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The genocidals of the WEF themselves confirm that the revelations related to the COVID vaccine are not fake!
The genocidals of the WEF themselves confirm that the revelations related to the COVID vaccine are not fake!

The genocidals of the WEF themselves confirm that the revelations related to the COVID vaccine are not "conte"!
January 21, 2024 source

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands said: "unvaccinated" disobedients should be monitored with the digital ID

Photo: Queen Maxima and Katalin Novák, puppet president of Magyarország Zrt. the possibility of introducing slavery and the most effective mass extermination was possible! I wonder what Maxima will show to the WEF-Kato in Budapest? Did he catch that big of a fish...or something else?

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is one of the characteristic female devils of the WEF globalist/satanic mafia. If we brush aside the consciously composed propaganda articles in the Mainstream Media, the real personality of the Queen of the Netherlands is not at all the figure of the good, fairy-tale queen, but a corrupted, perverted personality who is an enthusiastic fan of the Great Reset and the trends of humanity related to it.

The person of the queen has been linked several times with pedophile orgies and ritual human sacrifices. In the political world, it is also an open secret that Her Majesty Maxima was the lover of the Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who we now know as Pope Francis.

No, unfortunately these are not "contes", but verified facts. Anyway, as far as the alleged "conteos" are concerned, interestingly, this year's 2024 WEF meeting in Davos seems to have been about confirming that all the revelations made with the COVID-19, vaccine-terrorism, climate- In relation to idiocy and digital slavery, investigators revealed one truth after another. They are not contrivances, real plans.

For example, during her speech at the World Economic Forum last week, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands stated that the classification of digital IDs and people into a mandatory digital system is a "very necessary" process that must be implemented through fire and water.

The WEF genocidals themselves attest that the revelations related to the COVID vaccine are not

"The biometric digital card is very necessary for financial services, but not only there. It is also good for school enrollment, it is also good for health control, so you can check who has already been vaccinated or who hasn't..." - said his majesty the globalist psychopath.

According to the WEF queen, the digital ID, i.e. the QR-coded Nazi badge, the Green Pass, which would be used to add people to a specific database, as well as cattle for slaughter, is suitable for providing a range of public services and suggested that this is the Green Pass system should also be used to track unvaccinated people. The Queen was unfazed by the fact that both the vaccine lie and the Green Pass project had already been exposed, proving that these satanic lunatics were still sticking to their original plans of enslaving people digitally and destroying most of humanity. (...)

Trudeau's Canadian BC government gives children safe care from fentanyl & parents are excluded, they have no say! There is NO safe dose or supply of Fentanyl for anyone! "In a clear undermining of parental rights, British Columbia recently allowed the provision of 'safer supply' fentanyl to youth across the province, regardless of whether parents are informed of or consent to the measure. The provincial government has at

least Since 2020, it has provided limited access to the safer supply of fentanyl, primarily in small-scale pilot projects.However, last August the British Columbia Center on Drug Abuse (BCCSU), an influential research organization, published protocols that allow doctors and nurses to "safely " fentanyl tablets prescribed for adults and minors The organization confirmed to me via email that the province had contracted it to produce these documents "to further support clinicians in prescribing safer care across the province."

Under Trudeau, Canada is spiraling down the drain. Is this a step towards depopulation?
Huge forest fires in Canada caused not by climate change but by hired mentally ill arsonists The court found a man responsible for 14 deliberately lit forest fires last year.
In Canada, a Quebec man was found guilty of causing fourteen forest fires last year.
38-year-old Brian Paré pleaded guilty to starting the fires, which the Mainstream Media and overzealous climate idiots attributed to "climate change" as global warming.
According to the CBC, Paré pleaded guilty to 13 counts of arson and one count of arson directly endangering life in a court in central Quebec.

He would be the real "climate change"! Brian Paré, the arson climate idiot.

When he was finally apprehended, he told the police that he had set the fire to check whether the forest had really dried up due to climate change.

The serial arson of the pyromaniac psychopath began in May and lasted until September.

Last year, Canada suffered its worst wildfire season on record.

Smoke from Canadian wildfires has engulfed and suffocated much of North America.

The dangerous smoke from the burned forests spread for months, and New York and several big cities downwind were often covered in a cloud of yellow fog.

In the international cooperation, firefighters from other countries helped Canada put out the flames.

Two of the fires started by Paré forced the evacuation of about 500 homes in Chapais, Quebec, a small community about 265 miles northwest of Quebec City.

The city's residents were only allowed to return home on June 3, prosecutor Marie-Philippe Charron said in court, according to the CBC.

One such fire at Lake Cavan burned more than 2,000 hectares of forest and was the largest of the fires recognized by Paré. (...)
BREAKING: US Congress targets World Economic Forum (WEF) with anti-Davos bill US slams WEF: Revived 'Defund Davos' law aims to curb elitism, excesses and excesses in agriculture and free speech from 2024 summit. The bill aims to stop the flow of tax forints intended for the Global Forum.


In a bold move that signals growing concern over the influence of the World Economic Forum (WEF), a group of House Republicans led by Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) reintroduced the aptly named "The Defund Davos Act" last Friday to end US funding to the WEF.

The bill, which highlights a long-overdue and growing shift in American political attitudes, seeks to block spending on the WEF from agencies such as the State Department and USAID, which have contributed more than $9 million since 2013.


Rep. Tom Tiffany (WI) and others, including Reps., co-sponsored this legislative effort. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Diana Harshbarger (R-TN), Andy Ogles (R-TN), and Matt Rosendale (R-MT) are taking a clear stand against the shady, elitist agenda of the WEF, which last week in Davos, Switzerland. was fully demonstrated at the summit.

Rep. Perry criticized the idea of ​​American taxpayers funding the annual ski trips of what he described as "insular, global elitists," calling such spending "absurd" and "reprehensible." The bill focuses on preventing US tax dollars from supporting the WEF's efforts to usurp US laws and protections...and then some.


I found much of the Davos Summit to be Orwellian. What was above is now below, doublespeak abounds and standing up for good is undermined, for example by pushing "ecocide" as an agenda against everything and everyone that puts food on our table.

As I mentioned in my recent Substack coverage of the WEF's 54th Annual Summit in Davos, "environmentalists" at the event called for "ecocide" laws to punish "crimes against nature."

As someone who knows the concept of "crimes against nature" and has campaigned against it for years - farming, hunting, fishing and living off the land have NEVER been part of that definition. Never.

Deforestation, air pollution, pesticides, chemicals, geoengineering, 5G, cell towers, Agent Orange, etc.

What a way to screw up good advocacy.

In addition, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urged a joint fight against "disinformation" to advance their "climate and economic" agenda.

This means silencing you and me for speaking the Truth, especially once the planned "pandemic", Disease X, is released.


It was precisely these Davos presentations and statements in recent days that once again encouraged conservative members of the House of Representatives to provide additional support. Passage of the bill faces challenges, particularly in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

My view is that any legislator who does not support this bill is a traitor to America. This is so serious. However, the mere introduction of such legislation is a clear indication of the changing political environment and the growing scrutiny of organizations like the WEF. This legislative effort marks a pivotal point in the relationship between the US and the WEF, highlighting the growing desire to remove the ever-growing parasitic tentacles from our nation.

It's up to us to share the information about this bill, pressure our leaders to support it, and tell leaders who don't!

Find your representatives (I've been saying this cheekily lately) and let them know that we demand they pass this bill. How they vote tells us all we need to know.
WHO director calls for worldwide pandemic convention To prepare for the ominous "Disease X". The head of the World Health Organization has called on countries to sign the health organization's pandemic treaty to prepare the world for "Disease X," an unnamed name for a future pandemic that could be deadlier than anything humanity has ever faced.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday, Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus said he hoped the world's nations would reach a pandemic agreement by May to deal with the future threat, the New York Post reports. According to scientists' assumptions, "X-disease" can be up to twenty times more deadly than COVID-19.

According to Ghebreyesus, COVID-19 was the first X-disease and it will be important for countries around the world to better prepare for the next epidemic. The WHO added that the nickname "represents the awareness that a major international outbreak could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease."

USA Today reported that in 2018, the WHO added "Disease X" to its list of priority diseases and pathogens specifically for research. The plan includes diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome and Ebola and aims to "accelerate the availability of effective tests, vaccines and medicines" that could save lives during a major health emergency.

"There are unknown things that can happen, and everything that happens is a matter of when, not if, so we need a placeholder for diseases that we don't know about," Ghebreyesus said.

"We lost a lot of people [during COVID] because we couldn't treat them," Ghebreyesus added. "They could have been saved, but there wasn't room. There wasn't enough oxygen. So how do we have a system that can expand when needed?"

Ghebreyesus went on to suggest that the best way to prepare for such an eventuality would be to develop a treaty that countries could get behind.

"A pandemic agreement can bring together all the experiences, all the challenges we've faced so far, and all the solutions," Ghebreyesus said. "This agreement can help us better prepare for the future."

"This is a common global interest and very narrow national interests cannot stand in its way".

It is not known how many countries plan to sign the treaty.
Digital turn offs: How do tyrannical governments stifle political dissent? "No president of any party should have the sole power to shut down or take control of the Internet or any of our other channels of communication in an emergency." - Senator Rand Paul. What would prevent the US government from pressing the kill switch and shutting down telephone and Internet communications in times of so-called crisis?

After all, this is what happens all over the world.

Communications switches have become tools of tyrannical rule and oppression to suppress political dissent, shut down resistance, prevent electoral defeats, bolster military coups, and keep the population isolated, disconnected, and in the dark, both literally and figuratively.

As the Guardian writes: "From Ukraine to Myanmar, government-directed blackouts are spreading globally. In 2021, there were 182 blackouts in 34 countries... Countries in Africa and Asia have resorted to blackouts to regulate behavior, while India, particularly in conflict-torn Jammu and Kashmir region, plunged into digital darkness more than any other country last year...Civil unrest in Ethiopia and Kazakhstan has triggered internet blackouts as governments try to prevent political mobilization and prevent news of military repression from appearing".

In the age connected to the Internet, shutting down the Internet is equivalent to shutting down everything - communication, trade, travel, electricity.

Tyrants and would-be tyrants rely on this "cloak of darkness" to advance their plans.

In Myanmar, for example, the internet was shut down on the day the newly elected government was sworn in. Then the military staged a digital coup and took over. Under the guise of a communications blackout that cut the population off from the outside world and from each other, the junta "carried out night raids, breaking down doors to take away high-ranking politicians, activists and celebrities."

These government-ordered communication shutdowns not only serve to isolate, terrorize, and control the population, but also emphasize that citizens do not have freedom in the face of unlimited government power.

But David Kaye, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, explains that these "kill switches" are no longer exclusive to authoritarian regimes. "They migrated to the tools of governments that really have the rule of law".

This is what digital tyranny looks like in the technological age.

Digital authoritarianism - warns the Center for Strategic and International Studies - includes the use of information technology to monitor, suppress and manipulate the population, threatening human rights and civil liberties, as well as the basic principles of democratic and open societies - "including free movement, co-opting and undermining the right to free expression and political dissent, as well as the right to privacy, online and offline".

For those who insist it can't happen here, it can and has.

In 2005, cell service was turned off in four major New York City tunnels, ostensibly to prevent possible cell phone bombings.

In 2009, mobile signals were blocked for those attending the inauguration of President Obama - again with the same reasoning.

And in 2011, San Francisco commuters had their cell phone signals turned off, this time to prevent possible protests over the police shooting of a homeless man.

As shutdowns are getting harder to detect, who knows if this isn't still happening?

While an internet kill switch usually means shutting down the internet completely, it can also include a wide range of restrictions, such as blocking content, throttling, filtering, shutting down completely, and cutting cables.

As Global Risk Intel explains,

"Content blocking is a relatively moderate method of blocking access to a list of selected websites or applications. When users access these websites and applications, they are notified that the server was not found or that the access is denied by a network administrator. A more subtle method is throttling. Authorities throttle bandwidth to slow down the speed at which certain websites can be accessed. A slow Internet connection deters users from connecting to certain websites and does not raise immediate suspicion. Users may assume that the service of the connection is slow, but they cannot infer that this circumstance is sanctioned by the government. Filtering is another means of censoring targeted content and removes certain messages and expressions that the government does not approve of."

How often do most people who experience server errors and slow internet speeds blame it on bad service? Who would suspect the government of being behind server failures and slow internet speeds?

On the other hand, this is the same government that, in order to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, preserve the integrity of elections, and fight disinformation, has imposed all kinds of restrictions on our freedoms (lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, contact tracing programs, enhanced surveillance, censorship, overcriminalization, shadow bans, etc.) subjected us.

These tactics have become tools of domination and oppression in the Internet-dependent age.

It really doesn't matter what the justification for such bans is. No matter the rationale, the end result is the same: an expansion of government power in direct proportion to government oppression of citizens.

According to Global Risk Intel, there are many motives behind such restrictions:

"For example, the kill switch is used to censor content and limit the spread of news. This particularly affects news reports that report on police brutality, human rights violations, or educational information. Governments can also use the kill switch to prevent anti-government protesters from communicating through messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter and from organizing mass protests. Internet restrictions are therefore one way to control the flow of information and block dissent. governments argue that internet restrictions help stop the spread of fake news and strengthen national security and public safety in times of unrest."

In the age of artificial crises, states of emergency and techno-fascism, the government already has the know-how, the technology and the power.

You just need the "right" crisis to hit the kill switch.

This particular "kill switch" can be traced back to the Communications Act of 1934. Signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the act authorizes the president to suspend wireless radio and telephone services "in time of war or threat of war, public danger, disaster, or other national emergency, or in order to preserve the neutrality of the United States, "if it deems necessary in the interest of national security or national defense".

In the event of a national crisis, the president has a veritable arsenal of emergency powers that override the constitution and can be activated at a moment's notice. These powers range from declaring martial law and suspending habeas corpus to shutting down all forms of communication, restricting travel and implementing a communication switch.

This national emergency can take any form, be manipulated for any purpose, and be used to justify any end goal - all at the behest of the president.

The seeds of this ongoing frenzy were sown decades ago when George W. Bush secretly issued two executive orders authorizing the president to unilaterally declare a national emergency, loosely defined as "any event, regardless of from the site that results in an extraordinary degree of mass casualty, damage, or disruption and seriously affects the population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions of the United States".

These directives (National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20), which constitute the nation's Continuity of Government (COG) plan and do not require congressional approval, outline the actions that the President " to be undertaken in the event of a national emergency".

What actions the president will take after he declares a national emergency is hardly clear from the bare bones guidelines. But one thing is clear: In the event of a perceived national emergency, the COG directives give the president unchecked executive, legislative, and judicial powers.

The country would then be placed under martial law by default and the Constitution and Bill of Rights would be suspended.

The internet shutdown is just one part of the government's plan to shut down the nation and impose martial law.

There may be many other secret powers that presidents can exercise in so-called crisis situations without oversight from Congress, the courts, or the public. These powers do not expire at the end of the presidential term. They remain in effect, just waiting to be used or abused by the next political demagogue.

Given the government's penchant for using one national crisis after another as a weapon to expand its powers and justify all manner of government tyranny in the name of national security, it's only a matter of time before this special emergency power to shut down the internet is activated.

A total communications blackout, on the other hand, is just a more extreme version of the technological censorship we've already seen from the government and its corporate allies.

Packaged as an effort to control the spread of speculative or false information in the name of national security, restricting access to social media has become a popular tool for internet censorship.

In fact, this tactic is at the heart of several critical cases before the US Supreme Court, which are about who has the right to control, regulate or remove content shared online: the individual, corporate censors or the police state.

Nothing good can come from technical censorship.

As Glenn Greenwald writes in The Intercept,

"The glaring fallacy that always lies at the heart of pro-censorship sentiment is the gullible belief that the power of censorship can only be used to suppress views we don't like, but never our own. . . . Facebook is not a benevolent, kind, compassionate parent or a subversive, radical actor who will police our discourse to protect the weak and marginalized, or to act as a noble check on the wrongdoing of the powerful.It will almost always do the exact opposite. : they protect the powerful from those who seek to undermine the elite's institutions and reject their orthodoxies. Tech giants, like all corporations, are required by law to pursue one main goal: maximizing shareholder value. They will always use their power to appease them , who are seen as having the greatest political and economic power."

As shown in Battlefield America: The War on American People and its fictional counterpart, The Erik Blair Diaries, these censors lay the groundwork to block any "dangerous" thoughts that it can challenge the stranglehold of the power elite over our lives.

Whatever power you allow the government and its corporate agents now, for whatever reason, will at some point in the future be abused and used against you by your own self-made tyrants.

By the time we add in AI technologies, social credit systems, and wall-to-wall surveillance, we no longer need to be critical of the government to fall into the net of digital censorship.

Eventually, as George Orwell predicted, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
Video: The conservative speaker throws words in the face of the Davos globalists "It's ridiculous that you or anyone would characterize Davos as a defense of liberal democracy." Kevin Roberts, president of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, addressed the globalists at the World Economic Forum conference on Thursday and told them bluntly: "You are part of the problem, you are not the solution."

During the debate titled "What can we expect from a possible Republican administration", Roberts went after the elitists.

"I'm going to be honest," Roberts began, adding that "the agenda that every member of the [future Republican] administration should have is to make a list of everything that's ever been proposed at [the WEF] and strongly opposed".

He further urged that "anyone who is not prepared to do that and take that power away from unelected bureaucrats and give it back to the American people is not prepared to be part of the next conservative administration."

When the debate turned to Donald Trump, Roberts told the panel's host, Sir Robin Niblett, a "Distinguished Fellow" at Chatham House, that it was "ridiculous that you or anyone would characterize Davos as a defense of liberal democracy," adding: "It's equally ridiculous to use the word 'dictatorship' in Davos and aim it at President Trump... I think it's absurd".

He continued: "I'm here in Davos to explain to a lot of people in this room and those watching, with all due respect - nothing personal - that you are part of the problem."

"Political elites are telling ordinary people that the reality is 'x' when the reality is actually 'y,'" Roberts said, citing examples of open borders, immigration, gender equality and ongoing guilt-tripping. , which elites subject everyday people to because of the "existential threat" of climate change, while hypocritically flying private jets.

Look at it!

Roberts echoed some of the thoughts that Argentine President Javier Milei expressed at the conference yesterday.

Video: The conservative speaker throws words in the face of the Davos globalists

It is surprising that Roberts and Milei were even invited to the WEF. It is conceivable that the globalists will also research their enemies more closely there.

In an article written before the panel discussion, Roberts noted, "Notorious hypocrites, self-proclaimed Marxists, private-jet environmentalists, and genocidal humanitarians want to hear from the Heritage Foundation how they can 'rebuild trust' with ordinary Americans against whom they have weaponized their institutions."

Usually only Klaus Schwabb fantasizes about giving everyone brain implants and abolishing democratic elections.

Video: The conservative speaker throws words in the face of the Davos globalists
Repo and the global monetary reset If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that grow up around them will strip the people of all their wealth while their children wake up stateless on the continent their fathers conquered. - Thomas Jefferson
My Lenovo laptop died a few weeks ago. First, the camera broke. Then the fingerprint sensor didn't work. It gradually started to slow down and shut down until I had to press the button several times to get it to start. It didn't start at all on Christmas Day. I ran the checks and found that the motherboard had fried around the time my morning eggs crackled and popped. Fortunately, I expected this to happen at some point, so I premeditatedly bought another one and transferred all my data while still using the old laptop for my day-to-day computing needs. When it finally broke, I took out the new one and continued working.

It's a good idea to prepare for emergencies to save yourself unnecessary stress and wasted time. I think it would be a mistake to assume that the most serious stakeholders of this monetary system do not see its impending demise. I mean there is a highway to stupidity, but how come the Central Intelligence Agency is not prepared and has no plan for what they absolutely must know is coming their way? When it comes to survival, people protect their own, and Jonas Salk's Survival of the Wise is one conceivable strategy. In fact, the only way for stakeholders with similar wealth and power to emerge from a collapse is to slyly bag others who are not so vigilant while shifting the blame to them.

Repo and the global monetary reset

Last week I wrote about two different monetary systems: debt-backed and gold-backed as diametric opposites. Today I'm writing about the repo market and the 2019 repo crisis as it shows signs of trouble again. As the motherboard is to the computer, so the repo market is to our loan collateral monetary system. This is the main circuit board that supports all the main components. It is used by primary dealers, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds.

According to Moorad Choudhry's book The REPO Handbook, the repo market was introduced by the Federal Reserve just five years after its creation as the Fed's main tool for open market operations. It has been the central part of the system since 1918. At first it was used to trade in bills of exchange and later in treasury securities. As a conductor conducts an orchestra, the Fed needs this market to withdraw liquidity (when there is a surplus of cash) and add liquidity (when there is a shortage of cash) to the banking system. The U.S. Treasury repo market and the U.S. Treasury bond market are the world's largest debt capital markets, and both are faltering.

A repo is a repurchase agreement. This occurs when one party sells short-term securities (collateral) for cash and agrees to buy the collateral back at a higher price later. The International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) defines ideal collateral as (1) free from credit and liquidity risks and (2) sellable at a predictable value in the event of default. That way, if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can seize the collateral and sell it to recoup its losses. But what if there is nothing to collect? Almost every security in the market is another form of debt, backed by an obligation that no one questions.

If not debt, then securities are contracts for physical things like gold created using fractional reserve banking, derivatives, and leverage. Let me be clear, real collateral is not digital or paper gold with no real collateral behind it. In safe lending theory, a mortgage should be backed by a house, but somewhere in the evolution of our system, collateral became the debt that should have been backed by the debt. In other words, the market has become cancerous and its "cells" have gone wild. They mutated and began to grow uncontrollably, spreading to other parts of the body.

Our medical system fights cancer with radiation bombs. This kills the good bacteria and pretty much destroys the immune system in the process. There's really no other way to eradicate dysfunctional cells and processes, so the hope is that radiation (a) stops and reverses the cancer, and (b) the body regenerates itself and rebuilds immunity. However, this doesn't always work, and if the cancer progresses to stage four or five, you know what's happening. In the monetary system, cancer is stage four or five. Ordinary people are now obstructing the functioning of the system, similar to how ordinary cells become cancerous and no longer respond to the natural signals of cell growth and death.

Something happened to the repo market in 2019, before the Covid-19 epidemic broke out and shut down the world. On September 17th, repo rates jumped massively during the day, and the Fed turned on the dollar printer like never before, and they haven't stopped since. What was interesting about the spike in the repo market was that it happened to happen after JPMorgan's metals division was accused of being a criminal syndicate. Three gold and other precious metals traders at JPMorgan Chase have been indicted by the US Department of Justice for market manipulation. Liquidity dried up in the banking system and repo rates jumped from 2% the previous week to 10%.

Things may not be what they seem and the stakeholders in the credit system are in the process of moving all their monetized assets from the old broken credit system to something new, just like I did with my laptop. It's easy to do that when you print lots of fiat for war. Only when the transfer is complete can they pull the rug out from under the US stock market, prompting investors to run into bonds. This may stabilize the dollar for a while, but eventually the bondholders will be hit by either default or a devaluation of the dollar. Banks would go bankrupt as a result; many people would lose their jobs, pensions and benefits; and the new monetary system would begin.

I encourage you to watch this short animated story called I Want The Earth (plus 5%). This explains the current collateralized banking system in layman's terms. One hundred plus NOTHING is not equal to 105. Charging interest on nothing - the fractional reserve banking system - makes repayment impossible, giving great power to those who create fiat from nothing. If nothing else, it is used to transfer wealth. This story was written by Larry Hannigan the year I was born, 1971, and the year Nixon abandoned the gold standard. Banks create credit, not money. Fiat is NOT for saving or storing wealth. If you store your savings in fiat, you lose in the debit-credit accounting system.
Winter troubles - the green New Deal turns deadly More than 150 million Americans are under a winter cold weather alert due to life-threatening temperatures. All states except Hawaii have issued some form of advisory for residents as nearly 80% of the country faces below-freezing weather. Extreme weather highlights the importance of fossil fuels as there is NO reliable alternative.

Texas is on the verge of another power grid failure in the ERCOT system. About 11,000 Texas residents were without power on Monday. In 2021, a winter storm devastated the state, leaving millions without power and killing hundreds, prompting state leaders to move even further away from renewable energy sources. Gov. Abbott blamed reliance on solar and wind power for putting the state in a dead end and called the Green New Deal "a deadly deal for the United States of America."

Texas Wind Farms Freeze

EV owners across the country are already feeling the effects. Tesla owners in the Chicago area were unable to charge their vehicles due to the extreme cold. Freezing temperatures have left gas stations crowded with uncharged and abandoned cars, creating a challenge for owners. Cold weather is generally detrimental to the ability of electric vehicles to charge properly, as the battery must be preconditioned to accept fast charging.

Yet the US government wants to introduce electric school buses and military vehicles.

Winter troubles - the green New Deal turns deadly

California plans to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035 under Advanced Clean Cars II. which prohibits the sale of ALL gas-powered cars. California has regularly seen its power grid weakened by extreme weather. In the summer of 2022, California's independent system operator called for "voluntary energy conservation" during the upcoming Labor Day weekend due to a failed power grid. Residents are asked not to charge their cars between 4pm and 9pm when demand peaks. "If left untreated, the energy required by many electric vehicles charging at once during the evening hours will amplify existing peak loads and potentially exceed the current capacity of the grid to meet demand," Cornell University's College of Engineering said.

Winter troubles - the green New Deal turns deadly

The state estimates that 1.2 million charging stations will be needed by 2030, but they currently have only 80,000 charging stations. California does not have the infrastructure to implement this zero emissions ban without upsetting the entire electric grid. So EVs alone have the potential to bring down California's power grid.

It is clear that we are living in a period of global cooling and not warming. This is part of nature's cycle - we cannot interfere. The globalists have landed in Davos in their private jets to discuss climate change and how to eliminate the least desirable carbon dioxide - you. They plan to limit the population's use of basic resources, forcing people around the world to suffer in the belief that they must go without in order to save the world.

The New Green Deal has become deadly in America, and any climate change initiative threatens civilization in general. Globalists will never convince freethinkers that they must save the planet by limiting the essential resources that are essential to keep certain states and nations habitable.
German MEP Christine Anderson: Throughout human history, there has never been a political elite that was concerned about the well-being of ordinary people "For God's sake, don't comply. Start rebelling. They're out to get you if you don't resist."
German MEP Christine Anderson: The so-called "pandemic" was a beta test - carried out by unelected globalists - to see how easy it would be to take totalitarian control under the pretext of a global "emergency".

"Ultimately, the goal is to turn our free and democratic societies into totalitarian societies. Their goal is to strip us all of our basic rights, freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. They want to get rid of it all."

"In all of human history, there has never been a political elite concerned about the welfare of ordinary people, and it is no different now."
Farmers on the brink of the great reset Ernst Wolff's commentary on the farmers' protests: The cancellation of the diesel discount was the straw that broke the camel's back for the farmers. Their protest summarizes the concerns of the entire SME sector. Politics is completely disconnected from the reality of people's lives. Financial expert Ernst Wolff puts the current developments related to the farmers' protests in Germany into a broader context. In his opinion, there is much more involved than the abolition of tax incentives.

Tedros, the head of the WHO, explained last year: "Our food systems harm the health of people and the planet. Food systems are responsible for more than 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and nearly a third of the global burden of disease. Transforming food systems is therefore essential." The UN's 2030 Agenda, adopted in 2015, states: "We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps urgently needed to move the world on a path towards sustainability and resilience..." Here it

becomes to make it clear that current politics is not the real problem: it is the global transformation and increasing monopolization of food supply under the guise of climate protection. Financial expert Ernst Wolff analyzes the current developments surrounding the farmers' protests as follows:

Hello, I'm Ernst Wolf. The German Farmers' Association, together with the provincial farmers' associations, is calling for a nationwide week of action from January 8, the culmination of which will be the large demonstration in Berlin on January 15. The official reason is the government coalition's planned elimination of tax incentives for agricultural diesel and vehicle tax.

Farmers' anger is not surprising considering that they have been under increasing pressure for years. As a result, more and more small and medium-sized farms have to give up and make way for large agricultural companies. Expressed in numbers, the situation is as follows: While there were still around 390,000 farms in Germany in 1995, in 2020, a quarter of a century later, there were only around 240,000. The data for the European Union are even more alarming. Between 2005 and 2020, i.e. in just 15 years, the number of farms will decrease from 14.4 million to 9.1 million. This corresponds to a decrease of approximately 37 percent. As can be seen, a rapidly advancing concentration process took place in both agriculture and industry at the expense of small and medium-sized enterprises, and thus a strong redistribution took place from the bottom up.

In the last three years, the situation of farmers has become even more acute. In addition to the structural change already described, supply chains also collapsed as a result of the closures. In addition, the lack of tokens has made it more difficult to maintain and repair agricultural machinery, road tolls and CO2 taxes have increased, fertilizers have become more expensive, especially as a result of the war in Ukraine, and borrowing has become more difficult due to the increase in interest rates by the European Central Bank. But that's not all. This barrage of problems has also worsened. Namely through new and new bureaucratic rules and regulations. Almost all in the name of the climate. However, it is no coincidence that more and more farmers lose the fight for survival and become victims of international agricultural companies.

We are currently experiencing a global economic and social turning point, the dawn of the digital age. However, we are led into this era by a vanishingly small minority. And without the majority having any input. This minority, a cartel of huge financial and IT companies, is pursuing a number of goals that are now being referred to as the "Great Reboot". They want to register all of us biometrically, they want to force new money on us, i.e. digital central bank money, and they want to completely reorganize agriculture. He wants to achieve all this with the so-called intelligent management. This includes the automation of the work of tractors and equipment, the use of drones or work robots, and the use of artificial intelligence, for example through the use of algorithms in crop production. But that's not all.

The Great Start in the field of agriculture is primarily based on the results of synthetic biology, i.e. genetically modified seeds and, more recently, meat grown in the laboratory. All of this is sold to us by the protagonists of the Great Reboot as actions they are taking in our interest to combat climate change. Seeds are supposed to be manipulated to make plants resilient to climate change. And lab-grown meat should replace normal meat. Because cattle, pigs and sheep emit too much methane. All this is not satire, but bitter reality. Behind this is a billion-dollar business, in which many large investors have already entered. But this also means the complete subordination of agriculture to these investors. Because the licenses and patents for both climate-resistant seeds and climate-neutral, laboratory-grown meat do not go to the farmers, but to the representatives of the cartel. We should realize that smart agriculture will do as little to save the world as the rest of the climate agenda. Smart farming is nothing more than big business for the benefit of a tiny minority, and it means the end of agriculture as we know it. Politicians play a particularly inglorious role in this fatal development, as they have almost completely subjugated themselves to the Great Reset agenda.

The Greens, who currently hold the Ministry of Economy and Agriculture, have proven to be the biggest opponents of farmers within the German traffic light coalition. They seem to know no bounds when it comes to cornering farmers more and more and rolling out the red carpet for big investors.

But what does the farmers' association think about this development? It's hard to believe, but the farmers' association is not only powerless against this, but even encourages it. Its website states that it supports all of the UN's climate goals and climate summit objectives, and fully supports their CO2 program. It was even among the exhibitors and sponsors at the Green Party conference in Karlsruhe in November. But what prompted the farmers' association to call for a week of action in January 2024 combined with a large-scale demonstration? Presumably especially the growing discontent of small and medium-sized farms, which has manifested itself in a number of local and regional protest actions in recent weeks and months, which in turn threaten to erupt into conflagration. It can therefore be assumed that the farmers' association does not respond to the protests entirely voluntarily, but out of sheer self-preservation, and is forced to give in to pressure from below.

Does this mean that these objections should be dismissed? No, on the contrary. If they really want to help farmers, they need to use the whole of next week to provide them with factual information, so that they realize that there is much more to this than the removal of tax breaks, that they want to deprive them of the foundations of their entire profession, and that if if they want to successfully defend themselves against the Great Reboot, then they cannot leave their fate in the hands of farmers' union officials.
The World Economic Forum (WEF) - who controls from the background? A global conspiracy? Who is behind the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Kla.TV's documentary mercilessly exposes the actual plans of the WEF and its entire management. You can also find out which people from your country are implementing the World Economic Forum (WEF) program and have been strategically trained by WEF.

WEF in a Nutshell

The most important points are listed and summarized below:

WEF is not just a Swiss foundation founded and built by an independent person, Klaus Schwab.
During his years at Harvard Business School in 1966/1967, Schwab came under the influence of his professor, Henry Kissinger.

The "European Management Symposium" - the predecessor of the WEF -
was born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program led by Henry Kissinger and established in Switzerland with the support of John Kenneth Galbraith and Herman Kahn.
All three are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) think tank.
Everyone associated with the foundation or senior management structure of the WEF is a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or the Trilateral Commission, or several of these organizations at the same time.

All these organizations are controlled by the same background figures and their successors, such as David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Laurence Douglas "Larry" Fink or David Rubenstein, as well as many other wealthy global economic actors.
When it was founded in 1971, the WEF was tasked with implementing the New World Order (NWO) agenda worldwide with the help of major global corporations.
In the meantime, the entire elite of global conglomerates gathered here.

The above-mentioned world leaders made the World Economic Forum (WEF) one of the most decisive centers of influence in world politics.
The WEF has launched various initiatives to promote globalization and prepare the ground for a future centralized world dictatorship.
The most important such organizations include the Club of Rome in relation to the climate dictatorship, the GAVI vaccination association in relation to the vaccination dictatorship, and the October 2019 pandemic exercise "EVENT 201" in relation to the crown dictatorship, the Great Restart, and transhumanism.

But actors such as China and Russia also serve to implement the WEF's plans and are at the forefront of their promotion.
The "Great Reboot" announced by the founder of the WEF aims to lead the entire world into a new digital age driven by artificial intelligence.
The Great Reset means a world in which no one owns anything anymore, in which everyone is under constant surveillance, in every sense they have lost their independence and can therefore be controlled.
The program of transhumanism - the fusion of the human body and the digital sphere - opens the door to the manipulation, control and control of humanity, building the way for a centralized world dictatorship.

So much for the most important points.

Given that the threads of the WEF run to the same networked control centers and senior figures, and that the goals of the WEF initiatives outlined here are unmistakably in the service of a global plan, we can indeed speak of a global conspiracy.
This is not a global conspiracy by a few protagonists such as the US government, Russia or China, but by a few global leaders.

What they have in common is that they all belong closely to the secret association of Freemasonry.
One of the most powerful, globally dominant lodges named "THREE EYES" was founded by David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzeziński.
Patriot goes to Davos and whips the globalists at the WEF You are also part of the problem! A rare moment unfolded at the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual summit in Davos this week when a patriot infiltrated the exclusive club and went sledgehammer to their radical globalist agenda.
Heritage Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts took part in a panel discussion where he attacked the crowd of global elites.

Rather than promoting theories and agenda items, Roberts listed a number of facts that struck a chord with patriots around the world.

He blasted the unelected body for trying to usurp the sovereignty of nations around the world and responded to repeated suggestions that President Donald Trump is a "dictator."

Dr. Roberts was invited to a panel discussion at the WEF on Thursday.

He objected to the WEF's insistence that globalist elites were "protecting democracy" and argued that they were actually "part of the problem".

"I'm here in Davos to explain to a lot of people in this room and those watching, with all due respect - nothing personal - that you are part of the problem," he told the crowd of globalists.

"Political elites tell ordinary people that reality is 'x', when reality is actually 'y'".

A moderator asked Roberts what he thought of the WEF's advocacy of "liberal democracy."

Roberts retorted that it was "ridiculous that you or anyone else would describe Davos as 'defending liberal democracy'."

He continued,

"The elites are telling us that open borders and even illegal immigration are fine.

"The average person is telling us in the United States that both are robbing them of the American way of life.

"The elites also tell us that public safety is not a problem in America's big cities."

"All you have to do is travel to New York, Washington, or Dallas, Texas."

"The average person will say that the lack of public safety is not only hurting the American way of life, it's hurting their lives as well."

"The elites are telling us that we are in an existential crisis because of so-called 'climate change,'" he added.

"The solutions, as the average person knows, cost more lives - especially in Europe at a time when heating is needed - than the problems themselves.''

Roberts then criticized the globalist group for cozying up to China's communist regime, even though "the Earth the number one enemy of free people on the planet."

When asked,

"I think it's absurd," he declared.

Towards the end of his speech, Roberts told the forum:
"I'm going to be honest and say that the agenda for every single member of the [next] government is to compile a list of everything that's ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum and put them all in their entirety must be objected".


"Anyone who is not prepared to take power from unelected bureaucrats and return it to the American people is not prepared to be part of the next conservative administration," the head of the Heritage Foundation later wrote in a post on X.
The Queen of the Netherlands demands that digital IDs follow vaccination status Queen Máxima of the Netherlands called on the globalist elite at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos to roll out plans for global "digital identity cards" to ensure tracking of individuals' "vaccination status" and other private information.

The Queen of the Netherlands made her demands during a panel discussion at the WEF's annual event in Switzerland this week.

Queen Máxima has been UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' Special Advocate for Inclusive Development Financing (UNSGSA) since 2009.

Guterres, who says people should live in mud huts to meet the WEF's "Net Zero" agenda, has also led a campaign to link "digital IDs" to individuals' bank accounts to track public spending.

Speaking to WEF elites in Davos on Thursday, Queen Máxima said governments around the world should introduce "biometric digital IDs" for the public.

According to his argument, the IDs can be used to track "who got the vaccine and who didn't".

Perhaps more alarmingly, he suggested that "digital identity cards" would require members of the public to "receive subsidies from the government".

Throughout the panel discussion, the basic premise was that the imposition of mandatory "digital identity cards" on society "serves the greater good".

"When I started this job, there were actually very few countries in Africa or Latin America that had a single ubiquitous type of identity card, and it must have been digital, and it must have been biometric," Máxima told the globalist elite.

"We've really worked with all of our partners to really help it roll out, and what's interesting about it is, yes, it's very necessary for financial services, but not only.

" vaccine or not, it's good to get the subsidies from the government," he added.


Queen Máxima has also been a leading proponent of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to increase "financial inclusion."

CBDCs and digital The adoption of ID cards is essential for governments to implement social credit point systems modeled after Communist China in the West.

Such a system could be used to socially influence the public's spending habits and force compliance with unpopular programs.

As reported by Slay News, the The unelected globalists of the WEF and the UN have been pushing for some time

In 2020, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) CEO and WEF member Agustin Carstens bleakly stated that CBDCs will allow governments and financial institutions to track and control people's spending.

Carstens boasts that by eliminating cash and using CBDCs, governments and financial oligarchs will be able to track purchases globally and see exactly who is buying what.

Speaking to the WEF elite, he also said that they could achieve their old goal of "absolute control" over financial transactions.

"We don't know who uses a $100 bill today, and we don't know who uses a 1,000 peso bill today," said the Mexican financier, lamenting the anonymity of cash.

"The key difference with a CBDC is that the central bank will have absolute control over the rules and regulations that define the use of this expression of central bank responsibility," Carstens said.

"And we will have the technology to enforce it," he added.


Meanwhile, the UN has committed to promoting the introduction of digital identity cards.

In December, the UN launched a campaign to promote and accelerate the development of a global digital government infrastructure that will serve as "a critical accelerator for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."

The UN's digital identity card campaign is implemented in cooperation with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In June, the UN's World Health Organization (WHO) accepted the EU's digital vaccination passport system.

The system was developed by the block during the Covid epidemic in order to track the willingness of the population to be vaccinated.

The same system has now been transformed into a global digital identity project to address "ongoing and future health threats".

Government agencies in Europe, Canada and the US, such as DHS, are also launching digital ID initiatives with the full support of Democrats.

They seek to track information flow, travel, immigration and citizenship status, employment, residency status, health, and more.

Fauci's testimony on Capitol Hill was that of a guilty man
Fauci's testimony on Capitol Hill was that of a guilty man

Fauci's Capitol Hill Testimony Was That of a Guilty Man
Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH January 21, 2024 Source

Dr. McCullough speaks about the truth after a US congressional panel discussion following former NIAID director.

Along with Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Kirk Milhoan, I testified before a US congressional panel on January 12, 2024. This followed a two-day investigation of former NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci by the US House of Representatives' subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic. Fauci was reportedly evasive, saying "I don't know" or "I don't remember" more than a hundred times.

Fauci's testimony on Capitol Hill was that of a guilty man

On January 19, 2024, I told Corri and Allan Hunsberger of Talk Truth that during our testimony, as physicians who have fully faced the pandemic, both outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 disease and now with the serious side effects caused by the COVID-19 vaccines, we did not shy away from the questions and answered all of the committee's questions honestly and honestly.

What has been reported about Fauci's testimony suggests that he is a guilty man. A witness, subject, or target who is truly guilty of an atrocity will evade and do everything possible to conceal his involvement in what happened. It is likely that when all the evidence is fully considered, we will recognize the following:

Fauci likely participated in the design and creation of the SARS-CoV-2 chimeric virus with Dr. Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ( and his team), along with Dr. Peter Daszak, head of the EcoHealth Alliance, and Chinese virologist Dr. Shi Zhengli and his research team at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The final conclusions will probably be:

Fauci's testimony on Capitol Hill was that of a guilty man

1. Fauci conspired with Baric to withhold the genetic code of Baric's 2015-2016 published virus (SARS-like WIV-1 CoV) because it closely resembled the "ancient" Wuhan strain of SARS-CoV-2 infecting the world.

Fauci's testimony on Capitol Hill was that of a guilty man

Menachery et al.'s manuscript describing the construction of the SARS-CoV-2 prototype, statement of the gain-of-function methods used, acknowledges NIH NIAID funding and approval, and acknowledges the EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Insitute of Virology .

2. Fauci conspired with a group of scientists, including Kristian Andersen, PhD, to deceive the world about the origin of SARS-CoV-2 with the first of 12 fraudulent articles promoting the "natural" origin of the virus.

3. Fauci presided over a disastrous pandemic response characterized by: 1) the suppression of early outpatient multidrug protocols that could have saved countless hospitalizations and deaths, 2) unpredictably ineffective public health policies of social distancing, lockdowns, and other infection control measures, 3) the mass vaccination debacle that resulted in catastrophic injury, disability, and death after injection.

As the global atrocity unfolds in real time, several books have been published outlining the timeline, co-conspirators and facts that will seal the cases against those involved in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex, the organization that which damaged so many lives during the pandemic. Below are some of these works:

Operation COVID: What Happened, Why It Happened, and What's Next Paperback - October 13, 2020 by Pamela A Popper (Author), Shane D Prier (Author)

COVID-19 and Global Predators: We Are the Prey Paperback - September 30, 2021 by Peter Roger Breggin (Author), Ginger Ross Breggin (Author)

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children's Health Defense) Hardcover - November 16, 2021 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author)

THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing hospitalization and death in the fight against the bio-pharma complex Paperback - May 4, 2022 by John Leake (Author ), Peter A. McCullough MD (Author)

Deception: The Great Covid Cover Up Hardcover - October 10, 2023 by Rand Paul (Author)

What?  The CDC knew early on that vaccines were already killing young people and refused to inform the public of this reality? This is criminal bullshit, this is CDC official bullshit! Bill
Rice Jr. has hit deep enemy territory here & I love, admire this man, please support him! they were not simple mistakes; they were deliberate fraud and deception...
"The corruption of our public health apparatus demands a similar investigation. What did they know about it and when did they know it? As the Covid regime calls for a 'pandemic amnesty', the Epoch Times report adds to the growing body of evidence that their wrongdoings are not were simple mistakes, but deliberate fraud and deception.Three

more scandals to add to our never-ending list of scandals

With so many choices out there, it's a challenge to identify the most shocking scandal of our Covid...

CDC official Dr. Demetre Daskalakis reportedly wrote a draft in which the warned of myocarditis risks in young people, but the statement was never released. The doctor then became an enthusiastic supporter of children getting the vaccine. This is somehow not a scandal.
'With so many high-profile decisions, it's challenging to identify the most shocking scandal of our Covid era.

Our jaw-dropping scandal list however, at the top should be the scandal that our trusted public health officials continue to encourage healthy children and teenagers to receive unsafe and ineffective non-vaccines.

Today, the Brownstone Institute adds another layer to this scandal by shedding light on a story that (of course) received no attention from the captive "watchdog" press. According to important journalism by The Epoch Times, the CDC knew early on that vaccines were already killing young people and refused to inform the public of this reality.

Shockingly - although this probably won't shock my readers - it turns out that one or more people at the CDC wrote a "draft report" warning of possible (fatal) myocarditis risks in young people - but the draft warning was discarded and never was made public.

A CDC official of color named Dr. Demetre Daskalakis is said to have written the unpublished draft. Adding to the scandal are anecdotes that the official who wrote the unpublished draft later played a leading role in pushing for vaccinations to be given to healthy children.

The CDC and the US health establishment have doubled down on their guidance that everyone should get the vaccinations - even children and teenagers who have essentially zero percent risk of dying from Covid.


The following excerpts from the Brownstone summary provide the lowdown on yet another story that isn't even a story (I added the bold):

"CDC Withholds May 2021 'Myocarditis and mRNA Vaccines Warning' That Linked Cardiitis and Covid-19 warned of a link between the vaccine, the Epoch Times reported.

"... The agency never issued the warning; instead, its authors pushed vaccines across the country for all ages... The proposed alert came in response to two fatal myocarditis deaths in Israel after the Pfizer vaccine and repeated warnings from the Department of Defense.

"... At that time, the vast majority of American teenagers did not receive a Covid vaccine. No state had a vaccination rate above 20% among 12-17 year olds. In California, 90% of this age group remained unvaccinated.

".. .For the next two years, Dr. Daskalakis and his colleagues pushed the vaccine for all ages and deliberately withheld the publication of the myocarditis warning. Instead, the CDC sent out repeated alerts encouraging the Covid-19 vaccine for everyone.

"... Two months after the unpublished warning, the CDC sent an alert to doctors to "remind patients that the vaccine is recommended for everyone 12 years of age and older, even those who have had a previous SARS-CoV-2 infection."

"... The propaganda efforts, along with President Biden's mandates, have been successful. By May 2023, the vast majority of American teenagers will have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. Vaccination rates among 12- to 17-year-olds in California jumped from 10% to 84%, according to the CDC, and one in five received an additional booster.

"Vaccination rates for 12-17-year-olds increased from 3% to 47% in Mississippi, from 15% to 87% in Virginia, and from 19% to 94% in Vermont from May 2021 to May 2023.

"... In this period, Dr. Daskalakis repeatedly avoided voicing concerns about the risk of myocarditis. "So excited for my #Covid19 reminder on Monday! I love vaccines!" - he posted on Twitter in September 2022. In October 2023, he posted a photo of himself receiving another Covid vaccine.

"... In January 2022, Walke joined Dr. Rochelle Walensky in a CDC television briefing recommending a "safe and effective vaccine" for "all children five years of age and older." In March 2022, Brooks blamed "unvaccinated people" for "the emerging [ Covid] as a source of variants.” (Me: More on this “guidance” below)


As Brownstone and The Epoch Times note, every mainstream news organization and public health official has never stopped peddling the message that America has a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" (Readers may recall hearing this improvisation of "sound science" ).

I, for one, never believed that. I always thought (knew) that pandemic naysayers somehow played up the vaccination numbers to spread the narrative that only unvaccinated people die from Covid (after vaccines are introduced in December 2020).

Steve Kirsch's Unmissable Video on Nurse Whistleblowers...

Last night I watched Steve Kirsch's video presentation for three hours about ten nurses and health care providers who provided first hand evidence that almost everything we were told in hospitals about Covid victims was blatant lies.

Several of these brave and persuasive whistleblowers provided examples of how the alleged numbers of "unvaccinated" Covid victims were inflated.

As for the "vaccination status" of hospital patients, it was found that the company producing the software used by 85 percent of the hospitals did not include a coding classification for the "unknown" category.

Also, if a patient did not receive TWO vaccinations 14 days prior to hospital admission, these hospital patients were listed as "unvaccinated" in official reports.

In other words, all official protocols appear to be designed to inflate the number of "unvaccinated" patients with poor outcomes (including death). Or to put it another way, the real goal was to cover up the number of vaccinated patients who were still hospitalized and died.

According to these nurses, most of the patients who first contracted Covid (with a dubious PCR test) and then allegedly died from Covid were vaccinated.

As Kirsch noted, it was not a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" but apparently a "pandemic of the vaccinated" - the exact opposite of what we were told!

Also, by my calculations, every single one of Steve's whistleblowers agreed with the assessment that at least "90 percent" of the alleged "Covid victims" died because of the crazy and nonsensical Covid protocols - not the virus.

To recap these particular scandals...

So from these Brownstone and Epoch Times articles and Steve Kirsch's must-see video, there are at least three jaw-dropping scandals:

1. The CDC knew that children and teenagers didn't need vaccines and that these injections people are already being killed and the agency withheld this information, and continued to force vaccinations on this group. ("Informed consent"... No.)

2. The vast majority of hospital patients who died of "Covid" were actually killed by countless and terrifying medical protocols. (Another unanimous opinion of the participants interviewed in the video is that the last place anyone wanted to be after March 15, 2020 was a hospital).

3) Reports of the so-called "world epidemic of the unvaccinated" were false; many more vaccinated citizens contracted this virus and died later than the public was told. In fact, the information we were given was a massive and coordinated lie. And/or: We were not told what we should have been told.

I like how Brownstone ended its article:

"Fifty years ago, the sharpest questions in the Watergate hearings came from Senator Howard Baker: ``What did the president know, and when did he know it?'' The seemingly simple question encompassed the entire scandal.

"Our public health apparatus. its corruption demands a similar investigation. What did they know and when did they know about it? As the Covid regime calls for a "pandemic amnesty," the Epoch Times report adds to the growing body of evidence that their misdeeds were not simple mistakes, but deliberate fraud and deception.

"They knew the risks and withheld the information from the American people. Deprived of informed consent, millions of citizens took the injections while doctors like Demetre Daskalakis denied them the right to know the risks of the product."

The lessons learned from the myocarditis vaccine scandal and the Steve Kirsch whistleblowers together suggest an almost unfathomable scale of ongoing corruption and lies.

As I continue to see things, one lesson from the Covid scandals should resonate with the world public: The authorities and public health "experts" should only be entrusted with their own responsibility.
Epidemic forecasting models overestimated potential infection numbers during the COVID Lockdown controversy An Imperial College London model predicted 40 million deaths in the first year of COVID-19, while the real number totaled 6.9 million. A new study reveals that flawed epidemic modeling techniques may overestimate the number of people infected during a pandemic - leading to unnecessary measures such as lockdowns and mass vaccination campaigns.

A peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Physics Complexity on January 9 linked existing models for predicting epidemics to the structure of social networks between people. The most widely used prediction method is the "compartment model," which assumes "random mixing," meaning that any individual can infect any other individual. However, this is a flawed assumption that could lead to "a large overestimation of the number of infections," the study pointed out.

"People are actually connected to each other according to a social network," which is usually heterogeneous, with some people having many more connections than others.

"Covid-19 is largely driven by 'super-spreading events' (SSEs), with one estimate that fewer than 10 percent of infectious individuals are responsible for 80 percent of infections," the study said. "At some SSEs, more than 100 people were infected by a single person within a few hours".

Because social networks are heterogeneous and some people have more connections than others, this indicates that epidemic waves are smaller than what existing standard models predict.

To test this proposition, the study examined two epidemic models - one with random mixing and the other with a heterogeneous network. The analysis found that the former predicted the infection of nearly 90 percent of the individuals, while the heterogeneous model only predicted an infection rate of 20 percent.

"Not everyone has the same number of friends, family and colleagues, or goes to places where large groups of people may be present," said Dr. Samuel Johnson, associate professor of applied mathematics at the University of Birmingham, who conducted the study, according to a Jan. 9 press release .

"And the fact that superspreader events play such a significant role in the early stages of the epidemic supports the hypothesis that the real network of relationships, like many other social networks, is highly heterogeneous," he said.

He insisted that consideration of social networks should be a "fundamental part" of epidemic modeling, even when the details of such networks are not known.

Underestimation of waves of infection

The study highlighted another major error in current epidemic modeling, the underestimation of the number of waves of the epidemic.

Video:CDC Kills Heart Attack-MRNA Vaccines Alert | Facts Matter

Existing models suggest that people who recover can never be reinfected. "In reality, we know that diseases like COVID-19 can be reinfected, either because of waning immunity or because of new variants."

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen multiple waves of infection, which some experts have attributed to factors such as more infectious virus variants, waning vaccine immunity, and changing non-pharmacological interventions (NPIs). However, these waves can be explained by modeling errors, according to the study.

"Once an epidemic has subsided naturally, it is often assumed that herd immunity should have occurred and the population is no longer at risk unless immunity wanes or transmissibility increases significantly."

But even after the first wave of infections subsides, a "large pool of susceptible individuals" remains. And even if herd immunity is achieved, these individuals can infect other people and start new waves of infection, the research found.

The study thus drew three conclusions:
- Due to the heterogeneity of the network, each "wave" of a disease similar to COVID-19 may infect fewer people than we assume, even in the absence of NPIs.
- If networks are heterogeneous and change over time, this can lead to multiple waves of infection that would not be predicted by random mixing models.
- NPIs focused on avoiding super-spreading events are likely to be particularly effective in containing the outbreak.

Consequences of faulty modeling

Back in March 2020, modeling by the Imperial College London COVID-19 Response Team predicted seven billion infections and 40 million deaths in the first year of the epidemic if lockdowns were not imposed.
In an interview with The Epoch Times in November, Dr. Ari Joffe, a clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Alberta in Canada, pointed out that Imperial College's modeling of COVID-19 infections ended up creating widespread fear.

As a result, he fully supported government-ordered lockdowns at the time, as he believed that such measures would "reduce the spread of viruses and the number of deaths, as famously imprecise and tautologically modeled by Imperial College".

However, as the pandemic unfolded, Dr. Joffe began to rethink his position. "During the first few months of the lockdown, I realized that my (and similarly qualified medical colleagues') expertise was not suitable for giving advice during a pandemic".

The professor admitted he did not realize that the high-risk groups in Imperial College's modeling were people aged 70 and over and people aged 60-69 with serious co-morbidities.

"The modeling was flawed, and modeling (forecasting) in general failed during the pandemic. This was because the models were based on flawed assumptions and opaque methods," Dr Joffe said.

"If we make inaccurate assumptions (e.g., the death rate of the infection was too high; we modeled the population as homogeneous when in reality it was extremely heterogeneous in terms of risk and exposure; we modeled the epidemic as a never-ending exponential growth unlike any epidemic in history in history; the threshold for strain immunity was assumed to be too high; and so on), the model will show what we want it to show."

Doubts have been raised about the lockdowns and vaccination campaigns imposed on people by various governments, which implemented the policy citing epidemic modeling.

The study, published Jan. 6 in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, found "no clear or consistent evidence" that NPIs or vaccines "reduced the progression of the pandemic."

Speaking on "Real Time with Bill Maher" last year, Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, admitted that he was wrong when he advocated a tough pandemic lockdown policy.

"I was on the board of my children's school during COVID. I wanted a tougher lockdown policy, and in hindsight, I was wrong. The harm to the children by not being able to go to school was greater than the risk," he said.

According to Worldometer data, by January 20, 2024, more than 702 million people were infected. Total reported global deaths are 6.9 million.
Former NIH director: Vaccines can cause autism In the May 2008 video interview above, the late cardiologist Dr. Bernadine Healy -- former director of the National Institutes of Health, CEO of the American Red Cross and health editor of US News & World Report -- said that the possibility that vaccines cause autism cannot be ruled out. , and that those officials who say otherwise are wrong.

The video is worth listening to.

According to Wikipedia:
Healy became the center of controversy when he questioned the Institute of Medicine's 2004 finding that the evidence against a link between childhood vaccines and autism was conclusive.

In a nationally televised CBS interview with Sharyl Attkisson, he claimed that the government has avoided investigating whether there are susceptible sub-populations in which vaccines can cause autism, out of fear that if such a link were found between vaccines and autism, people would stop vaccinating.

Dr. Healy died of a brain tumor in 2011, sadly before he could witness the Covid bioweapon action and the severe coercion that begins in 2020 leading to death and destruction with leader-ordered lockdowns, masks and injections.

Unofficially, if crudely, one of Healy's colleagues commented: "If Bernadine had known about the Covid vaccines, he would be turning in his grave like a lathe".

Jab payments create conflicts

Outrageously, many primary care providers are paid to push Covid shots and childhood vaccinations on the public, creating potentially unethical conflicts of interest that are often not disclosed to patients or parents of vaccinated children.

So when a pediatrician demands that your child get all the vaccines, it can be hard to know that at least part of the doctor's motivation—and the failure to investigate side effects and autism—is not financial, but medical.

This situation must be changed.

If Covid vaccines are used as a weapon, what about the rest?
If Covid injections are bioweapons designed to harm people, as analysts claim, how do we know other injections are?

We need reliable ways to find out.
FDA launches new bid to dismiss high-profile Ivermectin case The attempt comes after an appeals court found that the agency likely overstepped its authority regarding warnings against ivermectin. FDA launches another attempt to dismiss high-profile Ivermectin case.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is trying to convince a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit challenging repeated advice to use ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

In a sealed motion, the FDA asked the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas to dismiss a lawsuit brought by three doctors who said the FDA's warnings were illegal.

The motion, filed in late 2023, was classified because the evidence cited by the government "contains confidential information" from a separate legal proceeding, according to the government's filing.

Government lawyers said they would make a redacted version of the motion available to the public, but have yet to do so.

Lawyers for the doctors said on January 12 that the court should reject another government request to dismiss the case.

"The FDA has overstepped its authority by repeatedly issuing public instructions not to use ivermectin for COVID-19, even though the drug remains fully licensed for human use," they wrote.

One of the instructions read: "You are not a horse. Stop taking #Ivermectin. It is not approved to treat #COVID".

The government's motion comes after an appeals court found the FDA likely overstepped its authority with the warnings.

"The FDA may inform, but has not identified, any authority that would allow it to recommend that consumers 'stop' taking the drugs," U.S. District Judge Don Willett, an appointee of then-President Donald Trump, wrote in the ruling.

Video: Exposing the FDA's Orwellian Lie About Ivermectin | Facts Matter

An appeals court sent the case back to US District Judge Jeffrey Brown, who said in 2022 that the doctors had failed to prove their claims.
In the sealed motion, the FDA asked Judge Brown, also an appointee of President Trump, to dismiss the case.

The doctors' attorneys say the FDA's motion includes an argument that the plaintiffs have not suffered any injuries attributable to the FDA that cannot be remedied by a judgment in the plaintiffs' favor.

"The FDA is wrong," the lawyers said. "Plaintiffs have suffered interference with the practice of medicine and the doctor-patient relationship, economic damages, reputational damage and increased exposure to malpractice liability, as well as disciplinary proceedings and forced resignations, all clearly attributable to the FDA's campaign against ivermectin." back, and which could be remedied by an equitable remedy".

The federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act allows the FDA to license or approve drugs for a specific use, but doctors are free to prescribe approved drugs for other purposes, in so-called "off-label" prescribing. The law does not give the FDA authority to regulate off-label use.

The plaintiffs include Dr. Robert Apter, who was investigated by two state medical associations for prescribing ivermectin to treat COVID-19. The submissions to the committees include some of the FDA's warnings against using the drug to treat COVID-19.

The FDA's position in requesting the rejection stems in part from the fact that third parties, such as pharmacies, have taken negative measures against the plaintiffs - read the description of the closed motion. They cited that the filings were "not sufficiently traceable" to the FDA's statements.

However, one piece of evidence attached by the FDA revealed that one of the submissions came from a pharmacist who cited FDA documents as the reason for "increased scrutiny" of ivermectin prescriptions. The pharmacist wrote that Dr. Apter did not provide a "valid medical reason" for prescribing ivermectin and was thus "improperly prescribing."

"The FDA is the common thread through [the] plaintiffs' grievances, which began only after the FDA began its campaign to stop the use of ivermectin for COVID-19, and which often involve express reference to FDA instructions and recommendations" - the plaintiffs' lawyers said.

They are seeking an injunction forcing the FDA to withdraw or modify its warnings. This would eliminate the justification of the parties acting against the plaintiffs - the lawyers added.
A silent epidemic is consuming American minds The sudden, unprecedented change in mental disorders has scientists worried about what it could mean. Billy was a bright 10-year-old boy with two Ivy League-educated parents. He was book smart - he got straight A's in school - but he lacked street smarts.
He was also a bad athlete. Billy often lied and cheated when playing board games or participating in team games and had a complete meltdown when he lost. His friends, who had been with him since kindergarten, began to lose patience. His parents realized that something had to be done.

So Billy's parents took him to Dr. Victoria Dunckley, a child psychiatrist who specializes in screen addiction.

After a four-week "screen fast" prescribed by Dr. Dunckley, during which all TV, phones and video games were eliminated, Billy's problems miraculously disappeared. His parents were so pleased that they decided to keep the fast.

Six months passed and Billy's friends no longer shunned him, and his athleticism had greatly improved. Billy decided to run for class president and gave a speech that would have terrified him before.

Billy is one of Dr. Dunckley's many patients whose mental and behavioral problems resolved once they eliminated or significantly reduced screen time.

Excessive use of screens has become an epidemic that is silently eroding lives with little resistance. According to a 2012 Gallup survey, about 60 percent of young adults admit to spending too much time on the Internet; in a later survey, 83 percent of smartphone users said they kept their phone close to them "nearly all the time during their waking hours."

People who spend a lot of screen time outside of work typically enjoy short videos, movies and television, social media, or video games. These screen-based forms of entertainment all provide a similar emotional experience of novelty, discovery and immediate reward. This process is both stressful and satisfying.

The problem is that screens can overstimulate our brains, resulting in perpetual stress, also known as a fight-or-flight state. This condition stresses the brain and body and makes us prone to decline, depression and anxiety when even minor changes occur in our environment.

An Emerging Problem

The initial link between screen time and poor mental health was made by Jean Twenge, Ph.D., professor of psychology at San Diego State University, through generational studies.
"I was used to seeing changes that grew slowly and steadily over time," but then after 2010, "I started seeing changes that were much more sudden -- I've really never seen that before," Ms. Twenge said in a TEDx talk.

Between 2005 and 2012, the change in the proportion of depressive episodes among teenagers aged 12-17 barely exceeded 1 percent. However, between 2012 and 2017, there was an increase of almost 4 percent.

In addition, fewer teenagers go outside or read books, while their time spent on social media and the Internet has increased dramatically.

Tom Kersting, a psychotherapist who worked as a school counselor for 25 years, noticed in 2008 that attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnoses were increasing among children over the age of 8.

ADHD is usually discovered in early childhood, after the child starts school. At the same time, he witnessed an increasing number of diagnoses in both teenagers and adults. While it's possible that some of these teens went unnoticed by clinicians when they were young, Mr. Kersting suspects that some of them developed ADHD symptoms because of screen time.

Around 2012, when 30 percent of teenagers had smartphones, he began to see rebellious behavior and anxiety disorders becoming more common among children. Young adults and teenagers now growing up also tend to be more antisocial and have reduced emotional resilience, which may be related to insufficient personal socialization due to the large amount of time spent behind screens.

"It's not just the amount of time spent in the cyber world," Mr. Kersting told The Epoch Times, "but what they're missing out on: outdoor play and social learning."

Adolescents' screen time doubled during the pandemic

Few studies have examined children's internet addiction during the pandemic, but a large-scale study of adults in 2021 found that adults considered at risk for internet addiction were 2.3 times more likely to have depression and 1, 9 times more likely to have anxiety than the general population. Moreover, people with definite or severe addiction were 13 times more likely to have depression and anxiety.

Fast-forward to post-pandemic times, when teachers report that the newest generation — the Alpha generation, also known as "iPad kids" — is aggressive, undisciplined, and poorly regulating emotions in the classroom.

Dr. Clifford Sussman, a psychiatrist specializing in screen addiction, has focused his practice on treating this condition because of the growing demand. Especially after the pandemic, "the demand for help with this has exploded," he told The Epoch Times.

How screens get you hooked

Screen-based activities - whether they're playing video games, social media, surfing the web or streaming videos - offer an escape. These activities are also highly stimulating to the brain due to the bright colors and seamless integration into the virtual world, Dr. David Rosenfeld, a professor of medicine and psychotherapist at the University of Buenos Aires, told The Epoch Times.

When we encounter something new and exciting, the brain releases dopamine, and anything that causes a release of dopamine can be addictive. Dopamine creates a feeling of pleasure, while its decrease is associated with irritability and bad mood.

Screen activities are designed to engage our attention with regular doses of dopamine. Like playing an immersive video game that gives you the thrill of leveling up, defeating a boss, or finding a new item, screens tempt you to spend more time in the virtual world.

"Video games are governed by microscopic rules," said Bennett Foddy, who teaches game design at New York University's Game Center, in his book "Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked," cited by The Guardian .
These micro-rules can be a "ding" sound or a white flash when a character passes through a certain field, and are synchronized with the player's actions to make him feel that he was the one who caused it. This micro-feedback creates a sense of reward. arouses and motivates people to keep playing the game.

This system may also explain why interactive screen activities may be more problematic for children than passive screen activities such as watching TV.

Dr. Dunckley observed that while two hours of TV shows signs of dysregulation in children, only 30 minutes of interactive screen activities are stimulating enough for the signs to appear.

Many video games use strategies used in gambling, such as loot-box rewards, where players receive rewards at random intervals throughout the game. Because players don't know when the next reward will come, they feel even more compelled to play - even if they don't enjoy it.

This strategy comes from the work of psychologist Burrhus Frederic Skinner. Skinner put pigeons in a box with a button and rewarded them with food every time they pressed it. He found that pigeons that were rewarded irregularly felt more motivated to press the button than those that were rewarded every time they pressed the button.

This compulsion also exists in humans.

Social media posts break down information into bite-sized pieces, giving users a dopamine boost with each post, like, and comment.

In addition, social media is designed to miss the natural stop signals inherent in many aspects of life.

Whether it's a newspaper article, a book or a movie, there's always an end. So one has to choose another activity as soon as one reaches the end of the article, chapter or movie. However, in social media, you can scroll endlessly without the content ever ending - this is the so-called scrolling of doom.

Internet surfing is no different. You type a word into the search engine and an endless number of hits and related links surface, leading down a rabbit hole.

When screen time eats up "human" time

Due to the social acceptance and prevalence of screens, people often have a hard time realizing that screen time can get away.

So far, there are no uniform criteria for what constitutes screen addiction, but a growing body of data suggests that many Americans struggle with problematic screen use.

Americans spend an average of seven hours a day behind screens, not counting time spent at school or work.

Counselor Hilarie Cash, co-founder of reSTART Life, a residential technology addiction treatment center, told The Epoch Times that screen use becomes problematic when it begins to eat up time needed for normal human functioning.

People need about eight hours of sleep a day, and the average working time is 8.5 hours. They also need time for socializing, exercising, eating, showering, and managing daily chores and hobbies. Seven hours of screen time a day would mean sacrificing necessary activities.

Dino Ambrosi, founder of a 12-week program that helps college students limit their time on social media, estimated in a TEDx talk that if most 18-year-olds today lived to be 90, they would have 334 months of free time left in their lives.

What they do with that remaining time "literally defines what kind of person they become," he said. However, according to Mr. Ambrosi's estimates, about 93 percent of this time is spent behind screens - mostly unintentionally.

Ms. Cash, whose program started in the 1990s to treat people with addictions to Internet pornography and video games, has noticed a worrying trend.

Although his former clients also experienced serious upheaval due to their screen addiction, they had sufficient life skills. In contrast, many of her clients today lack the necessary life skills such as cooking, maintaining personal hygiene, conversation, meaningful relationships, holding down a job, etc. These people are more challenging to handle.

One reason for this is that they were given a means of escape early in their childhood or adolescence. As a result, they became chronic escapists from the discomforts and difficulties of life. Ms. Cash said these people have difficulty building social relationships, struggling to cope with challenges and holding down jobs — all of which are essential to building a life outside of the virtual world.

Significant mental disorders

Psychologists and professors Daria Kuss and Mark Griffiths from Nottingham Trent University are among the leading researchers investigating the effects of problematic screen use.

Of the 26 psychotherapists interviewed by Ms Kuss and Mr Griffiths who treat people with internet addiction, some said their patients' mental problems were undoubtedly caused by screen use.

"They had no social anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder before they started playing," reported a psychotherapist.

Dr. Sussman added that when co-occurring with addiction, mental health problems are often untreatable before the addiction is first addressed.


Prolonged screen time leads to prolonged dopamine release. This means that a person experiences a decrease in dopamine when they stop screen time. Low dopamine levels are associated with irritable mood and depression.

As a result of the constant stimulation, the body eventually tries to stabilize itself by making the pleasure pathways of the brain less sensitive. This means that to achieve the same "high" one must either increase the stimulating effect of the content or watch more. This may mean more graphic, intense or violent content. Then, when the person gets off the screen, it results in further disinterest and a bad mood.

Of course, people are less interested in less stimulating activities - such as intrinsic, interpersonal pleasures.

Screen use is also associated with low melatonin release, which can disrupt sleep and is potentially linked to a number of mood disorders, including depression.

Anxiety and irritability

Being on a screen means that one is constantly distracted.
Social media and internet scrolling break a person's attention as attention is diverted from one thing to another. "During our research, we found a correlation between the frequency of attention shifts and stress," said researcher Gloria Mark, who has a doctorate in psychology, in an interview on the Speaking of Psychology podcast. The faster the shift in attention, the greater the stress - which is measured with a heart rate monitor and self-report.

The stimulation caused by screens also activates the fight-or-flight response and causes the release of adrenaline. This adrenaline rush can cause anxiety or great excitement. If this condition is constantly triggered, a person can end up in an adrenaline-deprived state, said Cris Rowan, a child occupational therapist who critically examines the impact of technology on human development, behavior and productivity. Running out of adrenaline can prompt the body to release cortisol instead, Ms Rowan said. Cortisol is a stress hormone that has been linked to anxiety and major depressive disorders.


One of the main disorders associated with screen abuse is ADHD. The brain is like a muscle that can be trained, said Dr. Andrew Doan, an ophthalmologist specializing in public health, problematic gaming and excessive personal technology use.

Because screen entertainment is highly distracting, time spent on screens comes at the expense of training the attention span needed to complete a mentally challenging task such as completing a lengthy homework assignment.

Prolonged screen time has also been linked to thinning of the prefrontal cortex, which is critical for impulse control and logical thinking. This is what makes it difficult for people with ADHD to complete tasks that are considered uninteresting.

Screen time isolates

While a person engages in games, social media and the Internet, "the question is, what are they not doing?" asked Mr. Kersting.

For parents, it can be parenting and building relationships with their children. For children, this can be an opportunity for play and socialization that inhibits social development and can lead to withdrawn, antisocial and anxious behavior that can mimic the symptoms of autism.

Dr. Dunckley and Sussman discussed that the development of problematic screen use and mental health problems can be bidirectional. In other words, people with autism or autism-like symptoms may use screens to avoid socially anxious situations, but the less they practice social behavior, the more withdrawn they become.

Avoiding screens is like "drinking water at a bar"

Problematic screen use is not limited to children. Ms Rowan, who has run more than 400 workshops on topics such as productivity, addictions, overuse of technology, media literacy programs and school environment design, said parents sometimes allow children to seek out screens.

"Raise your hand if you're managing screen use," Ms Rowan asked the all-adult room at one of her workshops. Although about 500 people applied, less than 10 people raised their hands.

The work of educator and clinical psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair has also shown that children increasingly compete with screens for their parents' attention. Some children have reported feeling neglected because their parents are constantly checking their phones.

Parents who are unaware of or unable to control their own screen use also find it difficult to set screen time limits for their children.

Some parents are already raising their children by using screens as babysitters. This can lead to kids preferring screens over family, and vice versa for parents, Dr. Rosenfeld said.

This phenomenon is reflected in Gen Alpha. A common problem for these children is lack of discipline, which makes parents stressed and only screens can calm them down during their tantrums.

The digitization of schools and workplaces has also facilitated the use of screens.

With entertainment often just a click away, Dr. Sussman described how cutting back on screen use is difficult in the current environment: "It's like drinking water at a bar."

When asked if people can recover from addiction, Dr. Rosenfeld said the most important factor is having a loving family that cares about them and is willing to do whatever it takes to help them recover.

But what about the new family dynamic where parents are also screen addicts and therefore don't see their children's screen addiction as such a big problem?

"A psychoanalyst cannot help in this situation," said Dr. Rosenfeld gloomily.
A new disease, the VEXAS syndrome, appears after COVID and vaccination Some people who are vaccinated and infected with COVID are reported to be diagnosed with a new type of disease called VEXAS syndrome - an autoinflammatory disease discovered in 2020. Many people are familiar with autoimmune diseases, which are often caused by malfunctions of the adaptive immune cells, while problems in the innate immune system often cause autoinflammatory diseases.

VEXAS syndrome - short for vacuoles, E1 enzyme, X-linked, autoinflammatory, somatic syndrome - is caused by mutations of innate immune cells, somatic mutation of the UBA1 gene on the X chromosome.

Somatic mutations are not inherited, meaning that individuals acquire this mutation later in life.

The mutation affects stem cells in the bone marrow. The cells mature into specialized immune cells that circulate in the bloodstream.

Immune cells carrying the UBA1 mutation are highly inflammatory, and once enough of them accumulate, patients develop symptoms.

In April 2023, a French newspaper reported on a 76-year-old man who was diagnosed with VEXAS syndrome after receiving the COVID vaccine.

Three days after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine, the man developed tender bumps under his skin, rashes and purple spots on his limbs. Skin problems are frequently reported in VEXAS patients. The man was later found to have a UBA1 mutation.

"The rare occurrence of VEXAS syndrome and the short 3-day delay between vaccination and onset of symptoms strongly suggest that the vaccine plays a causative role," wrote the authors from the Drőme Nord hospitals.

Another diagnosis of VEXAS syndrome occurred in a 72-year-old patient. He developed fever, fatigue, deep vein thrombosis and cough following a COVID-19 infection.

For months, clinicians misdiagnosed him with long-standing COVID. However, with the detection of the UBA1 mutation, the patient was diagnosed with VEXAS syndrome.

Some doctors say there may be a connection, but it's indirect.

"In my experience, VEXAS syndrome is unlikely to have been triggered by an infection or a COVID-19 vaccine," Dr. Sinisa Savic, an immunologist and clinical associate professor at the University of Leeds, told The Epoch Times.

"We know that as people age, all kinds of mutations develop in the bone marrow. That's why VEXAS is mostly found in the elderly," he added.

VEXAS syndrome usually occurs in older men over the age of 50.

But infections and vaccinations can trigger or worsen symptoms in people who already have VEXAS syndrome, Dr. Savic said.

"Anything that triggers an immune response can cause temporary worsening of symptoms; I don't think there's much debate about that."

An Italian study reported a patient with VEXAS syndrome who developed blood clots after contracting COVID. Blood clots are common in both VEXAS syndrome and COVID-19.

Immune reactions aggravate autoinflammatory diseases

Of the specialized immune cells, mutations were found only in innate immune cells. Adaptive immune cells, which form the so-called "third" or last line of defense, do not carry this mutation.

According to Dr. Savic, it is possible that adaptive immune cells - T and B cells - cannot survive long enough to specialize if they carry the UBA1 mutation, while the specialization of innate immune cells is less affected by the UBA1 mutation.

All infections and vaccinations trigger an immune response that is necessary for the immune system to react and develop immune memory against the pathogen.

However, in patients with autoinflammatory diseases, any immune response can cause an imbalance in an already unstable system, potentially exacerbating the patient's condition, according to Dr. Savic.

"This is the case with any autoimmune or inflammatory disease, because the immune system tries to control itself, but if you're then challenged by something else, that level of control can be reduced," he said.

During the immune response, the body produces more immune cells; in patients with VEXAS syndrome, this may mean more mutated innate cells.

Innate immune cells are also the first line of defense; they are the first immune cells to be activated.

"Cells carrying the mutation trigger an inflammatory response much more easily," added Dr. Savic.
The symptoms are very varied, potentially "damaging everything".

VEXAS syndrome was first discovered in 2020. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recruited more than 2,500 patients with various inflammatory diseases and studied common mutations in their genes.

UBA1 mutations were found in three patients, which the authors associated with their inflammatory manifestations. Since then, hundreds of people with VEXAS syndrome have been identified at the NIH and around the world.

The symptoms of VEXAS syndrome are extremely varied and non-specific, said Dr. Savic.

Patients may experience weight loss, fever, malaise, skin rashes, and joint and tissue inflammation. Since the disease affects the immune cells in the blood, many people may experience anemia and the presence of insufficient immune cells in the blood circulation.

In the bone marrow, the mutated stem cells produce specialized but mutated immune cells that appear "totally disorganized" under the microscope. In addition, "they produce quite a significant amount of inflammatory chemicals," said Dr.

These specialized immune cells then enter the circulation, inducing inflammation in the body.

As the disease progresses, various organs become inflamed and damaged and may begin to shut down, which can lead to death.

According to Dr. Savic, this has not been proven beyond a doubt, but "there is certainly agreement among opinions that the majority of organ inflammations are caused by these mutated cells, which infiltrate the organ and damage everything".

Many patients also develop progressive bone marrow failure, which can also lead to death if left untreated.

However, the prognosis of patients varies; some decline rapidly, while others with similar biometrics can survive for many years.

Limited Treatment for VEXAS Syndrome

Because the disease was only recently discovered, researchers have not found many viable long-term treatments.
Patients usually respond well to anti-inflammatory steroids, but steroids are harmful when used for long periods of time.

Allogeneic stem cell transplantation may be considered in patients at risk of bone marrow failure. In this procedure, the body's stem cells are destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy and replaced with stem cells from another person.

Autologous transplantation, i.e. transplanting a person's own healthy stem cells, is often out of the question because of the fear that mutant cells may be transplanted.

However, Dr. Savic said that there has already been a successful autologous transplant when a patient with VEXAS syndrome was cured. However, these transplants took place before the patient was diagnosed with VEXAS syndrome.

Although clinicians haven't found a better treatment for patients, at least they have a clearer idea of ​​what not to give them.

"In the past, many of these patients would have received treatments called traditional DMARDs (disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs), which have some degree of bone marrow toxicity, and we certainly don't want to use those conditions in these circumstances," explained Dr. Savic.

Many patients in whom the UBA1 mutation is not found still have symptoms very similar to VEXAS syndrome.
Revealed: Moderna's vaccine against vaccine controversy Vaccine company Moderna's finances began to fall almost as quickly as they rose as the majority of Americans resisted another COVID booster shot. The pharmaceutical company, whose pioneering mRNA vaccine turned it from a small startup into a more than $100 billion biotech giant in just a few years, reported a loss of $3.6 billion for the third quarter of last year.

Arpa Garay, ModernaArpa Garay, Moderna: "This is really a vaccine that is relevant in all age groups," he emphasized.

In a September call aimed at reassuring investors, Moderna's chief commercial officer at the time, Arpa Garay, attributed some of the uncertainty plaguing Moderna's numbers to uninformed vaccine skeptics. "Despite some misinformation," Garay said, COVID-19 still resulted in significant hospitalizations. "This is really a vaccine that is relevant in all age groups," he emphasized.

In order to overcome "misinformation" and convince the public to continue booster shots, Garay briefly noted that Moderna is "digging deep" into ways to "collaborate across the entire ecosystem to ensure that consumers are educated about the need for the vaccine."

Garay hinted during the call, but did not disclose, that Moderna already has an extensive media operation designed to identify and respond to critics of vaccine policy and the pharmaceutical industry. A series of internal company reports and communications reviewed by RealClearInvestigations show that Moderna is working with former law enforcement and public health officials and the pharmaceutical industry-funded NGO The Public Good Projects (PGP) to confront "the root cause of vaccine uncertainties." quickly identified and "stopped the misinformation".

Part of that effort also includes providing talking points to about 45,000 health care professionals on "how to respond when vaccine misinformation is rampant." PGP and Moderna have created a new partnership called the "Infodemic Training Program" to train healthcare workers to respond to alleged vaccine misinformation.

The company used artificial intelligence to monitor millions of global online conversations to shape the contours of the vaccine debate. The internal files - here called Moderna Reports for short - show that high-profile vaccine critics, especially independent media skeptics including Michael Shellenberger, Russell Brand and Alex Berenson, were closely monitored. PGP, which was funded by a $1,275,000 grant from the Biotechnology and Innovation Organization, a lobbying group representing Pfizer and Moderna, identified alleged vaccine misinformation throughout 2021 and 2022 and helped facilitate the removal of the content from Twitter, among other social media platforms.

Kaitlyn Kkrizanic of PGPPGP's Kaitlyn Kkrizanic: Beware of "news that Sweden is no longer recommending the vaccine for children."

Emails from that period reveal that PGP routinely sent Excel lists of accounts to be confirmed on Twitter and others to be taken off the platform, including populist voices like ZeroHedge.

The messages also suggested emerging narratives that should be removed from the platform. "Anti-vaccine people are taking advantage of the NYT [New York Times] article about the CDC withholding information about vaccines. The articles themselves are not disinformation, they are using the news to further prove that the CDC is untrustworthy" - wrote Savannah Knell, PGP's senior director of partnerships, in a September 2022 email to a Twitter lobbyist. In another email the following month, Kaitlyn Krizanic, senior program manager at PGP, said on Twitter to watch for "reports that Sweden no longer recommends the vaccine for children." In some cases, conservative accounts that expressed outrage over restrictive pandemic policies such as vaccination passports were labeled "misinformation" by PGP, warranting removal.

Moderna's reports have consistently shown that the company has raised red flags against those who have reported documented side effects from a vaccine marketed by the biotech company. Such concerns, which may be typical of corporate PR efforts that want to present their product in the best light, take on a darker hue when it comes to drugs injected into people's bodies.

Like the Twitter files, the Moderna reports highlight the efforts of powerful organizations—especially government, big tech companies, and big pharmaceutical companies—to label and label dissenting opinions about establishment narratives as risky forms of speech. The growing network on which these efforts rely is indicative of the growth of what has come to be known as the censorship industrial complex. Moderna's shaky financial results - at least for the time being - also indicate the limitations of the project.

Public Good Projects and Moderna did not respond to repeated inquiries. (...)
The CDC issued an alert about myocarditis and COVID-19 vaccines, but (oops!) never sent it The CDC later issued an alert urging vaccinations. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) prepared to alert state and local officials to an emerging link between heart inflammation and the COVID-19 vaccine, but ultimately failed to send the alert, according to a new document published by The Epoch. It came into possession of the Times.

All four of the COVID-19 vaccines that are or have been available in the United States can cause cardiomyopathy, or inflammation of the heart muscle, according to studies, experts and agencies like the CDC. The first cases were reported shortly after vaccines became available in late 2020.

CDC sends alerts to federal, state, and local public health officials and doctors nationwide through a system called the Health Alert Network (HAN). The CDC says messages coming through the system convey "vital health information."

In May 2021, CDC officials issued warnings about myocarditis and the two most common COVID-19 vaccines, according to a newly obtained document first reported by The Epoch Times.

"This is the latest draft alert as discussed. I am happy to discuss it," Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, the CDC's senior official for equity in COVID-19 data and engagement, told two other senior CDC colleagues in an email.

The message was titled "Draft Alert on Myocarditis and mRNA Vaccines."

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are made using modified messenger RNA (mRNA) technology.

A draft of the warning was attached to the e-mail. The Epoch Times is working to obtain the draft alert.

"The censoring of a warning proposed in May 2021 is just another example of our regulators' repeated pattern of censoring any information that counters the 'safe and effective' narrative of COVID-19 vaccines," said Dr. Joel Wallskog, co-chair of the vaccine-injured advocacy group React19 told The Epoch Times via email.

The CDC began receiving reports of post-vaccine myocarditis in January 2021 and either missed or ignored a safety alert for myocarditis and mRNA vaccines the following month, according to a previous report by the Epoch Times. The agency also ignored a warning from Israel, the country that was the first to vaccinate young people at the highest risk of myocarditis from the COVID-19 vaccine.

The CDC and other agencies have also repeatedly withheld other information that undermines vaccine promotion, such as how many cases of COVID-19 have occurred among those vaccinated.

The newly disclosed email is dated May 21, 2021. That came three days before a CDC task force acknowledged for the first time that the number of myocarditis cases reported after the COVID-19 vaccine was higher than expected, and a week before the CDC said it continued to recommend that virtually all Americans 12 and older get the vaccine.

Dr. Daskalakis and two of his colleagues, Dr. Henry Walke and John Brooks, responded to inquiries through a spokesman.

"CDC uses several methods to inform the public about potential vaccine safety concerns. HAN is one method," the spokesperson said. The agency ultimately decided to release a "clinical considerations" document in May 2021 that found an increase in reported cases of myocarditis after the mRNA vaccine, but stressed that the CDC still recommends virtually everyone over 11 get the vaccine. vaccination.

The decision to change the warning to a statement was made after a phone conversation with CDC partners, according to emails obtained by Daily Clout.
The CDC press office declined to outline how the CDC ensured that the same people who would have received HAN saw the clinical judgment document.

"The clinical consideration has reached the provider audience, as HAN would have," a spokesperson claimed. "Clinical consideration is useful when information needs to be updated as circumstances change and more data are collected and evaluated."

Double standard?

The Health Alert Network has been sending messages since at least 2001, according to an archive of alerts. According to the CDC, the network is the agency's "primary method for sharing clear information about urgent public health events with public health information officials; federal, state, territorial, and local public health professionals; clinicians; and public health laboratories."

The CDC issued an alert on January 8, 2020 for the disease that has come to be known as COVID-19, and has provided several updates on the disease in the following months. The agency also shared warnings about testing for COVID-19, traveling on cruise ships and a rare disease called MIS-C linked to COVID-19.

The first alert for COVID-19 vaccines was issued on April 13, 2021. This was related to a combination of blood clotting and low platelet levels following the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The message noted that six cases of a combination of conditions, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (TTS) with thrombocytopenia, occurred in women following administration of the vaccine, and that one woman died. Authorities have advised doctors and officials to stop administering the vaccine pending a safety review.

A month later, CDC officials deemed an alert about the COVID-19 vaccine and myocarditis warranted. By then, hundreds of cases had been reported in Israel, the United States, and other countries, including two deaths in Israel and additional deaths in the United States.

"It's a double standard," California epidemiologist Dr. Tracy Hoeg, who was one of the first U.S. experts to challenge the CDC's narrative on post-vaccine myocarditis, told The Epoch Times. "Why would they issue one for the J&J vaccine for blood clots, but not for post-myocarditis mRNA vaccination? At the time, data from our own Department of Defense indicated that this was a real safety signal, and there had already been two deaths in Israel following the Pfizer vaccine. myocarditis has been reported."
According to Dr. Hoeg, CDC officials involved in the draft should testify.

"I think it will be crucial to find out who decided not to send the alert after it was apparently written," Dr Hoeg said. "It would be nice if one of the people in the email would testify before Congress about how they decided not to issue the post-RNA vaccine myocarditis alert."

The subcommittee on the coronavirus epidemic of the US House of Representatives, which is investigating the US response to the pandemic, did not want to comment.

The CDC later sent out several alerts urging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. None mentioned myocarditis.
We need real Covid tests Nearly four years since the outbreak of the pandemic and the rash of public policy interventions to manage and contain it, there is growing skepticism about the array of policy responses by health officials, governments and drug regulators.
But a significant number of them remain convinced that, while mistakes may have been made, the interventions were mostly successful and generally well-intentioned in the unprecedentedly difficult circumstances created by the fast-spreading, deadly new virus.

Skeptics feel justified in three respects: the seriousness and universality of the danger posed by the disease has often been deliberately exaggerated; the effectiveness of political interventions has been overestimated; and collateral damage and risks were downplayed.

The disparagement, silencing and defenestration of those who expressed genuine concern and credible dissent contributed to the fact that trust in the good faith and competence of the authorities was increasingly lost. In summary, in three years we have witnessed the arrogance of omniscient experts, the authoritarian instinct of governments, and the surprising level of timidity and leniency of the people.

The mantra "Follow the science" has unraveled. Testifying before Congress on January 8-9, Anthony "I'm the science" Fauci admitted that health authorities' six-foot distance rule (1.5-2.0 meters in metric countries) "is probably not based on scientific data. " It "just kind of popped up." He also acknowledged that mandatory Covid vaccinations "could increase vaccine reluctance in the future." The bottom line, of course, is that mandates have contributed to a general loss of public trust in health care and other institutions.

In a retrospective, damning analysis of the Covid policies introduced by Dr Fauci and Deborah Birx, Scott Atlas, who served as President Donald Trump's Covid adviser, wrote in Newsweek last March that the policy "failed to stop the dying, failed to stop the infection spread and caused enormous harm and destruction to lower-income families and American children in particular." It lists ten misconceptions that have been propagated by healthcare leaders, bureaucrats and academics.

Francis Collins, the former head of the National Institutes of Health, admitted last July that public health officials had shown an unfortunate short-sightedness in focusing one-sidedly on Covid to the neglect of other health, social and economic considerations. In his own words:

So they place infinite value on stopping disease and saving life.

You place zero value on the fact that it actually completely disrupts people's lives, destroys the economy, and keeps many children out of school in a way that will never fully recover.

The British Covid inquiry led by Baroness Hallett promises to be the most expensive inquiry in British history: the Taxpayers' Association estimates the total cost to be £156 million. The investigation also proved to be comical, devoting endless time to gossip worthy of a WhatsApp group gossip nest, and showing remarkable hat-off deference to health officials and their top scientific advisers, as well as crass indifference to equally prominent critics of the official narrative.

The low point, even compared to his own low standards, was the testimony of the Prime Minister (PM). Speaking before the trial on December 11, Rishi Sunak drew attention to a study according to which more quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) are lost due to the first closure than due to the Covid disease.

Hugo Keith KC, a solicitor assisting the inquiry, was quick to shut him down. He is not interested in "quality life insurance models" (sic), he said.

Remember, this is the Prime Minister speaking, who was also Prime Minister Boris Johnson's chancellor at the time, suggesting that the cure may indeed have been worse than the disease. Professor Karol Sikora, an excellent oncologist and the former head of the WHO anti-cancer program, called this "the most revealing confusion of the Covid test".

Sir Patrick Vallance was the UK's top scientist when the coronavirus struck. Like the American Collins, Vallance also admitted in his testimony to the British Covid inquiry on November 20 that science was unreasonably prioritized over the economy: "Everyone could see the science. The economic advice was not there.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on April 19, 2020 In a shocking open letter written by me, a number of prominent Australian economists rejected commentators' calls for a quick return to work and called the notion of a "trade-off" between public health and the economy a "false distinction". They said that while the measures adopted to contain the spread of Covid-19 were economic damage caused, these negative effects are far outweighed by the lives saved.

The letter ended up being signed by 265 economists. However, the letter has not aged, which may explain why the group's website with the full list of signatories is no longer available. This was shocking because this non-economist was under the impression that cost-benefit analysis was an integral part of economics.

If it matters, I already wrote on March 30, 2020 in Gems and irritations:
Responding to an epidemic requires a trade-off between public health and economic stability. It is the duty of healthcare professionals to focus exclusively on the former. It is the responsibility of governments to strike a balance between the two...

"Public policy must be based on a balance of risks and benefits... The health of citizens and the health of the national economy are closely related and interdependent.

An April 17, 2020, In my article for Lowy Interpreter, I wrote:
Health professionals have a duty to map out the best and worst scenarios. Governments have a responsibility to strike a health, economic and social political balance. Once these are included in the decision calculus, the political and ethical justification for a harsh repressive strategy becomes less obvious.

Albanese's Covid Inquiry

In opposition, Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party promised to set up a royal commission with strong powers to compel witnesses to give evidence and request relevant documents. In September, Prime Minister Albanese announced the powers, composition and remit of Australia's Covid inquiry. The open and independent public examination did not comply with all best practices. The inquiry has no legal powers to collect documents and oral evidence.

With a narrow and limited remit, it will not examine the decisions and actions of state governments, which have formed the vast majority of pandemic management policies. Any self-respecting person approached to serve on the committee would have politely but firmly declined the invitation.

The three panelists are all three women who have argued in public for lockdowns, masks and vaccines. Angela Jackson has had links to the Labor Party in the past. In June 2021, he tweeted that Melbourne's lockdowns had helped "keep the rest of Australia Covid-free", adding: "Time for Sydney to bloody step up." The following month, he said Victoria needed a "hard lockdown" to weather the pandemic.

Catherine Bennett also supported the 2020-21 Melbourne closures. The third panelist is Robyn Kruk, Director General of the New South Wales Department of Health.

Defenders of the Albanese model were few. The opposition party attacked it as a "half-baked" investigation, which would act as a "bulwark" of the mostly Labor state governments introducing the world's most stringent unscientific measures. According to them, either its powers should be broadened or it should be dissolved.

Peak aged care bodies, trade unions and Labour's Greens have also joined the chorus of criticism over the decision to exclude measures from state governments. Even some Labor MPs called the narrow scope of the inquiry "bizarre".

Human Rights Commissioner Lorraine Finlay said the inquiry would not do justice to the high human costs of the Covid policy, including family separation, school closures and Australians not being allowed home from overseas. Peter Van Onselen, columnist for The Australian, said Albanese's limited and toothless Covid investigation was "base politics at its worst" and the Prime Minister borrowed the playbook from the satirical British TV series Yes, Prime Minister. Paul Collits criticized the size and all-female composition of the inquiry as a non-inquiry "female farce".

Since I have been dealing with Covid cases since March 2020, several people have asked me to submit a submission (the submission deadline was December 15), at least "for the record." I refused this. My participation in this sham exercise would lend it a degree of undeserved legitimacy.

On 21 September, a press release from Senator Malcolm Roberts derided the government as "betraying everyday Australians and small businesses" as the government "runs away from the Royal Commission." He promised to request a Senate inquiry from the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee to recommend appropriate terms of reference for a Covid Royal Commission to be set up in 2024. The Senate agreed to this on October 19.

The committee will report by March 31. Several groups, including some that I have joined, have been working diligently to prepare submissions to the Senate committee, which was due on January 12th.

A joint effort to develop a comprehensive People's Terms of Reference can be found here and had 45,000 signatories as of January 17th. Two organizations with which I am closely involved are involved: Children's Health Defense Australia and Australians for Science and Freedom. (Full disclosure: I am one of the co-authors of this document).

The document asks for answers to the scientific bases of the most intrusive and coercive pandemic control measures, the cost-benefit analyzes behind the policies, including the examination of the expected harms resulting from pharmaceutical and non-pharmacological interventions; and asks for an explanation as to why vaccination obligations are introduced and enforced despite the knowledge that they do not prevent infection or the spread of infection.
A deranged loner can unleash a new epidemic on the world Lord Rees, the Astronomer Royal, said rogue individuals with the requisite expertise were "a menacing danger" and "the stuff of nightmares." A "disturbed loner" could easily unleash a pandemic on the world with a homemade laboratory and over-the-counter equipment, one of Britain's top scientists has warned.

The democratization of science has made laboratories, equipment and expertise increasingly available worldwide, and security experts warn that bioterrorism is as much a concern as chemical or nuclear warfare.

Lord Rees, the Astronomer Royal, has warned that advances in biotechnology have made it easier for evildoers to acquire, manipulate and amplify pathogens.

Lord Rees, who co-founded the University of Cambridge's Center for the Study of Existential Risks, told the House of Lords debate on biosecurity that the world's experience with Covid-19 was "not the worst that could happen".

He called the origin of the pandemic "controversial" and said it "cannot be ruled out" that the virus leaked from a laboratory at China's Wuhan Institute of Virology.

"We cannot rule out a laboratory leak in the future," he added.

"There is certainly a case for increased security and independent monitoring of level four laboratories around the world where such deadly pathogens are researched.

"And more importantly, to ensure that experiments on deadly pathogens are not carried out in less secure laboratories."

The comments were reported by The Telegraph. they follow a British daily newspaper investigation which showed a 50 per cent increase in laboratory leaks and accidents in Britain since the emergence of Covid-19. A

nightmare scenario

Lord Rees said the unpredictability of pandemics, including the inability to control who gets infected, means that "governments and terrorist groups" will avoid deliberately creating "artificial pandemics"

"The real nightmare will be a confused lone man with biotech expertise who doesn't care who or how many people get infected" said the scientist.

"Unlike the complex, flashy equipment needed to produce nuclear weapons that can be inspected by international inspectors, biotechnology involves small-scale, dual-use technology that becomes readily available.

"There are thousands of university and industrial laboratories around the world studying and modifying dangerous pathogens.

"The dangers are ever greater; regulation of biotechnology is even more necessary today. . . . This is the reality of nightmares.

" the tension between freedom, privacy and security."

According to Lord Rees, the moral and practical challenges of managing such a nascent field are catching the world's authorities unprepared. He says biotechnology has "amazing potential" that could threaten humanity itself as much as it could help "

We must hope that vaccines and antidotes will become more effective and faster to keep pace with the growing threat," said Lord Rees.

"The UK can really gain leverage in a program that needs to be global."
DNA from Chinese minority groups, more than 200 Uyghur and Kazakh people, for biometric research unethically collected for genetic research Information has emerged that DNA samples from more than 200 Uyghur and Kazakh people - all groups of marginalized ethnic minorities in China's Xinjiang region - were collected for genetic sequencing technology research without respecting ethical standards.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) cites several witnesses and testifies that the people involved submitted their biometric data to the researchers under pressure from the Chinese government. One witness, Qelbinur Sidiq, quoted by RFA, said people had no choice but to accept instructions to collect blood and saliva samples, fingerprints and retina scans. He said authorities had warned that anyone who did not participate in the biometric data collection would face "severe consequences".

Last month, the British newspaper The Guardian reported that one such research company, whose results had published DNA data on Uyghurs and Kazkhs, had been retracted following an outcry. In fact, the body cites two retracted publications on Uyghur DNA samples: one in 2023 and another in 2019, both published by the same authors from the University of Copenhagen.

According to The Guardian, the study revealed details of saliva and blood samples collected from a group of 203 Uighurs and Kazakhs.

The DNA samples were collected as part of research to evaluate the use of genetic sequencing technology by US biotech company Thermo Fisher. The research was part of an effort to understand DNA variation in people from affected minority groups and how it can help law enforcement identify people suspected of crimes.

According to the RFA report, a lack of ethical approval for the collection of DNA samples was cited as the reason for retracting the scientific article. Belgian professor Yves Moreau blames the Chinese government for collecting biometric data from many Chinese ethnic minorities.

Moreau says he played a front-line role in ensuring that the "unethical" publication of the DNA samples was deleted by the researchers, adding that he is advocating to ensure that other scientific publications with similar problems are re-evaluated.

In 2019, Moreau wrote an editorial condemning the forcible collection of DNA samples in a way that enables the oppression of minority ethnic groups in China. He warned at the time that as DNA technology became cheaper to use, DNA databases could become more widespread, opening up the possibility of widespread and uncontrolled surveillance of vulnerable people.
Slovenia repays the crown fines! In Slovenia, the fines imposed due to violations of the law related to the coronavirus were subsequently classified as unconstitutional. The parliament decided on the repayment of the fines on September 20, 2023. According to media reports, Social Democrat Justice Minister Dominika Svarc Pipan said at the parliamentary hearing:

"I trust that by adopting the law, the state will in some way assume moral responsibility and make amends for the injustice committed against the citizens by the abuse of criminal law and the unconstitutional and excessive interference of human rights." He added: "Let this be a lesson to all of us so that this never happens again."

Pipan hopes that the adopted draft will restore people's confidence in the rule of law. This step is still pending in Germany and other countries. Instead of apologies and reparations, there are still lawsuits and prison sentences against people for whom the common good was more important than misguided obedience.
Another study showed that the IgG4 level of the vaccinees jumped to abnormal heights due to the mRNA as a result of which their immune system does not adequately fight pathogens...
I would like to point out right at the beginning that the study was financed by the company Novovax, which compared its own vaccine technology with the mRNA technology of Pfizer and Moderna. The Novovax vaccine also contained the really dangerous part of the virus, the spike protein, so of course I wouldn't give it to myself either! However, the mRNA technology did not contain the spike itself, but taught the cells of the vaccinated person's body to produce billions of spike proteins, as a result of which the body recognized the foreign protein on the one hand, and destroyed all such cells, be it any cell of the body, brain, kidney, liver, or whatever. The vaccine (the lipid nano-particle in which the mRNA was packaged) was already detectable in all parts of the body within 48 hours based on Pfizer's own testing. And of course, after each new and new vaccination, this repeatedly causes the destruction of many billions of cells together with the production of toxic spike protein. Quoting Katalin Karikot, of course there is nothing to see here, just: HAM-HAM. Hooray. He deserved a Nobel Prize.

Earlier, in January 2023, I translated a material that analyzed this IgG3/IgG4 antibody ratio: Are billions of people left with a defective immune response?

Do me a favor and pour yourself a drink because you'll need it by the end of this article.

First, a table that we would like to see after a SARS-COV-2 infection: On the left you can see what neutralizes the virus and in what percentage (Diagram A), and on the right (Diagram B) what percentage of all the antibodies make up. Even though IgG3 is only 3% of the antibody mass, it does 42.2% of the neutralization!

Igor Chudov wrote about the current new study that confirmed this, the translation of his material follows from here:

mRNA technology is the culprit behind the faulty immune response that prolonged the pandemic, according to an IgG4 study

IgG4 antibodies are a special, rare it refers to the subclass of it that instructs our immune system to ignore the pathogen rather than fight it. We have learned that repeated COVID vaccinations induce immune system tolerance in boosted people, making them less able to fend off repeated infections.

While IgG4 antibodies may appear naturally in allergy sufferers due to repeated immune stimulation with allergens, they are inadequate against proliferative pathogens such as Sars-Cov-2.
What causes such dysfunctional antibodies to appear in COVID-boosted people? Was the IgG4 class switch mechanistically caused by the repeated injections or by the nature of the mRNA technology? (...)

No more aid to the US-controlled corrupt Ukraine!
No more aid to the US-controlled corrupt Ukraine!

"No more aid to the US-controlled corrupt Ukraine!"
Mária Magdolna Szőke January 21, 2024 source

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Saturday that "Ukraine is not an independent and sovereign country" but "under the full control and influence of the United States", reiterating that Bratislava has no plans to send weapons to Zelenskyi.

Slovakia, a member of NATO and the EU, now sees that the continued support of Kiev may lead to a situation from which there is no return, while it is not clear where the aid sent to Ukraine will go.

Countries that were clearly on Kiev's side are now changing their minds one by one, as practical results are delayed and continue to only bring East and West closer to a world war conflict.

Fico is expected to meet his Ukrainian counterpart, Denis Smyhal, in the city on the border between the two countries on Wednesday.

"I will tell him that I am against the admission of Ukraine to NATO, and I will exercise my veto. Because the admission of Ukraine to NATO will trigger the third world war, nothing else," the Slovak Prime Minister told RTVS.

Fico added that he wants to confirm in the meeting with Mr. Smichal that Kiev "does not receive weapons from the Slovak army and state."

He also accused Ukraine of being one of the most corrupt countries in the world: "Let's see how much of the aid directed there disappears," he said. (...)

Tomorrow - January 22, 2024 - NATO will launch the largest military exercise since the Cold War It is approaching Russia and Ukraine with 90,000 soldiers.
The USA under "Joe Biden" is a rogue state that does everything to depopulate the world, through ceaseless wars, everywhere.
From Russell "Texas" Bentley from Donetsk: I wrote the article below a few days ago. It was reported by Sputnik International News in a slightly diluted form. (MSM is the same everywhere, just changing gradually.) This is the original. Feel free to post or share. The news contained in it is important. Below my article there is a link to a second article that contains very important news.

Reuters reports that NATO's "exercise," Steadfast Defender 2024, will begin on Monday, January 22, and "last through May, or June." The deployment involves 90,000 troops, 50 ships, including aircraft carriers, more than 80 combat aircraft, including fighter jets, and more than 1,100 combat vehicles, including at least 133 tanks and more than 500 infantry fighting vehicles. The fact that the "exercise" starts next week and is only being publicized by the western MSM means that all the military assets are already in place. They are not "coming", they are already here.

NATO is holding the largest military exercise since the Cold War with 90,000 soldiers

Tomorrow - January 22, 2024 - NATO will launch the largest military exercise since the Cold War

This is the largest NATO joint armed "exercise" since REFORGER in 1988, when the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact still existed. In other words, it is the largest NATO troop movement since the end of the Cold War, nearly doubling the previous largest of 50,000 troops at Trident Juncture in 2018. 90,000 soldiers have been on the move for almost half a year, in the Baltic states bordering Russia, Romania, the Ukrainian border, and Germany, in NATO's military logistics center, where everything "recently" started. You know what I mean.

Tomorrow - January 22, 2024 - NATO will launch the largest military exercise since the Cold War

Politics and war can best be illustrated with the game of chess. There are three distinct stages in chess - the opening, the middle game and the end game. The opening is when the two opponents line up their pawns to defend and develop their main pieces for maneuvering. It's relatively bloodless and, if done right, more strategic than tactical. There's no defining moment when the game transitions from the opening game to the midgame, but the midgame is where the fight really begins, and you know it when you get there.

The middle game is where most of the pieces are lost, the combat is the most intense, and surprise moves are the most likely. The game can often end in checkmate in this phase, when one side is completely defeated due to an unexpected move that it did not foresee. Do not forget to.

Unless there is a surprise defeat, the middle game is usually short, and when it ends, the board is very different from when it started. In the endgame, most of the pieces on both sides are eliminated, only a few pieces remain - of course, the kings and some pieces that are close to them and protect them. From there, the game ends in checkmate, i.e., the final defeat of one side or the other, or a stalemate, when both sides agree that neither side can win, so the game ends and they agree to start again at some point in the future.

Tomorrow - January 22, 2024 - NATO will launch the largest military exercise since the Cold War

(Russell Bentley in the opening game, "Blesna" forward position, 2015)

With Steadfast Defender, Europe (and possibly the world) enters the mid-game. Fasten your seat belts, we're in for a tough ride. This middle game is almost certainly not limited to Europe. and before it ends, it will likely include surprise action in the form of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Nowhere on Earth will you be safe, except perhaps the luxury bunkers of the world's billionaire elite. Maybe not even there...

The "Great Reboot" is interpreted by some as code for a depopulation plan to wipe out most of the human herd. This idea has been dismissed by popular culture as just another "conspiracy theory", but in reality it remains the most plausible explanation for many developments in recent years. For example -

The evidence that the covid virus and the "vaccine" it creates is actually a biological weapon is growing stronger every day. The genocide in Gaza, and Israel's absolute disregard for international law, and the complete lack of any meaningful response from the UN or the international "community", the deliberate destruction of the US and European economies, the spending, borrowing and looting of national treasuries as if it were nothing tomorrow, ecological destruction fueled by the very people who make draconian laws they claim to protect, disinformation and gaslighting designed to destroy people's ability to recognize truth and thus reality...

All these developments , which have intensified and accelerated in the last few years, can only be rationally and realistically explained as a whole: "They (the global parasite class) are not stupid, they are doing this on purpose." If there really is a plan by the world's elite to depopulate the planet, (There is, because) everything they did would be exactly how they would do it. Just think about it. Get ready. And don't forget to say your prayers. The mid game, like Steadfast Defender, is already upon us. The endgame is about to begin, but it might end in a stalemate like this...

Tomorrow - January 22, 2024 - NATO will launch the largest military exercise since the Cold War
President Zelensky asks Switzerland to organize a high-level peace conference Russia is not invited to the conference, but China is expected to attend. Swiss President Viola Amherd revealed at a joint press conference in Bern: "I have confirmed that Switzerland is ready to organize the conference. We have agreed that we will thoroughly examine the details of the further approach in order to make this peace process a success."

The Swiss president emphasized that the country "will fight for a long-term and just peace in Ukraine."

Zelensky added: "We are open to any country that respects our sovereignty and territorial integrity at the peace summit."

It is understood that Russia will not be invited to the conference.

However, he expressed that he would like to see China participate in the conference: "We would like the countries of the Global South to be present, we would certainly like China to participate."

No official timetable has been released for when the summit might take place.

Secret documents have been leaked from the German Ministry of Defense that describe step-by-step how Russia will escalate the conflict in Ukraine into an all-out war within 18 months.

Leaked plans published by German newspaper Bild detail a path to World War III in which Putin would use Belarus as a launching pad for an invasion - as he did in February 2022 for his war in Ukraine.

The release of the terrifying documents comes just days after Sweden's civil defense minister warned that his country could soon face war and urged citizens to join voluntary defense organizations to prepare for a Russian attack.

Germany's defense leaders are also taking Moscow's threat seriously: the Bundeswehr is preparing for a hybrid Russian attack on NATO's eastern wing in the summer of 2025.

The secret "Alliance Defense 2025" document details how Russia will mobilize an additional 200,000 troops in Russia before launching a spring offensive against Ukrainian forces this spring.

READ MORE: Sweden warned to 'prepare for war': Civil defense minister urges citizens to 'get on the move' and prepare for the end of 210 years of peace as the country bids to join NATO amid tensions with Russia.

According to the leaked documents, by June, amid dwindling Western support and weaponry, Russia would have achieved success on the battlefield and made a significant advance through Ukraine.

Capitalizing on this success, Putin launched cyber attacks in the Baltics in July while inciting violence in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, claiming they were targeting Russian ethnic minorities.

This tactic has been used before by Putin's cronies to justify an attack on Ukraine in 2014 and again in 2022 when Russia launched a full-scale invasion.

Russian intervention would lead to clashes in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and Putin would use this as an excuse to send 50,000 Russian troops to Belarus and western Russia by September for a large-scale military exercise.

A month later, Putin would go a step further and deploy troops and medium-range missiles to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, located between Poland and Lithuania.

At the same time, Putin and his cronies would continue their saber rattling, claiming that NATO was preparing to attack Russia and was a threat to their national security.

However, Putin's main goal will be to attack a narrow strip of land known as the Suwalki Gap. Poland and Lithuania fought for control of the area, but it is now part of Poland and is the only land border between continental Europe and the Baltic states.

Even a minor attack on the area sandwiched between Poland, Lithuania and Kaliningrad could cause huge problems for NATO and potentially lead to a third world war.

Fears of a Baltic invasion have grown since the start of the war in Ukraine, and if Putin were to attempt it, his first move would likely be to close the Suwalki Gap, as detailed in leaked secret documents.

Although thousands of NATO soldiers, including British soldiers, are currently stationed in the Baltics, these soldiers only serve as a "wire rope". Their role is to hold up any attacking forces until the main NATO army arrives.

According to the documents, Moscow would dispel false propaganda about the border conflict and the "riots with many deaths" in the Suwalki Gap by December this year.

However, Putin's main goal will be to attack the narrow strip of land called the Suwalki Gap. Poland and Lithuania fought for control of the area, but today it is part of Poland and is the only land border between continental Europe and the Baltic states. (...)
NATO: German armed forces are preparing for a Russian attack This is a "training scenario" according to which "an escalation between NATO and Russia could occur as early as February." The German armed forces (Bundeswehr) are preparing for a "full-scale hybrid attack" against the eastern flank of the Born. This is revealed in a "secret - exclusively intended for official use" document of the Ministry of Defense in Berlin, which the newspaper Bild allegedly learned about. This is a "training scenario" for "an escalation between NATO and Russia."

In the text "Defending the Atlantic Alliance 2025", they outline "step by step, month by month" how the aggressor country would act and how NATO should react. War could break out in the summer of 2025, the culmination of a series of developments that will be triggered by a 200-strong mobilization of Russia's armed forces next February. In the spring, emboldened by the "wavering Western support" provided to Ukraine, Moscow is expected to launch an offensive in the former Soviet republic, with "great success" by June. Russia would then launch cyber attacks and other forms of hybrid warfare against Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In the Baltic states, Moscow would incite clashes between Russian minorities and the rest of the population to use the unrest as a pretext for intervention. The crisis would worsen with the approach of the "Zapad 2024" exercise, which Russia will hold from next September in its western territories and Belarus. During the maneuvers, 50,000 Russian soldiers will be deployed on the border of Poland and Lithuania.

In October, Russia is expected to deploy troops and medium-range missiles to its enclave of Kaliningrad, which lies between Poland and Lithuania, as part of a propaganda campaign that suggests NATO is preparing to attack the area. The Kremlin's goal would be to capture the Suwalki Corridor between Poland and Lithuania, which separates Belarus from Kaliningrad. "Shortly before" Moscow would convene an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council to condemn NATO's plans to attack Russian territory.

In January 2025, an extraordinary meeting of the Atlantic Council would take place, where Poland and the Baltic states would inform the other NATO countries of the "growing threat from Russia." The following March, the Kremlin would send additional troops to the Baltics and Belarus, continuing to raise the specter of NATO aggression against it for propaganda purposes. At that time, Russia would deploy two armored divisions, a mechanized infantry division and a division headquarters to Belarus, totaling 70 troops.

In May next year, NATO would approve "Credible Deterrence Measures" to prevent Russian aggression against the Suwalki Corridor from Belarusian territory and Kaliningrad. In the "Day in the Bundeswehr document, the question of the effectiveness of this deterrence is still open. When asked by "Bild" about the document "Defense of the Atlantic Alliance 70", the German Ministry of Defense did not want to comment on the document in detail. However, the ministry said that "considering all scenarios, including the highly improbable, is part of everyday military activity, especially in training".
Complaints have been made about the complicity of British ministers in Israeli war crimes South Africa's exhaustive 84-page submission to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) accusing Israel of genocide is hard to refute. Israel's campaign of indiscriminate killing, wholesale destruction of infrastructure including housing, hospitals and water treatment plants, and its use of starvation as a weapon, accompanied by genocidal rhetoric from its political and military leaders, who talk about the destruction of Gaza and the ethnic cleansing of 2.3 million Palestinians, makes a strong case against Israel for genocide".

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Chris Hedges wrote the above in his article "The Case for Genocide. The International Court of Justice may be all that stands between the Palestinians in Gaza and genocide".

Chris, who was foreign correspondent for The New York Times for fifteen years, stated in the same article: "Genocide is not a political problem. It is a moral one. We cannot support, no matter what the cost, those who commit or are complicit in genocide. Genocide is the crime of all crimes. It is the purest expression of evil. We must clearly stand with the Palestinians and the South African lawyers. We must demand justice." Source

War on Gaza: Complaint filed by British ministers alleging complicity in Israeli war crimes.

A British-based advocacy group is gratefully demanding justice and has filed criminal charges against leading British politicians, including ministers, alleging complicity in war crimes in the Gaza Strip. The Middle East Eye (MEE) reported that the International Justice Center for the Palestinians (ICJP) said on Tuesday that it had handed over hard drives and evidence files to the Metropolitan Police's war crimes unit last week, evidence of the Israeli army fighting they also contain details of British citizens.

MEE's report continues below:

According to Tayab Ali, each account submitted by the ICJP "serves as a solemn reminder of the human toll of the conflict" (Alex MacDonald/MEE).

"This is just the first tranche of our evidence and the first list of suspects ... we will be adding more crimes and more categories of suspects, including commentators who continue to support war crimes," said Tayab Ali, director of the ICJP and international law at Bindmans LLP leader at a press conference.

"Each account serves not only as evidence, but as a solemn reminder of the human toll of the conflict. We will accept nothing less than a thorough and impartial investigation of these allegations."

The complaint, shared at a public request by police following evidence of war crimes in Israel and Gaza, also implicates Israeli politicians and British private individuals, including those who traveled abroad to fight in the Israeli army. The Met has come under fire from conservative voices, including former prime minister Boris Johnson, who say the request for evidence amounts to the politicization of the police.

Ali said Tuesday that Johnson's comments alone amounted to unwelcome "political interference" in police work. The police have defended their efforts, saying their war crimes unit is obliged under the Rome Statute to support any investigation by the International Criminal Court that may involve British nationals.

The ICJP's 78-page complaint includes photographic evidence and harrowing eyewitness accounts, including British nationals who were in Gaza after October 7 or whose family members were there and who provided them with information and evidence. The ICJP said it was keeping the names of politicians and individuals confidential for legal reasons and as the police investigation progressed.

One of the witnesses told of his former primary school teacher who was killed along with 20 relatives in their family home in northern Gaza, with no survivors.

Another reported that his friend's brother, who is a doctor at Al Shifa Hospital, only learned that his wife and three children were dead when he found their bodies in the corridors of the hospital.

A third described his 91-year-old grandmother, who suffers from dementia and is largely bedridden, who was allegedly shot and killed by Israeli soldiers when they occupied her home, where she had taken refuge in the Jabalia refugee camp.

The dossier also contains evidence supporting claims that the Israeli military used white phosphorus against Gazan civilians in violation of international law.

At least 24,100 Palestinians have been killed, at least 7,000 are missing and more than 60,000 have been wounded since the war began on October 7, when Hamas killed some 1,140 people in an operation in southern Israel. According to the complaint, the British ministers named are responsible for aiding and abetting war crimes through their continued military support and moral encouragement of Israel.

Given that there is evidence that British weapons and intelligence are being used in operations that "disregard the principles of discrimination and proportionality and target civilians," the complaint says police should further investigate the culpability of the listed British lawmakers. .

'We will not accept anything less than a thorough and impartial investigation of the allegations' - ICJP Director Tayab Ali

Most of those named in the complaint live in Israel, but the ICJP said many of them are officials who travel frequently and asked that police check the U.S. their entry into the Kingdom. The complaint alleging complicity in Israeli war crimes by British officials comes after the International Court of Justice in The Hague last week began hearing a complaint filed by South Africa accusing Israel of "genocide" in Gaza.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Haydee Dijkstal, head of international law at 33 Beford Row Chambers - who worked on the evidence submitted by the ICJP to Scotland Yard - said the complaint does not allege the crime of genocide, but covers a wide range of alleged war crimes.

Dijkstal said: "The submitted complaint contains different legal principles than those dealt with in the ICJ. The decision of the ICJ would not affect it, but we would certainly analyze it."

Speaking to Middle East Eye, he said the ICJP was continuing "discussions" with police as they reviewed the evidence submitted. "There is no set time frame, but I believe the ICJP hopes to be able to continue conversations with the police to provide additional information as the ICJP's investigation continues and to answer any questions the police may have as they begin their investigation and all submissions information analysis," he explained.

British support for Israel

The UK government has been a staunch supporter of Israel throughout the conflict and has resisted pressure to call for a ceasefire in the war. In October, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he was "proud to stand with you in Israel's darkest hour, as your friend, we stand in solidarity with you, we stand with your people, and we want you to win."

Similarly, then-Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said he wanted to "make it clear to our friends in Israel that we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in self-defense" and stated that "abstract calls for a ceasefire will not help the situation." A spokesperson for the Department for Business and Trade told MEE that the UK "supports Israel's legal right to defend itself and take action against terrorism, provided it does so within the framework of international humanitarian law".

"We keep all our export licenses under thorough and continuous review, and we are able to modify, suspend or revoke existing licenses, or reject new license applications,

With its complaint, the ICJP requested that the Metropolitan Police's War Crimes Unit be contacted to investigate. This allows the unit to decide whether to proceed with an investigation. Dijkstal said that the individuals named in the complaint were not singled out in advance and that they were led by the evidence.

"The process of submitting evidence and making a complaint to Scotland Yard's war crimes unit has been in place for quite some time ... I think it's often not known to the public because a lot of times these complaints are made on a confidential basis," he explained.

"But I know it's been used in other conflicts... They've had complaints about Yemen and the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, so I think it's a process that victims of war crimes use and have historically joined, to take advantage of the principle of universal jurisdiction in the United Kingdom." he added.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told Middle East Eye that specialist officers are currently assessing information during such an exercise. "There is currently no ongoing investigation in the UK into this matter or any other matter relating to this conflict," the spokesman said.

'There is currently no UK-based investigation into this case, or any other case relating to this particular conflict' - Metropolitan Police spokesman Commander

Dominic Murphy, who heads the Counter-Terrorism Command, which houses the war crimes task force, told MEE: "The "The conflict in the east continues to affect communities in the UK and internationally, and we recognize the strong emotions on all sides."

"We will continue to focus on supporting victims and witnesses who report core international crimes and supporting the British families of those directly affected by the terrorist attacks in Israel on 7 October last year," he said. "I would also like to reassure the public that we have very clear guidelines that we use when dealing with all reports of war crimes brought to us, and we will ensure that they are followed here."

The police have also shared their website for members of the public who wish to report war crimes cases. MEE also contacted the Ministry of the Interior, but did not receive a response by the time of publication. Source: MEE (MEE): The European Parliament and the Council (MEE) did not announce the news.

Above report from Middle East Eye.

War crimes in the UK
The ICJP's external general counsel, Haydee Dijkstal, explains the legal sources on which she made her complaint to the Metropolitan Police. The MET police will investigate based on the Rome Statute.

The United Kingdom signed the Rome Statute on 30 November 1998 and its ratification of the Rome Statute was deposited on 4 October 2001.

The United Kingdom signed the Rome Statute in 1998.

The states party to the Statute,
- aware that all peoples are bound together by common bonds, pieces of their culture joined together into a common heritage, and concerned that this delicate mosaic could break at any time,

- aware that, that in this century millions of children, women and men have become victims of unimaginable atrocities that deeply shake the conscience of humanity,

- recognizing that such serious crimes threaten the peace, security and well-being of the world,

- affirming that the most serious crimes affecting the international community as a whole are not may go unpunished and that their effective prosecution should be ensured through measures at national level and increased international cooperation,

- Determined to put an end to the impunity of the perpetrators of such crimes and thereby contribute to the prevention of such crimes,

- Recalling that it is the duty of all states to exercise its criminal jurisdiction over persons responsible for international crimes,

- Affirming the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and in particular that all States shall refrain from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State or any other United Nations from its application in a manner incompatible with its purposes.

- emphasizing in this context that no provision of the Charter authorizes the states parties to intervene in an armed conflict or in the internal affairs of any state

- Resolved for this purpose and for the sake of present and future generations, that in relation to the United Nations system, an independent, permanent An International Criminal Court is established, which has jurisdiction over the most serious crimes affecting the international community as a whole

- Emphasizing that the International Criminal Court established under this Charter complements national criminal courts

- Determined to guarantee the lasting respect and enforcement of international justice.

The full text of the Rome Statute can be read in the downloadable file below...

It is clear that our politicians have not followed the Rome Statute

According to Chris Hedges, "More than 23,700 Palestinians, including more than 10,000 children, have been killed in Gaza since October 7, when Hamas and other resistance fighters breached security cordons around Gaza. Some 1,200 people have been killed - there is strong evidence that that some of the victims were killed by Israeli tank troops and helicopter pilots who deliberately targeted the approximately 200 hostages along with their captors.

Thousands of Palestinians are missing, believed to be buried under the rubble. Israeli attacks have wounded and maimed more than 60,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children. Thousands more Palestinian civilians, including children, were arrested, blindfolded, numbered, beaten, stripped to their underwear, loaded onto trucks and transported to an unknown location."

Incredibly, as seen above in the Middle East Eye report, British politician Cleverley argued that "calls for a ceasefire in the abstract will not help the situation" It would certainly help the situation of the innocent people of Gaza, but it is clearly far down the priority list of career politicians are featured!

By their actions and inaction, UK politicians have allowed this repulsive, barbaric evil to continue. They have demonstrated their full support for attacks on innocent civilians and the total destruction of Gaza itself. We must not forget that these are the people who are supposed to represent the UK, yet the people of the UK have watched this hell on earth unfold in real time and cannot fathom that our lily pad so-called leaders have not called for a ceasefire.

As Chris Hedges says, "we must demand justice" and that means we must now fully support the ICJP in their criminal complaint.
The Covid-19 vaccine: The Antichrist of all products and Biden is taking the US to war as Congress does nothing.
While the vast majority of evangelical pastors and leaders were promoting the Covid-19 "vaccine" (and receiving government funding for it), I was one of the very few pastors who publicly called the Covid narrative what it really is: an antichrist system. . In terms of the lasting evil effects of the Covid narrative, this is perhaps the most obvious antichrist system that has attacked Western civilization since the beginning of Western civilization.

Of course, the three people most responsible for the diabolical Covid-19 false narrative, Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden, live in complete denial that what they unleashed on the world was dangerous and deadly. To this day, all of them brag about what great servants they were to mankind in forcing this satanic system on mankind.

Of course, most of us already know that the whole thing was a complete scam. Everything from the stupid 6 foot social distancing rule to mandatory mask wearing to forced closures, school closures, church closings, store closures and job losses, to elderly mothers and fathers being forced to suffer and die alone in nursing homes (because their loved ones were not allowed to visit them). , to economic chaos, educational disaster, massive inflation, supply shortages, labor shortages, and bank failures, not to mention the psychological, emotional, and spiritual damage done to children and teenagers - some of whom will never recover - it was all a SCAM.

Now the Surgeon General of the State of Florida is calling for a complete halt to the distribution and administration of the Covid injection. His name is Dr. Joseph Ladapo, and he claims that the mRNA injection attacks and changes human DNA.

As Dr. Ladapo said in an interview with Tucker Carlson, "Our DNA is God's gift to us."

Indeed. Our Creator gave us our DNA to make us who we are biologically, emotionally, psychologically, etc. The idea that the American people have been injected with a life-altering, mind-altering, perhaps biologically altering experimental drug goes against the very essence of what medicine itself stands for.

We know that millions of people have died and been seriously injured due to symptoms of covid injection-related myocarditis. We also know that these harmful and often fatal symptoms do not appear until years later. This is no longer debatable.

But now brave medical professionals like Dr. Ladapo are telling us that Covid injections also attack human DNA and can permanently alter the human genome.

In a conversation with Tucker Carlson, Dr. Ladapo made a similar analysis to what I did at the very beginning of the false Covid narrative. He said (paraphrasing) that virtually every effect the Covid narrative has had on humanity is evil - even antichrist. Dr. Ladapo called the Covid-19 shot "the antichrist of all products."

Again, I draw readers' attention to my 6-message DVD on the beast-like system known as the Covid-19 narrative, entitled: The Rise of the Beast: Coronavirus and the Antichrist.

How refreshing to hear the Surgeon General of Florida say essentially the same thing I said at the very beginning of the satanic assault on our freedoms and way of life almost four years ago. Yes, he discusses science, but he's also not afraid to define this attack as spiritual in nature, which has been my contention from the beginning.

Thank you, Dr. Ladapo.

Congress Sleeps While Biden Starts War on Yemen Dr. Ron Paul.

Late last week, President Biden launched a new US war against the tiny country of Yemen. US warships and fighter jets fired more than a hundred missiles at the country in a massive escalation that the administration bizarrely claimed was to "de-escalate" tensions in the Red Sea.

Taking the US to war without a congressional declaration of war is a serious unconstitutional crime. Not only did Biden show no interest in turning to Congress for a declaration of war, he didn't even ask for authorization. Along with Washington's trusted junior war partner, the United Kingdom, Biden attacked Yemen. The US administration appears to have consulted more about the attacks with the British government than with the US Congress.

But that's not the worst. Congress, as a body, has done far from doing anything against this illegal move by an out-of-control president, not even deigning to criticize the administration. On the contrary, the leadership of both houses of Congress applauded President Biden for his brazen violation of American law!

House Speaker Mike Johnson not only praised the illegal move, but urged the president to go ahead and confront Iran. He said: "This action by US and British forces is long overdue and we must hope that these actions signal a real change in the approach of the Biden administration to Iran and its proxies, who engage in such evil and wreak such havoc."

To their credit, several members of Biden's own party joined some of his Republican colleagues in condemning the US president for taking the country to war without his authority to do so. Rep. Ro Khanna of California was one of the first Democrats to criticize Biden's campaign, saying, "The president's strikes in Yemen are unconstitutional. He consulted with an international coalition for more than a month to plan them, but he never went to Congress to ask for authorization, as he it is prescribed by Article I of the Constitution".

The framers of the Constitution gave Congress the power to make war because they understood that leaving that power in the hands of one person was a recipe for disaster. The role of the president is to argue for the declaration of war. Congress deliberates and either authorizes or rejects the proposed action.

Washington clearly has not learned the lessons of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and all the other failed US interventions of the past 20 years. Why do we keep losing wars? Because we don't go to war under the US Constitution. This war will be no different.

For years, the Yemeni Houthis resisted attacks by the Saudis, who used the latest American weapons, and finally emerged victorious. So far, American ships have not been targeted in the Red Sea, but only ships bound for or departing from Israeli ports. They are doing this against the Israeli destruction of Gaza. In short, this was never our war. But now, with this attack, Biden has made it our war.

And so we are left with the strange and sad spectacle of Congress falling asleep at the hands of the government while the Secretary of Defense launches military strikes from his hospital bed in the service of a President who is clearly not in his prime. All for a policy that makes no sense and is bringing us ever closer to a major war in the Middle East that will only harm, not serve, US national interests.

Amen, Dr. Paul.

As I have said many times: there is only ONE party in Washington: the Party of War. We could also call it the Zionist Party.

But if warmongers in Washington in both political parties believe they can facilitate and manipulate a major war in the Middle East and the US - not to mention Israel - remains unscathed, they are living in Fantasyland.

By a major war, I mean a war that encourages a significant number of Arab states to unite and fight. Even an alliance with as few countries as say Turkey, Lebanon (the IDF couldn't even defeat Hezbollah in an all-out war), Yemen, and Iran would be more than the US and Israel could handle. Add in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia (although I doubt the corrupt House of Saud would be willing to risk losing the bribes from Uncle Sam), and even Oman, Ethiopia, Algeria, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates as well, then the consequences would be energizing for the USA in an unwinnable war, and completely catastrophic for Israel - perhaps even fatal.

Add to that the potential internal war within the United States through the hundreds of thousands of single, military-age, illegal immigrants closely allied with the aforementioned Arab states that Joe Biden deliberately brought into our country (4 million or more since he took office), and the already to an already depleted, undertrained, transgender/sodomized military force, then a major Middle East war could easily mean the end of American hegemony in the Middle East and a significantly weakened and ungovernable America.

The war in Ukraine is already working to destroy NATO and American hegemony in Europe. China is salivating over another major US military presence in the Middle East, as it would no doubt seize the opportunity to take advantage of an overstretched and overconfident US Pentagon to pounce on Taiwan.

Do you really think the United States could effectively fight a global three-front war - or, if North Korea decided it was the perfect time to invade South Korea, a four-front war? America has not won a single front war since WWII. We have created a stalemate in Korea; we lost the Vietnam War; and we lost the war in Afghanistan. Even in Somalia they beat our tails.

As Dr. Paul said:

Why do we keep losing wars? Because we are not at war according to the US Constitution. This war will be no different.

Dr. Paul is right as always.

Although an American escalation of a war in the Middle East could have far different consequences for America. And as for Israel, it could mean total destruction.

When American presidents are as unpopular as Joe Biden before a national election (although there has NEVER been an American president as unpopular as Joe Biden), they usually do one of two things: 1) Resign or 2) Start a war.

All last year there was speculation that Biden would resign. At the moment, this does not seem likely, so option 2 remains the most likely.

Biden has already shown his unquenchable desire for war. His war in Ukraine is proof A of his desire for war. His personal support and facilitation of the war in Gaza, and now his willingness to begin expanding the war to the entire Middle East, indicates that 2024 will be very bloody.
Bibi rejects Palestinian statehood, according to Biden, the bombing of Yemen is not working, but they will definitely continue Benjamin Netanyahu said on the same day that he opposes Palestinian statehood and that Israel should control everything from the river to the sea, when Joe Biden said that repeated bombings in Yemen will not deter Ansarallah, but they will continue bombing anyway.

"In any future agreement, Israel needs security control over all areas west of the Jordan River," Netanyahu told reporters on Thursday, saying he had made that position clear to the White House.

Asked by the press Thursday if the strikes against the Houthis were working, Biden said: "Well, when you say 'they're working' - are they stopping the Houthis? No. Are they continuing? Yes."

An unusually honest day for the leaders of the empire.

Zionism does not work. Tried it and found it didn't work. If the forced existence of your artificial ethnostate requires incessant wars and the periodic slaughter of large numbers of children, then your artificial ethnostate plan is not working and a new plan is needed.

To talk about October 7th without talking about the mountains of Israeli abuses that led to it is the same as lying.

Normal Man: It is wrong to slaughter tens of thousands of civilians.

Crazy Man: Then you say you hate Jews. You say that Jews should not have to defend themselves. You want all Jews to die so that there are no more Jews because you hate Jews.

Israel apologists would have you believe that "Hamas supporters" have suddenly appeared all over the world, not the normal and entirely predictable worldwide resistance to genocide.

Most of the footage of explosions seen in Gaza does not come from airstrikes, but from the detonation of explosives placed in buildings. We see the controlled destruction of an entire civilization.

As soon as it was accepted that a Jewish ethnostate thrown on top of an already existing country was not only necessary, but so necessary that all means had to be used to maintain it, atrocities were inevitable. The one-way road to genocide and ethnic cleansing was ready.

When I look at this terrible train wreck we are leaving for the younger generations, it makes me angry that the older generations are constantly lashing out at them. How can we have a different attitude towards young people than full-hearted repentance? We should be on our knees begging them to forgive us for failing them so spectacularly, but instead we have the image of pointing fingers and educating them about pronouns and TikTok.

"Whoah, whoah, they're looking at their smartphones too much, they don't know how to change a tire, and they/they use pronouns!" Shut up, you asshole! You burned their biosphere, you scumbag. You throw them out of the womb into a dying world full of war, chaos, injustice and exploitation and have the gall to tell them they are doing it wrong?

Personally, I hope they don't notice us. I hope they continue to rewrite the rules of this crappy society we leave them and destroy every pillar of our culture. Everything we older generations have done has brought our world to the brink of environmental collapse and nuclear brinkmanship, so I hope they continue to shake the old rules of this deeply sick civilization and try new things, break new ground, in hoping to avoid the disaster we have placed on their horizon.

We should not mock and lecture them, but humbly apologize and try to learn from them and help them. We are the failures. They are humanity's last and only hope.

From the youth: I am very, very sorry, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will manage to bite yourselves out of the madness your ancestors left you in and create a healthy world, a healthy world that will not resemble the one we have created for you. I'm here for you, whatever you need.

Israel lost the argument. The Western Empire lost the argument. The mass media has lost the argument. Western culture has lost the argument. Capitalism has lost the argument. Our systems have failed us as massively as anything can fail us. It's time for something new.
At least 16 Gaza cemeteries desecrated by Israeli forces, satellite images and videos show Tel Aviv CNN - The Israeli military desecrated at least 16 cemeteries during its offensive in Gaza, a CNN investigation has found, leaving tombstones in ruins, upturning the ground and in some cases exhuming bodies.
In Khan Younis, southern Gaza, where fighting intensified earlier this week, Israeli forces destroyed a cemetery and removed bodies in what the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told CNN was the result of the October 7 attack by Hamas. was part of the search for the remains of hostages taken during terrorist attacks.

At least 16 Gaza cemeteries desecrated by Israeli forces, satellite images and videos show
Tread marks left by Israeli armored vehicles that destroyed a cemetery near Al Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, Gaza on January 17.

CNN reviewed satellite images and social media footage of the destruction of the cemeteries and saw it firsthand while traveling with the IDF in a convoy. Taken together, the evidence reveals a systemic practice where Israeli ground forces advanced through the Gaza Strip.

Deliberate destruction of religious sites such as cemeteries violates international law except in the narrow circumstances that make them military targets, and legal experts told CNN that Israel's actions could amount to war crimes.

An Israeli army spokesman could not give an account of the destruction of the 16 cemeteries for which CNN provided coordinates, but said the army sometimes has "no choice" but to target cemeteries it says are being used by Hamas for military purposes. use.

According to the Israeli army, freeing the hostages, finding and returning their bodies is one of its most important missions in Gaza, which is why the bodies were removed from some graves.

"The hostage identification process, which is carried out in a safe and alternative location, provides optimal professional conditions and respect for the deceased," an Israeli army spokesman told CNN, adding that the bodies, which were determined not to be those of the hostages, " returned with dignity and respect".

In other cases, however, the Israeli army appears to have used cemeteries as military outposts. A CNN analysis of satellite images and videos showed that Israeli bulldozers turned several cemeteries into staging areas, leveling large areas and erecting benches to strengthen their positions.

In the Shajaiya neighborhood of Gaza City, Israeli military vehicles could be seen where the cemetery once stood, surrounded by benches on all sides. The central part of the Shajaiya cemetery was cleared before the war, according to local media reports. However, satellite images showed that other parts were bulldozed from December 10 and the presence of the Israeli army was also visible. (...)
OpenAI is changing its stance and has announced that it is working with the Pentagon The creator of ChatGPT has updated its policy statement, allowing it to begin protection work. Less than a week after OpenAI made it easier to use its chatbot technology in military applications by removing the language from its usage policy, the creator of ChatGPT has announced its first partnership with the Pentagon.

The previous terms of use prohibited ChatGPT users from engaging in activities such as "weapons development" and "military and warfare." On January 10th, OpenAI updated the page that users must comply with. It now says the chatbot's technology cannot be used to "harm yourself or others." The site lists "developing or using weapons" as an example of why ChatGPT cannot be used. Military use and warfare are no longer listed.

Anna Makanju, OpenAI's vice president of global affairs, said Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that the company is already working with the Pentagon on open-source cybersecurity software and is in talks about how it could help prevent veterans from committing suicide,

a change first reported by The The artificial intelligence pioneer is being groomed to win lucrative military contracts, the Intercept reported. Microsoft, which has a $13 billion partnership with OpenAI, is working closely with the Pentagon on several projects, including a multi-year, $9 billion cloud contract shared between Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Oracle.

OpenAI is changing its stance and has announced that it is working with the Pentagon

Altman, CEO of OpenAI: Last May, he signed a letter stating, "Mitigating the risk of AI extinction should be a global priority, along with other societal-level risks such as pandemics and nuclear war." Bree Linville; Altman: JOEL SAGET/Getty Images

OpenAI's policy remains against using its tools to abuse people or develop weapons. But there are potentially "national security use cases" that align with the company's mission, such as open-source cybersecurity software, according to OpenAI.

"It was unclear whether these useful use cases would have been allowed under 'military' in our previous policies," an OpenAI spokesperson said in a statement provided to The Messenger. "So our goal in updating our policy is to clarify and enable these discussions."

In May, Sam Altman was one of 350 tech leaders who signed a one-sentence statement that said, "Mitigating the risk of extinction caused by artificial intelligence must be a global priority, along with other societal-level risks such as pandemics and nuclear war."

OpenAI employees could potentially influence the company's military projects. Tech workers at Google, Amazon and Microsoft have previously resisted working on AI projects for the military. In 2018, Google workers finally forced the company to drop a contract to develop computer vision for drone strikes.
The West's Nightmare: How Russia and Hamas Win in Geopolitical Wars Over time, the West is losing more and more ground to its rivals. This is the reality that the US and Europe are facing more than ever.
Over time, the West is losing more and more ground to its rivals. This is the reality that the US and Europe are facing more than ever. The situation in Ukraine is stagnating, and war fatigue is holding it back, sometimes stopping the aid intended for Kiev. The prospect of Trump's re-election as US president hovers over Ukraine as a frightening possibility. The war in Gaza is not going well for Israel and its Western allies, and Israel's ground and tunnel operations are taking a long time. Biden and the European leaders want to end the war and broker a ceasefire for both electoral and normative/geopolitical reasons. Meanwhile, the passage of time favors Russia and Hamas, and any result that vindicates their claim to victory will undermine the West's credibility and weaken its norms, as well as reduce its influence in two vital geopolitical regions, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. If the current trend continues, 2024 will be the year when the West, especially Europe, will pay the price for its losses.

The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating as Russia advances its interests. This is due to Russia's relentless warfare, Western fatigue in supporting Ukraine, and inadequate and delayed arms shipments to Kiev. Meanwhile, Finland's accession to NATO and Sweden's imminent membership increased Russia's sense of threat from the NATO region, and Trump's possible re-election cast doubt on the continued support of NATO partners. In this context, Ukraine is moving away from its goal of regaining sovereignty over territories occupied by Russia, and Russia is moving closer to its goal of securing the territories it has occupied. This result increases the threat posed by Russia; undermines the credibility of NATO and Europe and their ability to defend their allies; and reduce their influence in Eastern Europe to an all-time low.

Israel's overwhelming equipment advantage over Hamas will also not result in a quick victory in Gaza. Indeed, even if Israel achieves its goal of destroying Hamas and its military forces, it will take a long time. Meanwhile, the protracted war in Gaza and Israel's flagrant and reckless violations of international humanitarian law will increase pressure from the international public (especially in the Global South) and Muslim communities in the United States and Europe to end the bloodshed as soon as possible. This will also expose the West's double standards towards Ukraine and Palestine. In this scenario, the USA, Europe and the entire Western bloc will lose their alleged normative and value credibility in the eyes of many parts of the world, especially the Arab world. And while the US still has some leverage to keep the Arab countries dependent on it (military and security), relations between Europe and the Middle East will be severely damaged.

The scenarios presented above were once the worst scenarios the West could imagine for these two wars. Now these are the most likely outcomes. In other words, the nightmare of Europe and the West is becoming more real every day. The nightmare in which Europe is trapped by American hegemony and its own helplessness. The shift in US strategy vis-à-vis Russia and China from deterrence and military balance to containment and weakening not only undermines Western deterrence, but has also failed to contain Russia and China. Russia is on the verge of a major victory, and China has taken advantage of the climate of mistrust towards the West to emerge as the leader of the Global South. Thus, anything short of a victory for Ukraine and the destruction of Hamas will mean a defeat for the West in the geopolitical struggle with Russia and China. In a struggle that the West already seems to be losing on the normative and narrative front.

All in all, Europe is suffering the consequences of US hegemonic aspirations and dependence on Washington. This time the price will be higher than ever before, undermining Europe's reputation and influence in many parts of the world, even within its own continent. This is the well-known story of Europe's failures in recent years; of failures that resulted from blindly following Washington. This time, however, Europeans would do well to heed the Chinese proverb: "If you make a mistake and don't fix it, it's called a mistake" and avoid paying for American greed again.
NATO official warns the West: Be ready for anything 'The tectonic plates of power are shifting,' says Dutch Admiral Rob Bauer. NATO countries must be on red war alert and "expect the unexpected," said Rob Bauer, chairman of the alliance's military committee of military chiefs, on Wednesday.

"To be fully effective in the future, we need to transform NATO's warfare," Bauer told a meeting of military leaders in Brussels. "Cooperation between the public and private sectors will be the key to this as well".

Bauer, who is a Dutch admiral, said the allies should "focus on efficiency" and increase defense readiness through more exercises, industrial partnerships and high-alert troops.

"We need public and private actors to change their mindset from an era in which everything was predictable, predictable, controllable, focused on efficiency... to an era in which anything can happen at any time. An era in which we have to reckon with the unexpected with events," added Bauer.

While NATO countries have sharply increased defense spending and promised major new contracts to arms manufacturers in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, ramping up production has taken some time.

For example, Bauer has been outspoken in the past about standardizing the 155-caliber heavy ammunition to make it easier for countries to cooperate on artillery supplies and to supply Ukraine with supplies that can be used in different weapons systems.

"Militarily, there are still many steps to be taken to get to where we want to go for our collective defense," Bauer said, calling the war in Ukraine a critical conflict that "will define the fate of the world."

From improving logistics to more joint exercises to putting many more troops on active alert, all measures that NATO countries are pressing for are measures, said Bauer.

"The tectonic plates of power are shifting," he added. "And as a result: We are facing the most dangerous world in decades".
Only one needs to be a reality and change humanity forever What if they lied to us about UFOs? The continued lack of transparency about UFOs in the United States raises concerns not only about the existence of aliens, but also about the psychological consequences of uncovering a conspiracy.
If you thought we would finally learn the truth about UFOs, think again. Late last year, a US government bill that would have required the controlled release of all classified documents and memorabilia related to UFOs was watered down significantly at the last minute to pass Congress.

Interest in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), the new name for UFOs, rekindled in June 2023 when David Grusch, a former whistleblower for the US intelligence agency, told the Debrief website that during his official work he discovered that the US had not really takes on spacecraft of human origin. The allegations led to congressional hearings in which Grusch and others spoke about what they learned about the super-secret project and what they saw firsthand during their military service. Their testimony resulted in the new Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Disclosure Act, written by a bipartisan group of five elected representatives led by Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Sen. Mike Rounds.

While it is easy to focus on the extraordinary nature of the subject or the credibility of eyewitnesses to UAPs, the prospect of alien spacecraft raises serious questions that go beyond whether we are alone in the universe. There is a lot of scientific work going on, not only looking for signs of extraterrestrial life, but more recently also with the question of what it would mean for us psychologically if aliens really did exist, and - potentially worse - if the authorities lied to us about what they know.

Only one needs to be a reality and change humanity forever
US Navy aircraft footage of an apparent interaction with a UAP released in April 2020

When it comes to governments, the primary issue is trust. As Rep. Glenn Grothman, Republican of Wisconsin, explained in his inaugural address on July 26, "The lack of [government] transparency about UAPs has fueled wild speculation and debate for decades, undermining public confidence in the institutions that are supposed to serve and protect them".

The purpose of the Disclosure Act was to restore public confidence and assure Congress that no secret projects were going on without its oversight.

The legislation was modeled after the John F. Kennedy Assassination Act of 1992. As the public increasingly believed that agents of the US government had conspired with the military to assassinate the president - a belief popularized by Oliver Stone's 1991 film JFK - the law created a national archive of all records related to the assassination, and the vast majority of them were decrypted. The process was overseen by an independent body.

Decryption of the UAP records will largely depend on the same organizations that have prevented their release for decades.

The original text of the UAP Disclosure Act was similar in that it proposed the creation of a national archive overseen by an independent board of nine US citizens. It would have been their job - free from military, political or corporate influence - to decide when and how information from the archives would be made public. The law would have empowered the board to hold more hearings and would have given witnesses immunity from prosecution. It also suggested that: "The federal government exercises ``power of appropriation'' over any recovered technology of unknown origin and biological evidence of non-human intelligence that can be controlled by individuals or organizations in the public interest."

In other words, the US government could seize any suspected artifacts in the possession of individuals or companies and then be required to disclose them. In parallel, the law also called on the Secretary of State to "contact any foreign government in possession of materials related to unidentified anomalous phenomena, technologies of unknown origin, or non-human intelligence and request the disclosure of such materials."

Only one needs to be a reality and change humanity forever
Former USAF intelligence officer David Grusch speaks at a congressional hearing on UAPs last July

In short, he would have finally revealed the facts about UAPs. But most of these stipulations have now been lifted. Only the archive remains, but it will not be managed by an independent body. After the vote, Schumer called the archive "a big, big win for government transparency," but then called it "outrageous" that the proposed review commission was not passed. "This now means that the declassification of the UAP documents will largely depend on the same organizations that have obstructed and covered up their disclosure for decades," he said.

Speaking to News Nation on Dec. 12, Grusch was clear, calling the changes "the biggest legislative failure in American history."

Not only did the law do little to improve transparency, but it is already raising suspicions that the US government really has something to hide.

"If it is truly the case that the UFO/UAP issue has no substance beyond delusions, paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, credulity and disinformation, then the government, military and scientific organizations must openly and transparently look under all the alleged rocks in this on the subject," says clinical psychologist Daniel Stubbings of Cardiff Metropolitan University. "But they chose the exact opposite, which increases the suspicion that there is something to hide".

People have been seeing unexplained things in the sky for thousands of years. While it's easy to dismiss these as hallucinations or imagination, it's much harder to ignore photos and videos from reputable sources. In the United States, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence published exactly this in 2021. In its Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena report, it detailed that the U.S. Department of Defense's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force examined 144 UAP reports made between 2004 and 2021, mostly by military personnel. The board also released three de-encrypted videos showing some UAPs in action.

These materials helped convince Stubbings to take the subject seriously. He interviewed people who believed they saw something they couldn't explain, and was interested in identifying underlying mental health needs or shared personality types among them. He found that all kinds of personality profiles see UAP, and many are left with unmet psychological needs.

"At first I was sure that the UAP problem could be explained by prosaic psychological and/or situational factors, but the more I looked at real cases, the less sure I was," says Stubbings.

"I started to realize that this is a very valid topic. If it's true, it's a game changer," he says. "If it's not true, it's deeply troubling. How did we get to this point in society that we think it's all true and spend so much money looking into it?"

Traditionally, astronomers are the ones who look for evidence of other life in the universe. For example, Seti, who researches extraterrestrial intelligence, uses telescopes to search for signals that may come from alien civilizations. While Seti was once relegated to the periphery of astronomical science, it is now increasingly considered mainstream.

Only one needs to be a reality and change humanity forever
The Gran Telescopio Canarias, on the island of La Palma

Breakthrough Listen is the largest scientific research program ever to search for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Its goal is to survey the 1 million stars closest to Earth and the 100 galaxies closest to us. The project, which has been running at the University of California, Berkeley since January 2016, announced last October that its new center would be in Oxford.

"This is a big vote of confidence for the project from one of the world's most important universities, astrophysics groups and physics departments," said Steve Croft, an astronomer at UC Berkeley and the Seti Institute who is also the principal investigator of the new headquarters.

In early December, Croft and colleagues published the project's results from more than 140 terabytes of data (equivalent to more than five years of continuous high-definition video viewing) from 97 nearby galaxies. Although nothing that appeared artificial was found in this particular run, Croft says, "It's a start."

Other astronomers using other techniques have seen things that warrant further investigation. Beatriz Villarroel, assistant professor of physics at Stockholm University, leads a team of astronomers examining photographic plates of the night sky dating back to before the launch of the first artificial satellite in 1957.

As satellites orbit the Earth, they can reflect sunlight, resulting in a bright glow in the night sky. These leave streaks in astronomical images, or patches of light that appear and disappear at seemingly random times. Mysteriously, in a disc made in April 1950, Villarroel found nine light sources that appeared and then disappeared within half an hour. Observations made with the Gran Telescopio Canarias on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands found nothing at the location of the emerging light sources.

"There is no astronomical explanation for these types of events," says Villarroel.

Recently, his team found three bright "stars" in a disc dated July 19, 1952, which have since disappeared. Provocatively, this date has been burned into the diaries of UFO enthusiasts worldwide because it coincides with a famous incident in which pilots and radar operators saw unexplained lights in the sky over Washington, DC.

"I think it's very important to do this kind of [nearby] search for extraterrestrial objects, because the [astronomy] community is mostly looking for things that are very, very far away. I think it's time to do something new," says Villarroel, who is now the He is working to create the ExoProbe project to search for anomalous objects among the many human satellites currently in orbit.

But what happens when he - or anyone else - finds irrefutable evidence that

A few years ago, physicist John Priestland, who runs an engineering consultancy, found himself wondering what this would mean for us as individuals. "If there's something here that needs to be made public, I'm very aware that it affects a lot of people, and as far as I can see, there's no entity that puts people first," he says.

That's why he founded the charity Unhidden, which aims to reduce the stigma around UAPs, non-human intelligences and the possibility of evidence being covered up by governments.

Stubbings agrees with this mission. "There's still a stigma around this topic; people are so afraid to discuss it," he says. "And all it takes is one account to be real, and it changes the narrative of humanity forever."

According to Priestland, this is why the Disclosure Act, the amended version of which is so disappointing and even potentially dangerous, was considered important.

"It's all about 'my truth' these days, except for the people who happen to see strange things in the sky. We don't legitimize their truth." He says they need help and support. "And we have to do it in the context of possible disclosure, because suddenly there could be 8 billion people who have to get used to the fact that the very organizations that they now know have been lying to them for the last 80 years are telling them that there is a completely different worldview."

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