2331(5) - definition of domestic terrorism

18 USC 2331(1) - definition of international terrorism

18 USC 2332a - prohibits the use, threat, attempt, or conspiracy of weapons of mass destruction for the use of weapons of mass destruction.

18 USC 2332b - prohibits transnational acts of terrorism

18 USC 2332d - prohibits financial transactions with a country that supports international terrorism.

18 USC 2333 - authorizes US courts to provide civil remedies for international terrorism.

18 USC 2339 - prohibits harboring or harboring terrorists.

18 USC 2339A - prohibits providing financial support to terrorists

18 USC 2339B - prohibits providing financial support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.

18 USC 2340A - prohibits torture

18 USC 2441 - prohibits war crimes and crimes against humanity

18 USC 2381 - prohibits treason

18 USC 2384 - prohibits seditious conspiracy

18 USC 2385 - prohibits aiding the overthrow of the government, constitution, and laws of the United States.
Trudeau's Orwellian attack on Canadian truckers has been declared unconstitutional Canada's federal court ruled Tuesday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's use of emergency legislation in 2022 to punish protesting truckers was unreasonable and unconstitutional.

"I have come to the conclusion that the decision to issue the proclamation does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness - justification, transparency and comprehensibility - and was not justified compared to the relevant factual and legal constraints that should have been taken into account," he wrote in his judgment. Judge Richard G. Mosley.

The decision followed a judicial review application by the Canadian Constitution Foundation, the Canadian Civil Liberties Union and several other applicants who complained about emergency measures taken to quell the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa, which allowed the government to freeze protesters' bank accounts , list tow truck drivers and arrest people for attending rallies that the Trudeau government considers illegal.

According to Mosley, Trudeau's provisions violated Charter rights - particularly freedom of thought, opinion and expression. The Emergency Law Decree was also found to violate the right to security against unreasonable search and seizure.

"We declare that the decision to promulgate and issue association ordinances and decrees was unreasonable and ultra vires the emergency law," the judgment reads.

"We declare that the decision that the Regulations violated section 2(b) of the Charter and that the Regulations violated section 8 of the Charter and that neither violation was justified under section 1".

The Canadian Constitution Foundation initiated the judicial review, expressing concern over what it saw as a serious example of government overreach and violations of civil liberties during the pandemic.

"The Trudeau government's implementation of this emergency law is perhaps the most serious example of excesses and violations of civil liberties that we have seen during the pandemic," Van Geyn said at the time.

"The application of this powerful law was unwarranted because the statutory threshold for the law's application was not met. The emergency law contains a last-resort clause: it can only be used if there is a national emergency and no other federal, provincial and/or municipal level law that could deal with the situation. Parliament cannot use emergency law as a convenience tool as it did in this case." -TNC.news

The government plans to appeal the decision.
Things are going great for Trudeau, huh?
Here: Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt is a former Fidesz member This would certainly not happen in a state of law, but this has been the case here for 12 years. The prime minister's son-in-law is the country's chief prosecutor, who cannot be accused of impartiality just because he was a member of the Fidesz party. Péter Polt and everything he committed against us in 12 years.
Péter Polt joined Fidesz, Viktor Orbán's party, in 1993. He ran as a representative candidate in the 1994 elections, but failed, and left the party soon after. At the same time, party loyalty lives on in him to this day, this is clear to everyone.

He has been dealing with embarrassing cases for Fidesz ever since he took the seat of the chief prosecutor in 2010. The only reason Orbán and his accomplices are still at large is because Polt cicska protects them against all forms of the law.

We have already reported on Péter Polt's scandalous actions on a thousand fronts, let's just mention a couple from the past year and a half:

- Pál Völner, the main character of the Pegasus scandal, the corrupt politician is still at large, according to Péter Polt, this is completely okay
- Boldog István, the nothing has happened in the case of the outlaw from Képó since 2019, he is still pushing the buttons in the Parliament
- Judit Varga, the boss of the corrupt Pál Völner, remained untouched during the scandal and since then: according to public knowledge, his involvement is not even investigated
- Orbán's son-in-law, Ráhel's husband, Tibrocz István's first scandal, the Elios affair, was also swept away: the family of the first son-in-law already lives in Marbella, the company was dissolved, the investigation died
- Orbán's Felscúti party association illegally received HUF 3.2 billion: According to Polték, there is nothing to investigate here
- Matolcsy The son of the president of the central bank furnishes a building of the MNB for billions, but according to Péter Polt there is no case here
- Péter Polt also defends pedophiles to the death: Fidesz politician Tivadar Fohsz molested his adopted daughter, watched the little girl's room with cameras, but not only will he not go to prison, he may get away with it all
- 19,000 pedophile images were found on the computer of Gábor Kaleta, the former Hungarian ambassador to Peru, but Péter Polt let him go with a small fine
- According to the Kúria led by Péter Polt, it is not necessary to invite opposition politicians to the public TV, which operates with 130 thousand million HUF per year of public money
- If all this did not prove it, how important the former party soldier is to Fidesz, then perhaps the fact that it recently emerged that they are even amending the law so that the opposition government will almost certainly not be able to replace him until 2028. By the way, the cheekiness with which Polt lives his life is quite unbelievable: last summer he was able to say that we don't have a political case, but only a case, and it doesn't matter who the protagonist of the case is. We ignore the fact that someone gives some political dimension to a case. As long as we can maintain this, equal treatment and thus material justice will not really suffer.
- So Orbán's tsicska is either very much out of the picture, or just amazingly cheeky. Whatever the case, it has to go.

He protects corrupt Fidesz, pedophile Fidesz, and criminal Fidesz, just so that his master can keep two-thirds of the Parliament. On April 3, we will replace your government, distract your master and free the judiciary from Polt's oppression.
Rural renaissance: Venture fund plans new community in Appalachia to escape from the hellish cities supported by Soros. Most Americans are fed up with imploding progressive metropolises turning into violent crime hells because Soros-backed district attorneys refuse to enforce sane law and order. Americans are fed up with the radicals of the Biden administration, who are consciously advocating the opening of the southern borders. At the same time, taxpayer-funded NGOs are facilitating the largest invasion the nation has ever seen, carried out by unvetted individuals - some of whom are on the FBI's terrorist watch list.

The president's collapsing poll numbers show that the American people have rejected this mumbling, silent generation president who should be in a nursing home or on a La-Z-Boy at his beach house in the elite beach town of Bethany.

In recent years, tyrannical government excesses during Covid, BLM riots and nationwide violent crime outbreaks, along with sub-3% 30-year fixed mortgage rates have triggered the largest ever exodus of Americans from Democratic-controlled states and metropolises to red to safer areas of states.

The migration trends of the Covid era can still be observed today, only less so due to the affordability of housing.

But a whole new trend is emerging: a venture fund in rural Kentucky is building a new community for people who want to escape the chaos of progressive cities.

A venture fund called the Highland Rim Project (HRP), New Founding "develops rural towns and communities in the bucolic hills of the Eastern Highland Rim of Tennessee and Kentucky."

We know that the circumstances of the past few years have triggered a sea change in where people live and the types of master-planned communities enabled by the wider adoption of remote work and flexible work schedules.

On the HRP website, he wrote: "Our nation is in the midst of a generational movement of people toward small towns and rural areas."

"Teleworking is revolutionizing where people live and how they organize into communities. People, especially since Covid, are proactively looking for communities that align with their values ​​and lifestyles. Workers in the knowledge economy can now work and live in a in a small town, lifting up those areas that have been struggling with economic depression for decades," he pointed out.

According to the company, HRP works in partnership with "business owners, pastors and other community leaders."

Joshua Abbotoy, executive director of the New Founding organization, said the leadership of the community will be predominantly Protestant Christians.

"The point of it all is to raise the flag and say that our people gather in this small town. And the question is: who will touch the ground? Will it be good, grounded people who want to build something inspiring , which is culturally authentic to the region's history? Or will it be Bill Gates, BlackRock, and California hippies?" Abbotoy said in a video. (...)
Covid research waste It's been more than a decade since Chalmers and Glasziou showed that 85% of research funding is "avoidably wasted across the spectrum of biomedical research." Addressing the wrong questions for practice, poor study design and execution, non-publication of research results, and poor reporting have all contributed to this research waste.

However, we believe that the covid pandemic has taken research waste to a whole new level.

By January 2021, global spending on covid research has reached $5 billion. After nine months the gold rush began; according to the Times Higher Education, many academics were working outside their fields and the rush led to the cancellation of many projects. After 27 months, the database of funded research reported 20,006 projects from 157 countries costing at least $7.4 billion.

A quarter of projects were awarded in the UK (26%), followed by the US with 23%. However, in terms of total spending, the USA is in first place with $2.6 billion (36%), while the UK spent $1.6 billion (21.6%).

In the summer of 2020, the number of projects increased massively, but by October 2020, the gold rush was over - within a year, funding began to dry up.

Cumulative number of projects and known funding amounts according to the month of publication of the funder database.

However, these numbers underestimate actual research spending, as the NIH reports that it received nearly $4.9 billion to fund COVID-19 research on diagnostic tests, vaccines and treatments. He spent $1 billion on the lengthy covid research alone - which, according to STAT, "has little to show for it".


All this covid funding and the army of academics who arrived at the party just in time ensured an explosion of covid publications.

LitCovid provides central access to the 395,821 - and counting - covid articles in PubMed. The number of publications reached a peak of 11,679 in August 2020. Calculating with 377 articles per day, we would have to read nearly 16 articles per hour to stay up-to-date.

As we combed through the mountain of publications to figure out what was going on, our critics began to point out that we hadn't published anything in a peer-reviewed journal. We'll get back to the peer review issues, but we've been busy reviewing hundreds of studies to understand how SARS-COV-2 spread.

Five months after the WHO declared the pandemic, thousands of researchers - most of them without prior knowledge of the epidemiology of acute respiratory infections - formulated their research questions, developed their protocols and, where applicable, ethical requests, conducted their studies, and then wrote them for publication, which in record time were proofread and published under

However, on reflection, it is not so surprising that so much poor quality research was published early on and most of the funding was wasted.
WEF think tank: Like God, human rights are a fiction A senior official at the World Economic Forum (WEF) declared that "human rights are a fiction, just like God".
The comments were made in a recently surfaced video by Yuval Noah Harari. Harari is often credited with masterminding the WEF's anti-human agenda.
He is a senior advisor to the globalist organization and its founder and president, Professor Klaus Schwab.

During a Ted Talk, WEF architect Harari explains to the audience why he believes "useless people" should not have rights.

Before comparing people to "jellyfish" and chimpanzees, Harari ridicules members of the public for their "belief in human rights".

"But human rights are like heaven and like God - this is just a fictional story that we invented and propagated," Harari declares.

"It might be a very nice story," he continues.

"It could be a very compelling story."

"You want to believe it, but it's just a story."

"This is not reality," he claims.

"Not a biological reality."

"Just as jellyfish, woodpeckers and ostriches have no rights, neither do homosapiens."

"Let's take a person, cut them open, look at them," he explained.

"You find the blood, you find the heart, the lungs and the kidneys, but you don't find any rights there.

'The only place you find rights is in the fictional stories that people have made up and spread'."

Harari then turned to promoting the WEF's borderless globalist agenda.

"The same is true in the realm of politics," he said.

"States and nations, as well as human rights, as well as God and Heaven - these too are only stories".

Harari then expanded his open borders narrative by attacking America and Israel, which he claimed do not exist in "reality."

"A mountain is a reality," he noted.

"You can see it, touch it and smell it."

"But Israel or the United States - those are just stories."

"Very powerful stories - stories that we might really want to believe.

"But they're just stories."

"You can't really see the United States, you can't touch it, you can't smell it."

Harari's anti-human teachings have become an integral part of the WEF agenda

As reported by Slay News, Harari claims that much of the world's human population is "useless" and serves no purpose to the global elite .

He claims that most of the world's population will be of no use to the global elite, meaning they will no longer be "needed".

"Why do we need so many people?" Harari recently stated.

He also previously stated that "we simply don't need the vast majority of the population" in today's world.

Harari, who describes himself as a historian and futurist, argues that modern technologies such as artificial intelligence "make it possible to replace humans."

He made the comments in an interview with Chris Anderson, head of TED.

Harari assessed that widespread contemporary disillusionment among "ordinary people" is rooted in the fear of "being left behind" in a future controlled by "smart people".

He lamented that the world's power elite has relied on the general public to provide labor since the Industrial Revolution.

But Harari gleefully notes that the tide has now turned, as companies can now replace people with cheap technology.

"Now fast forward to the beginning of the 21st century, when we simply don't need the vast majority of the population," he boasted.

"The future is about the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, such as artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering.

"Most people don't contribute anything, except maybe their data, and whatever else people do that's useful, these technologies they make it increasingly redundant and allow people to be replaced."
Other thoughts on the germ theory Bacteria: unnecessary and insufficient to cause disease. Many scientists in the past were aware that there were powerful people with vested interests who worked to raise the status of a scientific theory by manipulating statistics, but according to Mike Stone, "who seeks to expose the lies of germ theory and virology, "the bacteria "theory" should never have risen to its current status as the pre-eminent paradigm for explaining disease." Nevertheless, the theory has been kept alive to this day, despite being based on nothing with "pseudo-scientific evidence". Source: Historically,

the public has been "too were willing to believe what they were told as long as the story was simple enough and easy to understand," Mike writes in one of his articles on The Germ Theory House of Cards. where he adds, "They let their minds be controlled, they believe in invisible pathogenic entities that its existence and disease-causing effects have never been scientifically proven." The fact that "they refuse to devote any of their own time and effort to researching whether the simple germ theory fantasies they've been sold are actually true ", the reason is that "it was too easy to shut down the whole world under the false pretext of a 'pandemic' when there was none."

We know that the "powerful people with vested interests" are relying on new so-called pandemics could terrorize the public with the threat of

I recently went through many of the early voices who spoke out against the germ "theory" of disease, beginning with its creation in the mid-1800s. These individuals provided plenty of reasons why the germ "theory" of disease did not fit the observations of "infectious" and "contagious" diseases in their own clinics.

Many have provided evidence that the "theory" itself should never have reached the status of a scientific theory, as the germ hypothesis has been repeatedly disproved by experimental evidence over the years. They showed that Koch's postulates, the logical criterion considered a fundamental and necessary condition for proving that any microbe can cause disease, were never met for any of the so-called pathogens.

Evidence has consistently shown that putative "pathogens" usually occur in healthy hosts or in "unrelated" diseases. One group of researchers found a certain bacterium associated with a certain disease, while another group found none at all. There were cases where it seemed that the same disease could be caused by different bacteria, and that the same bacteria could cause different diseases. Pathogens were sometimes not found even among those who suffered from the same disease. Different experiments with pure cultures of a bacterium failed to cause disease in several cases, the most notorious being Robert Koch's own experiments, with which he tried to prove that the cholera bacillus caused the disease attributed to him. Thus, to those who looked at the issue both critically and logically, it was clear that there was no scientific evidence that bacteria caused disease.

Opponents of the germ hypothesis adamantly argued that an individual's terrain (internal environment) was the most important factor in determining whether or not someone would develop a disease. The more toxins and stressors we are exposed to over a period of time, the greater the chance that the body will initiate a detoxification process from within due to experiencing toxic overload. Today we can see that many different factors have a direct impact on our terrain. (...)
Queen Máxima of the Netherlands drops in popularity as she pushes for digital IDs and CBDCs The once extremely popular Queen Máxima of the Netherlands falls out of favor with the Dutch public. Since October 2022, he has been making the rounds at international conferences and meetings promoting a totalitarian tool of coercion, loosely praising central bank digital currencies ("CBDCs") and digital identities ("IDs").

"Not even the constitution and its own officials can stop it," wrote the independent Dutch media outlet Nieuw Rechts. "When will Máxima be called and when will she appear back in her orange cage?".

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander married his Argentinian bride, Máxima Zorreguieta, in 2002. In 2013, after his mother Queen Beatrix abdicated, Willem-Alexander became the king and his wife Máxima became the heir to the throne. Nine years later, since October 2022, Queen Máxima has openly and knowingly violated Dutch constitutional law.

As the United Nations Special Advocate for Digital Money ("UNSGSA"), Queen Máxima regularly lobbies for the introduction of CBDCs at international conferences. Under the guise of "financial integration", it hopes to persuade as many countries as possible to switch to this new means of payment.

However, according to I&O Research, half of the Dutch do not want the introduction of the digital euro. They fear that this will eliminate cash, that central banks will gain too much power, and that citizens' privacy will be at risk.

"A queen who has to unite the people should stay away from such sensitive issues," Nieuw Rechts wrote. "Therefore, the relevant representatives have already submitted written questions to Prime Minister Rutte in this regard several times".

Questions put to Rutte by Members of Parliament ("MPs") ask whether the constitution allows an unelected official to "promote all kinds of sensitive opinions and plans." Despite this, the Dutch government refuses to release documents on Máxima's CBDC lobbying "in the interest of the state".

"The Ministry of Finance has already tried to expose Máxima. But in vain," wrote Nieuw Rechts.

More recently, he has proven to be a staunch supporter of another controversial tool of coercion, digital identity.

Last week, during a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Queen Máxima urged the wider global introduction of biometric digital identity cards. He said the introduction of biometric digital ID cards could be used by governments to track "who has been vaccinated and who hasn't".

He conveniently failed to mention,

Unbecoming of a queen, when it comes to her political lobbying practice, Máxima is held back by nothing and no one. It seems that the daughter of the Argentine minister has never heard of such concepts as "code of law", "rule of law" or "democratic support." All the more about elitist arrogance and complete ignorance. While his popularity among the Dutch population has been declining for years, he seems to be doing everything to make himself even less loved.
Scottish farmers protest: Farmers pushed to the limit - We've had enough Cries of "It's happening" echo across the Scottish countryside as farmers join a wave of protests across Europe. Their complaints are diverse, but they have in common dissatisfaction with the status quo.
The protest by Scottish farmers was against restrictions on farmers in relation to the Cairngorms National Park. The protest was triggered by the plan to reintroduce beavers to the area, which was carried out without consultation. "The park provides more control than support to those living and working in the area," said one of the farmers' representatives.

Joseph Stalin called Ukrainian farmers "enemies of the state". As History noted in a 2019 article, the Soviet dictator wanted to replace Ukraine's small farms with state collectives on the one hand, and on the other hand, he wanted to punish Ukrainians striving for independence who posed a threat to his totalitarian power. By expropriating farms, the state took control over food production. As a result, an estimated 3.9 to 7 million people starved to death.

History quoted Alex de Waal as saying, "The famine in Ukraine was clearly a case of man-made famine." He described it as "a hybrid of famine caused by unfortunate socio-economic policies and famine directed against a particular population for the purpose of oppression or punishment".

Now, 100 years later, governments across Europe are targeting farmers primarily in the name of "climate change" and "green" policies. The result? As history has proven, it is a man-made famine.

It is not clear when the Scottish protest shown in the videos below took place, where and why the farmers and their supporters decided to take part in the action. Those sharing the videos on social media did not release those details. However, The Scottish Farmer reported that the protest was held at the headquarters of the Cairngorms National Park Authority ("CNPA") in Grantown-on-Spey on Monday 15 January.

"They paraded through Grantown with 21 tractors, a Unimog truck and Land Rovers before a meeting with CNPA board members," The Scottish Farmer wrote.

This description seems to fit the vehicles seen driving through a Scottish town in the first of the videos below, which could suggest they are the same protest. In the third video, the farmer can be heard talking about the rules imposed on farmers for the sake of the national park, which also suggests that this is the protest described in The Scottish Farmers article. (...)
The French farmers have also started: the new demonstrations are here The French farmers also joined the German and Polish protesters who are telling the European leaders: enough of the regulations that are unfavorable to them.
On Wednesday, farmers in France protested with roadblocks and demanded that the government introduce lower consumer prices and relax environmental regulations, the Reuters news agency reported.

Many farmers are struggling financially and say their livelihoods are at risk as food retailers look to cut prices after a period of high inflation.

Agricultural policy has long been a sensitive issue in France, as most producers in the EU live here.

"We want to work as they do in some neighboring countries: produce, cultivate, do our work," said Arnaud Rousseau, head of the powerful FNSEA agricultural union.

The government of President Emmanuel Macron, fearing movements similar to the agricultural riots in Germany, Poland and Romania, has already withdrawn a controversial agricultural bill that would have helped as many people as possible become farmers.

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The Scholzes would save on farmers, but there is money for government machines in Germany
According to BILD, Berlin wanted to hide the purchase of luxury helicopters from the public.

On Wednesday, Politico visited the site of one of the demonstrations next to the A62 highway.

"We need the French people to join us," said one member of the group, who owns wheat fields.

Farmers in France want other French workers, including truck drivers and health workers, to join them.

Their goal is to start a movement like the massive "yellow vest" protests that rocked France in 2018.

Despite the fact that some of the blockades are illegal, the French police did not intervene to break them up. Farmers enjoy widespread support.

According to a survey, 82% of French people support the movement; 7 out of 10 people said they supported blockades and would oppose police intervention.
Is NASA's Rising Temperature Graph Evidence of Global Warming or Widespread Hoax? "It's hard to get a person to understand something when your salary depends on not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair. This statement is especially true in the field of climate science, says Tony Heller. NASA's website has a tab labeled "Facts". By clicking on the "Facts" button, various menu items appear next to the quote from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ("IPPC"): "The scientific evidence for the warming of the climate system is clear".

The term "climate system" is vague and can be reinterpreted from time to time as needed. However, on another website, NASA is more specific. "Scientific Consensus: Earth's Climate is Warming" is the title of a website listing selected quotes from selected institutions, including two from the IPPC.

On another website, NASA presents a graph titled "A World of Agreement: Temperatures are Rising." The graph shows the most recent annual temperatures of 5 different research groups working independently.

"The past five years combined are the warmest on record," NASA says.

In a short video titled ''Imaginary Heat Record,'' Heller talks about the graph above.

"[The lines] show five different [research] groups that produced nearly identical graphs from 1880 to the present day," he said.

Showing a NASA map of the world from which the temperature data is collected, Heller said, "NASA uses this map to convince people that they have very good global coverage of temperature data, but unfortunately that's propaganda, not reality."

For the 1880 temperatures, only a few areas have temperature records, so they cover very little of the Earth, Heller explained. "Almost nothing in Africa and very little in Asia," he said.

The British Climatic Research Unit's data from 1880 are no better. "There is not a single piece from the southern hemisphere," he said.

"This coverage [with 1880 data] is completely insufficient to calculate global temperature," Heller said.

"The only plausible explanation for the close agreement of the graphs [lines] is that these different [research] groups are not independent at all, [the researchers] are actually colluding to produce the same graph," he said.

"[The] graph [above] is not evidence of global warming. Rather, it is evidence of widespread fraud".

Heller then turned to recent temperature records. Using the example of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ("DRC") and one of the world's largest cities, he explained how the urban heat island effect spoils the overall temperature record. "[The] urban heat island in Kinshasa will spoil the entire DRC temperature record," he said.

"These five [lines on] the graph are bogus at both ends. Most academic climate science assumes the accuracy of this graph. Billions of taxpayer dollars are diverted to climate academies to produce nonsensical reports based on false data.''"

Tony Heller: Imaginary Heat Record, 2024 . January 24 (5 min)

Tony Heller is an American and lifelong environmentalist. He holds degrees in geology and electrical engineering and has worked on the design teams of many of the world's most complex structures, including those that probably run your personal computer. He has also worked as a contract software developer for the US government on climate and weather models He publishes articles on the Real Climate Science website and uploads videos to his YouTube channel HERE.

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