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DSA, the new law that empowers tech giants
DSA, the new law that empowers tech giants

The Digital Services Act (DSA)
The Imperial Censorship Act will enter into force on February 17, ending the direct exchange and sale of information between people

"The Digital Services Act is the world's most important and ambitious regulation to protect the digital space against the spread of illegal content and in protecting the fundamental rights of users. There is no other legislative act in the world that has this level of ambition to regulate social media, online marketplaces, very large online platforms (VLOPs) and very large online search engines (VLOSEs). was formed: Larger intermediary services with a significant social impact (VLOPs and VLOSEs) are subject to stricter rules. After the Digital Services Act, platforms must not only become more transparent, but must also be held accountable for their role in the distribution of illegal and harmful content." From February 17, 2024, all online platform providers, with the exception of micro and small businesses, must provide data on their content moderation decisions" online distribution and to address social risks arising from the dissemination of disinformation or other content, and within which the fundamental rights enshrined in the Charter are effectively protected and innovation is promoted.

Accordingly, Member States may not adopt or maintain additional national requirements under the scope of this Regulation in relation to related matters, unless expressly provided for by this Regulation, as this would affect the direct and uniform application of the fully harmonized rules applicable to service providers and intermediary services in accordance with the objectives of this Regulation." - can be read on the central page. Predictability, protection and innovation always mean the protection of globalist interests and narratives!

The DSA regulation is not a law, but its application must be legislated everywhere, thereby superseding national law, broadly interpreting the concept of "illegal" content or action. They decide over our heads what we can say, what we can do, which not only makes it impossible to pass on information harmful to the globalists, but is aimed at influencing our behavior, changing our thinking and opinions. If there is no rebuttal or dissent, and only the central propaganda can be heard or read everywhere, people have no basis for comparison, they cannot weigh and make decisions without influence, which helps the globalists stay in power in the case of elections.

"In particular, the term ``illegal content'' shall be broadly defined to include information related to illegal content, products, services, and activities. In particular, this term shall be understood to refer to information, regardless of its form, that under the applicable law itself is also illegal, for example illegal hate speech or terrorist content and illegal discriminatory content, or which is classified as illegal by the applicable rules, or refers to illegal activities." - so everything that is contrary to what the globalists have formulated! It is forbidden to criticize our masters and the laws that protect them! Let's take it for granted that man is trisexual and transsexual like snails, the Russians must be hated because they are aggressive conquerors, the groups rebelling against the globalists are terrorists, the religious feelings of the Jews cannot be offended, climate change was caused by humans, the flu is now a pandemic, vaccines they are safe and have no fatal side effects.

The national regulation cannot make exceptions, it cannot be more permissive in any area of ​​the regulation. In the Empire, the term "national" refers only to the ethnic groups living in its territory, independent statehood ceased, and the countries became provinces within the external borders. The globalists can decide what is "harmful" and "illegal" content or action, and the circle can continue to expand. The basis of reference is still the protection of our rights, while under the guise of this, free expression of opinion is prohibited and our freedom of action is further restricted, and we can live with our right to self-determination in fewer and fewer areas. The regulation does not only cover public speech, but also restricts transactions between each other. The right to trade is not one of our human rights, the use of cash is not a recognized fundamental right, just as we cannot have self-determination over our own bodies! All forms of sales on Internet platforms have been classified under the concept of "digital trade and market" so that sales between private individuals can also be brought under supervision. They put an end to transactions that they cannot follow, which limits people's personal decisions and freedom of action, bringing the flow of money under control, taxing all previously free transactions, which increases prices and impoverishes the poorer classes even more. The ban may also cover used items due to the vague wording, which includes "the sale of inappropriate or counterfeit products, the sale of products or the provision of services that violate the Consumer Protection Act, the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials, the illegal offering of accommodation services or the illegal sale of live animals."

Live animals are covered separately, where the ban initially only covered protected, exotic species, but the circle was widened. It is forbidden to advertise the sale of animals to individuals on social platforms, be it horses, dogs, piglets or chickens. This also ends the remaining source of livelihood for the villagers, they can no longer advertise their animals for sale anywhere. They can still be taken to the markets, but this increases the cost and reduces the amount that can be sold. In this way, buying and selling is narrowed down and brought under control, displacing the backyard farms and primary producers as well. Anything can be included in the "broadly understood" illegality, the only goal of which is to stop direct sales and exchange transactions between people by banning them, pushing traffic in this area also towards global corporations.

The DSA calls sites that deny central narratives a "dark pattern". Harmful content is anything that denies the central narratives, but there is no specific definition here either, on the other hand, the pages are banned. Be it anywhere, on any server, the hosting provider in the realm is made inaccessible due to prohibited content. The easiest way to do this is to slow down the loading of the given pages, so that the owner cannot act due to the ban.

The main guiding principle of the DSA is "transparency", i.e. censorship should be enforced on all platforms, monitoring should be enabled, and there should be no opportunity to spread "disinformation" anywhere. The EU and the globalists can decide what is fake news. The next step is the possibility of punishment, which the DSA law already attaches to the recognition and reporting of "illegal" and "disinformation" content. Internet service providers must "voluntarily" moderate everything, they can delete content from the storage sites, and both the service provider and the distributor can be punished if the content violates the law in general: the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion. Criticizing and denying the propaganda and narratives of the globalists, such as the coronavirus epidemic, the properties of vaccines, the human origin of climate change, and Russian aggression, will be disinformation. The method of influencing the elections is not detailed, anything can be included under the general label: counterarguments about parties, politicians, airing of previous events related to them, such as their court cases and relationships. From now on, it's either good or nothing about politicians! Next will certainly be Israel's right to self-defense against the Palestinians, regardless of the genocide they have committed, which they deny.

Paid censors will be present on all platforms, and in order to facilitate their work, it is mandatory to enable the reporting of objectionable content. Search engines have been "fading" the appearance of non-central pages in searches for quite some time. Google has built in a hidden switch for users to protect their "personal safety" against disinformation. The switch is not directly accessible, a small window randomly appears during the search where you can turn off the unsolicited "protection"!

The censorship decree covers not only websites, internet media, social platforms, and online sales, but also hosting providers and newsletter services. They oblige everyone to "full transparency", which means permission to view, i.e. monitor, their contents, and it is mandatory to designate a legal representative. This will ensure that the independent news providers that have been operating so far will cease to exist due to the financial cost implications. The purpose of the DSA Act is to end mass communication and buying and selling between private individuals, and to bring the remainder under strict supervision. Globalists always think in groups, which is why emails sent to each other are - for now - exempt from censorship:
"Interpersonal communication services, such as e-mails or private messaging services, do not fall under the definition of online platforms, as they are it is used for interpersonal communication between a finite number of people determined by the sender of the communication."

From here on, the only way to evade censorship and central supervision is to return to starting "news chains" and communicating in email groups instead of FB groups, but this is obviously not as effective as large, public interfaces, which could also function as a virtual market. From now on, the "free market" means more and more only the freedom of transactions of the globalists, meaning the protection of the "free flow of capital" and the "freedom of enterprise" by gradually banning the forms of civil, human relations. There are fewer and fewer ways to escape the narrowing restrictions, those who resist may soon face penalties: bans from the online space will be followed by fines. The abolition of cash and the transfer to digital interfaces and the introduction of digital identity enable total control over everything and everyone in the fields of communication and trade, and politics with the help of the DSA regulation.

All this happens in the background, so that people have no idea of ​​the consequences. Neither the global media nor the national media can provide information, analyze or interpret the imperial decrees and their connections. The regulation comes into effect through the legislative obligation of the provinces. Failure to do so will result in a "breach of obligation procedure", which results in the withdrawal of EU/imperial/budgetary resources and the imposition of a fine, which is called a sanction. This is how the resistance of the "member states" trapped by the empire can be overcome, since the withdrawal of money can lead to the fall of governments. National interests are no longer the same as the policies represented by governments, which, thanks to the "young globalists" of Scwab, in every case elevate imperial-western interests and ideologies above national interests.

The path to liberation, the restoration of our free will and our national sovereignty and neutrality is not possible within the Empire, so withdrawal must be considered. The conclusion of new alliances and agreements based on our own interests only gives us the opportunity to rebuild our economy, freeing ourselves from governance controlled by global corporations.

/ Gurabi Branch /

LAWTON: Freedom of speech is on the Davos agenda because the elite want to limit it.
When they talk about freedom of speech at the World Economic Forum, it is not favorable. One Davos regular, Australian e-Security Commissioner Julie Inman Grant, previously said freedom of speech needed to be "recalibrated".

True North's Andrew Lawton caught up with him on the streets of Davos to ask what he thought - and it was clear that freedom of speech needs to be balanced with other things, such as people's sense of safety online.

I asked Christine Lagarde , head of the European Central Bank, how people can be sure that governments won't use digital currencies as a tool of control.

His answer: "I'm not talking because I'm having a quiet period right now".
Viktor Orbán's plan to prevent the increase of media freedom in the EU has failed The ambassadors also nodded to the European Parliament's proposals. The EU ambassadors of the member states approved the temporary agreement between the negotiators of the European Council and the European Parliament in December on the creation of a common framework for media services and the new EU law on the protection of media freedom, media pluralism and editorial independence. Only Hungary did not support the legislation, but the government did not have the right of veto. The agreement will be officially accepted by both institutions until April 2024, after which it will enter into force - reported the hvg.

Journalists cannot be forced to release their sources if the law comes into force.

The new rules will guarantee citizens' right to free and plural access to information and define the responsibility of member states to provide adequate conditions and a framework for their protection. The European Commission presented its proposal in September 2022. One, but perhaps the main, reason for the initiative was the distorted media relations in Hungary, the one-sided support system and the state media's bias towards the government.

Main points from the law:
- it clarifies that the member states have the responsibility to guarantee the plurality, independence and proper functioning of public service media providers operating within their borders,
- it requires the member states to guarantee the effective protection of journalists and media providers during the exercise of their professional activities,
- it prohibits the member states - except in specific cases - apply coercive measures in order to obtain information about the sources or confidential communications of journalists,
- broadens the scope of transparency requirements, both in terms of ownership transparency, which is proposed to apply to all media service providers, and the transparency of state advertisements in respect of which the possibility of national exemptions for small businesses is significantly reduced,
- lays down clearer rules for the relationship between online giant platform providers and media providers that apply regulatory or self-regulatory systems in Member States regarding editorial responsibility and journalistic standards, in order to ensure that , to treat the content of media providers with special care,
- allows media providers to respond within 24 hours, or even sooner in an emergency, if a giant online platform provider decides to remove the content they provide due to incompatibility with its terms of contract.

The portal specifically highlighted that there will be a new, independent body, the European Media Services Supervisory Board. This body will be made up of national media authorities and will "provide advice and support to the Commission to promote the consistent application of key provisions of the new European media freedom law and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive across all Member States".
In a crisis, it is really worth it for the Orbán government to stuff the public media with billions By June of this year, HUF 61.3 billion had already arrived in the public media's account. Their personal and property expenses increase dramatically, but they still can't spend all the money.

So far, there are not many signs that 2023 will be the year of austerity for the state media called the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA). In principle, financial strictness would have come this year: the MTVA's independent budget was planned for HUF 126.6 billion, of which commercial revenues account for HUF 5.5 billion. The total is HUF 3.5 billion lower than last year. Despite this, the state media received more budget support in the first half of this year than in the first six months of 2022 - the results show.

The two statements are still true:
- the public media receives so much money from the state that it cannot even spend it,
- the public media does not need advertising revenue, yet it spends billions on their acquisition.

The fact that MTVA received HUF 56.8 billion in state aid in the first six months of last year does not indicate any particular austerity, but by June of this year, HUF 61.3 billion had arrived at the Kunigunda Street headquarters. This money was HUF 46 billion in 2019, HUF 45.7 billion in 2020, and HUF 57 billion in 2021. In other words, the public media has never received as much public money in the first half of the year as this year, when the Orbán government is having budget problems and the economy is in recession with extremely high inflation. In return, public service news is guaranteed, according to which, for example, inflation can be done by everyone except the government. (...)
The WEF expert recommends creating exclusion lists to filter out sources that share disinformation On Thursday, a speaker at the World Economic Forum's conference in Davos proposed the creation of "exclusion lists" to demonize sources that share so-called "disinformation," the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.
Jeanne Bourgault, president and CEO of Internews, an international non-profit organization that provides "support" to independent media in more than 100 countries, spoke at a panel discussion at the "Defending the Truth" conference in Davos about how to prevent the spread of what she considers to be inaccurate information.

"Global trust in institutions is eroding, as reflected by the fact that 40% of people consistently trust the news. Empowering internet users with media literacy, promoting information integrity and increasing transparency is vital to tackling the spread of disinformation," reads the WEF. in his description of Thursday's session.

The panelists, including Bourgault, sought answers to the question "what measures stakeholders should take to maintain a healthy trust ecosystem."

Bourgault explained that one of the most effective ways to keep people from being exposed to so-called inaccurate information is to develop lists or guides for advertisers to tell them where they should and shouldn't spend.

"Disinformation makes money, and we need to follow that money and work with the global advertising industry in particular," Bourgault said. "A lot of those dollars are going to pretty bad content. So you can work very hard on opt-out or opt-in lists to try to steer their ad dollars toward good news and information. Accurate and relevant news and information."

Bourgault expressed frustration that social media platforms do not employ enough "trust and security people" to verify and remove "disinformation" shared on their platforms.

According to Internews' website, the nonprofit's mission is to help people around the world gain access to "trusted news and information, to make informed decisions about their lives, and to hold power accountable."

"We train journalists and digital advocates, fight disinformation, and offer business expertise to help media become financially sustainable," the website says.

The organization aims to eradicate "disinformation intended to manipulate elections, distort public debate, incite violence or undermine public health." Internews also mentions that social media platforms should be held accountable for "prioritizing" "quality information" shared online, while "removing disinformation."

Vera Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for values ​​and transparency, stated that disinformation is a challenge for enhancing global security and cooperation.

"Disinformation is a security threat. And maybe not many people noticed it, but it was part of the Russian military doctrine to start an information war. And now we are in it," Jouravá declared. "How we think about it [in the European Union]: We focus on improving the system, where people will be informed according to the facts."

Jouravá claimed that the EU was not trying to censor opinions or language. On what steps the EU is taking to prevent the spread of false information, he noted that social media companies are already legally obliged to remove disinformation. He added that the "ultimate solution" to solve the problem of so-called inaccurate information is "law enforcement." Jouravá pointed to the rise of anti-Semitism and noted that disinformation shared online can lead to physical threats.
Online censorship finds a home at the WEF At this year's annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, one of the many ideas discussed was freedom of expression. Global elites often dislike freedom of expression, from tech companies restricting their users' speech to leaders of international organizations demanding regulation of what they call "disinformation."

True North's Andrew Lawton looks at what some of them are trying to do - and why Canadians in particular should be worried.

Chrystia Freeland also told her WEF colleagues how the Canadian government should push for "decarbonisation" - but that's okay because it will create "more jobs".
Public money flows through a legal loophole to government party civilians who are politicizing and nominating candidates On the basis of the Act on the Bethlen Fund and the legislation on public financial subsidies, organizations engaged in political activity could not receive subsidies from the Municipal Civil Fund. However, due to a loophole and the specific accounting of state resources, state millions can still flow freely to associations that even supported government party candidates in the elections as official nominating organizations.

We recently wrote about the fact that millions were given to groups that are closely connected to the governing parties, for example through personal connections - associations and foundations that were operated by governing party municipal representatives or grassroots organization leaders, from the fund called the Municipal Civil Fund, which was originally created to support local civil organizations.

The HUF 4.8 billion Municipal Civil Fund is distributed by the state-owned Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt. for the third time this year - the fund was created after Hungary lost its right to the Norwegian Civil Fund, which was replaced by the VCA. Just as this year, in the first and second years of the fund, a striking number of organizations affiliated with Fidesz-KDNP were among the successful applicants.

The most egregious examples of political entanglement are the cases where organizations that officially supported the government party candidates in the elections received civil support.

An example is the Szeffogas Újpestér Egyesület, which for the third time this year received a grant of more than HUF 10 million. The association is an old ally of the district's Fidesz, so much so that its name is also on the ballot papers, since the politicians of the governing party have been running as joint candidates of the party and the association for several cycles in the elections.

No one chose WEF: WHO calls on world leaders
No one chose WEF: WHO calls on world leaders

WEF: WHO urges world leaders to hand over powers to UN to fight 'disease X'
Frank BergmanJanuary 19, 2024 source

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has called on world leaders to hand over their nations' "epidemic" powers to the United Nations (UN) that the unelected bureaucratic agency can supposedly combat the so-called "Disease X".

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the call during his speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual summit in Davos, Switzerland this week.

Addressing world leaders, corporate elites and globalist power brokers, Tedros called on the governments of sovereign nations to sign the WHO's "global pandemic compact".

However, Slay News reports that the treaty has significant implications for speech, surveillance and digital vaccine passports.

The WHO's proposed Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) give the globalist organization sweeping new powers that override the laws of sovereign nations.

Democratic President Joe Biden's administration has confirmed that it has committed to the "legally binding" agreement that the US will hand over its authority over the pandemic to the WHO.

In a press release last February, the Biden administration publicly reaffirmed the US federal government's commitment to the agreement.

The agreement gives the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated WHO, the UN "health" agency, ultimate control over US epidemic policies such as lockdowns, censorship, masking, mandatory vaccinations and public surveillance.

The treaty would give the WHO sweeping global powers, if adopted, and empower the UN agency to declare and direct the pandemic emergency policies of once-sovereign nations, as Slay News previously reported.

Once the World Health Organization declares a health emergency, all signatories, including the United States, must submit to the WHO's authority.

This includes compliance with the WHO in terms of treatments, lockdowns, vaccination regulations and government oversight.

Although the "Pandemic Treaty" suggests that it is meant to deal with viral outbreaks, amendments have further expanded its scope.

According to the WHO, the definition of "pandemic" now includes "climate change".

The treaty gives the WHO the final authority over individual nations to declare an "emergency,"

Should the WHO declare an "emergency" due to "global warming", the UN "health" agency would be able to override the laws of sovereign nations to force a "climate freeze".

In his speech at the WEF summit in Davos, Tedros, the head of the WHO, emphasized the importance of international cooperation under a single global authority.

He pointed out the possible obstacles caused by the overemphasis of national interests.

At the forum, Tedros took part in a session on "Disease X", where he highlighted what he believes is crucial to be better prepared for possible future outbreaks.

Tedros supported the adoption of the WHO's Pandemics Treaty as a necessary tool to increase our understanding of such diseases.

Speaking to the audience in Davos, Tedros said: "This is about a common enemy.

"Without a common response, we will face the same problem as Covid"

. reiterated the importance of continued research and development for treatments.

Earlier this week, WHO partnered with the WEF to advocate for the implementation of the Global Pandemics Treaty.

The European Union (EU)-backed treaty aims to strengthen global resilience to future pandemics and is already planning to introduce a digital vaccine passport this spring.

With a deadline of May 2024, the WHO, with the support of the EU, is seeking a binding agreement among UN member states to facilitate global participation.

Tedros noted: "The importance of a legally binding instrument cannot be overemphasized: it will be our common heritage for future generations".

Tedros' push comes as there is growing concern that the WHO's parent company, the UN, is trying to position itself as an unelected, one-world government.

The United Nations is gearing up to massively expand its powers and plans to present proposals for an unprecedented expansion of its influence at the upcoming "Future Summit" conference in 2024.

The summit aims to present plans for meeting the goals of the WEF "Agenda 2030".

Among the proposals are policies that would provide the organization with an "emergency platform" during "global crises".

Such "crisis situations" would be defined by the UN itself, and "emergencies" would be declared by the organization.

If the UN declared a global "emergency," it would allow the agency to use "emergency powers" to meet "climate change" goals or enforce restrictions during or even before pandemics.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has made a proposal to deal with the so-called "future pandemic risk" - instead of waiting for an actual pandemic.

According to the plan, the UN could exercise its broad powers if it claims to be acting to prevent something.

To prevent a "major climate event", the UN could prevent the public from using their digital dollars to buy meat and dairy products to stop "global warming".

Elsewhere, the UN proposal calls for the introduction of mandatory, globalized "digital identifiers" linked to individuals' bank accounts, which are said to help achieve "Net Zero" sustainability goals.

As previously reported by Slay News, Guterres, in "Our Common Agenda," calls for every individual under UN control to have a digital ID linked to their bank account.

With the eventual introduction of "digital cash" or central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), authorities would be able to track and control citizens' spending in cashless societies.

Those whose spending indicates they are at "risk" of contributing to a "significant climate event" could be quickly penalized.

Pfizer is facing a big lawsuit: this is what awaits the manufacturer of covid vaccines Romania is also being sued by the pharmaceutical company because they did not receive as many vaccines from it as they had already signed an agreement on.
According to the Pfizer spokesperson, they made a difficult decision, but it is about 550 million euros worth of vaccines that Romania did not buy from them. The pharmaceutical company is filing a lawsuit against Hungary's eastern neighbor because they did not comply with the previously signed agreement.

The fact of the lawsuit was also confirmed by the spokesperson of the Romanian government by saying that the government was notified of all this already in December. Mihail Constantin said that Pfizer wanted to amend the previous agreement, but the Romanian government did not sign it. He added that, as far as he knows, Hungary and Poland have been in a similar situation recently.
The alarm bell is being sounded, a new pandemic is coming: five times more deadly than COVID It is not yet known whether the new disease is also dangerous for humans, but another pandemic may soon come - this is what WHO officials said.

For now, the World Health Organization only refers to the disease, which can be five times more deadly than covid, as disease X. According to the WHO's new warning, the new disease can cause a serious international epidemic, but it is not yet known whether it also infects humans.

The WHO warned at the World Economic Forum in Davos that humanity must learn from the coronavirus pandemic, because now the question is not whether there will be a new pandemic, but when. The organization therefore wants the countries of the world to come to some sort of joint agreement on the future treatment of epidemics and the steps to be taken in prevention and after the outbreak of an epidemic.
...we recommend a population-wide intervention... the biomedical security pretext of totalitarianism. That, my friends and haters, is the entire basis of the Dangerous Germs Op. "We recommend a population-wide intervention..." Signature: Pierre "We are at war with this virus" Kory.
"The severity, morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 must be re-emphasized to everyone, young and old alike, as it spares none. To avoid a catastrophic repeat of the initial wave, we recommend a population-wide intervention - a significant increase in the use of N95 masks , which could allow for a safer reopening of the US economy."

"To avoid a catastrophic repeat of the initial wave..."
(Which only happened in one city in the USA)
"...And then it just explodes...like a bomb."
Jessica Hockett asks the most basic questions. I sympathize with any STEM student trying to analyze garbage manipulated data. These New York charts make no sense. I've highlighted just a few that illustrate how the death numbers don't fit the narrative, just like the 9/11 narrative doesn't make any sense.

The same guy who downplays hospital murders.
Dr. Pierre Kory - an American doctor with no first-hand British experience - wrote an apparently guilt-ridden opinion piece titled Substack "A Dissent from the Massive Increase in the Use of Tranquilizers A...

Dr. Kory immediately opens with an emotional appeal, that suggesting that he himself is unfazed by the sudden spike in drug use in April 2020 (despite the fact that the pandemic began long before that) and instead chooses to project and suggest that interpreting the clear evidence as it stands, " malicious', which is a false emotional appeal:

Frankly, it doesn't matter what Dr. Kory thinks because the evidence that it's wrong is overwhelming, even recognized by independent expert studies, and the UK government itself opposes its use .Scolding us to "stay in our own lane" is also not a very good rebuttal.Your

claims have already been debunked by the article

In fact, your argument echoes that of Dr. Amy Profitt, a person whose position in the article Mass Murder of the Elderly refuted, which refutes:

Dr. Amy Proffitt, one of the publicity faces of the mass-murder campaign, tried to insist that Midazolam was the "obvious choice" for respiratory distress and that it would not "accelerate or prolong someone's death," despite making it more difficult breathing and is not approved for such use and leads to death as even the UK government admits.

It is strange that Dr. Kory silences and ignores all the evidence - including that of the UK Government itself - which clearly shows that the drug has a negative effect on health, and instead makes a gassy appeal for sympathy that only " they wanted to save them" (...)
The number of victims is ~600K Americans, ~17M globally Horrible statistics are emerging from the massive, indiscriminate and deadly COVID-19 vaccine campaign.
As more and more people get sick and die after receiving one or more shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, news reporters struggle to grasp the scale of the disaster. CDC's VAERS system counted 18,382 confirmed dead US/domestic recipients through November 3, 2023, most of the reports were from health care workers who believe the vaccine was involved, and 1,150 deaths occurred on the day the vaccine was given. Unrelated deaths are usually not reported. Using the accepted underreporting factor of 30, this puts the number of Americans likely to have died from the vaccine at 551,460.

Worldwide, Dr. Denis Rancourt and his colleagues put the number of victims at 17 million. As I told Steve Gruber, these numbers are catastrophic. Please listen to the short report and see who besides me called for a global recall of the COVID-19 vaccines and an investigation into why things went down the drain in the much-appreciated global campaign.
A Covid injection is 55 times more lethal than the flu vaccine The senator provides bombastic data. Republican Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has just released explosive federal government data showing alarming death rates linked to Covid mRNA injections.

Senator Johnson and his team investigated the links between Covid injections and the rise in sudden deaths and serious health complications, which have spiked across the country.

Johnson's investigators conducted a thorough analysis of data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Johnson said the data shows that the COVID-19 shots are "significantly" more lethal than the flu vaccine.

The senator notes that the study involved a certain level of assumption about the flu vaccine data.

Johnson's group had to use the number of flu vaccine doses given out because there is no publicly available data on how many doses have been given in the United States over the past 10 years.

However, due to the level of effectiveness of influenza vaccination programs developed over the years, it can be assumed that the number of doses distributed does not greatly exceed the number of doses administered.

Using the number of doses dispensed to produce said figure, they found that the number of deaths per million doses of the COVID-19 vaccines (25.5) far exceeds the number estimated for the flu vaccine (0.46).

On December 21, Johnson, who is the number one Republican member of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, wrote to the heads of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CDC to publicly make your findings.

"Using the central assumption that 70 percent of the flu vaccines distributed were administered, the 25.5 deaths per million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine represents a 55-fold increase over the flu vaccine deaths per million doses," Johnson wrote.

"This is a startling difference and only adds to the growing evidence of safety signals that should be taken seriously," he added.

Johnson cited the study as part of a request for internal studies, documents and data related to the development and safety of Covid mRNA injections.

"The arrogant lack of transparency when responding to my requests for data on adverse events related to COVID-19 vaccines was unprecedented, irresponsible and completely unacceptable," the senator stated.

"Over the past 32 months, I have asked questions, sent formal requests, and conducted oversight regarding the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

"Instead of answering my legitimate questions and requests for information, you and other public health officials continue to promote the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. -19 vaccines and often the number of vaccine doses administered is used to support this misleading claim."

Johnson also asked the agencies to let them know if they were aware of and acted on another study recently published in the prestigious journal Nature.

The peer-reviewed study raised additional concerns about the safety of the Pfizer vaccine — namely, whether it produces "off-target" or unintended proteins that could trigger a potentially harmful immune response.

Johnson demanded that Democratic President Joe Biden's administration officials provide the requested information later this month.

Johnson and his team's findings coincide with a survey published by the JAMA Network.

As Slay News reported, the survey found that Americans are more skeptical about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine than the flu vaccine.

According to the survey conducted between July 7 and July 16, 2023, 55 percent of respondents said the flu vaccine is "very safe," while only 41 percent said the same about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, a majority (51 percent) said they were concerned about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine, while only 24 percent expressed concern about the safety of the flu vaccine.

The results also found that more people were "not at all likely" to get vaccinated against COVID-19 this year (28 percent) than against the flu (22 percent), and 60 percent of respondents said they wanted more research on the former vaccine. in connection.

Only 24 percent said the same about the flu vaccine.

However, on the issue of effectiveness, almost the same percentage of respondents claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine (42 percent) and the flu vaccine (40 percent) are effective against serious illnesses and hospitalization.

The study also found that a majority of Americans (53 percent) blame Covid injections for the massive spike in sudden deaths and heart failure since 2021.
The CDC has falsified 99% of reported Covid deaths The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now quietly released new data showing that a staggering 99% of reported "Covid deaths" were not actually caused by the virus.
Recent CDC data reveals a troubling statistic that shows that most recorded deaths attributed to Covid were actually caused by something else.

According to the CDC's Covid Dashboard, of the 324 "Covid deaths" registered in the week ending August 19, only 1.7% had the coronavirus as the primary cause of death.

Alarmingly, the vast majority of people labeled as "Covid deaths" actually died of other causes, such as cancer and heart disease.

As previously reported by Slay News, other studies have shown that cancer and heart-related deaths have skyrocketed in recent years.

Separate data from the agency show that cancer was the leading cause of death in the United States so far in August, followed by heart disease.

This latest admission by the CDC means that only a fraction of the reported number of American lives are lost directly to the virus each week.

According to the CDC's own data, 99 percent of "Covid deaths" are fake.

A primary or root cause of death is the disease, situation, or event that started the chain of events leading directly to death, notes earth.com.

Complications from a primary cause are usually considered secondary causes when doctors record the death certificate.

For example, Covid can be listed as a secondary cause of death if the virus puts too much of a burden on a person who already has heart disease.

In this case, the primary cause of death would be heart disease, and Covid would be listed as an additional cause.

Therefore, the number of healthy people dying solely from Covid is incredibly low, as almost all of the recorded deaths were people with an underlying medical condition.

This news comes as the corporate media continues to tout the recent increase in Covid cases across the country.

Recently detected variants EG.5, or Eris, and BA.8.26, or Pirola, have been found in several countries and the United States.

The media has warned that these highly mutated versions are believed to be better at evading vaccines and natural immunity and causing more infections.

Infections have reportedly doubled in the United States amid the emergence of these variants, and hospital admissions of people infected with the virus have risen for the fifth straight week.

However, fear-mongering reports often forget to mention,

Still, the rise in cases is leading to calls for the mask requirement and other Covid restrictions to be reinstated.

Hollywood movie studio Lionsgate last week confirmed the mask requirement at its offices in Santa Monica, California.

However, the studio lifted the mandate a few days later following the backlash, saying it was "keeping the situation under control".

Similarly, Rutgers University in New Jersey and Morris Brown College in Georgia have announced they will require staff and students to wear face masks.

Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Rosa, California, and Upstate Community Hospital in Syracuse, New York, have also reinstated mask requirements for doctors, nurses, patients and visitors.

In Kentucky, the Lee County School District canceled classes less than two weeks after opening because nearly a fifth of its students came down with a "triple pandemic" that included Covid, strep throat and the flu.

Meanwhile, Democratic President Joe Biden has indicated that his administration plans to require Americans to receive another Covid booster shot in the coming weeks.

On Friday, Biden signed a proposal asking Congress for more money to develop the new Covid vaccine, Slay News reported.

Biden told reporters that "everyone" will get the new vaccine, "regardless of whether or not they've [been vaccinated] before."

However, there appears to be little interest among Americans in so-called "booster" vaccinations.

Only 18% of eligible Americans received either version of the "booster shot."

Although the emergence of new variants and the re-introduction of some Covid mandates has created panic, the CDC's own data refutes the narrative that Covid is a threat.

But will the facts get in the way of a good story as the critical 2024 elections approach?
A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It the American Cancer Society engages in "restricted hanging" - the reality is much, much worse! New cancer diagnoses are expected to set a record this year. The number of new cancer diagnoses in the United States is expected to exceed 2 million for the first time in 2024, driven in large part by an alarming increase in cancer among younger Americans, according to new data from the American Cancer Society.

"Doctors are trying to figure out why they are seeing more young cancer patients".

"Colorectal cancers present with more aggressive disease and larger tumors at diagnosis," ACS chief scientific officer William Dahut told Axios.

"Preliminary MSK research has found significant differences in the microbiome of early-stage colon cancer patients compared to older patients."

"Notably, those younger than 50 were the only ones of the three age groups to experience an increase in overall cancer incidence during this period," the ACS report said.

American Cancer Society Report - My Take
This ACS report is only valid through 2021. Even though they have 2022 and 2023 data.

This data is highly manipulated, if not outright fraudulent.

So why is it acknowledged that cancer is increasing among the under 50s, which is true?

Because then they cover it up by saying that cancer rates are down in 2021, which is false.

- "LIMITED HANGGOUT is a term used in the intelligence community to describe situations where leaking or revealing part of the truth works to control the public narrative. Manipulative partial disclosure."
- cancer is on the rise among the under 50s - a bit of the truth
- "Cancer deaths have continued to decline until 2021" - a lie
- the combination of the two allows you to control the narrative.
- What is a narrative? Look at it!

ETHICAL SKEPTIC - latest US Malignant Cancer Deaths (Jan 18, 2024)
- This graph shows how manipulative the ACS report is as it only includes 2021 data and no 2022 and 2023 data at all no.
- There is a significant jump in 2023 Turbo cancers. ED DOWD - Trends in Malignancy Death and Disability in the UK John Beaudoin - Massachusetts Death Certificates AUSSIE17 - Selling Chemotherapy in Singapore: - The Aussie17 figures are absolutely stunning. - If we no longer receive adequate cancer mortality data from the American Cancer Society or the Canadian Cancer Society,

A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It
A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It
A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It

A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It

A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It

A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It
A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It
A Tsunami of mRNA Vaccine-Induced Turbo-Cancers Is Underway - And Young People Are Leading It
My take...

The COVID-19 mRNA vaccine-induced turbo cancer tsunami is well underway, and as I documented in a recent sub-package, all the big pharma players are buying up smaller cancer therapy companies and positioning themselves for 2025.

A California medical oncologist, Dr. Jan Kirsch, has told me repeatedly that the cancer is not growing.

The mainstream of medical oncology is here today, completely burying their heads in the sand.
A silent evil: The loss of informed consent "Informed consent in medical ethics, medical law and media studies is the principle that a patient must have sufficient information and understanding before making decisions about their medical care. Relevant information may include the risks and benefits of treatments, alternative treatments, the patient's role in treatment and the right to refuse treatment," reads the still-used Wikipedia definition. But "informed consent" as a true principle of medicine has been undermined as a result of pursuing an oppressive agenda, according to psychiatrist Dr. Emanuel Garcia, who says the agenda is "destroying viable and decent medicine in the process."

Dr Garcia retired from psychiatric practice in 2021, rejecting vaccination after working in the New Zealand public sector, and says that unless other doctors who knew about the corrupt and authoritarian New Zealand Medical Council "come out of hiding ", otherwise there will be no medical profession left.

The article below is by Dr. Garcia, who shares his experience with what he believes was "A Silent Evil: The Demise of Informed Consent." It's tempting

to think of evil in apocalyptic terms: vast and sudden destruction, searing, advancing darkness or blinding conflagration, the work of planned catastrophic destruction followed by total, smoldering destruction. stands. But the work of evil is often gradual, continuous, and methodical, and the accomplishment of a great evil may be the result of the gradually accumulating weight of small decisions, the progress of which is all the more certain the more studied the ruthlessness.

I think of a great battalion of infantry marching with toil across a terrain and occupying it inch by inch until it conquers all. In reality, however, evil is as diverse in its manifestations as there are living human beings who, faced with seemingly trivial or random choices, are often driven by self-interest, conceit, and deception. And evil, however disguised, appears in the language.

Pardon me for this preface, as I turn to a case that shows with simple clarity one side of the evil that, during the Corona War, an institution that supposedly had the task of protecting the public good in the regulation of doctors: the infamous New- Zealand Medical Council.

On December 5, 2019, while working as a psychiatrist for one of New Zealand's District Health Boards (since merged into an overarching bureaucratic entity known today as Te Whatu Ora), I received an email notification of informed consent. The document can be read in its entirety here:

The "Updated Statement on Informed Consent," signed by CEO Joan Simeon—who happens to be now president of the International Association of Medical Regulatory Agencies, the international arm of the Association of State Medical Associations—states: "The

key points about informed consent are:

All every time they provide treatment, the doctor must obtain permission to provide the treatment. The process of obtaining permission is called "informed consent." Without informed consent, the treatment may be illegal. Before a patient can decide whether he wants a treatment, he must first be informed such as the risks and benefits of treatment options.

Consent is a shared decision-making process in which a doctor helps a patient understand their medical condition and options for treating (or not treating) the condition. It's more than signing forms and doing paperwork. As a doctor you must take the time to ask questions to understand what is important to the patient and what their concerns, wishes, goals, and values ​​are.

"Let's remember that this statement, which was intended to be a standard of good medical practice and a standard of professional conduct, came out just as covid was unleashed on the world.

Then on April 28, 2021, the same Medical Council together with the Dental Council issued a guidance statement on professional responsibility and the (so-called) Covid-19 vaccine found here. This was withdrawn without fanfare on September 13, 2023. It is a masterpiece of obfuscation and a reversal of true informed consent. As such, evil represents one of its unreported but highly effective actions.

Not only are healthcare professionals themselves expected to receive the vaccine, but regulators write that
"in our view, anti-vaccination messages have no place in professional healthcare practice, nor the promotion of anti-vaccination claims, including social media and advertising by healthcare professionals", while also advising that "as a healthcare professional, you have a role to play in providing evidence-based advice and information to others about the COVID-19 vaccine. You should be prepared to discuss evidence-based information about vaccination and its benefits to help you make an informed decision."

Yet when one of my colleagues agreed to advise a pregnant woman on medical issues related to the use of the Pfizer vaccine, her license was suspended. Furthermore, given the vaccine's provisional approval at the time and the lack of long-term safety data, the much-vaunted informed consent process and collaboration with patients required frank discussion of the serious risks - risks that are unfortunately not only present in New Zealand, but around the world. confirmed, with an extraordinary number of side effects, including death, which amounts to genocide.

We are all faced with choices every day, in matters big or small. However much we may or may not be afflicted by spiky proteins, vaccinations, hippocampus damage, or the weight of the massive psychological operation against us with covid, the freedom of choice remains. During the holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany - in an era far from viral or vaccine-mediated bioweapons - ordinary people chose, bureaucrats chose, neighbors chose, and a gigantic evil was allowed to grow to monstrous proportions.

The undermining of a real, a true, a real principle of medicine - informed consent - in the service of an agenda that oppressed and still oppresses us, and destroys viable and decent medicine in the process, is just another example of how evil wins make your way in our world. The New Zealand Medical Council, the ostensible protector of public health, has shown us in a serpentine and twisted way that it is as destructive as it is hypocritical, and as corrupt as it is authoritarian.

And the many doctors out there who knew then and know their profession even better now need to come out of hiding, no matter how uncomfortable or afraid of the "authorities".

If they don't, there will be no medical profession left.
LANCET again with bogus MODELING junk research which claims that the undervaccinated (DARPA Malone, Weissman & Bourla mRNA vaccines) got severe outcome COVID! NAKEDEMPEROR tells us the truth that
UNVACCINATED, not UNDER-VACCINATED, is the unvaccinated; so LANCET & these researchers distort & bend the interpretation, their usual scam is the public! Screw them!

"The researchers then used mathematical modeling to arrive at the number of 7,000 hospitalizations and deaths.

Leaving aside the mathematical modeling factor, which is often more inaccurate than reading the tea leaves, I'm sure you've already spotted the biggest flaw.

That's right, the study is a hat it includes anyone who did not receive the optimal amount of vaccine. Which means that the unvaccinated are in the same group as those who received 1, 2, or even 3 doses. Searching

the supplementary data, nowhere did the unvaccinated and the undervaccinated separate their data.

How can they claim that vaccines have saved lives and hospitalizations if they don't compare the vaccinated with a control group (the unvaccinated).

But they obviously split the data somewhere, they just don't tell us. At the end of the paragraph, the " Tucked away in the "Discussion" section is this little detail:

Our estimates for age groups 16-74 and 75 and older show that lack of vaccination (strictly lack of maximum dose) was associated with a similar or lower hazard ratio for severe COVID-19 outcome , as the vaccinated, but age group with at least one dose of vaccine deficiency. This association may be due to vaccine attrition and the fact that the most recent dose in vaccine-deficient subjects often occurred many months before the start of the study. The reason for the correlation may also be that healthier individuals were more likely to remain unvaccinated, which can be attributed to an uncontrolled selection effect.

Their hidden data show that the unvaccinated (not undervaccinated) had a LOWER hazard ratio for severe COVID-19 outcomes than the vaccinated (those lacking at least one dose of vaccine).

Researchers are trying to find excuses as to why this could have happened - the weight loss of the vaccine or the fact that the unvaccinated are healthier".

The Lancet study confirms that the unvaccinated have less serious Covid-19 outcomes than the unvaccinated

. thing.

Here goes Naked, excellent, support them:

'Read today's papers and you'd believe that Covid vaccines have saved countless lives and that not enough vaccines have been given to cause the excess deaths.

The Mirror wrote, that 7,000 hospitalizations and deaths could have been avoided if more vaccines had been administered.

Prof Sir Aziz Sheikh, from the University of Edinburgh, who carried out the survey in partnership with Health Data Research, said: "Covid-19 vaccines are saving lives. As new variants emerge, this study will help us determine groups of our society and areas of the country that public health campaigns should focus on'."

The BBC made a similar statement.

This time over 7,000 Covid-related hospital admissions could have been prevented if the population had received the full number of recommended vaccinations.

Because that summer around 40,000 serious hospital admissions were linked to Covid, the research estimates that more than 7,000 - 17% - could have been avoided if everyone had taken the offered vaccine and the booster doses they would have been entitled to.

The Guardian reports the same.

" The research results are a strong confirmation of the benefits of vaccination," said Alan Keys, from HDR UK, who was part of the study's steering group and co-author of the study.

What is this new study and should I get vaccinated? Or do the papers not tell everything?

The study was published yesterday in the journal Lancet, entitled: "Under-vaccination and severe COVID-19 outcome: meta-analysis of national cohort studies in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales".

The study looked at the entire UK population of 67 million aged five and over and looked at how many were under-vaccinated in June 2022.

Undervaccination means different things for different age groups:
- 5-11 = less than 1 dose
- 12-15 = less than 2 doses
- 16-74 = less than 3 doses
- 75 or older = less than 4 doses

If established , that 49.8% of Northern Ireland, 45.7% of England, 34% of Scotland and 32.8% of Wales were underfired.

The researchers then used mathematical modeling to calculate the number of 7,000 hospitalizations and deaths.

Leaving aside the factor of mathematical modeling, which most of the time is less accurate than reading the tea leaves, I'm sure the biggest bug has already been spotted.

That's right, the study includes everyone who didn't get the optimal amount of vaccine. Which means that the unvaccinated are in the same group as those who have received 1, 2 or even 3 doses.

When searching among the supplementary data, the data of the unvaccinated and the undervaccinated were nowhere separated.

How can they claim that vaccines have saved lives and hospitalizations if they don't compare the vaccinated with a control group (the unvaccinated).

But they obviously separated the data somewhere, they just don't tell us. At the end of the paragraph, in the "Discussion" section, there is this little detail:

Our estimates for the age groups 16-74 and 75 and older show that the lack of vaccination (strictly the lack of the maximum dose) was associated with a similar or lower risk ratio for in terms of severe COVID-19 outcome, than the age group that was vaccinated but with at least one dose of vaccine deficiency. This association may be due to vaccine attrition and the fact that the most recent dose in vaccine-deficient subjects often occurred many months before the start of the study. The reason for the correlation may also be that healthier individuals were more likely to remain unvaccinated, which can be attributed to an uncontrolled selection effect.

Their hidden data show that the unvaccinated (not undervaccinated) had a LOWER hazard ratio for severe COVID-19 outcomes than the vaccinated (those lacking at least one dose of vaccine).

Researchers are trying to find excuses as to why this might have happened - the weight loss of the vaccine or the fact that the unvaccinated are healthier.

But you don't read this part in any of the news reports. Instead, thousands of deaths and hospitalizations could have been prevented because the vaccinated did not receive enough vaccine'.
NBA coach died at the age of 46 after a sudden heart attack NBA coach Dejan Milojevic has reportedly died suddenly after suffering a massive, fatal heart attack. Milojevic was a popular assistant coach for the NBA's Golden State Warriors.
He used to be a superstar player and coach in his native Serbia.
However, he passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday.

Milojevic died at a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Associated Press reported.

He died less than a day after suffering a heart attack at a private team dinner on Tuesday night.

The coach's heartbreaking and shocking loss prompted the NBA to indefinitely postpone Wednesday night's game between the Warriors and the Utah Jazz to give the team a chance to grieve and mourn the loss of a friend and mentor.

In a statement released through the team and shared on social media, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said:
"We are completely devastated by the sudden death of Dejan.

"This is a shocking and tragic loss for everyone associated with the Warriors and an incredibly difficult time for his family. , his friends and everyone who had the incredible pleasure of working with him," he continued.

On behalf of the team, the head coach added:
"We mourn with his wife, Natasha, and their children, Nikola and Masa, and mourn them."

NBA commissioner Adam Silver also commented on the "
The NBA mourns the sudden passing of Golden State assistant coach Dejan Milojević, a beloved colleague and dear friend to so many in the global basketball community.

"In addition to winning the 2022 NBA Championship in his first season with the Warriors and mentoring some of the best players in the world, Dejan had a distinguished international playing career and was an excellent head coach in his native Serbia," the commissioner noted.

Silver added, "Our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife, Natasha, their children, Nikola and Masa, and the Warriors organization during this tragic time."

According to the AP report, Milojevic was a legendary Serbian power forward who dominated Europe's Adriatic League during his playing days and won the league's MVP award three consecutive times from 2004-2006.

He was the only player to win that many despite many star players and future NBA stars playing in the same league over the years.

After his playing career ended, Milojevic moved into coaching and for several years held the positions of head coach of various European teams in his native Serbia and Montenegro, while also working as an assistant coach of the Serbian national team.

When he first came to America to start coaching in 2021 at the request of coach Kerr, he first played in the NBA summer league to gain experience before joining the Warriors staff.

In addition to his usual duties at Golden State, Milojevic also served as a sort of mentor to several of the NBA's major European star players.

ESPN reported Thursday that in addition to postponing the Warriors' game against the Jazz on Wednesday night, the NBA has now also postponed the grieving team's Friday night home game against the Dallas Mavericks.

It has not yet been determined when the two postponed matches will be made up.

READ ALSO: Daily Mail sports reporter collapses dead at Australian Open
Note: thanks to mRNA
After human testing: mRNA Covid vaccines are tested on rats Administration of mRNA Covid vaccines to pregnant rats caused brain changes and autism-like behavior in their offspring, a new study shows.
Of course, the disturbing finding - published last week in a respected peer-reviewed journal - does not come from American scientists.

Turkish researchers reported that the levels of a key protein in terms of learning and memory decreased sharply in the pups of pregnant rats that received an mRNA injection from Pfizer's mRNA called Covid.

The male rat offspring also showed behaviors that correlate with autism in humans, including reduced sociability and repetitive behavior, the researchers reported. (Female rats did not show similar behavior; however, males tend to have higher rates of autism.) The findings were published in the peer-reviewed journal Neurochemical Research by four researchers at an Istanbul medical university.

The study only examined about 40 rats and does not prove that the vaccines cause autism or similar brain changes in the children of vaccinated pregnant women.

However, it shows - again - that vaccines can cause powerful inflammatory and autoimmune responses with unknown consequences, and that their long-term risks have been little studied.

The Turkish researchers did not embellish their results, they wrote:
Namely, the male rats showed pronounced autism-like behavior, characterized by a significant reduction in social interactions and repetitive behavior patterns. Furthermore, the number of neurons in critical brain regions was significantly reduced, suggesting potential neurodegeneration or altered neurodevelopment. The male rats also showed reduced motor performance, which was indicated by reduced coordination and mobility.

(Luckily, Pfizer has done a lot of work to make sure this isn't a problem in humans. Oh, they didn't? Hey, everyone makes mistakes.)

The results raise even more questions about whether pregnant women should get mRNA Covid vaccination, which has been a controversial issue for three years.

Pregnant women were excluded from the large clinical trials that led to approval of the vaccines in 2020, but since then regulators and obstetricians have strongly encouraged them to get the shots. This is because pregnancy is associated with weight gain and changes in blood pressure, which increases the risk of Covid.

However, many women, especially healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies, have a very low baseline risk of Covid and have avoided vaccinations.

The apparent failure of vaccines against Omicron only increased this reluctance. Almost no pregnant women receive an mRNA booster vaccine.

Still, the Centers for Disease Control and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology still recommend vaccines for pregnant women.

(Side note: Because mRNAs often cause changes in the menstrual cycle, some mRNA skeptics believe that vaccines cause miscarriages and stillbirths. But a large-scale study in Norway in 2022 clearly showed that they do not. An even larger study from Britain series of data proves that there is no higher risk of stillbirth, premature birth or low birth weight babies among women who receive the vaccine, although it does not mention miscarriage).
(No, mRNAs don't cause miscarriages.)

But the potential autism and brain changes the Turkish researchers found are much harder to track and diagnose than obvious problems like low birth weight or premature birth.

Connecting these with vaccines administered years earlier would require large-scale epidemiological studies, as well as expensive basic research to determine possible mechanisms of action.

As the Turkish researchers concluded:

Further research is needed to validate these results in human populations and to explore the complex mechanisms underlying the observed effects.

But neither governments nor vaccine companies have shown any willingness to do this work. And so even if the number of autism diagnoses increases significantly in the next few years, proving that mRNAs are responsible will be almost impossible.

This outcome will be good for everyone involved - except the autistic children and their families.
Update: Reiner Füellmich speaks.  Personal statement and defense press release Dr. Reiner Füellmich has been detained for almost 11 weeks. He wrote his personal account, the first part of which was read and translated on Bittel TV. He said, "It's not over yet." The corona epidemic was just a test run to find out what people will get into if we drive them into a panic with psychoterror. We have to look behind the panic propaganda to see the truth." He added: "Without truth there is no peace and no return to a humane world. This applies to my case as well." The English translation of the first part can be found here. The

official translation of parts 2 and 3 from Reiner Füellmich's team was received by Elsa Scheider from the Truth Summit last week and is republished below for those concerned about Reiner's situation and for our interested readers Source . This is followed by the defense team's press release published on December 23.

"The truth" - Dr. Reiner Füellmich's personal statement
Part 2: The beginning of the Corona Commission

Dear friends, activists and fellow human beings interested in the truth!

This is the " "My Personal Statement" Part 2 to make the events of the past weeks, months and years transparent to all of you.

How did it happen that four ex-combatants of the Corona Commission made serious embezzlement charges against me publicly and in a criminal complaint? Who were the people I trusted, when I was working with the Corona Commission How could it happen that I am now sitting in a maximum security prison in Germany - and I am completely innocent?

First of all, I have to blame myself, because my professional intuition clearly betrayed me (or I did not pay enough attention) and I simply did not pay enough attention to the details of the daily TO-DOs, otherwise I would have noticed the intended coup much earlier.

But everything in its own time:

My wife, Inka, and our dogs lived on our farm in Northern California until the beginning of June 2020, and I mainly did my legal work from there. When the earthquake started in 2020, we were both immediately convinced - that something was wrong here. I quickly packed it up because I wanted to help shed light on the plan epidemic in Germany. After all, I had 30 years of experience as a litigator and spent many years studying medicine and pharmaceutical law at the University of Göttingen. I also had many connections through my work in medical law.

Dr. WW, whom I trusted at the time, put me together with Mrs. VF. At the first face-to-face meeting in Berlin, I was disturbed by some of his behavior, but I decided to take off my judgmental glasses, ignore my instincts and trust a friend.

We agreed to create the Corona Commission because it was already clear in June 2020 that the German Bundestag, which was actually responsible for this, was not going to launch its own investigation, for reasons that were not clear to me at the time. The Corona Commission had to immediately clarify these key questions:

1. How dangerous is the supposedly novel Corona virus?
2. How reliable and suitable is the PCR test for detecting corona infections?
3. How harmful are the Corona measures, i.e. lockdowns, mask requirements, social distancing and the threat of so-called vaccinations?

In clarifying the questions, scientists, doctors, economists, lawyers, politicians, etc. help support us. Two German scientists, a finance professor and an immunology and vaccination expert were already members of our circle. Unfortunately, they did not agree with the contracts drawn up by VF's notary, so they left us.

I remember that one of them was also distrustful of VF from the beginning.

We needed supplies quickly. Two years earlier, when I was working for the anti-corruption NGO Transparency International, I met law professor Martin Schwab, with whom we have been friends ever since. He, in turn, introduced me to two lawyers from Hamburg whom he had promoted. Trusting Professor Schwab's expertise, I asked them if they would like to take the place of the scientists on the Corona Commission. I now know that this was the beginning of the end. Both were quick to show that money meant more to them than clarification and enlightenment.

The Corona Commission quickly achieved completely unexpected successes. Since the expert surveys were conducted in German and English via video stream, our Friday broadcasts quickly became popular worldwide. Many were convinced that the results of the interviews would later be used as evidence in international compensation proceedings, such as a class action. We were in the right place at the right time with our work. I was and still am convinced of this.

Internally, unfortunately, things turned out differently. I soon noticed that VF and the others showed little interest in our work, unlike me, who was almost completely focused on this work. In addition to the committee interviews, I also gave five international interviews at the time, and thereby tried to provide information about our work worldwide and not only in Germany.

After learning from critical experts that the PCR test cannot detect the infection under any circumstances and that it has been deliberately misused here, I published a 50-minute video in German and English in September 2020. In it, I explained that the Corona measures, which even then led to more and more victims and damage, could be classified as a crime against humanity, and that it would be best to legally clarify them using the tools of Anglo-American law. To my surprise, the video got millions of views before it was suddenly deleted by YouTube/Google.

Based on the video, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. American colleague, whom I first met in Berlin in August 2020, founded the "PCR test working group" on his platform called CHD, with the help of its president, Mary Holland. I also belong to this group. Every week since October 2020, respected scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc. meet there to discuss all aspects related to the epidemic.

At the same time, I regularly summarized our long interviews on Corona Commission on Roger Bittel's platform called "Bittel.TV" on Sundays. The enormous popularity of the Corona Commission already led to a large number of inquiries in August 2020. In particular, small and medium-sized businesses wanted to know how they could receive compensation for damages suffered due to shutdowns. And legal colleagues from all over the world wanted to get in touch with the experts. At the time, many lawyers still believed that a court evidentiary hearing of the PCR test with our experts would quickly put an end to the whole panic based on deception and manipulation.

This led to raising money (€700 per person) for a possible class action. The funds are all there, but they were fraudulently diverted to another account. I will report on this in detail elsewhere.

With nearly 30 years of experience in litigation, I was quite skeptical that a solid legal approach could quickly succeed in Germany and the rest of the world. I therefore advised that the tort suits should be conducted in an Anglo-American country, where class actions are possible, and where there is an actual right to proof and punitive damages in cases of intentional tort. My international colleagues are working hard on this. The issue of class actions is as present as ever, and we are confident that it will ultimately succeed.

Part 3 - The end of the Corona Commission - unfortunate circumstances or a long-planned coup?

Dear friends, activists and fellow human beings interested in the truth!

in part 3 of my personal confession, it will quickly become clear to you that I was increasingly a lone warrior in the affairs of the Corona Commission, and that my companions pulled a common thread to get rid of me and ruin me in my private life as well. I share the responsibility for this. As a human being, but even more so as a lawyer, I should have foreseen the events and prevented them.

Back to my report. So, while I - also with international lawyers - joined the CA and put all my energy into it, strangely the other members were not so aware of the importance of the work of the Corona Commission. None of them participated in the strategy meetings. None of them made any effort to promote the commission's work, especially beyond Germany's borders. From the end of 2020, JH and AF in particular were only interested in how they could make as much money as possible with Corona mandates with their newly founded office community.

When at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022, together with the group of international lawyers, with the help of our experts, I conducted the model grand jury investigations to show how and how the legal clarification of the plan epidemic could work, these lawyers no longer played a role at all. However, the Model Grand Jury Trial became a success that attracted worldwide attention.

The work of the Corona Committee was so popular that by the end of 2020 we had already received a lot of donations. However, we only needed a portion of that to pay for our technology, IT, translators, my office expenses, etc. There was a large amount in our donation account. This money was not safe from our point of view. Locking or seizing the accounts would have rendered us immediately incapacitated. Therefore, VF and I decided to leave only the amounts directly needed for the work of the Corona Committee in the donation account, and to keep the amounts of money not needed at first safe from possible access.

According to my current knowledge, the State Criminal Office of Lower Saxony has asked the prosecutor's office to conduct an investigation against VF, RF, AF and JH, who are temporarily handling the donation account, as well as a colleague, as the banks have repeatedly terminated our donation account due to reports of suspected money laundering. These investigations were later dropped.

In order not to be vulnerable due to the provision of funds, we entered into loan agreements, which were also openly included in the annual financial statements. Of course, it would not have made sense to transfer the loans from a disclosed account to another open account. So we decided to invest in my property in Germany (as consideration) and gold as a safe depository. The value of the house was 1,345,000 euros. We definitely wanted to sell it and find a new place to live in Germany. Therefore, the money I borrowed from the loan fund was safe, as I believed at the time. But things turned out differently. I will report on this. (...)
Bill Gates announced in Davos that he will invest 8.6 billion dollars in future vaccines "We don't want to talk about the pandemic today. But what if another one comes?"
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and head of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, regularly participates in the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual Witches' Saturday, the 2023 meeting was the only exception, but this year he also appeared in Davos.

On Monday, Gates announced in Davos that his foundation will spend $8.6 billion this year on "vaccine development and health programs" worldwide.

Bill Gates told Bloomberg in Davos that health spending is now central to the fight against climate change. This spending, as Gates put it, "has not only humanitarian, but also economic and environmental benefits. As we make the world healthier, this is where population growth will reach a steady state."

Just imagine the world that a mentally ill person like Gates wants to make healthier! (...)
Corona 2.0 Another terrorist attack with bacteria? Interviewer (Int): Welcome our dear viewers to Siratófal TV. Today we have a very special guest, Heiko Schöning.
Heiko Schöning is the author of the book "Game Over, COVID-19 | ANTHRAX-01". He has also served as a senior physician in immunology for a biotech company, received numerous innovation awards, and directed a university medical technology center. Heiko Schöning was also the head of a contract research organization for the pharmaceutical industry. In his youth, rowing, as a high-performance sport, also influenced him. Moreover, in 2020, he won a German silver medal in indoor rowing among the over-50s. Until 2019, as a practicing physician, he treated members of parliament, high-ranking civil servants and representatives of the media at an addiction clinic. We welcome Heiko Schöning to our team.

Heiko Schöning (HS): Yes. Thank you very much for the invitation.

Int: Mr. Schöning, you named the perpetrators and were able to name the manufacturing sites of the great crime we all know as the coronavirus pandemic. What patterns did you discover?

HS: Yes, it is. From a bird's eye view, there is a pattern that there is always an initial damaging event. Yes. Then suddenly there is a panic, in other words, an adverse event. Exactly as most people experienced in March 2020, when a worldwide coronavirus pandemic was declared and very draconian, drastic measures were immediately taken. And then people really died, especially in any way. And it was widely publicized in the media. Yes. So this is the first time we've had an initial damaging event with a biological agent. This also has a sign: Biohazard. We prepared this to show you. Yes. It is like a stop sign: Attention - warning sign - biohazard - harmful event. Yes. We have experienced this there since 2020. This is one point.

Now, as we have been able to prove, this did not happen naturally, it happened on purpose. In other words, this whole story, as it actually happened, had a criminal background and criminal premeditation. All of this has been proven and explained, including in the book "Game Over, COVID-19 | ANTHRAX-01", which is all documented. This harmful event was premeditated by the criminals. But there is another aspect to it. Because the damage itself always lasts a relatively short time. And the statistics also show that in March and April of 2020 there was an increase, a peak in the number of deaths in some countries. But then it quickly fell back. I don't want to go into what the actual cause of death might have been today. But many people still remember the breathing machines used in a way never seen before, midazolam, i.e. euthanasia drugs and many other things. Anyway, it was a short-term adverse event, so to speak, but we've all had the experience of people saying, "Oh, now we need a rescue tool for this adverse event." Yes. And this life belt, we know, was then said to be the vaccine. Yes. So then it happened. So here we are: There's an injury and a save. So those are the two things. First the damage event, and then: We need a rescue, we need a rescue, and we need it as fast as possible. Yes. And indeed the case is that these deaths, as we have seen in the statistics, have rapidly declined again. Yes. And that there weren't that many, at first there weren't that many. Yes. And what we've seen in the statistics, without a doubt, undeniably, most of the deaths have only occurred since the vaccine was administered, in this case. Yes, that is. Yes. And this could no longer be linked to the harmful event, because the two happened at different times. It was no longer close to each other, it was only from January 21, around that time. That means it was far apart. So. There is actually a time difference. And this is something that is very basic and fundamental to prove it. Yes. Because on the one hand, here is the damage event. And now, this was early 2020, yes. Then there's the rescue, in this case the vaccination, yes, and the other measures that happened in 2021. And the mortality figures here were much higher, they were after vaccination. And that can't be disputed, yes. And from my point of view, this is also one of the main reasons why the entire narrative was deleted. Because it's a time difference of about a year that can't be explained, you see, wait a minute, it can't be just this epidemic, or at least there should have been as many deaths here at the beginning, in the damaging event, as when the so-called rescue appeared. And this is a contradiction, anyone can see that.

Exactly, yes. And if we just assume now or see the evidence, in the book "Game Over" and the others, we can see that these were indeed criminals who planned this. The evidence has already been presented. You have to ask yourself, "Could these criminals have planned to separate the damage event from the rescue?" No, of course not. Because they need an explanation. Exactly.

Int: Because then you see the dying coming after the vaccination. So if they had come right after, you could have said it was actually from that damage event.

HS: That's right. Exactly. And not a year later. Yes. You actually had to say at the beginning, well, it takes five to ten years to develop a vaccine. That would be a long way off. Yes. Many could not even imagine. When I too predicted something like this would happen. And I also accurately predicted that vaccine capacities would, yes, be increased. And I also told you which company it was. It was a company called Emergent BioSolutions, with Fuad El-Hibri as director. Yes. Which was at the heart of the coronavirus crime. Because Emergent BioSolutions has produced the most vaccines for all the brand names we know. So AstraZeneca was at Emergent BioSolutions. In the case of Novavax, Emergent BioSolutions and many other companies as well. And the 2001 Anthrax attack was also linked to this company, Emergent BioSolutions. So an employee of this company is the official lone perpetrator of a bioweapon attack with a bacterium, the anthracis bacterium. The so-called anthrax. Also a disease. Yes. It's very simple. from 2001. And this worker... I took a closer look at this case. You have to say wait a minute. Same company. And I was also able to tell them that they are making big plans for 2020 and increasing their production capacities. That this is also part of the whole. Yes.

But there was something else I said earlier. Because if we look at it from the criminals' point of view, we want to keep the damage event and the solution together. Close in time. To keep the whole narrative alive. In other words, to carry on. That the deaths that occurred only with the vaccination, i.e. the rescue. Then it can be said that this was the adverse event. And that was actually the plan.

Int: The solution should have come in June. That's what you said too.

HS: Yes. But so far it has hardly been presented that way. And it is important to say this again. Because it was actually part of the planning, and it was officially recognized and already broadcast in press releases and television news programs, that tobacco companies such as British American Tobacco or Philip Morris, i.e. Philip Morris is Marlboro and British American Tobacco, which is Lucky Strike and others. So British American Tobacco put out a press release on April 1, 2020, so very close together, and they said oh, they have a corona vaccine ready. From genetically modified tobacco plants. Yes. I've said this a few times.

Int: This was 3 months after the damage event. That's right. And that was actually the original plan. Yes, that was the original plan. Yes.

Film insert: In April, British American Tobacco announced that its American biotech subsidiary was developing a COVID-19 vaccine derived from tobacco plants. In the project, which BAT says is not for profit, Kentucky Bioprocessing cloned part of the gene sequence of COVID-19, creating a substance that stimulates the production of antibodies. When this substance was introduced into tobacco plants for propagation, a vaccine was created that appears to have several advantages over conventional vaccines. BAT says it is potentially safer because plants cannot carry pathogens that cause disease in humans. Also, the vaccine is available more quickly because it only needs to be grown for about six weeks instead of several months. Normally, news like this would be welcomed with open arms, but when it comes from an industry whose products can ultimately kill people, the reaction has been somewhat muted. (...)
BAT says it has earmarked funds for clinical trials that could begin in the coming weeks. With the support of government agencies and manufacturers, millions of doses could be produced per week - provided it works.

HS: And why from tobacco plants, from plants at all? Because this production method is so good and cheap, and also so scalable. In this way, vaccines can be produced en masse, en masse. Yes. You said it right away. We know, the vaccine is already ready, several million doses by June 2020. And we can then scale this up to billions of doses. This is very important. Like this. How you can see that this is close to each other. And then it can be assumed that all the deaths involving damage or rescue could have been argued much better. That the damaging event, so to speak, is the SARS-CoV-2 virus, yes, it was the culprit, so to speak.

Int: You pointed out in your book that this was exactly the plan. And that's why the plan was canceled. That's why plan B had to be implemented, because your work revealed that it should have been implemented through tobacco plants.

HS: That's right. I had that, that's what I focused on. In the spring of 2020, and even before British American Tobacco officially admitted that they now had genetically modified tobacco plants, I already held a tobacco plant in front of the camera in an interview and said, look, this was on March 11, 2020, barely three weeks before British American Tobacco first acknowledged it. We have a crown vaccine here, yes, from genetically modified tobacco plants.

Int: So they were exposed and then they couldn't follow through.

HS: That's right. And the special thing is that I was able to connect it to a real proven crime. That's the point. You can say yes, great, why not? Great technology. And if you can produce vaccines so quickly and in such large quantities for the entire population of the world, that's great news. But the point is, who had this prior knowledge or who was the driving force behind this technology? And it was one man, the scientific director, Dr. Richard Tubb. And I was able to prove that Dr. Richard Tubb had prior criminal knowledge of the 2001 anthrax attacks. In other words, a person who clearly had prior criminal knowledge of a very important crime, Dr. Richard Tubb, US Air Force Brigadier General and personal physician to US President George W. Bush, had prior criminal knowledge of anthrax, and then in 2013 as a board member joined British American Tobacco. And in 2014, barely a year later, they acquired a wholly owned subsidiary, Kentucky Bioprocessing, also abbreviated KBP, which is now known as K-Bio, K-Bio. And they keep tobacco plantations under their roofs, which produce vials of vaccine, not cigarettes. That's exactly what we have here.

Film insert: Kentucky Bioprocessing, KBP for short, is known as a service provider to the biotechnology industry, specializing in the production of pharmaceuticals from plants. KBP has expressed, extracted and purified many proteins of plant origin. "On KBP's 23-acre campus in Owensboro, Kentucky, we have a 32,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and 75,000 square feet of environmentally controlled plant growing facilities. By using various transient plant expression systems, KBP offers its customers a clear path from laboratory-scale development, where a few kilograms of plants are grown daily material, through pilot-scale development, where we can process up to one ton of plant material per day, to commercial-scale production, where we can process up to five tons of plant biomass per hour." he added.

KBP's facilities and services are designed to cost-effectively enable customers to produce milligram quantities of material for preclinical testing, up to kilogram quantities intended for sale as commercial products. Or to quickly defeat a biological threat.

HS: Not even cigarettes. Yes. We don't have such supplies here. We are all non-smokers. We are not. But here it is. Well, yes. And this was actually Dr. Richard Tubb's guilty foreknowledge again. And again, they just have to recognize that. March 2020. Corona epidemic. June 2020. Millions of vaccines are produced by tobacco factories. That was plan A.

Int: That was plan A. Your work blew the fuse. Then they switched to plan B. That's why the rescue was so far from the harmful event. And that's why they actually blew it up. And Corona, you could say, has now stopped as a result.

HS: Yes, of course, many people helped, and the others helped too. And unfortunately it didn't stop completely. Yes. But of course, it became much more difficult for criminals to argue with this. So the great epidemic is over. Right? So this grand criminal project simply ended. This should be stated quite clearly.

Int: Which should have continued.

HS: Yes, exactly. And why we emphasize this again now is important for the future, for the present. Because on the one hand, even with the crown, the plan was for the damage event and the rescue to be close to each other. And if it's far apart, you have a reasoning problem, to put it mildly. So now we're going into the future. You have to ask yourself, is it all over? And maybe also what was the purpose of the crown? I wouldn't go too deep into that. But we saw, for example, that in March 2020 the world's money supply increased enormously, and even multiplied overall. In other words, there would actually have been significant inflation if they had spent it all directly. But they printed a lot more money. Technically, for example, the Federal Reserve Bank, the central bank of the USA, increased its balance sheet total by 12.5 percent in March 2020. That way. This is gigantic. It's really not about the billions that might be mentioned, but orders of magnitude more. It's really gigantic. And that was just on that day in March 2020. And only the Americans, many others too. In other words, they were able to pour much more money into this broken financial system in the Seleburd current of the coronavirus. We also knew, most of us experienced, in 2007, 2008, there was already a financial collapse. We have all seen it and had to suffer through it. The world economy shrank by about 20 percent. The financial collapse. And it was clear who the perpetrators were. The big banks and their private owners. From their point of view, this is a bad time for a big financial reset, i.e. a big financial upheaval, a fresh start. Yes. Because everyone knew that hey, the banks. Why are they bailing out the banks and throwing so much money at them, tax payers money and so on, yes. And then why do they increase the money supply so madly, and so on. And they bought themselves time with even more money. Well... And that's why Corona came in 2020. A health crisis, in other words. I don't want to say whether these are causally related. I just want to say that both things happened. In any case, it was clear in 2008 that it was the big banks and their private owners. I said the same thing in London. "It was the banks and their private owners." Yes. Another story there, London 2020.

Int: You can actually see that there are actually other goals behind the crown, that (it's) not about health at all.

HS: Of course it wasn't about health, yes. And also when you see the other people that are there as health gurus who have invested in Coca-Cola in the past, even to this day, in these health companies and things like that, it's certainly not about health, that much is clear. In any case, it must be recognized that it was announced, among other things, at the World Economic Forum, that a great upheaval, the Great Restart, is needed. And then especially for a big financial reboot. By abolishing cash, central bank money, CBDCs and the like. All this was said publicly. And now you just have to ask yourself if it's okay if they want to continue this process...

Int: How can they make this happen so that the population is on board with us?

HS: Yes, how would it be implemented? Are they going to do it by saying here are the new financial affairs and we have to do this now because of the financial crisis? Surely not. They will probably use some excuse again. And what kind of excuse will that be? It must be the health crisis. This is actually clear. And to bring this up again, and to say that all the other measures, and to say that here, by pumping so much money into the system again, with the curtailment of civil rights and the surveillance and all these measures, it's probably a health care crisis will be under the pretext. Now the question is which one? Is something ready? Question mark.

And of course, I followed the criminal structures, these organized criminals, in recent years, and then followed the individuals and organizations. And just to make it simple, here in this context, if we focus on manufacturing sites, it's something that requires a long lead time, simply for technical reasons. And he even quoted something from my resume. Sometimes that's all I do, Heiko Schöning, a doctor from Hamburg. But I also come from industry, or have industry experience, so I also have experience with certification and good governance practices and all these things that you have to set up. Setting up such factories and such production really takes time. I'm sure many viewers from other industries know this as well. It takes years to build a business or start production.

And if we want to vaccinate billions of people or give life-saving products to billions of people, we have to build up this production somehow. It's not going that fast. And the company Emergent BioSolutions was now at the center of the coronavirus pandemic. It has now hit rock bottom and the director, Fuad El-Hibri, has died. But now, and this is the new thing that I described in my new book coming out now, a new manufacturing company will be at the center of this new crime. And this is a company called National Flexibility. National Resilience. National Resilience is like the new Emergent BioSolutions. And the new director, one of the new directors is now a professional. He is no longer the German-Lebanese telecommunications specialist Fuad El-Hibri who was the director of Emergent BioSolutions and who, from their perspective, did not do a good job. Instead, an entire top team has been brought together in the board of directors of the National Flexibility Agency. It is also a company producing mRNA vaccines. National Resilience is now making the mRNA vaccine, which is actually a gene therapy, mRNA components for Moderna. That's what National Resilience is doing, a completely new company. Only in 2020, newly founded. And they've been spending billions of dollars and buying more and more production capacity on a massive scale. And one of the directors is Christopher Darby, who came straight from the CIA. Scott Gottlieb is also involved. Scott Gottlieb came from the US regulatory authority, the FDA, and is involved in many other things. Susan Desmond-Hellman, a senior fellow at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is also involved. It sits there with National Resilience. And there are others who have even been tasked with bioterrorism, such as National Resilience CEO Rahul Singhvi. He was once accused of bioterrorism due to bird flu and swine flu.

Int: He was reported correctly.

HS: Yes, exactly. It was the Baxter company and the like. They once produced 72 liters and there was an accident on a train, an ICE bound for Switzerland. It was an old story that was reprinted. All the details are in the book so you can read it, along with all the sources. And this is Rahul Singhvi. Rahul Singhvi was also the CEO of Novavax, maker of the Covid-19 vaccine, a brand also manufactured at Emergent BioSolutions. And I've mentioned it many times, one of Novavax's directors is Michael McManus. And this is an arms and drug dealer. I wrote all of this in my book, again with all sources, including court files. So we have a network of these people, and there are network diagrams in the book. Perhaps you could show this as well to illustrate. Then there's Christopher Darby, Rahul Singhvi, Michael McManus. Here's the connection, Rahul Singhvi is not only the CEO of National Resilience, but also of Novavax. Then there's Michael McManus, the production capacities, locations and such. And the entire business is now being transferred from Emergent Biosolutions to the new company, National Resilience. So Fuad El-Hibri is dead, Emergent Biosolutions has burned for them, so to speak. And now the new National Resilience. And this team is big and important. Kerrey is also on board, having arrived from Allen & Co. From a very important bank that used to do business with the mob, Meyer Lansky and the like. So it's really, really threatening.

Int: The senior managers are now putting them in this new company, which is probably now... The production capacities are being built there. That's where the money is invested. So that afterwards, if possible, these two events are next to each other, very close to each other.

HS: Yes, of course I do. Because now they've invested billions out of nowhere, so to speak, with a top team that has nothing to do directly with biotech production - because they're bankers, or someone from the CIA, the head of the CIA's investment company, In-Q-Tel, and the CIA Head of Officers Foundation as Darby. Or just a former Nebraska representative. This is the land of Warren Buffett and Coca-Cola. Kerrey who came from the army and Bank Allen & Co. So all of a sudden these top people are sitting there. This means that these structures, which are at least close to organized crime, are now there for something new, to ensure that things do not go as they did with the Crown with the technology of plant vaccines and plant proteins that are there in the they would have been salvation, (...) Richard Tubb was able to do that, but now it was brought under a new company, with a new top team. And this is National Resilience. So here are these technologies, so to speak, there we find these plant technologies again. And we will find these others again. In other words, real efforts are being made in terms of personnel and financial and material resources. They have more than ten manufacturing facilities in the USA, Canada and abroad. These are big tanks that really - yes, you have to ask yourself - what do they really want? Because there has never been a demand for such things. And if we take a closer look, what are they actually producing? What technology do they have? What are they actually working on? Can I try to summarize this briefly?

That it is no longer mainly viruses, but bacteria. And we know that bacteria can actually make people sick. What is it about bacteria that makes people sick? Proteins, proteins, toxins produced by bacteria, which can also be called poisons, yes, and others. So the bacteria themselves are not dangerous, so to speak, but something they produce and do, what functions they have. And this is exactly what bioweapons research has been researching for decades: which substances, proteins, in other words proteins, the proteins in these bacteria are actually harmful? And that genetic blueprint was extracted. And the genetic blueprint of these bacteria, the toxins, yes, they can now be implanted into plants to mass produce them. And these are, for example, tobacco plants. So they give you a green plant, yes, inject it, infect it with this new genetic code. And then the leaves of the plant actually produce these proteins. And they can harvest that and then, yeah, they have the potential to make millions and billions of poisons out of it, or they can say use it as an antidote to vaccines.

Int: Both are possible.

HS: Yes, both are possible. So for the attack or the so-called rescue. And that's the point. And this is exactly what National Resilience mainly has. As I said, now, for example, they are producing mRNA gene therapies against corona for Moderna. And they have these bacterial capacities as well. And again, especially on this plant basis. They need to understand that. Because in order to produce a lot and quickly for millions or billions of people, they need a suitable production platform. The best and easiest way to do this is this plant technology. And that's why we have these scientists in the field who know all about it. They are all described in detail in the book. These dr. There are only a few if you focus on them. And it's also very important to name these people, to show their faces, which is what happens in the book, to give their names. Because this is the bottleneck. These are the few people they can hardly live without. They cannot just move these professionals and these production plants.

Int: And they can't simply rebuild them in the short term either, they have to build them up in the long term.

HS: That's right. And what you have to imagine now, only with the help of common sense, why are they building such huge production capacities at the National Resilience? That's the point. Well. Yes, and here comes the point, what is the current process now, what awaits us?

Int: Yes, so there will likely be another damage event - following the same pattern. And the capacities are now built to bring the rescue together as quickly as possible. You say that this has nothing more to do with the virus than with the corona. This goes in the direction of bacteria. How exactly will this work? Could you tell me a little more about that?

HS: Yes. How will people experience this? It will start again with an adverse event. So they say many people die here. Something we've never seen before. So beware, beware, a biological pathogen is on the loose. And I predict that this time there will be no viruses in the narrative, but bacteria. Bacteria can make you very sick or even kill you. And there are bacteria that are multiresistant. This means that they are resistant to many antidotes, or perhaps all antidotes. Antibiotics are the antidote to bacteria. In other words, anti-bacterial agents. However, there are bacteria that are resistant to almost all or all antibiotics. And they can be grown in tanks like the ones National Resilience has. And bacterial toxins can also be grown and produced there, yes. Anyway, the first thing is that a lot of people die suddenly from germs. And then there will probably be another big panic. And then the question is, what is the solution now, what is the redemption? Antibiotics are usually needed. You say here.

Int: Like penicillin or something.

HS: Like penicillin, right? But then it's resistant to penicillin, that doesn't help. And then, dear pharmaceutical industry, something new, yes. Let's do something new. And it just so happens that this has already been introduced in the wording and the wording that there are non-traditional antibiotics or antimicrobials. It's a cover word for anything that isn't actually an antibiotic, but something else. Just as mRNA gene therapy is not a vaccine, but a gene therapy. But it's called vaccination. So antimicrobials and non-traditional antibiotics have already been introduced here, so to speak.

Int: But they are not actually antibiotics.

HS: They're not actually antibiotics, but they're marketed to people as antibiotics. Just something new, something really great.

Int: Just like the vaccine, everyone knew about it. Everyone said yes, it's like a vaccine, then I can take it. Everyone knows about antibiotics. It's much more accepted than if you say there's something completely new here.

HS: Exactly. And those two things have to come together. Bacterial terror at the beginning, panic, then rescue. And National Resilience is suddenly wonderfully productive. So those are the two things. That's the point. And today I want to explain what the attack is all about. Because what is it like when we have bacteria in our intestines, which is also natural. Then they get there and find a lot of completely different bacteria. Our gut, there's a Lego board here. Our intestinal tract seems quite colorful. Lots of bacteria, fungi and all sorts of things grow in our guts. Actually, it's like a colorful meadow, anyway. And if we take this green board as a meadow, it looks like this. And interestingly, our intestines are not just a tube, they have a huge surface area. 400 square meters. So you have to ask yourself: how does this fit into a person? By increasing the surface with intestinal hairs. We know all this from a towel, a terry towel. Because there are these combs, it has a large surface area. Therefore, it can absorb a lot of water and other dirt, i.e. particles, which increases the surface area. So the intestine has forks, that's why it has this huge 400 square meter exchange surface. And now, to put it very simply, the intestine, and I described this in the book, the intestine with the intestinal villi is like a Lego board with buttons. And thank God, you also provided such a Lego board with buttons. This is what our intestinal wall actually looks like. There are knots on it. And the natural state. From birth, every nodule is colonized with bacteria, mainly archaea bacteria, bacteriophages, fungi and so on. It is fully populated. So, in a natural and useful way, there are more cells in our body, foreign cells, than our own cells. And they help us. Because the ingested food is processed by these special bacteria. To get to the other side, to be absorbed, here into the bloodstream.

Int: This requires diversity.

HS: It's the diversity to be able to break down this food, depending on what we eat, yes. Just plants and stuff, no meat and all, so we need, we need that here. Our immune system learns from this, so these bacteria are very important. And these bacteria, with the messengers and what they let through and what they don't, they also determine how we feel and, in fact, what we are like. Because whether we feel good or bad depends very much on these substances that are actually produced here or that are passed through. Yes. Whether you are depressed or not. Whether you feel strong or not. This has all been proven by research. So we actually have this beautiful, natural meadow here, so to speak. And if there's an improper colonization here, where a lot of bad bacteria get the upper hand, then we become depressed or sick and many other things. You are what you eat.
And what comes next? We said this at the beginning. Watch out, here comes the bacteria. And then they're like these red bacteria, yeah, pathogenic bacteria. And if these are now highly cultivated, i.e. they have been turned into weapons, like the way anthrax, the anthracis bacterium, anthrax really spread in 2001. So I'm not talking about a theory, or it's not just an assumption, it's happened, it's admitted, it's proven, it's all documented in Game Over and other books. This is all reality. Anyway, if there are bacteria here that can actually harm and kill, the question is, well, what can help? Antibiotics. For example this. And then when the industry says, okay, here's the antidote, and then I pour clean water in the glass. This is actually the same as taking a normal course of antibiotics. They say there is an antibiotic now and it kills a lot of bacteria. In other words, the antibiotic simply kills these bacteria. It also kills fungi. And it doesn't just kill these red bad guys, so to speak, but mostly the rest as well. And then, if things continue like this, we'll end up with a few red baddies left.

And only a few good bacteria remain. Then we have a situation where suddenly, after an antibiotic, most of these nodules are barely occupied, so to speak, and the bacteria completely disappear like a clearing. And of course, this is very unhealthy for the body. And now, as you can imagine, bad bacteria or resistant bacteria are in the majority. This is why, as we know from medicine, resistant, bad bacteria can now gain the upper hand, especially after a course of antibiotics. Since they now have a lot of new surfaces, they can say that it's great, now we're here too, because they don't have as much competition here as in this natural situation. And if these are harmful bacteria, to name just one, Clostridium difficile, C. diff for short. Yes. This is something that is already well known in medicine. Then you have a problem and people really die from it. Well, this is the second phase, so to speak, yes. Antibiotics or non-traditional remedies cause such a clearing, and now the situation is dangerous. And the next point is that this antimicrobial can now be designed in such a way that the new, natural bacteria cannot re-establish as well. Because normally it happens again after a course of antibiotics, so it slowly regenerates again, right? That you are now eating a yogurt or a boiled carrot soup, which contains many good, colorful, different bacteria. And then again, there's a good bit of variety.

But if it's like the glyphosate poison we know in the fields, which barely allows anything else to grow, and it's technically possible, through bacterial toxins. In other words, something that can be extracted and then applied. Then only very specific bacteria grow on it. Sometimes not at all, and then we have a problem again. Because people in this situation are immunocompromised. They no longer have the protective function of natural bacteria. Their immune system is very weakened during this time, which is what causes this. And now again everyone is shouting that oh, we need a solution again. As long as they are immune-poor, there will be another damage event. And now we need another solution. How to rebuild our intestinal flora? And when nothing grows, it's a bit like the field. Where poison is first sprayed, for example glyphosate, and then only a certain genetically modified seed grows, which is patented, monopolized, and which then has to be bought from the Monsanto Bayer company.

Int: Like genetically modified corn.

HS: Like genetically modified corn, yes. And now they imagine that now they can buy the probiotics that can do that, which are also only patented by certain companies, that are resistant, and then they rebuild the whole thing. And of course there are people who are in danger. They can be locked up, quarantined, eliminated. At the same time, an entire surveillance industry is being developed. I will touch on this only briefly. We got to know the coronavirus with nasal samples and nasal swabs. And I'm saying that what's brewing now is suddenly a mass epidemic of stool samples. That suddenly everyone does not have to enter their human genetic code through a nasal swab, but the genetic code of the intestinal flora through a stool sample. So that's the whole gut bacteria. So the new nose sample is the stool sample.

Int: You could also say that the new threats are the selectors.

HS: Exactly, that's right. So those who still choose something from the bad guys here, so to speak, yes, they are dangerous, of course they should be locked up. So those are the eliminators. And now there are also these affiliated companies that monitor the toilets, monitor the wastewater in the houses. We have already done this by sealing off houses, villages and neighborhoods.

Int: Because they said that there are positive tests in the sewage, there is a closure...

HS: That's right. We found here a genetic slice of a nasty bacteria that is multi-resistant. Yes, they should do that. So, what a subsidiary of a director there - connected with this National Resilience - what they did, for example, they monitored airplane toilets. Now all they can say is, oh, the alarm is going off. Sure, it's just as accurate as the PCR method. They can customize it as much as they want, whether they want to or not. And then they're on the plane, and the doors still won't open on the plane. They do this only after they have made sure that all passengers are taken directly from the aircraft to the quarantine center. Because someone was an excrement. And then you could infect others, where it's actually very, very difficult to transfer germs. But the narrative will likely be the same anyway.

This is an important point. But to finish here, the thing is that with probiotics that you can buy, like in yogurt, which we already know. Then you need to buy and eat special bacteria - probiotics - to repopulate your gut. And these are the products of monopoly companies. And then they all grow here in a row, as we know from the fields, the genetically modified corn fields. And then we end up with...

Int:...a monoculture in the gut.

HS: That's right. A monoculture in the gut. And they have to buy these things again and again. And this monoculture naturally causes many problems. Because only the diversity of bacteria protects us. And then the others are simply pushed out. It also means that they and they, boom, get pushed out. Instead, only these bacteria are here in a row. Which then has to be bought, for example, through Danone or Nestlé yogurt - from these companies, which again only belong to the big banks. Then there is such a situation in its entirety.

Int: In other words, we could say that, for example, Biontech and Pfizer as companies were at the center of the corona crisis. And now with the new thing that you see or that will come, it will be Danone and Nestlé.

HS: For example. That would be a possibility. This is healthcare. So to demonstrate that, instead of the natural, important microbiome inside us that makes us strong, that keeps us healthy, that makes our immune system, that affects how we feel and what we are, instead of getting that situation , we should get such a situation. You have to imagine that. And it also determines how we feel and how we are. And during all of this, well, of course you can say that it's a health crisis, we have to take a lot of measures. They shut down the economy locally or on a larger scale whenever they want. They can ramp it up with liquidation and find somewhere a protein peach, a genetic snippet from a PCR test, or something like that. And it's so terrible and so on. People need to be locked up and quarantined now, yes. And they prepare it all. There are a lot of unique parts. This can now be demonstrated to some extent in the interview. The details are in the book along with the sources. But when you see the National Resilience and the directors, they will be at the center of the new offense.

Int: The book is now published or has already been published. I already have the DVD. It's called "Attack on the Microbiome."
With the corona, many people became, one might say, amateur virologists. Now, with the new event, everyone becomes an amateur bacteriologist. So there will be a lot of controversy? How do you see this?

HS: Yes, I hope not! Because the fact that there is such a health crisis is a distraction. As long as we are in the field of virology or medicine in general, as with the crown, we are on the battlefield chosen by organized crime. And they cannot lose. Because we are not talking about organized crime. We were not talking about production or anyone else, organized crime, but about health care, the many, many amateur virologists, as you rightly said. And I can only say that no, you should not be an amateur bacteriologist now. And I hope the new gurus on both sides won't be bacteriologists. And medicine itself, so that it really doesn't have to be like this. Even though I am a doctor myself and have a lot of industry experience etc. But the core is organized crime. And to not bother me about whether I should take antibiotics or not. You are having a similar controversial debate as before, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. There were already two camps early on. And it's similar to taking or not taking antibiotics. There are also those who say no, no way, never. Others say yes if necessary or yes if someone in a white coat says so. Many areas already have this cornerstone of divide, divide, divide and rule.

And that's why I can say at the outset that when it comes to attacking the microbiome, we're dealing with bacteria. No, please, everyone should not be an expert in bacteriology, but an expert in organized crime. So who are they? They are just a few people. You can see it, you can remember it, and it's always the same, the same structures. And you can also see that in these patterns and structures, as you rightly say, there is an adverse event. And I predict that they will be able to do that in the spring of 2025 at the earliest, I think. And they want the rescue relatively early, as I said. The rescue will then no longer be like what is here, that is, vaccines were mainly related to the corona, but the next rescue will then consist mainly of pills. I'll put this in here, like this. This will be the next save. Antibiotics, or non-traditional antibiotics, antimicrobial agents. And all these wordings and so on are already in the new WHO treaty, paragraph 4, section 4G. So it's broken down into a lot of areas, and the way it's laid out so that we don't really fall into it, it's really fully and clearly illustrated in the book with sources and evidence.

But here it must be said, be careful, bacterial terror is brewing. It will come if we don't work together to expose and shine a light on this organized crime. To expose people, to expose technologies, as I did with plant technologies. Because the production technology of plants and materials will be used here as well. Because it's the only way. This is a big part of it, including mRNA, but it is very important to understand this.

Int: Let me summarize briefly. There is a damage event with deaths caused by bacteria, then there is a waiting period where you have to wait for the shutdowns, that's what you said earlier, there will be shutdowns again, there will be this waiting period for the rescue. But the time will be quite short, because everything has already been prepared, this is the plan. Then there's this thing that's sold as an antibiotic, but it's not an antibiotic at all. When people take this, they've actually eliminated the entire gut flora. In addition, this poison is in the intestine, so nothing new can settle. So a certain new probiotic is needed, which, as you say, is produced from genetically modified plants. And then this new, this goal is for people to take this and then have a monoculture in their gut that can actually be manipulated. We could probably go on about this forever.

HS: That's right, it's exactly that, either the natural, healthy, useful microbiome, or the monopolized microbiome, with many, many harmful side effects. That's just what it looks like. This is what needs to be understood and why it really needs to be read up and widely disseminated, and I hope that many people will take the time to do this over the Christmas period and that we will take advantage of that time. I predict we'll probably have another year or so where we can do this professionally to stop it and not be surprised again like it was with the crown.

Int: Anyway, thank you, Heiko Schöning, you foresaw this with the crown, now you've done the groundwork again. We always help the hype make sense. Maybe one last question at the end, you are always so committed and on the move, and you used to be very active in elite sports, do you have time to row again or is that not possible anymore?

HS: I'm going to take more time again, I have to say like I said, I'm going to row again. I don't know why it affected me so much now, it shouldn't be like this for long. In the last months and weeks, I really worked hard, worked hard to finish this book, to warn people about Corona 2.0, the bacterial terror that we have inside us. I gained weight, but now I'm getting back on the rowing machine to stay fit again for the next few years. And I can only recommend this to others, with sports, family, and social life.

Interviewer: Very good, wonderful, we wish you all the best and thank you very much for being here.
Heiko Schöning: Thank you.
The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made Scientists are able to produce fully functional viruses in an instant and in large quantities. Several laboratories have been doing this for influenza for more than 20 years. Other man-made viruses include SARS and, more recently, the covid-19 virus called SARS-CoV-2.

Further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made was provided by recently released documents in response to a December 2023 Freedom of Information Act request.

On Thursday, US Right to Know published an article detailing documents it received in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

The article "American scientists proposed to produce viruses with unique characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan" shows how American scientists planned to work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology to produce new coronaviruses with the characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 in a years before the virus emerged from Wuhan.

For the first time, documents obtained by the US Right to Know show that a virologist working with the Wuhan lab planned to create new spike proteins - in contrast to the collaboration's public work, which incorporated entire spike proteins into the virus's backbone.

Outlines and records released by the Freedom of Information Act reveal new details about the planned research and how scientists planned to use new reverse genetics systems and test the viruses in vivo — in other words, develop new, live viruses.

The documents reveal that the scientists behind the DEFUSE project proposed a strategy aimed at splicing together virus genomes related to SARS in six pieces.

The Project DEFUSE proposal was submitted to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ("DARPA") on March 27, 2018 by the EcoHealth Alliance, led by Peter Daszak. DARPA rejected the proposal and eventually selected 5 other groups for the PREEMPT initiative. The proposal describes in great detail the experiments that could have directly led to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that emerged in Wuhan in the fall of 2019.

"We identify the best consensus candidate and synthesize the genome using commercial vendors (e.g., BioBasic, etc.) as six contiguous cDNA pieces joined by unique restriction endonuclease sites that do not interfere with the coding sequence but allow full-length genome assembly", says the EcoHealth DEFUSE grant proposal.

"[US Right to Know's] bombastic article [describes] EcoHealth's purchase of a certain endonuclease. This endonuclease was the enzyme needed to splice together the genes needed to create the 'covid' virus," said Dr. Ah Khan Syed, explaining, what it all means.

Look at the title page and the date. We write 2024. We're still talking about this 4 years after Pradhan published his "Eerie Resemblance" paper showing that the SARS-Cov-2 virus originated in a laboratory, repeating our December 2021 article.

[Dr. Ah Kahn Syed cites an article published by US Right to Know entitled "US scientists suggested virus with unique characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 was produced in Wuhan" by Emily Kopp.]

What does this mean?

There is only one thing that emerges from Emily's article, which I will summarize and then explain in layman's terms, so bear with me.

Ecohealth, who were accused of producing the Wuhan virus, ordered a very specific splicing enzyme identified in a 2022 publication that showed that whoever used this enzyme to splice viruses, most likely the covid (SARS-CoV-2) virus created it.

So let me explain.

A "restriction endonuclease" is an enzyme—a biological agent that initiates a chemical reaction that would not otherwise occur—that cleaves DNA strands at specific points in the code.

Here's an example of BamHI (they don't have a fancy name, sorry) cutting DNA strands in this pattern "between two adjacent 'G's' of the GGATC coded strand".

The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made

The opposite strand is the mirror image, but we can see that reading in the opposite direction meets the same criteria for cutting, so the cutting happens there - on both strands, cutting the DNA completely. Often, but not always, this leaves an irregular overhang between the strands (remember that DNA has two opposite or complementary strands of code, RNA usually has only one strand) called "sticky ends" and allows they make the DNA ends easily recombine with whatever you plan to throw into the mix.

Of course, this is more of a laboratory thing than a natural thing. And it's a method that's used all the time to add pieces of DNA to a segment of DNA. Think of it like splicing tapes back in the day.

The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made

Laboratory scientists then create RNA viruses from the DNA. And yes, whole infectious RNA viruses can be created from a DNA clone. They have been doing this for the flu for more than 20 years, as well as for SARS and more recently SARS-Cov-2 (covid).

Yes, to repeat that to get your jaw off the floor, several laboratories around the world are creating "infectious clones" - basically molds - that can produce fully functional viruses in large quantities at a moment's notice, and have been doing so for at least 20 years.

The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made

Neumann G, Kawaoka Y. Production of influenza A virus from cloned cDNAs - historical perspectives and prospects for the new millennium.

So this is one way to make a virus. And maybe that's how the covid virus was made, but it sure was in a lab.

How do we know?

Well, of course we've talked about this before:

Absolute proof: Gp-120 sequences prove beyond all doubt that covid-19 is man-made.
How can you use BLAST to get to the truth about the origin of covid-19?
Buttoday's story is independent confirmation of the story above (which relies on the virus's genome sequence being so unique that it is impossible for it to have come from nature).

Confirmation comes from the fact that a study was published in 2022 that the "endonuclease fingerprint1" proved beyond doubt that the SARS-Cov-2 covid virus was man-made because it contains so many unusual restriction sites for certain endonucleases, which could not have happened by accident.

The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made
Endonuclease fingerprint suggests synthetic origin of SARS-CoV-2, bioRxiv

Within the study's findings, two facts stood out:
1. The BsmBI endonuclease was required to make the specific cuts required for splicing of this particular virus.
2. BsmBI "cut sites" occur in some coronaviruses, but NOT in the two coronaviruses that were probably fakes anyway, and that the scientific establishment claimed were closely related enough to covid to be derived from.

In other words, if a lab turns out to have used the BsmBI enzyme in connection with coronavirus research, it's the "smoking glove" (those old enough to remember the OJ Simpson trial know what that means) that independently confirms , that a laboratory made the virus.

The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made
"If the gloves don't fit you, you have to save them, aka 'The Chewbacca Protection'."
So, what happened yesterday?

What happened yesterday is the equivalent of finding a glove that perfectly fits the hands of Zengli Shi and Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, the group that was implicated at the beginning of this farce as the creators of the coronavirus. After a Freedom of Information request, US Right to Know obtained a copy of the order form for R0580L, the BsmBI restriction enzyme.

The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made

So what? Is this a laboratory product?

Of course. But it came under the heading of the DEFUSE proposal to create bat coronaviruses, which was rejected by the EcoHealth Alliance and the Department of Defense. They said it was deleted. Nevertheless, the reagents needed for the project were ordered.

The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made
EcoHealth Alliance's statement on correcting inaccuracies in testimony before the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on March 8, 2023.

"Just a coincidence", right?

Naturally. This is circumstantial evidence. But in this case, there is so much circumstantial evidence that it becomes impossible to ignore, and the cause of the cover-up comes into focus.

And what else needs to happen today but to cement this "nothing burger" as what is probably actually a very meaty, meaty burger?

Well, there's a war going on on Twitter to distract anyone who might be able to shed light on, expose, share, understand and talk about this story. These events serve to waste everyone's time and divide and subjugate dissenting groups. These are ancient techniques used by tyrannical regimes to prevent people from talking to each other, because we can't allow that, can we?

The response to the FOI provides further evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is man-made

So please remember to do the exact opposite of what these people want.

Learn to read these stories. Try to understand them. Please share them. If the person you're sharing it with doesn't understand them, try to help them.

This will be the perfect time to wrap up today's article and give the floor to the excellent Jessica Rose to present the same story from a slightly different angle.

Read more! A Targeted Showdown of Bad Guys by Jessica Rose Jan 19, 2024

Please share and discuss which one works and resonates with you because this story and the attached stories are important.

Don't forget that our voices are silenced every day with the techniques of intimidation and censorship.

Even if they fail, and they always will, those who want to silence us will only shout and make noise. Our articles are there to help you see through the noise and give you the resources to shout back.

Make your own noise.

Is agricultural production a serious crime?
Is agricultural production a serious crime?

WEF member says agricultural production is 'serious crime', on par with 'genocide'
Frank BergmanJanuary 19, 2024 source

In Davos, Switzerland, a speaker at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) called on globalist elites to push for agriculture to be 'serious be classified as a crime.

Speaking at the WEF summit in a luxury ski resort in Switzerland, Jojo Mehta, founder of "Stop Ecocide Now", argued that fishing and framing should be seen as tantamount to "genocide".

Mehta insisted that fishing and farming for food should be a "serious crime" while arguing that it was immoral to make money from these industries.

"We have this cultural habit, very deeply rooted, that we don't take harming nature as seriously as harming people or property," he told world leaders, bureaucrats and corporate elites at the event.

He went on to say that agriculture, fishing and presumably hunting are "mass damage and destruction of nature".

Mehta then demanded that these activities be legally recognized as "serious crimes".

"In the case of human rights, mass murder and genocide are serious crimes, but there is no equivalent in the field of environmental protection," he said.

"Unlike an international crime like genocide, which involves specific intent, with ecocide we see people trying to make money, farm, fish... and what's missing is awareness of the side effects and collateral damage... "

The latest catchphrase has just fallen out of the Devil's cave in Davos. Farming, fishing and making money are now called "Ecocide". So basically, if you want to live, you commit a crime if these people want you to:


Social media quickly caught fire after a video of Mehta's comments went viral.

Many compared his claims to the anti-human "Net Zero" and "decarbonization" agenda of the WEF and its allies.

I guess ecocide doesn't include killing whales to put up windmills.

That's right, NetZero is zero net population growth. This is what they wanted all along, no more euphemisms about carbon dioxide emissions, they are moving on.

Ecocide is actually Eliteocide - which allows the unelected elites to tell farmers to stop farming, fishermen to stop fishing, miners to stop mining - when you allow these happen, that is, when you starve, riots happen and society collapses.
Because you listen to the stupidity of the unelected elite class, who have no intention of ever stopping eating or owning everything - that's what they convinced me of.

Archbishop Vigano: The Davos elite are motivated by satanic hatred, not just wealth and power Let us not forget that if our globalist enemy enlists the help of the infernal spirits, we have on our side the arrayed Lord God of hosts - Dominus Deus Sabaoth - and all the hosts of angels and saints who are infinitely more powerful.
Dear Dr. Frost, Dear Friends!

At the beginning of the new year, allow me to extend my best wishes to all of you. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you some thoughts on the current situation.

In the last four years we have witnessed the execution of a sinister plan to depopulate the world, achieved by creating a fake pandemic and introducing a fake vaccine, which we now know is a biological weapon of mass destruction designed to destroy the immune system of an entire population , causing sterility and the development of fatal diseases. Many of our friends and acquaintances have died or been severely damaged by the harmful effects of this experimental gene serum. Many realized too late that they were victims of a global plan with a single script under a single control.

What is even more serious is that this Neo-Malthusian plan for mass extermination, with the addition of the will to control us all through graphene oxide nanostructures, was announced to us some time ago by those who conceived and implemented it at the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. The rulers of all Western states, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, have become hostages and accomplices of this crime, proving their malice and premeditated intent by their behavior: falsifying data on alleged infections, falsifying statistics showing deaths and adverse effects of COVID-19 attributed but not to the gene serum, banning effective treatments, prescribing harmful protocols that have no scientific basis, banning autopsies, and preventing or thwarting accurate reporting to health authorities.

In this attack, unprecedented in the history of the human race, we witnessed the complicity of all national and international institutions, the entire medical profession and the media. A social engineering operation was carried out to manipulate consensus through terror, threats, blackmail and violation of the most sacred fundamental rights of citizens. The judiciary remained silent, the armed forces looked away, and teachers and priests eagerly cooperated.

We know well the perpetrators of this crime against God and humanity. Of course, multinational pharmaceutical companies have profited disproportionately from mass vaccinations and are now poised to rake in billions more from the sale of turbocarcinoma treatments produced by their serums. Vaccine proponents have profited by administering these poisons to pregnant women, children, and the elderly. They funded self-proclaimed experts, paying them to promote false efficacy and safety in the mainstream media. Multinational companies have benefited, displacing small businesses, restaurants and local shops due to the closures. Energy providers have benefited and continue to benefit, making huge profits thanks to the system-induced crisis, while electricity and gas prices are forcing businesses to raise prices and close. Those who took advantage of the restrictions to work from home, those who sold masks that were not only useless but actually harmful, those who provided Plexiglas barriers and hand sanitizers, and those who managed temperature checks in public places also they took their share of the profits. Many of them, who perfectly understood what was happening, preferred to remain silent so as not to miss the opportunity to make money on the lives and health of others.

But money is not the only motive for this crime. Behind the desire to get rich, which motivates many, is the desire for power of the subversive Davos elite, whose goal is to create the New World Order. The psychopandemic was a litmus test for the attack that is now being made against the economy, the social structure, and even the life of humanity. Fifteen-minute cities, digital identity, electronic money, the destruction of agriculture and animal husbandry all serve the same purpose, as articulated by Agenda 2030 and the Rockefeller Foundation's "Great Reboot" project. The wars in Ukraine and Palestine have the same goal: to destabilize the international order, create permanent crises and incite conflicts that impoverish individual nations and feed the globalist leviathan. Gaza's vast oil fields are tempting targets for those who want to exploit them to blackmail Europe and the United States, especially when these same people are implementing crazy energy policies in the name of a fake climate emergency.

READ: Nobel Laureate Condemns Scary Climate Predictions: I Don't Think There Is A Climate Crisis.

Today, the perpetrators of these crimes have names and faces. Their government and institutional accomplices, who have committed treason and very serious crimes, are all from the World Economic Forum and were students of the Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow program. Others, such as George Soros, support them through philanthropic foundations that fuel social strife, civil wars, and color revolutions around the world.

This global coup must be condemned and those responsible must be brought to justice and sentenced by an international court. But above all, we must all understand that this total war against humanity is motivated not only by the desire for wealth and power, but primarily by a religious motive - a theological reason. This is the reason for Satan's hatred: hatred for God, hatred for God's creation, and hatred for man, who was created in the image and likeness of God. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and the hundreds of servants they blackmail in governments all hate God. They hate the life that only God can give. They hate the love that comes only from God. They hate the peace that can only reign where Christ reigns. As Tucker Carlson said a few days ago, we are dealing with people who serve Satan and the demons of hell just as normal people worship and serve God.

It is therefore a battle in which body and soul, matter and spirit, become the object of deadly attack by men and spiritual forces. But let us remember that if our enemy enlists the help of the infernal spirits, we have on our side the arrayed Lord God of hosts - Dominus Deus Sabaoth - and all the hosts of angels and saints who are infinitely more powerful. God is omnipotent: let us never forget this. And He is the Father: He does not forsake His children in times of trial.

Therefore, I urge you, my dear friends, to fight this battle with the spiritual weapons that God puts at your disposal: prayer, trust in the Lord, and the knowledge that this enemy cannot be defeated where he is most organized and fearsome, but by hitting him where he is weak. This weakness stems from his depravity, from his submission to evil, from the terrible crimes he committed and continues to commit against God's little children. Because I tell you that the men and women who have succumbed and suffered the closures, the violation of their rights, the deprivation of work and social segregation in these four years, are not willing to tolerate the crimes committed by this damned network of perverts and pedophiles committed against children. Therefore, let them bring to light and boldly condemn the network of complicity and crimes of politicians, bankers, actors, journalists, prelates and famous people bound together by their blood pact, and the whole castle of lies and frauds they have spawned will collapse, dragging the entire globalist plan, the woke ideology, gender theory, fake climate emergency, healthcare fraud and digital currency. Simul stabunt, simul cadent, says the Latin saying: as they stand together, so they will fall together.

So stay strong under the banner of Christ and in the army of God, who is almighty and who has already won the war on the cross, which is now entering its final stage. Gather around the Lord, call upon His Holy Name, and He will give impetus to your battles. Remember the words of Saint Paul: "I can do all things through him who strengthens me" (Phil 4:13).

+ Carlo Maria Vigano, Archbishop
WEF adviser warns that Trump's re-election will be a death blow to globalism One of the founders of the World Economic Forum (WEF) program has issued a warning about the "very likely" possibility that President Donald Trump will win re-election this year.
Yuval Noah Harari serves as a Senior Advisor to the WEF and its founder, Klaus Schwab.
Harari is also listed as an "agenda contributor" member of the WEF.

In a new interview, Harari was asked if he was "worried about Trump being re-elected."

"I think it's very likely," Harari replied.

"And if that happens, it's probably going to be kind of -- kind of -- a death blow to what's left of the global order.

And, he says it bluntly.

"It should be clear by now that a lot of these politicians are presenting a false binary worldview. .

"It's like you have to choose between patriotism and globalism - loyalty to the nation and some kind of - I don't know - loyalty to a global government or whatever."


Harari, who describes himself as a "historian, philosopher and writer", is best known for his anti-human views.

As Slay News reported, Harari often laments that the global power elite will no longer need humans as they are increasingly replaced by machines controlled by artificial intelligence.

Harari argues that AI technology means that much of the population has now become "redundant" and that the global elite will no longer be of much use in the future.

He characterized much of today's workforce as the "useless class."

In an interview last year, Harari was asked about the role of humans in society as new technologies such as artificial intelligence emerge.

In response, Harari stated that a new class system would soon emerge, separating the global elite from the "redundant" public.

He went on to say that most of the world's population will not be of much use to the global elite, meaning they will no longer be "needed".

"Why do we need so many people?" Harari stated.

Harari "predicts" that the rapid development of computing will "make people redundant".

Those who are "replaced" in the labor market by artificial intelligence will create a "vast class of useless people," he claimed, amid laughter from the globalists in the audience.

These "useless people" will be a detriment to society and will have to be made "happy" with "drugs and computer games," Harari added.

As reported by Slay News, he previously stated that "we just don't need the vast majority of the population" in today's world.

According to Harari, most of the population has now become "redundant" and will not be of much use to the global elite in the future.

Harari assessed that the widespread contemporary disillusionment among "average people" is rooted in the fear of "being left behind" in a future controlled by "smart people".

He lamented that the world's power elite has relied on the population to provide labor since the Industrial Revolution.

But Harari gleefully notes that the tide has now turned, as companies can now replace people with cheap technology.

"Now fast forward to the beginning of the 21st century, when we simply don't need the vast majority of the population," he concluded.

"The future is about the development of increasingly sophisticated technologies, such as artificial intelligence [and] bioengineering.

"Most people don't contribute anything, except maybe their data, and whatever else people do that's useful, these technologies they make it increasingly redundant and allow people to be replaced."
Freeland told the WEF that decarbonisation will mean more jobs and more manufacturing Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said at the World Economic Forum summit in Davos that decarbonization in Canada will mean more jobs and more growth for the economy.
During the panel discussion, Freeland talked about a meeting he had with a "very important international business leader."

"Yesterday I spoke with a very important international business leader who is also a big investor in Canada and he said to me: 'All countries in the world need to be very careful that decarbonisation does not mean deindustrialisation. I thought that was an extremely smart comment," Freeland said.

"Canada is absolutely determined that decarbonization means more jobs, more growth and more manufacturing for us. We recognize that government has a role to play in making that happen."

Freeland spent the day Wednesday holding meetings with various business leaders and attendees at the World Economic Forum. On Thursday, he is scheduled to hold more private meetings with elite conference participants before returning to Canada.

Freeland only he suddenly appeared on the list of speakers at the World Economic Forum when the conference had already begun, as True North exclusively reported.

Freeland was the only Canadian government official to speak at the elite gathering.

He also sits on the World Economic Forum's board of trustees and has regularly attended at the conference.True

North will continue to report on developments on the ground at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in 2024.In 2023

, True North's Andrew Lawton asked Freeland about his affiliation with the organization.
5G Danger: 13 Reasons Why 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Disaster for Humanity 5G is the fifth generation of technology networks that mobile phone companies began deploying worldwide in 2019, despite heated debate and reviews by independent scientists showing evidence of potentially harmful biological effects from radio frequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) exposure , at the levels caused by 5G.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible fields of energy caused by emitted electromagnetic radiation. There are ionizing and non-ionizing EMFs. The latter describes low-level radiation and the emission of energy through space and objects. Sources that emit these waves include phones, computers, Bluetooth devices, power lines, and even microwaves. Source:

One concern is that because 5G is so new, there hasn't been time to properly test whether it's safe. According to some experts, there is a lack of scientific analyzes of the possible effects of densely concentrated 5G areas in populated cities or of chronic 5G exposure.

Concerns have been raised, and in 2017 doctors and scientists even launched a petition to stop the EU rollout of 5G, citing cancer risks. Source However, as the image below shows, 5G rollout has continued in full swing, and this is what 5G coverage looks like around the world today.

Obviously, all concerns were ignored and as always, wealth came before our health, even with the possibility of death. Back in 2019, an important article was published in which the author claims that the danger of 5G cannot be overestimated and lists thirteen reasons why 5G will be a disaster for humanity. The article is republished below. 5G (5th generation) technology is currently being actively implemented in many cities around the world. At the same time, due to growing awareness of its terrible health and privacy effects, moratoriums or bans are being ordered in many places, such as the whole of Belgium, the city of Vaud (Switzerland) and San Francisco (USA). Radio frequency radiation (RF or RFR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF) are increasingly recognized as new types of environmental pollution. Here are 13 reasons that expose the dangers of 5G, which could become an unmitigated health and privacy disaster if enough people don't rise up to stop it. 1. 5G danger: hijacking the sweat duct antennas

5G Danger: 13 Reasons Why 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Disaster for Humanity

The 5G network uses and emits frequencies that affect our sweat ducts, which act as antennas. In other words, our largest organ, our skin, can be influenced and manipulated by 5G. As I reported in 5G and the IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast , scientist Dr. Ben-Ishai demonstrated the connection between 5G and our body's sweat ducts in this video: "[

5G frequencies] will [ us] that interact with the geometric structure of our skin. We found that the sweat ducts act like spiral antennae, an integral part of the sweat duct's mechanism for absorbing electromagnetic energy between 75-100 GHz, and that if we change the nature of the sweat duct, i.e. to function if we can handle it, we can actually change that absorption at some point, and if we can do that, we can track how a person is under stress.""

2. 5G Danger: 5G Amplifies EMF Damage at VGCCs via

Dr. Martin Pall, a wireless radiation and EMF scientist, has done groundbreaking research to explain exactly how EMFs cause premature aging and damage to the human body, including fertility, the brain, the heart, and even DNA damage too! He pioneered research that showed how EMFs activate the body's VGCCs (Voltage-gated calcium channels), causing them to release excess calcium ions into the cell. This then leads to nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide, which react almost immediately to form peroxynitrite and free radicals. Several such studies have shown that peroxynitrite damages DNA. Dr. Pall clearly stated that "the introduction of 5G is absolutely crazy."

3. 5G danger: Pulsed wave is much more harmful than continuous wave radiation.

A significant and unique feature of smart meters is that they do not emit continuous wave, but pulsed wave radiation. In other words, they operate in start-stop cycles in which they emit a burst of EMF and then become temporarily inactive. This happens an incredible number of times a day; court documents containing testimony from utilities (such as the Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California) reveal that smart meters send pulse waves 9,600 to 190,000 times a day!

In this 2018 video, Dr. Pall claims that there are 13 studies showing that pulse wave EMFs are more active (and more dangerous) than continuous wave EMFs. You can read the evidence here.

4. 5G Danger: 5G facilitates deep EMF penetration

The main reason why cell phones or cell phones are more dangerous for children than for adults (aside from the fact that radiation absorption accumulates over a lifetime) is due to EMF penetration.

Dr. Pall writes,

"The industry also claims that the effects of more conventional microwave frequency EMFs are limited to the outer 1 cm of the body. However, we know this is not true because of the deep effects of the human brain, heart, and hormone systems. effects. Perhaps the two most important studies demonstrating effects deep in the body are the Swiss studies by Professor Hässig and colleagues on cataract formation in newborn calves. These two studies clearly showed that when pregnant cows graze near cell phone base stations (also known as cell phone towers) , calves are born with a very high incidence of cataracts."

Hässig wrote in his 2009 study:

"Of the 253 calves, 79 (32%) had nuclear cataracts of various degrees, but only 9 calves (3.6%) had severe nuclear cataracts. The results show a correlation between those with nuclear cataracts in the first trimester of pregnancy between calf location and antenna strength. The number of antennas within 100-199 meters was associated with oxidative stress, and oxidative stress was associated with the distance to the nearest MPBS (mobile phone base station)."

5. 5G Danger: 5G is a Weapon System Disguised as Consumer Convenience

Mark Steele has been very outspoken against 5G and has now spoken widely, including to Project Camelot and Sacha Stone in his documentary 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event extinction event) in his document. Steele claims that while 5G is widely reported to operate in the 24-100 GHz range, it is actually sub-gigahertz (i.e. below the GHz threshold, so still measured in MHz). According to him, 5G is a weapon system like long-range radar, phase-locked radar, and directed energy (DEW was used in 9/11 and various fires, such as the Paradise fire). He claims that if you examine the 5G hardware, it has a dielectric lens, which proves it's a weapon system. Autonomous vehicles will be able to use 5G to shine a light into the mirrors of other drivers (which is so strong and damaging it's tantamount to assault). Mark talks about 5G being strong enough to kill babies in the womb. He states:

"5G is a weapon system, nothing more and nothing less. It has nothing to do with human communication. 5G is a machine-to-machine connection for autonomous vehicles."

6. 5G danger: Los Angeles firefighters develop illnesses after being too close to towers
In this video, a 25-year veteran firefighter from Los Angeles compares cell towers to cigarettes. It calls for a shutdown of mobile/mobile phone base stations built at or near fire stations. Firefighters aren't the only ones suffering from the effects; hundreds of birds reportedly fell from the sky during a 5G test in the Netherlands.

7. 5G Danger: The Same Frequencies Used for Mass Distribution

5G is said to use millimeter wave (MMW) frequencies, so called because the frequencies are so high (in the 24-100 GHz range). Since 1 GHz = 1 billion GHz, we are talking about very short wavelength frequencies (the distance between the peak of one wave and the next wave). The distances are so small that they are measured in millimeters, hence the term millimeter wave. These exact frequencies are used by the military for non-lethal weapons such as mass dispersal active denial systems. These weapons are capable of massive damage. Dr. Paul Ben-Ishai said, "If you're unlucky enough to be standing there when you get hit, you'll feel like your body is on fire."

8. 5G danger: Mutagenic (causing DNA damage) and carcinogenic (causing cancer)?

5G MMW frequencies cause mitochondrial DNA damage - which is then passed down through generations. 5G is mutagenic. These mutations are inherited by the next generation! This has serious consequences for genetic purity. How many people think about this when they can't stop staring at their screen? This website lists several studies showing mitochondrial damage after exposure to EMF radiation.

Mutagenesis is usually associated with carcinogenesis. In other words, if something is strong and dangerous enough to cause DNA damage, it has a good chance of causing cancer. According to Mark Steele, 5G is a class 1 carcinogen, although the WHO (World Health Organization) very cautiously classifies mobile phone towers as a class 2b possible carcinogen. However, it is important to note that the WHO is an agency of the UN created by the Rockefellers, an illustrious NWO illuminati family who want to use the UN to usher in a One World Government.

5G is being rushed without proper safety testing, so we don't have much data that 5G specifically causes cancer, but there is plenty of evidence that 2G, 3G and 4G EMFs cause many cancers, including brain cancer . This website has a good collection of the many studies that have been done.

9. 5G danger: phased array densification

5G requires significantly more transmitters or transmitter stations than previous generations. It is a massive infrastructure construction plan, with stations, towers and bases planned to be placed almost everywhere, including in the heart of residential areas. The effects of this kind of compression can be catastrophic.

5G is powerful enough to create a 3D map of the inside of our homes and other buildings. Mark Steele singles out the 868MHz frequency, previously used for battlefield interrogations, which easily penetrates brick and concrete. He claims that this frequency is good enough to pick out specific people of interest, given the cyberbullying and gang harassment that occurs against targeted individuals.

The 5G infrastructure will consist of small, phase-controlled antennas that shoot radiation at targets like bullets. The microwaves they emit will be strong enough to penetrate walls and human bodies. They will flood us with it 24/7/365, and what's worse, the coverage area is planned to be wider than the current 4G, eventually covering every square inch of the Earth.

10. 5G danger: Will it kill all the insects?

Insects, birds and children are the most sensitive to 5G due to their body size. Claire Edwards is a former UN employee who brought the EMF/5G problem to the attention of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Speaking at an anti-5G rally in Stockholm, he said:

"It's interesting to note that we've lost 80% of insects in the last 20 years. And if there's 5G, we'll lose 100% of our insects. If the insects disappear, we'll disappear too. ".

Both insects and 5G need antennas: insects use them for their sense of smell, and 5G uses them for wave propagation. Not surprisingly, insects are sensitive to 5G EMF waves; this recent study showed that insects exposed to 5G radiation experienced an increase in body temperature.

"Studies have shown that the frequencies used by 5G increase the body temperature of insects. This phenomenon has not been observed with 4G or WiFi".

Meanwhile, the study Exposure of Insects to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields from 2 to 120 GHz states:

"In the future, electromagnetic fields used in wireless communication systems will decrease in wavelength and become similar to insect body size, so RF-EMF is expected to increase absorption in insects".

11. 5G Threat: Space-Based 5G
5G: The Big Picture

5G is planned to be an inescapable network - and they plan to broadcast it from space! This is related to the space fence plan, as I discussed in my article on the space fence: Linking surveillance and transhumanist programs. The organization International Call to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space writes:

"At least five companies are proposing to deliver 5G from space, from a total of 20,000 low- and medium-Earth orbit satellites with powerful, focused, steerable beams will cover the Earth. Each satellite will emit millimeter waves with an effective radiated power of up to 5 million watts from thousands of phased-array antennas."

It is vital to understand the bigger picture of the grand conspiracy. All these disruptive and dangerous technologies - 5G, wi-fi, wireless radiation, HAARP, ionospheric heating, geoengineering, GMOs, etc. - they will be woven into one giant integrated surveillance, command and control system. Just one small example: geoengineering involves spraying chemtrails filled with metal particles - which 5G could also use.

12. 5G Danger: Backradiation Inside the Body

Back in 2002, RF researcher Arthur Firstenberg published an analysis of 5G, long before the technology was licensed. He explained that because the 5G EM pulses are extremely short and come in bursts, they actually replicate in the body — and eventually create tiny new 5G antennas inside the body. Firstenberg wrote,
"...when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body, something else happens: the moving charges themselves become small antennas that reradiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body..." "

These reradiated waves They're called Brillouin precursors. They become significant when either the power or the phase of the wave changes rapidly enough. This means that the reassurance we've been given—that these millimeter waves are too short to penetrate far into the body—is not true. "

This echoes an earlier finding that 5G penetration is a serious threat.

13. 5G Danger: Insurance Companies Reluctant to Cover Big Wireless. What do they know?

Insurance companies (most famously Lloyds of London) made headlines by refusing to insure Big Wireless (the telco conglomerate) against Wi-Fi and 5G-related illnesses and claims:

"Well, a November 2010 Lloyd's Risk Assessment Group report gives one solid clue: the report compares these wireless technologies to asbestos, saying that early research on asbestos was "inconclusive" and only later became apparent to anyone who points out that asbestos causes cancer. Remember that Lloyd's risk analysis study on Wi-Fi came out over 8 [now 9 - ed.] years ago. However, even then their risk assessment team was smart enough to recognize that new evidence may emerge to show that different Wi-Fi frequencies do indeed cause disease."

Conclusion: 5G network is part of larger command, control, surveillance and artificial intelligence (AI) agenda

5G is qualitatively and quantitatively different from 4G. Much more than the next step in 4G. 5G will not only emit ten to hundreds of times more radiation than 4G, but the introduction of MMW technology means a whole series of dangers. History repeats itself. Just as real science took time to catch up with tobacco/cigarettes, and just as real science took time to catch up with the horrors of GMOs (now bio-processed foods), real science will catch up with 5G too. In the meantime, you can expect all kinds of scientific garbage to be produced to justify it, including misrepresentation and distraction, such as focusing on the thermal effects of wireless networks (and ignoring evidence of dangerous non-thermal effects).

Ultimately, 5G is part of the NWO's agenda to set up a giant, inescapable command and control network that will eliminate all forms of privacy and allow manipulators to constantly monitor every single person on the planet. If ever there was a time for activists to step up in the name of freedom, justice, health, privacy, and sovereignty, now is the time.
The Woke program of the West event will spread to brave Serbia What is Woke Lunacy's unspoken agenda? Is it from the WEF? Derogation of basic human rights by creating Woke conflicts;
It creates a stylized social division that ultimately undermines solidarity and broader resistance to the hegemony of "Big Money" financial institutions.
Woke Lunacy also serves to distract people from the growing poverty and social inequality caused by the corona crisis, not to mention the devastating effect of the Covid-19 vaccine on excess mortality.

Not one of the items listed below will be considered improbable, or even strange in many cases, by a typical inhabitant of the "collective West", i.e. the 14 percent of the world that styles itself as an "international community". They are used to it; it is part of their everyday landscape.

Here, by way of illustration, is a select but representative sample of the policies and prescribed behaviors that are the new norm in this bizarre but thankfully shrinking part of the world.

Five Selected "Woke" Policies

1. In order to maintain the fiction that men and women are physiologically indistinguishable in their characteristics, the Canadian government has mandated tampon dispensers in men's restrooms. The empirical fact that men do not need tampons is superseded by an ideology that categorically dictates that they do, because it has been dogmatically prescribed that men have periods and are capable of fathering children. People who believe themselves to be something they are not, and who claim that their subjective self-image overrides reality, have the political authority to invalidate empirical observation and the conclusions of scientists who conduct accurate, verifiable research.

2. Also in the slaughterhouse of ideological reality is the terminology that refers to pre-awakening, common-sense ideas about the natural relationships between people. The terms "mother" and "father", which refer to the apparently different roles of parents in the process of conceiving and raising offspring, have been forcibly replaced in the vigilante-controlled universe by the designations "Parent #1" and "Parent #2", which they were invented to hide these facts. Now the Methodist Church in Great Britain has gone a step further and branded the terms "husband" and "wife" offensive. According to a technical justification inspired by inclusivity, the purpose of deviating from the norm is to "avoid making assumptions" that "are not reality for many people."

3. The avant-garde state of California passed a law this year, AB 1084, requiring large retail stores to establish gender-neutral toy departments or face fines and other penalties. The new law places an additional undue burden on retailers, and its foreseeable economic effect will be to generally raise the price of toys for normal families and their children. Otherwise, one can only guess what the concept of neutral games is and whether there is a market for such products. But in a parallel universe governed by ideological delusions, these are irrelevant details.

4. In Great Britain, the country where the novel 1984, which introduced the concept of thoughtcrime, was written, the first criminal prosecution against literal thoughtcrime was recently launched. Isabel Vaughan Spruce, director of the British March for Life (March for Life), has been summoned by the police three times and taken to court for silently praying in front of abortion clinics. Readers should note that his arrests were not prompted by speech or conduct, but by purely intellectual, "objectionable" activity. The British authorities did not dispute his right as a citizen (or, if you prefer, a royal subject) to be in the public area where he was detained. The arrest and prosecution were based solely on their perception of what was allegedly going on in her mind near an abortion clinic, which authorities said could be provocative and disruptive to those using the clinic's services. Readers should be aware that the concept of thought offense does not exist at common law and that the British Parliament has not yet given statutory expression to such an offence. Despite this, a person supposedly endowed with human rights was subjected to persecution for ideas that could not be objectively proven in order to enforce a legally non-existent norm. But this is the new normal, the rules-based order of vigilant jurisprudence, now taking shape in a country that once prided itself on protecting the "rights of the English", no matter how eccentric. Even the KGB could not have invented this in the old days.

5. Back in avant-garde California, award-winning Glendale fifth-grade teacher Ray Shelton was suspended for refusing to tolerate male students who "identified" as girls stripping naked in the girls' locker room. Shelton lost his job for opposing transgender issues at his school. It didn't matter that the female students and their parents fully supported him and also vehemently protested against such aggressive displays of nudity of the opposite sex. Glendale happens to be a heavily Armenian suburb of Los Angeles, and its predominantly normal residents are unaccustomed to progressive Western values. They reacted with shock to the state-organized sexualization of their children. However, their protest was in vain. Shelton is now suing the state for damages. Good luck in the justice system of the confused state of California.

These morsels of madness could be seen as the tragicomic final stages of the collapse of a suicidal civilization, were it not that through heavy-handed political manipulation and the imposition of arrogant agendas, even the nations and cultures that retain the remnants of sanity are intimidated and dragged into the abyss. Let Serbia serve as an instructive case study that foreshadows the contours of the dystopia to come.

Serbia. Submission to the World Economic Forum

[Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić was a member of Klaus Schwab's Young Leaders Forum in 1916-1917. He was appointed Prime Minister of Serbia in June 2017. Editor GR]

Ana BrnabićFor years, the Serbian government - to the utter disgust of its citizens - has signaled its submission to Western values ​​by allowing the parade, which the Russian government had the good sense to ban. But that's the least of it. Under the radar, Serbia's colonial government recently reaffirmed its allegiance to its foreign masters by passing a gender equality law with severely restrictive provisions, copy/pasted from similar legislation already in place in the aforementioned 14 percent and shrinking world.

From April of this year, Serbs will have to imitate Western collective patterns in all gender-related matters under heavy penalties. The education system, including textbooks, and all public sector communications will be restructured to reflect the newly mandated guidelines. The introduction of gender-sensitive language, including pronouns, is high on the agenda. Serbian parents are being forced to voluntarily adapt to the whims of their soon-to-be-brainwashed children, to consent to the sex-change hormone treatment of their babies, and to strictly adhere to the pronoun system required of them. Resistance will be met with heavy fines and prison terms, and offspring will be forcibly removed from parental care to be placed in government-approved foster care.

How "modern" Serbian legislation is in this regard can be judged from the fact that almost identical legislation has already been introduced in Scotland, which provides for up to seven years in prison for recalcitrant parents who refuse to accept their transgender-identified children, but still before the legislature. It is sure to be adopted in the near future, but colonial Serbia can now boast that it has overtaken Scotland.

The attentive reader may ask what would prompt Serbia to pass laws that the vast majority of its citizens - perhaps even outnumbering those who support Russia's special military operation - find utterly repugnant. Serbia is not a member of the European Union and is under no treaty obliging it to accept such culturally alien norms.

Nobody in Serbia seems to be able to give a coherent answer to this very important question, although we can rightly conclude that the subordinate position of the political elite vis-à-vis foreign curators probably has something to do with it. But as Dr. Misa Djurković, a Serbian academic and spokeswoman for the Serbian Family Protection Coalition, Dr. Misa Djurković discovered, even asking such questions is not advisable in her country. He and his colleagues, who are also renowned academics and public intellectuals, have been targeted with so many malicious harassment lawsuits for "discrimination" (readers in Western countries know exactly how this works) that their patience and financial resources are now exhausted.

As a result, Dr. Djurković regrettably decided to end his pro-family activities. He recently published a tongue-in-cheek "apology" to his opponents of the revival, the vast, foreign-backed and lavishly funded lobby wreaking havoc on his country's morals and culture while subverting the remnants of a broken legal system. (Serbian readers can read the depressing piece here.) Needless to say, Dr. Djurković's genre subtlety in announcing his "capitulation" ensures that what he has to say will be completely lost on those awakening gorillas whose terror is, we hope, only temporary. , seems to have given up.

The dastardly plan, which Dr. Djurković heroically tried to oppose in his country, may triumph in Serbia and elsewhere if Bertrand Russell's nightmarish post-human vision ever becomes a reality and the West's collective Luciferian human soul engineers succeed in implanting in the human consciousness en masse "the unshakable conviction that the snow is black".

Archbishop ViganoThis is the goal Russell earnestly suggested they pursue. But these were not Lord Russell's private musings. This was the authentic formulation of the ideology that animates the perpetrators of what Archbishop Vigano called "a global coup d'état, a total war against humanity, motivated not only by the desire for wealth and power, but mainly by religious motives..." Russell himself in his time, he was one of the leading spiritual oracles of these perpetrators.

Their pseudo-religious motive, explains Vigano, "is hatred of Satan: hatred of God, hatred of God's creation and hatred of man, who was created in the image and likeness of God." The archbishop is a hit.

Obligatory denial of the evidence of the senses and obligatory submission to repulsive nonsense is the first step in this direction. This is certainly not a plan for the betterment of society. It is a plan to enslave the human spirit, ultimately leading to its total subjugation.

Trump Jr.: Tucker Carlson will definitely be a vice presidential candidate
Trump Jr.: Tucker Carlson will definitely be a vice presidential candidate

Trump Jr.: Tucker Carlson 'Definitely' Will Be VP By
David Lindfield January 19, 2024 Source

Donald Trump Jr. has revealed that independent news anchor Tucker Carlson is "definitely" in the running for his father's VP position in 2024.

Don Jr. appeared on Newsmax on Thursday and responded to rumors that Carlson is being picked as President Donald Trump's running mate.

"Don, is your dad serious about Tucker Carlson?" asked Newsmax host Rob Finnerty.

"Are these rumors serious?"

In his response, the younger Trump suggested there was some basis to the rumors.

"That would obviously come up, wouldn't it?" said Don Jr.

"I mean, they're very friendly, I think they agree on basically everything.

"They certainly agree on stopping the endless wars.

"So, I'd really like to see that happen.

"That would definitely be a possibility."

Other names that have been floated include Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) and Ben Carson.

"We need someone in line with and aggressive," Junior said.
"You really need a fighter."
"Washington Republicans are weak."
"You can have the House, the Senate, and they'll still give in."

A person Junior doesn't like would you see your father as a candidate?

"I would do anything to make sure it wasn't Nikki Haley!" she said.

That's my opinion, I don't make those decisions.

" Finnerty.

"I've been in the political game for quite a long time and I think, you know, more importantly, I hang out with the base," said Don Jr. "I hang out with the

base, they're my people, they're my friends."


President Trump scored a historic landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses.

Trump hopes to repeat his landslide victory in New Hampshire.

Harvard professor calls on WEF elite to stop Trump spreading disinformation on social media A Harvard University professor called on globalist power elites at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit to take action to prevent President Donald Trump from spreading so-called "disinformation" on social media.
Naomi Oreskes, professor of the history of science at Harvard University, made the call during a panel discussion at the WEF's annual summit in Davos, Switzerland this week.

Oreskes complained about what he says is "disinformation" spreading on social media, which he says is only spread by those with whom he disagrees politically.

Notably, he attributes a significant portion of this alleged problem to President Trump and certain social media companies, specifically Elon Musk and his X platform.

The solutions he proposes have alarming consequences for freedom of speech and highlight the dangers of censorship.

Oreskes says Trump should be censored online and big tech companies should be punished if they facilitate his right to free speech.

"President Trump; it's been well documented that he's had over 30,000 false or misleading statements in the four years he's been president," asked moderator Urs Gredig.

"If it comes from above, is that part of the question and the problem?"

Oreskes replied,

"Yes, absolutely."

"I mean, and that's one of the reasons this issue has become so vexing in the United States is because now the average person is getting a lot of disinformation on social media, almost a lot of it coming from private sector interests, but then it's amplified when it's reposted and ordinary people are responding, thinking 'oh, that's interesting, I'll pass this on.'"

Oreskes complained that what he called "disinformation" is being "reinforced from above" by social media companies.

He went on to say that the "business community has a big has a role" in pushing back against it.

Even though President Trump and his supporters have faced the brunt of online censorship over the past few years, Oreskes has argued that the opposite is true.

Instead, he argues that social media platforms are not censoring enough Trump.

He accused social media companies of "biting their tongues" because they believe Trump will "cut corporate taxes."

Oreskes called on WEF elites to confront this.

He suggested that corporate elites should censor more in the private sector.

"I really hope that the World Economic Forum will take up this issue and think more about what role the private sector can play in countering disinformation, even if they might like that politician to cut their taxes," he said.
Literally nightmare material on Friday: Gene editing experiments and Children on the islands, and don't visit, Spectacle Fairy, it's too much! Section 1 - The Dream: I just had a dream. In this dream, they parachuted into a loft-restaurant-apartment where a beautiful woman stood behind the bar. I knew this woman was dead. But for the sake of the dream he was alive. He was busy, distant, and rarely showed up.

He had a small team of young people.

A very interesting young man with extremely unique facial features explained to me.

The woman in my lucid dream looked a bit like a younger Mae Brussels, and she was most definitely dead. Like Lawrence Dunegan, a ghost who explains his life in the Day Tapes.

The young man told me about gene editing, pedophilia and children.

I thought of Hawaii when I woke up.

So many children are gone.

Was he burned alive? Were they trafficked?

I remembered.

Human trafficking is about more than pedophilia, although I suspect that is part of it.

I think there are some poor kids out there being medically experimented on by some satanic hooooman lizard creatures.

Buckminister: It's not like some Grapes of Wrath California slum that burned to the ground in the 30s where nobody had a clue who was there. Every single person on Maui was tracked, traced, geolocated, and under constant 24/7 surveillance from multiple sources, just as we all are.

Immunization status, driver's license, car registration, employment status, voter registration, children's school district enrollment or homeschooling status, military status, social security benefits, social network (Facebook, etc.), social media (browsing history / Amazon purchase history, etc.), arrest records, court records, medical records, tax records (federal and state) - everything and more was known about every individual living in Lahaina.

They were murdered, deliberately, in the most inhumane, most horrible way imaginable. They weren't "unknown," they weren't "disappeared." They were living men, women and children who were deemed expendable. The blatant and outrageously absurd lie that there are any "missing persons" at all is a dead telltale sign that we are looking down the barrel of a cruel sadistic hoax - a massive ritual mockery of our own collective consciousness.

Amy Sukwan echoes here:Government officials pretend to be both incompetent and omnipotent, but that seems to be what I'm seeing here. Somehow FEMA has been able to survey all of these structures, but is unable to come up with a list of missing persons. I was under the impression that Hawaii was an American state. Wouldn't many houses have street addresses, mailboxes, and postal workers to deliver the mail to them? Doesn't the USPS have mail carriers who have a good idea of ​​who lives there? I bet some of them even had their driver's license and ID from the Hawaii DMV, and of course said school registrations for the kids. I mean, some of them might have fled the state or whatever, but generally, if your home burns down, well, there's nowhere to go out of state. Those staying with friends and family would definitely apply for disaster relief if they were still alive and able to do so. Even if all their IDs were lost in the fire, I assume they remember their names, addresses, and other important and easily verifiable information.

I think the elite may have gone too far with this. I stayed in this exact hotel in 2009. Ugh.

Buckminister continues: As I said before, this attack was carried out in public to scare us - the message is that we can do something unimaginably terrible - and in front of everyone - and no one says a damn word. They own everyone who speaks, they want us to see that too.

I suspect that the crime involved compromised individuals posing as survivors, who were either bought into the defense to promote a certain version of the story, or are literal crooks who never set foot in Lahaina, who are trying to cover up the story. and parts of an operation to mislead. I strongly suspect that based on the basic information available to anyone the death toll is much higher, they have no problem burning children alive alone in their homes, why not realize that of course they would have zero problem completely erasing the evidence that people even they existed. (...)
What is third party intervention in the International Court of Justice? Germany has said it will intervene on Israel's behalf in a genocide lawsuit filed by South Africa at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. DW explains what motivates the intervention and how it works.
South Africa has taken Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), accusing Israel of violating the 1948 UN Genocide Convention in its current war against Hamas in Gaza.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague
The International Court of Justice in The Hague was established in 1945 by the UN Charter

The Israeli military launched a large-scale operation against Hamas after the militant Islamist group carried out a series of terror attacks on Israel on October 7, killing 1,200 people and taking 240 hostages.

Hamas is classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union, Germany and the United States, among others.

In the coming weeks, the court must decide whether to grant the interim measures requested by South Africa, which include the immediate suspension of Israel's "military operations in and against the Gaza Strip." The question of whether the Genocide Convention has been violated can drag on for years.

Last Friday, Germany announced that it would intervene as a third party on behalf of Israel in the case.

How can a third party intervene?

Stefan Talmon, an international law expert at the University of Bonn, explained that a third party could intervene because the Genocide Convention is an international treaty - signed by about 150 states, including South Africa, Israel and Germany.

"According to Article 63 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, any party to a multilateral treaty can intervene in a dispute over the interpretation of the treaty," Talmon told DW. He added that a state would do this because the interpretation of the treaty by the ICJ would affect all parties.

What is third party intervention in the International Court of Justice?
Genocide trial begins against Israel in The Hague

Is a third party taking a stand?

In theory, Talman continued, an organization enters the proceedings as a neutral party, helping the court to interpret the contract, for example. In practice, however, an entity always wants to support one party with its interpretation.

He said it made sense given the nature of the proceedings: "When it's an adversarial dispute - that is, a dispute between two parties - and it's about how to interpret a contract, it's inevitably going to favor one side, depending on how interprets the contract".

In a statement, the German government said it was "resolutely" opposed to the "political instrumentalization" of the Genocide Convention and rejected the accusation of genocide against Israel. "There is no basis for this accusation," Berlin said.

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked the German chancellor for the government's stance, Namibia condemned Germany's support for Israel.

What role does an intervening state play?

"The intervening state submits its interpretation of certain provisions of the treaty to the ICJ," Talmon explained, adding that this would be done both in writing and orally at the hearing. He added that such a state can only comment on the provisions of the treaty, not on the content of the case itself.

Talmon said that third-party intervention in ICJ proceedings has become more common over the past three years. Among other states, Germany intervened as a third party in two other cases related to the Genocide Convention - Ukraine v. Russian Federation and Gambia v. Myanmar.

In South Africa's case against Israel, Bangladesh and Jordan are two states that have announced they are ready to intervene and present evidence to support South Africa's case.

Talmon said he expected more than 30 statements of intervention in the case, mostly on behalf of South Africa.
The citizens of the West must prepare for a total war with Russia NATO warns the citizens of Western societies about war, as they say, NATO only goes to war to create peace. This reminds us of the classic Graffiti, which says "Waging war for peace is like having sex for virginity!"

Admiral Rob Bauer, the head of NATO's military committee, asked the citizens of Western societies to prepare for a total war with Russia within the next 20 years!

These statements were supported by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, who, citing analyst reports, argued that a war with Russia could break out at any time in the next 5-8 years, and that Germany should prepare for something like that.

Russia denies all these theories dangerous to humanity, but declares that it is ready to answer and react to any aggressive step of the West.

If something like that happens, the conflict will be unconventional, it may start like that, but it will evolve into thermonuclear. As much as 90% of the world's population could be wiped out from such a conflict, and the survivors would beg to be among the dead.

That such scenarios are being developed in the West shows that something is wrong in the leading centers of power.

It is even a given that in a total war between Russia and NATO, China will side with the Russians, for the simple reason that if Moscow is defeated (because it will have to face not only the USA, but also all the other countries. West would immediately attack Beijing

"Although the armed forces are prepared for the outbreak of such a war, citizens must also prepare for a conflict that would require a radical change in their lives.

In the event of war, large numbers of civilians must be mobilized, and governments must introduce systems to control the process," he said. Bauer said after a meeting of NATO defense chiefs in Brussels, as reported by the British newspaper The Telegraph.

"We must know that peace is not self-evident.

And that is why we, NATO forces, are preparing for a conflict with Russia. But this debate is much more complex.. Indeed, Bauer

praised Sweden for asking all its citizens to prepare for war before the country officially joined NATO.
The politicians who serve the global money power are preparing for war who, as good servants, labor to maim and exterminate the people of Europe. It is clearer that if the European nation-states cannot shake off the globalist, treasonous politicians who work against the interests of their own people in every country, then soon we will all be targets and victims.
The globalist, treasonous criminal organization is present in every country, and they never served the national interests or the interests of the European people, but the global financial power elite, who were never elected by anyone!

The fact that today we are on the verge of the third world war is primarily due to our fellow human beings who are totally dumbed down, uninterested, devouring lies, acting on an animal level and acting as instinctive beings. They are the ones who, with their ignorance or driven by national hatred, regularly help traitorous and anti-national politicians to power to their own detriment.

It is good to know that we will NEVER be protected, neither by NATO, nor by the EU, nor by the USA, nor by globalist treasonous politicians, for the simple reason that the control of these organizations is in the hands of the global financial power elite, who they don't need 8 billion people. This means that a well-constructed, anti-man, anti-life and anti-God genocide is taking place against all of humanity, served by virus and vaccine madness, restrictions, wars, and migration destruction. The fact that this criminal organization against man, life, and God can continue to operate without being held accountable, and what they can use to save their skin, is the outbreak of the Third World War, which they do not even hide.
Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained for several hours by the German police because of the luxury watch On Wednesday, Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained by the police and detained for several hours at an airport in Munich, Germany.

The Hollywood star was stopped by customs and it turned out that he was carrying an undeclared Audemars Piguet luxury watch worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Schwarzenegger later called the ordeal "incompetent blackmail" over a Swiss watch.

The Terminator star wanted to sell the custom-made watch at a charity auction in his home country of Austria.

However, the customs officers set him aside because he did not declare the expensive item.

Police in Germany announced that they had opened a criminal tax case against the actor.

"We have initiated tax criminal proceedings," customs spokesman Thomas Meister told the German news portal Bild.

"The watch should have been declared because it is an imported product".

The actor claims he was never asked to fill out any forms to declare the unique Audemars Piguet watch, whose base models start at around $30,000.

He was cooperative throughout the process, which he described as a comedy scene.

Schwarzenegger, 76, agreed to pay the customs duty on the item.

But customs officials struggled with a credit card machine for an hour before taking him to a bank to withdraw cash from an ATM.

However, the ATM limit was too low and the bank was closed, so they took it back to customs, where they eventually found a working credit card machine.

The entire series lasted about three hours.

"He was never asked to fill out a declaration and answered all of the customs officials' questions honestly," a source told The New York Post.

"He cooperated every step of the way, even though it was an incompetent blackmail, a complete comedy of errors that would make for a very funny cop movie," the source continued.

The Predator star later joked about the ordeal at the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative auction in Kitzbühel, Austria, where the watch sold for nearly $300,000.

"Can you even believe that all of a sudden I was in handcuffs? I was in handcuffs!" - he joked.

"Not because of the time or customs, but because I had a hot night with my girlfriend Heather last night".

Schwarzenegger was the Republican governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

He later became a vocal critic of President Donald Trump.

The actor's climate protection group aims to "raise awareness every day about the climate crisis and the urgent need for action" .

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