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Video: Collapse of financial, economic and political systems

EU to accept cash ceiling, IMF says best way to start eliminating cash In the future, a cash ceiling of EUR 10,000 will be introduced everywhere in the EU, including in Germany. Many countries already have lower ceilings. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its working paper with recommendations to governments has proposed a high ceiling as a way to introduce cash abolition, against the will of the people.

The negotiators of the EU Parliament and the Council of the EU have agreed that the payment of invoices in the amount of more than 10,000 euros in cash will be illegal throughout the EU in the future. Legal tender issued by the central bank of the monetary union is therefore partially declared illegal in favor of digital money issued by private banks.
Fate's quirk
Fate's quirk

Fate's twist: At the Australian Open, the journalist who mocked Novak Djokovic in his articles during the vaccine scandal because he did not vaccinate himself was killed by sudden death at the Australian Open. Mária Magdolna
Szőke January 22, 2024. source

The real twist of Fate is the tragic case that happened on February 17 at the Australian Open tennis tournament. Mike Dickson, the sports journalist who two years ago allowed his parents to humiliate him in his vaccine propaganda articles and defame him in an impermissible, unethical way, tried to discredit the star tennis athlete, died unexpectedly, producing a typical case of Sudden Death Syndrome. the Serbian Novak Djokovic, who, in defiance of the issued vaccine coercion, refused to give himself the COVID injections and was therefore not allowed to play.

"The sports journalism community is mourning the sudden death of tennis reporting luminary Mike Dickson. Dickson, who would have turned 60 on January 27, died suddenly in Melbourne at the Australian Open," reports Human Events.

Dickson administered himself 3 doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine as an obedient servant of the globalist trend. He had no known chronic diseases. Rest in peace.
His wife and children confirmed the news of his death on a social media site.

"We are shocked to announce that our wonderful husband and father, Mike, has suddenly collapsed and died while in Melbourne for the Australian Open," read a message sent through Dickson's X account.

Although generally credited in sports journalism, Dickson has also written a number of articles shaming and attempting to discredit tennis star Novak Djokovic.

He published propaganda articles defaming Djokovic with headlines like:
" Welcome to Novak Djokovic's Crazy World: Anti-Vaxxer Tennis Superstar Is a Tree Worshiper Who Insists That Bosnian 'Pyramids' Have Mystical Energy and That Positive Thoughts Can PURIFY Water ."

"Novak Djokovic remains a hero to some, but to many he DESTROYED his reputation irreparably"

"Novak Djokovic may reduce his chances of becoming world number one (greatest of all time) if he refuses to give himself the vaccine"

Dickson, obviously, did not make a mean sport out of his denigrate Djokovic and set him up as some primitive, condescending idiot. (...)

Fate's quirk

Athletic trainer Zsolt Gedeon was live. He is absolutely authentic, as his profession is sport.
Video: The effect of Covid vaccination from a 2-year perspective .
He looked into the "overcrowded" covid ward in the middle of an epidemic...

Journalist who died suddenly was Pro-Vax, attacked tennis star for refusing Covid vaccination Mike Dickson, a corporate media sports journalist who died suddenly last week and was a vocal pro-vaxxer who criticized players and athletes who refused the Covid vaccine. As reported by Slay News, veteran Daily Mail tennis correspondent Mike Dickson has collapsed while covering the Australian Open.

The respected sports reporter collapsed while covering the tennis championship and died unexpectedly in Melbourne, his family announced.

Paying tribute to Dickson, the Daily Mail said his sports department was "devastated" and "heartbroken" by "Mike's sudden death".

The newspaper added that Dickson "died suddenly".

However, the cause of death has not been disclosed.

After Dickson's mysterious, sudden death, information has come to light that exposes the reporter's extreme views on vaccines.

When he started at the Australian Open in early 2022, world-class Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic made headlines by refusing to inject himself with Covid mRNA.

Djokovic has been demonized by the corporate media for insisting on making his own decisions about his personal health, and many have called for him to be banned from the sport.

Despite Djokovics clean bill of health at the time, he was later removed from the tournament and had his travel visa revoked.

The Australian authorities found it simply unacceptable to defy the punch.

What followed was an endless attack on her personality and intelligence on social media.

Several corporate media journalists joined these attacks, including Dickson.

In fact, Dickson was one of the main instigators of this attempted erasure.

Posts and old media reports have resurfaced on social media exposing the relentless pattern of Dickson's criticism of Djokovic.

Dickson described Djokovic as "arrogant and pathetic" for refusing to comply with the mass vaccination programme.

However, despite Dickson's attempts to frame Djokovic as a global villain, the player had only kind words for the journalist when he received the news of his death.

Reacting to the news, Djokovic only expressed his condolences.

Australia has proven to be an exceptionally compliant country when it comes to the vaccination mandate.

Some may blame it on the lack of comprehensive information available to disprove the frantic mainstream claims.

However, even in 2022, there was substantial evidence regarding COVID-19 and mRNA injections that contradicted the government's claims.

For example, it was well known that vaccines did not necessarily prevent virus transmission or infection as originally claimed when they were distributed.

And the proof is the fact that there are an infinite number of breakthrough cases (people who have been vaccinated but still get infected).

The FDA does not even need to show evidence that a vaccine can prevent transmission or infection in order to approve the product.

It's also a fact that the number of Covid infections and deaths from the original strain dropped dramatically long before vaccines became widespread.

It is widely believed that the Omicron strain served as a "vaccine" that produced natural immunity with minimal side effects.

Then there was the death rate from the infection, which dozens of studies show is around 0.23% regardless of how many vaccinated or unvaccinated people are in a given region, and the vast majority of deaths were among people with multiple pre-existing conditions.

For an elite athlete, the risks of taking an experimental vaccine against a virus with a 99.8% survival rate far outweigh the potential benefits.

All this information and much more was available to journalists as of 2021.

However, they ignored the facts in order to create artificial panic.
Fico holds accountable the COVID vaccinators who On January 19, 2024, Robert Fico, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, gave a speech in the Slovak National Assembly and announced that he had appointed a government commissioner to find those responsible for the increased death rate caused by the COVID "vaccination". They are also looking for those who profited enormously from the mass and unnecessary procurement of medical devices and "vaccines".

Robert Fico himself shared his speech on Instagram. We have translated the English subtitles into Hungarian. Below is the full text.

Robert Fico - Prime Minister of Slovakia:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, representatives of Progressive Slovakia and the opposition! Have you seen the statistics about how much the number of deaths from various cardiovascular events has increased due to "vaccination"? But you deny it, of course you deny it , and claim that "vaccinating" was the best thing in the world.

What do you know about how many expired "vaccines" we have left and how much money we have wasted?

What do they know about getting medical equipment and tests? You are aware that that we have very clearly demonstrated the connection of a company from Great Saturday with the president of one of the opposition parties. (What do they know) About the hundreds, thousands of millions worth of completely useless purchases? What

do they know about the management? What do they know about what went on in relation to the various measures, which, in our opinion, significantly increased the morbidity than perhaps in other countries.And they all made fun of other states, other countries.

They laughed at Russia, where they were based on the principle of individual patient visits by doctors, and they treated it much better than we treated it here in Slovakia. 21,000 people died in our country, which we connect with the fact that the governments operating since 2020 were unable to govern and only cared about unnecessary medical devices and often enormous amounts of "vaccines".

I don't even want to talk about the European level anymore. You know that I was very open and I openly told the President of the European Commission that the suspicions about him and the "vaccine" purchase - in fact it was the largest purchase in the history of the European Commission - when he exchanged secret text messages with the director of Pfizer - actually - and when they wrote and handed over a report about it to the members of the European Parliament - making fun of them - which was full of hidden passages. And we will simply never know the truth about what role the pharmaceutical companies played and who really orchestrated this whole circus around COVID.

Under these circumstances, ladies and gentlemen, the Government of the Slovak Republic has decided to include in the government program a commitment to deal with this matter.

The Slovak public simply demands an answer, it demands an answer regarding "vaccination", what it really was, why people were vaccinated with various experimental "vaccines" without any kind of testing, why they pushed all kinds of drugs into people, why the national testing, who was the customer, why did they buy, what quantity did they buy, how much did it cost?

And we end up with billions, billions, they can grin as much as they want, because they don't know anything else but to show disrespect for another opinion. You know, democracy is about respecting other opinions sometimes. When they are here for the third week, they talk about the Btk, no one even insults you, we listen, you talk, so be nice and if we have a different opinion, respect it, even if you don't agree with it.

Under these circumstances, we decided to create the government commissioner's office to deal with these issues. We not only appointed the government commissioner today, but also authorized him to collect information from various institutions, especially from the national chief medical officer, and we are asking questions to the National Health Information Center.

Based on what is available to us, do we still want to know what really happened? I believe that Dr. Kotlár, a member of the National Assembly, is sufficiently informed, and I see that he is also prepared to assemble his team.

I asked him to review everything with the government first before making any public statements, and I am fully convinced that his work will lead to results that we will publish and inform the Slovak public about what really happened on Earth in During COVID.

Today we know one thing: the previous governments have completely failed to deal with COVID-19, and 21 thousand people are dying on their hands, and it seems that they made a huge amount of money on the unnecessary purchase of various medical devices and 'vaccines'.
Thank you very much."
Start vaccinating!  - shouted a jerk spectator, to which the top athlete gave the appropriate answer to which the top athlete gave the appropriate answer. Obviously, many of our readers remember the series of scandals when, during the era of COVID-terror, the Serbian athlete Novak Djokovic, considered to be the best tennis player in the world, was not allowed to play in Australia and was banned, because he refused to submit himself to the mandatory vaccination for athletes. he lied, but in fact a gene therapy biological weapon, the COVID vaccine. We know about the venom injection that has since killed nearly 2,000 elite athletes worldwide as a result of the so-called Sudden Death Syndrome, which is one of the most common (side) effects of the COVID venom injection.

However, the Serbian tennis player openly confronted the COVID-terrorists and chose his life and health rather than the vaccination that was forcibly forced on the athletes as well. He had to miss several important international matches because of this, but he did not give up his principles, i.e. his healthy and upright life instinct, which is why he was referred to worldwide as NoVax Djokocics, using the pun.

After the abatement of the COVID-terror, Djokovic returned to the court and won one tournament after another.

Recently, he played again in Australia, where he got into a strange conflict with a jerk spectator, who loudly provoked the athlete from the stands during the game and shouted at him: "Start vaccinating!"
The tennis player put up with the vaccine-zombie's taunting for a while, then he got angry and this anger had a very beneficial effect, because the tennis player gained new strength and beat his opponent in the match. (...)
Novak Djokovic hits out at BBC over coverage of him refusing Covid vaccine Novak Djokovic has come under fire from BBC coverage for refusing a Covid vaccination and being denied entry to the Australian and US Opens. The 22-time Grand Slam champion was detained by Australian border guards at the end of 2021 and held for more than a week before being deported.

Djokovic then gave an interview to the Beeb where he said he would rather miss future Majors than be forced to take the vaccine, although he recently claimed the broadcaster had "cut out a lot of sentences" from their conversation when it slammed their coverage of the situation.

Speaking to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera during the Italian Open, Djokovic reflected: "I suffered everything on my skin. Many people appreciated that I remained consistent. 95 percent of what was written and said about me on TV in the last three years is completely false."

The 35-year-old was asked separately about the "Novax" nickname, to which he reiterated that he is not against vaccines. "I'm not anti-vaccination and I've never said I am in my life," he added.

"I'm not even pro-vaccination. I'm pro-choice: I defend freedom of choice. It's a basic human right to be free to decide what we inject into our bodies and what we don't. I once explained this to the BBC when I returned from Australia, but many sentences were cut out, the ones that weren't comfortable. So I never talked about that story again."

JUST IN Novak Djokovic's Roman conqueror gives his verdict on the chances of the French Open tennis championship [INTERVIEW]

Internazionali BNL D'Italia 2023 - Tenth day
Novak Djokovic was not happy with the BBC coverage. (Image: Getty)

He also detailed the experience of being detained in Australia next to a young Syrian, whom he hopes to meet again at this year's US Open - in which he can now participate. "A prison," Djokovic recalled. "I couldn't open the window.

"I stayed less than a week, but I found young people, war refugees, who had been there for a very long time. My case served to shed light on them, almost all of them were released, and that comforts me. A young Syrian had been there for nine years.

"He's in America now, when I go back in the summer I want to contact him again and invite him to the US Open, I'm attached to him. The Australian judge accepted my appeal; but the immigration minister, who has the power to deport anyone he wants without reason, expelled.
Snoop Dogg's daughter Cori Broadus, 24, suffered a major stroke Former NFL Saints LB Ronald Powell, 32, Dies Suddenly; Olympic pole vaulter Shawn Barber dies suddenly at age 29...but sshhhuussshhh, mRNA?
The causes are said to be "unknown" but ssshhhh, we are NOT asking if this was after the mRNA technology (Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin and others) that the mRNA and the vaccine killed them! sshhh!

Word is that Snoop, the mRNA vaccine, is stupid, this Malone, Bourla, Bancel, Weissman vaccine is stupid! it's spike protein, you fool, it's spike protein; may your daughter rest in peace, now use your money, celebrity, etc. to help us bring down this Malone, Bourla cartel, they have killed many with their games, mRNA technology is a game, help Snoop, at least help us dig deeper why your precious died.
Several studies warn of testing Covid-vaccinated people for HIV positive Several studies have found that people test positive for HIV after being vaccinated with the Covid mRNA vaccine, a leading expert has warned. Renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough began sounding the alarm about the findings.

In a recent interview, McCullough warned that nine studies so far have concluded that Covid injections cause a spike in positive HIV tests.

McCullough clarified that the injections do not give people HIV or AIDS, which would indicate a false positive.

However, he explained that positive tests after mRNA injections are triggered by the fact that people are immunocompromised.

He noted that vaccines actually cause outbreaks of vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS).

This, in turn, causes people to test positive for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

During his interview, Dr. McCullough cited the Cleveland Clinic's 2022 study.

The study showed that people who received at least three injections of Covid mRNA were up to three times more likely to have a repeat infection with COVID-19 than those who were not vaccinated.

The study authors stated,
"The association of increased risk of COVID-19 with higher number of previous vaccinations in our study was unexpected."

McCullough also expressed concern that Covid vaccines may actually impair immunity rather than boost it:

"I believe that Covid itself impairs someone's immunity [as well as] the vaccine."

"Most people who get vaccinated get Covid and get the vaccine because the vaccines don't work.

'They [those vaccinated + previous infection] are in an even deeper hole on their immune system.'"

As Slay News reported in December, the A bombastic study conducted by top scientists at the world-renowned University of Cambridge in England concluded that 25 percent of people vaccinated with the Covid mRNA vaccine now have VAIDS. According to

the study, one in four people who received the Covid mRNA injection had "an unintended immune response "suffered.

However, the scientists note in their study that the "unintended immune response" was "created by a mistake."

While the Cambridge scientists and the corporate media attribute damage to immune systems to a "mistake" or "unintended" response, experts have been sounding the alarm for some time about the effects on the immune system of individuals.

"Cambridge scientists found that such vaccines are not perfect and sometimes lead to the production of nonsense proteins instead of the desired Covid 'spike', which mimics the infection and leads to the production of antibodies," reports the British Telegraph.

"Minor modifications to uridine were thought to cause no problems in cells, but a research team at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Toxicology Unit at the University of Cambridge has now found that when this partially synthetic code is read, the body's protein-making machinery sometimes struggles with uridine analogs."

"These findings, scientists say, were shared with the medicines regulator MHRA about a year ago, and updated vaccines using an improved form of mRNA are already being developed for cancer vaccines and other therapies," the report adds.

Slay News has been reporting on such results for a long time.

Political commentator Megyn Kelly, for example, developed an autoimmune problem after her Covid vaccination.

The former Fox News star revealed in September that he had been diagnosed with VAIDS.

Kelly claims that her immune system was damaged by the Covid vaccine.

He released a statement about the diagnosis and said he regretted taking the Big Pharma vaccine.

"I regret having the vaccine, even though I'm a 52-year-old woman, because I don't think I needed it," Kelly said in a recorded statement.

"I think I would have been fine."

"I've had COVID many times, and it was well past the time the vaccine was doing what it was supposed to do."

"This is the first time I've tested positive for an autoimmune problem during my annual physical," Kelly added.

"And I went to the best rheumatologist in New York and I asked him, 'don't you think it might have something to do with me getting the damn reminder and then getting COVID within three weeks?'"

And he said. 'Yes'. Yes.

"I wasn't the only one he saw that in."

Many others also suffered AIDS-like symptoms after the injection.

All over the world, there are more and more calls for a thorough investigation of vaccines.

However, they are still widely available in most Western countries.

Unfortunately, it is too late for the millions of people around the world who have already died or been permanently damaged by experimental mRNA technology.
Whistleblower: 20% of New Zealand's vaccinated population died A New Zealand government whistleblower has come up with explosive official figures that say more than 20% of the country's citizens have now died after receiving the Covid mRNA vaccine. Like many other countries in the world, New Zealand has experienced an unprecedented increase in excess mortality over the past two years.

Due to strict regulations and strong government pressure during the Covid epidemic, the vast majority of New Zealand's population is fully vaccinated.

Official figures show that 95.8% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over have received a dose of the Covid mRNA vaccine.

While 94.7% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over can be considered fully vaccinated.

A New Zealand government database manager who helped catalog official data on people who received the vaccine came up with explosive information.

The whistleblower released official government data showing that the surge in excess deaths in the country is linked to the Covid injection campaign.

According to a statistical informant calling himself "Winston Smith", a huge number of vaccinated New Zealanders died.

Smith worked on a program that tracks vaccination compensation for providers.

Thanks to his unique access, Smith was able to pinpoint that the deaths began shortly after the vaccine was introduced.

The computer scientist made the discoveries in a recent interview with investigative journalist Liz Gunn.

During the interview, Smith talked about how he established the connection between the vaccines given and the subsequent deaths.

"When I looked at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies in the dates of death, people dying within a week of getting the vaccine," the whistleblower told Gunn. "

And that's Pfizer's number one thing.

" we got 711 vaccinations out of batch #1, and 152 of them died, which is a 21 percent death rate, death rate," Gunn said, looking at the data, which Smith confirmed. "

These are real people," Smith added.

"These are real numbers."

"These are government numbers. data."

"So peak V1 vaccinated 246 people, and 60 of them are no longer with us." "That's

close to 25%," Gunn noted.

"1 in 4, almost 1 in 4 vaccinated people are now dead," he confirmed. Smith.

Smith said that while some doses of AstraZeneca and Moderna Covid vaccines were given, those injections were "only a few."

"Mostly Pfizer, mostly New Zealand Pfizer," Smith confirmed.

"I participated in the construction of a project, I helped introduce a vaccine payment system for our service providers."

"It's called a pay-as-you-go system."

"This means that every single time someone gets a vaccine, the provider gets paid."

"And I helped build it and make it happen."

"And when I looked at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies in the dates of death: People died within a week of being vaccinated."

"The chances of this happening naturally, by accident, are almost impossible."

"Well, once the system was up and running, we noticed that people died almost immediately after being vaccinated."

"That piqued my curiosity a little bit and I dug a little deeper."

"And I'm a scientist by nature. I love science. It's my favorite."

"I have a master's degree in science."

"Because it's a payment system and I'm the database administrator. I'm the only one."

"Because New Zealand is a small country, you can get away with having a database administrator doing that."

"So I'm in a unique position in the world."

"And because New Zealand is a first-class country where IT is very good, I was able to manage and build the system and I was the only database administrator needed to look after it.

"In other countries like America or Great Britain It would take a whole team in Britain."

"So it would be very difficult for one person to have access to all the information.

"But in New Zealand, because of its size and because it has a very good IT system, I happen to be the only one."

Commenting on Smith's bombshell surprise, infamous tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom demanded: "This needs to be investigated. '

If these figures about mass vaccination casualties are real, then they need to be held accountable,'" he added.

he did not dispute until writing.

During the Covid epidemic, former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern introduced a vaccination obligation for those working in the hospitality industry and tied vaccination rates to closures.

Ardern resigned at the beginning of the year. (the Moor can go...)
Krisztina Bohács: mental disorder has become the plague of our time From now on! Mental and learning disorders are the plague of our time, and they really spread like an epidemic - said the professional manager of the GEM Cognitive Clinic and the GEM Learning Center in the InfoRádió Aréna program. Krisztina Bohács said that nowadays every fourth or fifth human brain is struggling with some kind of challenge. The intelligence researcher also spoke about the fact that intelligence has a massive genetic basis, but environmental influence and transgenerational inheritance also have an extremely significant effect on it.

All learning disorders are appearing in increasing numbers among children - said intelligence researcher Krisztina Bohács in the InfoRádió Aréna program. Obviously, the measuring and diagnostic tools that make it possible to detect them have been refined, and in the old world there were often no tests to identify these things. But something else also appears - pointed out the professional manager of the GEM Cognitive Clinic and the GEM Learning Center.

"They talk about environmental damage, a kind of degeneration, which is not the degeneration of humanity in itself, but what should be understood by this is that everything is more polluted, the air, the food, the way of life is more stressful. The family is often very nuclear. In the old days, in a larger network of connections they lived, and that was also good for the child, since he saw his grandparents, for example, not only once every six months. So this is something with a lot of components. It is certain that there are environmental harms, and it is certain that pregnancy nowadays does not necessarily take place in such calm conditions , like in the 1900s. Although of course there were always challenges, wars and so on, somehow the pace of people's lives was not so accelerated, and this is certainly not favorable to the world of ADHD," said the expert.

He pointed out: although many people claim, research has not yet been able to prove that fast-paced images or this type of digital culture cause ADHD. Others believe that it is the result of a cultural influence, that is, no agreement has yet been reached, but Krisztina Bohács emphasized: it is certainly not by chance that these learning disorders, and even mental disorders in themselves, have been called the plague of our time - since anxiety and depression are also belongs to this - because so many people are affected by them, every fourth or fifth brain is struggling with some kind of challenge today. (...)
According to Thai media reports, multiple covid injections can weaken immunity and lead to cancer and brain disorders The Bangkok Post published an article on Sunday that said multiple covid injections could reveal hidden diseases, weaken immunity and lead to cancer and brain disorders.
The Bangkok Post is Thailand's leading English-language daily newspaper, available in both print and digital formats. In 2019, the Bangkok Post website had 84.7 million page views and about 16.7 million visitors. In 2021, it will partner with the New York Times for a supplement and the Wall Street Journal for articles in its daily business section. This put the Bangkok Post squarely in the corporate media realm.

On January 14, 2024, the Bangkok Post published an article "Long Covid, vaccines may cause disease and death: Chula, Rangsit".

The existence of a condition called "long covid" has been in doubt for quite some time. For example, in November 2021, a French study found that participants who were laboratory-confirmed to have covid infection only had persistent anosmia, or loss of smell, and no other "long covid" symptoms.

"Persistent physical symptoms following a covid-19 infection should not be automatically attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus; a full medical evaluation may be necessary so that the symptoms cannot be mistakenly attributed to the virus," the authors of the study concluded.

Since there is no evidence other than the "official narrative" that "long covid" - which is advertised as having many long-term symptoms associated with it - exists, our article focuses on what the Bangkok Post article claimed about covid injections. Also, the Bangkok Post article mentions "long covid" only twice, the rest of the article refers to the harm caused by covid injections.

It is perhaps the first of the world's corporate media to publicize the harm caused by covid injections and their cover-up without denigrating those who sound the alarm as producers of "conspiracy theories".

"According to the authorities of Chulalongkorn and Rangsit universities, multiple covid-19 vaccinations can reveal hidden diseases, weaken immunity and lead to cancer and brain disorders - wrote the Bangkok Post.

The warning from Professor Dr. Thiravat Hemachudha, Chulalongkorn University Thai Red Cross Emerging It came from the director of the Infectious Diseases Health Science Center and Panthep Puapongphan, dean of the Eastern Medical College of Rangsit University.

According to Prof. Thiravat and Panthep, they tried to hide the data of people affected and killed by vaccines, and therefore the official number of people affected by covid injections is unrealistically low.

As a result many people don't know about

Professors Thiravat and Panthep also said Thailand's death rate has risen from levels before and during the covid-19 pandemic. They called for an investigation into whether the increase in deaths was linked to covid injections.

Studies in other countries have shown that covid-19 injections have killed some people with damage to their bodies, including their heart, blood and respiratory systems, said Professors Thiravat and Panthep.

(RW's note: In a study published last September, researchers pointed out that no excess deaths were detected in Thailand until the introduction of vaccines. Read more HERE .)

Chulalongkorn University School of Medicine colleagues also found that in nearly 100 vaccinated covid cases, inflammatory and protein conditions suggestive of brain abnormalities applied, they said, and some already showed symptoms of a brain disorder.

Prof. Dr. Thiravat and Panthep also noted that Ramathibodi Hospital, citing a research project by Mahidol University Faculty of Medicine, said that after the third covid injection, some people had weak T-cell immunity. This means that excessive vaccinations can weaken immunity, they said.

Real data should be made available so that people can make an informed decision about whether or not to vaccinate themselves, they said.

On the same day that the Bangkok Post published the article, Thailand Medical News published an article praising the Bangkok Post for reporting on the potential harms of vaccines and raising public awareness of these issues.

"[Prof. Dr. Thiravat and Panthep] also called for investigations into whether certain individuals may have benefited financially from the vaccine deals in Thailand," Thailand Medical News reported.

In July 2023, Thailand Medical News published an article about rising death rates and contacted politicians seeking answers. They didn't get an answer.

It has been reported that in many rural areas of Thailand - where many poor and uneducated Thais are coerced or even coerced into receiving vaccines by village leaders or village health volunteers etc. by those who acted on the orders of certain government officials and politicians - it is now revealed that many of these rural people are suffering from various ailments and diseases and are not getting proper medical treatments.

Detailed investigations should be initiated by various groups, including opposition politicians, if they are true to their word and duty and have the interests of the Thai people in mind, so that those people who forced others to administer the vaccine can be held accountable.

Certain junk doctors and virologists who have often appeared in the media promoting vaccines should also be held accountable and checked to see if they have been paid by some party.

Thai doctors finally speak out about Covid-19 vaccines and the long Covid! Investigations must be launched! Thailand Medical News, January 14, 2024.

Thai MSM finally picks up on vaccine damage! Super Sally's newsletter, 17 January 2024
"Long covid" in The Exposé
Thailand: Vaccinators Have Adverse Reactions to Spilt Contents from Covid "Vaccine" Vial, The Exposé, 31 January 2022
Mysterious collapse of Thai princess in 3rd Covid- after vaccination, Sharyl Attkisson, 3 Feb 2023
Thailand to become first country in world to void Pfizer contracts, Natural News, 2 Feb 2023
There is NO gene-based mRNA COVID vaccine supporting mRNA technology There is NO mRNA vaccine, NO, DO NOT take anything, neither adult, child, nor elderly; Boys aged 16-24, risk of massive myocarditis, 2nd dose massive,
no medical, clinical, scientific data that these mRNA vaccines are necessary, effective, safe (Malone, Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin et al.) , investigate these people.

These people are criminals they jumped a fraud non-pandemic we suffered for years a manufactured overdriven PCR process not asymptomatic non-pandemic an IFR 0.02-0.03/0.05% IFR (whatever caused the respiratory ILI symptoms the high-risk elderly), forced lockdowns to kill, school closures to kill, business closures to kill, etc., we refused chronic disease treatment when it was needed, we closed beds just because of COVID (when the PCR 95 out of 100 declared positive were false positives and Fauci, Birx, Njoo, Tam, Hahn, Azar, etc. all knew it wasn't positive), we killed with the vaccine itself, screwed the immune system (rewired upside down), now our genetics we also fucked with the reverse transcribed mRNA, now we are immune tolerant (IgG4 class switching immunoglobulins), yet we killed most, most people by managing the deadly health care system, the way we treated people with fraud positive status in the health care system, isolation, dehydration, DNR- orders, denial of antibiotics, malnutrition, strong respiratory sedatives like propofol and midazolam, deadly kidney and liver toxic Remdesiver (a failed Ebola drug), intubation and being placed on a deadly ventilator that punched huge holes in the lungs and caused ventilator-associated pneumonia.

Today we say again that these mRNA injections must be stopped, no more boosters, no more. The first day they were deadly. The biggest crime was committed with the fraud pandemic and the deadly vaccine. Your cells will produce spike protein 24/7 for the rest of your life. Something foreign to your body, your immune system. Think about that for a moment. If you were initially vaccinated with this deadly vaccine and your immune system produced antibodies, how could you then re-vaccinate? What do you think the antibodies will do? How is he supposed to react to the antigen that you're injecting, re-injecting, that you just asked him to make antibodies against?

To date, there have not been any comparative effectiveness clinical trials that have shown that these injections have ever been safe and effective. Neither an adult nor a child. Just allegations. No one can show one.
99.97% of US sailors infected with covid did not die;  this became known in April 2020 this became known in April 2020. On Sunday, Dr. Paul Alexander published a Substack article stating that the so-called covid pandemic was "a PCR manufactured 95% false positive 0.05% IFR hoax bogus 'asymptomatic' pandemic lie; nothing else. The whole pandemic was a lie."

He cited the examples of the luxury liner Diamond Princess and the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt as evidence that whatever was circulating was not a new virus. I think "something" has always been circulating, he said.

Referring to the Diamond Princess, he wrote: "The fact that on a ship with 3,700 [passengers] only 19% [of passengers] were infected; an isolated ship, quarantined, no one got on or off, original inherited Wuhan strain , contagious, so-called deadly, with an average age of about 70 years old... that only about 7 people died, where among the elderly couples quarantined in the rooms, one person got hot covidosis and died, but the other person did not have the infection? Elderly people? How? Unless their immune system had 'seen' it before and they had some level of protection."


American freelance journalist Bill Rice Jr., author of the Substack site "Bill Rice Jr.'s Newsletter", commented on Dr. Alexander's article. Rice's comment is reproduced below, which is thought-provoking for those who think covid is "deadly".

Bill Rice Jr.: Thanks for mentioning the USS Theodore Roosevelt "case study." You are correct that the PCR tests given to the crew members showed that about 19 percent were infected. But what really shocked me was a subsequent antibody test conducted on a sample of crew members in late April 2020.

Those antibody results indicated that 60 percent of the crew were "previously infected" based on their positive antibody results. According to a similar antibody test, a similar percentage of crew members on the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle were previously infected.

An antibody test was also conducted on the crew members of the smaller destroyer USS Kidd, according to which at least 41 percent of the crew were previously infected.

In total, more than 7,000 sailors served on these three warships. Based on extrapolations of antibody tests performed on a sample of crew members, I counted approximately 4,200 individuals who tested positive for antibodies or who were "previously infected." And only one death was reported among the crew members. This man was 41 years old, and I'm not 100 percent sure that he actually died of "covidosis," but maybe he did.

Still, this means that the infection fatality rate ("IFR") is about 1 in 4,200 on the three ships,

This represents an IFR of approximately 0.03 percent. In other words, 99.97 percent of the crew members infected with this supposedly "deadly" virus... DIDN'T die.

My conclusion: This virus was NOT "deadly" in the early months of covid (In fact, I think it can't be deadly today either, because I don't know why the IFR would suddenly change later.).

Has the virus suddenly become more deadly? If so, how?

Of course, I believe the vast majority of "covid deaths" (or "total deaths") were due to iatrogenic protocols and collateral damage from shutdowns and the V-word.

The article below is perhaps one of my "contrary" articles. I'm using a thought experiment - estimates of actual "early" cases and "early deaths" - to show that this virus was not "deadly" between November 2019 and, say, the first week of March 2020.

This "novel virus" suddenly became dangerous in the spring of 2020 (after the "cold and flu season" and after millions of people "became ill" with flu-like illnesses/symptoms.)

The Navy and CDC only 382 (of the more than 4,000 crew members of the Roosevelt ) examined 382 with an antibody test. At one point, Navy officials said they would test many more crew members. Why didn't they do this? In fact, they should have assigned every member of the crew to this test - "for the sake of science".

I suspect that if more antibody tests had been performed on Roosevelt crew members, investigators would have found even more examples of probable "early cases."

The antibody test also showed that 12 of the AB-positive sailors already experienced covid symptoms before the ship's first port of call in Vietnam, at the beginning of March 2020. The sailors self-reported their symptoms in a questionnaire they filled out before giving blood for the antibody test. Two sailors who tested positive for the antibody self-reported symptoms prior to the ship's departure from San Diego on January 17, 2020. This suggests that these sailors were already sick before the first "confirmed" US Covid case!

Furthermore, the Navy and the CDC did not even interview sailors who tested positive. During such interviews, virologists could have asked these AB-positive crew members more questions about their symptoms and when they experienced those symptoms. I guess this is another example of my maxim that public health officials don't investigate what they don't want to "confirm".

Insider Bill Gates warns of mass population decline in highly vaccinated countries A Bill Gates insider who served as the Microsoft co-founder's vaccine specialist blew the fuse and issued a public warning that mass population decline would soon destroy humanity.
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a former scientist and vaccine expert at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has warned that the global population "will decline by as much as 30-40% in heavily vaccinated countries."

Bossche raised the alarm in an interview with vaccine expert and researcher Steve Kirsch.

He also notes that it is impossible to treat Covid with mRNA injections because it will always continue to mutate.

"The mutations are no longer limited to the spike protein, which indicates an increased activity of CTLs (cytotoxic T cells) to reduce the infectivity of the virus," explained Bossche Kirsch.

"And this CTL activity is responsible for the decrease in T cells, which actually increase the neutralizing antibodies that prevent virulence."

For the same reason, Bossche previously warned that it would be a mistake to introduce a vaccine to the population in the middle of a pandemic.

He notes that vaccinating large parts of the population only makes viruses stronger, rather than defeating them.

Bossche explained that there are more and more waves of serious diseases in developed, highly vaccinated countries.

"Ultimately, this evolution would inevitably lead to the appearance of a very virulent variant, which would cause waves of hospitalizations and serious illnesses in highly vaccinated countries - always the same, of course, only in highly vaccinated countries," emphasized Bossche.

The expert then warned that an "unprecedented" number of deaths would soon occur in these highly vaccinated countries.

"In my humble opinion, what we're going to see is something that is completely, utterly unprecedented in terms of the magnitude of the wave of illness and, unfortunately, the wave of death that we're going to see," he said.

Kirsch asked Bossché for specifics about what this "completely unprecedented" future phenomenon will mean.

In his response, he predicted that more than a third of people will die as a direct result of the introduction of the Covid mRNA injection.

"In some heavily vaccinated populations, I would not be surprised that we will be dealing with a serious decimation of the population, perhaps even 30 or 40 percent in some populations," said Bossche.

However, Bossche is not alone in his prediction that the population will decline greatly.

Armstrong Economics' Martin Armstrong says his own computer model predicts a "strong population decline" starting in 2032.


Many believe that Gates wants to achieve a massive reduction in the global population, in line with the depopulation plans of his late father, Bill Gates Sr.

Gates Sr. was a board member of Planned Parenthood, an organization founded specifically to reduce the population.

"His father [the depopulation program] by creating Planned Parenthood, convincing women that they had the right to kill their children, and placing them in minority neighborhoods was, some say, a racist program," Armstrong writes.

"Even Justice Ginsberg noted that Roe v. Wade was about population reduction - not women's rights".

As previously reported by Slay News, Kirsch and his organization, the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), have sounded the alarm about the public health impact of the mass vaccination campaign.

To prove this, Kirsch conducted a study of unvaccinated Amish communities in America.

The study found that the death rate among the Amish was 90 times lower than the rest of America.

The main difference, the study revealed, was that Amish communities completely ignored the guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Amish families did not vaccinate, wear masks, or participate in lockdowns, social distancing, or other types of restrictions.

However, the isolated communities did not avoid catching the virus, as roughly 90 percent of the Amish became infected with Covid.

Last year, Kirsch testified before the Pennsylvania State Senate about his findings.

According to Kirsch, the calculations show that the Amish "died at a rate ninety times lower than the rate of death from the infection in the United States of America."

"The Amish are ninety times less likely to die from Covid than the rest of America," he said again.

He went on to say that the reason is that Amis families do not vaccinate their children.

"And because the Amish didn't follow any CDC guidelines, they didn't isolate, they didn't mask, they didn't social distance, they didn't vaccinate, and there was no mandatory vaccination in the Amish community," Kirsch noted.

"They basically ignored every single guideline that the CDC gave us."
Ivermectin again and what does this have to do with vaccines? If there is an effective therapy for the treatment of an infectious disease, a vaccine preparation in the experimental phase for the prevention of that disease cannot receive a temporary marketing authorization.
So, if they had recognized the effectiveness of Ivermectin, then e.g. it would not have been possible to extinguish most of the world with the product called Comirnaty, which is in the clinical trial phase in 2021-2022.

I just read the opinion of two practicing doctors about Ivermectin, which reminded me of this little picture I saw earlier, which I added a little:

"If by the beginning of 2024, all you've managed to do is to call the medicine that in 2015 was approved for human use as a 'horse anthelmintic' won the Nobel Prize for the effective treatment of a disease, it would be better for everyone to get out of the game."

And in connection with this, I bring 60 studies from one of my cases on why Ivermectin is effective and with what mechanism of action it works against SARS-CoV2 infection and/or the spike protein, and from another case I bring a couple of screenshots from the Pfizer-EU contract.

So the Ivermectin studies:

1. Through what mechanisms does Ivermectin work against SARS-CoV2 and spike protein

2. Ivermectin prevents spike protein from binding to ACE2

3. Ivermectin inhibits spike protein, major protease, replicase and human TMPRSS2 targets receptors and prevents them from binding to cells

4-59: This link has links to 56 studies on how Ivermectin prevents and cures the harmful effects of the spike protein of SARS-CoV2 on health

60. Ivermectin is effective in preventing the harmful effects of the spike protein

In addition the Australian government's health authority, in its final decision published on 3 May 2023, " removed the restriction on ivermectin because it found sufficient evidence that the safety risks to individuals and public health when prescribed by general practitioners in the current health situation are low. They took into account "Based on the evidence and physician awareness of the risks and benefits of ivermectin, and the high rates of vaccination against COVID-19 and hybrid immunity in Australia, the use of ivermectin by some individuals does not pose a risk to public health."

Why did the Australian government do this? Because it doesn't matter. For everyone. For the government, for Pfizer, and for the vaccinated.

And here are a few excerpts from the wonderful Pfizer-Eu contract in English and Hungarian quick translation. The yellowed text is relevant now.
January 2021: In Slovakia, it is already allowed to treat the coronavirus with ivermectin On Wednesday, the Slovak Ministry of Health approved the therapeutic use of the drug ivermectin on coronavirus patients, one day after the application was submitted. For now, temporarily, for half a year. The assessment of the medicine is also controversial in Slovakia: why can an anti-worm medicine be good for the coronavirus?

At the end of 2020, one of the numerous debates taking place in Hungary regarding the coronavirus epidemic flared up around the drug called invermectin. Already after the outbreak of the epidemic, ivermectin was mentioned as a potentially effective drug against the coronavirus, along with many others.

Ivermectin, synthesized in the 1970s, was initially used exclusively in veterinary medicine to treat infections caused by nematodes, and later proved to be effective in human medicine against certain parasitic infections - it is mostly used externally in the form of an ointment.

In the case of ivermectin, it emerged that it could also be effective against the coronavirus because researchers had previously observed that it impedes the transport of the HIV virus into cells.

The researchers were curious as to whether, if it works on HIV, it can have the same effect against another, similarly functioning virus.

In November, Index strongly praised ivermectin as an effective drug against coronavirus infection in two articles, to which a response was received from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Balázs Sarkadi, who has been researching the compound for years, writes, among other things: "Ivermectin is obviously not an effective miracle drug for Covid-19", but "it can be extremely dangerous" because it can even damage the nervous system.

Two of the Index articles are no longer available, and the author no longer works for the Index.

Controversial opinion

Regarding ivermectin in Slovakia, there is no consensus either among the public or among specialists: a group of doctors has been urging its approval against the coronavirus for a long time - according to Denník N, there was a doctor who would have treated patients with the coronavirus with ivermectin ordered from abroad, if customs does not seize packages. Conspiracy theories have also appeared in relation to ivermectin: specialists who oppose its use are regularly accused of being lobbyists for pharmaceutical manufacturers, while they are waiting for studies to prove the effectiveness of ivermectin.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health approved the use of ivermectin for the treatment of coronavirus infection in Slovakia - temporarily, for half a year.

"Doctors in Slovakia received a new drug in the fight against the disease caused by COVID-19" (...)
Bill Gates sells ineffective malaria vaccines to poorer nations On the sidelines of the Davos events, Bill Gates once again talked about vaccines. "We will have new vaccines. We will have a TB vaccine, a malaria vaccine, an HIV vaccine" and new covid vaccines, he said.
Unsurprisingly, Cameroon launched the world's first malaria vaccination program yesterday. The vaccine alone is considered 13% effective in preventing malaria, but is 90% effective when used in combination with mosquito nets and anti-malaria pills.

Anti-malaria pills alone are 90% effective in preventing malaria.

Despite their effectiveness, nearly 30 million doses of Gates' malaria vaccine will be delivered to Africans in the coming months.

Last week, CNBC-TV18 interviewed Bill Gates on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos about his decision to spend more than ever in 2024 on health "innovations" in low-income countries.

Below are some Bill Gates quotes from the interview. Unless otherwise stated, the text in quotation marks comes from the interview.

"The Global Alliance for Vaccines is helping to buy the vaccines - it's based on the generosity of rich countries and the Gates Foundation - and we're trying to make sure that when we go back to replenish that fund, we can raise the same amount as before."

"[Healthcare] is the most important work going on in the world, saving literally millions of lives. India is moving forward, we're piloting a lot of these new ideas there and then rolling it out to the rest of the world."

"Artificial intelligence will be useful in two ways: it will speed up the invention of new devices, new vaccines and medicines. The pace of innovation will be much faster."

In India, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on health care in maternal and newborn health, nutrition, family planning, and combating infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, lymph node filariasis, and visceral leishmaniasis. "We believe that encouraging innovation is key to solving these and other persistent healthcare challenges," reads the foundation's website.

"India is at the forefront of vaccines by far, starting with the [Serum Institute of India], but also people like [inaudible], and it's fantastic how they responded during the pandemic, working with the government, making a lot of vaccines. The Gates Foundation also provided some support," Gates told CNBC-TV18.

"We're going to have new vaccines. We're going to have a TB vaccine, a malaria vaccine, an HIV vaccine, and even things like covid vaccines that have to be longer-lasting and have more coverage, and instead of using a needle, we're going to change to a little patch. So the pandemic has really highlighted that we haven't invested enough money in these innovations, and you know that our partners in India are contributing to us being able to make these breakthrough products."

Gates failed to mention the HPV vaccine. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website has a note about the HPV demonstration study conducted by PATH. "The HPV Demonstration Study is under review by the Honorable Supreme Court of India and we hope that the facts of the case will be revealed as soon as possible," the website said.

In 2013, a House committee report found that PATH, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, circumvented ethical and other rules during clinical trials of an HPV vaccine administered to adolescent girls. The commission asked the Indian government to initiate a global dialogue on the commission's findings.

"You know why we're worried about the climate," Gates told CNBC-TV18, "is because we're going to have malaria in more places."

Cameroon has launched the world's first routine malaria vaccination program, offering the RTS,S vaccine free of charge to all infants up to six months of age. The trade name of the RTS,S vaccine is Mosquirix. Cameroon started rolling out the malaria vaccine yesterday.

The World Health Organization, which approved the vaccine, called the introduction in Cameroon a historic moment in the global fight against the mosquito-borne disease.

How effective is this "historical" vaccine?

According to UNICEF, pilot campaigns in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi showed that the vaccine reduced malaria deaths among children of eligible age by 13%. It is so effective that four doses are required, and all four must be administered within two years of birth. In high-risk areas, a fifth dose after one year is considered.

However, for the vaccine to be truly effective, it must be used in conjunction with a mosquito net and anti-malaria pills. "A British-led study estimated that all three together could give children 90% protection against malaria," reports the BBC. The study

Another study in August, led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, found that when young children received both RTS,St and antimalarial drugs, there was a 70% reduction in hospitalizations or deaths.

From this, it could be concluded that mosquito nets and anti-malarial tablets provide most of the protection, say 53%-77%. In reality, however, non-vaccine prevention methods offer greater protection. Clicks, a large South African healthcare retail group, notes that malaria prophylactic tablets provide 90% protection against malaria.

Despite the fact that malaria pills offer 90% protection, the vaccine is likely to reach the high level of 13% effectiveness, so 19 more African countries plan to introduce the vaccine this year, and at least 28 African countries have expressed interest in malaria for a vaccine against

Malaria vaccine ambitions don't end with Mosquirix. A second malaria vaccine, R21/Matrix-M, developed by Oxford University's Jenner Institute and India's Serum Institute, will be introduced later this year. The vaccine contains Novavax Matrix-M, the same technology used in the Novavax covid injection.

Matrix-M consists of nanoparticles of saponins extracted from the rare Quillaja Saponaria trees in Chile. In 2011, researchers estimated that the global supply of pharmaceutical-grade Quillaja extract was sufficient for only 6 million doses of vaccine. Due to the demand for vaccines, projects have been launched to create plantations of the rare tree throughout Chile. If other trees and plants are removed or natural habitats are destroyed to make way for these plantations, what are the implications for the protection and conservation of biodiversity?

The Jenner Institute does not have a good track record of safe and effective vaccines. Professor Adrian Hill and his Jenner Institute colleague Sarah Gilbert jointly developed the Oxford-AstraZeneca covid-19 "vaccine", which was withdrawn from the market in early 2021 due to safety concerns.

Prof. Hill, Principal Investigator of the R21/Matrix-M Program and Director of the University of Oxford's Jenner Institute, said: "As with the Oxford-AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine, our partnership with the Serum Institute of India was key to the successful very large-scale production and in terms of rapid development [of the R21/Matrix-M vaccine]".

The R21 vaccine is said to be cheaper and requires three doses. According to the WHO, the fourth dose administered one year after the third maintained its effectiveness. According to India's Serum Institute, they can produce up to 200 million doses per year, compared to GSK's 15 million doses of RTS,S per year.

"Both [malaria] vaccines have been shown to be safe and effective in preventing malaria in children and are expected to have a large public health impact if widely used," says the WHO. Adding that "to date, there is no evidence that one vaccine performs better than another."

"At least 28 countries in Africa plan to introduce the WHO-recommended malaria vaccine as part of their national immunization programs. [Bill Gates] Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has been approved to provide technical and financial support for the introduction of malaria vaccines in 18 countries," the WHO said.

RTS,St (Mosquirix) was developed by GlaxoSmithKline ("GSK"), the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the Programs for Appropriate Technology in Health ("PATH") Malaria Vaccine Initiative and several other scientific partners in a multi-year collaboration. The vaccine consists of a chimeric virus-like particle protein construct fused to the surface antigen of the hepatitis B virus, HBsAg.

The vaccine is produced using recombinant DNA technology. The technology is made possible by two types of enzymes, restriction endonucleases and ligase. The same technology is widely used in agriculture to create genetically modified ("GM") organisms ("GMOs") that produce genetically modified crops. This is also one of the techniques that can be used for both gain-of-function and loss-of-function.

As Dr. Mery Nass said, "gain-of-function" is a euphemism for biological warfare research. The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, which is encoded by the covid "vaccines", was created using gain-of-function techniques.

According to Dr. Judy Mikovits, a researcher and virologist, every virus since HIV has been an injection-based infection with enhanced functionality. (...)
Self-created crises
Self-created crises

Self-created crises - the magic tricks of the WEF
23 JAN 2023 source

Nick Buxton, an experienced communications consultant, editor and author, explains the tactics of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in this in-depth interview:

By taking over state institutions and services, global domination, or in Hungarian the global governance is created by large corporations.

The WEF uses a kind of magic trick for this quiet, hidden coup:

First, they involve the global public in artificially created crises. Be it public companies in crisis, banking crises, the coronavirus pandemic and much more.

On the other hand, they present the actual causes of crises to the world public, who act in the background as the only competent rescuers from the dilemma.

These crises are also used to limit the basic democratic order in various states. In this way, they prevent the people from resisting this quiet coup d'état, the redistribution of people's property and power into the hands of big corporations.

Soros warns WEF: Allowing Trump's re-election will destroy trust in democracy Gnome Alex, the son of "Czar" György Soros, warned the globalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) about the expected return of President Donald Trump to the White House after this year's critical elections. At a panel discussion this week at the WEF's annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, Alex Soros appeared to repeat the Democrats' hypocritical talking points about "saving democracy."

The younger Soros, who took control of his father's multibillion-dollar empire last year, warned globalists at the WEF that allowing Trump to be re-elected would destroy public "trust in institutions and democracy."

According to Soros' stammering warning, President Trump previously "took it all away" after winning the 2016 election.

While acknowledging that Trump has undermined the globalists' agenda, Soros claimed that the 45th president has single-handedly upended the system of checks and balances that protect democracy.

He then suggested that "untrustworthy people" like Trump are a "threat" to "democratic institutions" and "democracy".

"In the United States, as you know, there are checks and balances ... and one man, Donald Trump, literally came in and just took it all away," Soros stammered.


Soros' rant was made during a 45-minute panel discussion entitled "4.2 billion people at the polls".

During the debate, Soros also claimed that WEF members had already decided to re-elect Trump as president.

"In Davos, Donald Trump is already the president," Soros said, according to CNBC.

"This is a good thing, because the Davos consensus is always wrong".

Elsewhere during his speech, Soros joked that "if" Trump loses, he will try to run again in another four years.

But none of the globalist elites in the crowd laughed.

"Donald Trump owns the Republican Party," Soros claimed.

"We're in what I like to call the Trump cycle, because I think even if — and I think if the institutions hold their own, if — he loses this election, he'll still be the Republican nominee in 2028, maybe even 2032 also in".

"What's the way out for him?" Soros added.

"Either you end up in prison or in power, you don't go to a beach somewhere and retire"

Soros also told the global elite to pay attention to what is happening in Wisconsin.

He argued that the state may choose Democrat President Joe Biden because he is less "polarizing."

"But really, if you're going to look at a state that's going to really test where the election is going to be, it's Wisconsin, because if Joe Biden can win Wisconsin,

"Biden actually has a distinct advantage in a polarized election environment, and that's that he doesn't polarize."

In another segment of the conversation, BBC reporter James Harding wrongly claimed that Trump, running for president while facing criminal charges, creates a conflict of interest "between democracy and the constitution."
UN leader calls for global digital identity to achieve sustainable development goals UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told the globalist elite at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit that a global "digital identity" system is needed to achieve the UN's "sustainable development goals".
Guterres arrived in the luxury ski resort of Davos, Switzerland, to promote the UN's globalist agenda.

He joined the annual summit to address one of the panel discussions.

His comments were in line with the meeting's agenda, which is being pushed hard by unelected organizations.

Among other things, Guterres spoke about the UN Global Digital Pact and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The former consists of several proposals, including a digital identity card linked to people's bank accounts.

The second, meanwhile, aimed to promote the UN's latest comprehensive plan.

The plan includes stripping the public of their rights and freedoms by introducing a digital identity card and the UN's "vision" of "disinformation moderation", also known as censorship.

According to Guterres, the Global Digital Pact would make a big contribution to what he called the "digital connectivity gap".

Calling the overall project multi-actor, the UN chief noted that "artificial intelligence" will play a role in building the "networked governance model" capability of the public and private sectors.

More data sharing seems to be at the heart of it all.

To maintain control over how "AI" is used in the future, Guterres and his team want governments and private technology companies to work together.

All these initiatives will be discussed at the "Summit on the future" to be held next September.

One of the ideas expressed by Guterres is that globalist organizations - such as the G20, the international financial institutions and the UN itself - should be tied even closer.

A recently published UN Policy Brief discusses the complex "pyramid" of initiatives, where until now something called "Our Common Agenda" (one of the mechanisms of which is the Global Digital Pact) has aimed to accelerate the sustainable development goals.

Now the involvement of the G20 and others is underway - some reports refer to it as the economic equivalent of the UN Security Council.

The fear here will be about the impact on the international banking system - and with it on people's financial freedoms.

As for the Global Digital Pact, it appears to be yet another dystopian iteration of an idea that is emerging in various forms around the world.

With the digital identity card as an unavoidable element, it would create a centralized - and therefore easily verifiable - network of citizens.
It replaces the Swiss sovereignty initiative with the WHO Since October 17, 2023, the collection of signatures for the federal people's initiative called "For the effective protection of constitutional rights" - the sovereignty initiative for short - has been going on in Switzerland. The deadline for collecting signatures is April 17, 2025.
The aim of the initiative is to prevent international organizations such as the WHO from determining Switzerland's health policy with the planned pandemic treaty.

At the launch of the initiative, a press conference was held, in which the following representatives of the committee participated: Nicolas A. Rimoldi (president of the MASS-VOLL! civil rights movement), Dr. rer. nat. Roland Bühlmann (Chairman of the civil rights movement FREUNDE DER VERFASSUNG), Petra Burri (Chairman of the AUFRECHT BERN civil rights movement) and SVP National Councilor Jean-Luc Addor. Rimoldi, who co-chairs the committee with Bühlmann, made it clear at the press conference that the initiative is neither left-wing nor right-wing.

The initiative has broad support and aims to protect the fundamental rights enshrined in the federal constitution from the influence of international organizations such as the EU, WHO and others. Basic rights - such as freedom of expression or assembly - do not know the colors of parties and affect everyone. If these were abolished, everyone would suffer - said Rimoldi. Hear some excerpts from a 40-minute press conference on the launch of the sovereignty initiative:

The initiative aims to permanently protect constitutional rights from the influence of international organizations such as the EU, WHO and others. The purpose of the sovereignty initiative is quite simply to ensure that no international agreement violates our constitutional rights, either retroactively or with respect to future treaties.

Usually, when an international agreement, such as a framework agreement (the agreement governing cooperation between the EU and Switzerland), the WHO Pandemic Pact, or other agreements are reached, politicians come and weigh the interests involved: Is this agreement in the public interest, is it moderate, can people be trusted to restrict basic rights to this extent? We believe that a new approach, a paradigm shift, is needed so that in the future we will once again be the bosses here, the sovereignty of the people will prevail, and the democratic rights of the Swiss will not be undermined by the EU, Brussels, the WHO and others.

In the future, in the new Switzerland that we want to create here together, the people will once again be the bosses, not the unelected, undemocratic, corrupt, supranational organizations. To cite just two examples: in January 2022, Ignazio Cassis, the then president of the Swiss Confederation, said in the SRF Arena: "If someone dies in a car accident, but their PCR test is positive, it is considered a death in statistics. This was not decided by the Federal Council, but by the WHO.

We must say that at this moment it is obvious to everyone that it is not the Federal Council, our elected representatives, that determines the policy here in Switzerland, but an organization like the WHO, and of course this is not possible, because here we are the sovereign and not others. Karin Keller-Sutter was quoted by the NZZ regarding the sanctions in Ukraine: "We cannot decide on our own, we have to wait for what the EU decides. And with that we have arrived at the fundamental problem of our time.

The crown policy, the climate policy, the woke the lack of social justice and against racism), all these programs, which in many areas abolish our basic rights, limit our freedoms and make our lives more and more difficult and expensive, they deprive us of our basic rights. This is

not happening because our politicians in Bern want it to , but because they are implementing international agendas. The fundamental problem today, where corona was only a symptom, is the corona politics of it, international agreements that erase our fundamental rights. That is why we are here today to solve this problem, that is why we are here today with a broad commission, an initiative we are launching to ensure that foreign executors rule Switzerland forever.

And we, the Friends of the Constitution, actually see the strengthening of democracy, direct democracy, as our main task. And therefore, of course, we have to examine what obligations Switzerland undertakes or has already undertaken, because any surrender of Swiss rights also means the surrender of civil rights. Any surrender of rights weakens civil rights. And we must definitely prevent international organizations from interfering with fundamental rights and directly interfering in the lives of the Swiss people without democratic control. Citizens are not even asked if they want it, and especially not how they want it.

The sovereignty initiative is based on the single basic idea that Switzerland's national sovereignty cannot be undermined by international treaties or other obligations. Switzerland is the first. After all, it is international law itself that considers national sovereignty as the cornerstone of every state and prohibits interference in a state's political independence or internal cooperation. This is also found in the UN Charter.

It is absolutely indisputable that international law and thus international treaties are needed for legal security, as long as life issues are not limited to a single country. Of course, trade also takes place across national borders, families are created, travels take place, and unfortunately, crime does not stop at national borders either.

Of course, all of this requires international law, otherwise any contact with a foreign country would potentially become a bureaucratic hell. However, as much as international treaties are often engines of freedom, because they sometimes simplify cross-border relations between private individuals, they always and increasingly interfere with national sovereignty. After all, by concluding an international treaty, each state undertakes to comply with certain requirements. It's the nature of things. This is actually unproblematic as long as it does not interfere with the central political decisions of a country.

After all, the premature surrender of individual freedom and political independence always leads to a massive weakening of national sovereignty. And a confident, proud country that values ​​its national sovereignty will not enter into international treaties, such as a framework agreement or the WHO Pandemic Pact, with which it renounces key elements of its own powers, or where there is an obvious imbalance between give and take. We want to restore this balance with the sovereignty initiative.
Rockefeller Dynasty: One step ahead of world events? "Rockefeller is certainly one of the most famous names in the world, and there are countless rumors about his wealth - or rather, about the wealth of the Rockefeller clan. But one thing is certain: the official estimates of the Rockefellers' wealth are certainly underestimated." The chapter entitled "The Rockefeller Foundation" in the book "Inside the Corona" begins with these words. The author, Thomas Röper, shows that the Rockefeller Foundation still has a significant influence on world affairs today. Although the mainstream media barely covers the Rockefellers these days, their influence on politics, NGOs and the media should not be underestimated. Kla.TV summarized Röper's research for you and supplemented it with its own research on the history and global network of the Rockefeller dynasty.

How much are the Rockefellers worth today?

John Davison Rockefeller Senior, the founder of the Rockefeller dynasty, built an oil empire called the Standard Oil Company in the 19th century, which was practically the oil monopoly of the USA at the beginning of the 20th century. He was considered one of the richest men in history and retired with a fortune of around $900 million. At today's value, this fortune is equivalent to 300 billion US dollars. Today, according to official media reports, the clan is no longer among the 600 richest families in the world. Instead of their wealth increasing over hundreds of years, their wealth is said to have steadily declined. But how is this possible? Röper writes in his book: "It is extremely difficult to correctly estimate the wealth of the clan, as they are true masters of hiding their wealth".

Did the descendants of the powerful American entrepreneur John D. Rockefeller not know how to handle money?

David Rockefeller, the grandson of John D. Rockefeller Sr., is probably the best-known and most important figure in the Rockefeller family. Until his death in 2017, he held the scepter of the family dynasty and exerted great influence on international politics. It can be assumed that he skillfully expanded the power of the family, rather than reducing it. Along with the Rothschilds, he was considered the scourge of the world. In 1960, he took over the leadership of Chase Manhattan Bank. By the mid-1970s, it had become the third largest bank in the world. In 2000, David Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank merged with the Morgan family's bank to form today's JPMorgan Chase. It is the largest US bank and, according to Forbes business magazine, the fourth largest publicly traded company in 2022. The Rockefeller family and the Morgan family have been related to each other since the beginning of the 20th century at the latest. In short: The Rockefellers maintain connections with the most important families in the world of high money. For example, with the most influential financial group, BlackRock. BlackRock is the largest global asset manager, managing ten trillion US dollars as of January 2022. Just one example: In 2016, David Rockefeller hosted a luncheon honoring Larry Fink. Larry Fink is the founder, chairman and CEO of BlackRock. As the New York Post wrote at the time, other important friends from high financial circles were also present at this celebration. Even these connections show that John D. Rockefeller's descendants not only have good connections in the financial sector themselves - they are also connected to the most influential and respected asset managers.

How did the Rockefellers get their fortune?

The Rockefeller family originally comes from a German settlement called "Rockefeld", whose area is now part of the district of Neuwied in the Rhineland-Palatinate state. The family emigrated to America in the 18th century. They first became famous through the entrepreneur John D. Rockefeller and his brother William, who built the Standard Oil Company oil empire in the 19th century and thus gained a virtual monopoly on oil in the United States in the early 20th century. Rockefeller was able to set the price of oil at will and amassed money and power. Presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt therefore promised to act against the Rockefeller monopoly if elected. On May 15, 1911, the United States Supreme Court ordered the company to be broken up, and the stock price dropped significantly. Standard Oil was divided into 34 small groups. Assuming that the share price would recover, Rockefeller bought up the shares of each company. It is conservatively estimated that he made $200 million from the subsequent rise in the stock price, which in 1901 was equivalent to about $7.3 billion today. With the "unbundling" of Standard Oil, virtually all of today's American oil companies were created. As NTV and other media reported in 2016, the Rockefeller foundations withdrew their investments in fossil fuels due to the threat of climate change. According to Röper, however, there is no evidence that a large-scale alienation took place. To be sure, the previous separation of the group served the Rockefellers to further expand their power and accumulate additional wealth.

What strategy are the Rockefellers following?

In the 1970s, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger summarized David Rockefeller's global strategy as follows: "If you control the oil, you control the nations; if you control the food, then the people; if you control the money, then the world."

The Rockefeller dynasty has already proven its ability to use global crises to its advantage in previous years. The Rockefellers, for example, were able to profit greatly from the global economic crisis of the 1970s - dominated by the oil crisis - and were able to increase their power and influence. The dollar was a gold-backed currency until 1971 and is accordingly influential. In 1971, then US President Richard Nixon ended the use of the dollar as this gold standard, and today's financial system, also known as fiat money, was born. In order to maintain American supremacy, which has always been based on the dollar, then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, under the influence of the Rockefellers, negotiated with Saudi Arabia the so-called Petro or OPEC dollar, according to which oil was sold on the world market almost exclusively for dollars. From then on, the world was forced to buy huge amounts of dollars to pay for oil imports. Due to the high demand for oil worldwide for decades, this not only strengthened the dollar currency and thus the influence of the USA immeasurably, but also the Rockefeller oil and banking network, which as a result became gigantic and gained extraordinary influence and power.

How did the Rockefellers get one step ahead of world history?

The Rockefellers not only work with other so-called "philanthropic advisors", but also maintain relationships with other influential people around the world: Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner and Michael Bloomberg - to name just a few. In addition, he is or was the founding father and member of various elite clubs and think tanks. David Rockefeller, for example, founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973, a think tank to facilitate dialogue between the elites of North America, Western Europe, and Japan. The Rockefellers are also connected to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is considered one of the most influential think tanks in the world. Several of the Rockefellers were and are members of the CFR. According to the CFR's website, the oil companies Exxon Mobil and Chevron, as well as the bank JPMorgan Chase, are among the most important supporters of the CFR. The Rockefellers are also known to be members of "1001: A Nature Trust". It controls the WWF. Godfrey Rockefeller was even a long-term board member and founder of the WWF. The Rockefellers occupy a special position in world affairs, not only because they establish and maintain important international relationships, but also because of their marriages to various elite families in the financial sector.

What is the significance of the Rockefeller Foundation today?

The Rockefeller Foundation's global influence during the coronavirus pandemic has proven to be greater than ever before. According to sources, the Rockefeller Foundation was already working on a 50-page document in 2010 that included four future scenarios - one of which is the "Lock-Step" pandemic scenario, which bears a striking resemblance to the COVID-19 pandemic. It envisions a world in which authoritarian governments restrict the rights and activities of civil society through strict controls such as border closures, economic shutdowns, and high technology in the form of biometric passports and contact tracing.

Could it be that key actors like the Rockefeller Foundation have been planning a fear-mongering pandemic for years?

There is no convincing answer to this question. However, in relation to COVID-19, an interesting fact is that the Rockefeller Foundation financed the establishment of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health in 1916. This institution co-organized the 201 event and provided the world press with daily data on COVID deaths and infections. In 2017, the Rockefeller Foundation also provided seed funding for the ID2020 initiative, which aims to provide all citizens of the world with a globally readable biometric identity by 2030. The partners of the project are Microsoft, the GAVI vaccination association and Accenture. Accenture is one of the world's largest providers of management and strategy consulting. Accenture is particularly known for its cooperation with the World Economic Forum - WEF for short.

What does the Rockefeller dynasty want to achieve with its strategies?

At the 1991 Bilderberg conference in Baden-Baden, David Rockefeller revealed the most important goal of his family empire: "We are on the verge of a global upheaval. All it takes is one large-scale crisis and the nations will embrace the New World Order." Röper's descriptions confirm this statement and suggest that the Rockefeller Foundation never gave up its global power and continues to influence world events today. Therefore, it is important to examine who actually benefits from any global crisis and where money flows and has flowed.
Javier Milei at WEF - Attack of socialism, defense of monopolists? Argentine self-interest or principles? Having taken the trouble to research and address (in this substack essay) the biography and anarcho-capitalist logic of Argentine President (and economist) Javier Milei, I was already aware of most of the points he made in his speech at WEF earlier this week. However, his comments in favor of monopolies were new to me and have haunted me ever since.

What is a monopoly?

A monopoly is a situation in which a single company completely dominates the market for a particular product or service. This means that the company is the only player in the market and there is no competition. As a result, the company can control prices, limit supply, and exert considerable power over consumers.

How are monopolies formed?

Monopolies are typically formed when there are significant barriers to market entry. Such barriers may include high start-up costs, regulatory requirements or patents protecting the company's intellectual property. In many cases, existing companies may also engage in anti-competitive practices such as price dumping, predatory pricing, or other tactics designed to crowd out potential competitors.

What do the US Constitution and the Founding Fathers teach about monopolies?

America's Founding Fathers expressed serious concerns about monopolies, seeing them as harmful to freedom and innovation. Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to James Madison in 1787 expressing his displeasure at the omission of the "restriction against monopolies" from the Bill of Rights. He emphasized the "wretched spirit of monopolies," and Madison also listed monopolies as "one of the greatest nuisances of government." The founding fathers' antipathy to monopolies led to the inclusion in the Constitution of the right to freedom from government-provided monopolies.

For more information on the Founding Fathers' antipathy to government-sponsored monopolies, see:

"Monopolies and the Constitution: Steven G. Calabresi: A History of Crony Capitalism.

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison. July 31, 1788."

Őszintén örülök annak, hogy kilenc állam elfogadta új alkotmányunkat. Ez egy jó vászon, amelyen már csak néhány vonást kell retusálni. Hogy mik ezek, azt hiszem, kellőképpen kifejezi az az általános hang északról délre, amely a jogok törvénykönyvét követeli. Úgy tűnik, eléggé általános az egyetértés abban, hogy ennek vonatkoznia kell az esküdtszékre, a Habeas corpusra, az állandó hadseregre, a nyomtatásra, a vallásra és a monopóliumokra. Úgy vélem, nehézségekbe ütközhet, hogy ezek általános módosítását az összes állam szokásaihoz igazítsák. De ha ilyeneket nem lehet találni, akkor jobb, ha minden esetben bevezetjük az esküdtszéki tárgyalásokat, a Habeas corpus jogát, a sajtószabadságot és a vallásszabadságot, és békeidőben eltöröljük az állandó hadseregeket, valamint a monopóliumokat, mintha egyik esetben sem tennénk. Azt a néhány esetet, amikor ezek a dolgok rosszat okozhatnak, nem lehet mérlegelni azzal a sokasággal szemben, amikor ezek hiánya rosszat okoz. Külföldi és bennszülött közötti vitákban az esküdtszéki tárgyalás helytelen lehet. De ha ebben a kivételben nem lehet megegyezni, akkor az orvoslás az esküdtszék mintájára a medietas linguae megadásával történik polgári és büntetőügyekben egyaránt. Miért függeszti fel a hab. corp. a felkelésekben és lázadásokban? A letartóztatható felek azonnal vád alá helyezhetők egy jól meghatározott bűncselekménnyel. A bíró természetesen visszaviszi őket. Ha a közbiztonság megkívánja, hogy a kormányzat ezekben a vészhelyzetekben kevésbé valószínű tanúvallomások alapján bebörtönözzön valakit, mint más vészhelyzetekben; hadd vigyék be és állítsák bíróság elé, vegyék újra és újra bíróság elé, amíg a szükség fennáll, csak a kormányzat ellen adjanak neki jogorvoslatot kártérítésért. Vizsgálja meg Anglia történelmét: nézze meg, hogy a Habeas corpus törvény felfüggesztésének milyen kevés esete volt méltó a felfüggesztésre. Ezek vagy valódi árulások voltak, amelyeknél a feleket akár azonnal meg is vádolhatták volna, vagy pedig ál-összeesküvések, amelyeknél szégyenletes volt, hogy valaha is gyanúba keveredtek. Mégis, abban a néhány esetben, amikor a hab. corp. felfüggesztése valóban jót tett, ez a művelet mára megszokottá vált, és a nemzet elméje szinte felkészült arra, hogy állandó felfüggesztése alatt éljen. Az a kijelentés, hogy a szövetségi kormány soha nem fogja megakadályozni a nyomdákat abban, hogy bármit kinyomtassanak, ami tetszik nekik, nem vonja el a nyomdák felelősségét a kinyomtatott hamis tényekért. Az a kijelentés, hogy a vallásos hit büntetlen marad, nem ad büntetlenséget a vallási tévedés által diktált bűncselekményeknek. Az a kijelentés, hogy ne legyenek monopóliumok, csökkenti a leleményességre való ösztönzést, amelyet a korlátozott ideig, például 14 évre szóló monopólium reménye serkent; de még a korlátozott monopóliumok haszna is túlságosan kétséges ahhoz, hogy szembe lehessen állítani az általános megszüntetésükkel. Ha nem találunk olyan féket, amely az állandó csapatok számát biztonságos keretek között tartaná, miközben a szükséges mértékig megtűrik őket, akkor hagyjuk el őket teljesen, fegyelmezzük meg a milíciát, és őrizzük velük együtt a tárakat. A tárőröknél több őrség haszontalan, ha kevés, és veszélyes, ha sok. Egyetlen európai nemzet sem küldhet ellenünk olyan reguláris hadsereget, amelytől tartanunk kell, és nehéz, ha milíciánk nem ér fel Kanada vagy Florida milíciájával. Az én gondolatom az, hogy bár az általános szabályok alól megfelelő kivételek kívánatosak és valószínűleg megvalósíthatóak, de ha a kivételekben nem lehet megállapodni, a szabályok minden esetben való megállapítása nagyon kevés esetben fog rosszat tenni. Ezért remélem, hogy létrejön egy törvényjavaslat, amely megvédi az embereket a szövetségi kormánnyal szemben, ahogyan a legtöbb esetben már megvédték őket az állami kormányokkal szemben.

Despite this basic position, the Constitution directs the US federal government to grant limited monopolies on patents and copyrights in order to promote innovation. This is Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution | Section 8 - Patent and Copyright Clause - included. [Congress has power] "To promote the progress of science and the useful arts, by granting to authors and inventors, for a limited time, the exclusive right to use their writings and discoveries." (...)
Elon Musk is wrong - 5G and mobile phone radiation will destroy humanity Elon Musk is wrong... 5G and cell phone radiation will destroy humanity as we know it, claims Jonas Westh, who claims we're in 5th generation war and says "we're being bombarded day and night by with the most sophisticated bioweapons ever produced by mankind", these include Chemtrails, 5G, EMF. fluoride, pesticides, glyphosate, atrazine, heavy metals...

Westh has spent the last few years researching exactly how we can defend ourselves against these weapons of warfare, and he says what he's learned has been both shocking and liberating.

It's shocking because he's discovered the extent to which these toxic factors affect our lives, he says, but also liberating because he's discovered the real reason they're "going out of their way to bombard us with this," and that reason is that the real, our untainted state is unstoppable. "When we get rid of these things, we reach a point in our body, mind and soul that cannot be controlled and turned into mindless slaves," says Jonas.

We have high and stable energy levels instead of crashing and relying on coffee all day. We have better cognition and increased mental strength instead of a head full of brain fog and fatigue. We have a completely disease-free life, instead of walking around half-asleep and relying on toxic pharmaceutical products.Forrás

Jonas concluded in his research that the goal is to be weak, low-energy, and unable to think clearly. They want to bombard us with biological weapons through food, water, and air so that we never have a chance to truly get out of their system.

Jonas used his knowledge and developed a "New World Order Defense Program" in which he guides others who want to break out of the system and protect themselves against parasites, bacteria and viruses, clear heavy metals from the body and glands, how to increase brain power and cognition and how to really protect yourself from 5G and EMF radiation.

Elon Musk is wrong - 5G and mobile phone radiation will destroy humanity

Jonas Westh seems to have made this his raison d'être, reacting indignantly to a frivolous comment by Elon Musk, who denied in an interview that 5G and cell phone radiation pose any danger to individuals.

Jonas said it was the most nonsensical and pseudoscientific statement he had ever heard in his life.

Check out the video below by Jonas Westh , posted on the X platform in response to Elon Musk. Why would Musk deny the dangers? hmm let's think about it a bit.......

It would be nice to see Elon Musk's response to this video!
The global aristocracy plans to rebuild trust through censorship and surveillance Another nightmare meeting is behind us, as the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2024 conference in Davos has ended. Here's what we learned about our technocrat tyrant overlords' plans for us, along with a series of highlights (the good, the bad and the notable) from the annual Swiss mountain retreat.

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"Rebuilding trust" was the theme of the conference, but no one admitted the wrongdoing.

The 2024 program took place in the spirit of creating an era. Attendees watched Albert Bourla from Pfizer talk about how his company uses artificial intelligence (AI). Bill "Bugman" Gates, the depopulation advocate, was seen talking about climate fraud. John Kerry appeared on four different stages to talk about the "energy transition". We also got to see Klaus Schwab sit down for a 1-on-1 conversation with China's second-highest-ranking government official.

No one on either panel showed an iota of regret about their decisions. Unsurprisingly, none of the catastrophic "mistakes" committed during the Covid hysteria were mentioned. Some have come up with even more authoritarian solutions to the "problems" facing humanity. Gates, for his part, said he was working on vaccine patches to increase uptake of the shoddy drugs next time.

For the WEF audience, "rebuilding trust" often meant silencing people better by filtering out what they considered "misinformation" and "disinformation." In short, the problem is not with them, but with the people who are in the way. To restore trust, they want independent platforms like this out of the way, with invasive surveillance and censorship measures.

There was no real debate

In order to get into Club Davos, prospective participants are ideologically vetted to see if they fit the grand narratives represented by Schwab and his gang. Davos is not a forum for vigorous debate, but an opportunity for the global ruling class to unite behind the same agenda.

Surprise, surprise: the annual meeting began with a call from Volodymyr Zelensky, asking for more money. His speech received a standing ovation in Davos. Scores of influential leaders have dedicated their speeches to the Ukrainian effort, calling for a steady flow of money into Ukraine's seemingly never-ending spigot.

China takes center stage

Despite the furious hatred of Putin by the WEF crowd, the WEF crowd LOVES the more powerful Chinese ally.

Davos has become deeply unpopular in the United States.

As evidenced by the US congressional delegation (only 7 members this year, most of them Davos regulars) and the lack of Biden administration heavyweights coming to Switzerland (John Kerry led the delegation), public opinion has very little support for the agenda items put forward by Klaus Schwab and his benefactors . Coupled with the fact that lawmakers wanted to be at home to pass government funding bills, the year 2024 marked an all-time low for US government representatives in Davos.

Rebel News held the bad guys accountable from the outside.

Rebel was a two-man wrecking crew of Ezra Levant and Avi Yemeni. While they were unsurprisingly not mandated to cover the closed-door, invite-only conference, they did an excellent job of street interviews holding the Malthusian anti-humans accountable.

Javier Milei shines

The newly elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei, went into the belly of the beast armed with a Freedom MOAB.

His entire speech was a masterclass in personal rebuke of the Davos agenda and immediately inspired pro-liberty voices around the world.

After winning the November elections, Milei declared that he did not want to "herd lambs" but "awaken lions." And that's exactly what he did this week from the podium in Davos.

Kevin Roberts of the Heritage Foundation made Americans proud.

Roberts clarified the alleged morality of the Davos agenda and rejected the idea that the WEF and its partners were pursuing anything other than a nefarious agenda.

Davos 2024, after all, continued with the same

The WEF gang was far from "rebuilding" trust and devoted its 54th annual meeting in Davos to the same main agenda items as in the past. The further development of climate fraud came into focus. The same goes for the ideological idea of ​​stakeholder capitalism, which serves the ideological subordination of companies to the state, similar to how businesses are organized in China. Through its annual conference in Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) functions as a political and ideas store for the ruling class. Like the previous conferences in Davos, the 2024 event also served to enforce authoritarian, anti-human agenda items.
Davos parasites: We protect you from harmful information Last week, January 15-19, the world's private jet elite held their annual champagne-and-caviar-fuelled knee-jerk bash in Davos. One of the most important speeches of the event was given by the fragrant, always impeccably groomed EU super-president, Ursula Von Der Leyen. Here is the opening paragraph of Ursula's speech:

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Klaus! Your annual global risk report is fascinating and sobering reading. For the global business community over the next two years, conflict or climate will not be the main concern. But disinformation and misinformation, closely followed by polarization within society. These risks are serious because they limit our ability to cope with the major global challenges we face: climate and geopolitical changes, demographic and technological changes, the escalation of regional conflicts, increasing geopolitical competition and their effects on supply chains.

The sobering reality is that we are once again in an intense competition between countries that has not been seen in recent decades. This makes the topic of this year's meeting in Davos even more relevant. "Rebuilding trust" - this is not a time for conflict or polarization. This is the time to build trust. Now is the time to encourage global collaboration more than ever before. This requires immediate and structural responses commensurate with the scale of global challenges. I believe this can be resolved. And I believe that Europe can and should take a leading role in shaping the global response.

Despite the Russo-Ukraine war, the escalation of conflict in the Middle East and Chinese military threats to Taiwan, Ursula believes that the most important problem facing the world is "disinformation and misinformation" - that is, what we ordinary people can see and believe. we can hear. And he believes that elites have a key role to play in rebuilding trust in the elite's plans for us by protecting us from being fed information that he and other leaders see as potentially damaging or polarizing.

The assault on free speech appears to be taking place on at least three levels. First, there is what can be called hidden censorship, in which a small group of people decide what information we have access to. That's why websites like the Daily Sceptic are so important - they tell us stories and points of view that our rulers would rather not know about. I experienced this hidden censorship with my book There is No Climate Crisis. When I first mentioned that I was writing a book debunking the man-made global warming nonsense - before I had a title and before I had written a single word - my literary agent told me I was wasting my time as only one UK publisher nor does he dare to publish the book, and no British bookshop dares to sell it for fear of being attacked by cyber pitchfork-wielding social media mobs. So I was forced to self-publish via Amazon. And despite selling over 4,000 copies, largely by word of mouth, and despite introducing the book to customers in the major bookshop chains, not a single copy appeared in any UK bookshop.

The second level of attack on free speech appears to be a concerted effort by much of the mainstream media and large tech mega-corporations to allow only one accepted narrative on key issues such as the origin of COVID-19, the safety and efficacy of vaccines, the Biden family finances and of course the global boiling panic. I wrote about the BBC's Trusted News initiative in a previous article in the Daily Skeptic. This includes many of the world's leading news media - the BBC, the CBC, the ABC (Australia) and the European Broadcasting Union; major news agencies such as AP and Reuters; and big tech mega-corporations like Meta (owner of Facebook, Instagram, Threads and WhatsApp), Microsoft and Twitter.

The Trusted News Initiative says its goals include "working together to build public trust and find solutions to the challenge of disinformation. Involving media organizations and social media platforms, it is the only forum in the world designed to provide real counter disinformation in time." Mainstream media members seem to decide what the right narrative is for each story, news agencies help spread that narrative, and tech giants shut down, de-platform and ban anyone who dares to question the Trusted News Initiative's version of events.

The third method by which freedom of expression is eliminated from our lives seems to be through legal restrictions. Many countries are busy enacting tougher hate crime and "online safety" laws. One of the most draconian is perhaps in the Republic of Ireland. Critics say the new Irish laws will have a "chilling effect on free speech", X (formerly Twitter) CEO Elon Musk has threatened to take the Irish state to court over the legislation and Donald Trump Jr has called it "crazy". called the law. But the EU and many other countries around the world are introducing similar laws that limit what we can say, write, see and hear. The website Foreign Policy reported last month: "The global state of freedom of expression faced serious challenges in 2023. Even open democracies have introduced restrictive measures against various threats - including hate speech, disinformation, extremism and public outrage in order to fight against And one of the certainties of life is that when politicians start introducing new laws, they always find a good reason to continually give themselves more power by adding to the laws already made.

In Davos, Ursula made it very clear that our access to reliable news and opinion must be increasingly limited to avoid polarization and rebuild trust in those who govern us. We hope that we are all sufficiently grateful to Klaus, Ursula and the Davos elite for their willingness to protect us from misinformation and disinformation that can confuse and worry us.
Jeffrey Epstein's connections to the development of Bitcoin and CBDCs Central bank digital currencies are potentially powerful tools for monitoring and controlling human behavior. Aaron Day investigated who is behind the CBDC pilot programs taking place in the USA.
"Americans should be wary of the progress of CBDC development, President Biden's intentions to introduce them, and maintain a healthy skepticism regarding the intentions and involvement of Joi Ito, the MIT Multimedia Lab, and Jeffrey Epstein in both the introduction of CBDCs and the capabilities of Bitcoin regarding its restriction," he warned.

Aaron Day is a fellow at the Brownstone Institute and author of "The Final Countdown," which paints a picture of a future where CBDCs could lead us to a dystopian society.

In a recent article, Day clarified and warned about the current state of CBDC technology in the United States, and explained the political momentum behind their adoption.

In his article, he examined President Biden's Executive Order 14067, delved into three US CBDC pilot programs - Project Hamilton, Project Cedar, and the Regulated Liability Network ("RLN") - and examined the implications of the FedNow infrastructure launched nationwide in July 2023, which will allow can speed up the introduction of CBDCs in the US.

"The situation is more serious than it appears on the surface, as they want to control and program not only money, but also digital devices," Day wrote.

He also highlighted the interesting yet worrisome connections between Jeffrey Epstein and cryptocurrency developments.

Below are edited excerpts from Day's article about Epstein's ties to CBDCs and cryptocurrencies. You can read the full article entitled "The sinister links between Jeffrey Epstein, CBDCs and Bitcoin" HERE.

Epstein's relationship with the MIT Multimedia Lab, which played a key role in major CBDC experiments and influenced modifications to Bitcoin's functionality, suggests a narrative that is far removed from the revolutionary currency that Bitcoin once was, potentially consolidating it into a tool for the elite.

The documents released by the US District Court for the Southern District of New York only deepened the mystery surrounding Epstein's motives and actions. His interest in cryptocurrency was documented as far back as 2017, and while the full extent of his involvement remains unclear, the connections are enough to warrant investigation.

CBDC pilot programs in the USA

The Hamilton Project, a joint venture between the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and MIT, investigated the use of residential CBDC during a pilot program running between 2020-2022.

The group leading the Hamilton project, the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, was partially funded by the MIT Media Lab, which received contributions from prominent donors such as Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. These connections point to a possible globalist agenda aimed at consolidating power and threatening individual sovereignty. Joi Ito, the former director of the MIT Media Lab, and Bill Gates are said to have visited Epstein's infamous island several times.
The full extent of Epstein's financial involvement with the MIT Media Lab remains opaque. However, an exposé article in The New Yorker in 2019 shed some light:

Epstein admitted to brokering at least $7.5 million in donations to the lab, $2 million of which came from Gates and $5.5 million from [Leon] Black. Those contributions were described in the emails as being "directed" by Epstein or at his request.

Laboratory staff were so aware of Epstein's involvement that some members of Joi Ito's office informally referred to Epstein as Voldemort or "He Who Must Not Be Named".

In addition to Epstein's direct and indirect investments, the MIT Multimedia Lab also invested $1.2 million in Ito's own investment funds, The Washington Post reported.

Project Cedar is a joint venture involving the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, several prominent banking institutions, namely JPMorgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon and State Street, as well as the Bank for International Settlements ("BIS") and MIT Media Lab participates.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is also involved in another CBDC pilot project called the Regulated Liability Network ("RLN"). Like the other two pilots, the RLN pilot has ties to globalist organizations, including the BIS and the MIT Media Lab (participating in all three CBDC pilots).

Bitcoin Development

From its inception, Bitcoin was designed to be an improved form of money, offering people around the world the opportunity to own "sound money" that can be spent anytime, anywhere.

However, Bitcoin underwent major changes in 2017 that made it virtually useless as money. Bitcoin faced significant growing pains that year, resulting in high transaction fees and delays. The Bitcoin community has been embroiled in a heated debate over how to scale the network to handle growing transaction volumes. Key figures in this debate included developers who received indirect support from Joi Ito of the MIT Multimedia Lab, which coincided with Jeffrey Epstein's first and only interview about Bitcoin.

As director of the MIT Media Lab, Ito influenced the Bitcoin community through the lab's Digital Currency Initiative ("DCI"). DCI has been involved in several cryptocurrency research and development projects. Joi Ito's relationship with Digital Garage, which funded DCI, meant that he indirectly influenced the development of Bitcoin.

Against the background of Bitcoin's scaling problems and contributions from Joi Ito and DCI of the MIT Media Lab, The Next Web's October 2017 article titled "Billionaire financier weighs in on the future of Bitcoin" takes on added significance.

Epstein spoke publicly about Bitcoin in 2017. Its depiction of Bitcoin as a store of value rather than a currency reflects changes in the narrative of Bitcoin's identity during this period - a change coinciding with the introduction of SegWit and the scaling debate. (SegWit was a technical change that was instrumental in turning Bitcoin from a medium of exchange (digital cash) to a store of value (digital gold).)

This shift coincides with the time when the MIT Media Lab, which was indirectly funded by Epstein, was involved in the development of Bitcoin, leading to speculative links about Epstein's possible influence on the development of Bitcoin.

In summary:

- The Federal Reserve has conducted three successful CBDC trials in partnership with the MIT Media Lab.
- Joi Ito, president of the MIT Multimedia Lab, received funding directly from Jeffrey Epstein, and through Epstein from other sources, such as Bill Gates. Many of these contributions are marked as anonymous.
- In parallel, DCI provided resources to Bitcoin developers such as Wladimir van der Laan and Cory Fields, whose modifications transformed Bitcoin from a peer-to-peer digital cash system to a store of value.
- At the same time, Jeffrey Epstein made his only public comment about Bitcoin, specifically calling it a store of value, not a currency.
- After The New Yorker published an article detailing Ito's relationship with Epstein, Ito resigned within a day. In response, MIT revised its policies and pledged to match the amount received from any of Epstein's foundations to a charity that supports victims of sexual abuse.

Do we have conclusive evidence that Epstein's funding is directly related to CBDC pilots or Bitcoin's transformation from a medium of exchange to a store of value?

No, not directly. Most of the CBDC pilots began after Epstein's last arrest on July 6, 2019. Day doubts that Epstein had anything to do with Project Cedar or the Regulated Liability Network. However, Project Hamilton was announced in 2020 (presumably funding was lined up before the announcement).

That said, it is clear that Americans should be wary of the progress of CBDC development, President Biden's intentions for their introduction, and maintain a healthy skepticism regarding the intentions and involvement of Joi Ito, the MIT Multimedia Lab, and Jeffrey Epstein in both the introduction of CBDCs, both about limiting the capabilities of Bitcoin.

Day wants to look further into the specific area of ​​Epstein's possible funding of Project Hamilton (which replaces cash) as well as SegWit (which transformed Bitcoin from digital cash to digital gold). "Just as Bitcoin was gaining traction as an alternative to the dollar, it was throttled. Shortly thereafter, a project was launched to create a government-controlled CBDC alternative. Certainly topics that deserve further investigation," Day wrote.
2019 Open Letter Condemning the Strategic Partnership between the WEF and the UN In a recent article, Dr. Jacob Nordangard highlighted a 2019 letter from more than 400 NGOs to UN Secretary-General António Guterres condemning the partnership between the World Economic Forum and the United Nations ("WEF-UN"). As Dr. Nordangard pointed out, not everything is what it seems.

The open letter called on Guterres to cancel the recently signed UN-World Economic Forum strategic partnership agreement. However, the letter expressed concern that the partnership would jeopardize the UN's reputation.

"We are very concerned that this partnership agreement between the WEF and the UN will destroy the legitimacy of the UN and give transnational corporations preferential and subservient access to the UN system," the letter said.

"This public-private partnership permanently links the UN to transnational corporations, some of whose fundamental activities have caused or exacerbated the social and environmental crises plaguing our planet," the open letter said.

In June 2019, the WEF signed a strategic partnership with the UN to implement the UN agenda. WEF is committed to funding the 2030 Agenda and works in areas such as climate change, health, digital collaboration, gender equality and education.

Dr. Nordangard has been trying to draw the world's attention to this nefarious partnership for years, and as such is qualified to review the contents of the letter and who its organizers were. Below is Dr. Nordangard's assessment.

Jacob Nordangard

A reader of my recent Substack article, "The G20, BRICS, WEF and the 'Building of a Just World and Sustainable Planet'" alerted me to a September 2019 open letter in which more than 400 NGOs and 40 international networks condemned the World Economic The pioneering partnership between Forum and the UN in 2019 (which I learned about in 2020 and which I tried to draw the world's attention to in my books, articles, interviews and lectures).

The letter called it a global corporate takeover. In the words of one of the main organizers, Gonzalo Berrón of the Transnational Institute:

This agreement between the UN and the WEF formalizes the disturbing corporate takeover of the UN. It is moving the world dangerously towards privatized and anti-democratic global governance.

Just six months later, that partnership struck again. The Transnational Institute ("TI") wrote in its strategic plan for 2021-25 that:

The covid-19 global pandemic has been used as an excuse to introduce and normalize digital identification systems and tracking applications, and to further reinforce the idea that we are a threat to each other.

This was a very good review which can only be welcomed. But TI didn't get the whole picture. The institute's mission is to "strengthen international social movements with rigorous research, reliable information, well-founded analyzes and constructive proposals that promote progressive, democratic political changes and joint solutions to global problems" 1.

Open letter to António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, September 2019.

This means, among other things, that they are fully committed to the catastrophic climate change narrative.

Decades of greenhouse gas emissions and environmentally destructive practices have pushed ecosystems to breaking point and threaten catastrophic global warming. The pace of this is alarming, and climate has become the number one threat to young people everywhere.2

I would also add that "joint solutions to global problems" are often problematic, as we live in a very diverse world. It is not easy to apply the same solution that is equally applicable to all nations.

As I say in my book "Rockefeller: Controlling the game", climate change is a problem that has been defined and supported since the 1950s by the same forces that gave rise to digital identification systems and the WEF. These characters also firmly believe in global solutions to global problems and know how to manipulate the game.

As exemplified in the Rockefeller Brothers Fund's "Sustainable Development Report 2005-2010,"

RBF has supported "allied voices for action on climate change," including businesses, investors, evangelicals, farmers, athletes, labor, military leaders, national security hawks, veterans, youth, governors and mayors. Each of these voter groups plays an important role.3

And how independent is the Transnational Institute? Their 2020 annual report states that they receive 50% of their income from the Dutch government, 19% from other governments, and 14% from the European Union. They also receive support from philanthropic foundations such as the Asia Foundation, the European Cultural Foundation, the Foundation for the Promotion of Open Societies founded by György Soros and the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

This gives the impression of a controlled opposition that speaks out against the rise of the global corporatocracy but does not really challenge their power. You cannot win if you believe the tales created by your enemy, while receiving money from their pockets.

Meanwhile, the WEF is doing everything it can to help transform the UN system in a way that meets its goals. As WEF President Brende Börge told UN Secretary-General António Guterres in Davos this week:

We are also very much looking forward to the summit next September, and you can count on us to fully support it.

They don't care about open letters questioning their authority.
Bill Gates and the Rockefeller brothers give millions to the Chinese Communist Party, documents show Several major American nonprofits have paid millions of dollars directly to the Chinese Communist Party, financial records have revealed. Tax documents reveal that between 2017 and 2022, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Ford Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation together gave about $10.2 million directly to the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

Additional funds were also pumped into government organizations, universities, and groups controlled by senior members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

China's beneficiaries of American philanthropies include public universities cooperating with the People's Liberation Army, as well as government ministries.

For example, tax forms reveal that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave $400,000 to China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment between 2021 and 2022.

The money was listed as funding for "capacity building" and "research" related to China's "green" foreign investment.

The Ford Foundation, meanwhile, gave China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security $27,878 in 2014 to travel around the United States for economic research.

The organization, founded by Henry Ford's son Edsel, also gave $20,000 to China's Ministry of Agriculture in 2018 to conduct urbanization research, according to tax filings.

The chairman of the House Select Committee on the CCP, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), warns that the CCP wants to "coerce" Americans.

"The CCP's economic warfare will use all available means to coerce us," Gallagher said in a statement.

"We must stop feeding our own destruction".

Many of the donations made by American charities have gone to Chinese academic institutions that cooperate with the Chinese government and the CCP.

Between 2017 and 2022, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), one of the largest grantees of the trio of liberal foundations, received $530,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, $706,000 from the Ford Foundation, and $265,000 from the MacArthur Foundation.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund provided funding for CAS environmental initiatives, while the Ford Foundation funded research into Chinese investment in the Global South from a "gender perspective" and the country's urban poverty.

Grants from the MacArthur Foundation, meanwhile, supported CAS's Kunming Institute of Botany and funded ecological research.

Hou Jianguo, a member of the CCP, is the chairman of the CAS.

In 2020, Jianguo wrote in the Journal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,

He also served as the organization's Communist Party secretary before becoming its president, according to the South China Morning Post.

The CAS is China's State Council, which is the "executive organ of the supreme organ of state power," and operates under the direction of the party's Central Committee, the CCP's top political decision-making body.

The State Council itself consists largely of CCP members.

According to its website, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where some suspect that COVID-19 may have originated, operates under the CAS.

In December 2022, the US Department of Commerce added CAS's Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) to the list of organizations supporting China's military and defense industry.

ICT was founded by CAS in 1959 and, according to the institute's website, "firmly adheres to the modern guidelines of the Chinese Academy of Sciences".

Sarah Lee, director of communications at the Capital Research Center, suggested in a statement that China might be trying to stifle free speech in America.

"It's telling that one of the areas where China appears to be seeking support from foreign foundations — especially from a country like the United States that values ​​freedom of speech — is in the university sector," Lee said.

"With President Xi's recent tightening of control over Chinese universities, it is disappointing that an American foundation like Ford would potentially support Chinese state propaganda while his country continues to compete with China for innovation and trade," he continued.

Peking University and Tsinghua University received about $2.2 million and $4.9 million, respectively, from the philanthropic trio.

Meanwhile, the North China Institute of Aeronautical Engineering received $60,000 from the Ford Foundation for economic research in 2017.

The Ford Foundation has given nearly $2 million to Tsinghua, the bulk of its donations to China's public universities, including to improve the international operations of Chinese NGOs, climate change seminars and poverty research.

The organization gave Peking University about $4.8 million for operations such as conducting economic research, influencing the global south, working to reduce urban poverty in China, researching government capacity in times of crisis, and promoting the university's initiatives in Africa.

The MacArthur Foundation, meanwhile, gave Peking University $78,000 for ecological research.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave Tsinghua $180,000 for research on carbon emissions.

All three US philanthropic-supported universities are heavily involved in Chinese defense research.

Tsinghua is home to at least eight different defense research laboratories, including those dealing with artificial intelligence and missile guidance systems, according to a translation of the university's website by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

In 2020, Tsinghua also launched a joint IT program with the People's Liberation Army, according to a translation prepared by ASPI from the university's website.

In 2018, researchers discovered that Tsinghua's technology infrastructure was also used to launch an espionage campaign against the Alaska state government, the Financial Times reported.

Peking University, like Tsinghua, is home to four different defense laboratories, according to ASPI's translation of the university's website.

The laboratories carry out research in the fields of radiation, microelectronics and "high energy density physics" simulations.

Peking University signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Navy in 2013, according to ASPI.

The university has agreed to cooperate with the Chinese navy in research, training, construction and the exercise of cultural soft power, among other areas, according to an archived website detailing the agreement.

The North China Aerospace Engineering Institute, meanwhile, is home to two defense laboratories and maintains close ties with China's missile industry, according to ASPI.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, two state-owned defense companies that dominate rocket and satellite technology in China, signed a joint agreement in 2003 to support the North China Aerospace Engineering Institute, according to ASPI.

Since then, the university and the two Chinese defense conglomerates have been closely cooperating in the field of research and product development - reads the archived copy of the university's website.

Some groups that are not specifically part of the Chinese government but are still controlled by CCP members have also received financial support from American charities.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has awarded more than $1 million to the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) for "policy research" between 2020 and 2022.

According to the organization's website, CCICED advises the Chinese government on environmental policy and development.

The organization was founded in 1992 with the approval of the Chinese government.

Although not officially part of the Chinese government, CCICED is under the State Council and is led by high-ranking Chinese government officials.

Ding Hsüehsiang, the current head of CCICED, is a member of the Standing Committee of the CCP Politburo and the highest-ranking Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China.

In addition to the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the MacArthur Foundation providing money to the Chinese government, they also support domestic liberal activists.

According to their tax returns, the three charities support pro-abortion groups, LGBT programs and racial justice organizations.

The MacArthur Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Ford Foundation are not the only liberal-leaning American charities that donate money directly to the Chinese government.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged about $24 million in support to Chinese government organizations in 2022, according to its tax filings.

In a statement, the Ford Foundation defended its grants to Chinese government organizations.

"The Ford Foundation's work in China is designed to help ensure that China's economic, political and social impacts are equitable, both domestically and globally," a foundation spokesperson said.

"These grants will help advance this goal, from studying the effects of urbanization on migrant workers and the elderly to advancing the field of philanthropy in China."
The Imperial Censorship Act (DSA) will come into effect on February 17 eliminating the direct exchange and exchange of information between people.
Note by Ági Gurabi
The Act on Digital Services is the world's most important and ambitious regulation in terms of protecting the digital space against the spread of illegal content and protecting the fundamental rights of users.

There is no other piece of legislation in the world that has this level of ambition to regulate social media, online marketplaces, very large online platforms (VLOPs) and very large online search engines (VLOSEs). The rules were created asymmetrically.

Larger intermediary services with a significant social impact (VLOPs and VLOSEs) are subject to stricter rules. After the Digital Services Act, platforms must not only become more transparent, but must also be held accountable for their role in the distribution of illegal and harmful content." From February 17, 2024, all online platform providers, with the exception of micro and small businesses, must provide data on their content moderation decisions." This Regulation fully harmonises the rules on intermediary services in the internal market in order to ensure a safe, predictable and reliable online environment, to address the social risks arising from the online dissemination of illegal content and the dissemination of disinformation or other content, and within which the Charter's fundamental rights and promote innovation.

Accordingly, Member States may not adopt or maintain additional national requirements in relation to matters covered by this Regulation, unless expressly provided for by this Regulation, as this would affect the direct and uniform application of the fully harmonized rules applicable to service providers and intermediary services under this in accordance with the objectives of the regulation." - reads on the central page. Predictability, protection and innovation always mean the protection of globalist interests and narratives!

The DSA regulation is not a law, but its application must be enshrined in law everywhere, thereby overriding national law, broadly interpreting the concept of "illegal" content or actions. They decide above our heads what we can say and do, which not only makes it impossible to transmit information harmful to the globalists, but is aimed at influencing our behavior, changing our thinking and opinion. If there is no refutation, dissent , and only the central propaganda can be heard or read everywhere, people have no basis for comparison, they cannot weigh and make decisions without influence, which helps the globalists stay in power in the case of elections.

" In particular, the concept of "illegal content" should be broadly defined to include information related to illegal content, products, services and activities. This concept should be understood in particular to refer to information, regardless of its form, which under the applicable law itself is also illegal, for example illegal hate speech or terrorist content and illegal discriminatory content, or which is classified as illegal by the applicable rules, or refers to illegal activities." - so everything that is contrary to what the globalists have formulated!

It is forbidden to criticize our masters and the laws that protect them! Let's take it for granted that man is trisexual and transsexual like snails, the Russians must be hated because they are aggressive conquerors, the groups rebelling against the globalists are terrorists, the religious feelings of the Jews cannot be offended, climate change was caused by humans, the flu is now a pandemic, vaccines they are safe and have no fatal side effects.

The national regulation cannot make exceptions, it cannot be more permissive in any area of ​​the regulation. In the Empire, the term "national" refers only to the ethnic groups living in its territory, independent statehood ceased, and the countries became provinces within the external borders. The globalists can decide what is "harmful" and "illegal" content or action, and the circle can continue to expand. The basis of reference is still the protection of our rights, while under the guise of this, free expression of opinion is prohibited and our freedom of action is further restricted, and we can live with our right to self-determination in fewer and fewer areas.

The regulation does not only cover public speech, but also restricts transactions between each other. The right to trade is not one of our human rights, the use of cash is not a recognized fundamental right, just as we cannot have self-determination over our own bodies!

All forms of sales on Internet platforms have been classified under the concept of "digital trade and market" so that sales between private individuals can also be brought under supervision. They put an end to transactions that they cannot follow, which limits people's personal decisions and freedom of action, bringing the flow of money under control, taxing all previously free transactions, which increases prices and impoverishes the poorer classes even more. The ban may also cover used items due to the vague wording, which includes "the sale of inappropriate or counterfeit products, the sale of products or the provision of services that violate consumer protection laws, the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials, the illegal offering of accommodation services or the illegal sale of live animals."

They specifically address live animals, where the ban initially only covered protected, exotic species,

It is forbidden to advertise the sale of animals to individuals on social platforms, be it horses, dogs, piglets or chickens. This also ends the remaining source of livelihood for the villagers, they can no longer advertise their animals for sale anywhere. They can still be taken to the markets, but this increases the cost and reduces the amount that can be sold. In this way, buying and selling is narrowed down and brought under control, displacing the backyard farms and primary producers as well. Anything can be included in the "broadly understood" illegality, the only goal of which is to stop direct sales and exchange transactions between people by banning them, pushing traffic in this area also towards global corporations.

The DSA calls sites that deny central narratives a "dark pattern". Harmful content is anything that denies the central narratives, but there is no specific definition here either, on the other hand, the pages are banned. Be it anywhere, on any server, the hosting provider in the realm is made inaccessible due to prohibited content. The easiest way to do this is to slow down the loading of the given pages, so that the owner cannot act due to the ban.

The main guiding principle of the DSA is "transparency", i.e. censorship should be enforced on all platforms, monitoring should be enabled, and there should be no opportunity to spread "disinformation" anywhere. The EU and the globalists can decide what is fake news. The next step is the possibility of punishment, which the DSA law already attaches to the recognition and reporting of "illegal" and "disinformation" content. Internet service providers have to "voluntarily" moderate everything, they can delete content from storage sites, and both the service provider and the distributor can be punished if the content violates the law, usually the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion. Criticizing and denying the propaganda and narratives of the globalists, such as the coronavirus epidemic, the properties of vaccines, the human origin of climate change, and Russian aggression, will be disinformation.

The method of influencing the elections is not detailed, anything can fit under the general label. counter-arguments about the parties, politicians, airing of previous events related to them, such as their court cases and relationships. From now on, it's either good or nothing about politicians! Next will certainly be Israel's right to self-defense against the Palestinians, regardless of the genocide they have committed, which they deny.

Paid censors will be present on all platforms, and in order to facilitate their work, it is mandatory to enable the reporting of objectionable content. Search engines have been "fading" the appearance of non-central pages in searches for quite some time. Google has built in a hidden switch for users to protect their "personal safety" against disinformation. The switch is not directly accessible, a small window appears randomly during the search,

The censorship decree covers not only websites, internet media, social platforms, and online sales, but also hosting providers and newsletter services. They oblige everyone to "full transparency", which means permission to view, i.e. monitor, their contents, and it is mandatory to designate a legal representative. This will ensure that the independent news providers that have been operating so far will cease to exist due to the financial cost implications. The purpose of the DSA Act is to end mass communication and buying and selling between private individuals, and to bring the remainder under strict supervision. Globalists always think in groups, which is why emails sent to each other are - for now - exempt from censorship:

"Interpersonal communication services, such as e-mails or private messaging services, do not fall under the definition of online platforms, as they are it is used for interpersonal communication between a finite number of people determined by the sender of the communication."

From here on, the only way to evade censorship and central supervision is to return to starting "news chains" and communicating in email groups instead of FB groups, but this is obviously not as effective as large, public interfaces, which could also function as a virtual market. From now on, the "free market" means more and more only the freedom of transactions of the globalists, meaning the protection of the "free flow of capital" and the "freedom of enterprise" by gradually banning the forms of civil, human relations. There are fewer and fewer ways to escape the narrowing restrictions, those who resist may soon face penalties: bans from the online space will be followed by fines.

The abolition of cash and the transfer to digital interfaces and the introduction of digital identity enable total control over everything and everyone in the fields of communication and trade, and politics with the help of the DSA regulation.

All this happens in the background, so that people have no idea of ​​the consequences. Neither the global media nor the national media can provide information, analyze or interpret the imperial decrees and their connections.

The regulation comes into effect through the legislative obligation of the provinces. Failure to do so will result in a "breach of obligation procedure", which results in the withdrawal of EU/imperial/budgetary resources and the imposition of a fine, which is called a sanction. This is how the resistance of the "member states" trapped by the empire can be overcome, since the withdrawal of money can lead to the fall of governments. National interests are no longer the same as the policies represented by governments, which, thanks to the "young globalists" of Scwab, in every case elevate imperial-western interests and ideologies above national interests.

The path to liberation, the restoration of our free will and our national sovereignty and neutrality is not possible within the Empire, so withdrawal must be considered. The conclusion of new alliances and agreements based on our own interests only gives us the opportunity to rebuild our economy, freeing ourselves from governance controlled by global corporations. (...)
WEF member calls for global carbon taxes to force climate transition At the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual summit in Switzerland, one of the organization's unelected, most influential members demanded that nations impose a global "carbon tax" to force the population to "switch" to the globalist climate agenda.

At the panel discussion held at the event in Davos, Saudi Arabian Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan presented plans for the introduction of a "globally coordinated carbon tax system".

According to Al-Jadaan, the introduction of global "carbon taxes" would force the population to support the globalist green agenda, whether they like it or not.

According to Al-Jadaan, a carbon tax is the only way to raise the revenue needed to meet the UN's "sustainable development goals" (SDGs).

As Slay News has reported, meeting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals requires citizens to make major sacrifices in terms of privacy, freedoms and quality of life.

According to UN chief Antonio Guterres, the goal of the SDGs is to achieve "net zero" by introducing digital IDs linked to bank accounts, mass censorship and food restrictions.

Al-Jadaan told the WEF elite that achieving these goals will require a new global tax system.

"There is no realistic solution to the climate change transition that does not involve a globally coordinated system of carbon taxes," he said.

Al-Jadaan dismissed critics who say global carbon taxes are unfair and cause inflation.

According to a senior Saudi official, "vulnerable communities" will suffer the most from "climate change" if it is not implemented.

"There is a perception that this is unfair, unfair and will lead to inflation," he said.

"In fact, it's quite the opposite.

"If we don't do this, developing countries will ultimately suffer the most.

"They will be hit the hardest by climate change".

Al-Jadaan then insisted that taxpayers from developed countries should subsidize funding for Third World countries to pursue their own climate goals.

"What we need is a system of carbon taxes coupled with subsidies for developing households and a financing process for the developing world," he told a crowd of power-hungry corporate elites and globalist world leaders.

"To enable them to start making investments, mitigations and adaptations that will allow them to continue to grow.

"And that's a real opportunity.

Meanwhile, Democratic President Joe Biden has committed to the United States meeting the UN's "Net Zero" climate goals, i.e. reducing carbon dioxide emissions by at least 50% by 2030.

Congress also took a step toward passing an "inflationary" carbon tax last week after a Senate committee voted to recommend a study to calculate carbon emissions.

The study will examine a range of products manufactured in the United States and elsewhere.

On Friday, the Daily Signal reported:

"On January 18, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee voted to send to the full Senate a bill that would require the federal government to conduct a study that would calculate carbon dioxide emissions from a wide range of manufactured products.

"These include building materials, plastics and fertilizers - all vital to the small and large businesses that run the economy.

" industries.

As reported by Slay News, "Stop Ecocide Now" founder Jojo Mehta argued that fishing and fencing should be considered equivalent to "genocide."

Mehta insisted that fishing for food and farming should be a "serious crime" while arguing that it is immoral to make money from these industries.

"We have this cultural, very deep-rooted habit of not taking damage to nature as seriously as damage to people or property," he emphasized.

He went on to say that agriculture, fishing and presumably hunting are "massive natural damage and destruction".

Mehta then demanded that these activities be legally recognized as "serious crimes".

"In the case of human rights, mass murder and genocide are serious crimes, but there is no equivalent in the field of environmental protection," he said.

"Unlike an international crime like genocide, which involves specific intent, with ecocide we see people trying to make money, farm, fish... and what's missing is awareness of the side effects and collateral damage... "
Canada was set on fire by arsonists.  Not climate change Who foresaw this? Last week, a Quebec man pleaded guilty to intentionally setting fire to 14 forests in the spring of 2023. A few days later, police in Nova Scotia charged a man with intentionally starting the province's largest forest fire to date, also during the same period.

At the time of the Canadian wildfires, the legacy media ridiculed and labeled as conspiracy theories any suggestion that arsonists were responsible for the series of devastating wildfires. Canada's liberal establishment would love more than anything if it were true that climate change caused the devastating wildfires across Canada - but it simply wasn't.

Perhaps the real conspiracy theorists in this story are people like Steven Guilbeault and Justin Trudeau who say climate change is setting Canada's forests on fire.

Despite the best efforts of liberal politicians and legacy media journalists, the public never fully bought into the narrative they propagated, and in the end the people were right and the politicians were wrong. It sounds familiarly?
Digital Disablers: How Tyrannical Governments Stifle Political Dissent Government-ordered internet outages are becoming more common around the world. According to Access Now, an NGO that monitors global connectivity, there were 182 shutdowns in 34 countries in 2021. Many countries in Africa and Asia are resorting to these shutdowns as a means of regulating behavior. Namely, India, especially in the conflict-affected region of Jammu and Kashmir, experienced more digital blackouts last year than any other country.

The increasing use of the "kill switch" highlights a growing global trend of digital authoritarianism, where governments use control of Internet access as a tool against their own citizens. Shutting down the internet has also become a contemporary marker of a broader erosion of civil liberties.

In many countries, it is believed to be a sign or indication that something bad is about to happen, and it is closely related to human rights violations, because it is really a cover of darkness. according to Monash University economist Simon Angus, who tracks global internet connections in real time.

Now that we've experienced one world governance where nations keep pace with their authoritarian orders, what's to stop them from shutting down our phone and internet communications under the guise of an emergency or crisis to control our behavior?

John and Nisha Whitehead explored this possibility in the article below, originally published at the Rutherford Institute.

Digital kill switches: How tyrannical governments stifle political dissent.
John & Nisha Whitehead.

"No president of any party should have the sole power to shut down or take control of the Internet or any of our other channels of communication in an emergency." - Senator Rand Paul.

"What would stop the US government from hitting the kill switch in a so-called crisis and shutting down telephone and internet communications? After all, that's what's happening all over the world.

Communications switches have become tools of tyranny and oppression to suppress political dissent." , stop resistance, prevent electoral defeats, strengthen military coups, and keep the population isolated, disconnected and in the dark, both literally and figuratively.As

the Guardian reports,

"From Ukraine to Myanmar, government-directed blackouts are spreading globally. In 2021, there were 182 blackouts in 34 countries... Countries in Africa and Asia have resorted to blackouts in an effort to control behavior, while India, particularly in the conflict-torn region of Jammu and Kashmir, last year plunged into digital darkness more than ever before...Civil unrest in Ethiopia and Kazakhstan triggered internet blackouts as governments tried to prevent political mobilization and prevent news of military repression from appearing." - read the statement.

In the age connected to the Internet, shutting down the Internet is equivalent to shutting down everything - communication, trade, travel, electricity.

Tyrants and would-be tyrants rely on this "cloak of darkness" to advance their plans.

In Myanmar, for example, the internet was shut down on the day the newly elected government was sworn in. Then the military staged a digital coup and took over. Under the guise of a communications blackout that cut the population off from the outside world and from each other, the junta "carried out night raids, breaking down doors to take away high-ranking politicians, activists and celebrities."

These government-ordered communication shutdowns not only serve to isolate, terrorize, and control the population, but also emphasize that citizens do not have freedom in the face of unlimited government power.

But David Kaye, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, explains that these "kill switches" are no longer exclusive to authoritarian regimes. "They migrated to the tools of governments that really have the rule of law".

This is what digital tyranny looks like in the technological age.

Digital authoritarianism - warns the Center for Strategic and International Studies - includes the use of information technology to monitor, suppress and manipulate the population, threatening human rights and civil liberties, as well as the basic principles of democratic and open societies - "including free movement, co-opting and undermining the right to free expression and political dissent, as well as the right to privacy, online and offline".

For those who insist it can't happen here, it can and has.

In 2005, cell service was turned off in four major New York City tunnels, ostensibly to prevent possible cell phone bombings.

And in 2011, San Francisco commuters had their cell phone signals turned off, this time to prevent possible protests over the police shooting of a homeless man.

Rule by Decree: The State of Emergency's Plan to Override the Constitution

Shutdowns are getting harder to detect, but who knows if they're still happening?

While an internet kill switch is broadly understood to be a complete shutdown of the internet, it can also include a wide range of restrictions such as content blocking, throttling, filtering, complete shutdown, and cable cutting.

As Global Risk Intel explains,

"Content blocking is a relatively moderate method of blocking access to a list of selected websites or applications. When users access these websites and applications, they are notified that the server was not found or that the access is denied by a network administrator. A more subtle method is throttling. Authorities throttle bandwidth to slow down the speed at which certain websites can be accessed. A slow Internet connection deters users from connecting to certain websites and does not raise immediate suspicion. Users may assume that the service of the connection is slow, but they cannot infer that this circumstance is sanctioned by the government. Filtering is another means of censoring targeted content and removes certain messages and expressions that the government does not approve of."

How often do most people who experience server errors and slow internet speeds blame it on bad service? Who would suspect the government of being behind server failures and slow internet speeds?

On the other hand, this is the same government that, in order to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, preserve the integrity of elections, and fight disinformation, has imposed all kinds of restrictions on our freedoms (lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, contact tracing programs, enhanced surveillance, censorship, overcriminalization, shadow bans, etc.) subjected us.

These tactics have become tools of domination and oppression in the Internet-dependent age.

It really doesn't matter what the justification for such bans is. No matter the rationale, the end result is the same: an expansion of government power in direct proportion to government oppression of citizens.

According to Global Risk Intel, there are several motives behind such restrictions:

"For example, the kill switch is used to censor content and limit the spread of news. This is especially true for news reports that report on police brutality, human rights abuses, or educational information. Governments can also use the kill switch to prevent government critics from protesters to communicate through messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter and organize mass demonstrations. Internet restrictions can therefore be a way to control the flow of information and block dissent. Governments argue that Internet restrictions help stop spread of fake news and strengthen national security and public safety in times of unrest."

In the age of artificial crises, states of emergency and techno-fascism, the government already has the know-how, the technology and the power.

You just need the "right" crisis to hit the kill switch.

This particular "kill switch" can be traced back to the Communications Act of 1934. Signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the act authorizes the president to suspend wireless radio and telephone services "in time of war or threat of war, public danger, disaster, or other national emergency, or in order to preserve the neutrality of the United States, "if it deems necessary in the interest of national security or national defense".

In the event of a national crisis, the president has a veritable arsenal of emergency powers that override the constitution and can be activated at a moment's notice. These powers range from declaring martial law and suspending habeas corpus to shutting down all forms of communication, restricting travel and implementing a communication switch.

This national emergency can take any form, be manipulated for any purpose, and be used to justify any end goal - all at the behest of the president.

The seeds of this ongoing frenzy were sown decades ago when George W. Bush secretly issued two executive orders authorizing the president to unilaterally declare a national emergency, loosely defined as "any event, regardless of from the site that results in an extraordinary degree of mass casualty, damage, or disruption and seriously affects the population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions of the United States".

These directives (National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20), which constitute the nation's Continuity of Government (COG) plan and do not require congressional approval, outline the actions that the President " to be undertaken in the event of a national emergency".

What actions the president will take after he declares a national emergency is hardly clear from the bare bones guidelines. But one thing is clear: In the event of a perceived national emergency, the COG directives give the president unchecked executive, legislative, and judicial powers.

The country would then be placed under martial law by default and the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be suspended.

The internet shutdown is just one part of the government's plan to shut down the nation and impose martial law.

There may be many other secret powers that presidents can exercise in so-called crisis situations without oversight from Congress, the courts, or the public. These powers do not expire at the end of the presidential term. They remain in effect, just waiting to be used or abused by the next political demagogue.

Given the government's penchant for using one national crisis after another as a weapon to expand its powers and justify all manner of government tyranny in the name of national security, it's only a matter of time before this special emergency power to shut down the internet is activated.

A total communications blackout, on the other hand, is just a more extreme version of the technological censorship we've already seen from the government and its corporate allies.

Packaged as an effort to control the spread of speculative or false information in the name of national security, restricting access to social media has become a popular tool for internet censorship.

In fact, this tactic is at the heart of several critical cases before the US Supreme Court, which are about who has the right to control, regulate or remove content shared online: the individual, corporate censors or the police state.

Nothing good can come from technical censorship.

As Glenn Greenwald writes in The Intercept:

"The obvious fallacy that always lies at the heart of pro-censorship sentiment is the gullible, delusional belief that the power of censorship can only be used to suppress views we don't like, but never our own views... Facebook is not a benevolent, kind, compassionate a parent or a subversive radical actor who will police to protect the weak and marginalized or serve as a noble check against the shenanigans of the powerful.They will almost always do the exact opposite: protect the powerful from those who seek to undermine the institutions of the elite and reject their orthodoxies. Tech giants, like all corporations, are required by law to pursue one main goal: maximizing shareholder value. They will always use their power to appease those they perceive to have the most political and economic power. ."

As shown in Battlefield America: The War on American People and its fictional counterpart, The Erik Blair Diaries, these censors lay the groundwork to block any "dangerous" thoughts that it can question the stifling influence of the power elite over our lives.

Whatever power you allow the government and its corporate agents now, for whatever reason, will at some point in the future be abused and used against you by your own self-made tyrants.

By the time we add in AI technologies, social credit systems, and wall-to-wall surveillance, we no longer need to be critical of the government to fall into the net of digital censorship.

Eventually, as George Orwell predicted, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
The government accounted for 1,200 billion
The government accounted for 1,200 billion

The final figure has come out: the government accounted for 1,200 billion HUF, a deficit of HUF 4,593 billion was managed in 2023
January 2024. Source 22

We did not even come close to the original deficit target.

Not only was the government unable to meet the originally planned deficit target of HUF 3,400 billion, but also the HUF 3,900 billion deficit target that was amended during the process. The Ministry of Finance has just published the detailed data for 2023, according to which the budget ended the year with a deficit of HUF 4,593.4 billion.

Within this, the deficit of the central budget was HUF 4,293 billion, that of the financial funds of the social insurance was HUF 412 billion, and the separate state funds improved the overall picture with a surplus of HUF 112 billion.

The biggest blow to the budget was that only 1.8 percent more revenue - HUF 6,981 billion - was received from the general sales tax than a year before. With such inflation, this means that consumption has fallen back very sharply.

The state collected 10.6 percent more from excise tax than in 2022, HUF 1,359 billion, and a 12.4 percent increase was measured for fuel.

From personal income tax, 43 percent more was received than in 2022, HUF 3,996 billion - here, in addition to wage increases, the increase was also boosted by the fact that this figure was very low in 2022 due to the family refund.

99.3 percent of the originally planned revenues, HUF 2,229 billion, were received from the EU programs.

State expenditures increased by 18.9 percent in one year, to HUF 41,109 billion. Local governments received 14.1 percent more than a year ago, and family and other social benefits grew by 5.2 percent, well below inflation.

The HUF debt of the state increased by HUF 3,112 billion, and foreign currency issuance added HUF 2,848 billion. The strengthening of the HUF reduced the debt by HUF 567 billion.

The foreign currency debt of the central budget thus increased from 25 percent to 26.9 percent of the total debt.

More than a hundred Porsches - this is how the Hungarian rich bought luxury cars According to statistics, for example, several Ferraris with a list price of more than HUF 100 million were put on the market here. Last year, according to data from DataHouse, Suzuki overtook Skoda in the last months, and the list of new cars put on the market was as follows: Suzuki S-Cross (5,936 units), Skoda Octavia (5,608 units), Suzuki Vitara (4,979 units). .

In the latest statistics, the Pénzcentrum also looked at which expensive sports cars were put on the market in the country in 2023.

Porsche 911: 103 units (The model is available at a base price of 122,000 euros, roughly 40 million forints, but can be upgraded to more than double that amount.)
Ford Mustang: 84 units (The lowest list price of this in Hungary is 22.5 million forints.)
BMW 8: 51 pieces (Such a vehicle costs at least HUF 38.6 million.)
In addition to these, the farewell Audi TT (33 pieces) and the Mercedes AMG GT were also popular among the top 5 (32 pieces), the base price of which is 81 million forints.

Among the more exotic pieces, 7 Ferrari 296 GTBs arrived for at least 125-130 million and three of the same in the GTS version (this is also the least 130 million category), six F8 Spiders were renewed for at least 90 million, 5 812 GTS (approx. 130- HUF 150 million at the basic price), and two approx. 90 million Ferrari Roma also received a Hungarian license plate in the sports car category, as well as a base price of approx. Also F8 Tributo costing 80 million. 3 more SF90s worth at least 150-160 million have arrived, if you ask, as well as 4 Portofinos, which "only" start at roughly 70 million, the portal listed.

The list of luxury car sales in 2023

Mercedes S-class: 167 sales (For this, you have to pay at least HUF 40 million.)
BMW7: 76 units (It costs roughly the same as the above model.)
Maybach S: 44 drab (The price is 72 million.)
It is interesting that an electric car came in fourth place: 28 units of Mercedes EQS were put on the roads (it costs at least HUF 48.6 million). 5 units of the 70 million Mercedes AMG also arrived.

Among the more special pieces, there is a Rolls-Royce Ghost priced at 102 million and a Maserati Ghibli starting at 35 million, and 4 Bentley Flying Spurs were also registered, which is approx. It starts at HUF 65 million in dealerships. And five voted for the Lexus LS 500H with a starting price of 43 million. (...)
Casinos, cigarettes, and more - NER TOP 5+1 asset management foundation In the past few weeks, we have written about the newly founded trust foundations of the NER and the wealthiest Hungarians. Now we list them.
1. Sándor Csányi and the Unity Asset Management Foundation

The new asset management foundation of Sándor Csányi and his family has much more assets at their disposal than what could be read about so far. Among the management and curators of the Unity Asset Management Foundation, which was founded at the end of last year, the children of the OTP president and CEO appear by name, and their mandate lasts until they reach the age of eighty. Through Bonitás 2002 Zrt., the complete Bonafarm group, one of the leading food business groups in the country, also marched under the protection of the family trust. Hungerit Holding Kft. is no longer owned by Sándor Csányi, but by the foundation. Hungerit Zrt. from Szentes is part of the holding, which is one of the oldest market players in domestic poultry processing and poultry meat product production.

2. Zsolt Hernádi and the Continuum Asset Management Foundation

At the end of December, Mol announced on the stock exchange's website that President and CEO Zsolt Hernádi carried out a share transaction with the company's papers worth a total of HUF 4.12 billion. The leader of the oil and gas company gave exactly 1.46 million shares to the Continuum Asset Management Foundation at a price of HUF 2,818 each. The businessman transferred a significant part of his family business empire here. According to public databases, Gete Völgye Zrt. and Váll-Egon Ingatlanforgalmazó és Beruházó Kft. are no longer owned by Zsolt Hernádi Mol, but by the Continuum Asset Management Foundation, which is closely related to him.

3. János Sánta and the Project Six Pro Wealth Management Foundation

The Sánta family from Hódmezővásárhely decided to bring their entire tobacco industry and solar company network under the umbrella of asset management foundations. The company, which has a monopoly on the supply of national traffickers, has set records every year since its establishment in 2015. Last year, for example, it closed with a turnover of HUF 970 billion and a profit of HUF 8.3 billion. The address of the Odbe is Erzsébeti út 5/B in Hódmezővásárhely, which is also the address of the two foundations. Well, until now Tabán Trafik Zrt. belonged to József János Sánta and his son István Sánta János through several companies. However, since September 7 of last year, the two foundations have been the ultimate owners.

4. Zoltán Rákosfalvy and the Treff-Center Wealth Management Foundation

The moment arrived when the two emblematic institutions of the NER, the casino and the trust foundation, met each other. The concessions of the casinos in Győr, Miskolc and Pécs specifically belong to the Casino Win group, the owners of the companies were Zoltán Rákosfalvy, a lawyer known from the Borkai case, through Treff-Klub Kft. The past tense is justified because the Treff-Klub has been owned by the Budapest-based Treff-Center Asset Management Foundation since October 25 last year. The change was registered on December 13. (...)
The fourth well is already producing in the Békés gas field So far, a total of about 46 million cubic meters of natural gas and 56 thousand cubic meters of condensate have been brought to the surface. The fourth well in the Békés gas field is already producing, the Ministry of Energy announced on its official social media page.

It was highlighted: the well was put into operation on Thursday at the Nyékpuszta hydrocarbon deposit. After the first one, which had been in operation since February last year, a total of three new wells went into production in the Sarkad area in December and January. The government strengthens Hungary's energy sovereignty and the security of supply for domestic consumers by increasing the utilization of domestically available resources.

On kormany.hu, it was stated that the priority investment will be implemented in a joint venture structure with the participation of the MVM Group. The participating parties - including MVM CEEnergy Zrt. - strive to continuously exploit the hydrocarbon potential of the area and increase the daily capacity. From the three wells previously put into production, a total of 46 million cubic meters of natural gas and 56 thousand cubic meters of condensate, i.e. light oil, have been brought to the surface.

As it was written, the first well has been operating in the Békés county field since February 2023, which was joined at the beginning of December by another sunk several years ago. Two more wells were drilled in the area last year. With all the technical conditions in place, one of them could start production at the end of last year, and the other from yesterday.

It was emphasized that the government prioritizes the utilization of domestically available resources, as this strengthens domestic energy sovereignty. On the basis of long-term contracts, gas deliveries take place without interruption. The storage capacity is still over 80 percent halfway through the heating season. At the same time, the increase in domestic production also makes a useful contribution to the safe supply of Hungarian families and businesses.
The world looks on in horror and seemingly helplessness
The world looks on in horror and seemingly helplessness

Dissolving the UN Security Council. Historical analysis. The Gulf War

Carla Stea January 20, 2024 Source

The world watches in horror and seemingly helplessness as more than 23,000 defenseless Palestinians, including many women and children, are killed and many more injured by Israeli armed forces October 7, 2023 Gaza to dust since its devastating bombing campaign, allegedly in retaliation for Hamas' October 7 attack on Israel that killed some 1,500 Israelis.

Calls for a cease-fire from around the world are being ignored and, most shamefully, the UN Security Council, mandated to maintain global peace and security, has so far been helpless as it has been unable to come up with a resolution demanding an end to the bombings; and despite the fact that UN workers themselves have died as a result of the attack on Gaza, the Security Council has, as of this writing, been unable to pass any resolution to stop the collective punishment of the Palestinians, which is now being called genocide.

It is incomprehensible why the UN Security Council allows this carnage to continue and why it did not demand compliance with the Minsk agreements, which would have prevented the current protracted war between Russia and Ukraine and saved the lives of approximately half a million people who were killed by a useless and preventable butchered in war. To make the situation even more scandalous, France and Germany admitted that they never intended to abide by the Minsk agreements and that they cynically used the UN Security Council's approval of the Minsk agreements to buy time to strengthen the Ukrainian military in order to crush Russia.

The historical context

The study of the manipulation and abuse of the UN Security Council in order to implement the geopolitical agenda of the Western powers is carried out by the Security Council in 1990-1991, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the Soviet Union was already almost fatally weakened and unable to withstand American/British pressure. you have to start with its manipulation. This study follows, including an exposure of the cynical and Machiavellian tactics used by the West to enforce Security Council Resolution 678, which launched a series of massacres for which the UN Security Council provided both authorization and "cover".

An examination of the overt and covert means of Security Council approval of Resolution 678, the methods of coercion, intimidation, and bribery by which the United States induced the tragic and shameful cooperation of the members of the Security Council in passing a resolution that betrayed the purpose for which the United The Organization of Nations was originally created ("to prevent the scourges of war"), it reveals the criminal and barbaric nature of the "New World Order" that the former Bush administration wanted to impose around the world using the most brutal means in human history.

On November 16, 1990, the non-aligned members of the Security Council drafted an initiative calling the attention of Security Council members to the danger: "Talk of the war option creates its own momentum, which increases the risk of war." The initiative states:

"1. Given the cultural divide and the lack of direct, face-to-face communication between the main parties, as well as the general climate of suspicion, it is highly likely that any Iraqi 'signs' of 'flexibility' would be either ignored or disingenuous would be classified or otherwise misconstrued."

"2. Given the overwhelming negative consequences now associated with withdrawal, Iraq is unlikely to send a signal of flexibility that is strong and clear enough to be understood until war is imminent, and by then it may be too late to stop it from going to war sustaining momentum."

Iraq's Serious Cooperation Efforts

According to the December 2, 1990, issue of the New York Times:

"Neither President Bush nor Secretary of State James Baker 3 responded publicly today to Iraq's acceptance of Mr. Bush's offer to negotiate the Gulf crisis. Administration officials, however, rejected the Iraqi government's suggestion that direct talks between Iraq and the US on Kuwait should address the question of a Palestinian homeland.In a statement, Iraq welcomed the opportunity for the two countries to have a "deep and serious dialogue", but Mr Bush did not making the acceptance of his offer dependent on the discussion of the Palestinian issue."

It would be hard to misunderstand Iraq's eagerness for dialogue or to deny its flexibility. On November 29, after a series of Security Council meetings that the New York Times called "smoothly organized" ("it was interrupted today when Cuba complained that the Council was rushing to vote on a new resolution on the Persian Gulf crisis before an earlier one on the occupied territories would have voted on a resolution criticizing Israel's treatment of living Palestinians.....The United States sought to delay the vote on the anti-Israel resolution until the Council authorized military action against Iraq because it wanted to veto the measure. Such a reminder of the United States' friendship with Israel would embarrass Washington's Arab friends.") inciting the psychological atmosphere necessary for the adoption of Resolution 678 (for two days the Security Council listened to descriptions of Iraqi atrocities committed in Kuwait, sensationalized by the New York Times.

Interestingly however, the major media forgot to mention a press conference in UN Room 226 held by Dr. Mohammad Said, which contradicted the many statements describing "smoothly staged" Iraqi "atrocities" in the Security Council chamber. (...)

The former commander of NATO calls for the bombing of Crimea Western aid to Ukraine has been dwindling recently, leaving regime officials concerned about the future of Kiev's combat capabilities. Despite this trend, however, there are still public figures in the West who call for further escalation and the sending of more heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Retired American General Philip Breedlove, the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe, said in a recent statement that the West should send heavy weapons to Kiev to enable an intensive attack on the Crimea region. According to Breedlove, Ukraine will only be able to make Moscow "rethink" by attacking Russian positions on the Black Sea.

Breedlove described Crimea as the "center of gravity" and "the decisive terrain of the war." For him, the key to "defeating" Russia is to strike Crimea as hard as possible. He believes that the more attacks on the region, the more it will affect Russia and the more it will be forced to retreat in the entire conflict zone. So, faced with the impending exhaustion of Ukraine's military capabilities, the general advises that NATO return to mass deployment of weapons, especially long-range missiles that enable deep strikes against Crimea.

"If we allow Ukraine to be able to strike Crimea - pervasively, persistently and accurately - Russia will be forced to rethink its position there. Strike everything, strike multiple times and destroy them in detail," he said.

Breedlove's opinion has long been shared by other officers. The neutralization of Russian positions in Crimea has been a Ukrainian endeavor since 2022, and there have been several unsuccessful attacks in the region. One of the main goals is the destruction of the Kerch bridge, which is considered the logistical key of Crimea. It was not by chance that Kiev launched terrorist attacks against the bridge, in which civilians were killed, but it was not possible to cause major damage to the infrastructure.

Not only that, but General Breedlove himself has become well-known for his radical stance on Crimea. Last October, in an article published in the Western media, he claimed that the bombing of Crimea was necessary for the sake of "Ukrainian victory". He openly called for the destruction of the Kerch bridge, describing it as a "legitimate target". At the time, he also criticized the arguments of all analysts that caution was needed with these attacks to avoid escalating the conflict. Breedlove seems unconcerned about the possibility of an escalation in the violence of hostilities, stating that harm must be done to Crimea regardless of the side effects.

"Several people I've talked to say that 'dropping' [destroying] the Kerch bridge would be a huge blow to Russia. The Kerch bridge is a legitimate target (...) I'm a trained civil engineer and I know bridge construction. Every bridge has weaknesses , and if they were targeted in the right place, the Kerch bridge could be rendered unusable for a while. But if they wanted to knock down the bridge, it would require a more targeted bombing operation (...) I hear from many people the question of whether it is correct- e, that Ukraine is carrying out such an aggressive action and whether the West would support this, but I do not understand this argument," he said at the time.

It should also be clarified that the strategic calculation behind these types of opinions is completely wrong. By increasing pressure on Crimea, the Ukrainians are believed to be forcing the Russians to focus efforts on the region, neglecting battlefield defense lines and facilitating Kiev's territorial advance. This would reportedly allow Ukrainian troops to advance to the Black Sea by land, reversing the current military scenario.

However, this mentality seems naive. The Russian reaction to possible repeated attacks on Crimea would not be by a sudden change in the situation on the front lines, but by an exponential increase in the bombing of strategic targets throughout Ukraine. Moscow's military doctrine defines artillery as a major factor in combat scenarios. For each Ukrainian attempt to escalate the fighting, the Russians respond with heavy artillery, neutralizing military installations, critical infrastructure, and enemy decision-making centers.

In practice, Ukraine has reached an impasse, as each time it tries to reverse the situation, it suffers more and more losses. The country is unable to change the scenario, the only alternative is peace negotiations according to Russian conditions - which NATO obviously does not allow to Kiev. In addition, the Atlantic alliance is unlikely to send large quantities of long-range weapons again in the near future, as the United States is deeply involved in the conflict in the Middle East, which reduces its interest in the Ukrainian front.
War coverage from Ukraine - huge losses in the Ukrainian army Russian forces advanced south of Avdiivka and captured the vicinity of the Tsarskaya Ohhota site. Now Russian groups have taken up positions in the city along Soborna Street. There is also information about the liberation of the dacha settlement "Skotovataja", which is located in the southeast of "Tsarskaya Okhota" and west of the village "Vineyards".

According to some reports, to the north of Skotovata, the Russian armed forces also took control of the area near the quarry. At the same time, fighting continues in other areas, where Russian troops are also concentrating on expanding the control zone. Clashes between the AFU and the Russian troops continue in the area of ​​the coke factory. At the same time, the main efforts of the Russian armed forces are aimed at clearing the dacha sector around Avdeevka and reducing the disputed areas.

The success of the Russian troops cut off the AFU stronghold around the old military air defense station from the supply. In fact, the area of ​​the military station is now surrounded by fields, although it has significant fortifications. The AFU soldiers there are effectively surrounded as their supplies are completely cut off. The terrain here absolutely only favors the Russian troops, as it is most convenient for them to use FPV drones and other tactical weapons. The remaining 100-200 people are forced to give up their positions or surrender as prisoners.

At the moment, the situation is very different on different sides of the front. On the one hand, the Russian forces do not deploy all their soldiers in the offensive, which saves human resources and preserves the combat capability of the army in the conditions of the restart of the Russian military industrial complex. On the other hand, the Ukrainian army is forced to carry out illogical orders to maintain existing positions. As a result, we see mountains of corpses that Kiev is piling up at the front, running out of time to get additional funding from Western countries for its ruling elite.

Krynki massacre continues (...)
Russian spy chief: Washington The United States has started to create a "colonial" public administration in Ukraine, which will consist of Western-educated Ukrainians aligned with Washington's interests, Sergei Naryskin, the director of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SZVR), said in a statement issued by the organization's press office on Monday.

"Within the framework of the course aimed at making Ukraine a total vassal, the United States has begun to establish an essentially colonial public administration in the country. According to Washington's plan, it will consist of Ukrainians trained in the West and sworn to American interests," SZVR quoted Nariskin as saying.

According to the Russian spy chief, Washington is demanding from the Ukrainian president to use some pretext to remove from leading government positions those persons who have lost the trust of the White House.

"The blacklist includes dozens of high-ranking Ukrainian officials from Zelenskyi's team. He was warned that otherwise Washington would release a +killer+ corruption dossier against members of his entourage. Zelenskyi is aware that the compromising material available to the Americans could destroy him as president . Under these conditions, he will continue to play from the score of his American masters," Nariskin said.

According to the director of the SZVR, American advisers, following the British imperial model, are already present in all key Ukrainian government offices.

"With Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to the US in December 2023, strong recommendations were presented on the personnel reorganization to be carried out in the organs of the Ukrainian executive power. For the post of prime minister, the Americans nominate Oksana Markarova, Ukraine's ambassador to Washington, who studied at Indiana University in Bloomington. The deputy head of the Ministry of Finance, who was educated at Harvard "Olekszándr Kava is recommended for the post of Minister of Finance. Tarasz Kacska, the current deputy head of the Ministry, who graduated from the Polish National Institute of Public Administration, is recommended for the post of Minister of Economy," said Nariskin.
Even his most important confidant warns: Zelensky is preparing for something dangerous Vitaly Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, said that he felt it was his duty to speak out about the fact that, in his opinion, Ukraine had moved away from the democratic principles for which it is said to be fighting, Mandiner reports based on the Globe and Mail article.

The mayor of Kyiv says his country is moving in the wrong direction and becoming increasingly autocratic. For the past 23 months, Ukraine's main television channels have aired a single program, the United News Telemarathon, which leaves little space for dissenting voices - while journalists critical of President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and his government are under pressure.

Klitschko also said that since the Russian invasion began in February 2022, more than 200 mayors and local council presidents across the country have been replaced by military administrators.

Both measures were adopted as part of the martial law declared by Zelensky in response to the attack. But Klitschko worries that the freedoms and reforms that Ukrainians fought for during two pro-Western revolutions at the beginning of the century will come to nothing.

I cannot say that the process we are seeing now is a democracy. This is the smell of verticality and tyranny, he said in the interview.

Behind this is the wish of some people - I cannot say their names - but they want to centralize everything, and that is why I see centralized media and television in Ukraine, and they are also trying to centralize power, to build a vertical.

He says it bothers him because he has seen this before - in Russia, where there is almost nothing left of opposition parties or media critical of President Vladimir Putin.

Mayors and village leaders are elected by the citizens and replaced by people who are installed from above. That's why I'm worried, he said.

Klitschko, a former world boxing champion, said he had shared his concerns during talks with Western ambassadors in Kiev. Asked if some of those diplomats shared his fears, he said, "Yes."
American generals consider Israel's victory over Hamas unlikely The US newspaper Washington Post quoted unnamed US officials as reporting that the prevailing view in Washington and even among top Israeli military commanders is that Israel is far from defeating Hamas.

Earlier this month, Israel's military announced it had effectively "demolished" Hamas infrastructure in northern Gaza, days before the group's fighters launched rocket attacks from the same area of ​​the strip.

Although Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that his country's war in Gaza will not end until Hamas is completely defeated and all Israeli prisoners are returned, many international analysts consider the scenario of a total victory over Hamas in Gaza unlikely.

The same opinion seems to be shared by the highest officials and generals of the United States.

According to official Palestinian figures, more than 25,000 people in the Strip have been killed in airstrikes and military operations carried out by Israel in response to the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel. Two-thirds of Palestinian victims are women and children. The number of wounded exceeded 60,000.
The starving Gaza Strip: Egypt and Israel's Rafah weapon While Israel is well known for its siege of the Gaza Strip, Egypt helps maintain the status quo and quietly benefits from the life-and-death operations at the border crossings.
On a rainy morning, a group of Palestinian children gathered in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah. The gathering was not spontaneous, as the children soon held up signs reading "Open the border crossing". Their appeal was to international organizations operating across the border in Egypt, and the signs broadcast that aid trucks were piling up, waiting for Egyptian permission to cross the border.

As the children ran around the border fence, lunch was served to EU observers and civil society workers who distributed food to the Rafah children. And now comes the crux of the matter. These posters were not addressed to Egypt. The border crossing was not Rafah, but the Karni border crossing with Israel in the northeast of the Gaza Strip. And the incident happened in 2006, not 2024.

Control agreements

In 2006, Israel punished Palestinians who voted for Hamas in free and fair elections by starvation. This is Tel Aviv's silent war, a siege that is slowly taking its toll and depriving Gaza's 2.3 million civilians of food and medical aid.

Since Israeli forces withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, the area has been under a strict blockade, turning it into a vast open-air prison surrounded by barbed wire and checkpoints.

They control eight border crossings - six of which are Israeli - which connect the Gaza Strip with the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948. Four of these crossings remained completely closed, two were only temporarily opened: "Beit Hanoun" and "Kerem Shalom".

Since Israel's military withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Tel Aviv has pursued a single goal: total control of the Gaza Strip by land, air and sea. To achieve this goal, three agreements were signed to regulate traffic at border crossings: the Israel-Palestinian Authority Border Crossing Agreement (2005), the Palestinian-Israeli-European-Israeli Border Control Agreement, and the Egypt-Israel Philadelphia Protocol.

The latter agreement established a 14-kilometer buffer zone along the Egypt-Gaza border and mandated Israeli-Egyptian security coordination, the presence of Egyptian border guards along the Philadelphia Corridor, and security patrols on both sides.

The starving Gaza Strip: Egypt and Israel's Rafah weapon
Map of border crossings in the Gaza Strip

Rafah as the only vital route for residents of the Gaza Strip

The Rafah crossing was reserved for holders of Palestinian identity cards, exceptions are possible only after prior notification of the Israeli government and permission from the highest authorities of the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Authority's general authority responsible for crossing the Gaza Strip processed permits and appeals within the strict deadlines set out in the crossing agreement. However, tensions escalated when Hamas took control of the crossing in 2007, resulting in changes to procedures and closures based on changing relations between Egypt and Hamas.

The dynamic changed in 2017, when rivals Fatah and Hamas signed a reconciliation deal aimed at ending ongoing internal divisions. However, the complete Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip following the resistance operation led by Hamas on October 7 increased the importance of the border crossings in the Strip and Egypt.

A year earlier, the Rafah crossing was open for 245 days, allowing the passage of more than 140,000 people and many essential goods such as diesel, cooking gas and construction materials.

In parallel with the brutal, unprecedented military assault on the Gaza Strip, Tel Aviv has ordered a draconian siege on Gaza's Palestinians, cutting off access to water, electricity and communications, as well as key border crossings, for more than 100 days.

The Rafah crossing has become the only lifeline for civilians seeking shelter from gunfire, medical care or even just a small meal. As international organizations flocked to deliver aid through the crossing, the mass displacement caused by indiscriminate Israeli bombing - and Egyptian opposition to the resettlement plan in the Sinai Peninsula - exacerbated the situation and led to the emergence of a new set of beneficiaries. (...)
Biden incited another American war So they rain military explosives on the impoverished people of the Middle East to maintain the status quo, under the guise of goals they themselves admit are not being met. Just another day in the realm, I guess.
The Washington Post published an article entitled "As Houthis Vow to Fight On, US Prepares for Prolonged Campaign", where "prolonged campaign" in the language of the empire means a new American war.

"The Biden administration is working on plans for a sustained military campaign against Yemen's Houthis after 10 days of raids failed to halt the group's attacks on maritime commerce, raising concerns among some officials that an open-ended operation could derail the fragile peace in the war-torn country , and could drag Washington into another unpredictable Middle East conflict," the Post writes.

The Post acknowledges in the article's ninth paragraph that "sustained military campaign" means "war" and writes that U.S. officials cited in the report, speaking on condition of anonymity, "do not expect the operation to drag on for years, as the U.S. its previous wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria did." That's about as reassuring as a pyromaniac saying he doesn't expect to burn down any more houses than the ones he's already burned down.

This bizarre refusal to call a war simply a war was reflected in a press conference by Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh, who expressed her shock and dismay that reporters even asked whether the repeated bombing of a country should be considered a war against that country. .

"Can we now say that the USA is at war in Yemen?" a Reuters reporter asked Singh on Thursday.

"No, we don't want war," Singh replied. "We are not of the opinion that we are at war. We do not want a regional war. The Houthis are the ones who are constantly firing cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles at innocent sailors and commercial ships that are just passing through an area where 10-15 percent of world trade takes place." .

A few questions later, a Politico reporter asked Singh, "You said we're not at war with the Houthis, but if - you know, this mutual bombing - we've bombed them five times. So if it's not a war, could you explain a little more ? If this is not war, then what is war?"

"Sure, Lara, sure, great question, I just didn't expect it to be phrased exactly that way," Singh replied with a laugh and a grin. "Look, we - we don't want war. We - we're not - we're not at war with the Houthis. As far as the definition, this would probably be more of a clear statement from the United States. But I repeat, what we do and what we do is defensive".

It's worth noting that since Thursday's press conference, the number of US attacks on Yemen has risen from five to seven at the time of writing.

It's also worth noting that, by Singh's absurd definition, the US has not been at war since the end of World War II, since there has been no "unequivocal declaration of war" since June 5, 1942. The only wars that the United States officially declared through Congress under its own constitution were the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War, and the two world wars.

Based on this definition, the USA is one of the most peaceful nations in the world, since it has not been at war for eight decades. In reality, the USA is the most bellicose and murderous nation of modern times, with wars of aggression killing millions and displacing tens of millions in the 21st century alone, and playing a role in most of the world's major international conflicts.

Singh's claim that the US attacks on Yemen were "defensive" is also patently absurd; the Yemeni forces did not even attack US merchant ships before the US attacked them. Only the USA can launch unprovoked attacks on a foreign country on the other side of the planet and call it self-defense.

Dave DeCamp of Antiwar explains:

"Before the US began bombing the Houthis, Ansar Allah representatives made it clear that they would only stop attacking commercial shipping bound for Israel if they stopped the attack on Gaza. President Biden, instead of would have urged Israel to end the carnage in Gaza, chose to escalate, and now the Houthis are targeting American merchant shipping and have fired missiles at several American merchant ships.""

Houthi forces attacked ships in the Red Sea just to , to pressure Israel and its allies to end the massacre in Gaza since October 7. As always, the world's most murderous and powerful government frames its horrific acts of extreme aggression as an innocent defensive response to unprovoked attacks, when in reality the American empire it is bombing Yemen to facilitate the genocide of the Palestinians.And

speaking of Gaza and Yemen, it might be worth pointing out that the stated goals of both campaigns, according to the leaders of the American empire, have been utterly unsuccessful. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Israel is nowhere close to eliminating Hamas, with only 20 to 30 percent of the group's members killed since October, according to U.S. intelligence. Asked by the press Thursday if the strikes against the Houthis were working, Biden replied: "Well, when you say 'they're working' - are they stopping the Houthis? No. Are they continuing? Yes."

So they rain military explosives on the impoverished peoples of the Middle East in order to maintain their status as rulers, under the pretext of goals they themselves admit they will not achieve. Just another day in the realm, I guess.
Victoria Nuland's plan is to destroy the nuclear plant and blame Russia The U.S. State Department's ruthless plan to control Russia. Last June, President Volodymyr Zelensky warned the public that Russia was planning an attack on the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.
There is now talk in Kiev that the real president of Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, is so desperate for NATO troops to enter Ukraine to continue the US proxy war against Russia that she is willing to kill innocent locals with a radioactive cloud and blame it on Russian forces. And knowing Victoria Nuland and the government she works for, it's absolutely possible.

Independent journalist Gonzalo Lira, who was arrested by Nuland's forces and left to die in his prison cell, did an excellent job of describing Victoria Nuland and the US program in Ukraine. I highly recommend watching the whole thing. But here's my short edit.

Victoria Nuland has a policy that is very, very, very, very simple. The American goal, the foreign policy goal, is a weak and preferably divided Russia. A Russia like in the good old days, in the nineties. Because in the 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States was able to enter Russia and exploit it to an unprecedented degree.

Ukraine has been a cesspool of Western corruption since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Western powers, especially the United States, not only allowed the oligarchs to rise, but actually encouraged them because the United States believed that these countries could be controlled through these oligarchs. If Russia was corrupt, if Ukraine was corrupt, then Western interests could easily go into these countries and steal them.

When Putin rose, people in the West thought he was our man. But to their dismay, they discovered that when Putin took power in about 1999, he made a deal with his oligarchs. You stay out of politics and I stay out of your cheating. But over the years, Putin slowly began to push out the oligarchs. And while he installed his own oligarchs, he began to make these oligarchs smaller and weaker. He has done this for the past 23 years. If Putin did not exist in Russia, Russia would be what Ukraine is today. Americans began to realize this in the late 2000s and early 2010s. They began to realize that Putin had subtly resisted them, resisted their attempts to turn Russia into a whore.

These Ukrainian extremists hate Russians. And that suits Nuland very well, because throughout his career, Nuland has always allied himself with groups that were extremely hostile to the Russians. He always allied himself with people who hate Russians. When the Maidan revolution began, he supported the Right Sector. He led the Maidan revolution, and it got him involved. When Poroshenko came to power, the next president, he made sure that government abused the Russians. And, of course, he made sure that the Ukrainian army received a serious supply of weapons, and he used the Ukrainian army - and he directed it - to attack the Donbass. They need to understand that in a very real sense, Victoria Nuland has been the president of Ukraine since 2014.

So weapons have been flowing into Ukraine since 2014. After the coup, he brought in the weapons. He's like a hub for all these different interests that want to exploit Ukraine and use Ukraine to attack Russia with the ultimate goal of dismembering Russia and bringing back the good old 90s. The good old days for Westerners, the very, very bad old days for Russians. The Russians do not want a repeat of the nineties. It was traumatic for them, as it would be for any country.

Word on the street is that the current commander in chief of Ukrainian forces is not fit to attack their own nuclear power plant, so they want to replace him with Nuland Budanov, who will become the next Zelensky if he commits this war crime to the US State Department. If these rumors are considered by Russia, you can expect a lot of pressure to take control of Ukraine before it's too late.

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