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How can we unmask the WEF charade?
How can we unmask the WEF charade?

How can we unmask the WEF charade?
Davos 2024 is just another globalist parade of elitism and empty promises
LILY January 15, 2024 source

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has now become the epicenter of elite debauchery, which is also a hotspot for high-end escort services. The global media is covering this everywhere, but most Swiss channels are listening suspiciously. What's up? Why is Switzerland still rolling out the red carpet for modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, the so-called chaos of Davos?

BREAKING: New WEF participant to do the unthinkable at the 2024 Davos meeting.

The Davos have had enough. This event doesn't just cause headaches; destroys their winter wonderland, drives away tourists. Imagine wanting a peaceful ski trip, but instead finding yourself in a militarized zone with police and soldiers on every corner, pointing guns at them for "security".

In the last 20-30 years, when the neoliberal agenda took over, people around the world have been fed this text: all invasive and restrictive measures serve our "security", our "own interests". If we say it enough times, people will start to believe it. But let's call it what it is: a convenient way to silence dissent and maintain the status quo.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has always been a magnet for high-profile attendees, but in 2023 it has reached a whole new level. These attendants, elegantly dressed and mingling among the power figures, are only the tip of the iceberg. The WEF is putting more and more emphasis on dystopian themes and the insatiable appetite of the participants, which could mean the beginning of the end for this elitist circus.

Let's be honest: the world would be a lot better off without the WEF and its sponsors, financial titans like BlackRock, who are pouring money into this Davos extravaganza. And let's not even talk about the Swiss taxpayers wasting millions of Swiss francs on the security of such events.

Then there is Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF. The guy is a caricature of a villain who looks and sounds like he stepped straight out of a sci-fi horror series. He's extremely unpopular, but until recently he didn't seem to know about it.

Isn't it time for the WEF to quietly bow out and fade into obscurity? After 52 years and 53 meetings in Davos, the damage caused is more than enough. Time to pack up and go!

Are we witnessing the deserved downfall of the WEF, like the last years of the Roman Empire?

Here's the irony: while the world's elite claim to be solving big problems, including gender inequality, their fashionable Davos summit is actually fueling a boom in prostitution. During the 53rd annual meeting of the WEF, held January 16-21, 2023, escort and sex services in Davos flourished like never before, thanks to the gathering of political and financial big guns.1

Sexual Harassment by Rich Men at WEF it bit so much that female guests were warned not to go to events alone.

A 2020 report by the British Times reveals that women, even those who officially attend the WEF, are constantly harassed by powerful men there. They were even advised not to venture out alone after dark that year. Why? Because when something goes wrong with a high-profile CEO, guess whose word will count - his or yours?

Even the WEF's own female colleagues are on high alert in Davos against these politicians and tycoons. As one senior escort put it bluntly: "Believe me, you don't want to litigate with them".2

Let's face the facts. In 2023, backlash against the WEF's authoritarian and dystopian approach to global issues reached a new high. Sure, they like to throw around words like "democracy" and "freedom," but that's all talk, no action. These buzzwords are just part of their non-stop propaganda machine that sells us a reality that doesn't exist. It's like what Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda chief, said nearly 80 years ago: if you repeat a lie enough times, it starts to sound like the truth.

This fabricated truth has practically brainwashed the Western world. They are slowly enslaving us, yet we live in the illusion that we live in a democracy. The WEF is not just a cog in this propaganda machine, it is a leading tyrant. Take Klaus Schwab and his senior adviser, Yuval Noah Harari, who famously called people "useless eaters." These guys are at the top of the manipulation game.

Switzerland prides itself on being a bastion of democracy, but if they were truly true to that ideal, they would have shown Schwab and the WEF the door years ago, and perhaps even charged Schwab with crimes against humanity.

Take, for example, the WEF's invitation to Ukrainian President Zelenskyi and his wife. They came not just to talk, but to beg for more money and weapons to "defeat" Russia. It was essentially a plea to NATO to come down on them and admit them to their war club. The couple spoke out against Russia and Putin, piling lies upon lies.

Meanwhile, Zelensky's regime was busy committing its own war crimes, massacring people in Donbass and beyond, just to blame the carnage on the Russians. Journalists who witnessed the reality and tried to report it were silenced, some mysteriously disappeared or died under bizarre circumstances.

In true democratic spirit, President Putin should have been invited to share his side of the story. But he wasn't invited. The WEF missed a golden opportunity for peace mediation. They claim to be "committed to bettering the world", right? Well, organizing peace talks would have been a real opportunity to live up to that motto.

Schwab and his elite cronies are basically just fueling the fire in Ukraine. They will do anything to send more guns, more tanks and missiles, no questions asked. It's like supporting this dystopian Ukrainian government supported by equally dystopian US and EU leaders. There is no strategy to end the war, only endless support for the most corrupt country in Europe, which encourages Zelensky to fight to the end and sacrifice Ukrainian lives without a second thought.

So, doesn't that make Schwab and the rest of the EU, NATO and USA complicit in the murder? Shouldn't they be rounded up and put on trial for this?

In the long run, or perhaps already, the WEF will become a burden for Switzerland. It is a burden not only for the Swiss, but for the whole world.

Speaking of dystopias, let's talk about John Kerry, former US Vice President and current Special Envoy for the Environment. His chatter about a "select group of humans" with a plan to "save the planet" is almost laughable and almost verges on extraterrestrial absurdity. Just watch this short 40 second video to get a taste of the nonsense they are feeding us.

Enough already! We need to end this charade of "saving the planet".

In his Daily Special, Roger Koeppel, editor-in-chief of the Swiss newspaper "Weltwoche", calls the 2023 WEF event a total disappointment. It's as if they want us to believe that we are living in the worst of times and that we are rushing towards a climate apocalypse. Then there is UN Secretary General Guterres, who sounds more like a US/WEF puppet than a leader. Don't you remember that we've been hearing the same doomsday climate narrative for 30 years now? Yet here we are, still awaiting the so-called impending crash.

The real power to shape the world has always been in your hands. Choose well!

Let's call it what it is: the WEF is a farce, a breeding ground for hypocrisy and empty promises. They parade around, pretending to solve the world's problems, but in reality they just throw extravagant parties for the rich and powerful under the pretense of "improving the state of the world". It's a joke.

Their so-called solutions are nothing but the guise of maintaining the status quo, where the elite remain at the top and the rest of us bear the brunt of their decisions. They talk a lot about democracy, freedom and saving the planet, but it's all lip service. Behind closed doors, it's a different story - a story of exploitation, manipulation and backroom deals that only serve their interests.

The WEF is a textbook example of the elite's double standards and self-serving agendas. They've turned hypocrisy into an art form, and it's time to see them for what they really are: a bunch of self-proclaimed saviors who are really only looking out for themselves. The world doesn't need their "help." We need real change, real action and leaders who really care about people and the planet. Enough of this WEF nonsense!

Should climate change be included in the new pandemic agreement? The Canadian Trudeau government is lobbying for the inclusion of "climate change" in the WHO definition of a pandemic emergency.
According to Canadian Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis, the Liberal government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is asking the World Health Organization (WHO) to expand the definition of a pandemic to include "climate change."

"As countries prepare to finalize the WHO's global convention on pandemics in May, liberals have lobbied the WHO to include climate change in its definition of a pandemic emergency," Lewis wrote on X (Twitter).

Lewis has previously warned that the WHO's pandemic agreement threatens Canada's sovereignty. In December, he criticized the Trudeau government for agreeing to proposed changes to the WHO that would give the international organization more power over Canadians.

However, despite the concerns of Canadians, the Trudeau government accepted the amendments proposed by the WHO. The new amendments "reduce the time to reject future amendments to the IHR (International Health Regulations, 2005) from 18 months to 10 months" and "transpose future amendments to Canadian national law from 24 months to 12 months".

According to Lewis' request for access to information on Canada's contribution to the WHO's pandemic convention, the Trudeau government not only supported the WHO's global treaty but suggested that the group expand its definition of a pandemic.

"The new instrument will be comprehensive and will define a comprehensive approach to all threats in line with the IHR. There are other threats to global health that are currently emerging and/or could lead to a global health emergency (e.g. impacts of climate change) which they can get out of a tool with too narrow a focus," says the answer.

Trudeau's use of "climate change" as an excuse to curtail the freedoms of Canadians is not a new move for the Liberal Party, despite overwhelming evidence dispelling the myth of man-made "climate change."

Since taking office in 2015, Trudeau has continued to promote a radical environmental agenda, similar to the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" and the United Nations' "Sustainable Development Goals."

Trudeau plans to reduce nitrous oxide emissions by limiting the use of fertilizers, warning farmers that the measure will reduce their profits and lead to food shortages.

The agenda until 2030 was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015. Through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it aims to "change the world for the better" by "urgent action on climate change" and "supporting research." and to develop vaccines and medicines." Some of the 17 goals are aimed at expanding "reproductive" services, including contraception and abortion, in the name of women's rights. According to

the UN, "all" countries working on the program "will implement this plan ." (...)
20 scary changes that could ruin Hungary: the global elite are sounding the alarm The 54th World Economic Forum in Davos started yesterday, with this year's motto: Rebuilding trust. Each year, the event aims to improve the state of the world through global, regional and industry debates by influential leaders. This year, the international organization also assessed what world leaders think: which factors may represent the greatest global risk in 2024. We show you the result of aggregating nearly 1,500 responses.

January 15-19 in 2024. the 54th Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) is held between The WEF is a Swiss non-profit foundation committed to improving the world as an independent international organization. Its seat is in Cologny, near Geneva, and its best-known event is the annual Davos meeting, where the world's political, social and economic leaders gather to discuss the most pressing global issues and define the most important tasks for the future.

Every year before the forum in Davos, the current year's Global Risks report is published, which was published on January 10 this year. According to this year's analysis, the most serious short-term (two years) risk factors are misinformation and disinformation, extreme weather, social polarization, cyber security uncertainty and interstate armed conflict. (...)
WEF calls for voter replacement: What are elections for? World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and president Klaus Schwab has called for members of the public to be excluded from electoral processes, arguing that voters could be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI).
Schwab made the chilling call during a WEF interview with Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

During the conversation, Schwab and Brin discussed "digital technologies," such as artificial intelligence, and how they could be used to advance the WEF's agenda.

"So technology now, and digital technology, is primarily analytical," Schwab said as Brin nodded obediently.

"And now we're going into predictive power, and we've seen the first examples.

'Your company is very much involved in that,' Schwab said of Google.

Schwab then went on to outline his globalist vision of the 'next step' in digital technology.

" But then the next step might be to go into prescriptive mode, which means that there is no need to hold elections anymore, because we can already predict in advance.

"And then you can say why do we need elections?

'Because we know what the outcome will be.'"


As previously reported by Slay News, one of the masterminds behind the WEF agenda has started sounding the alarm about that "highly likely" possibility , that President Donald Trump will win re-election this year.

Yuval Noah Harari serves as a senior adviser to the WEF and Schwab and is listed as an "agenda contributor" to the unelected globalist organization.

In a new interview, Harari was asked if he was "worried about , that Trump will be re-elected."

"I think it's very likely," Harari replied.

"And if that happens, it's probably going to be a kind of, you might say, death blow to what's left of the global order.

"And, he says it openly.

"It should be clear by now that many of these politicians present a false binary vision of the world.

"It's like you have to choose between patriotism and globalism - loyalty to your nation and loyalty to some kind of - I don't know - global government or whatever."

WEF member: A 90% reduction in human population would help achieve net zero A member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) came up with a shocking proposal to achieve the globalist organization's "Net Zero" goals. British primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall, who is listed as one of the WEF's "agenda contributors", told her fellow globalists that they could "save the planet" from "global warming" if the Earth's population was 90 percent smaller than it is today.

Goodall claims that all of the WEF's "problems" would be solved if there were fewer people on Earth.

He made the statement at a panel discussion at the organization's annual summit in Davos (Switzerland).

The panel discussed plans to achieve "Net Zero" to meet the goals of the "Agenda 2030" dictated by the WEF and its peers, the unelected globalist organization - the UN.

Goodall's comments received renewed attention after a clip of his remarks at the summit was recently shared on Twitter/X.

During the panel discussion, participants discussed the obstacles to introducing the WEF agenda to a recalcitrant public.

They complained about opposition to the unpopular policies of fighting "climate change" and dismantling capitalism.

Goodhall then lamented the size of the world's human population and suggested that the Earth would be better off with far fewer people on it.

"We cannot hide from the growth of the human population," he told the disappointed elite.

"Because it's behind a lot of other problems," he continued.

"All these problems we're talking about wouldn't be a problem if the population was as big as it was 500 years ago."

In 2023, the human population of the Earth is estimated to be 8 billion people.

500 years ago, as Goodall, the renowned anthropologist knows, the human population was about 435 million.

In order to solve the globalists' "problems" according to Goodall's proposal, 90% of humanity would have to disappear.

Of course, WEF-sponsored "fact checkers" will be quick to tell us that directly quoting Goodall's comments is "misinformation" and not to believe our lying ears.

However, Goodall is not the first WEF member to promote the "advantages" of smaller human populations.

As Slay News reported, another celebrated WEF member has called for a staggering 86 percent reduction in the human population, arguing that the goal can be achieved "peacefully."

The call was made by Dennis Meadows, one of the main authors of the Club of Rome's 1972 book "The Limits to Growth", which supports population decline.

Even though his book was published more than 50 years ago, his very anti-human ideology remains a major inspiration for the agenda of the WEF and its founder, Klaus Schwab.

Meadows argues that most of the world's population should be wiped out so that the survivors can enjoy "freedom" and a "high standard of living".

In a 2017 interview, Meadows claimed that the genocide of 86% of the world's population was "inevitable".

At the same time, he insists that a "benevolent" dictatorship could "peacefully" carry out the massive population decline.

"We could be [ ] eight or nine billion, probably," he says of the world's growing population.

"If we have a very strong dictatorship that's smart and [the people] have a low standard of living," Meadows says, explaining how the population reduction program could be set in motion.

"But we want freedom and we want a high standard of living, so we'll have a billion people.

"And now we're at seven, so we have to go back.

"I hope that it goes slowly, relatively slowly, and that it can happen in a relatively equal way, you know, that people share experiences."

It is no coincidence that Meadows' words echo the words of the 1995 report "UN Agenda 2030: Global Biodiversity Assessment".

The report, first presented at the UN's "climate change" conference, COP1, states:

An "agricultural world" in which the majority of people are farmers would need to support 5-7 billion people...

In contrast, the current North American with a material standard of living, a reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society would be one billion.

As Slay News reported, Yuval Noah Harari, a senior member of the WEF and senior adviser to Schwab, said last year that "in today's world, we simply don't need the vast majority of the population."

According to Harari, most of the population has now become "redundant" and will not be of much use to the global elite in the future.

A self-proclaimed historian and futurist, Harari says modern technologies such as artificial intelligence "make it possible to replace humans."

Last September, Harari gleefully declared that "climate change" would create a "technological Noah's Ark" on Earth.

He suggested that a "technological Noah's Ark" would only benefit the wealthy "elite" who could save themselves while the rest of humanity perished.

Meanwhile, an official parliamentary inquiry found in August

The German government was forced to reveal the funding after investigative politicians from DIE LINKE's parliamentary faction forced it to hand over the documents.

The response to the investigation revealed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation received about 3.8 billion euros ($4.15 billion) in support from the German government.

The money was directed to various projects and programs related to globalist initiatives.

The documents reveal that German taxpayers have handed over billions of dollars to fund programs such as population control programs and the UN Agenda 2030.

Note: let's now believe that vaccinations are mandatory to save our lives...
WEF member compares free speech to fascism, demands censorship of X During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Harvard professor Naomi Oreskes likened free speech to "fascism" while calling for censorship on social media.
In his speech at the WEF's annual globalist meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Oreskes condemned freedom of speech.

He has called for Elon Musk's "scary" X to be forced to censor its users to curb the alleged spread of so-called "fascism".

"I've been on Twitter for a long time and now it's become such a toxic place that I've come to the conclusion that it's not worth spending time there," Oreskes said.

"And as he said, it's exhausting.

"So you really have to choose and think about where, in which places you can deliver your message.

"But I'm trying to figure it out, I mean I've given up on X.

"What a scary name, right?

"And I don't know what the alternative is."

Swiss physicist Luciana Vaccaro then chimed in:

"So the issue of social media, I have to say I happened on Twitter.

"So X, because yes, it's a toxic environment and we're talking about it.

"I don't have a solution for this, but I think one day there will be a moment for a code of conduct in these places, because magazines, journalists, if you spread crazy news and insults, and if a journalist thinks that it can be changed, why social media, which has such great power?

"We can still do it because it's new. But I think there will be a sociological reflection on how the information gets there.

"Of course, ECS still has the owner's policy, which is problematic.

"But I think this is a problem for the society of the future.

"Is the ontology of social media and how."

Journalist Rukshan Fernando shared a video of the opening speech at this year's Davos Summit, which began this week.

In her speech, Ursula Von Der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, who was previously a member of the WEF's board of trustees, warned of the danger posed by so-called "disinformation" and "misinformation".

He called for censorship of "content promoted and distributed by social media platforms".

After listening to one day of the WEF24 agenda in Davos, it is abundantly clear that in 2024 governments and institutions around the world will make a concerted effort to clamp down on online platforms through hate speech laws and content regulation legislation. Inadequate platforms...

Ironically, governments,
WEF predicts economic doom for next year The World Economic Forum (WEF) warns that leading economists are predicting global economic doom for the coming year. According to the WEF survey, about 56% of the world's leading economists predict that the world economy will weaken in the coming year.
According to the globalist organization founded by German economist Klaus Schwab, geopolitical risks and increased localization are fueling the predictions.

Although regional growth expectations differ, none will perform particularly well in 2024, according to the WEF warning.

77% of respondents predict "weak or very weak growth" in Europe, according to the WEF survey.

About 60% expect "moderate or stronger growth" in the United States, the Middle East and North Africa.

About 70% of economists also expect the further separation of world economies, fueled by geopolitical risks, increasing localization and the tightening of economic blocs.

In the survey, WEF Executive Director Saadia Zahidi said:

"The latest outlooks from leading economists highlight the uncertain nature of the current economic environment.

"Amid accelerating divergences, the resilience of the world economy will be tested in the year ahead.

"Although global inflation is easing, growth is stalling, financial conditions remain tight, global tensions are deepening and inequality is rising."

The surveyed economists expressed hope for the future economy: according to 77% of them, labor markets will relax, while 70% of them believe that financial conditions will ease, reports the WEF.

Leading economists were particularly optimistic about Asia, expecting "moderate growth" in the southern and eastern regions, but were less optimistic about China, with 69% predicting "moderate growth".

According to the WEF, about 94% of respondents expect generative artificial intelligence (AI) to have economically significant "productivity benefits" in high-income economies.

53% of low-income economies will have the same "benefits" in the next five years, the organization adds.

Economists were also optimistic about inflation in 2024.

Inflation, which has plagued the world economy in recent years.

According to the WEF, only 13% expect high inflation in the United States and Europe.

The global economy faces a number of risks by 2024, including the conflicts in Ukraine and the Levant.

Conflicts threaten trade and oil supplies.

Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen have launched several attacks on ships in the Red Sea,

Attacks disrupt global trade routes.

READ MORE OF OUR ARTICLE! WEF adviser warns that Trump's re-election will deal a "death blow" to globalism
Klaus Schwab: We must move away from individual and national sovereignty as a prepackaged solution to our various manufactured global crises Klaus Schwab, founder of the WEF, in his speech at this year's annual meeting in Davos: Faced with "transformative" global "challenges" such as "climate change," we risk "becoming much more ego-centric at the national and individual level."

"To break this cycle, we need a paradigm shift. We need to rebuild trust, and that's actually the theme of our meeting. We need to rebuild trust."

Globalist doublespeak: As a pre-made "solution" to our various manufactured global "crises", we must move away from individual and national sovereignty by building trust in the rule of unelected globalist bodies such as the World Economic Forum.
Brainstorming as proposed by the Scottish Government! Parents in Scotland could soon be jailed for up to seven years if they refuse to change the gender of their children, according to plans proposed by the Scottish Government.
On Tuesday, a public consultation was launched on legislation aimed at ending gender reassignment practices, both in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity. This includes broad measures to criminalize parents who refuse to comply with their children's wishes not only to undergo gender reassignment, but also to identify as a different gender - for example, by dressing as the opposite sex.

The consultation, proposed by Equality Minister Emma Roddick, would criminalize "coercive" behavior by parents who do not consent to gender reassignment. What constitutes such coercion is defined broadly by the plans and ranges from violent, threatening or intimidating behavior towards the victim to controlling the victim's daily activities.

The draft legislation includes a defense option. If a parent can prove that there was a reasonable reason to prohibit their child from changing gender or engaging in behavior suggestive of gender change, they can avoid prison.

Opponents of the draft argue that the proposals would have a devastating impact on freedom of expression, privacy and family life in Scotland.

"We are deeply concerned that these plans criminalize loving parents who could face years in prison simply because they refuse to subscribe to the cult of gender ideology,"
said Marion Calder, director of campaign group For Women Scotland. He added that such laws give activists and social workers unprecedented power to interfere in family life, while having a chilling effect on therapists and counselors.

Green Party politician Maggie Chapman refers to the fact that a parent does not allow their minor child to behave, dress, or even to actually change their gender as a form of violence.

DNA contaminants in COVID vaccines are beyond the pale
DNA contaminants in COVID vaccines are beyond the pale

DNA Contaminants in COVID Vaccines 'Over the Limit'
Marina Zhang and Jan Jekielek 1/15/2024 Source

Florida Chief Medical Officer Explains Call to Stop Vaccinations

Dr. Jospeh Ladapo sat down with EpochTV's 'American Thought Leaders' Jan Jekielek to explain , why he called for an end to the use of vaccines.

On January 3, the office of Florida Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Ladapo issued a statement calling for a halt to the use of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, citing the recent discovery of DNA contamination in vaccine vials.

On the Jan. 12 episode of EpochTV's "American Thought Leaders," Dr. Ladapo explained why he called for the shutdown, saying that while there are safety concerns with the COVID mRNA vaccines, which have been linked to several side effects, the current discovery "beyond the limit".

"DNA is a common contaminant in many biological products," he told the show's host, Jan Jekielek. "We can use DNA to make different drugs, like insulin, other biological agents - and that's a wonderful innovation, and usually this DNA is not a problem."

Human cells are resistant to DNA penetration and this prevents damage to the integrity of the cell's DNA.

However, because mRNA vaccines use lipid nanoparticles that deliver mRNA directly into cells, DNA contaminants can also enter cells. Some scientists, like Dr. Ladapo, worry that DNA from the vaccine could be incorporated into the human genome.

Prominent officials at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) disagree.

On December 6, Dr. Ladapo sent a letter to Dr. Robert Califf, FDA Commissioner, and Dr. Mandy Cohen, Director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
In his letter, he asked whether risk assessments had been done on the integration of the vaccine's DNA into human DNA, particularly the controversial SV40 promoter/enhancer region in Pfizer's vaccine.

Additional questions included whether a risk assessment of the incorporation of DNA into reproductive cells had been performed and whether current levels of DNA residues were acceptable according to FDA standards.

Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, responded to Dr. Ladapo on December 14.

"We got long answers that don't answer the question," Dr. Ladapo said.

In his response, Dr. Marks wrote that DNA integration is "rather unlikely," adding that animal studies "show no evidence of genotoxicity."
No studies were cited to assess whether DNA integration occurs.

Dr. Ladapo believes it would be remiss not to look at DNA integration, which poses a potential risk once the DNA enters the cell.

"Their position is, oh no, it's fine. Everything is fine; it's safe and effective. Not only is it not good enough, it's completely unacceptable," Dr Ladapo said. "That's why I made this decision, and it was absolutely the right decision."

DNA Contamination: SV40 Promoter Controversy

Both the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines contain DNA contamination, but only the Pfizer vaccines were found to contain SV40 promoter/enhancer DNA, which has since become the subject of controversy.
SV40, or simian vacuolating virus 40, is a DNA virus that sometimes causes cancer in animals.

However, the SV40 promoter/enhancer found in vaccines is only a small stretch of DNA; it is not equivalent to the whole SV40 virus or its protein.

Promoter-enhancers are stretches of DNA that can direct the activity of other DNAs.

"There are different regions of DNA that tell other parts of the DNA to be active or not," Dr. Ladapo said. "This kind of control process is very important. Lack of control can lead to cancer [and] other metabolic disorders, for example."

In his letter to the FDA, Dr. Ladapo asked about the additional risk of DNA integration of the SV40 promoter/enhancer region.

Dr. Marks replied that neither the genes for the SV40 proteins nor the SV40 proteins themselves are present in the vaccine.

However, Dr. Ladapo believes that Dr. Marks is deliberately not answering the question.

"Nobody is talking about the SV40 protein, we're talking about the promoter/enhancer region. They have to do that on purpose," said Dr. Ladapo.

Risks of DNA integration

Currently, it is not known whether the DNA introduced into the body integrates into the human genome of the cell; and if it is incorporated, what effect will it have.

Only about 1 percent of human DNA produces protein; the function of the other 99 percent of DNA is mostly unknown.

"There's a lot of uncertainty about our genome — what it does, how it supports life and how it creates life, and how it creates the wonder of individual human beings," Dr. Ladapo said. "What we do know is that some of the potential risks of DNA integration include the development of cancers because of the regulation of various aspects of DNA and cell growth.

"Other possibilities include disrupting the normal expression of certain proteins, which then later disrupts normal human development. may lead to disruption of operation."

Because biodistribution studies in rats have shown that mRNA vaccines can accumulate in reproductive organs, Dr. Ladapo expressed concern in his letter that DNA integration in reproductive cells could also occur.

"We are the most complex creatures - the most complex machines, if you will, living machines that exist on this Earth. So I do believe that our genome is part of our relationship with God. So that means there's quite a risk if we don't we take appropriate precautions and reasonable precautions if we don't maintain integrity as best we can - life isn't perfect, but we can preserve our human genome as best we can." - He told.

The biological threat program The US Department of Defense's Biothreat Reduction Program works with partner countries to address the threat posed by outbreaks (intentional, accidental, or natural) of the world's most dangerous infectious diseases.? The program achieves its mission of biological threat reduction through the development of a biological risk management culture, international research partnerships, and partner capacities for enhanced biosecurity, biodefense, and biosurveillance measures. Biothreat reduction program priorities for Ukraine include consolidating and securing security-critical pathogens and toxins, and ensuring that Ukraine continues to be able to detect and report outbreaks of dangerous pathogens before they pose a threat to security or stability.

The current implementers of the biothreat reduction program in Ukraine are the Ministry of Health, the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection of Ukraine, the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Ministry of Defense.

Ministry of Defense (MOD) COVID-19 Response Assistance

The Health and Epidemiological Department (SED) of the Health Command of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine received four mobile laboratories from DTRA to strengthen the epidemiological surveillance system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has received an official order from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to deploy mobile laboratories in the regions of Kyiv, Lviv and Eastern Ukraine to help fight against COVID-19.

On April 11, 2020, President Zelensky visited the SED unit in the city of Pokrovskoye, Donetsk region, and learned about the capabilities of mobile laboratories, which are used to help the military and civilian population during the COVID-19 pandemic. (News article)

Laboratory construction

BTRP has modernized a number of laboratories for the Ministry of Health and the State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service of Ukraine, reaching the 2nd level of biological safety. For the latter, in 2019 BTRP built two laboratories, one in Kyiv and one in Odesa.

Science Writing Mentorship Program

The Science Writing Mentorship Program (SWMP) started in early 2016. The overall objective of the SWMP is to promote "One Health" initiatives and disease risk reduction in Ukraine through effective dissemination of scientific results in BTRP-supported laboratories. The aim of the program is to improve the scientific writing skills of the participants in order to provide them with opportunities to publish and obtain grants for projects.

In addition, a regional One Health Research Symposium in Ukraine is held annually, attended by SWMP participants and many others. In 2019, the symposium had a total of 553 participants and 446 presentations.

Active research projects

BTRP supports a number of joint research projects through which Ukrainian and American scientists work together.? Some recent examples:

- "Risk assessment of selected avian EDPs potentially transported by migratory birds over Ukraine"
"Prevalence of Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever virus and hantaviruses in Ukraine and potential requirement for differential diagnosis of patients with suspected leptospirosis".

- "Spread of African swine fever virus (ASFV) in domestic pigs and wild boars in Ukraine - Understanding the spread of ASFV through characterization of virus isolates by genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis".
"ASFB Biosurveillance and ASP Regional Risk Assessment: A Field to Plate Survey"


BTRP invites Ukrainian scientists to participate in scientific conferences worldwide, where they have the opportunity to present their work and integrate into the international scientific community.

In 2016 , the Silk Road Biological Surveillance Network (BNSR)

signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection of Ukraine to join a multinational task force aimed at strengthening global health security and establishing well-functioning disease surveillance networks in the Eastern European region. , which includes Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

- African swine fever prevention awareness (YouTube video)
- Defense Threat Reduction Agency Biothreat Mitigation Program: Ukraine, Caucasus, and Central Asia (YouTube video)
This is the kind of shit we've been dealing with at Malone for almost 3 years now double talk where you think you're smarter than you/me, so here you go Malone: ​​show us/me the data! What data?
You know they don't exist, you lied in this tweet, you outright lied, you sold your vaccine based on mRNA technology (are you profiting from it?) that you, Weissman and Bourla created; you're a liar.

A blatant liar, and I'll challenge you to a debate, anytime, anytime, you and I, openly, unscripted, publicly... and the "risk" Malone is paralysis, ruptured aneurysm, bleeding, blood clots, death.. .so when you said para there are risks, the way you wrote it doesn't mean the risk extends to death...you knew your mRNA technology with Weissman, Kariko and others was unsafe and don't answer crap like 'oh wow it's me, they've faked it with methylated pseudo-uridine shit'.... You knew that mRNA (which carries the genetic messages to translate the machinery of cells into the spiky protein needed for a supposed immune response) was harmful, did you know , that when encapsulated in a lipid-nanoparticle transporter (all invented to prevent the immune system from attacking the mRNA and stabilize the package and allow the payload to be transported far and wide throughout the body), mRNA technology , your invention, it was deadly, you knew, the cationic lipids in the wall of the lipid envelope, you knew that PEG was deadly, you knew that you knew all that; You know all about mRNA technology and yet you are silent...I guess until you were forced to speak in a courtroom....I

guess....you were silent about the reverse transcribing of mRNA back to DNA in the nucleus and we have clear evidence of this from liver cells, you shut up, that the contents of the vaccine leave the injection site, we were led to believe that the bolus stays in the deltoid, goes to the local lymph node...yet you knew, you kept quiet, that it does not dissolve immediately as CDC et al. he lied to us, he knew he would stay...yet he kept quiet, he kept quiet about so much and people assumed silence meant there was no problem...I don't believe for a second that he had any injections...crazy would be because he knew his mRNA was harmful...so we don't buy his shit...he used his fame and posture to help force people to inject him and when it became clear that his mRNA technology Weissman et al. it was harmful after you enjoyed the fame on the upside you wanted money and fame on the downside…so you jumped over to the Freedom Fighters side to us to hide from the public…what a scam….

This is the kind of shit we've been dealing with at Malone for almost 3 years now

Risk is death....you should have said that, but like everything you say and write, it's double talk, carefully chosen legalistic language...I used to admire you, really...I loved the stage...with you until I didn't come to say you're a bunch of shit... but you're just a scientist sitting on a bench and you were worthy of pipetting chemicals... write articles, shit, go and look at my work, anyone can write an article nowadays.. .. and now we can get the AI ​​to do it...the content and the content suggests that you brought death to us, you and Weissman, Kariko, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin...I think there is a special place reserved in hell to your kind...hell...and i want the court to do one of 2 things about you, acquit you and then we kiss and kiss a lot or punish you and put you in jail for the death you brought about..the likes of you, Bourla, Bancel are all criminals, IMO. If it is proven in court that your work has caused deaths, we will imprison you. If my brother or sister did what you did and it is proven that they killed people, if the courts and judges prove it, the proper judges say prison, they should be in a prison cell. I made that clear.

We, People Like Me, McCullough, JJ Couey, SAGE, Risch, Tenenbaum, Trozzi, Makis, Ladapo, Torma, 2nd Smartest, Igor Chudov, Naomi Wolf, Ahmad Malik, Lioness of Judah, Mike Yeadon, Chief Nerd, Midwestern doctor, EUGYPPIUS, Karen Kingston, Vigilant, Watt, Amazing Polly, etc. and all the fighters who have really lost a lot and now have only to pick up the damage from their work. You are the inventors of mRNA technology, you are the makers of mRNA vaccines.

You b*tches and all of you who want amnesty and claim "we didn't know"....no no no no, you knew, you just wanted to make money and this is a combination of clumsiness and maladministration IMO.

I am incompetent, imperfect, fallen and foolish, I know it...I'm not the best...but I know one thing, on day one I stood up for Canada and America to save lives by educating and informing and warning people like you people... I admit, I was scammed at first.

You and the 43 named here must be investigated and arraigned under oath to find out what went wrong with COVID:

The 43 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse who cause death, suffering, pain, job loss, collateral damage, they bring ruined lives and futures to societies, America, Canada, UK, etc.

These are the people who IMO have in various ways caused confusion, confusion, confusion and even death regarding COVID with the lethal lockdowns and then the vaccine and we need to start with them, ask them the right questions and under oath about their role in COVID, from origins to closures to vaccine (please make suggestions for consideration).

The 43 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse bringing death, suffering, pain, job losses, collateral damage, ruined lives and futures to societies, America, Canada, UK, etc.

Added Bonnie Henry, Howard Njoo, Theresa Tam, Supriya Sharma, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Slaoui (OWS); we investigate them, we ask serious questions during proper legal investigation, judges, juries...

These are the people who IMO have caused confusion, confusion, confusion and even death in various ways regarding COVID with the lethal lockdowns and then the vaccine and them we need to start by asking them the right questions and under oath about their role in COVID, from the origins to the closures to the vaccine (please make suggestions for consideration):

Francis Collins
Leana Wen
Mandy Cohen
Xavier Becerra (new head of HHS)
Howard Njoo
Doug Ford
Bonnie Henry
Theresa Tam
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO)
Mark Zuckerburg
Jack Dorsey
Moncef Slaoui
Supriya Sharma
Eric Fiegl-ding
Asish Jha
Jason Kenney
CNN e.g. Cuomo, Gupta, etc.
FOX News e.g. Siegel
After the introduction of the COVID vaccines, women's disability claims jumped by 55% According to financial analyst and data expert Edward Dowd, the US Department of Labor's new disability survey found that working men and women between the ages of 16 and 64 filed a record number of claims since February 2021, with women's disability claims up 55%.

Since February 2021, more than 1 million working American women between the ages of 16 and 64 have reported to the U.S. Department of Labor that they are disabled, according to a new government report.

Doctors and scientists who spoke to The Defender attribute the unprecedented 55% increase in disability claims to the introduction of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) saying the vaccines are safe and effective and recommend them to everyone over 6 months of age.

But according to Edward Dowd, a former fund manager at BlackRock, the rise in disability claims represents an ongoing, silent disaster - one that is being ignored by health authorities and the mainstream media.

Dowd, who first wrote about the historic increase in deaths and disability claims in the US in his book "'Cause Unknown': The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022," continues to collect data that the mainstream media ignores. It publishes statistics-rich reports on everything from excess mortality and fertility to disability in the US and UK, and last month it reported on X (formerly Twitter) new results from the US Department of Labor's monthly disability survey.

Data from the Labor Department survey were published in graphic form by FRED, an acronym for Federal Reserve Economic Data, an online database of hundreds of thousands of interactive data sets maintained by the research division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

The monthly report is a survey of self-reported disabled respondents, not a claim for disability and financial compensation, Dowd said.

But the government's disability survey is an important statistical window into American public health that tragically predicts the number of deaths, Dowd said. "Illness leads to death," he said.

"The data confirms that the increasing disability trend in the United States as measured by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is not abating," Dowd told The Defender.

"The increase began in February 2021, and since the introduction of the vaccine, approximately 4 million Americans have joined," he said. "Increases have been greater among the civilian workforce, working men and working women than among the general population. If we don't address this issue, it will threaten the workforce over time."

Florida obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. James Thorp, who has documented the catastrophic harm the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine has caused to mothers and children, said he finds the relentless health damage seen across all segments of the U.S. population and women exposed to the vaccine to be outrageous. increased victimization following its introduction.

Referred to Pfizer post-marketing 5.3.6. to its data, which are part of Pfizer's 450,000-page internal reports on the harm caused by the mRNA vaccine in the first 10 weeks after its introduction (December 14, 2020 to February 28, 2021).

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tried to keep Pfizer's documents from the public for 75 years, but a judge ordered their release.

Table 1 of the Pfizer report shows the total number of "adverse event reports" and "represents the main characteristics of all cases".? This shows that of the 42,086 "relevant cases" following the administration of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, 1,223 people - 2.9% - died.

The chart also shows that Pfizer reported adverse events, including deaths, for 29,914 women and 9,182 men -- three times the rate of harm for women, Thorp said. This is partly explained by the fact that women tend to make health decisions within the family and that women receive the vaccine earlier than men.

Pfizer's adverse event records also showed that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine caused far more injuries than deaths from the disease: an "injury-to-death ratio" of a staggering 34.4:1, Thorp said.

Thorp, a disabled veteran who was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force, said he believes such a dramatic rate of injury and death is unprecedented in the history of modern warfare or medicine, where injury and death rates from COVID-19 and other diseases typically 3:1 ratio.

The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are "the deadliest vaccines and drugs ever marketed in the history of medicine," he said.

Asked which disabilities Pfizer reports are the most common, Thorp replied, "We don't have time for that. There are over 1,500 types of injuries" cataloged in Pfizer's documents, he said.

Amy Kelly, DailyClout's chief operating officer and program director of the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project, said the new disability data provides further evidence of the "disappearance of the American worker."

"Even if a working-age person is unvaccinated, what if they have a vaccinated loved one and have to leave the workforce to become a caregiver?" Kelly asked.

"Given the percentage of US citizens who are vaccinated and boosted against COVID, it's hard to imagine the potential magnitude." (...)
The COVID-19 vaccination, Paxlovid, does not reduce long-term COVID Government "countermeasures" highlighted as useless in long-term COVID prevention in Covid Citizen Science study.
After four years of suffering from the pandemic, the public is getting frustrated and tired of the long COVID syndrome. The post-acute consequences following SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 vaccination are caused by the accumulation of the Spike protein. Thus, it stands to reason that any intervention that does not reduce or get rid of the Spike protein will fail in prevention. Conversely, repeated infection and administration of multiple vaccines build up Spike protein in the body and patients deteriorate.

In their relentless push for mass vaccinations, the bio-pharmaceutical complex has made false claims that vaccination reduces the chance of long-term COVID - nothing could be further from the truth.

Additionally, a leading drug called Paxlovid, manufactured by Pfizer, has also been claimed to reduce the long-term burden of COVID. The pro-vaccination website Healio made this claim by Xie et al. did so based on their nonrandomized study with automated data, where 71% were vaccinated, 14.5% of patients received Paxlovide, steroids, and other McCullough protocol drugs prior to hospitalization, which occurred in ∼8.5%. There was a 26% risk reduction in codes for long COVID symptoms, which occurred in ~15% of patients. So yes, early multidrug treatment works because it reduces the chance of hospitalization, by this mechanism it reduces the risk of long-COVID. Xie et al did not report outcome rates by vaccine status. Healio, which is owned by the Wyanoke Group, consistently claims that its COVID-19 vaccines are "safe and effective."

But what about the large number of people not in the VA system who follow CDC NIH FDA guidance, are fully vaccinated, and receive Paxlovide as outpatients? A recent study by Durstenfeld et al from the Covid Citizen Science (CCS) study, a prospective cohort, found that among those fully vaccinated, the rate of long-term COVID was 14.5%, and the use of Paxlovid made no difference.

When examining the therapeutic claims of a bio-pharmaceutical complex, we should demand large, conclusive, randomized trials. If they are not available, we need to find the same clinical scenario of interest, high-quality cohort (non-automated) data sources and look for valid comparisons. If there is no sign of the advantage, then it is unlikely that it is actually present. In the case of the vaccine and Paxlovid, it is clear that they are useless against the long development of COVID.
They knew that the gene therapy mRNA vaccine could be passed on through selection Prominent American attorney Thomas Renz analyzed the US Food and Drug Administration's ("FDA") "Guidance for Industry" documents and found evidence of premeditated murder on a global scale. The lawyer disclosed that the mRNA "continues to kill for generations"
"We cannot come to any other conclusion... This is clear evidence that they knew that the gene therapy products they falsely called "vaccines" could leave the body of the vaccinated and further infect, they cause cancer and kill," Renz wrote.
The COVID-19 serum is not a vaccine, as it was lied to be, but a gene therapy!
Well, in the light of all this, let's just remember the whole fake pandemic, fake vaccine propaganda, with which people were attacked with the help of the governments!

They knew that the gene therapy mRNA vaccine could be passed on through selection

Renz explained that the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are not actually vaccines. "It is important for people to understand that the Covid-19 serum is not a vaccine, but a gene therapy," he wrote in his article published on January 9.

They knew that the gene therapy mRNA vaccine could be passed on through selection

He then presented his readers with evidence showing that US authorities are aware that individuals who have been vaccinated against COVID can transmit the virus to others through vaccine discharge, including those who have not consented to the "vaccination".

They knew that the gene therapy mRNA vaccine could be passed on through selection
Photo: Assassins are among us! - Propaganda photo of the Hungarian government

Renz explained that it has been known since at least 2006 that gene therapy can cause an explosion in cancers. This was also proven by a 2023 study in which people with so-called "long-time COVID" were included.

Renz drew attention to a scientific publication, which reveals that the proposed cure for the problems caused by the effects of COVID vaccines is another gene therapy product. (...)
Autopsy results of fatal myocarditis caused by the COVID-19 vaccine The European Society of Cardiology's Journal of Heart Failure provides doctors with startling evidence of pro-vaccination vaccines.
By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH
In 2022, the American College of Cardiology, in an unprecedented decision on a disease outside their specialty, published the ACC Expert Consensus Decision Pathway on Cardiovascular Sequelae of COVID-19 in Adults, and in this document stated, "ACC has long supported vaccination as a preventive measure against dangerous diseases and as a vital measure for personal and community health. There is no question that the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19 generally outweigh the risks."

Now, a peer-reviewed paper published today should make all cardiologists question their support for a COVID-19 vaccine in light of the reality that some patients have died of myocarditis, sacrificing their lives for a vaccine that has no randomized trial data to demonstrate a reduction in virus transmission or adjudicated COVID-19 hospitalization, death, or any severe outcome. The dangerous ACC proposition based on a false premise has been eroded: "The disease of COVID-19 causes more myocarditis than the vaccine, therefore patients should be vaccinated" and therefore causes MORE and fatal myocarditis! No sane and prudent physician could practice with this perverse rationalization.

Hulscher and colleagues published a report of 28 cases of myocarditis caused by the COVID-19 vaccine in the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure, and based on the pathology findings, they concluded that the death was caused by the injection. Without the vaccine, these patients, with an average age of 44, would still be alive today. Based on the Bradford-Hill criteria, it is also inferred that cardiac death following vaccination can be inferred on the basis of epidemiological criteria, in other words, unexplained cardiovascular deaths in vaccinees without a history of disease were probably caused by vaccination.

Autopsy results of fatal myocarditis caused by the COVID-19 vaccine
Hulscher N, Hodkinson R, Makis W, McCullough PA. Autopsy findings of fatal vaccine-induced myocarditis of COVID-19.

I expect the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex to put enormous pressure on Wiley, the publisher, and the journal to retract the article in violation of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines. This has occurred numerous times during the pandemic as a form of medical censorship when valid studies have been published showing the fatal harm of the COVID-19 vaccine. To help you prepare, here are COPE's criteria:

Editors should consider retracting a publication if:
• they have clear evidence that the results are unreliable, either through serious error (e.g. computational or experimental error) or falsification (e.g. data) or as a result of forgery (e.g. image manipulation).
• it is considered plagiarism
• The results have already been published elsewhere without proper identification of the previous sources, without informing the editor, authorizing or justifying the republishing (i.e. cases of unnecessary publication).
• Contains unauthorized material or data
• Copyrights have been violated or other serious legal issues arise (eg defamation, privacy).
• reports on unethical research
• Published solely on the basis of a compromised or manipulated peer review process.
• The author(s) failed to disclose a significant competing interest (also known as a conflict of interest) that, in the opinion of the editor, would have unreasonably influenced the interpretation of the work or the recommendations of the editors and peer reviewers.

We took every step to ensure that none of these criteria could be met in the case of this thesis. In my opinion, the most important figure of the study shows the high number of vaccine deaths among young people, also known as "sudden adult death syndrome".

Autopsy results of fatal myocarditis caused by the COVID-19 vaccine
It was a crime, COVID was a crime! This whole thing was prepared, I think they elected Trump, they studied him, they knew he would fall for it, the vaccine was a crime, it was baked years before the COVID February 2020;
this crime is Moderna etc. its patents are involved, it's about engineering viruses to have traits they don't NATURALLY have, it's about a bioweapon, a weapon has been unleashed on us!

Who? Why? To topple Trump? Are patents on board long before COVID? It has always been about the vaccine to bring it.

This is about using a false positive fraud PCR "procedure", overcycled to say you were positive when you weren't. This is a manufactured PCR, non-symptomatic, non-epidemic. This was never a pandemic. 0.04% IFR.

This was genocide! It was murder against us the fraudulent COVID pandemic, all the reactions to it and the deadly vaccine.

Again, examine the 43 horsemen of the COVID apocalypse and start with the mRNA inventors, Malone, Weissman, Kariko, etc. and with the CEOs of the vaccine, Bourla, Bancel, Sahin and others, Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech....

If the courts say that these people caused deaths, they should be jailed, all of them, and some of them should be hanged.. .if judges say the death penalty is appropriate and order it. We follow the courts. We'll let the courts handle that and make the legal decisions.

This murder of COVID and mRNA vaccines was the first!

Everything they told us was a lie, the whole COVID thing was 100% a lie. Nothing was true. CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID, Health Canada, PHAC, SAGE, Fauci, Njoo, Birx, Tam, Sharma and others, these people have all lied to us. This was never a pandemic. They brought us a bioweapon, I claim a binary weapon.
If the Covid suri was a trial run - what happens next? Within a year or two, or even sooner, governments everywhere - with the help and support of the Gates-led WHO - will announce that a new, even deadlier virus has been isolated. And a new "vaccine" will be promoted with great enthusiasm.
Evidence from researchers around the world shows that Bluetooth signals can be detected in some people who have received the covid vaccine.

Scientists have shown that a significant percentage of people "vaccinated" against covid emitted a signal.

It has also been found that some people who have never been vaccinated, but who have been subjected to one of the useless and discredited PCR tests, emit signals in the frequency range corresponding to the use of Bluetooth.

The key, of course, is graphium oxide, which is found in the mRNA "vaccine" and is also found in PCR test swabs.

Vaccines are most likely to produce a Bluetooth response.

Those who have been tested but not vaccinated are less likely to produce a Bluetooth response.

Those who have not been tested or vaccinated will not produce a Bluetooth response.

Of course, graphene oxide is known to have electromagnetic properties. In the United States of America, the Pentagon's DARPA military agency has tested it as a neurocerebral control device. (During the Obama administration, a certain Dr. Fauci built a coronavirus that was believed to be related to covid. Similar tests were conducted by the European Commission in the EU).

So why don't all those who get poked produce a Bluetooth type signal?

The big clue is that batches of Pfizer's "vaccine" that make up only 4-5% of the given shots are responsible for 71% of serious or fatal side effects.

And I suspect that the only time the PCR test produced a bluetooth response was when the swab was used clumsily and caused bleeding (thus getting the graphene oxide into the bloodstream). As you no doubt know, evidence is mounting to show that many of the so-called "vaccines" were in fact nothing more than placebos.

There are still many mysteries surrounding the covid vaccine.

This is partly because the European Commission (and others) have funded fact-checkers to censor and ridicule anyone who dares to tell the truth (or ask sensible but uncomfortable questions) about the covid vaccine.

And the mainstream media has been bribed to silence the truth and to demonize and destroy those who try to tell the truth.

Even scientists are reluctant to risk asking uncomfortable questions. Many refer to

This, as I explained earlier, is an impossibility, as peer review is completely worthless. Peer review simply means that a group of probably bought and paid scientists approves something that a probably bought and paid scientist claims. (And let's not forget that most of the thousands of medical journals in the world have made a Faustian pact with the pharmaceutical industry. They rely on pharmaceutical companies' advertising and dare not print anything that the pharmaceutical companies don't like).

So what's the plan?

In the absence of solid evidence, we can only speculate.

One possibility (just a guess) is that the covid injection somehow interacts with the subcutaneous implants used as part of the proposed digital ID system.

My suspicion has long been that the covid injection was just a test to test some kind of weapon system.

I have little doubt that there will be many deaths from heart disease and circulatory problems within the next year.

These deaths will be blamed on lock-downs (which, as I warned in April 2020, had a very damaging effect on healthcare) and strikes by doctors and nurses in the UK.

Vaccines are, of course, ignored as a risk factor.

And within a year or two (or even sooner) governments everywhere (aided and abetted by the Gates-led WHO) will announce that they have isolated a new, even deadlier virus.

And a new "vaccine" will be promoted with great enthusiasm.

The next time there is a mass covid-type vaccination program, everyone who is vaccinated (and many who are "tested") will be dead within five years at most.

Vernon Coleman predicted mandatory vaccination programs, digitization and the slaughter of the elderly in his book "The Coming Apocalypse", published in April 2020 - that is, almost four years ago. To purchase the book "The Coming Apocalypse", please CLICK HERE .

To learn more about the plot of the conspirators, please read the book "Their Terrifying Plan". To purchase the book "Their Terrifying Plan", please CLICK HERE .
Rand Paul: Fauci should go to jail for Covid dishonesty Republican Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) renewed calls for former top federal health official Dr. Anthony Fauci to "go to jail."
The senator referred to US taxpayer-funded gain-of-function research at the laboratory in Wuhan, China, which is widely believed to be the source of the Covid epidemic.

As former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci led dangerous research that is illegal to conduct in America.

The Kentucky Republican also cited a false claim Fauci made during congressional hearings.

Paul made the call in an interview Sunday on New York's WABC-AM's "The Cats Roundtable."

Senator Paul accused Fauci, a former top medical adviser to Democratic President Joe Biden, of contributing to the deaths of "somewhere between 10 and 20 million" people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"He was never held accountable for that," Paul told host John Catsimatidis on Sunday.

"This is probably the worst decision ever made by a public health official in history.

"Frankly, he should go to jail for his dishonesty," the senator argued.

"If he lies to Congress and is dishonest and doesn't take responsibility.

"Now for the misjudgment, you should just put him on the bench," Paul said.

"It should never be accepted.

'History should judge him as a flawed man who made one of the worst decisions in the history of public health - the entire history of the world.'" Paul laid out his arguments against Fauci about 5 minutes into the


After several heated exchanges with Fauci during various congressional testimony, Paul filed a criminal perjury complaint with the Department of Justice last year over

Fauci's comments about funding for "gain-of-function" research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

. not the first time he's called for Fauci to face justice.

In an interview with Fox News in October, the senator said Fauci should be behind bars "without a doubt.

" said Paul.

"In public, he's saying, 'Oh, if you say it's from the lab, you're conspiracy theories, you're crazy, it's a fringe theory.'

" But in private he says... 'We are very worried because the virus seems to be manipulated.

Paul, a physician who had an eye practice before being elected to the Senate, wrote a book about Fauci and America's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The title of the book is "Deception: The Big Covid Secret".

"We deserve to know what happened," Paul said at the time.

"I think the book will go a long way toward convincing the rest of America that this man was a traitor."

Fauci, meanwhile, dismissed calls for his impeachment as "crazy."

"I mean, why do they want to indict me?" Fauci said on CNN in March.

"What are they talking about?

"I wish I knew what the hell they're talking about!".

"I think they just hit rock bottom.

"It makes no sense to say such a thing, and it's actually irresponsible".
Tucker exposes how the pharmaceutical industry outwits the experts Understanding WHO's plans for you. Many have already reflected on the fact that Big Pharma perversely encourages disease promotion because its financial success depends on it. But few understand how sophisticated their efforts are to do so.

Bret Weinstein, an American podcaster and former professor of evolutionary biology, describes the pharmaceutical industry as a form of intellectual property rights blackmail. Big Pharma patents molecules, compounds and technologies and then looks for diseases to use their patents against.

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly trying to make its intellectual property appear more useful and safer than it really is, and to convince medical institutions, journals, medical societies, hospitals and governments to recommend drugs to people who would not otherwise take them. those. So when COVID-19 hit, the industry was more than ready to take advantage of it.

The introduction of mRNA platform technology was central to shaping the overall COVID response. The technology has a fatal flaw that under normal circumstances would prevent its commercialization. The COVID pandemic has allowed the pharmaceutical industry to bypass this barrier and utilize this incredibly profitable technology.
By amending the International Health Regulations and the Pandemic Agreement, the World Health Organization seeks global domination and total control over the masses under the guise of public health.

The video above shows Tucker Carlson's interview with Bret Weinstein, an American podcaster and former professor of evolutionary biology. Originally aired on January 5, 2024. In it, they talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, "the game of Big Pharma", the disastrous effects of mRNA injections and the World Health Organization's plan for the future of humanity. An excellent interview not to be missed.

Explaining the game played by big pharma,

Weinstein begins with what he calls "Big Pharma's game." He fancied himself something of an expert on the pharmaceutical industry, but over the past four years he had been proven wrong, and there were many aspects of the industry he didn't like at all.

Of course, Big Pharma has a "perverse incentive" to promote disease, as their financial success depends on it. They don't make money off of healthy people.

"But I don't think most of us realize what a sophisticated arsenal of tricks the pharmaceutical industry has," he says, "and the nature of that arsenal. I would describe the pharmaceutical industry as an intellectual property racketeering...

In essence, the pharmaceutical industry owns various things - molecules, compounds, technologies, and looks for a disease to which these things can plausibly be applied."

Once a disease is identified for which a pharmaceutical IP can be used, the industry's profits increase as:
- The disease is widespread
- The disease is severe
- Competing drugs are deemed unsafe or ineffective.
- The government will prescribe the medicine

The medical establishment declares this medicine as the standard method of care.
"You just described a pandemic!" says Carlson. And indeed, it was his analysis of the response to the pandemic that allowed Weinstein to recognize these tricks.

The pharmaceutical industry, he says, is constantly trying to make its intellectual property look more useful and safer than it really is, and to convince medical institutions, journals, medical societies, hospitals and the government to "get people to buy drugs that take that they wouldn't otherwise take. This is a scam".

It's important to understand what a pharmaceutical scam is and how it works, because long before COVID, the pharmaceutical industry was "expert at making a disease look more prevalent and dangerous than it really is" and "excellent at making a drug look more effective , as it really is".

So when COVID-19 hit, the industry was more than ready to take advantage of the situation. COVID "has been the biggest pharmacological cash cow imaginable," Weinstein said.

A Fatal Mistake

The immediate needs of the crisis allowed the pharmaceutical industry to do something that would otherwise have been impossible, namely to deploy mRNA technology at "curvature speed" under the pretense that it was the latest and greatest in vaccine technology. Gene therapies are subject to far more stringent safety and efficacy tests, all of which were bypassed in this case.

Weinstein speculates that under normal circumstances, the mRNA technology "would not have passed even the most minute safety tests" because it has a "terrible security flaw."

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are non-targeted, so they can and will be taken up by any cell they encounter. This wouldn't be so bad if the injection actually stayed at the injection site as promised, but it doesn't.

Of course, this was completely predictable. Almost all administered products leak from the injection site and eventually circulate throughout the body. The risk of systemic effects was further increased by the advice of health authorities not to aspirate the needle prior to injection.

As you suction, pull back on the plunger to make sure there is no blood. If there is blood, it has ended up in a vessel, which means it injects directly into the bloodstream and not the delta tissue, which would help minimize the spread of the mRNA throughout the body.

As Weinstein explains, the danger of mRNA technology has to do with how immunity develops naturally.

A viral infection occurs when a virus enters a cell and causes it to make copies of the virus. These copies invade and infect neighboring cells, and many are spread to other people through coughing and sneezing. If your cells produce an antigen (foreign protein) that the immune system doesn't recognize, the immune system assumes that the cell is infected with a virus and sets out to destroy it.

The problem with mRNA transfection technology is that cells throughout the body produce a foreign protein that your immune system recognizes as an ongoing infection.

"Pharma had a potentially hugely profitable product that it couldn't bring to market because a safety test would have revealed an intractable underlying problem...Pharma used the emergency [the COVID] to...smuggle the product through things that are normal prevent the widespread spread of such a dangerous technology."

Bret Weinstein

So your immune system starts to destroy the affected cells, and if those cells are in the heart, brain, or other internal organs, it can be life-threatening. In addition to fatal heart problems, the number of extremely fast-progressing cancers has also increased dramatically.

"To go back to the original story: The pharmaceutical industry had a potentially hugely profitable product that it couldn't bring to market because safety testing would have revealed this intractable problem at its core," says Weinstein.

"My hypothesis is that the company realized that the only way to get around this hurdle was with an emergency that would cause the public to demand a remedy ... which would prompt the government to streamline the safety testing process so that these things wouldn't come to light Who.

And in fact... security testing has been radically shortened so that long-term damage is impossible to detect. The hypothesis in question, then, is that the pharmaceutical industry used the emergency to circumvent the barrier to the introduction of an incredibly profitable technology - to normalize it in the public and regulatory apparatus - to get past the things that would normally prevent such a dangerous technology from being widely adopted. The plan to introduce

risky technologies was at the heart of the COVID response.

Jeffrey A. Tucker, founder of the Brownstone Institute, writes in his additional commentary to the interview that
"The bigger picture, the sinister reality, only slowly dawned on me that mRNA -platform technology was at the heart of the entire COVID response. If we do not understand this, we cannot see the forest for the trees. This was the driving force behind the introduction and absurd extension of the closures.

When you consider the amount of damage it does to the entire society and the entire world, all for the sake of patent piracy and the rapid introduction of a technology, it's hard to imagine that a government could be so trapped and corrupt. It seems beyond belief and yet here we are.

Knowing all this, we can more easily understand some of the mysteries of the age, for example, unrestrained and aggressive censorship. In order to achieve such an endeavour, the appearance of consensus had to be created. It was about paving the way for the introduction of a vaccine that everyone would have seen as salvation from lockdowns, masks and lockdowns...

There's a reason we haven't heard any high-profile apologies or confessions. The reason is that they never intended to do the right thing. It was an industrial takeover from the start, a perfect corporatist plan to gain a huge advantage in the wars for pharma and its future."

Tens of millions have probably already died

. , that the risk of a serious side effect was 1 in 800. This risk was cleverly hidden by giving the placebo group the real mRNA injection only a month after the study began. The risk is

not 1 in 800 people, but 1 in It was of 800 doses, and people received two doses at the start of the study. According to research results presented at a recent conference in Romania, about 17 million people have died from the vaccine so far. Yet these vaccines are still recommended for children as young as 6 months old, still an emergency even in its absence.

And as Weinstein noted, while the number of booster shots is now in the single digits, there is no clear majority that admits the mass vaccination campaign was a mistake from the start. It seems that most people just don't want to think about the damage they are doing. They do not want to admit that they have been deceived by a sophisticated propaganda machine.

But we still give children these vaccines, and that means we have a moral obligation to recognize the inconvenient truth that vaccines are dangerous and should be stopped.

Freedom of expression is a matter of life and death

Fortunately, as Weinstein noted, relatively few alternative media have succeeded in educating enough people about the harms that the spread of injections has now fallen off the proverbial cliff. The problem we have to face now is that the WHO is trying to gain control over the media worldwide by amending the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the international pandemic treaty.

If the IHR and the convention pass, it would place the sole authority of the WHO to decide what medical truth is, and all countries would be required to censor accordingly, by whatever means.

Considering how important alternative news has been in sensitizing people to the reality of COVID, what if we're forced to survive another pandemic without it? It is easy to say that freedom of expression in relation to health and medical science is a matter of life and death. If scientific debate and opposing views are suppressed, the death toll of medical propaganda will be even higher than we have already experienced.

WHO's Plan Outlined

Weinstein goes on to outline the WHO's planned coup d'état through the IHR amendments and the Pandemic Treaty. Broadly speaking, these two instruments aim at global domination by the few and total control over the masses under the guise of public health.

In short, this treaty requires every member state that signs up to cede their national sovereignty to the WHO, thus becoming the de facto totalitarian ruler of the entire world.

According to the WHO, the COVID epidemic became so severe because nations did not cooperate. Therefore, according to their argument, an international treaty is needed that centralizes the powers necessary to fight the epidemic at the WHO.

The problem, of course, is that most countries have NOT followed the WHO's irrational and unscientific recommendations. Their incompetence, whether intentional or not, destroyed economies and led to unnecessary deaths.

Under the proposed treaty, the WHO will have the power to declare a public health emergency on any basis, even without evidence, and will be empowered to order remedial measures to be implemented by all member states.

These include vaccination requirements, travel restrictions, determining which drugs can and cannot be used, and censoring anything that does not meet official WHO recommendations, to name just a few examples. Importantly, censorship is not limited to "misinformation" (false information) and "disinformation" (deliberate misinformation and lies), all of which include truth and falsehood to at least some degree.

No, as Weinstein explains, the most important concept you need to understand is "disinformation," which is defined as true information that causes distrust of authority.

Criminalization of Misinformation - Legalized Suppression of the Truth

So when you point out the lies told by government officials, you are committing misinformation, which the US Department of Homeland Security has now added to the definition of terrorist acts in addition to spreading misinformation and disinformation. That's absolutely terrifying, because 'terrorism' is "a legal label that makes all your rights evaporate into nothing," Weinstein says, adding,

"The moment the Department of Homeland Security says you're guilty of some kind of terrorism because you're telling the truth , which makes you distrust your government, it also talks about the rights it has to silence you.

These are not normal rights. So these things are all scary, and I think... the COVID pandemic has made us realize that many structures have been built around us that William Binny, a former NSA official, once called a turnkey totalitarian state. The totalitarian state is built around us but not activated. Then, once established, the key is turned. We are now experiencing something

that goes beyond William Binny's description, because this is a locked-down totalitarian planet. The World Health Organization is above the level of nations and will be able, when these decrees are passed, to dictate to nations how to treat their own citizens, to override their constitutions."

The schedule

The 77th session of the World Health Assembly, which will vote on the IHR amendments and the pandemic treaty, will take place on 27 May 2024. Amendments to the IHR require only 50% of those present at the time of the vote.

However, the Working Group on IHR Amendments must submit its final package of amendments by January 27, 2024. If the final versions of the proposed amendments are not properly submitted by that date, the World Health Assembly will not be entitled to vote on them at the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.

That means we only have two weeks left to bring enough attention to these amendments to prevent their passage. So please help spread the word by sharing the videos listed on James Roguski's homepage.

Door To Freedom (doortofreedom.org), an organization founded by Dr. Meryl Nass, also published a poster explaining how the Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendments will change life as we know it and take away every crumb of freedom. Please download this poster and share it with everyone you know. Post it on public notice boards and places where communities share information.

If the IHR amendments are adopted, they will enter into force 10 months later for all countries that do not opt ​​out. Nations that have not formally renounced will be bound by the new provisions of the amendments.

The schedule of the treaty on the pandemic

The treaty on the pandemic was also adopted by the World Health Assembly on May 22-24, 2024. they will vote at their annual meeting to be held between The treaty requires a two-thirds majority of the members present and enters into force when 30 countries have ratified it.

Thirty days later, the treaty enters into force for all countries that have signed it. All countries that have not signed the treaty are excluded from its provisions. Those who sign the contract must wait three years before they can withdraw.

The latest version of the contract, dated October 30, 2023, can be read here. The Intergovernmental Negotiating Board (INB) has been instructed to submit a new draft for the next meeting to be held between February 19 and March 1, 2024, so further amendments can be expected.

The good news

Although the situation seems bleak, Weinstein remains optimistic, if only because we, the opponents of the global coup, are the bravest intellectuals on our team.

Scientists, researchers, doctors, academics and journalists from all over the world who dared to speak out against the official narrative were pushed out of their respected positions.

As a result, we now have a "dream team" with "every player you could ever want on your team to fight a historic battle against a monstrous villain," says Weinstein. Indeed, as Tucker notes, these experts "are now a formidable counterforce to the right information," and they're not going away.

To truly stop this global coup, we need all of you, ordinary people everywhere, to speak up and share the truth as much as you can. Because that's the only way our voice will prevail over the voices of the propaganda machine.
It would be a disaster if the WHO took over all medical control Dr. Meryl Nass is a vaccination expert. He has testified before Congress several times. Dr. Nass warned of the dangers of the CV19 vaccine. Many deaths and disabilities caused by the vaccine, which many doctors simply call a bioweapon injection, have been documented around the world. Dr. Nass was an early advocate of treating Covid with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and had excellent results for his patients. As a result, his license was revoked in Maine two years ago. However, this did not stop Dr. Nass from continuing to fight to spread awareness about the evils of the CV19 injection.

Just when you think it's over and we can all get back to normal, Dr. Nass warns of an even more sinister global plan to take over healthcare (and our lives) in the next pandemic. The UN and WHO want to achieve this by May 2024. Dr. Nass explains: "The WHO is an agency of the United Nations. One document, which has never existed before, is called the 'Pandemic Treaty' and is being prepared. The other is a normal document, the 'International Health Regulations.' they want to use this document and massively change it. They want to completely change the content of the document and make it a policy that all the nations of the world must follow. The person giving the order is the Director General of the WHO. This Director General under no circumstances can a pandemic you can advertise if you want. This gives the Director General of the WHO enormous power to dictate health care for everyone in the world. They want to be able to dictate vaccines to you in the future for pandemics they declare at will with no standards. They want their right it should be to refuse medicine and to silence your doctor. So Tedros, the WHO director-general, who has no medical degree, would be the world's doctor."

Dr. Nass warns: "If the WHO gets this power, they can force them to give any vaccine they want. People who are harmed or killed would have no recourse because all parties involved would be covered by liability laws According to Nass, the WHO would also have the right to censor anyone in any country who has a different opinion about vaccines or treatment options for the next pandemic. In short, there will be no more free expression that doesn't fit into the UN-sanctioned narrative.

In the next pandemic, there will be more vaccines that go through the development process without animal testing. Instead of a vaccine taking more than 10 years to develop, a new vaccine is developed in four months. That's right - in four months!!!! Dr. Nass (also a vaccine expert) warns: "The FDA has already approved some of these CV19 vaccines, but not to the usual standards. It was a disaster. The next time they want to develop a vaccine in 100 days and distribute it to the entire population in 130 days . They want to introduce the next vaccine worldwide in four months and one week. This is absolutely crazy! You can't judge in 130 days whether it works or how safe it is. This is the plan. This is the WHO plan, and the US government, the G -7, the G-20, the EU - they all said they wanted a 100-day vaccine. They also put forward all these documents to create a system that exempts manufacturers from liability. They also have no way to sue the WHO- t. They are not accountable to the public."

Dr. Nass adds that the federal government and the Biden administration have no right to oversee public health. Oversight of public health is the responsibility of individual states, and Dr Nass believes the WHO can be stopped because of its "disastrous" plans.
UK Parliament debates excess mortality: Too many young people are dying Yesterday, the UK Parliament again debated the trend of excess deaths. This is a continuation of the adjourned debate held on October 20, 2023. "Too many young people are dying," said Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire ("MP"), opening the debate in Westminster Hall.

"The excess of deaths in 2022 was far from being below the recent rolling average, but above the average: it exceeded it by 6%. In 2023, when the number of deaths could have been expected to finally fall below the average, the excess was also It exceeded that by 6%. These numbers are higher in the younger age groups," he said.

"No decent person should be disturbed by these numbers," he added.

Rother Valley MP Alexander Stafford noted that his constituents were very concerned about the excess deaths in his constituency. "They are also concerned that the NHS is almost deafeningly silent about what is causing this," he said.

Mr Bridgen explained that correlation is not causation, but it does raise alarm bells. "The alarm bells are going off all over the building, but nobody wants to open the door to see if there's a fire," he said.

He asked why no one was heeding the alarm bells, noting that Professor Carl Heneghan, director of the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, had reviewed the causes of the excess deaths and concluded that they were overwhelmingly related to cardiovascular disease.

Mr Bridgen also noted that consultant cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra had also sounded the alarm. He referred to TNT Radio's interview with Dr. Malhotra on Monday.

"[Dr. Malhotra] told TNT Radio that although cardiovascular disease is multifactorial, the experimental covid mRNA vaccine should be at the top of the hierarchy of causes behind excess heart-related deaths until proven otherwise. This is not speculation. " said Mr Bridgen.

"Those who choose not to acknowledge these stark, hard facts are either ignorant of the evidence or willfully blind or have no conscience," he added.

"The so-called covid investigation has already set out the answers it wants to get. All the signs point to this being a wash," Mr Bridgen said. "It was deeply disappointing that he announced this week that the vaccine safety and efficacy module has been postponed indefinitely - certainly until after the general election, which is extremely disappointing."

Mr Bridgen feels the Covid inquiry delayed the vaccine module because of "political pressure on the inquiry" due to the upcoming general election.

According to Mr Bridgen, it is not the old and the weak who are dying now, as in the case of covid. "For months, week after week, excess deaths have been observed among the young and middle-aged. All age groups were affected, but the 50-64 age group was the worst... They were hit with 12% more deaths than usual in 2022 and 13%- kal more in 2023, and at least six out of five of this year's deaths had nothing to do with covid, whatever it is."

"We've been subverting society for two years so we don't 'kill grandma.' Now that mom and dad are dying, nobody seems to care."

"A public inquiry should urgently look at this issue," Mr Bridgen said. "Instead, he's wasting taxpayers' money obsessing over WhatsApp messages while people die."

"Before I was expelled from the Conservative Party for voicing my concerns about experimental vaccines and the harm I thought they caused, I met a senior member of the party who, after listening to my concerns about vaccines and NG163 - the midazolam and morphine scandal , quite calmly told me, “Andrew, there is no political appetite for your views on vaccines at this time. It might be 20 years from now, and you'll probably be proven right, but in the meantime you have to keep in mind that you're going up against the most powerful interest group in the world, with all the personal risks involved.

" I'm making up theories," said Mr. Bridgen. "I think it's a conspiracy; a conspiracy against science, a conspiracy against silence and a conspiracy against people - and I will not stand for any of that."

Later in the debate, Jim Shannon, MP for Strangford, said Mr Bridgen's facts about excess deaths required investigation.

"It could easily be that the increase has nothing to do with the vaccine, but we need to look at why fit young men or fit, non-smoking, healthy-weight women in their 50s are having heart attacks and why specialists are asking them if 'Which injection did you take?'... These are signs that questions need to be asked... I support the calls for an inquiry and ask that it be carried out," Mr Shannon said.

In response, Maria Caulfield, the health and the Parliamentary Deputy Secretary of State responsible for social care admitted that the number of excess deaths is increasing. "Many factors contribute to this. We take this seriously and are constantly monitoring it," he said.

He relied on the statistic that 93.6% of the population received at least one dose of the "vaccine" to explain why the excess deaths show up in large numbers of vaccinated people. It is not true that 93.6% of the population is vaccinated against covidosis.

In July 2022, the BBC also tried to claim that 92% of the population had received at least one dose of the covid "vaccine." That was a lie.

Professor Norman Fenton published an article showing that according to the UK Health Safety Agency's ("UKHSA") most recent report at the time, nearly 30% of the population, of all ages, had never received a single dose of Covid, the over 18 population 20 % are vaccine-free.

Given the damage and deaths that have come to light, there is little chance that the number of people accepting the Covid vaccine has increased since then.

"No vaccine or drug - not even simple paracetamol - is completely risk-free," Caulfield claimed, "but we have systems in place that constantly check the safety of our drugs."

"I would reassure colleagues that we fully recognize that there is a risk of excess deaths," Caulfield said. "We are working to reduce this as quickly as possible, but in many cases the lockdowns have had a negative impact. We are also mindful of vaccine safety and have acted when safety concerns have arisen." Some of

Caulfield's colleagues may have, but are you reassured?

Poland: You have 6 hours to report for duty
Poland: You have 6 hours to report for duty

Poland: You have 6 hours to register for service
January 16, 2024 Source

Several people have requested a link to our report on Poland's new war preparation law. We couldn't do that at the time because the source was an internal source and had to remain anonymous. This news is now circulating in the Polish press. On January 13, Poland adopted a completely radical new type of military service card intended for mobilization and wartime. The changes in the formula are significant, the 6-hour notice and the drastic penalty for failure to report to the army in such situations clearly shows the underlying intent for war.

Goring Herman on the war

Poland: You have 6 hours to report for duty

European governments betray the impossibility that Putin wants to occupy Europe. Ordinary Russian people do not want war any more than average Europeans. The common people lose everything, the elite profit, and the whole thing never solves anything. Hermann Göring was absolutely right.

NATO North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

NATO It's all great theater and a desperate attempt by the neocons and their right arm NATO (North American Terrorist Organization) to complete the destruction of the world before they die. NATO fears it will become irrelevant and unfinanceable if there is peace with Russia. They are opening in Asia to start a war with China. Trump was right - let's defund NATO. These people spent their whole lives hating the communists. Communism collapsed, but their hatred never stopped. It was Victoria Nuland who was out of power under the Trump administration and it was her husband who started this BS about Trump being a dictator in the Washington Post all because he opposed their never ending wars. The Washington Post is so biased; they cheer for the end of the world just to be right.

The Kagan family has engaged in political hate tactics where they incite hatred against an opponent to distract everyone from their own agenda. This is what they used against Trump, and they are doing it against Putin, all to justify their solution - the destruction of Russia and China. Nuland's leadership was to direct American support for the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine. The leaked phone call, in which she said she was responsible for "fucking the EU", was blamed on Putin, who tapped her line to deflect what she had to say. He was the one who ordered the hand-picked interim government to launch their "anti-terrorist" operation, which deliberately invaded the Donbass to force Putin to protect the Russians there. The vice president at the time, Joe Biden, was at that time the guy to get the Ukrainians "at-a-boy" confirmation of his plans. He put pressure on the post-Maidan Ukrainian unelected government to start the whole civil war.

All together against fascism! Huge protest in Leipzig against the globalist government! - Video
Germany - Leipzig - Huge protest against the activities of the German government and the actions of the European globalist elite! People shout together and demand: "All together against fascism!"

It will be interesting and worth watching - how will the background power puppets gathering in Davos react to all of this under Klaus Schwab's Great Reset program?
- and how will the German/European Union Western governments ever regain the trust of the people?! (if they ever had it at all...) (VilagHelyzete's own comment.)
Something is wrong in Palestine Israel says two senior Hamas members have been killed. A few years ago, I would have described myself as largely sympathetic to Israel.
After all, radical Islam is the great threat to the West, isn't it? Israel is a thriving democracy under siege by "Islamic fascists". Of course we must "stand up for Israel".

But after the "wokeness", the great oppression, the rise of covidism, I came to see the war on terrorism as a false concept as the war on covidism or the war on climate change. (I began to doubt even the myth of World War II.)

These "wars" all attacked freedom; none did any good to ordinary people; and each forces us to question how much of what the corporate media of the "free world" tells us is true.

This has obvious implications for how we should judge Israel...

As for the Middle East and the American/Israeli view of it, my skepticism was first awakened by a cursory examination of the 9/11 story - the whole "war on terror" narrative.

It turns out that the 9/11 story is just as bad as the Ur-Covid myth of Wuhan, Northern Italy and New York City.

And then I started thinking about why Bibi Netanyahu, the current Israeli Prime Minister, said this after 9/11: "We benefit from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the American war in Iraq."


I don't know what this all means. I just know that they don't take it seriously, at least in "authoritative" circles, when someone starts talking like that.

At the very least, we should all own up to the post-9/11 fraud...

The fake "anthrax" story that turned out to be an inside job... The fake Iraq WMDs... The mysterious US/Israeli support for Sunni radicals who they wanted to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya (where they succeeded) and Assad in Syria (where they failed).

In short, has the entire war on terror really been about "terror" or even about radical Islam? Was it really about the welfare and freedom of ordinary people? Not in the West, and especially not in the Middle East where millions died... why?

On top of all this, the oldest Christian communities in Syria and Iraq have been decimated, with the support of the West, while the West has opened its borders to refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

Again, note the similarity with covid. The interventions were exponentially worse than the problem. And who was responsible for the "problem"?

So it seems that the main characters I'm supposed to empathize with are

And it made me reevaluate the premise of Zionism. (...)
Central bank digital currencies are spy coins Unlike paper money, Central Bank Digital Currencies ("CDBCs") most likely do not offer privacy protections. They are threatening privacy like the world has never seen before.
In November, Big Brother Watch published a report titled "CBDC - the privacy-destroying pound? Lessons from international central bank digital currency pilots for the UK." The report includes an in-depth analysis of CBDC pilot projects from around the world.

"More than 130 central banks around the world are currently researching, piloting, or have already introduced some form of central bank digital currency," the report said. "Countries considering the development of a CBDC include the United Kingdom, where the proposal has been dubbed 'Britcoin'... Big Brother Watch is concerned that the UK CBDC outlined in the consultation will infringe on people's privacy, the freedom to spend money anonymously and the possibility of using the collected data for surveillance."

After analyzing CBDC projects in Nigeria, Jamaica, Israel, Uruguay, Sweden, the EU and China, Big Brother Watch found that none of the CBDCs protect privacy.

His alarming findings have prompted Big Brother Watch to launch a "No Spycoin" campaign, urging people to email their MP:

No-one has given a reason why the UK needs a "digital pound" - but it would come at a significant cost to our privacy, financial freedom and equality. The risks are enormous. At worst, a CBDC could create a vast new web of financial oversight and control.

All of the CBDC projects we reviewed raised serious concerns and threatened privacy. As we call on the government to rethink its plans for spycoin, this report helps to show policymakers the risks a UK CBDC would pose to our human rights and civil liberties. Step up now.
No Spycoin, Big Brother Watch

Levels of privacy are related to levels of verifiability. Since those who want to issue CBDC want to verify every transaction, there can be no privacy.

Paper money or digital currency are fungible assets. They can be exchanged for other currencies, goods or paid for services. A non-fungible currency is a type of digital asset that cannot be directly exchanged for another digital asset. CBDCs are not fungible digital assets.

To illustrate what the limitations of exchanging unexplained assets mean in practice, we will use the example of artefacts and collections as unexplained assets. Art treasures and collections have unique characteristics and are therefore not easily valued or traded. Except in exceptional circumstances, we cannot buy goods, not even other works of art, nor can we pay for services with works of art as a payment method.

In its "Central Bank Digital Currency Virtual Handbook," the International Monetary Fund tries to market the idea that CBDCs are fungible currencies. "Implementation of [capital flow control measures] would exploit the programmability of CBDC transactions, rather than the CBDC itself, as money must remain fungible," the IMF says.

Do you trust what the IMF, which is part of the UN structure, says? No? Neither does Edward Snowden, and he can prove why he shouldn't.

Edward Snowden is a former American intelligence contractor and whistleblower who brought to the world's attention the existence of the NSA's all-encompassing, covert and illegal surveillance program against the American people.

(Related article: The surveillance state exposed: The chilling echo of Snowden's warning )

He joined the Logos Podcast last month to discuss resistance to censorship, cyber states and privacy. "Privacy is power. If you don't have privacy, you don't have power," he said.

"The government doesn't want fungible money. They don't want sound money. They want verifiable money. They want money that serves them," Snowden said.

"When you see these central bank digital currencies that they're talking about, no matter what country they're launching in... their idea is that they can just take your money and say, 'poof, it's gone.' that we want to credit more money to this account, [and] poof, it's already there."

While this is no different from how currencies traditionally work now, Snowden says CDBCs will be easier to access.

"They don't have to go into your mattress, they don't have to count your notes [cash] because they see every 'note' everywhere - they can track all the [CBDC] tokens all the time and it's extremely dangerous... That's what they're all after " - He told.

Video: Edward Snowden: Resisting censorship, cyber states, privacy | Logos Podcast with Jarrad Hope, 6 December 2023 (150 minutes)

On Substack, Snowden published an article in 2021 explaining what CBDC is, or as he wrote: "I'll rather say what CBDC is NOT - it NOT, as Wikipedia would say, a digital dollar." It is simply an entry in a bank's database.

He provided the image below to demonstrate that CBDCs, regardless of how they are implemented, cannot exist without the central bank knowing the details of every transaction.

Central bank digital currencies are spy coins
In all examples, money cannot exist without the knowledge of the central bank

"Nor is a central bank digital currency a state-level embrace of cryptocurrency — at least not of cryptocurrency as currently understood by pretty much everyone in the world who uses it," he wrote.

Instead, CBDC is something closer to being a perversion of cryptocurrency, or at least of its principles and protocols - a crypto-fascist currency, an evil twin entered into the ledgers on the Opposite Day, designed specifically to deny its users the basic ownership of their money, and install the state in the intermediary center of all transactions.
A missile hit an American ship off the coast of Yemen A fire broke out on an American cargo ship that was attacked off the coast of Yemen. A US-owned ship came under missile fire off the coast of Yemen. A US-owned container ship flying the Marshall Islands flag was hit by a missile near Aden, Yemen, according to British maritime security firm Ambrey.

According to Ambrey, the attack caused a fire in the hold. No one was injured during the shelling, the ship remains afloat. The company added that the ship has no connection to Israel. According to the text, the attack was most likely triggered by attacks by American troops against Houthi positions in Yemen.

US Central Command later confirmed that a ballistic missile hit the container ship Gibraltar Eagle in the Red Sea. They claim that the projectile was fired from an area under the control of the Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement. According to the command, the ship's crew reported no casualties or significant damage. The container ship resumed its route shortly after.

Today, the UK Navy's Maritime Commercial Operations Office (UKMTO) announced an "incident" 95 nautical miles from Aden and advised vessels to proceed with caution and report any suspicious activity. The ministry then also reported that a ship had been hit by an airstrike. (...)
Federal court strikes down Biden's home appliance regulations A federal court has now struck down some of the regulations on Americans' home appliances from Democratic President Joe Biden's green agenda. The regulations attempt to curb the use of dishwashers and clothes washers in American homes.
But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled that Biden's Department of Energy (DOE) likely lacked the authority to issue such orders.

Fox News reports: In
a ruling late Monday night, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit overturned the DOE's 2022 decision to repeal a Trump-era regulation regulating water use in dishwashers and clothes washers.

The court also found that even if the ministry has such authority, in this particular case it used that authority "arbitrarily and capriciously," which is against the law.

The Biden administration has issued several regulations on home appliances, as reported by Slay News.

He did all this in the name of "saving the planet" from "climate change".

The ordinances at issue in this case applied to dishwashers and washing machines, and the purpose of the ordinances was to limit the amount of water these machines could use in each cycle.

Whether these regulations would have any beneficial effect on the environment is highly debatable.

As the Washington Examiner explains,

“These are regulations passed by Biden appointees at the Department of Energy that impose significant restrictions on washing machines and dishwashers.

” Both regulations limited water use per cycle while forcing the machines to run much longer. , to make up the difference."

Many experts have argued persuasively that the regulations end up using more resources than they save. But

a decision by the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has now essentially struck down the Biden administration's dishwasher and washing machine regulations.

" "Even if DOE could consider the ``efficiency'' of dishwashers and clothes washers in terms of both ``energy use'' and ``water use,'' the 2020 rules likely promoted greater efficiency in both categories than the repeal rule," he wrote. the court.

"Assuming that both energy conservation metrics are on the table, the states argue, and DOE does not appear to dispute, that an important aspect of this issue is whether the appliance rules actually reduce energy and water consumption."

The referenced Trump administration rules, according to Fox, "allowed the sale of faster dishwashers and clothes washers that use slightly more water and energy.

The court continued:
"Yet the administrative record contains ample evidence that the DOE's efficiency regulations likely did the opposite they do: They are forcing Americans to use more energy and more water for the simple reason that supposedly ``energy efficient'' appliances don't work.''

This is another legal defeat for Biden.
Cyborgs, genetically modified super soldiers who will be the warriors of the future: What will happen to these "super soldiers" when their service ends?

Cyborgs and genetically enhanced "supersoldiers" will be the military of the future, according to a recent report by the RAND Corporation.

The report, "Plagues, Cyborgs, and Supersoldiers: The Human Domain of War," released on January 2, 2024, highlights advances in human-machine systems, artificial intelligence, and synthetic biology as technologies that will develop future warriors one of them.

According to the report, these technologies will lead to seemingly telepathic abilities that allow soldiers to control machines through their thoughts, as well as the ability to genetically modify fighters to be able to survive "in the harshest combat environments."

"Given the rapid advances brought about by the 21st century biotechnology revolution, the application of algorithms , we see the emergence of a complex, highly dangerous landscape in which the wars of the future will be fought by humans controlling sophisticated machines with their minds; the military-industrial base will be disrupted by synthetically created, genomically targeted strikes; and the warrior of the future will transcend the basic genome to become an enhanced warrior capable of surviving even the harshest combat situations."

The Internet of Bodies (IoB), which refers to an ecosystem of wearable, ingestible, or implantable connected devices, is one way future warriors will become cyborgs.

The authors note that "IoB and related technologies offer many potential opportunities for warfighters. The US military, for example, is conducting studies to determine whether wearable devices can improve the well-being and fitness of soldiers. Australian researchers have shown that four-legged military robots can be controlled by brain signals recorded and translated by a graphene sensor worn behind the ear of a nearby soldier".

On the positive side, "the combination of IoB data and advanced machine learning (ML) and AI algorithms has the potential to enable huge advances in healthcare, particularly precision medicine."

However, IoB also carries serious risks in terms of cyber security, information gathering, data protection and targeted attacks that can hijack the user's brain and cause unimaginable damage.

The report warns of the growing prevalence of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs):

"If this technology were to be hacked, a malicious adversary could potentially feed fear, confusion, or rage into the commander's mind and cause him to make decisions that cause serious harm."

Cyborgs, genetically modified super soldiers who will be the warriors of the future:
Examples of the Internet of Bodies, RAND Corporation 2020.

The authors go on to explain that this type of brain hacking is already a threat and that "several China-based organizations have been found to be using 'biotech techniques to support Chinese military end-uses and end-users, including alleged mind-control weapons'" and that they the entities have therefore been placed on the Department of Commerce's Entity List to restrict trade with these entities".

While brain hacking is primarily discussed in military settings, the same technology is increasingly becoming available to the general public, including the workplace.

For example, Dr. Nita Farahany from Duke University stated at the January 2023 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF):

"We recognize and decode the faces we see in our heads - simple shapes, numbers, the PIN code of our bank account".

"Artificial intelligence has enabled advances in decoding brain activity that we never thought possible," Farahany said.

"What you think, what you feel - it's all just data - data that can be decoded in large patterns with the help of artificial intelligence," he added.

And tools for decoding the human brain need not be as invasive as a brain implant.

Devices can be as non-invasive as a "Fitbit for your brain".

Another type of risk to the IoB, according to a recent RAND report, "arises from information security issues related to the data collected by the IoB."

For example: "A security vulnerability in the Strava app allowed unknown users to identify and track the movements of Israeli soldiers inside military bases, even though users had restricted viewing of their Strava profiles," and "In 2023, it was reported that the Strava app could be used to track a Russian submarine commander who was killed while jogging".

Similarly, Director of the US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA) Catherine Marsh said in 2021 that the US intelligence community is increasingly looking to Internet of Things (IoT) devices as "a growing source of data that can be collected to learn intent". .

"Developing these new sensors and detectors and thinking about smart ways to collect multimodal data to reveal what our adversaries are trying to hide from us is at the heart of our collection programs," Marsh said.

Cyborgs, genetically modified super soldiers who will be the warriors of the future:
The Internet of Bodies - Risks, RAND Corporation 2020

In addition to the IoB and cyborgs, the warrior of the future is expected to become a "super soldier" through genetic engineering, especially genomic enhancement.

According to a recent RAND report, genomic repair is "the process of isolating and using available genomic information or treatments to modify some property of the human body or environment to improve resilience at the micro (individual) or macro (societal) level."

The authors predict that "in the near future, potential genomic enhancements of key warfare traits may include the ability to thrive on less sleep, greater physical endurance, and greater respiratory capacity."

This latest report mirrors another 2021 RAND report, "Technological Approaches to Enhancing Human Performance," which describes technological possibilities for controversial transhumanist research.

For example, the 2021 report notes that "adding a reptilian gene that enables infrared vision" and "making humans stronger, smarter, or more adaptable to extreme environments" are all possible applications of genome editing.

As I reported more than two years ago, "if successful, these 'people' would be able to never tire and think smarter, move faster, jump higher, see further, hear better, hit harder, live longer, adapt better and count like any other person on the planet".

If humans completely merge with machines on a large scale, where does technology end and humans begin?

On the last day of the 2020 World Economic Forum, the debate "If people become cyborgs" tried to answer the big ethical questions related to the physical integrity and digital ownership of cyborgs.

Ilina Singh, professor of Neuroscience and Society at Oxford, explained to the audience in Davos that one of the main concerns of military officers is the sense of ownership and physical integrity.

The military officers were concerned with many questions, for example:
- Do I own my own implant?
- Does my implant become a part of me?
- What happens if I leave the army?
- Who pays for my implant?
- Will my implant be removed?
- Can I keep my implant for the rest of my life?
- Will my implant be updated? Who pays for it?

In the same debate, National Academy of Medicine President Victor Dzau told the Davos audience that the use of brain-computer interfaces, which augment humans beyond their natural capabilities, crosses ethical lines.

"I think we're in pretty safe territory when we use these technologies to cure disease, to treat disease, or at least to repair damage," he said, adding, "I think we're crossing the line when we think about enhancement and augmentation."

What happens to soldiers and government officials who have been genetically engineered with superhuman abilities when their service ends?

What advantages or disadvantages would humans with god-like abilities have over the rest of humanity?
It turns out that Israel's right to defend itself means Israel has the right to commit genocide As it turns out, "Israel has the right to defend itself" actually means "Israel has the right to commit genocide, and no other country has the right to prevent it."
Notes from the Edge of the Narrative Matrix
Axios published a ridiculous new article quoting several anonymous US officials, "Biden 'at end' of patience with Bibi as Gaza war reaches 100 days". Gaza war reaches 100 days). The Biden administration keeps leaking to the press and trying to make a connection between their man and the genocide in Gaza and they are so shit. Biden had the opportunity to end this mass atrocity from day one. The carnage continues because Biden wants it to. He is responsible for it.

Netanyahu gave a speech commemorating 100 days of Israel's war against babies and journalists, hospitals and homes: "We will restore security in the south and in the north. No one will stop us - not The Hague, not the axis of evil, not anyone else."

If I were on the right side of history, I don't think the side I'm on would say that not even The Hague can stop them from killing anyone they want.

As it turns out, "Israel has the right to defend itself" actually meant "Israel has the right to commit genocide, and no other country has the right to stop it."

We have seen reports of Israeli sniper drones shooting and killing people in Gaza. It is probably time to point out that Gaza has long been a living laboratory of the military-industrial complex. It is almost certain that they collect data on all the new weapons that are tested on human bodies there - just like in Ukraine and Africa - and use this data for the benefit of the war machine and the arms industry.

It's so stupid the way Israel apologists shout when you criticize Israeli crime without mentioning Hamas and October 7th. Literally everyone knows about Hamas and October 7. Literally everyone admits that Hamas attacked Israelis out of hostility to the state of Israel. Everyone, including Hamas and its most ardent supporters, admits that this happened.

Meanwhile, Israel and its supporters stubbornly deny the reality of what has happened in Gaza since October 7. The Western press is heavily biased in favor of Israel and has committed numerous journalistic errors in its pathetic coverage of the carnage in Gaza. Most Westerners are still unaware of the extent to which Israel was abusing and killing Palestinians even before October 7th.

That's why it's necessary to talk about these things, to raise awareness and counter propaganda and distortion, and it's not necessary to constantly mention Hamas and October 7. Literally everyone knows that the October 7th attack happened, while most of the population is either uninformed or actively lying when it comes to Israeli crimes since the Nakba. Of these two things, only one needs to be emphasized more.

Israel's demand that everyone condemn the Hamas attack is like a group of bullies repeatedly punching a man in the face and then demanding that everyone condemn him for hurting his hand. The Hamas attack was a natural consequence of the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people.

In the minds of the imperial single-minded, the violence of the enemies of the empire always comes completely out of nowhere, without provocation or reason. Ansarallah started attacking ships in the Red Sea because they are pirates who hate freedom of navigation. Hamas attacked Israel because they are evil and hate Jews. Putin invaded Ukraine because he is evil and hates democracy. Adults portray the empire's enemies in the same way that children in the Captain Planet cartoon series portrayed the villains: they giggle evilly at dumping toxic waste into the ocean just because they're harming the environment.

To be honest, I never got used to being called anti-Semitic, even after hearing it non-stop for three months. It never ceases to amaze me that someone would accuse me of harboring the same prejudices that led to the Holocaust in response to criticism of the horrific mass atrocities supported by the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. This is completely deranged, disgusting behavior and I am always shocked to see grown adults behaving like this in public without the slightest hint of shame.

Someone asked me if I had any advice on how to deal with the fear that comes with discovering that the Western Empire is the world's most murderous and tyrannical power structure, and that we've been lied to all our lives about it.

The painful emotions that arise when we discover an uncomfortable truth are not problems to be solved, but feelings to be felt. Let sadness, grief, anger, shame, fear, or whatever it is, tell you whatever it wants to say, just as we would let a beloved child tell you his feelings and worries. You wouldn't push the child away from you, you wouldn't treat it as a problem, but you would listen to it, hold it in your arms, and let it know that it is important to you and that you will protect it. If you consciously feel the feeling and listen to everything it is trying to tell you, its energy will dissipate.

Inconvenient truths and uncomfortable feelings should be approached in the same way: head first, open mind and open heart. Entering into a truth-based relationship with life means that we want to see it all: the uncomfortable truths about the world, the uncomfortable truths about ourselves, and the uncomfortable feelings we have not yet given full expression to. It can be painful and even scary at times, but it is the only path to health for both our species as a collective and ourselves as individuals.

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