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Electric vehicles will never dominate the market, Toyota's president said
Electric vehicles will never dominate the market, Toyota's president said

Electric vehicles will never dominate the market, Toyota chairman said
Jan 23, 2024 source

Akio Toyoda, in the latest sign that automakers are backing away from the troubled technology. Read more in the Telegraph.

Battery electric vehicles will only ever capture 30% of the global market share, Toyota's president has predicted, raising concerns about consumers' willingness to align with Net Zero goals.

According to Akio Toyoda, conventional fuel cars, hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will make up the rest of the market.

The grandson of the founder of the world's largest carmaker says a shift to electric vehicles is not an option when a billion people live without electricity.

He told a business event this month that limiting consumer choice and travel by making expensive cars is not the answer.

He said: "Customers - not regulation or politics - should make that decision."

He added: "The engines will definitely stay".

You should read the whole article.

Stop Press: Electric bicycles have caused a record number of fires in New York, reports the Telegraph. According to data released by the New York Fire Department, e-bikes were responsible for 267 fires in the city, claiming 18 lives and causing 150 injuries.

Electric vehicles will never dominate the market, Toyota's president said
Oil tankers

Shell and Vitol lead the top 10 charterers of product tankers Shell and Vitol are the world's number one oil product tanker charterers, according to OPIS analysis of 2014 spot market shipping data. The oil industry giant Shell transported nearly 39 million tons of oil products on 777 vessels, followed by Vitol with the 606 charter to transport nearly 30.7 million tons, the data shows.

The OPIS Tanker Tracker on FleetMon.com compiled a list of the top 10 charterers from the IHS Fairplay Sea-web database from the spot-fixing data of just over 10,000 tankers reported to the market in 2014, representing 515.9 million tonnes of oil products, i.e. it covered roughly half of the world's maritime trade in oil products.

Oil giant BP was the third largest chartered 520 oil product tankers (27.6 million tonnes), while Saudi Aramco's shipping and trading arm ATC was the fourth largest with nearly 25 million tonnes of product movement.

Total, Europe's largest oil refiner, was the fifth largest user of product tankers (22.7 million tonnes), while Lukoil, Russia's largest oil producer and its trading arm, Litasco, was sixth (21.5 million tonnes).

Oil trader and miner Glencore and shipping subsidiary ST Shipping took the No. 7 spot in the top 10 charterers list with a total of 20.36 million tonnes of shiploads reported to the market.

Glencore said it shipped 728 million barrels of oil products in 2013, suggesting that more of its wet-sea trade is carried on longer-term time charters by tankers rather than in the spot market.

Switzerland-based Gunvor's shipping arm, Clearlake, also made the top 10, chartering 343 product tankers in 2014, carrying nearly 15.5 million tonnes.

Trafigura was ninth with 281 charters and 14.5 million tonnes shipped, while Brazil's Petrobras, which has seen significant delays in building its own refineries, imported 13.3 million tonnes on 263 chartered vessels.
Net Zero is dying - but it's dragging us down too The Net Zero green energy illusion is dying as reality catches up, writes Francis Menton in the Manhattan Contrarian. But the economies of the UK and Germany are also dying as Net Zero drags them down. Here's an excerpt.

What will the death of the green energy illusion look like? From time to time (see for example here and here) I have described a vision in which a state or country runs headlong into a "green energy wall" - an impenetrable barricade of physical impossibility characterized by shortages and blackouts, into which the country suddenly falls. Of the Net Zero fanatic countries I have identified, Germany and the UK are the most likely to hit such a wall soon.

But perhaps rather than a sudden collapse, the fall of the green energy illusion will look more like a slow but steady decline, a gradual withering of economic activity and prosperity. In this scenario, high energy prices caused by energy restrictions drive important industries out of business, and as good jobs disappear and energy prices rise, people become progressively and inexorably poorer. Recent events in the UK and Germany point in the direction of this type of scenario.

The latest issue of GWPF's Net Zero Watch newsletter is entitled "Net Zero is dying" (find your copy of the newsletter here and follow the link). Full disclosure - I am on the board of the US affiliate of GWPF). The nine linked news articles from the past few days all deal with recent cases of industrial decline in the UK and Germany, all as a result of deliberately driven up energy prices in the pursuit of "Net Zero".

Several of the articles deal with the impending closure of the Port Talbot steelworks in Wales, which could result in the loss of up to 2,500 jobs. In the January 19 issue of the Daily Telegraph, Allison Pearson wrote: "Port Talbot sacrificed to the angry god of Net Zero." Although the Telegraph is paid for, the NZW newsletter carried a long excerpt from it. Here's an excerpt:

High UK energy prices make Port Talbot uncompetitive... [N]et Zero. This absurd and misanthropic creed... calls British workers losing their jobs "progress" while their carbon emissions will now be in India and China... [The UK will be] the only G7 country without a first class steel production - are they serious? We can almost get the impression that the nation is controlled by a fifth column that is planning its downfall.

Francis notes that in the case of the UK and Germany, "the current situation, the continued decline, is causing damage that may not even be reversible. Even if energy prices were to suddenly triple or even triple in the UK, would anyone rebuild Port Talbot, once it was demolished?".

Francis points to the continued decline in German industrial production (see below) and concludes: "Net Zero may be dying, but so are the UK and German economies. I just hope the US can be saved in time ".
After Elon Musk, climate change, AI and the Tesla party, now in Auschwitz As for the figure of Elon Musk, I put my hand on the Bible and dare to swear that the person who is said to be the richest genius in the world is one of the most satanic figures who is mixing the cards in the Great Reset of globalism.
But he is the sympathetic Satanist, the "good cop", among the many bad cops, old, monster-headed, political genocidals.

For years, Musk has spent millions researching how to control and control the human brain with implanted microchips. I don't even want to think about what kind of human experiments have been and are actually happening in this regard. Human experiments called health innovations include, for example, Musk's Neuralink, which may be able to transmit information between human neurons and a smartphone. It connects the brain with a mobile phone, i.e. it targets exactly the same "vaccine-terrorist" experiment known as the "internet of bodies" like the project that genocidal COVID-19. One on one.

Musk therefore spectacularly obeys the globalist saviors, shows himself at satanist vampire parties, and performs the role of Superman of freedom of speech and censorship-free social media.

Elon Musk's best-known company is the US-based Tesla, which designs, manufactures and markets electric cars. Musk launched this project to prove that electric cars can indeed outperform vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine.

So Musk is one of the main leaders of the entire climate hysteria and the lying manipulations aimed at the energy crisis, covering up the real plan with the false illusion of the electric car: the destruction of the world's societies and people's lives.

Another of Musk's manias is settling in space and introducing Artificial Intelligence to take the place of people on Earth. Artificial Intelligence.

For example, Elon Musk, who pretended to be the "good cop" a few months ago, handed over the leadership of Twitter to WEF Executive President Linda Yaccarino after a few months of losing his eyesight.

Now, in order to stay focused, the billionaire is being accused of promoting anti-Semitism on X (Twitter). That's why Musk got a hold of himself and went to Auschwitz to prove that he was not anti-Semitic during a well-organized Muppet show. (...)
WHO declares war on food supply to fight climate change The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a global fight against climate change.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the WHO, declared war on the meat industry and traditional agriculture in his video speech.

In his stirring speech, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus attempted to demonize the food systems that humanity relies on to survive.

The head of the WHO took particular aim at meat and milk production, which he says is "harmful to the health of people and the planet".

He called on the world's governments to "transform the food supply" and encourage the population to adopt a "more varied and plant-based diet".

The "diverse" diet presumably refers to the insect-based "foods" and lab-grown "meat" promoted by the UN, the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates.

"Our food systems are harming the health of people and the planet," Tedros said in an alarming statement.

"Food systems contribute to more than 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and are responsible for nearly a third of the global disease burden".

"Therefore, it is essential to transform food systems towards a healthier, more diverse and more plant-based diet."

The agricultural sector came under fire last week during the annual WEF summit in Davos, Switzerland.

Globalist elites are increasingly trying to demonize traditionally grown foods in order to replace them with industrially produced and corporate-controlled products.

As reported by Slay News, a member of the WEF called on the globalist elite to work towards making agriculture a "serious crime".

Stop Ecocide Now founder Jojo Mehta argued at the WEF summit in a luxury Swiss ski resort that fishing and agriculture should be equated with "genocide".

Mehta insisted that fishing and farming for food production were "serious crimes" and argued that it was immoral to make money from these industries.

"We have a culturally ingrained habit of not taking damage to nature as seriously as damage to people or property," he told the politicians, bureaucrats and business elite in attendance.

He went on to say that agriculture, fishing and probably hunting "cause enormous damage and destruction to nature".

Mehta then called for these activities to be legally recognized as "serious crimes".

"Unlike an international crime like genocide, which requires specific intent, in the case of ecocide we see that people want to earn money, farm, fish..... What is missing is the awareness of collateral and collateral damage...

According to the WEF rapporteur, farming and fishing are "ecocide" and should be recognized as "serious crimes" .
At the summit, Tedros took the opportunity to call on representatives of WEF-allied governments to sign the UN health organization's "global pandemic compact".

The unelected bureaucrat has called on world leaders to cede their countries' "pandemic" powers to the UN so that it can supposedly fight "Disease X".

Addressing heads of state and government, business elites and globalist rulers, Tedros called on sovereign governments to sign the WHO's "global pandemic compact".

The WHO's proposed pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) give the globalist organization sweeping new powers that override the laws of sovereign nations.

The treaty will give the Chinese Communist Party-allied WHO, the UN "health" agency, ultimate control over US pandemic policy, including isolation, censorship, masking, vaccination requirements and public surveillance.

The treaty, if adopted, would give the WHO sweeping global powers and empower the UN agency to declare and direct the pandemic emergency policies of formerly sovereign nations, as Slay News previously reported.

Once the World Health Organization declares a public health emergency, all signatory nations, including the United States, must submit to WHO authority.

This means they must follow WHO guidelines for treatments, quarantine measures, vaccination requirements and government oversight.

Although the "pandemic treaty" gives the impression that it is intended to fight viral epidemics, its scope has been expanded further and further through amendments.

According to the WHO, the definition of the term "pandemic" now includes "climate change".

The treaty gives the WHO final control over individual countries to declare an "emergency" and then dictate the response.

Should the WHO declare an "emergency" due to "global warming", the UN health organization would be able to override the laws of sovereign states to impose "climate blockades".

According to the plan, the WHO would be able to use its far-reaching powers to combat or even "prevent" the emergency it has declared.

To prevent a "major climate event," the WHO could use its digital dollars to prevent people from buying meat and dairy to stop "global warming."

All UN member states, including the USA, are expected to sign the treaty in May this year.
The EU votes for the resolution declaring hate speech a crime Crime through speech. (the frog's water is already hot in the pot! - KJ)
As part of the growing support for censorship in the EU, the European Parliament voted for the resolution declaring so-called "hate speech" a crime throughout the Union. The decision, which critics have compared to Orwell's "Big Brother", redefines the state of freedom of speech in the European Union.

The decision attracted a lot of attention because of its potential impact on individual liberties. Critics say it could lead to over-regulation and a stifling of free speech. However, the EU Parliament stands by its position and says that this radical change is a decisive step in the fight against hate and will go further.

Before the adoption of the resolution, Maite Pagazaurtundúa (Spain), rapporteur of the report, member of the Civil Rights, Home Affairs and Justice Committee, said:

"The current EU legal framework only partially covers hate speech and hate crimes, but there is currently no common, comprehensive legal definition at the EU level. In view of the new social dynamics, the normalization of hatred is rapidly developing, so as a society we must protect ourselves and the people who are attacked, persecuted and harassed.

Radical networks and extreme polarization create a favorable environment for the spread of such behaviors that violate fundamental rights . With this report, we ask the Council to give the green light to the adoption of European-level legislation against hate crimes and hate speech, which always complies with the principle of proportionality and guarantees citizens' freedom of expression".

From the European Conservatives:

The document has two main aims: Firstly, to add hate speech to the list of EU crimes under Article 83(1) TFEU, which includes "particularly serious crimes with a cross-border dimension" - such as terrorism , trafficking in human beings, drug and arms trafficking, money laundering and organized crime - and which is subject to EU-wide minimum rules on definitions and sanctions. According to the official statement, hate speech deserves the same label because it is so serious that it "affects not only a person or community, but society as a whole by undermining the foundations of the EU", and social media immediately gave it a "cross-border dimension". him.

The second objective emphasized in the resolution is to extend the concept of hate speech and hate crime to several additional categories of victims. Currently, EU law only defines them as hatred against a certain race, colour, religion, nationality or ethnicity,

The document therefore calls for the definition to be expanded to include "gender, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, gender characteristics, age, disability and any other significant characteristic." In the absence of an objective definition, it is easy to imagine that the latter definition could serve as a blank check for anything that might make someone feel offended.
Shocking survey shows how much the <strike>elite</strike> parasites hate us A shocking survey reveals how much the elite despises public opinion. More than three-quarters of those surveyed want food and energy rationing in order to fight "climate change", and the majority want to ban vacation flights.
The survey was conducted by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity (CUP), a nonprofit advocacy group based in Maryland.

The organization surveyed members of the top 1 percent of the U.S. population — defined as those with a college degree and an annual income of more than $150,000.

To the question "Would you support or oppose strict rationing of gas, meat and electricity in order to combat climate change?", 77 percent of the elite answered yes.

Among Amber League graduates, this rate reaches 89 percent.

Presumably their wealth exempts them from such rationing, while the poor may suffer.

Furthermore, 69 percent of the elite want an immediate ban on gas stoves, and 81 percent want a ban on gas-powered vehicles.

The majority also want the government to ban air conditioning and non-essential air travel, effectively banning vacations — rules that presumably don't apply to their private jets and luxury apartments.

67 percent of the elite are also convinced that teachers should decide what children should learn, while 26 percent think that parents should decide.

The survey also reveals that the elite are very different from the average population in terms of both their lifestyle and their beliefs.

When asked how much freedom the United States should give its citizens, 47 percent said people have too much freedom, while 21 percent believe there is too much control.

Compared to this, 57% of voters think there is too much control, while 16% think there is too much freedom.

According to 74 percent of them, their financial situation improved, while only 20 percent of the entire population did.

A remarkable 84 percent are also satisfied with Joe Biden's job as president, while Biden is around 39 percent of the general electorate, according to recent polls.

The people who run America, or at least think they do, live in a bubble of their own making, the authors of the study write.

They have isolated themselves so much from the reality of everyday American life that they have a very different opinion than the average American about what is happening and what should happen in this country.
As Chris Morrison notes, the results of the survey are likely to reverberate throughout the Western world, similar to the backlash against elite politics seen in many other countries.
Laboratory meat will not be part of Europe's future Hungary and eleven other member states warned Brussels in advance that laboratory meat cannot be considered by Europe as a sustainable alternative protein source of the future, and that several prerequisites must be met in order for the authorization of meat grown by cell multiplication to be on the agenda at all. Precaution is not accidental.

The twelve member states of the European Union - including Hungary - have broken their silence and sent a clear message to Brussels: meat produced by cell multiplication in the laboratory will never be Europe's sustainable alternative protein source.

The joint document prepared for Tuesday's meeting of EU agriculture ministers is the first material in several years that reflects the official position of several European countries.

According to the lesson of the document, the member states are forward-looking this time, and with the memo they warn the European Commission that it cannot in any way facilitate the access of laboratory meat produced with stem cell technology to the EU market.

The member states are looking at Brussels' fingernails

The warning is also unprecedented because it is forward-looking. At the moment, there is no company producing laboratory meat that has initiated the EU official procedure necessary for placing new foods on the market. The countries that signed the document make it clear that the dialogue on the authorization of laboratory meat is a prerequisite for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to prepare for a risk assessment of the technology.

The countries also made it clear: comprehensive impact assessments of cultivated meat must be prepared and promotion campaigns that try to convince people that the laboratory will be the center of the future of the meat market must be put on hold.

How is laboratory meat made?

The essence of the technology is that real animal protein is produced, while the other alternatives are plant- or insect-based. During the procedure, a sample is taken from the live animal. The extracted cells are grown in a so-called bioreactor, on a culture medium that promotes cell division and growth. The ingredients of this culture medium include, among other things, substances from animal embryos and serums that help the growth of cells, but it is impossible to check the exact ingredients. Once the cell proliferation is the right size, it is shaped and shaped in a subsequent process to look like real flesh. Based on the latest evidence, the procedure is much more polluting than traditional animal husbandry, and its energy requirements are much higher.

Europe is guaranteed to remain divided

Out of the 27 member states, 12 countries have signed the document, which can be considered as a memorandum for the time being and does not contain commitments or concrete steps:

Czech Republic
Demonstrations in defense of democracy took place all over Germany the rule of law needed this little moral support, like a bite of bread. Munich. The main organizer, Lisa Poettinger, a 27-year-old trainee teacher (according to her self-definition, "academic climate activist - climate protection = class struggle - #Antifa #RefugeesWelcome") tuned in to the event and explained: it is

completely legitimate to publish the names of "Nazis", climate-killing fascists and corporate owners, but one must be careful because violence against people is a difficult matter; instead, their houses should be covered with colored paint or graffitied, that's "cool." Then, as the main leader of the "Together against the Right" demonstration, he pointed out that CSU politicians are undesirable persons at the event, because he (Lisa Poettinger) cannot stomach right-wingers of any kind. This summary opinion was readily adopted by the media: the Tageszeitung, for example, even published a special poster for the event with the title "Red page for the right".

(By the way, in last October's Bavarian provincial elections, 67.5 percent of voters voted for the CSU, the value-conservative Free Voters and the AfD together; it is true that 44 percent of the city center of Munich supported the Greens.

) against" type banners, others with clever German puns chanting "Human rights instead of right-wing people!" they demonstrated with slogans in their hands in defense of freedom of conscience and speech as human rights; and then the crowd chants as one: "All of Munich hates the AfD"!

Aachen. "Aachen mobilizes itself against right-wing incitement" - this is the headline that the Aachener Zeitung reported on the AfD and "anti-ultraconservative" march in the city of Charlemagne, and then, to illustrate the message, it captioned a photo of the marchers with the caption "Broad front of the protesters" about a crowd led by a skinny "Kill AfDs. Deport Nazis." young anti-fascists march with a banner with the text

The picture has since been changed, the title has remained, as has the short extract: "a march against intolerance and radical inciting speeches".

The representative of the police told the public television: they are very satisfied with the day, apart from a few minor pyrotechnic violations, the event was completely peaceful, there was nothing to see. (...)
Sweden takes action against cashless schedule The right-wing Swedish government wants to strengthen the use of cash in the future.

What is going on here, is this really happening?

Sweden is suddenly doing one good thing after another. They recently removed the 2030 Agenda targets from government guidelines and abolished the climate tax on fuels.

And now the new civilian government wants to support the use of cash, which is against the cashless agenda.

The government appointed the ombudsman to come up with ideas to support people's right to pay with cash. This may be because some simply do not want a cashless society, but also to be able to pay in emergencies and crisis situations.

"Fundamentally, it's about not excluding anyone from the possibility of payment," said Niklas Wykman, the minister responsible for financial markets.

In other words, the Swedish government wants to force shops to accept cash. This is in contrast to the whole cashless schedule we have seen of late.

This new step by Sweden is excellent news.

In a cashless society, it would be very easy for the government to control what can and cannot be bought. Combined with the digital ID card and the digital wallet, we are looking at a dystopian future where dissenters can be excluded from society.

Surprisingly, Sweden suddenly started doing a lot of things right.
NAM Summit - Transforming the Global Order What does the non-aligned movement supported by Putin represent? The NAM Summit took place from January 15 to 20 in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. More than 3,000 delegates from more than 120 countries attended the 19th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

Russia, which has observer status in NAM, praised the organization on Saturday for playing an important role in building a fairer, more democratic and multipolar system of international relations.

"We are fully united in rejecting neo-colonialist aspirations, double standards, as well as violent pressure, dictatorship and blackmail as a means of achieving foreign policy and foreign economic goals," President Vladimir Putin said in his message to the summit.

1. When and why the NAM was created

The Non-Aligned Movement can be traced back to the first large-scale Afro-Asian conference held in Bandung, Indonesia in 1955, which signaled the decolonization process after the Second World War.

The conference was organized by countries that did not want to participate in the East-West ideological confrontation of the Cold War and wanted to focus on national independence struggles and their own economic development.

The NAM was officially founded in 1961 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and brought together 25 countries, mainly from Asia and Africa.

2. Today's structure of NAM

Today, economic cooperation as well as social and humanitarian issues are at the center of NAM's work.

The grouping consists of 120 nations (African, Asian, Central and South American), 20 observer states (including Russia and China) and 11 organizations (such as the African Union and the Arab League).

NAM has no founding charter, law or contract, and no permanent secretariat. Managing the affairs of the movement is the responsibility of the country holding the presidency.

3. What are the objectives of the NAM

The main objective of the NAM when it was established was to keep the newly independent countries of Asia and Africa away from superpower rivalry and to protect their newly gained independence in a bipolar world.

Nowadays, other important goals are:
- eliminating the causes of wars;
- Protection of the newly independent countries of Asia and Africa from colonial rule;
- the fight against colonialism, imperialism and racial discrimination;
- advocating the sovereign equality of all states; encouraging friendly relations between countries and the peaceful settlement of international disputes;
- opposition to violence and the use of nuclear weapons;
- and the protection of human rights and the environment.

4. What is the role of NAM

In the 1990s, after the bipolar world of the Cold War ended, the movement tried to find its way and the construction of the new, multipolar world, represented by Russia, became its primary goal.

Since 2012, when the Tehran statement openly condemned sanctions against Iran and Western intervention in Syria under Iran's presidency, the role of the NAM has increased.

NAM is today the main dialogue tool of the global South, which represents about 58% of the world's population, 76% of global crude oil and 53% of global gas reserves with all OPEC member states. (...)
The Holy Synod of the Greek Church openly took up the fight against the transgender lobby The Greek Orthodox Church, unlike the Vatican, has openly fought the transgender lobby, stands up for the protection of the concept of mother and father and natural male-female marriage, in order to maintain the normal human natural order, and they demand that all politicians who are transgender they want to introduce LGBTQI laws that support the lobby and be severely punished. The synod discussing these took place on January 23.

"The last survivor": Metropolitan of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki, Mr. Nikolaos - "Homosexuality is a psychiatric disease" (upd)
The Metropolitan of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki, Father Nikolaos (photo), could be described as the "last Mohican" of the Greek Church, who at the meeting of the Holy Synod held yesterday he talked about the issue of "marriage" and mainly the issue of the adoption of minor children by homosexual couples.

The Metropolitan of Mesogaia said bluntly: "Any adoption of the bill undermines the nation and in this sense acts against the nation." And in response to the bill, he suggested organizing a rally.

Father Nikolaos is a metropolitan with a high level of scientific education, now competent in the subject, he was the director of the Biomedical Ethics and Ethics Center and the president of the Synodal Bioethics Committee of the Church of Greece.

Father Nikolaos did not mince words, nor did he try to avoid calling the point by name: he classified homosexuality as a psychiatric illness and called on the church to react dynamically to the bill, and he directly attacked the government and the parties.
"Ever since psychiatry erased homosexuality from the list of mental disorders, it stopped researching it, and these unfortunate people were left helpless with the only company, hoping for convenient legislation and enforcement by parade of self-deprecation and shame."

The metropolitans of Corfu, Father Nektarios and Serafim Piraeus, called for "sanctions" against MPs who vote for the bill, including the imposition of fines.
On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, the Holy Synod of the Hierarchy of the Greek Church convened for an extraordinary meeting, the only topic of which was the announced legislation on marriage and adoption for the benefit of same-sex couples.

After the usual prayer, the Holy Synod listened to the explanation of His Holiness Metropolitan Nikolaos, Mesogaias and Lavreotikis, and then a dialogue followed, the result of which unanimously expresses the position of the Greek Church on this subject, as follows: (...)
The Marie Antoinette of the World Economic Forum At the grief counseling of professional censors and propagandists, the editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal complained to the aspiring tyrants of the World Economic Forum: "If we go back to the past, not so long ago... we owned the news. We were the gatekeepers, and we also owned the facts. If it was written in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, it was a fact." Much to the dismay of those who believe it is their noble prerogative to manipulate the public by controlling the narrative, ordinary people are now "much more questioning" what they mean as truth. The growing judgment of the public disturbs the "ruling class." Perhaps this is the reason why government schools these days refrain from honing students' critical thinking skills. Authoritarianism thrives on the ignorance of beehives.

So, sorry Davos dictators, we ordinary people are quickly waking up to the bitter reality that the corporate news spinners are just as guilty of today's civilizational chaos as the malevolent central bank money printers, the out-of-control spy agencies, and the multinational corporate behemoths that have long collaborated in manipulating global events. We have opened our eyes and see what monsters you really are.

This is probably why two-thirds of the American "elite" (and certainly an even larger proportion of their international counterparts) believe that average Americans enjoy too much individual freedom (remember when Meghan's future ex-husband Harry called the First Amendment "crazy"? ). The "awakening" of public opinion probably also explains why a series of international despots stood up in Davos to tell the power-hungry masters of the World Economic Forum that the biggest threat to their continued global control is... freedom of speech. Let's forget the third world war, deadly epidemics, cyber attacks, the debt bomb that promises to collapse the financial system, or even electromagnetic pulses from space destroying infrastructures. For the WEF masters who rule and expect the weak of the planet to obey, there is nothing more terrifying than intellectual dissent and public debate.

Interestingly, the same survey that documents the "elite's" disdain for personal freedom (beyond the reserved privileges of their own cliques, of course) also reveals that roughly two-thirds of non-"elites" believe that centralized government control is a serious threat to for human freedom. So the feudal aristocracy insists that the peasants have too much freedom, while the peasants are already busy beating plowshares into swords and pruning hooks into spears. What could go wrong?

It has been obvious for a long time that the critical conflict for the future of humanity will not be decided between nation-states, but between people who desire freedom and international institutions seeking totalitarian control. When Klaus Schwab claims that democratic elections will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence, thoughtful defenders of freedom brace themselves. When WEF members are so desperate to promote "climate change" communism that they treat fishing and farming as "serious crimes" equivalent to "genocide", rational people know that a new era of tyranny is here.

In the United States, where "freedom" is the cherished battle cry of warriors willing to sacrifice their lives for America's founding principles, signs of something nefarious and contrary to those principles have become increasingly apparent. The imposing Pentagon complex, the army standing on American soil, and the defense budget, which is dwarfed by that of other countries in the world, all appeared in the shadow of the American constitution, which prescribes a limited and balanced, civilian-led government.

With the creation of the FBI, CIA, and NSA (and dozens of other agencies, organizations, outside contractors, and invisible sub-groups that specialize in spying on American citizens), they created an entirely new branch of government from scratch, free from legislative accountability, judicial restraint, and from public scrutiny. The Federal Reserve - a private bank with the awesome power to print and borrow dollars - has transformed the common currency of Americans into a depreciating instrument that manipulates and monitors private transactions and transfers the savings of the middle class to the accounts of the world's wealthiest. The Justice Department (in name only) protects the friends of the permanent Deep State while targeting its enemies (which is why Jeffrey Epstein's child sex clients remain as free as Antifa domestic terrorists who burn down small businesses and attack civilians while Mary McCord and other Obama -Biden bureaucratic mercenaries persecute conservatives, hold J6 political hostages and torture President Trump).

While both federal law and the vast majority of American citizens have demanded for decades that authorities end mass illegal immigration, these same authorities conspire with corporations and upper-class "elites" in need of cheap labor to ignore the law, and facilitate the worst kind of border-related evil - organized crime, transnational terrorism, drug-related mass murder, and the sex-slave trade. And while all the threats to Americans' natural liberties and constitutional rights proliferated like a viral cancer devouring society, politicians added to the pain and suffering of Americans by creating "free trade" agreements that enriched international conglomerates and investment houses. , while destroying America's once enviable industrial and manufacturing self-sufficiency and impoverishing the country's middle class. Any honest observer who takes a close look at this "long line of abuses" against the American people can easily conclude that the confrontation is rapidly coming to an end.
Blackout!  The experts™ will be announcing soon in your neighborhood The consequences: "10 days without supermarkets" and "it only takes 4 days for a major city to descend into complete chaos." Oh, dear readers, if you're still worried about 'Disease X' or the many other wet dreams of WEF International, then be, because these are nightmares, including power outages.

Today, here's something you'll see 'in five years', according to one such 'expert™' (whom the papers are jokingly calling the 'blackout pope', because czars seem to be out of style again).

Blackout! 'And then suddenly all the alarms went off'

In December there was a 30-hour power outage in the Mur Valley. The owners of the alarm systems were in for a surprise during and after the blackout.

The recent big blackout in the Mur Valley [Styria] showed what a blackout can do. In December, there was a large-scale power outage in the Mur Valley, which lasted for about 30 hours. A field report from an alarm system provider now shows that many alarm systems have failed batteries that had to be replaced after the power outage.

"Emergency power vs. reality

This is particularly worrying as alarm systems are required to have 12 hours of emergency power for the private sector and 60 hours for the commercial sector. 'But reality doesn't always follow this,' adds blackout expert Herbert Saurugg, who he is also the president of the Society for Crisis Preparedness.

The big surprise came when the power came back on. Because many alarm systems now reported battery failure and could no longer be activated.

Power outage expert Herbert Saurugg

'When the power goes out, the alarm systems do this with an unpleasant beeping sound. or whistling, which also drains backup batteries. The partial outage of mobile phone networks resulted in additional error messages as alarms were no longer possible to relay. Some alarm system owners were surprised and at a loss for what to do about it, even though it shouldn't be so be it," says Herbert Saurugg [busy underlining last Christmas].

The long power outage led to deep battery drain and additional error messages. 'This is particularly unfavorable on a weekend like the Mur Valley. But the big surprise came when the power came back on. Many alarm systems now reported battery failure and could no longer be activated," continues the crisis prevention expert [is this problem affecting other "systems" as well?].

In this case, the alarm system company had enough spare parts in its inventory to quickly fix all the faults. However, blackout expert Herbert Saurugg warns that in the case of a truly widespread failure, this becomes a huge problem, because on the one hand, there probably won't be enough spare parts everywhere, and on the other hand, because of the simultaneous problems, a huge amount of people are needed to get everything back up and running. They also found that prescribed [expected] recovery time frames are often not achieved in practice.

"Alarm system operators should read their insurance contracts carefully, as such failures can lead to the exclusion of insurance benefits," advises Saurugg.

Expert urges people to be prepared

Blackout expert Herbert Saurugg sees this as further confirmation that there will be massive restart difficulties after a true national blackout [imagine, if you will, if these blackouts were "international" in nature, which can happen quickly in Europe and everything will be "better", right? True!] and again urges people to take precautions. Because even if alarm systems are not absolutely essential for survival now, an independent supply of food and medicine for at least 14 days definitely is. These unique examples only show the potential of dormant and underestimated problems in many areas.

A few years ago, the same "expert" - actually an Austrian army officer (I know...) - spread the same information in the same newspaper, although at the time, in 2022, even these fearmongers were a little more open about the reasons:

Expert: " A big blackout is sure to happen soon."
He is Austria's leading blackout expert and he shakes us all up: "A blackout is bound to happen. It means no supermarket for 10 days."

Herbert Saurugg knows what to do in the event of a blackout

Major Herbert Saurugg (48) Blackout and Crisis Preparedness expert, which is why he is the most sought-after specialist in Austria. A blackout can happen at any time, and the risk increases every year. "A blackout will definitely happen soon, whether this year or in five years, but unfortunately it will happen," says the Styrian expert. Just yesterday Hundreds of households in Salzburg were left without electricity.Renewable

energy cannot be stored

The reasons are obvious: the ever-increasing demand for electricity, lack of renewable energy storage facilities, aging infrastructure, lack of skilled personnel, cyber-attacks, sabotage and extreme weather conditions [what do you choose?]. You can't prevent it, you can only prepare for it - says the expert, who was active in the armed forces until 2012 and has only been dealing with the subject of power outages since then.

The major (retiring from the army at the end of the year) outlines: I expect about 24 hours of power outages in Austria. It could take up to a week across Europe." [It depends on how tightly interconnected the different national grids are, doesn't it? I mean, a blackout in one country can trigger a cascade of blackouts elsewhere...]. This means that there is no power, no water, no gas, no production, no service, no logistics - everything stops [Greens and their ilk will probably celebrate this as a big win for "da climate™".]

If there is a one-day blackout , it will take days, even more than a week before everything starts again. Imagine: more than 8 million people suddenly have no food, no water, no cell phone network, no internet. Supermarkets closed for a week or more As it will take a few days for all systems to be fully functional again [remember: crisis management will be handled by the same people who took the "Pandemic™" measures].

Saurugg explains using the example of the supermarket: "Food stores will certainly be closed for a week , if they were not closed for a longer period of time - and this is also the case in the case of a 24-hour power outage. Because: logistics and the electronic chain are interrupted. The staff themselves are also in an extraordinary situation. How would a supermarket employee get to work without public transport and fuel?

Cities descend into chaos

According to Saurugg, the most important thing is cohesion within the family and especially within the neighborhood [but... isn't this a "social construct", "unfortunate" and the like?] 'Of course it's easier in the countryside than in the cities'. [In this sense, historically, it has always been the case.] After a day or two in the cities, one must be afraid of the first riots and looting. 'After four days, a big city can descend into complete chaos' - the 48-year-old man outlines the gloomy scenario.

"I keep hearing people say why should I stockpile pasta if I can't cook it anyway," says the expert. 'After the blackout, the power will come back on, but the shops will be closed'. In the event of a power outage, even gas-powered water heaters and ovens won't work or will barely work, mainly "because many [such gas-powered ovens] are already electric." [talking about "solutions" that cause problems later].

According to Saurugg, you can only prepare reasonably: 6 packets of water, noodles, rice, canned food per person, first aid kit, medicines (insulin, heart pills, antihypertensive, antihistamine, etc.), basic hygiene items [toilet paper!], flashlight, [battery-powered] radio or crank radio, batteries, camping stove and gas cartridges, headlamp and, if necessary, baby things. The Styrian living in Vienna warns against using candles: "Because of the risk of fire. You can't make an emergency call, the fire brigade arrives later and there is hardly any water".

Herbert Saurugg also notes: "Don't throw out expired bottled water or pasta - these often they can be enjoyed for years. You don't have to worry about cans either - except if the can starts to swell, it should be thrown away immediately".

Boomerang emergency power generator

The expert does not think much of emergency power generators in private households either: "Many people do not know how to use them. The fuel must be stored properly, its shelf life is limited, and there is again the risk of fire." Plus, "If I'm the only one with the lights on on the street, there's a good chance I'll get an unwanted visit," explains Saurugg.

The father of the family emphasizes: "Good communication with the neighborhood is extremely important. What I don't have, my neighbor has, and vice versa." Cash in small denominations and coins is also beneficial. Drinking alcohol in moderation isn't a bad idea either: "To keep people happy and maybe as a medium of exchange."

Garbage bags and cat litter boxes as toilets

A very important and often forgotten thing: keep enough garbage bags and cat litter. 'On the one hand, frozen items are considered rubbish after a day and should be thrown away. On the other hand, you still have to go to the toilet, and garbage bags are the best for that, and cat litter binds the excrement,' explains the crisis expert.

Fuel is also often underestimated: "Therefore, the tank should always be at least half full in the car. In the event of a power cut, there will be no petrol or diesel for days," Saurugg explains.

Many Austrians have bought guns in recent years. "Of course I can understand that. But it's not a solution. And you always have to keep in mind that the other person may also have a weapon and is more battle-hardened, i.e. quicker to use the weapon," says the expert.

Torches, adhesive tape, candles, gas cookers, fuel paste etc.
Cleaning products, 1000g pasta, 18l water, 500g corn kernels, etc.
1000g sauerkraut, 600g corn, 600g peas, 800g dried bread, etc.
Medicines, first aid equipment, toys, sleeping bag, batteries, etc.

The risk of power outages has increased enormously in the last 20 years. And it continues to grow every year because we simply consume more and more electricity and everything is digital," says Saurugg. In Austria, by the way, no one is really responsible in the event of a power outage: "Yes, there is a civil defense association and emergency response teams. But there is no regular class, or it is still in its infancy. There aren't even a handful of experts in Austria," says Saurugg [I think it's the same in other countries; just think of the so-called "Pandemic™" declared by the WHO, the "crisis management" of governments and all the "experts™".]

The army not responsible

The military can only be relied upon in an emergency to a limited extent because it is not really responsible [careful, these are two different arguments].Michael Bauer, a spokesman for the military, responded to a question: "We only protect our own systems in this case. So the military operates the same with a blackout as it does without a blackout. Of course, we support the first responders with all our strength in such a case." According to Bauer, there are simply hardly any professionals who are familiar with the subject. 'Major Saurugg, he is a real blackout pope,' says Michael Bauer of the 48-year-old family man.

The Nationalrat [the Austrian parliament ], we are lagging behind in terms of blackout preparedness. The Austrian armed forces have also recently stepped up their blackout preparations. Major General Peter Skorsch, from the "Blackout" project group of the Ministry of the Interior, gave Heute some valuable tips for the worst-case scenario.

Court: Trudeau overstepped authority against truck protesters
Court: Trudeau overstepped authority against truck protesters

Court: Trudeau exceeded his authority against the truck protesters
Magdolna Szőke Mária January 24, 2024 source

Canada: The Federal Court found that the emergency actions against the truck protesters were unjustified and illegal, Trudeau exceeded his authority. Law enforcement officers on horseback stand up during the "Freedom Convoy" protest in Ottawa on February 18, 2022.

Photo: During the "Freedom Convoy" protest in Ottawa on February 18, 2022, the Trudeau government also deployed mounted police against protesters as a "pandemic measure.

A Canadian court ruled that the Trudeau government's drastic intervention was "unreasonable" when citing an "emergency" resorted to violence in order to prevent the demonstration of truckers protesting against the COVID-19 terror. Most globalist governments, including Hungary's Orbán government, abused the "emergency" and overstepped their authority to limit people's rights. Yesterday's Canadian court ruling judgment is therefore of precedent value.

Court: Trudeau overstepped authority against truck protesters

Photo: Today's Federal Court ruling comes almost exactly a year after an Emergency Law Commissioner's inquiry found that the government acted properly when it invoked the law in 2022. As it turns out, they were wrong.

On January 23, 2024, a Canadian federal court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs who filed a complaint against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for measures related to the Canadian truckers' protest, as well as the so-called "epidemic" measures, restrictions and the COVID-19 vaccine deployments. because of unreasonable and unconstitutional measures.

The Federal Court found on Tuesday that the government's invocation of the Emergency Act in response to the so-called Freedom Convoy protests "was not justified in relation to the relevant factual and legal constraints which had to be taken into account".

In his ruling, Justice Richard Mosley wrote that the move was "unreasonable" and led to a breach of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In February 2022, truckers and their supporters occupied Ottawa, the Canadian capital, for nearly a month in protest against public health regulations due to the coronavirus outbreak. The protesters also blocked the most important border crossings with the United States.

In response, Trudeau invoked, for the first time in Canadian history, the Emergency Act of 1988, which gave the federal government broad powers, including the ability to ban gatherings in certain locations and halt crowdfunding efforts to support the protest.

However, a public inquiry last February concluded that the government had acted appropriately when it invoked the emergency law.

However, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and the Canadian Constitution Foundation appealed the decision, arguing that the government's use of the emergency law violated the country's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"The judge rules that Trudeau violated the highest law of the land with the emergency law. He caused the crisis by dividing people. Then he violated the Charter rights to illegally oppress citizens," conservative Pierre Poilievre posted on social media. leader who met protesters during the convoy.

The Conservatives are currently well ahead of Trudeau's Liberal Party ahead of next year's election.

The court ruled that Prime Minister Trudeau's actions against the Canadian truckers and other protesters were "unreasonable" and outside the legal powers of the prime minister.

The court ordered that the applicants be reimbursed for all costs related to the trial and that they have 30 days from the judgment to submit written complaints and compensation claims to the court, so that the judge can determine the appropriate sentence.

Trudeau and his team announced they would appeal the ruling.

The Canadian government used an emergency law to stop the freedom convoy, which was ruled illegal by a federal court Canada's federal court ruled that the government's use of the emergency law was "not justified" and that it was illegal to shut down the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa two years ago. Demonstrations shut down downtown Ottawa for three weeks in early 2022 to protest the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

"I have come to the conclusion that the decision to issue the manifesto does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness - justification, transparency and comprehensibility - and was not justified in terms of the relevant factual and legal constraints that should have been taken into account," he stated. Federal Judge Richard Mosley.

Mosley added that "there can only be one reasonable interpretation" of the Emergency Act and the CSIS Act, and believes that "the legal limits on the GIC's discretion to declare a public order emergency have not been met".

It was the first time the extreme legislation had been enacted since it came into force in 1988, and it gave banks the right to freeze protesters' personal accounts without court permission. At the same time, the government extended the rules regarding the "financing of terrorism" to the demonstrators as well. At the time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was heavily criticized for such unprecedented and heavy-handed responses.

The emergency law states that it can only be used in an "urgent and critical situation" that "seriously threatens the life, health or safety of Canadians." Legal demonstrations are not included.

Canada's Justice Minister David Lametti said at the time that the government believed those conditions were met because the crisis was nationwide and beyond the scope of existing laws.

Today, the federal court disagreed.
Scientific peer review does not work and I will no longer participate in it The current model of scientific publishing serves the business interests of publishers instead of scientific development. The system is beyond repair and must collapse in order to find a new and better system.
In the past decade, I have participated in the peer review process quite often as a volunteer reviewer. My path to scientific peer review was probably the usual path.

As a postdoc, my supervisor asked me to review some manuscripts that I was asked to peer review, and he acknowledged my contribution in his reports. This, along with my gradually growing list of publications, brought me to the attention of editorial boards, which began to approach me with requests for peer review. Over the years I have reviewed articles for the following journals: Advanced Science, Agronomy, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, BMC Biology, Current Genetics, Ecology and Evolution, Frontiers in Plant Science, Heredity, Journal of Plant Growth Regulation, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Molecular Genetics and Genomics, Nature Communications, Nature Ecology & Evolution, Nature Plants, New Phytologist, Plant Biotechnology Journal, Plants, People, Planet, Scientific Reports, The Plant Journal and others. I didn't select the journal based on its impact factor - if the article was in my area of ​​expertise or interest, and I had some free time, I accepted the invitation.

I took the responsibility of this job seriously. I always read the entire manuscript, including the supplementary material, and re-read the crucial parts. I've never finished a review in one day, even when I had enough time. I wanted to "sleep on it" and finish my report with a fresh, emotion-free mind that sometimes comes from reading an imperfect text. In my reports, I tried to be constructive and diplomatic, to use the benefit of the doubt, and to avoid petty or harsh criticism (which I succeeded to varying degrees). I have always been aware that the peer review process is not flawless. In the beginning, I was mainly concerned about the possibility of dishonesty, undisclosed conflicts of interest or open intellectual theft on the part of the reviewers, which is facilitated by the most common form of the process - a blind review (the identity of the authors is disclosed to the reviewer, who remains anonymous). As a reviewer, I could not choose the arguably fairer double-blind evaluation, so I decided to "unblind" and sign each of my reports.

As can be seen from the above paragraphs, the amount of work involved in the peer review process can be significant. While a wide range of the scientific community is fully aware that reviewers are completely voluntary, they are never remunerated (apart from the publication exemptions offered to reviewers by some publishers) and are generally not recognized (as the reviewer remains anonymous). , this kind of selfless behavior is often surprising to outsiders. Publishers use a truly exceptional business model - the scientific manuscript is managed by an associate scientific editor (usually volunteer, i.e. unpaid), reviewed by external reviewers (volunteer, unpaid), while the publisher usually recommends that the authors be external use paid services for language editing. Even with this rudimentary role for the publisher, authors pay a publication fee of more than €3,000 to make their work available in "open access" (accessible without subscription) format in journals that are increasingly "online only" (i.e. not available in print). ).

I assume that the voluntary participation of scientists in this process is partly due to a kind of helplessness - it has always worked this way, even from the times when proofreading a manuscript was considered a personal honor, a duty to science. There was something of this in my personal attitude as well. But I also thought about other possible benefits that professional criticism could bring to me. Being a reviewer is like peeking into the assembly line of other labs, giving me the opportunity to learn about and learn about the latest developments in my field. Signing my review reports could, I thought, help build a reputation in the community, and being available in this way could lead to new collaborations. And of course there was the idealistic and somewhat self-righteous idea that as a critical reviewer one could improve, purify, or even control current scientific thinking.

After about 10 years, the balance sheet is dishearteningly negative. On the one hand, there is my volunteer time (many weeks of work in total) and my expertise, which I could have used for other purposes. On the other hand, benefits are scarce. I have never received any remuneration, monetary or otherwise, and although my employer officially recognizes that peer review is part of my academic activity, there is no real recognition of it. Sure, I've learned a thing or two and broadened my horizons, but there are other, more effective ways of doing it. A few times I was approached by authors who expressed their sincere gratitude for my constructive professional criticism. This was nice, but scientific cooperation did not begin. Then there are also really negative experiences. During a specific professional review, I had a strong suspicion that the entire process (initial evaluation of the paper, selection of reviewers, evaluation of their reports and the authors' rebuttals and corrections, decision on acceptance or rejection) was entirely carried out by a technical assistant without scientific qualifications , not a scientific editor. So I contacted the editors and asked who the scientific editor was for that particular manuscript. I didn't get a reply and I sent my request again. Silence. If my suspicions are correct, this kind of bypassing of academic editors may be a common and convenient practice for some "predatory" publishers. I don't need to emphasize how unethical and damaging this can be to the scientific publication process. But in the absence of supervision, how can we even know what practices are being used by these ever-growing and profit-hungry businesses?

At another journal and publisher, I reviewed a study that suffered from biased sampling and did not analyze enough data (compared to its intended purpose), with inadequate use of bioinformatics tools. I argued that this led to over-interpretation and misinterpretation of the results. To my surprise, I was kicked out of the review process shortly after I submitted my critical but moderate review. I did not receive a response from the authors, I did not get to read the opinions of the other reviewers, and I had no way to follow the fate of this particular manuscript. As far as I know, I was removed from the review process simply because I submitted a negative review.

On several other occasions, I have received manuscripts with errors and weaknesses that editors deemed serious enough to reject. Nevertheless, some time later I came across the manuscripts that were published - in other journals - but in the same form, which were previously declared to be incorrect and rejected. A series of resubmissions after rejections to different journals is an understandable strategy for authors who first try to publish their work in more prestigious publications, but end up settling in journals with less reputation and publicity. Most authors confidentially admit that "luck" plays an important role in getting published. That luck depends on the lot of reviewers, who can be strict or lenient, comprehensive or sketchy, friendly or unfriendly, for a variety of reasons that shouldn't matter. Resubmissions are therefore common, but in addition to the vain competition for the most prestigious journals, they also increase the chance that any - amateur, flawed, controversial or insignificant - paper will be published in the end. This is made possible by another feature of the system: previous rejections and review reports are not carried over when an article is resubmitted to another journal or publisher. Each resubmission is therefore a free ticket for authors, who only pay publication fees if and when the paper is accepted. All this multiplies the workload of the reviewers and says goodbye to the idea that a rigorous peer review process improves scientific results overall.

I have decided to stop proofreading publications for private publishers. I no longer see any compelling reason to participate in a system that is so obviously failing. That is, it is the science, not the business model, that thrives. According to a recent study, the number of published articles is increasing exponentially - in 2022, the number of articles indexed by Scopus and Web of Science increased by about 47% compared to 2016, while the number of practicing scientists remained roughly unchanged. Have we suddenly gained the ability to make scientific discoveries much faster? Or have we become 47% smarter in just a few years? What was the average number of publications that a good scientist published in the 1950s? And what is that number now? Are the papers published today as profound as they were decades ago, or have we simply succumbed to the unholy alliance of for-profit publishers and "publish or perish" incentives in academia? When these trends are examined in the context of the reproducibility crisis, it becomes clear that the current system of scientific publishing is broken. I don't think it can be fixed anymore and I think a crash is needed to create new, better models.

Creating a new model, or even just imagining it, is probably more difficult than tearing down the old model. In my opinion, the decline of scientific publishing is largely due to the conflict of interest between for-profit publishing and the rigorous, meaningful, reproducible, and accountable communication of scientific results. If financial incentives corrupt research, then simply cut them out of the equation. Volunteer reviewers and editorial board members are in a very strong position to challenge the practices of private publishers, simply because without their essential volunteer work, publishers would cease to exist. However, the peer review process can continue without private publishers. There is nothing to prevent scientists from peer-reviewing papers through existing nonprofit platforms such as bioRxiv.

Personally, I like the idea of ​​each research institute having its own nonprofit journal where all the research of that institute (and only that institute) is published. Such journals would reflect the quality of research at the given institute, exert pressure to filter out low-quality papers, and of course limit distortions caused by business interests. But the expert evaluation process must also be radically changed. It should be more rigorous, more targeted, more transparent and more accountable. The idea that two or three anonymous reviewers - who may not have the expertise and are always unaccountable - is sufficient to evaluate increasingly complex and methodologically sophisticated manuscripts, sometimes involving dozens of researchers and terabytes of data, seems increasingly ludicrous. It often happens that a reviewer's expertise covers only a fraction of the evaluated manuscript, and there is no guarantee that two or three reviewers can jointly evaluate all parts. It is clear that scientific works must be evaluated in their entirety by experts specifically designated for each part, who have full access to the raw data and who are obliged to repeat at least some of the analyses; experts whose name and meaning should be associated with published work, giving them recognition and accountability. The amount of work involved in such peer review would be significantly greater than is common today, meaning that the effort would have to be paid for. Implicitly, the format of scientific articles would also require changes and new standards.

I'm sure there are many other ideas and considerations. The purpose of this article is not to offer solutions, but rather to invite an open debate about the necessary transformation of scholarly publishing. My suggestion at this point is to start the change by rejecting all requests from private publishers for peer-review.
70% of embalmers report finding strange blood clots by mid-2021. In an exclusive interview with The Defender, former Air Force Maj. Gen. Thomas Haviland shared the results of his survey of embalmers who reported a spike in fibrotic clots, microclots and infant deaths following the mass rollout of COVID-19 vaccines from mid-2021.

In a recent survey of 269 embalmers in four major countries and three continents, more than 70% reported that in 2023, strange, fibrous white blood clots were found in a significant percentage of cadavers—clots that were not found before the pandemic.

A similar survey conducted in late 2022 found that 66% of embalmers discovered unusual blood clots as early as mid-2021, suggesting that the timing is related to the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines that began earlier that year.

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, the survey's initiator, former Air Force Maj. Thomas Haviland, said the idea for the project came to him after watching the documentary "Suddenly Dead," in which embalmers reported observing unprecedented artery-clogging fibrous masses yes.

Richard Hirschman, one of the embalmers featured in the documentary, also spoke to The Defender.

"In my first 20 years of experience, I've never seen clots like this before. And we see them in arteries and veins," Hirschman said.

Commenting on the survey results, Haviland said, "I know correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation, but there's a lot of correlation here.

On January 9, Haviland sent the results of his survey to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Food - and the FDA and the National Institutes of Health. No response yet.

Haviland lost his lucrative defense job in 2021 for refusing to administer the mandatory vaccine. He then set out to verify claims of unusual blood clots, asking worldwide the embalmers, what they observed during their work, so that he can quantify how common the phenomenon is.

Haviland to the general of the air force: "You should be ashamed of yourself!

Haviland served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, followed by 16 years as an electrical engineer for a defense contractor at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

With a passion for data analysis rooted in his mathematics and engineering training, Haviland has been involved in the development of modern aircraft, including the F-16 fighter jet, the F-22 Raptor and the F-117 stealth fighter.

However, his long military career came to an abrupt end in October 2021 when he refused to receive the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for soldiers, government employees and federal contractors.

Haviland was concerned about the lack of safety and efficacy data on the experimental vaccine. He researched the topic thoroughly, but found little official information in the US media or on the CDC website.

However, he found a September 2021 technical brief from Public Health England (PHE) (see Table 5) showing that hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 outbreaks were recorded among the fully vaccinated, undermining the claim that vaccines prevent transmission of infection.

"The case fatality rate [CFR] [in the PHE document] for the unvaccinated was more than 3.6 times lower than for the fully vaccinated," he said.

After the deadline for the vaccination mandate passed, Haviland sent an email to the Air Force general that said: "Shame on you for not standing up for our right to decide for ourselves whether to inject ourselves with an experimental drug or nor.

In a last-ditch effort at defiance, Haviland also sent the email to the base's 30,000 personnel.

Thirty minutes later, his employer called to tell him he'd been fired — just as he expected.

"It was a blessing in a way, wasn't it?" he said. Haviland. He was 61 at the time, with the retired pay of an Air Force major, and his wife, 10 years his junior, was still working. ``

So we were able to make ends meet financially, and I was able to make ends meet,'' Haviland said, adding that leaving his position created a space to critical research such as the embalming study.

"Embalmers really want to say what they see"

In order to systematically validate the reports and ensure privacy, Haviland created a 12-question survey on the SurveyMonkey platform to anonymously collect information about embalmers.

In the questionnaire, participants were asked to provide the types of blood clots they observed, when the anomalies occurred, the estimated percentage of cadavers that had the fibrous nodules, and the age of the deceased.

In order to maximize participation, Haviland used an extensive network of undertakers. He sent e-mails with embedded links to the survey to the presidents of 50 state and national organizations, asking them to forward the survey to their hundreds of funeral homes.

At the same time, Haviland sent e-mails to more than 1,700 funeral home addresses he identified through an Internet search, targeting metropolitan areas in the 30 most populous U.S. states, as well as funeral homes in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The aim of this two-pronged strategy was for employers to take part in the survey anonymously, without pressure, he said.

To avoid bias, no reference was made to COVID-19 or vaccines either in the invitation letter or in the survey itself.

"I tried to make the survey as unbiased as possible," Haviland said. "I sent the survey to as many 'blue states' like California, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts as I did to 'red states' like Ohio, Texas and Florida."

"If anything, my survey is perhaps a bit 'blue'-influenced," he said, as most of the funeral homes he's contacted are located in big cities like Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Sydney, which he says "are generally more 'blue' cities ".

Haviland was hesitant to distribute the survey and initially received only 14 responses. Haviland suspected that many funeral directors limited their participation in the survey to avoid a backlash and contacted state association representatives directly.

After contacting the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association to ensure they forwarded his questionnaire, the state's embalmers suddenly uploaded 126 responses within two days.

"It shows to me that embalmers really want to say what they see in the embalming room if they feel their immediate supervisor or the state funeral directors association gives them permission," Haviland said.

Hirschman told The Defender that part of the reluctance may be social taboos when it comes to talking about the dead.

"It was difficult for me to speak even at the beginning because we are taught in mortuary school that what we see in the embalmer is somehow sacred," Hirschman said.

Although most associations declined to participate in the survey created by Haviland, the outreach strategy eventually led to more responses.

"There is repression at the higher levels," Haviland said, citing as examples the presidents of the funeral directors' associations of Canada and Britain, who simply told him they would not participate in the survey.

20% of embalmers experienced an increase in infant mortality compared to 2019.

Surveys of embalmers in 2022 and 2023 show broadly consistent findings of strange blood clotting phenomena,

In a 2023 Haviland survey of 269 embalmers worldwide, more than 70% reported seeing white, fibrous blood clots on an average of 20% of cadavers.

Hirschman said he started seeing lumps in early 2021 and still sees them on about half the bodies he embalmes. "The older the person, the more I see," he said.

70% of embalmers report finding strange blood clots by mid-2021.
Image credit: Thomas Haviland, survey of embalmers in 2023.

Nearly 80% of the respondents indicated that on average 25% of the corpses have microclots, which is evidenced by the "coffee grounds"-like substance in the bloodstream. Some embalmers have seen these blood clots in a much higher percentage of cadavers.

70% of embalmers report finding strange blood clots by mid-2021.
Thomas Haviland, Survey of embalmers 2023.

Respondents reported very rarely (less than 5%) observed microcloaks in cadavers prior to either the COVID-19 vaccine or the COVID-19 vaccination.

Embalmers reported an overall increase in all types of blood clots in all age groups — but especially in those 36 and older, which is consistent with real-world data from the insurance industry that younger people receive higher death benefits, Haviland said.

"I've been an embalmer for 23 years, and in my first 20 years in the business, I've never seen blood clots of this magnitude," Hirschman said.

In addition, about 20% of embalmers pointed to an increase in infant deaths compared to 2019, a 25% increase according to respondents who noticed the trend.

"I can tell you that I've seen an increase in fetal deaths, seeing babies, premature babies," Hirschman said. "I also saw a number of people die of cancer in a very short period of time."

70% of embalmers report finding strange blood clots by mid-2021.
Thomas Haviland, 2023 survey of embalmers

Haviland's survey included an optional field for comments. Here's a taste of what various embalmers have written:

"I've noticed a greater increase in these large fibrous lumps since the COVID vaccine went on sale.

"Almost every vaccinated patient/caregiver has had these clots, blackened fingertips, blackened toes, blotchy skin."

"Removed structures, in my opinion, seem in themselves impossible for the human organism; moreover, I tried to stain and observe under a microscope the "blood" from one of the structures that does not take up the dye, as is characteristic of blood." "

In 2022, we had more infant deaths than ever before. In 2023, I noticed more white fibrous blood clots than I had ever seen, especially in old people."

"These days I rarely have a body without blood clots. Most small bodies are not embalmed, especially fetal deaths. Almost every embalmer and funeral director I know is concerned about clotting problems. They believe it is related to the experimental vaccine that many of them took themselves." "

It turned out that even people who were considered healthy had these blood clots, and that the age group around 50-60 was more affected. I'm grateful that a study is being done on this because it seems a mystery why this happens all of a sudden with no change in chemicals, technique or time when embalming is done so soon after death (less than 5 hours)." "Over

the past few years I have observed all kinds of clots... One particular clot really worries me... Filamentous with ganglia that almost look like an octopus or squid. A solid vine fiber structure with tendrils or fibers branching in different directions." "

I think most of the questions asked were the most common between 2020 and 2022. And cremation of all infants/new born children was 100% cremation. Any nodule can appear on a person who's been dead for 20 minutes, and that's what makes it so strange." "

Being an embalmer for over 20 years, these types of nodules have always existed. This issue, in my opinion, is politically tinged. COVID is real, the vaccine is needed. This whole thing has to stop."

Views on the Timing and Cause of Blood Clots

Most of the embalmers that Haviland interviewed insisted that clotting disorders occur before death, not after death.

"The embalmers with whom I am associated , they insist it happens before death, but that's not indisputable," Haviland said. "Some embalmers have said, 'Yes, the clot has formed,

"The body cools down after death and the blood starts to clot, and that's when things start to separate," Haviland explained.

However, the embalmers he spoke to told him that they believed the blood clot formation must have occurred before death because the large white, fibrous clots were found in corpses that were only an hour or two ago and still warm.

"There's no way they could have formed in the hour or two when the body was still warm," Haviland said.

Hirschman said he's seen a fibrous clot removed from a living person, but he's also seen extra material form from blood in an ECMO tube (a machine that oxygenates the blood outside the body) after death. The corpse he dissected had a blood clot running down its leg.

Hirschman hypothesized that the clot-forming substance produced by vaccines may circulate in the blood in a liquid form until, by some hitherto unknown process, it solidifies into the hardened form that embalmers find.

Hirschman said the scientists he is working with are working to develop diagnostic tests to determine what causes clots in the blood. "There has to be a way to test if people have it in their bodies," he said.

Clinical pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, who has his own diagnostic laboratory, explained in a recent interview the difference between blood clots that form during life and those that form after death.

"With blood clots after death, you can almost see a layered pattern, and you can see that the clot formation happened as the body cooled and all the proteins coagulated," Cole said. "It almost looks like the rings of a tree."

However, according to Cole, the same deposition pattern is not found in blood clots that form during the patient's lifetime, such as the fibrous clots reported by embalmers.

"This difference can be analyzed and distinguished," Cole said. "These were already in the patient before his death, and these patients died with these nuggets in them.

Critics of the documentary 'They died suddenly' mainly repeat the cliché of 'correlation not causation', claiming that those who try to link the blood clots with the introduction of the vaccine are anti-vaccination, or that the SARS-CoV-2 virus could be the culprit. However, the

experts who spoke with Haviland, who have worked in the funeral industry for a long time, attribute the occurrence of fibrous blood clots more to the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine in relation to the virus itself.

"Obviously, they can't tell why or how clumps form," Haviland said. "But they can tell when they've seen something they've never seen before ... and they had an explosion of blood clots starting in 2021, after the vaccine was introduced."

Theories about the formation of fibrous clots

Haviland emphasized that the spike protein from the mRNA vaccine was found in organs and tissues throughout the body, in some cases even six months after vaccination.

Dr. Peter McCullough has reported developing blood clots in patients with no family or personal history of blood clots up to two years after vaccination.

Haviland theorizes that the vaccine-induced spike proteins damage the endothelium—the single layer of cells in the body that separates tissues from circulating blood—which triggers the clotting reaction, or ruptures and releases the clotting agent into the bloodstream.

Dr. Lewis Coleman, an anesthesiologist and author of "50 Years Lost in Medical Advance," who shared his white lung syndrome theory with The Defender, said the mRNA spike protein disrupts the vascular endothelium, which is made of connective tissue, fat , from muscle and organ tissue leads to the "leakage" of tissue factor into the bloodstream.

Through several complex interactions, this leak changes the way thrombin, soluble fibrin, and insoluble fibrin (all clotting factors) are formed and increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and thrombosis (blood clot formation), Coleman said.

Vaccine-induced blood clots have been linked to COVID-19 vaccines in several studies and anecdotal reports.

Haviland said, "These white, fibrous clumps appear to be made up of fibrin platelets and a protein called amyloid, which is basically a fancy term for a misformed, misfolded protein that our bodies then have a hard time breaking down."

Cole claimed that the clumps were related to mRNA vaccines, the spike protein, and DNA contamination, which "encodes a very sticky protein," adding, "It's an amyloid-type protein, not a traditional amyloid."

Cole praised Dr Resia Pretorius of the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and Professor Douglas Kell of the University of Liverpool in England, who showed how the spike protein causes proteins in the blood to clump together when platelets are not present.

Low platelet count, or thrombocytopenia, is another well-documented side effect of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

Cole said:

"We know that spiky proteins can trigger blood clotting pathways. They can cause unusual clumping of proteins and sugars and proteins and sugars. There's an almost silk-like pattern of intertwined, tangled blood components that circulate in you and me right now. They're definitely there. . Each has a role and a function.

"But if there is a traffic jam on the freeway, they all get stuck behind the traffic jam. And that's what we see with blood clots. These unusual amyloids - poorly degraded fibrin - [we find] long after they should have broken down." "

It's hard to find the problem if you don't look for it"

If it turns out that the COVID-19 vaccines are causing the blood clotting crisis, Haviland says the mass vaccination calls for an immediate halt to the campaign until experts have definitively ruled out the dangers.

"I think it would be wise to take all the vials off the shelves now so that no one gets these vaccines anymore," added

Haviland, who supports those policy changes , which ensure the right to informed consent and prevent coercion to take vaccines or any medication.

Haviland is pinning his hopes on transparency reforms and overcoming institutional resistance to evidence of harmful effects of vaccines.

"It's hard to find the problem if you're not looking for it," he said. Haviland

Given the credibility of public health authorities, Haviland says public awareness is the last line of defense. He said, "People shouldn't forget that humanity cannot be killed like that:

"If our Congress does nothing, if our regulators like the FDA and the CDC remain silent on this and Big Pharma continues to market lipid mRNA-based products using nanoparticle technology, then there is only one last line of defense left - and that is us, the citizens." "

The good news is that most Americans no longer want to be vaccinated," he said. "So Americans they wake up."
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla knows something we don't Pfizer recently acquired Seagen for an incredible $43 billion. It's a huge deal, says Canadian physician William Makis on the Heart of Oak podcast. We could even call it a game changer.

Makis looked into Seagen and found out that the company was developing cancer drugs that made about two billion dollars a year.

So Pfizer is investing $43 billion to buy a company that makes $2 billion a year.

The doctor also watched interviews with Bourla in which he talked about the takeover and cancer in general. "Those were terrible interviews," says Makis. "It makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up."

Pfizer is fully committed to cancer drugs, even though we know the company has more than 100 mRNA vaccines in the pipeline. mRNA vaccine against influenza, RSV, CMV, cancer, etc.

Bourla said it would raise Seagen's production to levels "the world has never seen before." "Why would you do that?" asked the doctor. "It's like expecting a third world war, where everyone gets cancer after a nuclear attack and then benefits from it."

"What does he know that we don't?" Makis continued.

The Pfizer boss also said he expects the treatments to bring in a lot of money for his company between 2025 and 2030. "You expect a tsunami of cancer cases between 2025 and 2030," Makis said.
This is what Uncle Kohn (Gates) would say: clever - KJ
Is Bill Gates behind the Covid-19 epidemic? Conspiracy theorists claimed that Bill Gates was the inventor of the coronavirus. Gates said he was made a mummy. Gates joked that he was targeted more than Anthony Fauci.
When the first cases of the coronavirus appeared, people quickly came up with many theories about what caused the virus to spread so quickly. One of the strange conspiracy theories circulating at the time that surprised people was the idea that Microsoft founder Bill Gates was the mastermind behind the coronavirus. Gates himself was quite surprised by what he heard about himself. Now, nearly two years after theories about him began circulating, Gates has broken his silence on the allegations.

Bill Gates said he was surprised by some of the things he heard about himself during the outbreak of the covid epidemic. He said they were "looking for a mummy" to blame for all the bad things happening in the world. "During the pandemic, there were tens of millions of messages that I intentionally caused it or that I followed people. It's true that I deal with vaccines, but I deal with vaccines to save lives," he told journalist Amol Rajan in an interview published by the BBC on Thursday.

"I think people are looking for the 'mumus' behind the curtain, the oversimplified explanation. Malice is much easier to understand than biology," he added.
Will Disease X Leak in 2025? Will disease X leak out in 2025? asks Dr. Joseph Mercola.
The WHO Epidemiological Convention is the gateway to a global, top-down totalitarian system, a one-world government. The reason we can be sure there will be more pandemics, whether they're just fear and hype or produced by an actual bioweapon created just for that purpose, is that the takeover plan, aka The Great Reset it is based on the premise that we need global biosecurity oversight and centralized responses.

A new infection will probably be born in 2025, and the media is already preparing us for it.

January 15-19, 2024 world leaders met at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos, where the main topic of discussion was "Preparing for Disease X," a hypothetical new pandemic that is predicted to kill 20 times more people than COVID-19.

In August 2023, a new vaccine research facility was established in Wiltshire, England to begin development of a vaccine for the unknown "Disease X".

In June 2023, the United States Congress introduced the "Disease X Act of 2023" (HR3832). The bill calls for a BARDA program to develop "medical countermeasures against viral threats with pandemic potential." The bill was referred to the health subcommittee in early June 2023, but has not yet been passed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has enabled an unprecedented shift in the distribution of power and wealth around the world, and as predicted, this has proven to be more than a one-time event. There will probably be another epidemic in 2025, and the media is already preparing us for it.

January 15-19, 2024 between world leaders met at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos, where the main topic of discussion was "Preparing for Disease X "1, a hypothetical new pandemic that is predicted to appear in 2025 and kill twenty times more people , like COVID-19. As reported by the Mirror.

"Since 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been warning of a possible disease X, a term that refers to an unknown pathogen that could cause a major international epidemic"

Next Wednesday [2024 17 January] public speakers at the 'Preparing for Disease X' event include WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Brazilian Health Minister Nisia Trindade Lima and AstraZeneca Chairman Michel Demaré.

The WHO's first post-pandemic meeting in November 2022 brought together more than 300 scientists to examine which of more than 25 families of viruses and bacteria could potentially cause another pandemic.

The list compiled by the group included: Ebola virus, Marburg virus disease, Covid-19, SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). The others included Lassa fever, Nipah and Henipavirus diseases, Ziph Valley fever and Zika - as well as the unknown pathogen that causes 'Disease X.'"

I interviewed Meryl Nass about how the WHO trying to take over some aspect of everyone's lives. Just over the weekend, he published an important piece, Why Davos Cares So Much About Disease?, about how the WEF and WHO have become partners in keeping the world terrified.

Alexis Baden-Mayer, Esq., is The Organic Consumers Association's political director looked at the attendees at the WEF event, and the two things they have in common are: 1) pushing AstraZeneca's COVID injection to the developing world (primarily India and Brazil) after rich countries rejected it because of the admitted risk of blood clots; and 2) advocating for the introduction of medical AI systems that, along with patient choice and privacy, eliminate doctors


In a tweet dated January 11, 2024, Fox News analyst and former Treasury Department Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Monica Crowley wrote...

"From the same people who brought COVID-19, now comes Disease X: Future In Davos this week, the unelected globalists of the World Economic Forum will hold a panel discussion on a future pandemic 20x deadlier than COVID

. limit free speech and destroy even more freedoms. Sound far-fetched? That's what happened in 2020, too. When your enemies tell you what they're up to and what they're up to, believe them. And be prepared."

Dr. Stuart Ray, vice president for data integrity and analytics at Johns Hopkins Medicine, dismissed such warnings, telling Fortune magazine5 that "coordinating public health responses is not a conspiracy, but simply responsible planning."

I'd be willing to believe him if it weren't for a now-obvious trend: And their predictive abilities become easier to explain when you consider that most deadly outbreaks have been caused by man-made viruses that are the products of "gain-of-function" research. It's easy enough to predict the outbreak of a new virus when said virus is waiting in the wings.

With that in mind, the latest research out of China is worrying to say the least. According to a January 3, 2024 preprint6, a pangolin coronavirus related to SARS-CoV-2 - described as a "cell culture-adapted mutant" named GX_P2V, first bred in 2017 - infected humanized mice (ACE2-transgenic mice) killed 100%.

The primary cause of death was brain inflammation. According to the authors, "this is the first report showing that a pangolin coronavirus related to SARS-CoV-2 can cause 100% mortality in hACE2 mice, suggesting a risk of transmission of GX_P2V to humans."

However, if this virus has mutated as a result of passage through cell cultures, it is unlikely to appear in the wild. This is yet another unnatural lab creation, so rather than saying it could spread from pangolins to humans, it would be more accurate to acknowledge that it could pose a (rather serious) risk to humans if a lab escape occurred.

COVID dress rehearsals

In 2017, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security held a coronavirus pandemic simulation called the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 scenario.8 Importantly, the exercise emphasized "medical countermeasures communication dilemmas that are likely to arise in a pandemic scenario."

Then in October 2019, less than three months before the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation organized the 201st event in collaboration with Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum.

Even the name suggests that this could have been a continuation of the SPARS Pandemic exercise. College courses are numbered based on their prerequisites. Course 101 does not require any prior knowledge, while course 201 requires prior knowledge of the given topic.

Like the SPARS Pandemic scenario, Event 201 involved an outbreak of a highly contagious coronavirus, and the primary (if not the only) theme of the exercise was again how to verify information and keep "disinformation" in check, not whether how to effectively discover and share cures.

Censorship of social media played a prominent role in the Event 201 plan, and accurate information about vaccine development, production, and injury during real-life events from 2020 to the present has been effectively suppressed worldwide thanks to social media companies and Google censoring the opposite positions.

In March 2021, an outbreak of "an unusual strain of the monkeypox virus" was simulated. At the end of July of the following year, the Director-General of the WHO declared, against his own advisory group, that the outbreak of monkeypox affecting several countries constituted a public health emergency of international concern.

Bill Gates' New Catastrophic Contagion Plans

Exercise "Catastrophic Contagion"

Given that both the simulations, SPARS ("Event 101"?) and Event 201 foreshadowed what eventually happened in real life during COVID, when Gates' new is holding a pandemic exercise, it is worth paying attention to the details.

On October 23, 2022, Gates, Johns Hopkins, and the WHO co-hosted a "global challenge exercise" dubbed "Catastrophic Infection" involving a fictitious pathogen, "Severe Pandemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025" (SEERS-25) was used.

Enterovirus D6813 is typically associated with cold and flu-like illness in infants, children and teenagers. In rare cases, it also causes viral meningitis and acute flaccid myelitis, a neurological condition characterized by muscle weakness and loss of reflexes in one or more limbs.

Enteroviruses A71 and A6 are known to cause hand, foot, and mouth disease, while poliovirus, the prototype enterovirus, causes poliomyelitis, a potentially life-threatening type of paralysis that primarily affects children under 5 years of age. So it appears that the virus modeled in this simulation is something like enterovirus D68, only worse.

Drug Trials Begin for Deadly Nipah Virus Vaccine

One known virus that bears some resemblance to the fictitious SEERS-25 virus is the Nipah virus. This virus has a fatality rate of about 75%, and survivors often suffer long-term neurological problems as a result of the infection. Nipah virus is said to affect children more than adults.

Incidentally, human trials of a vaccine against the deadly Nipah virus have recently begun. The volunteers received their first vaccinations at the beginning of January 2024. The experimental injection uses the same viral vector technology used to produce AstraZeneca's COVID injection.

The experiment is reportedly being conducted by the University of Oxford in an undisclosed area where the Nipah virus is actively infecting victims. (India seems to have signaled as well, as an outbreak in Kerala in September 2023 killed two and hospitalized three).

The disease is believed to be spread through contact with infected animals such as goats, pigs, cats and horses. It can also be spread through contaminated blood products and food. Symptoms can appear anywhere from a few days to up to 45 days after exposure.

Initial symptoms include fever, headache, and respiratory illness, which can rapidly progress to encephalitis (brain swelling), seizures, and coma within a few days. According to the WHO, during the incubation period, pigs are "highly infectious" and possibly humans as well, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Training African leaders to go along with the narrative

The Catastrophic Contagion exercise pointedly focused on engaging and training the leadership of African countries to follow the script. African nations have deviated from the script more often than others during the COVID outbreak, failing to follow the lead of developed nations when it came to administering vaccines.

As a result, vaccine makers now face the problem of having a huge control group, as the African continent has only had a 6% uptake of COVID vaccines,19 yet they have fared better than developed nations in terms of COVID-19 infections and related deaths. .

The Catastrophic Infections Exercise predicts that SEERS-25 will kill 20 million people worldwide, including 15 million children, and that many who survive the infection will be left with paralysis and/or brain damage. In other words, the "password" says the next pandemic may target children rather than the elderly, as it did with COVID-19.

How wonderfully reassuring - we're already developing a vaccine for disease X.

In August 2023, a new vaccine research facility was established in Wiltshire, England, fully staffed with over 200 scientists to begin work on a vaccine for the unknown "Disease X". Metro reports...

"It took 362 days to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. But the team at the Center for Vaccine Development and Evaluation wants to reduce that time to 100 days. Scientists at the facility will develop a series of prototype vaccines and tests.

Part of the new lab a global effort to respond to global health threats. The UK and other G7 countries joined the "100 Day Mission" in 2021.

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, head of the UK's Health Safety Agency, said the new facility "will ensure that we are prepared so that if a new X disease, a new pathogen emerges, we do as much of our work as possible in advance."

In the United States, Congress also introduced the "Disease X Act of 2023" (HR383222) in June 2023. The bill calls for a BARDA program to develop "medical countermeasures against viral threats with pandemic potential." The bill was referred to the health subcommittee in early June 2023, but has not yet been adopted.

The Disease X Act amends a section of the Public Health Act to include two new provisions "to identify and develop platform manufacturing technologies for the advanced development and production of medical countermeasures for virus families with significant pandemic potential" and "for priority respiratory virus families and other significant pandemic potential call for advanced research and development of flexible medical countermeasures against respiratory viral pathogens with both pathogen-specific and pathogen-agnostic approaches"

Needless to say, since it is impossible to tailor vaccines with the traditional method of culturing viruses in eggs or some other cell medium for 100 days to tailor, it seems inevitable that all these efforts will be about expanding gene-based technologies. All this despite the fact that the mRNA technology used for COVID vaccines has proven to be disastrous from a safety point of view and, moreover, ineffective.

Why Man-Made Epidemics Continue

At this point it is pretty clear that "biosecurity" is the tool of choice for the globalist conspiracy to seize power over the world. The WHO is working to secure sole authority over the global pandemic response through the International Pandemic Treaty, which, if implemented, would remove the sovereignty of all member countries.

The WHO pandemic treaty is the gateway to a global, top-down totalitarian system, the one world government. The WHO ultimately wants to dictate the entire healthcare system. But to secure this power, they will need more pandemics. COVID-19 alone wasn't enough to get everyone into a centralized pandemic response unit, and they probably knew that from the start.

So the reason we can be sure there will be more pandemics, whether through fear and hype or an actual bioweapon created just for that purpose, is because the takeover plan, aka The Great Reset, is based on the assumption that global we need biosecurity surveillance and centralized response.

Biosecurity, on the other hand, is the justification for an international vaccination passport, which was also signed by the G20, and this passport will also be your digital ID. This digital ID card will therefore be linked to your social credit score, personal carbon tracking, health, education, work, social media presence, purchase records, bank accounts and a programmable central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Once all these pieces are fully connected, you will be in a digital prison, and the ruling conspiracy - whether officially a world government by then or not - will have total control over your life from cradle to grave.

We Are Already Suffering Under a Pseudo-One-World Government

In fact, we already have a pseudo-One-World Government in the form of Bill Gates' Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). They make health care decisions that should be left up to individual nations and/or states and make decisions that line their own pockets regardless of what happens to the health of the population.

Communication about the pandemic is coordinated and synchronized during simulated practice runs, and then when the appropriate situation arises in the real world, the pre-planned scenario is played out more or less verbatim.

Between the G20's declaration of an international vaccine passport under the auspices of the WHO and the WHO's pandemic treaty, everything is ready to take control of the next pandemic and further secure the foundations of a one world government.

As I discussed in my 2021 article, "The Dress Trials of COVID-19 and Evidence of a Plan," the pandemic measures put in place for COVID-19 were the culmination of decades of careful planning to radically and permanently change the world's governance and social structures. .

The healthcare system has been used in the past to advance the New World Order agenda - now referred to as "The Great Restart" - and is now being used to carry out the final stages of this long-standing plan. COVID-19 was a real-life exercise and showed how effectively a pandemic can be used to shift the balance of power and strip the world's population of their wealth and individual liberties.

So I have no doubt that more pandemics will be announced because they are the means to the ends of the globalists. To prevent this global coup, everyone must speak and share the truth as much as they can. Only then will our voice be greater than the voice of the propaganda machine.

Door To Freedom (doortofreedom.org), an organization founded by Dr. Meryl Nass, has a poster explaining how the pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) will change life as we know it and they deprive us of every vestige of freedom. Please download this poster and share it with everyone you know. Also post it on public notice boards and places where communities share information.
WEF parasite mafia: The unvaccinated can be tracked down with digital IDs Artificial intelligence can speed up the development of new vaccines. The World Economic Forum's annual meeting wrapped up this week with digital ID cards, the rapid development of new vaccines, more partnerships with media companies like the New York Times, and the widespread adoption and use of artificial intelligence in all areas of society, including healthcare. and education as well.

The new pandemic and the so-called The future of democracy. The future impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society. The "green agenda".

These are just some of the topics on the agenda of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, which ended today.

Highlights of this year's meeting included warnings about an as-yet-unknown "Disease X" that could cause the next pandemic, discussions about the path of artificial intelligence to the rapid development of new vaccines, and discussions about how artificial intelligence could combat so-called "misinformation." and falling victim to or filtering out "disinformation".

"We don't want to wait a year until we have a vaccine"

In addition to the warnings - from the perspective of the conference participants - more optimistic opinions were also expressed that artificial intelligence could play a role in the fight against future pandemics, for example through the rapid development of new vaccines.

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt told a panel discussion Thursday that included Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla that "in the next pandemic, we don't want to wait a year for a vaccine."

"If AI can reduce the time it takes to get a vaccine to a month, that's a huge step forward for humanity," Hunt said.

Digital identity 'very necessary' to track the unvaccinated

In another panel discussion on Thursday, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands said digital ID was "very necessary" to provide a range of public services - and suggested it could also be used to track the unvaccinated.

The digital identity card "is necessary for financial services, but not only. It is also good for enrollment and health care - who is vaccinated and who is not," he said.

Bourla explained what opportunities he sees in artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Asked by CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria, Bourla said: "Our job is to make breakthroughs that change the lives of patients. With artificial intelligence, I can do that faster and better."

Bourla cited the role of AI in the development of Paxlovid, a prescription oral drug for the treatment of COVID-19, as an example.

"We developed it in four months," said Bourla, while the development of such a drug "usually takes four years." He said AI has helped to significantly reduce the time spent on the drug discovery process, where "we synthesize millions of molecules and then try to figure out which of those molecules work."

He credited the breakthrough with "saving millions of lives."

"I really think we're on the cusp of a scientific renaissance in the life sciences because technology and biology are advancing side by side," Bourla said. "Artificial intelligence is a very powerful tool. In the hands of bad people, it can do bad things for the world, but in the hands of good people, it can do great things for the world."

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on biotech regulation of AI and its use in the next pandemic: "in the hands of bad people, it can do bad things, but in the hands of good people, it can do great things for the world... the benefits clearly outweigh the risks."

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned on Wednesday at the panel discussion "Preparing for Disease X" that the world must prepare for a future pandemic caused by an as yet unknown "Disease X".

The participants of the panel discussion warned that "disease X" - which is on the WHO's list of "priority diseases" - "may claim twenty times more lives than the coronavirus pandemic".

In addition to "Disease X", Tedros and other participants discussed the need for a "pandemic treaty" and its urgent adoption at this year's World Health Assembly, which will be held from May 27 to June 1 in Geneva.

"We will have digital doctors and digital people"

During the panel discussion "Technology in a Turbulent World", the participants made predictions about how artificial intelligence is expected to integrate into people's lives.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, said that "AI is not there to replace people, but to complement them."

As hypothetical examples, he cited the possibility that WEF attendees could ask an AI app like ChatGPT "what good questions to ask," or that radiologists could use AI to "integrate my CT scan into the MRI to my investigation".

"We're on the verge of a breakthrough where we're going to say, 'Wow, this is almost like a digital human,'" Benioff said. However, repeating the theme of this year's WEF meeting - "Rebuilding trust", he added: "When we get to this point, we ask ourselves: 'Do we trust him?'".

"We're going to have digital doctors and we're going to have digital people, and those digital people will merge, and there's going to be some level of trust," Benioff said.

Sam Altman, CEO of Microsoft-partnered OpenAI, said artificial intelligence will help "everyone's work at a slightly higher level of abstraction."

"We're all going to have access to a lot more capabilities and still be able to make decisions. They may lean more toward curation over time, but we're going to be making decisions about what happens in the world," he said.

Julie Sweet, president and CEO of Accenture, also expressed optimism about the future role of AI, saying that AI will "massively improve social services."

To build "trust," Benioff called for more regulation, referring to the social media ecosystem and the "misinformation" that appears on those platforms.

"We also have to look at the regulators and say, 'Hey, if you look at social media for the last ten years, it's been a f***ing s** show. It's bad enough. We don't want that in our AI industry.' We want a good and healthy partnership with moderators and regulators".

Altman suggested that one way to form such "partnerships" is to train AI to seek out and identify information from certain preferred sources.

He put it this way:

We want to show content, links, brands from places like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or other major publications and say, "Here's what happened today."

Bourla also called for more regulation of artificial intelligence, saying that while he's confident the benefits clearly outweigh the risks, he believes "we need regulation now." Hunt ,

however, said , that minimal regulation is the best approach right now.

"I think we have to be careful because it's still a very young stage. We can kill the golden egg before it has a chance to grow," he said.

Artificial intelligence could be used to "misinform" students .

WEF leaders also discussed the future role of artificial intelligence in education,

According to Forbes, panelists, including representatives from the governments of Slovenia and the United Arab Emirates, suggested that AI will "provide novel opportunities for highly personalized learning and tutoring."

Ahmad bin Abdullah Humaid Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi, the UAE's minister of education, called it "democratic tutoring" and suggested that AI would offer "scalable" tutoring "for everyone" outside the classroom, complementing classroom education and "the leaving the hardest part - the soft skills - to the teachers".

Nzinga Qunta, a speaker at the Broadcasting Corporation of South Africa, suggested that such tutoring should not be tied to age or physical location.

The panelists also assured the audience that artificial intelligence will not lead to the disappearance of human jobs - but warned that people will not lose their jobs because of artificial intelligence, "but because of the people who know how to use artificial intelligence," said Forbes.

The "risk of misinformation and disinformation" was also emphasized during the discussion. Panelists suggested that "critical thinking" can enable students to recognize the "dangerous" risks of "misinformation" and "disinformation."

"Misinformation" can lead to "civil unrest".

The topic of "disinformation" was really high on the agenda of this year's WEF meeting. The WEF's Global Risks report, published on January 10, named "misinformation" and "disinformation" from artificial intelligence as the biggest risk to the world in the next two years and the fifth biggest in the next decade.

Over the next two years, both foreign and domestic actors will use disinformation and disinformation to "deepen social and political divisions," threatening elections in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and India, and around the world, the report said. represents the risk of "civil disturbances".

"Furthermore, misinformation and social polarization are inherently linked and can reinforce each other," said WEF Executive Director Saadia Zahidi, who called for "innovation and sound decision-making." But that is "only possible in a fact-based world," he said.

According to WEF Executive Director Saadia Zahidi, misinformation and disinformation are the number one risk in the world today.

I completely agree. In spite of that,

'We risk electing the wrong leaders'

The WEF's warnings about the "danger" of "disinformation" and "disinformation" are closely linked to the fears of the WEF conference participants about the impact of artificial intelligence on democracy and the electoral process.

Recently, a video of WEF co-founder and chairman Klaus Schwab talking to Google co-founder and former chairman Sergey Brin has gone viral on social media. Schwab proposed a hypothetical scenario in which "there is no need to hold elections anymore" because AI "can already predict the winner" - a scenario Brin did not specifically reject.

Although this video has often been presented on social media as if it was from this year's WEF meeting, it is actually from a discussion at the 2017 WEF Annual Meeting. But other statements from this year's meeting are also related to elections and governance.

During a panel discussion today, "Global Risks: What's in the Mail?" Haslinda Amin, chief Southeast Asia correspondent for Bloomberg News, said this year's elections in key countries risk electing the wrong politicians.

Douglas L. Peterson, president and CEO of S&P Global, responded to Amin's question by saying that this is "one of the biggest risks this year", adding: "We also need to make sure that through global institutions such as the UN and NATO, let's stay committed".

António Guterres, the UN Secretary General, in his special speech at the WEF, called for "effective mechanisms of global governance" as part of a "new multipolar world order".

The establishment of the "international economic order" is necessary to overcome the "climate crisis".

Many WEF participants also warned of the dangers of climate change - and took the opportunity to call for more money and investment in "green" initiatives.

John Kerry, the US president's special envoy for climate change, told the WEF earlier this week that 2023 will be "literally the most disruptive, climate-disturbing, climate-consistent, most difficult year in human history" and therefore "there is no more room for to debate or frankly procrastination".

Participants at the WEF meeting said more money is needed for the response. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the president of Singapore, for example, said that "governments need to invest significantly more than before".

And according to Chrystia Freeland, Canada's deputy prime minister, government intervention is needed as part of the transition from carbon dioxide emissions - a process that she says will create "more jobs, more growth and more production."

According to Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, the cost of such interventions "is no less than HUF 620 billion per year in order to effectively promote the green transition".

When addressed by Andrew Lawton of True North Media on the streets of Davos on Thursday, Lagarde dodged questions about whether digital central bank currencies, such as the digital euro introduced by Lagarde, could be used to control people.

"I'm not talking because I'm in a quiet phase," was Lagarde's reply.

In another confrontation in Davos, Rebel News reporters asked Philipp Hildebrand, vice president of one of the world's largest investment firms, BlackRock, a series of questions about BlackRock's support for "ESG" - environmental, social and corporate governance.

Hildebrand did not respond to reporters' questions.

And Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser of the United States, connected several threads by suggesting in a separate speech on Tuesday that "the international economic order" could be built or updated to "take into account the climate crisis."

Among the 2,800 participants from 120 countries this year, there were more than 60 heads of state and 1,600 business leaders.
The persecution of a lawyer who dared to question the vaccine WHEN the catalog of adverse effects of the covid vaccine finally becomes public knowledge, those who sounded the alarm will continue to be persecuted and punished. Solicitor Lois Bayliss was so concerned after reading that four of the UK's chief medical officers had overruled the Joint Committee on Vaccination (JCVI) expert advice not to vaccinate healthy children that she decided to warn schools and vaccination centers about the potential harm and inform to their legal obligation to consent.

Ms. Bayliss, like many others, strongly believed that experimental mRNA vaccines had no merit being injected into children. As a result, complaints were made to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) by several complainants, including the Department of Health and Social Care (DSHC) and the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police.

The SRA, which has received more than £1 million in funding from the World Economic Forum since 2019, has since launched an investigation and a four-day disciplinary hearing is scheduled for February 12. The SRA has already dropped three charges but is pursuing a further three. However - and this is a real slap in the face - even if Ms Bayliss wins and clears herself, they are still entitled to claim their costs, which are estimated to be more than £90,000.

The SRA appears to be doing everything it can to prove its case, including changing the nature of the allegations - after Ms Bayliss responded to them - not relying on the original complaints to build its case and removing evidence from medical experts around the world sent thousands of pages of supporting evidence. They also changed key wording to make warning letters to schools appear more threatening. Ms Bayliss, for example, claimed that the recipients could be prosecuted, but says the SRA's own lawyers, Capsticks, changed that text to read "criminally liable".

In December 2021, Ms Bayliss, former Hampshire GP Dr Sam White, retired police sergeant Mark Sexton and solicitor Philip Hyland of PJH Law from Lincolnshire made a detailed four-hour complaint to the Metropolitan Police at Hammersmith and Fulham police station about abuse of public office. in connection. They were given a crime number 6029679/21 and were believed to have been prosecuted by the police. Ms Bayliss said: "We had four named police officers supervised by a detective sergeant who did not give his name. We were given a link to upload the documents. We continued to upload the documents for two months. We thought they were taking the case seriously but 2022 . we were told in a letter on 22nd February that the matter was not being investigated.

'The SRA had already contacted me before this. At the time I thought I was a police complainant and a potential witness.

'The SRA accused me of promoting covid disinformation and said I sent misleading, inappropriate, threatening letters to GPs, schools and vaccination centres. I didn't send a letter to the GPs.

Ms Bayliss, who runs Broad Yorkshire Law in Sheffield and has worked pro bono for families to help them fight vaccination orders imposed on relatives who are unable to make their own decisions, said: "It doesn't look like I'm going to get a fair hearing. . More than 8,000 pages were removed from my defense before it was sent to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT), leaving just 650 pages to decide whether I had a case to answer."

Some of the evidence came from teachers who had legitimate concerns. One of them signed a statement saying: "He felt deeply uncomfortable overseeing the administration of experimental vaccines. He sought legal advice and was given two options: if he interfered with the vaccination program, he could potentially be held liable, but if he ignored his concerns, and keeps his mouth shut then he can't be held accountable.

" He was concerned that Sajid Javid [who replaced Matt Hancock as Health Secretary in June 2021] told 12-15-year-olds that they could be vaccinated against their parents' wishes by the Gillick competence [a law that allows children to override their parents' will in health matters].

'She asked for legal advice and more time to make a decision and was told it was forbidden and she could not give any more information to the parents.

"Another teacher, who was concerned that the vaccine was in an experimental phase and that failure to give informed consent was a criminal offence, said in a statement that he was threatened with a disciplinary hearing after trying to inform other teachers that he had been negligent in giving inadequate informed consent . He said he spoke to students at the school and they were not told the vaccine was still in the trial phase. He reported this internally as a safeguarding issue and was immediately disciplined."

In early February 2022, Ms. Bayliss sent two letters to the schools, addressed to the principal and deputy principal, and one to the vaccination centers. He reminded the school principals of their "in loco parentis" responsibility - they would be personally responsible if any of the children were to suffer from an injury caused by vaccination. The Latin term in loco parentis is a legal term that means that the person responsible for the care of the child becomes a parent.

The first letter was about vaccinations and the second was about masks and lateral flow tests. The first letter warned: "If you do not cancel your vaccination appointment, you will be liable for any damages suffered as a result of the visit, and liability may include criminal liability. It explained that informed consent could not be obtained as the introduction of vaccinations was the subject of a police report , and that any discussion of safer treatments has been silenced. He included the reference number of the crime and rightly pointed out, ``Most parents, if given this information, would withhold consent for their child.'' He

gave examples of proven harm from vaccines, including include infertility, inflammatory heart disease, myocarditis, pericarditis, and myopericarditis, Bell's palsy (transient facial paralysis), and Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that attacks the nerves and can cause paralysis or death.

The second letter addressed the potential physical and psychological harms of wearing a mask, including pulmonary fibrosis (pulmonary fibrosis causes lung disease), anxiety, and ongoing invasive covid tests. He pointed out that there is no legal or statutory requirement to support mask wearing.

Dr Jenny Harries, the then deputy chief medical officer, advised in 2020 that the mask could trap the virus and the wearer could inhale it. Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, who was also deputy chief medical officer in 2020, said he did not believe wearing a mask would reduce the spread of the disease in the UK. Then, later in 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) changed its negative mask-wearing advice to positive due to political lobbying and not science.

Ms Bayliss called the repeated demands to carry out "harmful" side-flow tests an "attack". He said that repeatedly swabbing the nasopharynx probably increases the risk of respiratory infections and that the long-term effects are unknown.

The third letter addressed to vaccination centers reminded them of the medical oath: "First do no harm." He advised that they contact Sajid Javid to inform him that the covid vaccine rollout will be cancelled. It also suggested contacting health authorities and regulatory agencies such as the NHS, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the General Medical Council (GMC) , to inform them that a police investigation is underway in the case of covid injections.

In his letter, he wrote: "If you do not write to them and help them cancel the vaccinations, you will be liable for the damages you suffer as a result of the visit, and the liability may include criminal liability."

In the UK and most developed countries, informed consent is required from patients before receiving any medical treatment. This must be voluntary and must not be coerced. The NHS website details the details of informed consent, but it was clear that peer pressure in schools and in the general public - including material written by a number of journalists such as Piers Morgan, who called the unvaccinated "selfish pricks" - amounted to coercion, so even it was more important that individuals receive accurate information. The NHS agrees, stating: "The principle of consent is an important part of medical ethics and international human rights law".

In her letter, Ms Bayliss maintained that "informed consent is impossible to obtain, anyone who is injected at the scene has suffered bodily harm, regardless of the injury suffered".

It was a valiant effort that received massive support behind the scenes. The SRA was clearly wrong in pursuing the complaints because, as far as Ms Bayliss was concerned, the police were investigating crimes against humanity. After all, criminal records were issued to two lawyers, a former police sergeant and a doctor.

The SRA has decided not to wait for the results of the UK Covid review, which is looking at the development and safety of vaccines in Module 4. The chair of the inquiry, Baroness Hallett, has already heard horror stories of vaccine-induced injuries, all of which could have been prevented.

The costs of fighting the case could bankrupt Ms Bayliss, but she is determined to continue. He said: "I will never stop fighting, I have to stand on my feet before I stop fighting."

The SRA said: "We do not comment on pending matters." DSHC did not respond.

Kiev has completely collapsed, there is no money even for mobilization
Kiev has completely collapsed, there is no money even for mobilization

Kiev has completely collapsed, there is no money even for mobilization
01.23.2024. source

Ukrainian lobbyists are in despair, as Kiev is quickly running out of money. The deficit of the Ukrainian budget is already a record size, 40-50 billion dollars. The Ukrainians hoped that they could at least partially plug this hole with the American and EU subsidies, but the supplies have dried up - political analyst Malek Dudakov wrote on his Telegram channel, according to the eadaily.com report, which was published by Magyar Hírlap.

To avoid a budget collapse, Kiev plans to withhold wages and pensions for several months, as well as cut housing and utility subsidies. However, this immediately leads to a decrease in the purchasing power of the population and a collapse of tax revenues. This becomes a vicious cycle of fiscal crisis.

In January, Ukraine will receive only a $1.5 billion grant from Japan. Battles in the United States and the European Union over the allocation of funds to Kiev may last until February or even longer. All that remains is to cut the budget by cutting all social spending, which will result in a spike in inflation and a collapse of the hryvnia.

The forced conscription of half a million Ukrainians is also a big issue, since more than one billion dollars is needed for this as well. Not to mention the acquisition of weapons and ammunition, which are again in short supply. In December, Ukraine was forced to reduce the number of artillery shells fired from 3-5 thousand to 2 thousand per day. The EU has ambitiously proposed to increase their production, but again this will take years.

The denial of salaries and pensions and the devaluation of the hryvnia are adding to the collapse in Ukraine. The frontline situation will continue to deteriorate for Kiev, and Western skeptics will become less and less willing to continue funding the Ukrainian project.

Palestine is ready to participate in an international peace conference Presentation by the Palestinian ambassador in Budapest. Palestine is ready to participate in an international peace conference, the purpose of which is to promote the peaceful coexistence of two independent states, Israel and Palestine - Dr. Fadi Elhusseini, the ambassador of Palestine to Hungary, answered the question of the Hungarian Peace Circle, jointly organized by the Hungarian Peace Circle and the Hungarian Arab Community Association, on Thursday evening at a lecture held at the House of Nations in Budapest.

"Palestine's desire above all else is peace in self-determination," the diplomat said at the event, where Algeria, Brazil, the Republic of South Africa, Iran and Syria were represented at the ambassadorial level.

"We accepted that independent, sovereign Palestine should be established on 22 percent of the territory of historical Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital. In contrast, Israel has not declared its borders, and our trust in the United States, as the only guarantor of the peace negotiations, has been shattered," he added.

Elhusseini emphasized: "we do not have a problem with the Jews, but with the occupation." Israel benefits greatly financially from the occupation of the Palestinian territories, which is why it is not interested in the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and in the implementation of the UN resolutions on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Israel exercises control over Palestine's natural resources, trade, money, the movement of its inhabitants, pilgrimage tourism, the travel of students and scholars, and illegally withdraws financial resources. It builds and expands Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory, the number of Israelis illegally residing in Palestinian territory can be put at 800,000.

Israel must know that the security of Israel and the region can only be guaranteed with the establishment of the Palestinian state, he said.

According to the ambassador, Hamas is part of the Palestinian political and social structure, but he does not represent Hamas, but all of Palestine in Hungary. He avoided arguing in favor of Hamas' attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, killing Israeli civilians and taking hostages. He said the carnage did not begin on October 7, but with the Israeli occupation of Palestine. In his presentation, he did not address why Hamas does not release the Israeli hostages captured on October 7, whose immediate release was also demanded by Moscow recently.

He described Israel's response to the October 7 attack by Hamas as genocide, because it collectively punishes all Palestinians, targets civilian objects, hospitals, holy places, and residential buildings, and the retaliation is disproportionately greater than the attack by Hamas. The Israeli forces have so far massacred nearly 25,000 Palestinians, Gaza has become a cemetery for children, he said about Israel's war crimes against humanity.

The Palestinian ambassador rejected the arguments about Israeli "self-defense", since - as he said - international law does not recognize self-defense in occupied territories. "Israel has violated all elements of international law," he stated.

The presenter called it "historically friendly relations" in the 19th century. Hungarian-Palestinian relations dating back to the century. Hungary was one of the first to recognize the Palestinian state and granted diplomatic status to the Palestinian representation in Budapest. There is a Hungarian diplomatic mission in Ramallah, and an honorary consulate in Bethlehem. Cooperation agreements connect the two countries in the fields of agriculture, education, water affairs and statistics. Every year, 75 Palestinian students come to Hungary to study, and Hungarian students study in Palestinian educational institutions. A sister city agreement links Jericho to Eger, Jerusalem to Budapest, and Bethlehem to Kalocsa. The Church of the Nativity is being restored with Hungarian participation. Hungarian-Palestinian political consultations are also held. A university and scientific cooperation platform is created between 22 institutions. Commercial-entrepreneurial cooperation exists. They are working on 35 new projects covering tourism, sports, innovation, court, local government sphere and investment.

Dr. Fadi Elhusseini called the love of family, freedom, self-determination, the rejection of occupation and the maintained relationship with the diaspora as similar values ​​favorable to Hungarian-Palestinian cooperation.

After his presentation, the Palestinian ambassador answered questions from the audience.
They attacked at night with the cooperation of six countries The British and American air forces carried out another joint operation against the military facilities of the Houthi rebels in Yemen, the Ministry of Defense in London announced on Monday night. According to a more detailed joint statement released early Tuesday by Britain, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Bahrain. The airstrikes had eight targets.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps called the action a self-defense action in a separately published personal statement. As he wrote, the series of attacks against shipping in the Red Sea by the rebels of the 20s continue to endanger the lives of the members of the shipping crews, and the disruption caused to the shipping traffic burdens the entire world economy with unbearable costs. The joint action dealt another blow to the 20's already limited weapons stocks and their offensive capabilities threatening world trade.

According to a separate statement from the Ministry of Defense in London, four Typhoon FGR4 fighter jets and two Voyager aerial refueling aircraft of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) took part in the air attack. British planes attacked two Houthi military installations near the Yemeni capital Sanaa airport with Paveway IV precision-guided bombs.

According to the Pentagon, the American warplanes took off from the Eisenhower aircraft carrier. (...)
The Turkish parliament voted for Sweden's NATO accession The Ankara legislature voted with a significant majority for Sweden's NATO accession.
The accession protocol must be signed even by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and it must also be published in the Turkish official gazette in order to enter into force.
After more than four hours of debate, the proposal was supported by 287 deputies to 55 against and with four abstentions, after the foreign affairs committee of the Turkish parliament already gave the nod to Sweden's NATO accession at the end of December.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), and its allies have a majority in the legislature.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, reacting to the result of the vote, stated that his country was one step closer to NATO membership.
"We are one step closer to full NATO membership," the Swedish prime minister wrote on X. "It is a positive development that Turkey's Grand National Assembly (Büyük Millet Meclisi) voted in favor of Sweden joining NATO," he added.

In exchange for the approval of Sweden's accession, Ankara previously stated that it expects more decisive action from Stockholm in the fight against terrorism, for example, it expects the extradition of members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which is classified as a terrorist organization by Turkey, living in Sweden. In mid-December, Erdogan also made Sweden's accession to NATO dependent on the US Congress approving the sale of 40 new US F-16 fighter jets and parts to Turkey. The US Congress has not yet approved the sale of fighter jets to Turkey.

All members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization must agree to the admission of a new member country.
Viktor Orbán invited the Swedish Prime Minister NATO accession may be the most important topic of the Budapest meeting (we'll solve it smartly' - KJ)
Viktor Orbán invited the Swedish Prime Minister to visit Hungary, Sweden's NATO accession may be the most important topic of the meeting. Sweden applied to become a NATO member in May 2022, but this must also be approved by the parliaments of the member states of the alliance. The Hungarian Parliament has not yet decided on the issue. According to the expert speaking to M1, Viktor Orbán made a generous gesture to Stockholm, while Swedish politicians have been attacking Hungary for years.

"In a letter, I invited the Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson, to Hungary to discuss Sweden's NATO accession," Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on his social media page on Tuesday. The Hungarian Prime Minister took a step to bring Sweden closer to the alliance.

On Tuesday, Viktor Orbán also consulted with the British Foreign Minister on the phone. David Cameron later wrote: in addition to supporting Ukraine, they discussed the importance of Swedish accession "in order to make the Euro-Atlantic area safer and NATO stronger".

Sweden applied for NATO membership in May 2022, but the accession must also be ratified by the national parliaments of the member states.
However, the representatives of the government party in the Parliament have concerns about Swedish membership, because the northern country is attacking Hungary.

"No one from the Swedish side has contacted us. There are known concerns, these should be dispelled, we need to make contact to strengthen trust," pointed out Gergely Gulyás, the minister in charge of the Prime Minister's Office.

In last week's Government Information, Gulyás spoke about the fact that it seems that NATO membership is not that important to the Swedes, because they have not taken steps to solve the existing problems. Swedish left-liberal politicians and NGOs made sport of criticizing Hungary for years.

For example, the Swedish public television's video for children, in which Hungary was portrayed as a dictatorship, caused great outrage.
The Swedes are not negotiating with Viktor Orbán On Tuesday, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström rejected Hungary's call to discuss his country's application for NATO membership, Politico reports. Earlier, Viktor Orbán's press chief, Bertalan Havasi, announced that Ulf Kristersson had been invited to Hungary. Meanwhile, Turkey voted for Sweden to join NATO.
"I see no reason to negotiate at the moment," said Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström at the invitation of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. According to the invitation letter, the subject of the Prime Minister's talks was Sweden's NATO accession, as well as the strengthening of Hungarian-Swedish bilateral relations by deepening mutual trust.

Of course, we hope that Hungary will ratify the membership as soon as possible - the diplomat added, according to Politico.

Meanwhile, the Turkish parliament decided and approved Sweden's NATO accession.

346 representatives participated in the vote, of which 287 accepted the proposal, 55 opposed it, and four abstained. Even Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has to sign the law.

This left Hungary as the only one among the member states that did not ratify the country's application for NATO membership, even though the government had previously promised that they would not be the last to make a decision on the matter.

Viktor Orbán's promise

In an older statement, Péter Szijjártó spoke about the fact that the decision on the ratification of Sweden's NATO accession is entirely in the hands of the parliamentarians, and that the government is ready, as it submitted the proposal a long time ago.

If there is a shift, we will of course keep our promise that Hungary will not delay any country in terms of membership - the foreign minister said earlier.

And Prime Minister Viktor Orbán repeatedly emphasized that "we will not be the last to approve Sweden's accession".

An extraordinary session would be convened

The MSZP recently initiated the convening of an extraordinary session of the Parliament.

"For a year and a half now, the issue of Sweden's NATO accession has been before the Parliament. For a year and a half, Orbán's "brave men" of Fidesz have been blocking Sweden's accession to NATO. That is why we have initiated the inclusion of this matter on the agenda at every parliamentary session since September 2022, but the Fidesz party has put it on the agenda every time they voted against the purchase," reminded the MSZP.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Sweden will definitely join the alliance by the summer summit. In this regard, the Index asked Government Information: will the Parliament vote on this by then?

Gergely Gulyás said: it seems that this is not so important to the Swedes, because they did not seek the government, to strengthen trust, contact is needed, because there are concerns about the Swedes.
Israel may drag another Arab country into the war Israel plans to retake the Philadelphia Corridor, the 14km border that separates Gaza from Egypt, but experts warn it could be a very bad idea. The 14-kilometer border separating Gaza from Egypt has been used for years by militants in the enclave to smuggle weapons, technology, money and personnel.

To prevent this, Israel is now considering the possibility of reoccupying the border.

It has been more than a hundred days since Israel launched Operation Iron Sword in the Gaza Strip following the bloody attack on October 7, when more than 1,200 Israelis were brutally murdered by Hamas militants.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to punish those responsible for the massacre, which left more than 5,000 people injured. He also promised to eliminate the Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip, as well as to demilitarize the enclave, which poses a threat to Israel's security.

But more than three months later, Israeli officials still seem to be scratching their heads over how to achieve those goals.

The biggest challenge is the steady flow of weapons, technology and money into Gaza, from where Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants continue to fire rockets. And Israel believes that it comes from the Sinai Peninsula, being smuggled across the border via the so-called Philadelphia route.
For the process of horror and compassion I just watched a horrific video of eyewitnesses to a massacre. Please read on my friends. Please read on before you find out which "side" committed the massacre. Please read on, even if the event feeds a narrative that doesn't align with your views. Please read on, even if you want to block such horrors from your mind. I promise to take this to a place where something is visible on the other side of the horrors.

I first read about the massacre here. Israeli forces surrounded a residential building with tanks and bulldozers. IDF soldiers stormed the building. The residents claimed that they were civilians. The soldiers took all the men out. They were tortured in front of their families. Then they forced them to bow down and executed them, husbands in front of their wives, fathers in front of their children. Then they started shooting at the building. The women and children fled. A 3-year-old child bled to death in his sister's arms.

Perhaps they expect my account of this event to be an introduction to a "case" - a case that Israel is committing war crimes, such as ethnic cleansing in Gaza and so on; in short, good on one side and bad on the other.

It would be easy to make such a case, but that's not why I'm here. This does not mean that such distinctions are invalid, nor that the two sides are equivalent. However, the reflex to distinguish between good and bad, victim and perpetrator, however valid and useful, can short-circuit the process of compassion that leads to another level of understanding and new possibilities for peace.

Reading about the massacre, I noticed a basic psychological similarity to the October 7th attacks (that is, those targeting civilians). Underneath all the justifications, rationalizations, and explanations, pain turns into hate, then violence, and then more pain. Hamas attackers kill innocent young people at a festival while they beg for their lives. IDF soldiers torture and then execute their fathers and brothers in front of their families. Both groups of perpetrators were filled with self-satisfied intent. This is the fundamental pattern that we must change if we are ever to create peace.

I read the comments on Al Jazeera's Twitter post. Those firmly on the Israeli "side" were unmoved. "Lie." said one commenter. "They [those killed] must have been Hamas," said another. "They use their wives and children as human shields." The story of us and them, justified and unjustified, good guys and bad guys destroys compassion at its roots. Empathy - "How does it feel to be in your shoes?" - perishes on the edge of the distinction between good and bad, in all its forms. Compassion does not extend to those we exclude from the fully human realm; it does not extend to those whom we deny as spiritual equals in the eyes of God. It is clear that there will never be peace from the mindset exemplified by these comments.

Many of the posts on the other "side" show exactly the same mindset, except that the IDF and the Zionists in general are the monsters, not Hamas.

When we see the terrible deeds, we must ask, "What circumstances made these people monsters?" What does it take to turn a chubby baby into someone who tortures and kills a father in front of his daughter? What does it take to turn an adorable little sugar cookie into someone who kills an innocent young dancer who is begging for her life?

Random facts of a person's personal biography rarely provide a complete answer to this question. We have to take into account history, politics, economics - the whole context of that person's life. It then becomes apparent that killing, imprisoning, dominating and controlling him, or his people, will not change the circumstances that made him a monster.

Sometimes violence is necessary to protect the innocent. But if harm to the innocent is caused by more than the random evil of bad people, then violence will never end the harm.

Faced with the totality of a complex situation, we will not see a simple solution. However, once we drop the blinders of the "Only the Wicked" false explanation, powerful solutions come into view. They will not provide the satisfaction of revenge or the punishment of those who caused harm. They don't provide the mental relief that comes from seeing someone who hurt you suffer in return. What they will do, however, is change the conditions that generate a continuous cycle of violence.

In this spirit, here is an extremely naive practical solution. If "naive" and "practical" seem contradictory, so be it. Perhaps at least something of the spirit of this proposal will seep into the realm of politics. I won't ignore why the comments will show "This will never work because..." or "This is impossible because..." But maybe something of the spirit of the proposal will still ring true, and if only a little to a certain extent, but the sound of this reaches the ears of those who shape our politics.

The proposal is sympathetic to both sides. On the Zionist side, we ask about the circumstances that turned the cute little candy bar into a torturer and murderer, and drawing one thread out of many, we see the historical circumstances of persecution, genocide, and expulsion that make Jews feel unwelcome and unwelcome. themselves safe. In response to these circumstances, let Islamic countries and imams and ayatollahs and clerics declare Jewish-hospitable zones in their countries. Rebuild the synagogues in Baghdad and Damascus. Proclaim visa-free travel for citizens of Israel and personally guarantee their safety. Revoke fatwas and convictions.

And from the Palestinian side, we ask under what circumstances the terrorist who celebrated his cruel murders changed from an angelic child. We see the decades-long humiliation of his people, their expulsion from their ancestral homes, the continuous theft of their land, their crushing economic deprivation, and the extinction of hope that this will ever change. In response to these circumstances, Israel should stop and withdraw its settlements in the West Bank. Stop bombing Gaza and end the blockade. Release political prisoners held without trial or charge. Restore hope by committing to an independent and sovereign Palestinian homeland and take the first significant and irreversible steps in that direction.

In this context, regional powers can promise to stop arming and financing Hamas. Its most extreme elements may go into exile. Peacekeepers from Islamic countries could occupy Gaza and ensure free elections for a new government that would unite it with East Jerusalem and the West Bank. World powers can join in encouraging and enforcing peace terms. The physical reconstruction of Gaza can begin and the world can come together to make it a beautiful city of peace. A moral reconstruction of Israel and Palestine can also begin, for example through truth and reconciliation commissions, so that those who have hated each other until now recognize their mutual humanity and no longer live in the delusion that one is made of better material than the other. Through the long process of mourning, Israel and Palestine will no longer be the furnace of hatred that threatens to set the world on fire, but the source of a new stream of peace that will flood every land. Then the Holy Land will finally redeem its name.
Alex Soros is a madman - refers to the assassination of Trump If you don't know, you better open your eyes. Alex Soros is MUCH WORSE than his father - MUCH WORSE than you can ever imagine. He lacks the school of hard knocks and is spoiled with money that makes him believe he is Superman and above the law. It's the $47 and a bullet-print image that suggests he wants to assassinate the 47th president, Trump, in response to his and his father's attempt at world domination.

Aren't they content to tear down borders, enforce authoritarian insanity, fund criminal prosecutions against Trump, fund the case to remove Trump from the ballot in Colorado, all in the name of democracy? They ignore culture, religion, and even family, impose their own views on the world, and assume only what they know is best. Both he and his father believe that their Open Society is promoting a better world when he himself is making veiled threats to kill Donald Trump.

Bidenomics is a total failure and George knows it as a hedge fund manager. He shorted the pound due to fiscal mismanagement. Yet George and Alex are advocating the destruction of the foundations of the United States in order to advance their one-world government led by the United Nations.

Anyone who isn't a Democrat who has the guts to write something like that...would be immediately arrested and no questions asked.

We are witnessing the fall of the United States, and I warned that historically, throughout history, the left has always been the most violent. This clearly proves 47 dollars for the 47th President Trump and a bullet hit the hole. Do that with Biden and $48 and see how quickly you get arrested - NOT Soros. He has political immunity.

Assassination will be their only option because he probably just realized that jailing Trump will NOT stop him because he can still run for president from a jail cell like Eugene Debs did. That's probably what's behind this post, since assassination is the only option. I don't want to live on the same street as Alex Soros. He's just painted a huge target on his head if anything happens and we're really going to see civil unrest that exceeds the sixties, which will make it look like a major test.

The computer will be right again. There is absolutely no way either side will accept the 2024 election results, provided Soros doesn't inspire the assassination of Donald Trump in the meantime. And Soros is rumored to be funding Nikki Haley.
Does Russia want Alaska back? President Vladimir Putin has signed a new decree allowing Russia to trace, register and provide legal protection for Russian property and land abroad, including in the former Soviet Union. Now every article you look up on this topic cites the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which is run and paid for by neocons. They admit that "it is unclear exactly what constitutes current or historical Russian ownership," but every news outlet says that Russia will reclaim Alaska.

Russia sold Alaska to the United States in 1867. "By the way, Alaska was sold sometime in the 19th century. Louisiana was sold to the United States by the French at about the same time. They sold thousands of square kilometers for $7.2 million, of course, in gold," Putin said in a 2014 interview. He called the deal "cheap" and nothing to "get excited about," while saying the Russians jokingly call the US state "Ice Crimea." Other Russian politicians have already threatened to reclaim the old territories, but they are not the ones responsible.

Does Russia want Alaska back?

The people behind Putin have been vocal about reclaiming Alaska for decades. That is why I have repeatedly stated that people should be concerned about who will come to power after Putin. If he were to resign for health reasons or assassinate him, war-hungry oligarchs and hard-line communists would be eager to seek revenge. Yeltsin handed Russia over to Putin with the agreement that he would protect it from these people, the internal enemy.

I posted the English version of the decree at the top of the article, at least a rough translation. Nowhere in this decree does Putin claim that the sale of Alaska was illegal. Are they considering it? Maybe if they get the full, unwavering support of the Chinese military AND remove Putin from office. Putin is calculated and would never declare an American state to be Russian territory as nuclear war would be the only consequence.

Alaska has been a state for longer than the current Russian Federation has existed. Alaska is only 50 miles from Russia, which may be why they issue this vague decree. But at the moment, RUSSIA HAS NOT RECONFIRMED ALASKA.
Germany, which was recently called the engine of the EU, is on the verge of bankruptcy They don't survive the elections. Germany plunged into a serious political crisis. The German government coalition risks not being able to last until the 2025 elections. The migrant policy applied at the expense of German society and the consequences of the false COVID pandemic, including more and more vaccine victims, brought the German economy and the entire German society into an irreversible downward spiral.

The Germans rightly blame the current government coalition for what happened. In 2024, the German government coalition entered an irreversible crisis situation. Appraisals continue to decline and public trust in Chancellor Olaf Scholz declines. Amid the recent farmers' protests, divisions are growing not only between society and the authorities, but also within the ruling elite. It is possible that the coalition will not make it to the 2025 parliamentary elections.

According to a January poll by the INSA polling institute, three quarters of Germans are dissatisfied with the federal government. Only 17 percent responded positively to the coalition. This is the worst indicator since he came to power.

Party leaders speak about the formation of the German government at a press conference following the end of the coalition negotiations - RIA Novosti, 1920, 22.01.2024.
Photo: Leaders of the German ruling party at the press conference held after the conclusion of the coalition negotiations on the formation of a government in Germany.

After the 2021 parliamentary elections, no one won a majority, so a shaky alliance had to be formed. As a result, a kind of "traffic light" situation arose: red - the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), yellow - the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and, of course, the Greens. Olaf Scholz from the SPD became chancellor. Robert Habeck (Greens) took over the post of Vice-Chancellor, Christian Lindner from the Free Democrats - Minister of Finance.

But Scholz is the one with whom the Germans are particularly dissatisfied, 72 percent of them oppose his remaining in the post.

That was pretty much it for proud Germany, called the engine of Europe. The globalist mafia has solved its development.

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