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Constitutional Law Conference
Constitutional Law Conference

Constitutional Law Conference
in memory of Dr. József Zoltán Tóth. Can Hungarian constitutional order be restored with the help of the Basic Law?
January 14, 2024 source

The Constitutional Law Conference series organized on the subject of the constitutional order of the Hungarian Holy Crown continues!

The motto of the Conference series, in the words of Ferenc Deák: "...we reclaim our ancient constitution, which was not a gift, but was established by mutual agreements and developed from the life of the nation; the constitution that we ourselves sometimes applied to the needs of the times, and we we want to apply it ourselves from now on; the constitution whose basic principles have been sanctified for centuries. Right and the law stand by us..." Its

importance and timeliness are confirmed by the words of István Kocsis:

The doctrine of the Holy Crown has become the preserving force of the Hungarian constitution, Hungarian statehood, and a determinant of the development of Hungarian public law , but its significance was not greatest when the Hungarian nation lived in prosperity and security, but when it was in difficult situations.

The Hungarian nation overcame the most difficult situations in its history with the help of the Holy Crown... He was the creator of national unity in the most difficult and dramatic situations of Hungarian history. And precisely because the Holy Crown for the political nation of the time, for the members of the Holy Crown, primarily meant freedom, fairness, and legal security, the free citizens of the countries of the Holy Crown naturally surrounded it with gratitude, love, and respect. He was respected and loved by all those who did not feel that keeping the laws and the constitution was pregnant, respected with fear by those who kept the laws only out of compulsion.

It is necessary to return to the Historical Constitution and our Hungarian legal traditions.

Organizers: National Association for the Restoration of the Constitution, Association of Hungarians, Conscience 88 movement.

Date: Saturday, February 24, 2024, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Location: Church of Homecoming / Szabadság tér 2 /, Katakombaszínház.

Executive chairman: dr. Attila Diviki -Nagy is a member of AJET, Miklós Vestztergám



Lunch break at 12:00 p.m. - Csaba Nyers is expected to bring ancient Hungarian dishes.

We will listen to the lectures from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., then from 5:00 p.m. there will be a round table discussion with the speakers, where they will answer the audience's questions on paper.

The entrance is free, but due to the capacity of the place and the indication of the request for lunch, it is worth registering for the event in advance!

Reservation and registration here: namzetegyesitok@proton.me

The lawyers and legal historians invited to the 5th Conference will express their views on the following topics:

Topics of the presentations:

Constitution and National Assembly:
- the role of the National Assembly and the 2-chamber Parliament according to legal tradition in law-making
- The Constitutions after the First World War and the legal order of the Holy Crown, - the constitutionality of the 1946 I.tv and the 1949 XX as tv
- Constitutional legal continuity, - Constitutional crisis
- The impact of the previous two National Assemblies on constitutional life
- The state, the concept of statehood, its changes, types of state,
- The relationship between law and justice in legislation and judicial judgment

National self-determination, national and constitutional identity:

- Past and present state sovereignty borders
- The role of customary law in the legislation and constitutionality of our country

We warmly welcome all interested parties to the event!

The 11th World Congress of Hungarians marks our unwritten Historical Constitution as a pledge of our survival.

Press conference of the Magyars XI. About the World Congress - Dr. Péter Laky-Takács

Battery manufacturing has only one downside: no upside Ever since various high-ranking officials of the government, as well as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán himself in Tusványos last year, stated beyond any doubt that Hungary is carving out a battery superpower, a bunch of selected authorities have listed the counter-arguments in scientific publications and public lectures - to no avail.

But let's see those counterarguments! Where will battery technology and the automotive industry, which primarily uses batteries, develop in the future? Can a factory optimized for lithium-ion technology switch over to the production of the technology that is less common today, but will replace lithium-based batteries in the future according to all predictions?

Did the European Union's forced labor really trigger the Hungarian government's fever for battery production? Why are the residents of several Hungarian cities suing for the revocation of environmental permits for factories to be installed in their borders, and why are there even locals who argue in court in favor of battery factories? Are they really planning stricter monitoring than the EU regulations at the CATL being built next to Debrecen? What is the difference between the Chinese giant's factory in Germany and the one planned next to Debrecen?

We discuss such questions in our latest podcast with the help of economist Dóra Győrffy, a teacher at the Corvinus University of Budapest, who wrote several comprehensive studies on the economic effects of battery production, and chemistry professor István Fábián, former rector of the University of Debrecen.

Before she began to examine the effects of battery production on the national economy in more depth, Dóra Győrffy drew attention to herself as a researcher of institutional trust, economic development, and economic institutional systems. The domestic industrial policy evoking the "land of iron and steel" attracted his attention not only as a professional, but also as a lover of the natural beauty of the Göd region; since the ordeal of the Samsung factory in Göd, he has been closely following the development of the domestic battery production fever and has written several studies on the differences between domestic and international battery production.

István Fábián began to deal with the topic in more depth because he believes that as a chemist he has a personal responsibility to ensure that Hungarian citizens, including decision-makers, can find out as widely as possible about the sector that relies heavily on the chemical industry.

Battery manufacturing has only one downside: no upside

Chemistry professor István Fábián and economist Dóra Győrffy in the Qubit studio Photo: Balázs Zsuzsanna
Fábián has been traveling the country in recent months, speaking at numerous scientific and public forums about the water and energy demand of battery production and the possible impact of plants on their immediate environment. Despite this, the university, which he led as rector between 2010 and 2013, was not allowed to give his lecture on the subject in April this year. As he said in our podcast, the deeper he dug himself, the more shocking he thought it was that Hungary was not prepared for this. When asked if there are any disadvantages to battery production, he now answers: "only one, no advantages".
The MTA doctor at the University of Debrecen cannot talk about the impact of battery factories Hungary will become a battery superpower! Worth it? The former rector of the institution, chemistry professor István Fábián, was to hold a seminar next Tuesday at the University of Debrecen, but the dean of the faculty blocked the event, reports Szabad Európa. According to the paper, in a letter on Tuesday, Ferenc Kun referred to the fact that, based on the institution's current operating rules, it does not allow discussion of current political issues in its area, "neither the university's professional forums nor its infrastructure can be used for this." At the same time, he asked that the topic be discussed outside the university.

István Fábián wrote in a circular letter: "I was deeply shocked and outraged to learn of the decision, which evokes the bitter atmosphere and practice of the past, which the dean made without knowing the content of my lecture." According to him, the presentation would not have had a political content, but he wanted to evaluate the situation based on professional aspects. He noted that he had already given a lecture with the same title on March 24 at the meeting of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) Sustainable Development Presidential Committee.
Finally, the lecture will be held at the MTA DAB headquarters on April 11. Fábián previously spoke about the effects of the Chinese CATL factory at a civil expert forum organized by the Mikepércsi Anyák a Környezetért Egyesület.

The government announced in August that the Chinese CATL factory will be built on an area of ​​221 hectares, which would have a capacity of 100 gigawatt hours. This would require 4,150 gigawatts of electricity per year, i.e. more than a quarter of the annual production of the Paks nuclear power plant. According to the plans, it would already start trial operation next year. The total value of the investment will be approximately HUF 3,000 billion, which is also supported by the Hungarian state. Due to the unclear environmental effects, the locals organized protests, and the public hearings were held in an extremely tense atmosphere, but so far all referendum questions regarding the investment have been rejected.

The University of Debrecen, concerned with current political issues, elected Vladimir Putin as its honorary citizen in 2017, which they only got rid of last year, after the invasion of Ukraine. But it also happened that the university called itself not to be in solidarity with CEU. But at the request of the foreign ministry, he also banned Taiwanese students from participating in a gastro festival as Taiwanese.

What is disease X?
What is disease X?

"What is disease X?"
The study of an "unknown" pathogen and the development of countermeasures against it.
John Leake January 15, 2024 Source

Forbes published a report on January 11, 2024 What is "Disease X"? Right-Wing Circles Slam Hypothetical Pandemic. Although the whole report seemed bizarre to me, the following one, which the author described as a "key fact", is particularly noteworthy. I've highlighted the craziest elements of the "key fact" in bold.


Disease X, a hypothetical unknown threat, is the name used by scientists to encourage the development of countermeasures, including vaccines and tests, to be used in the event of a future outbreak - WHO convened a group of more than 300 scientists in November 2022 to study the "unknown pathogen that could cause a serious international epidemic" and which assumes a mortality rate of 20 times that of Covid-19.

It seems to me that this is ushering in a new era of scaremongering. As our Founding Father James Madison noted repeatedly, rulers have always invoked threats to public safety in order to expand their power. Looking back at history dating back to Roman times, such threats included:

-foreign invaders.

-pirates attacking shipping and coastal settlements.

-Slave rebellions.

-Domestic conspirators who conspired to overthrow the government.

- Bandits.


-Dangerous religious sects.

-God's wrath.

-Evil spirits, witches and ghosts.

-Curses from evildoers unknown on earth.

-Wild animals like wolves and bears.


In the West, the fear of the plague is at least as old as the Athenian plague in 430 BC. After Venice was hit by the plague in the 14th century, the republic introduced quarantine, which became the standard procedure for quarantine: ships arriving from foreign places believed to be infected with the plague had to anchor at Lazzaretto Island for 40 days before their crews could enter the city to unload their cargo. The word "quarantine" comes from the Italian word "quaranta" meaning forty.

In reviewing the above threats, consider that even supernatural beings such as witches and ghosts were "known" with vernacular names and backstories. The witch hysteria of the 17th century in Europe and the Massachusetts Bay Colony involved the identification and accusation of certain women as witches. In literature, Hamlet sees the ghost of his father. In the legend of Álmosvölgy, the Headless Horseman is thought to be the restless spirit of a Hessian soldier decapitated by a cannonball.

Now, in 2024, we are treated to stories about X-disease - "an unknown, hypothetical threat" - in the press and at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Although the threat is unknown and hypothetical, the WHO has convened 300 scientists to study and develop countermeasures against it. Finally, while this hypothetical pathogen remains unknown, it "could cause a severe international pandemic with a fatality rate 20 times that of COVID-19."

At this point, any sane person might ask:

1). If a pathogen is hypothetical and unknown, how can it be the subject of a public health warning?

2). How can an unknown thing be studied and how can scientists develop countermeasures against it?

3). Without knowing what the pathogen is, how can we say that the death rate of COVID-19 is 20 times that of COVID-19?

The only thing I can think of in all of literature that resembles Disease X is the Erlkönig (Erlking) - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's ballad about a supernatural spirit (the Elf King) who appears to a boy as he tries to ride home with his father through the countryside at night to their farm. Only the child sees the Earl King, who comes for him and takes him away.

The father is sure that the boy is just seeing something and reassures him that it is just the rustling of the wind in the willows or a wisp of mist. At the climax of the poem, the boy cries:
My father, my father, I have touched you now!
The Erl King harmed me!
The frightened father rides quickly on,
Holding the whimpering child in his arms,
He reaches the farm with great difficulty;
The child died in his arms.

Schubert set Goethe's poem to music. The YouTube video below presents Schubert's song with eerie animation. Like the Erlking, Disease X is coming for us, even if it remains unknown and invisible to sane adults.

Schubert - Der Erlkönig (English & German subtitles)

Most Americans believe that Covid shots are behind the sudden deaths The majority of Americans are now convinced that the wave of sudden and unexpected deaths since 2021 is caused by the public introduction of Covid mRNA vaccines, according to a new survey. According to a Rasmussen survey, 53% of Americans believe that COVID-19 injections are to blame for unexplained deaths.

This rate has increased by 4 percent over the past year.

Almost one in four (24%) also say they know someone who died from the vaccine.

Just one-third (33%) believe that Americans who express concerns about the vaccine are spreading "conspiracy theories."

Meanwhile, according to 54%, they have legitimate reasons to worry about the safety of the vaccine. "Twice as many Republicans (44%) said it was very likely that the Covid vaccine was responsible for the unexplained deaths than Democrats (22%)," writes Rebekah Barnett.

In contrast, 22% of Democrats say it is not at all likely that Covid vaccines are causing the unexplained deaths, while only 7% of Republicans share this view."

The poll was conducted between January 7-9, 2024 of 1,133 US adults.The

survey results suggest that a multi-year campaign of mainstream media ridicule, public shaming and internet censorship aimed at convincing people that COVID vaccines are "100 percent safe and effective ", has largely failed.

According to a recent study, the number of "sudden" or "unexpected" deaths has skyrocketed over the past three years.

As reported by Slay News, the study analyzed a database of all public obituaries from every local newspaper in the country

. study discovered that "sudden" or "unexpected" deaths rose by more than 62% in the United States after the introduction of Covid mRNA vaccines.

The data shows obituaries going back to 2015.

The number of "sudden" or "unexpected" deaths fell slightly each year until 2019, when it stood at 37,374.

However, in the 2020 Covid year, the number rose slightly to 49,068.

In 2021, the number skyrocketed, with 79,858 people dying "suddenly" or "unexpectedly" that year.

The number appears to decrease in 2023, but the data does not show the full year and only shows obituaries up to August 21, 2023.

Connolly compiled his dataset with the help of John Beaudoin Sr., a systems engineer and vaccine mortality researcher in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will meet with pharmaceutical companies next week,

The new potential virus is said to be far, up to 20 times more deadly than Covid.

The WEF's unelected power elite argue that the looming pandemic necessitates the introduction of a new, mass vaccine.

However, according to the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, humanity will soon be hit by a global "heart failure epidemic", Slay News reported.

Pfizer is so confident in the "pandemic" that it recently invested billions of dollars in the treatment of heart failure.

The drug company is now expected to generate billions in additional profits from treating the rising number of heart failure cases.
A cardiologist regrets that he vaccinated young, healthy people in his clinic "It was a mistake on my part" A rare display of epistemic humility from an influential medical professional. "I wouldn't give it to low-risk people again ... it was a mistake on my part." - Dr. Anish Koka

Note to readers: the full 3-hour video interview with Dr. Anish Koka will be available to paid subscribers next week.

Epistemic humility is a rare sight in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The scientific experts selected by the government, the CDC, the FDA, and the media have repeatedly been fatally wrong on the most basic, consistent issues.

Covering up children, without an honest assessment of the known and unknown risks, the general closure of Covid-19 vaccinations, making them mandatory and even recommending them for the entire population - the list goes on.

To the surprise of many, including myself, renowned scientists with medical degrees have repeatedly demonstrated their flawed methodology and devastating error.

My interactions with Dr. Nicholas Christakis and Dr. Peter Hotez, both blindly pro-vaccination gurus chosen by CNN anchors and even mainstream media "rationalists" such as Sam Harris, illustrate this point. When given a generous opportunity to change his mind about the fifth (or sixth?) vaccine - with the fancy "bivalent" technology - Dr. Peter Hotez doubly rejected his recommendations and urged young people like me to get the new vaccines to prevent serious illness and death.

Do I know what you smoke?!

It's hard not to be cynical, but thankfully there are still honest, responsible scientists with the authority to help us decide what to do with our sacred health.

Dr. Anish Koka is one of them.

Koka operates a leading cardiology clinic in Philadelphia, Koka Cardiology. He holds degrees from Penn State and Temple University and is a Cardiology Fellow at Jefferson Health.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Koka was genuinely concerned for her family's well-being, as her daughter is immunocompromised. She vaccinated herself and her children when mRNAs became available.

At the time, he was fascinated by the original Pfizer and Moderna trials, which had seemingly amazing efficacy and safety profiles. Finally, starting in March 2021, his clinic became a mass distributor of Covid vaccines, as the number of Covid patients treated at the hospital increased alarmingly.

For die-hard pro-vaccines, this should clear Dr. Koka of any "anti-vax" conspiracy charges before we get into his heretical findings. This guy isn't a fool campaigning against all vaccines for a decade.

In the later stages of the pandemic, Koka realized that the effectiveness of the once-celebrated star vaccines was not quite what it seemed. Koka acknowledged how Alex Berenson was at the forefront of his demonized coverage of Covid vaccines:

"I remember Alex Berenson was the first to read the Israeli data and report that the vaccine didn't seem to last. Everyone said oh , that's ridiculous! And guess what, Alex turns out to be right about the defense being small for symptomatic transmission."

Koka's perspective changed radically when the heart risks associated with mRNA disease became painfully clear. In the months following the mass vaccination campaigns, Koka began to see an increase in the number of patients with myocarditis.

"Certainly I've seen an increase in the number of cases, as many of us in the cardiology community have seen. That's undeniable."

After scrutinizing the data on vaccine-induced myocarditis over the past two years, Koka considers administering Covid vaccines to young, healthy people a big mistake.

"I threw up the party line, and then the data came out".

He admits that the "safe and effective" mantra he adopted at the time as part of the pseudo-religious ideology of Covidism was flawed and dangerous.

"Running around saying it was 'safe and effective' and giving it to 17-year-olds, given that most of the patients in the vaccine trials weren't 17 - I wasn't technically fair." "I wasn't fair at

all, when I said it was safe and effective, because there weren't enough people in that group to be able to say that," he added.

Fortunately, Koka vaccinated mostly the elderly, vulnerable age group, not the young.

"I'm a small player.. .I think I gave a total of 800 or 900 shots in total, maybe five young men. I don't think I vaccinated 15-17 year olds. Maybe some were 20-25 years old, maybe 10".

As for endangering the hearts of young people, Koka says, "I got away with it because the rate [of myocarditis] is about 1 in 5,000".

"In the highest risk group, the 20-25 reals, it it could be even lower than that... so yeah, I got away with it," he added.

However, Koka is under no illusions that the strictly clinical myocarditis studies (which are officially reported) are the only ones to worry about. There is good reason to worry about due to additional adverse cardiological consequences.

Speaking about an alarming comprehensive study in Thailand that looked at myocardial damage in 13- to 18-year-olds - checking EKGs and measuring troponin levels before and after the second Pfizer injection - Koka stated: "If you have this much heart activity - 3 cases of clinical myocarditis and 4 cases of significant troponin levels -increase from 300 teenagers -, then we have to be very careful when we publish this".

"I mean, you better be crystal clear about the benefits," he added.

The Thai study, if representative, indicates a large number of heart injuries at a population level in young, healthy groups.

"This study says that if we spread this vaccine to millions and millions of 13- to 18-year-olds, we're going to get a significant number of clinical myocarditis cases."

"It's a very cardioactive vaccine," he added.

Reflecting on his response to the pandemic and the distribution of mRNA vaccines in his cardiology clinic, Koka expressed a sobering epistemic humility.

"I wouldn't give it to low-risk people again," he said flatly. "That was a mistake on my part".

The original data from Pfizer and Moderna were underpowered in terms of the number of young people, which makes the mass recommendation in younger age groups even more reckless and potentially harmful.

"If they can't do a study of 10,000 patients, 15- and 17-year-olds, then at least give me that data so that I, as a doctor, can speak more appropriately about patient information - so that I can more appropriately inform about consent."

The important question is, does the fact that Koka mistakenly administered the vaccine to younger people disqualify him and make him an unreliable medical professional?

The reality is the opposite: unlike the Eric Topols and Sanjay Guptas of the world, medical experts like Koka can to admit mistakes and imperfection in their approach.

Medicine is never a perfect science. Humans are complex organisms that cannot be simplified into simple biological machines that can be easily manipulated pharmaceuticals.

Many times (though not always) the purported medical interventions that have been shown to cure or inoculate against certain health problems - in this case, mRNA vaccines and Covid disease - are light years away from perfection. And we need to understand that.

Patients of doctors like Anish Koka are incredibly lucky to have a cardiologist who doesn't blindly follow CDC and FDA regulations without carefully assessing the risks.

Hopefully, examples like these will inspire and inform healthcare professionals around the world to practice real, evidence-based medicine without fear of institutional reprisals and politicized attacks.

Maybe some hope will be restored.
Corrupt FDA officials continue to lie: Thousands more deaths likely if more people don't get vaccine Officials make unsubstantiated claims in new editorial. Two top officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are urging Americans to get vaccinated, including the COVID-19 vaccine, and are warning that thousands more deaths are likely this winter if they don't.

Dr. Peter Marks and Dr. Robert Califf wrote in an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association that vaccination rates may be approaching a "dangerous tipping point" as more people opt against flu, COVID-19 and other vaccines.
"The situation has now worsened to the point that the population's immunity to some vaccine-preventable diseases has been compromised, and thousands of additional deaths are likely to occur this season from diseases that can be prevented or reduced by vaccines," they wrote.

Dr. Marks, listed as the contact for the editorial, referred a request for data supporting the warning to the FDA press office.

A spokesperson declined to offer data other than those cited in the editorial.

Childhood vaccination waivers for the 2022-23 school year have reached an all-time high in the United States, according to federal authorities, as resistance to flu and COVID-19 vaccines grows among health care workers and other population groups.

Just 19 percent of adults have received one of the new COVID-19 vaccines, which were introduced in 2023, with no clinical trial data on just 50 people and no estimates of effectiveness.
Dr. Marks and Dr. Califf said they wanted to "counteract the current trend" of lagging vaccination rates.

"We call on the clinical and biomedical community to redouble their efforts to provide accurate, comprehensible information about the individual and collective benefits and risks of vaccines. Such information is needed now because vaccines have been so successful that many people no longer they see disturbing morbidity and mortality from vaccine-preventable infections. For example, smallpox was eradicated through effective vaccination campaigns, and polio was eradicated from the United States," they wrote.

Video: COVID vaccine leads to disturbing long-term syndrome | Facts Matter

Measles has also been officially eradicated, but unvaccinated people are responsible for several outbreaks in the US, including the one in Ohio, officials said, citing a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

They later added, "In addition to making a difference in childhood immunization, communication about the potential benefits of vaccination can hopefully improve vaccine uptake to protect against COVID-19, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus disease."

The officials provided just six citations, one of which outlined the FDA's top surveillance system, which was recently found to be unable to assess a major side effect of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Another outlined an outbreak in Ohio that included some vaccinated patients, and a third cited a review that looked at why parents don't vaccinate their children against measles. The three others scrutinized COVID-19 vaccines, including one that used modeling to estimate that the shots prevented millions of hospitalizations and deaths.

The editorial did not address side effects such as heart inflammation, but officials condemned what they called "massive misinformation about the vaccine." Misinformation can best be countered, they said, "by diluting it with a large amount of true, accessible scientific evidence." They later said that health care workers "should, at all appropriate times, focus on helping individuals have the information they need to make informed decisions about vaccinations, taking into account the benefits and risks."

Several experts who reviewed the editorial found it incomplete, partly because it did not acknowledge the mistakes made by public health officials during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Public health is now talking about how the public has lost confidence in them and their recommendations, blaming only 'misinformation' without looking at measures taken during the pandemic that may have reduced confidence. Prolonged school closures , lockdowns and extended mask mandates (even after vaccines against COVID were available) have eroded the American public's trust in our public health officials," Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, San Francisco, told The to the Epoch Times in an email, pointing to a 2022 survey showing low trust in public health agencies.

That mistrust "spillovers over [to] vaccine recommendations," especially when U.S. recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines diverge from the rest of the world, Dr. Gandhi added. "If public health took some time to address the mistakes made during the pandemic, it might lead to more public trust in vaccine recommendations."

The FDA approved a new round of COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and Novavax in 2023, despite the fact that only two of the filings had animal data, and for the Moderna vaccine, data from only 50 human volunteers . The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) then recommended that virtually all Americans 6 months of age and older receive one of the vaccines, with limited exceptions. Many other countries do not currently recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for most people, given the high levels of previous vaccinations and infections.

An FDA spokesperson claimed that COVID-19 vaccines dramatically reduce death, hospitalization and serious illness. The spokeswoman said the agency "continues to work with partners to gather data to further document the safety and efficacy of current formulations of COVID-19 vaccines," adding that "information is expected to be published in the coming months."

Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, said the editorial ignored the reality that the risk-benefit calculation for vaccines differs for different people.

"The big hole in the argument made by FDA leaders is that the risk-benefit calculation is not the same for an obese 80-year-old woman as it is for a healthy 19-year-old man," Dr. Makary said in an email to The Epoch Times. "The FDA refuses to tailor, for example, the risks and benefits of myocarditis by age group, because they don't believe the public can handle a nuanced message. They believe the public is too dumb to digest a vaccine recommendation that's been slapped on the tail, so they insist for one simple message about vaccine boosters"."
Preparing for X disease At the WEF's panel discussion on January 17, 2024, we will talk about preparing for the "unknown disease". At dinner last night with Dr. McCullough, he asked me to do some research on the dreaded "disease X" that we've been hearing a lot of talk about since it was announced that the crowd in Davos would be talking about it at the WEF annual meeting this January.

I agree that it's always a terribly ominous sign when the WEF talks about saving humanity from a hypothetical threat. When these guys are talking about saving us from an "unknown" pathogen, the biolabs must be tinkering with a "candidate pathogen". The stated goal of their work is to develop vaccines against the candidate pathogen, should it (God forbid) infect humanity.

If you want to understand how this industry works, watch the Sky News report of August 7, 2023, "Disease X": British scientists begin development of new pandemic vaccine.

Further examination of the literature on Disease X led me to a book published about a year ago called Disease X: The 100 Days Mission to End Pandemics by Kate Kelland with a foreword by Tony Blair.

Ms. Kelland is a former global health correspondent for Reuters and is currently the Science Editor-in-Chief of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). As many readers of this Substack know, CEPI was founded in 2016 by the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation and other key players in the bio-pharmaceutical complex.

His preliminary business plan, published in 2017, is a blueprint for what I call a Pandemic Demand Forecasting and Planning industry, positioning itself to reap billions in public funds when the next infectious disease pathogen strikes humanity.

An attractive Englishwoman who studied French and German at Durham University, Ms Kelland's news career seems to have really taken off around the time of the 9/11 attacks. As he wrote on his LinkedIn profile: "For two years he lobbied the Blair government during the crisis surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the United States." In 2009 - presumably with the advent of the highly exaggerated swine flu epidemic - he became Reuters' health and science correspondent.

A conference on Disease X will be held at the WEF Annual Meeting on January 17, 2024 in Davos. According to the description on the WEF website:

In view of the World Health Organization's recent warnings that an unknown "disease X" may claim 20 times more deaths than the coronavirus pandemic, what innovative efforts are needed for health systems to prepare for what lies ahead to many challenges?

This session is linked to the Partnership for Health Systems Sustainability and Resilience and the World Economic Forum's Collaborative Surveillance initiative.

This first sentence begs the question: Why is the WHO issuing "new warnings... that an unknown 'disease X' could kill 20 times more than the coronavirus pandemic"? What information is the WHO basing its recent warning on? A Google search for "WHO issues new warning on disease X" found this report dated May 26, 2023, titled: Disease X raises concerns after WHO chief's warning.

It seems to me that all sensible adults are right to ask: What are these thugs cooking now?

The timeline of the above announcements indeed resembles the fall of 2019, when the bio-pharma complex began massive chatter and pandemic planning simulations about a hypothetical "coronavirus" pandemic.

To make matters even more ominous, the chatter about Disease X comes at the start of another election year, with Donald Trump once again leading the polls and being challenged by a man named "Joe Biden."

May the heavens help us.
Renowned Thai university and authority call for investigation into excess mortality and warns that injections cause illness and death. Prolonged Covid-19 infections and repeated Covid-19 vaccinations can reveal hidden diseases, weaken immunity and lead to cancer and brain damage, according to authorities at Chulalongkorn and Rangsit universities.

The warning was issued by Prof. Dr. Thiravat Hemachudha, director of the Thai Red Cross Health Science Center at Chulalongkorn University, and Panthep Puapongphan, dean of the Faculty of Oriental Medicine at Rangsit University.

It was explained on Sunday that symptoms that persist for more than three months after infection with Covid-19 are called "long Covid" and include symptoms affecting the heart, lungs and nerves, as well as skin, tendons, fibrous tissue, muscles and inflammation of the joints.
They can also lead to the development of cancer and trigger the development of hidden diseases such as herpes.

Prof. Dr. Thiravat and Mr. Panthep explained that they tried to hide data related to damage and deaths caused by vaccines, so the official number of damage caused by vaccines is unrealistically low.

Therefore, many people did not know that vaccines were affecting them and could not find appropriate treatment.

It has also been reported that the death rate in Thailand has increased compared to figures before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. They called for an investigation into whether this was related to the vaccine. Adequate figures were not provided.

Studies in other countries have shown that the Covid-19 vaccine was fatal for some people, damaging their hearts, blood and airways.
Furthermore, Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Medicine found that nearly 100 Covid-19 vaccinated patients experienced inflammation and protein changes that indicated brain damage.

Prof. Dr. Thiravat and Mr. Panthep also cited Ramathibodi Hospital, which, based on a research project by Mahidol University Medical School, reported that some people developed weak T-cell immunity after the third Covid-19 vaccination. This suggests that too many vaccinations can weaken immunity.

Real data should be made public so that people can make informed vaccination decisions.
Archbishop Vigano demands that the Swiss Guard arrest Pope Francis and the cardinal responsible for the pornographic book Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano called on the Swiss Guard to remove and arrest Pope Francis and Cardinal Victor Manuel "Tucho" Fernandez after discovering Fernandez's pornographic work. Archbishop Vigano wrote on X: "The blasphemous slurs of Tucho's repulsive pamphlet show such a degree of perversion and alienation from the faith that they demand the expulsion of the Argentine and his accomplices manu militari. The Swiss Guards have sworn to defend the chair of Peter and not who wants to systematically destroy it. So be true to your oath and arrest these heretical perverts!"

Lifesite News reports:

The Vatican whistleblower's statement comes after news broke that Cardinal Fernandez, believed to be the author of the scandalous Fiducia Supplicans and at least parts of the controversial Amoris Laetitia, had published a sexually explicit theological work in 1998. The work, titled "Mystic Passion: Spirituality and Sensuality," compares mystical experiences to male and female sexual responses.

Archbishop Vigano shared his thoughts in detail in the document "Statement by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano on Víctor Manuel Fernández's scandalous book 'La Pasión Mística'".

I repeat: we must recognize that a revolutionary process has been going on for more than a century; a planned process, which was then fulfilled with the subversive activity of the neomodernists at the Council and their takeover of power in the post-conciliar period; a process in which XXIII. from János XVI. Every pope until Benedict was actively involved. If we came to honor Pachamama, it is because we visited Assisi; if the Abu Dhabi Declaration was signed and desired by the Holy See, it is because we first tolerated Nostra Atate and Dignitatis Humana; if we have reached the hearing of the deaconesses, it is because we silently endured the introduction of "extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist" and female ministers. And - let's be honest! - if the Vatican degenerates into a brothel today, it is because VI. Since Paul, there was no willingness to nip the lavender mafia infiltrating the Vatican in the bud, and instead those who - because they were more blackmailable - gave greater guarantees of obedience were preferred.

The pattern the deep church has followed to infiltrate the Catholic Church is a mirror image of what the deep state has done to take control of civilian governments, as recent news shows. The channel from which the infamous pamphlet of the former prefect of the Holy Office resurfaced is the same channel from which the scandals of those mentioned in Epstein's list also emerged. We need a radical return to the God of the human race through the purification of civil society and the ecclesiastical body. We must take collective action to counter this attack so that the papacy can once again be a beacon of truth and a port of salvation, not a megaphone for the anti-Christian synergism of the World Economic Forum.

Archbishop Vigano has always stood firm against Francis the Red and the deep state (and the deep church).

The archbishop made a strong statement following the dismissal of Bishop Joseph Strickland by Pope Francis.

Bishop Strickland was removed after he appeared at a rally outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles after the team honored the demonic group Sisters of Perpetual Forgiveness.

Vigano called the removal "a cowardly form of authoritarianism" and contrasted it with the pope's call for "hospitality" and "inclusion."

In February 2023, Vigano sent a message to The Gateway Pundit, Tucker Carlson and America about the secular state and the church of the environment, which works to destroy the presence of the Catholic religion in society and replace it with the Luciferian paganism of the New World Order (NWO).
Philippine jeepney transition plan hits a snag Drivers are fighting back against costly plans to switch to cleaner vehicles. Jeepney drivers say a government plan to switch to less polluting vehicles is too expensive.
Oliver Valarozo, a graduate student, stood on the side of the street on a recent morning waiting for a jeepney that never came. He ended up having to walk half an hour to class. Later that day, he again waited in vain for a jeepney to take him to where he would board a bus that would take him to his office workplace. He arrived late for work.

These days, the most common form of public transportation in the Philippines, the jeepney, is becoming less and less, so Valarozo and many others are looking for other modes of transportation.

Valarozo is now considering leaving the capital and moving to his rural hometown to escape the stress of the long commute. "I could have finished my duties instead," he told Nikkei Asia of the time he spent waiting.

Commuters in the Philippines are facing difficulties as the government plans to phase out jeepneys instead of minibuses. Many people in the Philippines rely on colorful jeepneys for affordable travel on key routes. A study estimated the number of jeepneys nationwide at 179,000, most of which are decades old.

However, diesel engines in jeepneys spew large amounts of air pollution, and the government has long been trying to rid the streets of them. These efforts culminated recently when the government set a December 31 deadline for drivers and operators to switch from traditional jeepney services to minibuses mandated by the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Jeepneys are privately owned and operated. The government now wants their owners to pay 2.8 million pesos ($50,000) for a minibus and join a cooperative.

Philippine jeepney transition plan hits a snag
Jeepneys are the most common and cheapest form of public transportation in the Philippines. (Photo: Deo Montesclaros)

The implementation of the plan has been delayed several times since 2017 due to transport strikes. During the last holiday period, thousands of drivers went on strike again, protesting in front of the presidential palace and calling on the government to cancel the deadline.

According to the Piston transport collective, which is leading the strike, drivers typically take home 400 pesos a day, so the costs of the transition are beyond their reach. Mody Floranda, president of Piston, says the government's transition plan "deprives thousands of their livelihood, favors vehicle manufacturers and further burdens commuters."

The metropolis of Manila, with its 15 million inhabitants, has the most congested streets in the world. According to the World Bank, traffic costs $18 billion a year in lost productivity as commuters waste time in traffic. According to the Social Weather Station 2022 survey, 6% of Filipinos own a four-wheeled vehicle.

The LTFRB announced that it will provide a grace period until January 31, during which owners who have not yet registered for the cooperative system can still operate their jeepneys on the selected routes. However, drivers who missed the December deadline cannot join the new cooperatives.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) estimates that 40% of jeepney operators in Metro Manila and 70% nationwide have applied to join cooperatives.

Philippine jeepney transition plan hits a snag
Jeepneys are parked in Manila. Many drivers say they can't afford to pay for the government-mandated minibuses. (Photo by Ken Kobayashi)

Philippine transportation expert Gina Gatarin said the jeepney plan will exacerbate the country's traffic woes and disrupt the economy as more people arrive late for work. Most policymakers, he said, "probably don't commute like most Filipinos, who have to rely on fragmented public transportation."

"We should rather think about gradual changes," he added. "Upgrading has been reduced to simply replacing vehicles rather than improving the commuting experience while providing transport operators with a decent living".

Piston says its fight is not over and is encouraging drivers to hit the road in defiance of the government's vehicle modernization programme. are also preparing for another series of protests calling on the government to review its plan to phase out jeepneys.

"The roads are for the people," said Floranda, "and we must return to the roads while demanding accountability from those in power for creating a traffic disaster caused".
They are obfuscating and playing the fool in the case of Hungarian doctors and mothers who died due to blood clots Two expectant mothers also died in the Nyíregyháza hospital, they were roommates, Hungarian Mainstream Media reported 3 days ago.
Shockingly, two Hungarian mothers died one after the other after giving birth. According to reports so far, both of them died due to thrombosis caused by blood clot formation. The police are investigating the two deaths ex officio.

According to the hospital, "there is no connection between the two cases".

Is there really not? Or they still have to pretend that they don't know, we know, that there really is a "connection" here, here is the "common killer", which is none other than the experimental poison injection called the COVID vaccine, one of the most common ( side effect is the formation of blood clots and conditions that cause death as a result.

"Extremely rare," said an obstetrician-gynecologist after two mothers died after giving birth in the hospital in Nyíregyháza - I read in another article.

According to the doctor, bleeding and thrombosis are the two most common reasons that can cause trouble during or after childbirth. There is no connection between the two cases, the hospital claims. According to them, the tragedy occurred due to unforeseen reasons.

Obstetrician-gynecologist Kornél Lakatos told RTL Hírado:

"It is very strange that these two cases happened one after the other. Looking back, I have seen this maybe 3-4 times in the last 10 years".

According to him, in Hungary, bleeding is the most common reason why a mother dies during or after childbirth. It can also occur without blood clotting problems during such a birth, but it is extremely rare. It may be more common in women who have more amniotic fluid than usual, he said.

Thrombosis can also occur, which can cause death. "There is no official instruction as to whether a medicine that prevents thrombosis should be given during childbirth. In several Hungarian hospitals, blood thinners, a medicine that prevents thrombosis, are given after caesarean section".

Well, this more than rude and vile slander is neither very scientific nor believable. But at least it's misleading. (...)
Vaccinations can affect mortality and the risk of other diseases A recent review found that non-live vaccines generally increase the risk of all-cause mortality as well.
In addition to potentially preventing a given disease, vaccines can also cause persistent, non-specific effects that can affect an individual's lifetime survival.

In a review published Dec. 26 in the journal Vaccine, researchers found that non-live vaccines such as influenza, COVID-19, hepatitis B and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP) tend to cause non-specific adverse reactions (NSEs). they cause, increasing an individual's overall risk of death and potential risk of infection from the diseases they are intended to protect against.

A live vaccine contains a weakened form of the pathogen, which is less virulent but capable of multiplying in the body, thus mimicking the course of the actual disease. Non-live vaccines use inactivated viruses, fragments or genes of a pathogen to induce an immune response without the pathogen multiplying.

Live vaccines produce a much stronger immune response and usually require only one injection, while non-live vaccines produce a weaker response and often require multiple injections.

To date, research has identified a number of non-live vaccines that cause non-specific adverse effects, namely DTaP and Tdap, influenza H1N1, malaria, hepatitis B, inactivated polio and COVID mRNA vaccines.

The vaccine study singled out DTaP, influenza, malaria, hepatitis B and COVID mRNA vaccines.

On the other hand, live vaccines such as oral live polio vaccine (OPV), Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) for tuberculosis, and smallpox vaccines have all been shown to have beneficial, nonspecific effects, according to the study.

"Live vaccines induce epigenetic changes that train the innate immune system and increase immunity to unrelated infections. In contrast, non-live vaccines may promote 'tolerance' that increases susceptibility to unrelated diseases," the authors suggested.

The study was primarily based on decades of work by Danish researcher Dr. Christine Stabell Benn and Professor Peter Aaby.

"Our work is a tribute to their great scientific work that was not recognized," biologist Alberto Rubio-Casillas, one of the study's authors, told The Epoch Times.

Non-live vaccines are like an 'ill-prepared' army

"Historically, we've thought of the innate immune system as the first line of defense," Dr. Benn told The Epoch Times.

It was thought that innate immunity could not store memory. Using a war analogy, the "army" of the immune system could not learn from previous battles with pathogens. Adaptive immunity, on the other hand, could learn and train itself, forming antibodies to fight infection.

Therefore, for a long time, vaccines were evaluated based on their effect on the adaptive immune system, and antibodies were measured after vaccination.

However, Dutch researchers have since shown that the innate immune system can also be trained. After vaccinating people with BCG vaccines and harvesting some of the patients' innate immune cells, the researchers found that after vaccination, the innate cells produced a stronger immune response and showed better clearance of tuberculosis and other bacteria and fungi compared to the patients' pre-vaccination status compared to

However, in the case of non-live vaccines, the opposite has been shown.

So the innate immune system actually learns something from previous battles. This is called trained innate immunity.

Live vaccines, which mimic an actual disease, enhance the effectiveness of the innate immune system in fighting infection. Non-live vaccines, on the other hand, weaken the immune system's ability to fight off infections.

In a TED talk, Dr. Benn compared infections to a tennis match and live vaccines to a tennis coach. A tennis coach can change tactics and strategies, preparing the body to use "various tricks" against the pathogen. However, non-live vaccines are like tennis ball machines that shoot balls at a specific speed and point. If someone only trains on a tennis ball machine, they will be less prepared for an actual match.

"So you can be ill-prepared and even worse when a real opponent comes on the court and balls start coming and hitting somewhere other than what you've trained for," Dr. Benn said.

Non-specific effects

Some vaccines produce positive non-specific effects, but others may result in overall unfavorable non-specific effects. The order in which vaccines are administered also plays a role.

While non-live vaccines cause negative NSEs, giving the live vaccine after the non-live vaccine neutralizes the negative NSEs, Dr. Benn said.

This has been shown in studies evaluating the safety of measles vaccines, which are often administered at the same time as the non-live vaccine, DTP. Studies have found that if the measles vaccine is given after the DTP vaccine, there is an overall positive effect, while if this order is reversed, there is a negative effect.

"The effects seem to be strongest as long as the vaccine is the latest vaccine," said Dr.

Dr. Benn added that the BCG vaccine has long-term beneficial, nonspecific effects "despite other vaccines being given afterward."

The DTaP vaccine has arguably the most evidence of adverse non-specific effects. Girls who received the DTaP vaccine had a 50 percent higher risk of death than boys who received it. Compared to girls who did not receive the DTaP vaccine, vaccinated girls had more than 2.5 times the risk of dying compared to vaccinated girls.

Dr. Benn's studies have generally shown that girls are at greater risk of developing non-specific adverse effects after administration of the non-live vaccine.

Vaccines replacing live vaccines with non-live vaccines

Non-live vaccines are increasingly replacing live vaccines. For example, the live, oral polio vaccine is no longer available on the US market, and a non-live version is administered instead.

Replacing live vaccines with non-live vaccines could pose a potential health risk to general population immunity, as immune systems become less trained and potentially "lazy," Dr. Benn said.

The main reason non-live vaccines are preferred over live vaccines is that they are considered safer for people with compromised immune systems.

Because the live vaccine causes mild disease in the body, people with acquired immune deficiency syndrome can become sick from the injection and die because their bodies are unable to clear the infection. In contrast, non-live vaccines only contain disease components, so they cannot cause disease.

From that perspective, Dr. Benn says, "the real risk of getting sick from live vaccines is seen as a bigger threat than I think it deserves."

People with weakened immune systems due to age or chronic illness can sometimes benefit from training their immune systems with live vaccines, according to research.

In a study of hospitalized elderly patients who were randomized to receive BCG vaccine or placebo, the incidence of disease among those receiving BCG vaccine was about half that seen in the placebo group.

Health Authorities Still Skeptical

Despite evidence of the potential superiority of live vaccines, Dr. Benn's research has gone largely unrecognized in academia.

"My understanding is that while most researchers now acknowledge non-specific effects, major health organizations are reluctant to accept our results because [the results] imply the possibility that some vaccines may sometimes be harmful. So it's easier to just dismiss the whole thing. " - He told.

"Vaccine skeptics, on the other hand, may find that our observations of non-live vaccines confirm their worst fears — that vaccines can be harmful — but that the benefits may be more difficult to accept. And their focus on the negative effects may make vaccine proponents even more rigid."

Immunologists now largely agree that some vaccines cause nonspecific effects, but how these effects should be quantified remains controversial.

This is because the non-specific effects of vaccines are context-dependent, while the specific effects of a vaccine are generally considered to be context-independent. For example, women may produce more antibodies than men, and younger people may produce more than older people, but most people still receive some form of protection.

"In contrast, because nonspecific effects affect the broader innate and general immune system, they depend on other factors in the immune system ... such as other health interventions that can alter and modify nonspecific effects," Dr. Benn explained. He added that not everyone receives the same benefits.

In addition, pharmaceutical companies may be reluctant to produce live vaccines because they are more difficult to breed and produce.

"If you've ever tried baking with sourdough, it's a bit like live vaccines; they're very dependent on the temperature of the room, the water used to grow them and so on," Dr Benn said.

"But basically all the live vaccines that I'm talking about — they're off patent, they're super cheap to make, and it's one of the cheapest vaccines we can make."

Vaccine Safety: NSEs vs. Adverse Events

Although live vaccines usually cause positive NSEs, this does not mean that they cannot cause side effects. NSEs are considered a separate entity from adverse events, Dr. Benn explained. In rare cases, he said, live vaccines can cause actual disease in some recipients, such as people who are born with severe defects in their immune systems or suffer from severe immunodeficiency, such as fulminant AIDS.

For COVID-19 vaccines, live vaccines were probably not considered because of concerns about the development of recombinant viruses when a vaccinated person comes into contact with a circulating virus strain.

However, despite the potentially beneficial NSEs, COVID vaccines may still have side effects due to the presence of highly toxic spike proteins, which studies are now linking to long-term COVID and vaccine injury.

In the medical textbook "The Immune Response," the authors wrote that in isolated cases, live virus strains administered to individuals can regain their virulence and cause disease in recipients. In addition, there is a risk that they may be infected with other virus strains during production.
COVID was a government DEEPSTATE PCR manufactured hoax says Dr. Paul Alexander. PATRICIA HARRY; "I agree with Yeadon, I agree with Rancourt," says Dr. Alexander, "There has never been a pandemic."
Never, & not even an emergency! COVID was a government DEEPSTATE PCR manufactured scam a 0.05% IFR rate event, shutdown to scam ineffective and deadly mRNA technology gene based mRNA vax.

COVID was a government DEEPSTATE PCR manufactured hoax

"I agree with Yeadon, I agree with Rancourt," says Dr. Alexander, "There was never a Pandemic. never, & not even an emergency! COVID was a government DEEPSTATE PCR manufactured hoax with an event rate of 0.05% IFR, from the shutdown fraud ineffective and deadly mRNA technology to the gene based mRNA vaccine (Weissman, Bourla et al.), it was all designed to instill fear, take away freedoms, destroy the world, overthrow the POTUS"

Who is Paul Alexander?

According to his substack, Dr. Paul Alexander is "a consulting researcher on COVID-19 in the areas of EBM, research methodology, and clinical epidemiology, and I provide informal support to some members of the US Congress and Senate."

But who is he really? Dr. Paul Alexander is one of the good guys, as we can tell from the first sentence of a March 2022 Substack post.

"Pfizer offered me $1 million and a monthly salary of $50,000; it was so that I wouldn't write and hammer them/Bourla?; I had a limited, broken income in spots due to erasure, smearing; I said NO!".

He continues below:

"I joined McCullough, Malone, Vanden Bossche, Oskoui, Rische, Tenenbaum, Trozzi, Wolf, Urso et al. voluntarily to fight for society & for our children as doctors & scientists & governors are fallen evil

Yes it happened. I write my opinions and opinions and interpret every debate my way. But I don't want a job from these people because what they did with the vaccine is horrible. No doubt about it the bottom line is that I wouldn't challenge Bourla again. Of course not. Of course no one would write that, but of course this job question was meant to limit me.

Of course, if I worked for Pfizer I would be completely silenced from that moment on . That's how it works in any organization, you work for them, you support their narrative, their vision and their mandate. Not yours. We all know that. In this case, people like me are silenced, and it always happens, they're put in paid roles. The point is that I am a contrarian, a skeptic, etc. I am and continue to question all the mistakes that have been made since the start of the pandemic.

Every step of the governments and working groups has failed. The vaccine has failed, is ineffective, has negative efficacy, and is inadequately safe. Harmful. IMO what we know indicates that this vaccine should be stopped.

To me, this battle is so huge, so transformative, that a POTUS could be misled enough to make decisions in February/March 2020 that negatively shaped the next 2 years in the US and the world. Of course I can't be a part of that, and I would never think about it. I am fighting for my people, my family, my children and the world I will one day leave behind. I've lost enough that I can't go back now. As they say: "pumpkin to the wall"!

And again, Bourla and Bancel and everyone at the FDA, the NIH, Fauci et al., everyone involved in this COVID fraud should be allowed to defend their decisions and policies as good governance, etc. we live by and operate according to laws (although many claim that the justice system is corrupt), but if we prove with proper legal and public investigations that their actions cost lives, that their decisions cost people's lives, that people and children died as a result, then they should be prosecuted and jailed! With fines and imprisonment.

People should always have the right to explain and defend their actions, but if we ever prove that these policies and decisions led to the loss of life, we will impose harsh penalties. The strictest permitted by law.

It is financially damaging to me personally, as it is to the 12-15 people who have stood up worldwide, but the fight we are in goes beyond money. Those of us who have been deleted have suffered harm, in name, career, slander, etc.

But there comes a time in everyone's life when they decide to stand up or not stand up...we rise up or back down, and most scientists, universities, doctors, public health officials, technocrats, governments, COVID task forces, etc. he decided to sell people for money, their support, their pay was more important so their silence was bought.... so yes we are hurt as our careers and income are damaged, I was one of them and I was shocked by what he said on the phone they told me twice on the call when they asked me on the trip to TO...it would have changed my life but i said no push it and it is...the money can come again and we will survive. Money is not the key in life.

There is something called a line of integrity, which cannot be moved by money, etc. Based on.

I have joined Canadian Truckers and now American Truckers to help stop unscientific mandates and emergency powers and I will continue to fight...it is that critical.

These vaccines made by Pfizer, Moderna et al are criminals because they were not sterilized and they knew it, just as Pfizer knew there were 1223 deaths that they and the FDA hid from the public (see the latest excerpt from the released documents, and 1,290 special side-effects, etc., all concealed and hoped for 55 or 75 years), would have produced only infectious variants and even more virulent, deadly changes.

This is happening now. We're at the point where suboptimal, non-neutralizing Abs are driving not only increased viral infectivity through new variants, but also increased virulence."

Dr. Alexander agrees with Mike Yeadon and Denis Rancourt.

Dr. Alexander said today : "I'm sharing Yeadon's latest post because it's beyond the point and well written."

The post he shared was shared by us at Expose "let-a-scientist-speak-presentation-goes-viral-because-its-true." in his article highlighting the video of Denis Rancourt's talk given by Christine Anderson and Eva Vlaardingerbroek at the "Make It Your Business" event in Ottawa on November 29, 2023, which is now going viral on the internet.

Worth reading again!.

COVID was a government DEEPSTATE PCR manufactured hoax

"Perpetuating the scare virus narrative in the face of so much evidence unwittingly helps the perpetrators." Mike Yeadon

The Invisible Hand.

Today, Dr. Alexander also posted: "Governments, the 'invisible hand', deep state conspiracies, and miscreants along with doctors and health officials have made a killing on the fraudulent false positive PCR produced COVID 0.05% IFR (corrected 0.04%)" Source: Dr. He continues below, (emphasis and subheadings are mine)

"The NON-pandemic & the Freedom Fighter anti-COVID shutdown, anti-COVID vaccine movement failed because they did not fight as a united front running after money & fame.If

the Freedom Fighter movement had been and remained united, the governments would have failed and if the doctors and scientists had done the right thing and not sold us out for incentives and their own jobs, research grants, etc. for its protection, then we would have brought governments to their knees with the non-pandemic hoax.

The whole thing was a lie.

The whole thing was a lie, 100% of the COVID, from start to finish it was a total fraud and lie, right down to the fraud, the deadly mRNA technology to gene-based mRNA vaccines, yet the last Praetorian guards, who were the Freedom Movement, posted bail, disappeared, whoring for money. The search for ego, fame, money, awards is too much.

Meanwhile, the poor man and woman, the man and woman of the street, trust, hope, and wait. Yet to this day they have received nothing. Ruined by the total fraud of governments and the pandemic that stole 4 years, and the Freedom Movement, which may be on its last breath due to its own greed. I still see some good people who try and do the right thing, but the scumbags, liars, and money whores are outnumbered.

In the end, the public, the people lose, they have lost everything. Now it's just a matter of putting things together.
WEF Cyber ​​Attack Scenario, Harbinger of the Great Reset WEF: "There will be another crisis. It will be more significant. It will be faster than what we saw with COVID."
The World Economic Forum (WEF), which represents the Western financial elite, played a key role in initiating the March 11, 2020, lockdown, which facilitated a worldwide process of economic and social chaos. He also supported the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine in November 2020, which (amplely documented) contributed to the rising trend in death and disease (worldwide).

And now we are "promised" a crisis that is "much worse than Covid."

Over the past four years, since January 2020, the "intentional creation of chaos" has become part of a broad and complex agenda: the

war in Ukraine,
rising energy prices,
inducing bankruptcies,
collapsing economic activity,
widespread poverty, famine and despair.
In recent developments, Washington has supported

Israel's genocide against the Palestinian people,
An unfolding US-NATO-Israeli military agenda against the Middle East.

Cyber ​​Attacks

The following article focuses on the threats of cyber warfare first announced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020.

In 2021, the WEF carried out a simulation of cyber attacks, which included a scenario of paralyzing power, communications, transport and the Internet.

Based on "a simulated scenario", Klaus Schwab not secretly hinted that a cyber attack:
"can completely stop the power supply, transport, hospital services, society as a whole..."

From this point of view, the COVID-19 crisis could be considered a minor disturbance in a larger Barack and Michelle Obama's '

Leave the World Behind': Cyber ​​attack, 'synchronized chaos', collapse, 'civil war'.

Another controversial element has recently emerged. Netflix's 'Leave the World Behind' in Hollywood " a film produced by former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and based on a novel by Rumaan Alam. The film is directed by Sam Esmail.

"Leave the World Behind" "shows the disintegration of society in the wake of a surprise attack by an unknown assailant , which "predicts a cyberattack on the US power grid."

Rumaan Alam's novel "Leave the World Behind" was published in October 2020, a few months after the campaign of fear and the Covid-19 "Lockdown" of March 11, 2020. In an interview with The Guardian: (October 26, 2021) Rumaan Alam says:

"Before February 2020, I hadn't even heard the word coronavirus. At a very basic level, the book dramatizes being trapped in your home and not having enough information — and it happened to appear in a reality that many readers felt trapped in in his home, and he didn't have enough information. So it's a strange resonance. [Namely] ... one's relationship to climate concern, the absurdity of the contemporary moment, our warped relationship with technology. People are thinking and talking about these things, so it makes sense , that there will be books about it.

... The people I'm talking about are me. The day the lockdown started, what was the first thing we did? Besides shopping, everyone I know, myself included, went shopping. ..

According to Joseph Mercola in his well-researched review of "Leave the World Behind":

"Leave the World Behind" depicts the disintegration of society in the wake of a surprise attack by an unknown assailant. Many believe that the film made by Barack and Michelle Obama foreshadows a cyber attack on the US electrical grid.

A cyber attack that will present the COVID epidemic as a minor inconvenience compared to what Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has repeatedly "promised" in recent years.

"Leave the World Behind" does not preach about preparedness ideologies or live in apocalyptic fantasies. Instead, it provides a glimpse into the potential consequences of social breakdowns and human nature's capacity for both despair and resilience (see analysis by Mercola, January 7, 2024, see Schwab quote above).

Rumaan Alam's novel depicts the social effects of the blackout affecting the entire East Coast of the United States.

So far, there is no concrete evidence that the producers and director of "Leave the World Behind" were aware of the World Economic Forum (WEF) cyber attack simulation, which was first conducted in July 2020. The case requires further investigation.

Video: "Leave the World Behind

" Video: WEF's 2020 cyber polyps simulation "The year that changed the world"
A planned "cyber terrorist attack" causing unprecedented disruption? Should we take this seriously?

The World Economic Forum is a new warns of a crisis that will have "even more significant economic and social consequences than COVID-19".

"We are protecting people properly," says former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the video above.

"What threat could be more effective than this?"

The Ice Age farmer is in the video below:

"breaks down the WEF's "Cyber ​​Polygon" whiteboard exercise, its participants, and predictive programming around a large-scale cyberattack on critical infrastructure that would unleash the Dark Winter and help usher in the Great Reboot.""

Video: The Next Crisis "is bigger than Covid "

Jeremy Jurgens, Executive Director of the WEF:

In the words of Jeremy Jurgens, Executive Director of the WEF and head of the WEF's Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

"I believe there will be another crisis. It will be much more significant. It will be faster than what we saw with COVID. Its impact will be greater, and as a result the economic and social consequences will be even more significant." (Emphasis added)

The 2020 Cyber ​​Polygon simulation was followed by a second simulation in 2021.

What does Klaus Schwab have up his sleeve? Geopolitically: The 2021- es Cyber ​​Polygon simulation
The scenario of the 2021 WEF cyber polygon simulation was obviously of a "controversial" geopolitical slant:

The event was chaired by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, and the WEF invited many Russian financial institutions, media and communication organizations.

WEF Cyber ​​Attack Scenario, Harbinger of the Great Reset

Forty-eight countries participated in the event, there were 41 partners, ten of them from Russia and Kazakhstan: among them were the TASSZ news agency, NTV, Sberbank, Russia's largest bank and one of the world's leading financial institutions, the Mail.ru group, Russia's largest Internet service provider, MTS, Russia's leading telecommunications group, is the state legal department of the Omsk region in Siberia. Strong banking financial institutions of Kazakhstan. Among other things.

See also Training Program Assumptions Based on Terrorist Cyber ​​Hackers.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), on which many documents have been prepared, played a significant role in supporting the US-NATO military agenda in relation to Ukraine.

Was this July 2021 Cyber ​​Polygon event (occurring less than 8 months before the start of the war in Ukraine) aimed at creating political division within the Russian Federation by partnering with many influential Russian media, communications, banking and financial institutions? etc.

No representative of the People's Republic of China. Was the Cyber ​​Polygon simulation (July 2021) intended to facilitate a confrontation between China and Russia? Are cyber attacks planned as part of a global military agenda?

The process of "full digitalization"

in November 2023, as documented in Peter Koenig's article, the financial elite moved from "scenario simulation" to open "implementation." The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has been tasked with "flagshipping the deadly onslaught of total digitization."

Koenig focuses on the "Deconstruction of Digital Society", which could take the form of a worldwide cyberattack (as outlined in Klaus Schwab's 2021 statement):

"If everything around us is controlled by digital signals controlled by the 'Globalist Cabal' (Financial Elite), then a or a few switches can turn off our various networks:
water supply, electricity, gas, all kinds of energy, food supply, fuel delivery, traffic signals, all traffic, all communication, the money in our accounts, and much more." (Peter Koenig, November 18, 2023.

"Hell is empty and the devils are all here." William Shakespeare, "The Tempest," 1623.

Below is the text of my December 2021 article, with minor edits.

Another crisis "much worse , like Covid",
Paralysis of energy supply,
Communication, Transport.
The WEF "cyber attack" scenario.
Michel Chossudovsky

The World Economic Forum (WEF), representing the Western financial elite, played a key role in starting the shutdown on March 11, 2020,

The WEF is now pointing to "A cyberattack with COVID-like characteristics" that promises to be far more destructive and chaotic than the Covid-19 pandemic.

The World Economic Forum "Concept 2021." Cyber ​​Polygon Scenario

The World Economic Forum (WEF), which co-sponsored Event 201, a desktop simulation of the corona pandemic, in October 2019 with John Hopkins and the Gates Foundation, participated in another strategic exercise called Concept 2021. The latter was called described as:

"an international capacity-building initiative aimed at increasing global cyber resilience".

This is not a desktop simulation like Event 201.

Last year, at the height of the shutdown, it took place via video conference. This year, the 2021 conference discussed "the most important risks of digitization".

Participants in the Cyber ​​Polygon Exercise (2020) included high-tech companies including IBM, several banks and financial institutions, Internet companies, cyber security agencies, corporate and government media, think tanks, law enforcement agencies including Interpol, with representatives from 48 countries.

The exercise was an obvious means of securing reliable partners and forming strategic alliances. In this regard, many representatives came from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, including significant Russian banking interests, communication and media companies. A total of 42 partners. Chinese corporate/government partners did not participate in the simulation.

There was also a training program attended by 200 teams from 48 countries. Cyber ​​attack with Covid-like characteristics

Simulation of a cyber attack. Towards a complete shutdown of electricity, communication and transport.

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive director of the WEF, architect of the "Great Restart", describes the crisis scenario as follows:

"The frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack could result in a complete shutdown of electricity, transport, hospital services, our entire society. The COVID-19 from this point of view, a crisis would be considered a minor disturbance compared to a large-scale cyber attack".

Jeremy Jurgens, executive director of the WEF:

"I believe there will be another crisis. It will be more significant. It will be faster than what we saw with COVID. It will have a bigger impact and, as a result, the economic and social consequences will be even more significant." (Emphasis added)

These bold "predictions", which represent the interests of the financial institution system, have far-reaching consequences.

What they describe is a scenario of economic and social chaos involving communications systems, the Internet, financial and money flows (including SWIFT), the electrical grid, global transportation, commodity trade, and more. its disruption, as well as probable "geopolitical disturbances".

The opening session of Cyber ​​Polygon 2021 (July 2021) was held by Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation (video below) together with Klaus Schwab, Director General of the WEF.

According to Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation,

"Tackling cyber threats and securing our common digital future are among the priorities of every government and company."

Video. Opening meeting with the Prime Minister of Russia and Klaus Schwab (July 2021).

Removed from the WEF website

The WEF has not secretly suggested that another devastating global economic and social crisis is expected in the wake of the so-called Covid-19 pandemic.

Video: The next crisis is bigger than Covid

Is this scenario a "rehearsal" of an upcoming cyber crisis?

The geopolitical implications of the practice are complex. While Russia is regularly threatened by the US-NATO, the Russian Federation [was] a partner in this WEF initiative, which is largely dominated by Wall Street and the Western financial establishment.

Why was China - which is an ally of Russia - left out of the Cyber ​​Polygon exercise?

The cyber attack was classified as a terrorist act. Ask yourself: Who has the skills to carry out such an attack?

Russia's financial and banking institutions were actively involved in the cyber scenario. Was the exercise intended to create a divide between China and Russia?

Although it is impossible to speculate, the question must be addressed.

And who will be blamed if the cyber scenario comes true?

Planned economic and social chaos. Is this not part of the American hegemonic project?
Fauci has claimed more than 100 times that he has no recollection of information or conversations about COVID-19 KAREN KINGSTON's excellent recap of the official press release following Fauci's testimony before the House subcommittee; While leading the nation's response to COVID-19 and influencing public narratives.
at the same time, he had no idea what was going on under his authority at NIH/NIAID; Fauci has claimed more than 100 times that he has "no recollection" of information or conversations about COVID-19.

'Wenstrup issued a statement after the first day of Dr. Fauci's testimony.
WASHINGTON - The chairman of the select subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic, Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), released the following statement after the first day of a two-day, 14-hour, transcribed interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci:

"Dr. Fauci's testimony today revealed drastic and systemic flaws in America's public health systems. While he led the nation's response to COVID-19 and influenced public opinion, he simultaneously had no idea what was happening within his own jurisdiction, NIAID. Dr. Fauci signed off on all domestic and foreign research grants without reviewing the proposals and admitting that he had no knowledge of whether NIAID supervised the laboratories it funded. It is clear that the American people and the United States government operate under completely different expectations of the responsibilities of our public health leaders and the on the accountability of our public health agencies

It is also troubling that the face of our nation's response to the world's worst public health crisis "doesn't remember" key details about the origins of COVID-19 and the era of the pandemic. Nearly 1.2 million Americans lost their lives to a potentially preventable pandemic. I look forward to asking Dr. Fauci more questions about the mandates, his role in the "Proximal Origin" publication, and his policy stance on masks and lockdowns. Tomorrow's testimony continues the Special Subcommittee's effort to get the answers Americans demand and deserve."

Key takeaways from Day 1 of Dr. Fauci's transcribed interview:

Dr. Fauci has claimed more than 100 times that he "doesn't remember" the COVID- information or conversations about 19.

Dr. Fauci has vigorously defended his earlier congressional testimony that the NIH did not fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan. He

repeatedly played semantic games with the definition of "gain-of-function," to try to avoid acknowledging that the NIH funded potentially dangerous research in China

Dr. Fauci testified that he signed off on all foreign and domestic NIAID grants without reviewing the applications.

A 2020 email previously released by the Special Subcommittee proved that Dr. Fauci was aware of dangerous enhancement research in Wuhan, China. He backtracked today, arguing that he shouldn't have stated that as "fact."

Dr. Fauci could not confirm whether NIAID has any mechanism to oversee the foreign laboratories it funds.
PCR (Fauci, Birx, etc.) was used by bigger players to manufacture a fake pandemic, to bring down Trump, and it worked!  The whole COVID thing is a lie! Whatever was released (deliberate or accidental, intentional accident) caused some harm to high-risk, vulnerable individuals, we know that. That's a fact. Was it a binary bioweapon? They tried to bring in a deadly battlefield type weapon (in the form of a pathogen) but failed because it wasn't lethal yet contagious, did it escape? What was it that was circulating? IMO the whole thing about COVID, from the pathogen to what exactly it was/is, is a lie! 100%

Nothing about COVID is true, or was true, as the "experts" and health officials and governments claimed, it can't be! 2 pathogens released? Is it binary? The second stage is yet to come. IMO we are here because at some point something was made by sick evil people and it got into the environment. Battlefield military or not. But I'm leaning towards Yeadon and Rancourt and Couey, SAGE H, etc., smart people, because it's likely that their entity was already out and about, killing the elderly, as usual, like a flu or a cold, people over 80, health states. They have always been caught this way, there is no specific case definition to look for anything unusual in any hospital or clinic etc. Which any surveillance system could pick up.

I believe that the Darwinian pressure of natural selection, the selection pressure we exerted on this benign, ever-circulating pathogen (perhaps the evildoers didn't even know it was happening) caused the evolution to the more deadly versions, e.g. the initial Wuhan tribe or they released this version...something caused some of the initial deaths, respiratory symptoms...again we don't know everything and are just trying to connect the dots. Makes sense.

Any selective environmental pressure we put on the pathogen will drive evolution as it seeks to survive, so it will produce non-lethal, highly infectious mutants, "selecting" those mutants that can overcome the non-lethal force we put in place, and these become enriched in the environment and become "dominant" as the omicron did. Is it all real? Are they just messing with us? We tried and tried to understand what was going on around us by applying standard textbook immunology and virology chapter 101, yet they tipped the scales and directly manipulated it? Behind the illusion. Are we still right in our descriptions if it was "natural"? Because we know that in the case of a natural epidemic or pandemic, we hardly see 3 peaks, 3 curves, and then an endemic. It then settles down to some symbiotic "seasonal" relationship.

I believe that the fraud, the faked pandemic, and the implemented NPIs (non-drug interventions like lockdowns, school closings, etc.) put "non-lethal pressure on the pathogen" that caused an initial evolution where more lethal mutants contributed to the deaths to its initial jump, and then the expected evolution led to non-lethal and more infectious versions, so that the pathogen does not reach an evolutionary "dead end." People smarter than me can contribute and agree with some, all, or none of my train of thought. I'm imperfect and trying to make sense as "the experts" who have done this are listening.

If you exert non-lethal force, non-lethal pressure on the pathogen, the virus, it will select for the more infectious, "fitter", tougher, stronger versions that are able to overcome the selection pressure and infect or re-infect through the escape of the viral immune system.

I believe that many sick evil people hell bent on destroying America and enriching themselves, their "class" and globally have jumped into the COVID mix and decided to use this "always circulating" pathogen to enrich themselves e.g. . bring a vaccine that wasn't needed for a virus if it was. Making money, instilling never-ending fear, keeping you in the vaccination treadmill forever. As Obama's ballet dancer (Rahm Emanuel) said (and I love my ballet dancers) para "never let a good crisis go to waste"...these monsters created the fake crisis, stoked hysteria and fear, and then they offered the solution through an untested, ineffective and deadly vaccine. Even Cloward-Piven.

mRNA technology by Malone, Weissman, Karikó and others (we won't name them here, you can find them) has never been properly tested for safety, and through the lipid-nanoparticle complex (exosomes, liposomes, extracellular vehicles, etc.) that mRNA used to encapsulate, transport and protect its payload) have been shown to be lethal. Whether mRNA technology can have a beneficial effect in diseases and medicine has so far not been possible. Outside the box. I say stop it altogether. Does not work. The research is failed and incomplete and there is too much greed and politics etc. The damage is too much. The pharmaceutical industry (Bourla, Bancel, Sahin et al., Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) is a corrupt mess and some operate like criminals. The medicines, devices and vaccines they produce kill people.

Let's start over. But first, through proper ethical debates involving the public, whether this is ever necessary. I don't buy mRNA technology. And mRNA vaccines supported by mRNA technology have been shown to be ineffective, ineffective, negatively efficacious, infecting those vaccinated, giving the virus more infectious properties than it previously possessed, and lethal. Everything about mRNA technology and mRNA vaccines must be stopped.

See my review, vaccines, mRNA vaccines have failed

As have Rice Jr., Couey, Yeadon, Rancourt, even SAGE and myself, etc. and others argue, it's not just any virus, we don't even know what the hell they did, nothing that caused the mass deaths, no, no, no, no, no, there was never a pandemic. They all have variations on how they try to make sense of this madness. Not even an emergency. It was all a fucking lie! We lost 3 years of freedom and liberty with a lie, a big fraud.

These evil people always strive for maximum power and once they have it, they abuse it and never give it back! We will take it back through the courts and the ballot box.

If we had done NOTHING in response to the fake pandemic, far fewer people would have died. Nothing but reasonable, common-sense precautions with the high-risk would have been noticed. They created a pandemic out of fear. Lies! We killed people, our doctors did, greed and ineptitude, fear, stupidity, intellectual laziness, academic negligence, management of medical systems and people killed them, not a pathogen, hospital CEOs, governments, CDC, FDA, Health Canada , SAGE stupid, idiotic, deceitful, incompetent, greedy, power-hungry malevolent people who pretend to "want you well" have killed you! Why? A big reboot? This is it? Something more sinister? Depopulation? Would that be it?

It was a PCR manufactured "95% false positive 0.05% IFR fraud" bogus "no asymptomatic transmission" pandemic lie; no other. The whole pandemic was a lie.

It was and still is the medical treatment of vulnerable people, even more so of people in good health, through the fraud of a PCR positive, isolation, sedation (propofol, midazolam, morphine, lorazepam, fentanyl, etc.), dehydration, DNR orders, the lederly's malnutrition, lack of needed antibiotics due to bacterial pneumonia and looming sepsis, toxic drugs causing a death spiral in our elderly, hospitalized people who were pumped with kidney and liver toxic Remdesivir and then placed on death chamber ventilators where the ventilator was 90% of those placed on it killed him. Even with that, they fooled Trump.

Why is it always circulating? That's what Diamond Princess told us. The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt told us so. The fact that on a ship with 3700 people only 19% were infected, on an isolated ship, in quarantine, no one was neither in nor out, initial inherited Wuhan strain, infectious, so-called deadly, approx. With an average age of 70... that only approx. 7 people died, where in the elderly couples quarantined in the rooms, one person had a hot COVID and died, but the other person did not have the infection? Are they elderly? How? Unless their immune system had "seen" it before and they had some level of protection. Just like now, because unless a completely different virus comes along with so many mutations that your adaptively acquired immunological memory can't recognize it, your natural immunity will always be bulletproof and lifelong. The immune system may become ill again with low-level, mild symptoms, but this is short-lived and will heal. Your natural immunity has always been far greater than any vaccine-derived immunity. It always will be.
If the vaccine(s) have harmed you and you can face this painful fact, help is here Dr. Pierre Kory recommends the I-RECOVEr protocol at FLCCC, while Lyme specialist Daisy White recommends another protocol based on what she has seen help people over the past year.
There is no one method or approach that works for everything, there are certainly things that work for some, the best resource is our I-RECOVEr protocol at FLCCC, found here .

From Daisy White, a compilation of remedies she has seen help people: a
COVID protocol compiled for many over 6 months for acute, long-term "vaccination" damage.
Ivermectin 3mg 4 times a day or in a dose of 12mg. Or IVERMECTIN: 0.2 mg/kilogram of body weight. Once a day for 1 week. Reduce to 8 mg for three days, then 5 mg for three days, then stop.

Plaquinil 200 twice a day.

Mix IV vit c 30 grams with 2 ampoules of zinc and 2 traumel for inflammation.

Pine needle tea has a strong antioxidant effect. It has no side effects.

Curcumin: 500 mg twice daily (has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties and has been shown to stimulate macrophages). Or Curcumin IVS.

Melatonin: 2-20 mg at night - tablet - troche - suppositories or cream. - in case of further tolerance, it can go up to 400 mg per day, if it can be tolerated.

Quercetin 500 mg twice daily (or mixed flavonoids). Luteolin and quercetin have broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory properties. These natural flavonoids inhibit mast cells and are proven to reduce neuroinflammation.

LOW-DOSE NALTREXONE (LDN): Start at 1 mg daily and increase to 4.5 mg as needed. It may take 2-3 months to achieve the full effect.

Nattokinase- an enzyme derived from Japanese soybeans, the food "Natto", a natural substance whose properties can help reduce the formation of blood clots. This is lumbro.

Boluke 2 twice a day seems to be beneficial for all diseases associated with a hyper-coagulable blood state, which is proven to be present in many chronic diseases.

VITAMIN D: Most post-Covid-19 sufferers have low d, should take 50 kt daily for 10 days - downregulates IL 8.

Zithromax 500 twice a day if cough -

Congaplex standard procedure every 1 hour.

For cough Emphaplex 3 twice daily -

NAC N-Acetyl-L-cysteine ​​(NAC) - 1000 daily or twice daily.

Peptide therapy. It can be an injection or a troche or an oral tablet. Thymosin alpha 1 for the immune system - thymus and beta 4 inflammation. KPV inflammation - viol immune. Mots ca against fatigue.

2 ampoules of Artesunate mixed with 100 ml of saline and slowly dripped.

Suramin homeopathic -30 c for 10m.

OTHER IDEAS can also be used for long-distance runners.

Do test from incell dx. Long COVID

BLACK CUMIN AKA Nigella Sativa: 40 mg/kg/day 1 teaspoon 3.3 grams - similar to curcumin, it has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties.

Nigella sativa is a herb belonging to the Ranunculaceae family. It is also referred to as black cumin because its seeds resemble the spice cumin (1). Although it can be used in the kitchen, Nigella sativa is perhaps better known for its broad-spectrum

vitamin C: Orally, if you can't get iv - 500 mg BID (vitamin C inhibits histamine).

Kefir, probiotic yogurt and/or Bifidobacterium probiotics. They normalize the microbiome. Prolonged dysbiosis following infection with COVID-19 has been reported. Check Genoa stool to do SIBO test and pci stool. Progenobiome is also an interesting test.

Bravo cones and bravo yogurt are strong.

Luteolin 100-200 mg per day

The use of luteolin in dietary supplements is primarily related to its ability to treat inflammatory conditions. In addition to antioxidant effects, these uses also include memory and nervous system support.

H1 receptor blockers for the treatment of mast cell activation syndrome.

Loratadine 10 mg daily or cetirizine 5-10 mg daily.

Loratadine, marketed under the brand name Claritin, among others, is a drug used to treat allergies. These include allergic rhinitis and hives. It is also available in combination with pseudoephedrine, a decongestant, as loratadine/pseudoephedrine.

Cetirizine, marketed under the brand name Zyrtec, among others, is a second-generation antihistamine used to treat allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, and hives. It should be taken orally. Its effect usually starts within an hour and lasts for about a day.

Fexofenadine 180 mg - daily.

Fexofenadine, sold under the brand name Allegra, among others, is an antihistamine medicine used to treat allergy symptoms such as hay fever and hives. From a therapeutic point of view, fexofenadine is a selective peripheral H1 blocker.

H2 receptor blockers (for mast cell activation syndrome):

Famotidine 20-40 mg. Famotidine, marketed under the brand name Pepcid, among others, is a histamine H2 receptor antagonist drug that reduces gastric acid production. It is used to treat peptic ulcer disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. It should be taken orally or as an injection into a vein.


Nizatidine 150 mg - twice daily as tolerated. Montelukast: 10 mg/day (for mast cell activation syndrome). May cause depression in some patients.

Nizatidine is a histamine H2 receptor antagonist that inhibits gastric acid production and is commonly used to treat peptic ulcer disease and gastroesophageal reflux disease. It was patented in 1980 and approved for medical use in 1988. Developed by Eli Lilly. Its brand names include Tazac and Axid.

Spironolactone 50 - to reduce fluid or androgen related problems.

Spironolactone, marketed under the brand name Aldactone, among others, is a drug primarily used to treat fluid accumulations caused by heart failure, liver scarring, or kidney disease.

Protandim Nrf2 is by far the most effective antioxidant because instead of exogenous antioxidants such as vitamin C or E, it activates endogenous antioxidants such as glutathione, catalase and SOD,

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: Vascepa, Lovaza or DHA/ EPA 4g per day. Omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in resolving inflammation by inducing the production of resolvin.

FLUVOXAMINE or PROZAC (low dose): Up to 25 mg once daily. Discontinue if symptoms worsen. DO NOT MIX WITH ANY OTHER.

ATORVASTATIN: 20-40 mg once daily. Caution in patients with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS); may worsen symptoms.

Atorvastatin, marketed under the brand name Lipitor, among others, is a statin drug used to prevent cardiovascular disease and treat abnormal lipid levels in high-risk individuals. In the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, statins are the first-line treatment. It is taken orally by

"Long-term patients", who continue to suffer months after being infected with the virus. If you experience chronic fatigue, hair loss, blood clots, hearing loss, tremors, body aches, tachycardia, palpitations and other heart problems, insomnia, cognitive problems, short-term memory loss, dizziness, random adrenaline rushes, dysautonomia, anxiety, blurred vision, or brain fog, the following protocols may help in detoxification of the body:

Recommended products:

Bergamot BPF contains a powerful and unique range of cholesterol-balancing and heart-protecting polyphenolic flavonoids. It also helps aw autophagy.


Protandim Tri-Synergizer-by Life Vantage

Emeramid or OSR - as recommended by toxicologist Boyd Hayley.

Detoxification of ACE2 receptors - We now know that the binding of Ivermectin to the ACE2 receptor prevents the spike protein from binding to it instead of the spike protein. Substances that naturally protect ACE2 receptors:

Ivermectin Hydroxychloroquine (with zinc)

Quercetin (with zinc)


The two most important primary IL-6 inhibitors


Boswellia sacra - frankincense - Boswellia carterii,. sacra, papyrifera and frereana, due to pinene, limonene and octyl acetate.

Dandelion leaf extract use tincture.

Some other IL-6 inhibitors:

Black cumin (Nigella sativa)


Fish oil and other fatty acids - spm active.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Fisetin or apigenin

Fisetin 500mg - 98% pure fisetin supplement (Similar to

Apigenin, Luteolin, Quercetin)

Senolytic activator - Sirtuin activator - Bioflavonoid polyphenols - Non-GMO, Vegan, Soy-free - by Humanx https://a by .co/d/acu5M2J.

Taking Qualia senolytic takes 2 days per month. https://neurohacker.com/shop/qualia-senolytic

Quercetin (flavonoid) has a wide range of anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.


Vitamin D3 (with Vitamin K),

Zinc is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from oxidative stress that leads to DNA damage.


Jasmine green tea

Black pepper (Piper nigrum)
The 54th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum has begun: Katalin Novák also participates in the gathering of mass murderers.
The 54th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) will begin on January 15, with the aim of putting on the agenda the "principles of recovering lost trust", i.e. assessing the damage caused by the failed COVID-19 hoax and vaccine lies to the introduction of digital control in their ambitious plans and how they could still do something to further mislead and exterminate the masses. Representatives of governments and international organizations, billionaires, entrepreneurs, academics, NGOs and representatives of the media are once again gathering at the Graubunden winter sports resort in Davos, Switzerland.

The 54th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum has begun:
Photo: Klaus Schwab is the iconic villain of the WEF

Volodymyr Zelenskyi will not participate in this year's WEF Witch's Saturday, but the Hungarian president put on his Kazakh blue (WEF-blue) celebrator and flew to Davos. Katalin Novák will participate in the World Economic Forum in Davos. President Katalin Novák will travel to Switzerland, where she will participate in the World Economic Forum in Davos between January 16 and 18, the communication directorate of the Sándor Palace told MTI on Friday. Katalin Novák will also speak at the forum, and will also conduct bilateral negotiations, including with Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission - the announcement states.

This is not surprising, because the Hungarian government is also clearly controlled by WEF corruption, so in a few days we can obviously "please" our Hungarian readers with fresh WEF photos of Katalin Novák. The Hungarian foreign minister is also one of the Hungarian political leaders who dance to the tune of the WEF. (...)
The fake pandemic virus COVID didn't kill most people! No, many died due to delayed treatment as all beds were closed to COVID patients; but most deaths were due to medical treatment/human abuse.
We did things to vulnerable, sick people that killed them, e.g. false COVID diagnosis, isolation, dehydration, sedation (midazolam/morphine), DNR, lack of antibiotics, Remdesivir, ventilation.
If we had done NOTHING we would have been much more successful because NOTHING worked and made it much worse!
This was NEVER a pandemic! Never!

If we hadn't done anything, no one would have noticed!

It was a PCR-manufactured pandemic hoax, an emergency at best, and I'd argue it wasn't even that.

A bad flu, a bad cold, that was it!

It was not what it was made out to be, and we killed thousands, hundreds of thousands, through the confinement madness, the vaccine and the deadly medical treatment, which was aimed at killing, at euthanasia.

Never, ANY vaccine was needed, ever. It was a plan, a deadly plan, everyone involved in the vaccine, in every way, knew it was never needed, ever. Not for this virus.

We were confused and lost our minds. We are literally crazy with the way we have reacted to this and what we have allowed our government and health officials to do to us. We stopped thinking! People like me, who 3 years ago (even from within the government) said what I am writing here, were attacked, smeared, slandered, ostracized. They abolished it, took away the income. It was brutally hard to get by, but I/we got by. We had no choice because I/we decided to stand up and fight and keep talking, demanding, sharing and fighting. This is no joke and we should never drop the ball. What they did here was terrible. We must be compassionate and merciful and always ready to comfort. It will take 100 years to heal, socially, economically, emotionally, in every way.

I/we were right. I'll bet on that.

I have stated and I will state again that if we had done NOTHING, nothing, and just lived NORMAL lives, taking reasonable precautions, we would have lost far fewer lives and the so-called pandemic would have ended by January 2021. I would even argue that there was never a pandemic and it took more than 3 weeks for us to clarify who the vulnerable group was and how to treat it.

In the case of COVID and all similar pathogens, we have always only needed to isolate sick, symptomatic patients (voluntarily), ONLY, ONLY, then strongly protect those at risk, and let the vast majority of society live freely, no lockdown, no school closures, nothing. No interruptions. Nothing.

All we had to do was NOTHING! Not a single mask, not one, because it has never worked and never will work for such germs. Never!

That's the mindset that killed our people: "If the person is unresponsive, do more than lockdown, toughen it up, prolong it, so intubate harder, more Remdesivir, more midazolam, more ventilation... turn up the ventilator pressure, increase it, give them more", even though all we did was blow holes in severely damaged lungs, the alveoli were so severely traumatized that they burst and people died! all this contributed to the death of our parents and grandparents. Not the COVID virus. It's the denial of antibiotics that they actually needed, which also killed our seniors with bacterial pneumonia, yet they didn't give any treatment. Antibiotics refused! This was really needed, but it was denied!

We only started killing people when we responded to the so-called pandemic. Our reaction killed people, our terrible treatment (and lack thereof) of the vulnerable. Not the virus. In fact, we created the pandemic. From a non-pandemic. Every single one of our insane policies has failed (lockdowns, school closings, mask mandates, store closings, all shields, vaccination mandates with 0.7% and 1.1% ARRs, so basically ineffective), none of them worked. We killed people when we tested for COVID with the fraudulently over-cycled PCR test that was 95% false positive. We knew that 95% of positive tests taken from society and schools were never positive. The observed and expected mortality curves were on top of each other, there was no significant difference until we ordered lockdowns and put pressure on the virus, which created selection pressure (increased virulence) and started treating people badly, especially closing beds and sending vulnerable, high-risk people to nursing homes, and sick people in nursing homes to hospitals. We killed people with our actions, not the virus. Imagine we closed our hospital beds and closed the beds just for COVID and sent the high risk "vulnerable" people to nursing homes and the sick people in the nursing homes to hospitals. This was pure madness!

The devastating medical treatment... the ventilators killed our people. They were killed! Look what happened in New York. Mass deaths from ventilators. Now here is the fraudulent mRNA technology injection that kills people. En masse. Isolation, misery in nursing homes and hospitals. Malnutrition, dehydration, suicide in isolation. Isolation is a quick killer of the elderly, and we've been killing them in droves.

Poisonous drugs were pumped into the elderly, morphine and midazolam. Kidney and liver toxic Remdesivir (the failed Ebola drug). Abuse as our elderly people were locked up for 2 years and could not see treatment and I claim many were beaten to death. They have no idea how badly they treat the elderly in these places and this was before COVID when they were NOT isolated. Can you imagine what happened to our seniors when COVID shut them down? Out of our sight. It was a KILLING FIELD up there. Only God knows and I pray that He will dole out the punishment if only His eyes have seen it. Being alone has allowed them to be horribly abused and it's heartbreaking. The most precious among us. No human connection, alone, deprived of all touch. This is what our seniors died of! Have you ever seen a rodent, even in a laboratory experiment, that you keep in isolation? Have you seen? Even his fur falls off.

There is no treatment for COVID as every doctor, hospital, bed has been emptied JUST because of COVID and people's chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer have only gotten worse.

Nothing was working and we weren't killing people because of the virus, it was excess deaths due to hospitalization and treatment, denial of care because access was denied, and fraud due to a deadly vaccine. What's more, I would argue that COVID did kill some vulnerable people, but the faster death rate wasn't that great because the COVID virus behaved like any other respiratory ILI (influenza-like illness) virus. It has caused deaths before, but by how much? Maybe a few months. Not much.

This is what history will show. I'll stake my life on it if I'm wrong. If we hadn't reacted to it, if we hadn't "detected" it (using the rogue PCR) first as an ILI pathogen that really probably appeared a few years earlier and had always been circulating "unnoticed" because it was so benign, we I bet we never would have noticed. We would have caught it as it was in circulation a few years earlier (and claimed a few old people's lives here and there) as a common cold or the flu, or some generic "flu-like illness" term. "Oh, I am sorry to inform you that the 85-year-old grandmother, who was suffering from serious illnesses, passed away today in the nursing home." Isn't that what usually happens?

It was all a lie, and it shouldn't have happened, not one bit!
Dr. Ryan Cole, Peter MCCullough and Kirk Milhoan in Congress Three of the World's Leading Experts Testified at a US Congressional Hearing with Representative Marjorie Green, Senator Ron Johnson, and US Representatives Warren Davidson & Any Biggs January 12, 202
This Congressional Hearing is Historic; the cat is completely out of the bag regarding the "poison fatal shot". I am very proud and happy that these excellent colleagues are clearly explaining to these great American politicians the scientific evidence of the crimes of covid and the need for urgent, extreme measures. Yes, there are great politicians who deserve our praise. You can be sure that Klaus Schwab, Fauci, Turdeau and other arch-criminals do not appreciate these doctors or politicians. We do.

More from these three doctors:
Dr. Ryan Cole
Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Kirk Milhoan

These three doctors are not alone. There are many of us with them; truth is powerful and for many of us more powerful than money or psychological manipulation.

Other doctors on the right side of covid history:
Dr. Richard Amerling
Dr. Paul Anderson
Dr. Paul Alexander
Dr. Byram Bridle
Dr. Mel Bruchet
Dr. Laura Braden
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
Dr. Chris Shoemaker
Dr. Crustal Luchkiw
Dr. Rochagne Killian
Dr. Pierre Kory
Dr. Paul Marik
Dr. Stephen Malthouse
Dr. Robert Malone
Dr. Chris Millburn
Dr. William Makis
Dr. Daniel Nagase
Dr. Mary O'Connor
Dr. Francis Christian
Christof Plothe DO
Dr. Julie Ponesse
Dr. Denis Rancourt
Dr. Harvey Risch
Dr. Shankara Chetty
Dr. Jackie Stone
Dr. James Thorpe
Dr. Julie Ponesse
Dr. Fourchalk
Dr. Eric Feintuch
Dr. Andrea Stramezzi
Dr. Harvey Risch
Dr. Sorin Titus Muncaciu

I apologize for not being able to include all the thousands of doctors around the world , who were on the good side of the covid story; greetings to all!

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Dr. Mark Trozzi
I recommend Dr. Mark Trozzi to Hírhálho subject rights readers
Dr. Mark Trozzi is a veteran emergency physician and trauma specialist who has taught at three leading medical schools. Since 2020, he has been opposing the criminal COVID agenda, fighting for human rights, justice and the World Health Council.
Far-left protesters march in Davos as world leaders meet at the World Economic Forum At the start of the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, a large group of far-left protesters descended on the Alpine resort village to voice their grievances, from anti-Israel complaints to demands for climate justice.

The protesters, who belong to various movements such as Strike WEF, Young Socialists in Switzerland and the Group for a Switzerland without an Army, are expected to join a rally in central Davos on Sunday afternoon.

The Strike WEF bypassed the ban on demonstrations on the main road to Davos and started the tour from the nearby town of Klosters, using side roads.

The group says it is protesting the "global elite" attending the WEF and their role in perpetuating inequality, fascism and ecological destruction.

They also express solidarity with various causes such as the Israel-Hamas war, LGBTQ rights, and Antifa.

Strike WEF posted photos of the march on Instagram. Protesters on their way to Davos carried signs reading "fuck capitalism" and "there is no justice in capitalism".

Another video clip showed protesters chanting "free, free Palestine" while holding a banner that read "no climate justice in occupied land."

On social media, the group posted photos of themselves with Pride and Palestinian flags.

At the WEF, which brings together the world's political, business and civil society leaders, hundreds of delegates are expected to speak on the topic of "Rebuilding Trust".

True North provides exclusive on-site coverage throughout the duration of the World Economic Forum.

Swiss authorities maintain a strong security presence in and around Davos, with 5,000 military personnel authorized by parliament to support local police. Checkpoints and barricades were also set up to prevent unauthorized access to the conference venue.

Among the high-ranking participants of this year's WEF are Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, French President Emmanuel Macron.

German farmers are very angry and there are a lot of them
German farmers are very angry and there are a lot of them

German farmers are very angry and there are a lot of them
An early report on the big farmers' rally in Berlin
January 14, 2024 source

The big German farmers' rally has been going on for a week now, the main event is tomorrow in Berlin. Ten thousand demonstrators are expected, the rally will start at 11:30. Among others, Johann Rukwied, the president of the German Farmers' Association, and Christian Lindner, the Minister of Finance, will also give a speech. I doubt it will be well received.

I traveled to the capital to report on the events in person. The tractors are slowly gathering on June 17 Street between the Siegessäule and the Brandenburger Tor. Around 11 a.m. today, hundreds of people arrived:

Many more are expected. Some farmers fear that the police, who have a strong presence on all the main routes into town, will try to restrict arrivals, but I have yet to find confirmation that this has happened. The police continued to escort the new arrivals to the barricaded boulevard throughout the afternoon.

There is a heavy police presence...

...but the atmosphere is not threatening. There is clear sympathy between at least some of the police and the demonstrators, and many ordinary Germans were also present. Some were just mothers with little boys eager to look at the farm equipment, but hundreds came to talk to the farmers and show their solidarity.

The media, on the other hand, was conspicuous by its absence. It is expected that there will be a lot more press tomorrow, but today is a great opportunity to interview the participants in a relaxed environment. I guess it's no surprise that our journalists aren't very interested in this. I saw a camera crew from CNN Turkey. I scouted them for a few interviews and all of their questions seemed overtly supportive. I also saw some live streamers with their cellphones attached to selfie sticks, one of them giving hostile commentary to what I believe was a leftist audience. By the way, there were no direct counter-protesters, although the Greens appeared in Pariser Platz this afternoon to again demand the banning of Alternative für Deutschland.

It's clear from both the signs and the few brief conversations I've had that the protest has become much, much bigger than the agricultural diesel tax hike that started it. It became a broader anti-tax protest and a deep dissatisfaction with government in general. Unlike most left-wing protesters, the farmers are happy to explain their grievances, welcome photographs, and are otherwise very public-minded. One of them even set up a stand where he gave out free sausages to passers-by as an excuse to engage in conversation with the common people. Politically, for lack of a better word, they are very centrist in tone; they are nervous about talking about the AfD, although they are happy to cite the party's growing support as evidence of their dissatisfaction with the traffic light coalition. Given their high level of organization, this is likely due at least in part to simple messaging discipline. Rukwied has made a series of tiresome statements distancing the protests from the "right wing," and the protesters at the scene this afternoon seemed to support that line.

A man I spoke to assured me that a core group of protesters planned to remain where they were after tomorrow. He said many of them were veterans of previous actions, including the Dutch farmers' protest culminating in 2022, and had brought with them enough supplies for several weeks. I can confirm that they look very prepared.

Below are some pictures of their signs and posters with English translations to give you a taste of the protest. I cut out all the license plates from the pictures, because some leftists report them to the police, hoping that their owners will be punished for operating them on public roads. (It's a pretty stupid campaign and unlikely to succeed, but better safe than sorry). I have to believe that they come from all over Germany; I looked for the promised Dutch contingent, but I couldn't find them, I suspect they haven't arrived yet.


"Would you like to save energy? Turn off the traffic light"

"Without us, Ricarda would never be full" - The reference is to the obese co-boss of the Greens, Ricarda Lang.

"Political crap is not fertilizer!"

"Beware of the storm, the wind and the angry farmers!!!"

"Break the green wave, stop the traffic light"

"There is no high man in the country who does not live off the hands of the farmer"

"Did you fail the training? Become a politician"

"OLAF! Did you forget the oath of office? For the benefit of the German people!"

"No more taxes on farmers! No more Green Deal and Farm to Fork! Food imports only to our standards! Abolish free trade agreements and duty-free imports! Crush monopolies in trade and the food industry! Ban genetic engineering and lab-grown meat ! Affordable food is the most important prerequisite for social harmony. But not only on the backs of farmers!"

"In chess, the masters make the first move, and in the end the king always falls!"

"They neither sow nor reap, but they always know better."

"Soon all wheels will stop because the government wants it that way!!!" - From the German word Regierung, highlighted in red, we find the letters GIER - "greed".

"Death is better than slavery"

"The scourge of our country" - The portraits are Olaf Scholz, Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock.

"The German industry has had enough! Because it's not only about the existence of small businesses, but also about their employees and their children! Dear traffickers, please do something right for once and resign collectively!!!"

"This car identifies itself as a tractor!

"You go to work and the state takes 50%. You go shopping and the state takes 19%. You go for gas and the state takes 70%. And if you ask why you have so little money , suddenly it's Russia's fault" - I'm happy to say that this guy is my Bavarian compatriot from Rosenheim.

"While the farmers are considered scapegoats, the bank accounts of the NGOs are overflowing!"

"Too much is too much. We are the people"

"Agriculture and farmers are the pillars of the homeland. So German people, be on your guard! Protect agriculture as your greatest treasure"

"Enough! Our government has all the countries of the world money, but his own people have none. If there are no more farmers, there is nothing to eat. The stupidest government ever!"

Canada first.  Then the Spanish.  Then the French.  The Irish.  Now the Germans.  And on Friday the Poles The World Economic Forum is the excrement under our feet. Elizabeth Nickson: Welcome to Absurdistan
"So we're dealing with cornered savages who are terrified. Arguably, the whole thing from the shutdowns to now is that they know what's coming (They see the polls you don't. 39% approval is my sore ass. Rather 9%) And they know how much they cheated and it wasn't enough, so they had to cheat at the last minute. Oh, and they're all criminals, deeply steeped in horrible shit. And they can't afford to let it come out. In their little pinheads, they have to keep control."

For the past three weeks, German farmers have been protesting on the road, God bless them. On Wednesday, German truckers joined the protest and city squares were filled with citizens against globalization and the Net Zero prison, which is lowered like a cage over all citizens and businesses. French farmers modeled this, spreading manure on government buildings throughout December. Throughout November and December, Spaniards flooded the streets demanding a ban on socialism. On Friday, the Poles took to the streets demanding an end to globalism and an exit from the EU.

It's all about climate control, net zero, and emissions restrictions on agriculture. Everything the WEF and their corporatist lackeys want. And why wouldn't they? The big agribusinesses are all on board, and the people who grow the food will pay. Why? Because our tax dollars are given to the richest companies in the world and starve the people who grow the actual food.

In September 2022, the United States Department of Agriculture announced, without congressional approval or oversight, that $3.1 billion would be spent on Partnerships for Climate-Friendly Materials projects. That money has since been given to some of the country's largest agricultural companies, associations and universities. Some notable payouts: $95 million to ADM, $95 million to the Iowa Soybean Association, $60 million to the Nature Conservancy, 27 different universities with payouts ranging from $4 million to $80 million. They are listed as a total of 123 "Lead Partners," but if you read the program descriptions, you'll find "Other Major Partners," which include every major food company, from Cargill to Costco. The most outrageous payment of all was $40 million to the largest agricultural media company, Farm Journal. Why would the government pay a media company $40 million to run an environmental program? Control the messenger, control the message, i.e. state controlled media.

The message the USDA doesn't want to convey is that the intended purpose of the Climate Smart Project is to manipulate farmers and ranchers into calculating greenhouse gas emissions, or as they call it, "introducing and monitoring climate-conscious practices." so that these emissions can then be regulated.

To say it's all unpopular...well, even the Germans are freaking out. The Dutch fired their government and turned to the far right. The Irish block entry to their cities: no more EU immigrants. The Argentinians elected a true libertarian who immediately reduced bureaucracy and opened up their oil fields.
The German chancellor also participated in the demonstration against the extreme right in Potsdam Thousands - including Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock - took to the streets in Potsdam, southwest of Berlin, on Sunday to protest against the far right.
The rally took place a few days after a meeting of far-right politicians and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) politicians came up with a plan to deport millions of immigrants living in Germany.

About ten thousand people gathered in Potsdam near the old market on Sunday, said Mike Schubert, the mayor of the city, who initiated the demonstration.

Potsdam is the seat of the state of Brandenburg, which borders Berlin, and Olaf Scholz and Annalena Baerbock are also residents there. Demonstrators marched with signs reading We belong together, while others celebrated the multi-ethnic society.

"I came here as one of the thousands of Potsdamers who stand up for democracy, against old and new fascism," the foreign minister told the German news agency dpa.

The local leaders of Scholz's party, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the Greens and the Left also took part in the movement.

The demonstration was called after this week's report by Correctiv, in which the fact-finding news portal wrote about what was discussed at a meeting held in a villa in Potsdam in November by members of the AfD, some CDU members and one of the best-known unofficial groups of the conservative wing of the CDU, the Union of Values ​​(WerteUnion ) members of.
Romanian farmers blocked the checkpoint on the Ukrainian border Romanian farmers blocked the checkpoint on the Ukrainian border again, the State Border Service of the post-Soviet republic reported on the Telegram channel.
"At approximately 2:00 p.m. (3:00 p.m. Moscow time), information was received from representatives of the Romanian border police that Romanian farmers and agricultural workers are again blocking the movement of trucks in the direction of the Siret checkpoint, which is located opposite the Ukrainian Porubnoje checkpoint," the statement said.

The Ukrainian State Border Guard announced the closure of the checkpoint on the Romanian border a day earlier, but later announced that the checkpoint had been lifted.

In early November, Polish carriers, later joined by farmers, blocked car checkpoints at the border of the post-Soviet republic. They demand the restoration of the previously canceled licensing system for Ukrainian commercial carriers, with the exception of humanitarian aid and the supply of the Ukrainian armed forces, the suspension of licenses of companies established in the neighboring country after February 2022, their inspection, and the separation of lines.

The line of trucks on the Polish side reaches 50 kilometers, in which several Ukrainian drivers have already died.

Similar protests and checkpoints were closed at the border of the post-Soviet republics in Hungary and Slovakia.

Relations between Kiev and its neighbors have become complicated due to the embargo against Ukrainian grain. On September 15, the European Commission decided not to extend restrictions on the import of four types of agricultural products from the republic to several bordering EU member states, but obliged Kyiv to introduce export control measures.

After that, the Slovak, Hungarian and Polish authorities announced that they would unilaterally extend the ban. In this regard, Ukraine filed a complaint with the WTO. In response, three EU countries announced that they would boycott the meetings of the Ukrainian grain coordination platform.
Historic protest: 50 kilometer convoy of tractors and trucks Already about ten thousand farmers in Berlin! Videos. Farmer protests in Germany are reaching their peak today. Late in the morning, a large-scale demonstration begins at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. After the week-long demonstrations, farmers and truck drivers from all over the country came to the capital.

Political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek reports. On Sunday night, he saw tractors driving into Berlin again and again. This morning he filmed a huge convoy paralyzing the city. "Everywhere you look, you see tractors everywhere. They're huge. It's unbelievable. I've never seen one before. They're everywhere."

Anthony Lee, a farmer from West Germany, traveled to Berlin and reported that a 50 kilometer convoy was headed for the city.

Journalist Sietske Bergsma is also in Berlin. He says the farmers woke people up at a quarter past six as other tractors drove into town.

Those who cannot be there should set an example.
Meanwhile, the protesters were allegedly diverted because Berlin was paralyzed.
Even now, thousands of people are gathering:
EU Commissioner: We must take in another million migrants every year or we will all die EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson made a very bold statement during her visit to Greece on Monday: "Without migration, we will starve." He wants to bring an additional one million migrants into the EU every year, he said at a conference on migration.

The number of "legal" migrants must be increased by one million per year, and achieving this in an organized manner is a real challenge, said Johansson. Around 3.5 million migrants already arrive in the EU every year.

EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson wants to bring an additional one million legal immigrants to the EU, increasing the number to 4.5 million a year: "Without immigration, we will starve to death!".

The European Commission warns that without migration, the labor force will decrease significantly in the coming years.

"This demographic development is no accident"

If someone speaks out against this, they are immediately branded a "xenophobe".

Are you against the influx of asylum seekers? Then you are a mass murderer, or like anything that deviates from the state narrative, a Nazi!

Johansson was appointed EU Home Affairs Commissioner in December 2019. At the beginning of the year, he participated in the "interesting" panel discussion on the changing labor market at the World Economic Forum. What a coincidence!

More than 50% of the buildings in the Gaza Strip were damaged or destroyed
More than 50% of the buildings in the Gaza Strip were damaged or destroyed

More than 50% of buildings in the Gaza Strip damaged or destroyed
January 14, 2024 source

Israel's military operation in the Gaza Strip has reached 100 days, during which cities in the north and south have been relentlessly bombed, and in some places entire neighborhoods, streets and neighborhoods they destroyed it, almost as if they were not even there.

A new report from Axios has made the startling claim that more than half of Gaza's buildings have been damaged or destroyed, based on recent satellite data.

Palestinians there increasingly say they have nowhere to go after much of the northern half of the Strip was largely evacuated, with an estimated 85% of the population still displaced.

"The damage is greatest in the north, where 70-80% of buildings are damaged or destroyed, according to an analysis of satellite data by Jamon Van Den Hoek of Oregon State University and Corey Scher of the CUNY Graduate Center," reports Axios, while offers the image below.... The Israeli military (IDF) relies heavily on American munitions, including the 2,000-kilogram mammoth bombs capable of destroying large buildings. This month, Israel said its forces had entered the third phase of the war, in which it is said to reduce the intensity of bombing and airstrikes in favor of more "targeted" operations. Currently, heavy fighting and airstrikes are still ongoing, centered on Khan Yunis in the southern part of the zone. The "shift" in IDF strategy and tactics comes after weeks of Washington asking the IDF to scale back its indiscriminate air campaign as international pressure mounts over the massive Palestinian death toll. Israel also announced that it is currently recalling many reservists, but the ground war continues. Even the largest bombs dropped from the air cannot eliminate the network of tunnels used by Hamas for raids. Israel pumps seawater into many of them; however, they are so vast that it is probably impossible to flood them all. That means the ground war is likely to continue for months to come, and previous Israeli government statements say fighting will continue throughout the year.

More than 50% of the buildings in the Gaza Strip were damaged or destroyed

Israel's well-oiled PR machine is collapsing Hasbara, a Hebrew term clearly associated with Israel's global propaganda efforts, has failed miserably when it came to countering the pro-Palestinian narrative in the Gaza war. The loss of Hasbara, as the most important tool of Tel Aviv's national security strategy, is equivalent to the loss of a qualitative military advantage.

"Israel condemns South Africa's decision to play devil's advocate".

"History will judge South Africa for its guilty complicity in the bloodiest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, and will judge it mercilessly".

With these extremely emotional words, Israeli government spokesman Eylon Levy scolded South Africa for taking the genocidal Israeli military attack to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which killed more than 22,000 civilians in the Gaza Strip and injured tens of thousands of others.

The war in Gaza is in its fourth month, and Israel faces the challenge of influencing international opinion, despite an extensive hasbara propaganda machine and a significant budget allocated to "public diplomacy" activities around the world. According to observers and researchers, the occupying state is losing the propaganda war, handing over its long-cherished "victim" image to the perpetrators of heinous war crimes.

Hasbara is part of Israel's "national security"

Following the October 7 operation called "Al-Aqsa Flood" led by Hamas, which aimed to attack the occupying army's Gaza division and take prisoners in order to promote a prisoner exchange, Israel, in addition to military and security measures, stepped up media- and digital diplomacy efforts. Recognizing the importance of framing events in order to shape public opinion, Israel has gone to great lengths to construct unappealing narratives framing Palestinian resistance actions as "terrorism" both domestically and internationally.

However, in the face of unprecedented pro-Palestinian activism on social media and on the ground in protests around the world, Israel and its Western allies have worked hard to suppress these counter-narratives in order to increase support for Tel Aviv's military assault on Gaza.

Greg Shupack's book The Wrong Story: Palestine, Israel and the Media highlights three key points that form the basis of the Western narrative of Israel:

- Both sides of the conflict are equally to blame.
- Portraying "extremists" as the main obstacle to peace efforts and undermining moderate voices.
- Emphasizing Israel's right to "self-defense", even against unarmed demonstrations,

These frames largely determine the Western mainstream media's coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Furthermore, Israel uses historical claims to Palestinian lands and accusations of anti-Semitism to shape its narrative and appeal to Western sympathies.

After the al-Aqsa operation, several hasbara strategies were used to influence Western media coverage:

First, they influenced the Western conscience: they linked Hamas with ISIS on both official and popular levels ("The world defeated ISIS. The world defeated will defeat Hamas") and set October 7 as Israel's 9/11. This tactic tries to create an emotional connection by narrowing the so-called "emotional gap".

Second, falsifying facts and inventing lies: This tactic plays an important role because it exploits "anchoring bias," which is the presentation of a version of events that influences the perception of subsequent information, such as the infamous, now debunked claim of the 40 beheaded babies. Israeli President Isaac Herzog used this strategy, among other things, when he claimed that Hamas fighters had received instructions to produce chemical weapons.

Third, the use of paid advertising and influencers: high-profile social media figures such as Elon Musk were flown to Israel for PR purposes, and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs placed 30 ads in just over a week, which were viewed more than four million times by on X platform.

Fourth, establishing the idea of ​​cultural difference: by dehumanizing and "othering" the Palestinians, Israel seeks to emphasize its unique relationship with Western civilization in West Asia. Statements by Israeli officials, such as Defense Minister Yoav Gallant's words of "humans fighting animals" or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's call to the civilized world to fight "barbarians" contribute to this narrative.

The Information War Shifts Dramatically

It can be argued that Operation Al-Aqsa Flood represented a qualitative leap for the Palestinian cause in the world of media, based on the results of the massive interaction with the world public, the contribution of global influencers and the large-scale demonstrations held in many countries - which they slowly seeped into corporate media coverage.

Despite the vast differences between Palestinians and Israelis in terms of skills, technologies, financial resources and access to major media outlets, social media has become the great equalizer in this information war, making it increasingly difficult for the mainstream media,

As with the hasbara failure, recognition of Palestinian achievements and representation in the information war is important:

Israelis are now forced to turn to key allies to help them address their narrative gaps, as when President Herzog complained to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak about the designation of Hamas as a terrorist organization. UPDAY, Europe's largest news group, was found to have instructed its staff to emphasize the Israeli point of view, minimize coverage of Palestinian deaths, avoid pro-Palestinian headlines and frame comments by Israeli politicians to dehumanize their opponents. These kinds of revelations have forced audiences everywhere to take the media with a grain of salt.

More tellingly, more and more journalists and politicians have left their organizations in protest at the imposition of pro-Israel discourse, and prominent figures have been fired for public statements supporting the Palestinian position.

Western and Israeli media coverage around the world has undermined public confidence in the Israeli and Western narrative, particularly the wild, unsubstantiated, now-proven-false claims that Hamas has "beheaded 40 babies", is directing its operations from a command center under Shifa Hospital, and is actively using chemical weapons. looking for weapons. This change also played a role in the fact that US President Joe Biden was quick to refute the claim that babies were beheaded "based on photos he saw".

Media personalities and politicians are increasingly undermining the Israeli narrative by using the term "genocide" instead of "self-defense" - especially since international organizations have now confirmed with facts and figures that Tel Aviv indiscriminately, in greater numbers and killing civilians with more firepower than in any other conflict this century.

Even their own tired "anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism" argument has begun to be debunked, as Western politicians rush to distance Netanyahu's chauvinist right-wing coalition from the rest of Israeli politics, even if it is mainly to replace the former with Israel's post-war image. in order to rehabilitate.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian narrative emphasizes resistance to Israel's continued oppression, and the events of October 7 have been contextualized as legitimate resistance to 75 years of uninterrupted inhumane oppression by the "world's largest open-air prison," Gaza - an oppression that which the world could understand very well during the three agonizing months of the genocide on the X, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook platforms.

As the mainstream media has had to provide some balance - at least for free - to the biggest news of the day, the historical context of Palestine has seeped into the news, as seen in countless interviews, such as with the UK's Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot, which have helped expand public understanding beyond recent events. .

Despite intense Israeli efforts to limit Palestinian representation in Western countries, pro-Palestinian protests have continued to grow, and hashtags such as #StandWithPalestine continue to dominate social media platforms. Despite the many restrictions, the hashtag reached more than 4.8 billion views, surpassing #StandWithIsrael on TikTok.

In attempts to gain and maintain global sympathy following the events of October 7, Israel's disinformation and deception tactics through its global hasbara apparatus faced significant backlash and backlash that might have been entirely avoided had it not chosen to raze the Gaza Strip to smithereens.

The brutal killing and maiming of tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians, mainly women, children and refugees, in the almost disastrous rampage of Tel Aviv that followed the Hamas operation, turned Israel's David vs. Goliath narrative upside down for good. And its cooperating Western allies suffered an equally heavy blow on social media, as all of Israel's debunked stories were repeated verbatim in major Western capitals.

The Gaza Strip has undoubtedly brought the Palestinian cause back to the center of the world's attention, generating a level of support rarely seen in the world and increasing the pressure on governments, NGOs and the media to acknowledge and address Israel's ongoing genocide.

Given the obvious challenges Tel Aviv faces in pursuing its stated military goals, even a nominal Netanyahu victory can no longer make up for the country's hasbara collapse. This is a national security disaster more than equivalent to a military defeat. For Israel, this war was lost from the moment it dropped bombs on houses in the Gaza Strip.
The incoming British Prime Minister offers an additional 2.5 billion pounds to Ukraine We need to do more for Ukraine, Prime Minister-elect Rishi Sunak said on Friday as he announced the UK's biggest single defense aid package to Ukraine "since the start of the war".

The UK gave a total of £12 billion to Ukraine. It's time the British public, who foot the bill, start asking where all that money is going and what it's being used for.

In May 2023, BlackRock partnered with the Ukrainian government to launch the Ukraine Development Fund ("UDF") to attract public and private capital to rebuild Ukraine. That same week, President Volodymyr Zelensky met with Laurence D. Fink, head of the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock, to discuss how to attract investment to the war-torn country's economy.

While those who want to benefit from BlackRock's initiative may welcome the launch as a positive development for the Ukrainian economy, many - the taxpayers of the countries paying the bill - will not see it as a positive development for their own country's economy.

As BNE IntelliNews reported, raising that much money will be difficult since Ukraine's industry is largely destroyed and investors are unlikely to come as long as there is a threat of renewed Russian aggression.

According to Charles Hatami, head of the BlackRock consulting group, reconstruction efforts will create significant opportunities for investors to participate in the recovery of the Ukrainian economy. He added, however, that it will only be possible to obtain the necessary financing through the close cooperation of public and private capital.

The UDF is not the only funding coming to the Ukrainian government. In December 2022, the World Bank established the Ukraine Relief, Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform Fund ("URTF").

"Ukraine needs about $3-4 billion per month in 2023 to continue operating basic government services, including basic public services in health, education and social protection," the World Bank said. "Urgent investments are needed to restore the destroyed energy infrastructure, roads, bridges, housing, schools and clinics".

In December, the World Bank announced an additional $1.3 billion in financial support to help maintain vital government services at the national and regional levels in Ukraine.

"This round of funding from the Public Expenditures for the Maintenance of Administrative Capacity in Ukraine (PEACE) project will continue to support the payment of pensions for the elderly, support for internally displaced persons, and teachers,

In March 2023, the World Bank estimated that Ukraine would need to invest $411 billion over the next ten years for post-war recovery and reconstruction, with the debris clearance bill alone reaching $5 billion. $411 billion is 2.6 times larger than Ukraine's entire 2022 gross domestic product ("GDP"). The report found $135 billion in direct damage to buildings and infrastructure, not counting the broader economic consequences of the more than year-long conflict.

Since February 2022, the World Bank Group has mobilized more than $38 billion in financial support for Ukraine, of which nearly $33 billion has been disbursed by January 12, 2024. "More than 90 percent of this financing was provided by the development partners," the World Bank said. Several funds were created to channel aid to Ukraine. Without going into whether the UK contributes through other funds, the UK has given $2 billion to the World Bank. You can see the breakdown of people contributing to the World Bank's fund HERE.

In a surprise visit to Kyiv on Friday, Prime Minister-elect Rishi Sunak announced to the world that the UK should give more "aid" to Ukraine.

"We need to do more," Sunak said as he announced the biggest defense aid package for Ukraine since the start of the war, £2.5 billion over the next 12 months, on the pretext of war.

"In total, since the start of the war, the UK will provide nearly £12 billion in aid to Ukraine," he said.
Germany is preparing for war with Russia after the defeat of the Ukrainian armed forces. It can start in the summer of 2025! Germany is preparing for a war between NATO and Russia, which, according to the scenario of the German Ministry of Defense, could begin in the summer of 2025 after the defeat of the Ukrainian armed forces - this is what Bild tabloid writes in an alleged secret Bundeswehr document.

According to a secret document of the Bundeswehr, on the Xth day, the NATO commander-in-chief will hand over 300,000 soldiers, including 30,000 Bundeswehr soldiers, to the eastern wing.

According to the publication, the escalation may begin as early as February 2024 with the start of an active Russian offensive against the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces, which, according to the article, will end with the withdrawal of the Ukrainian armed forces by June of the same year. Ukrainian army.

"The actions of Russia and the West, culminating in the deployment of hundreds of thousands of NATO troops and the inevitable outbreak of war in the summer of 2025, are described to the exact location and month (in the script - editor's note)." - says the article.

According to the publication, the German army considers the Suvalki corridor between Belarus and the Kaliningrad region to be the most likely location for the clash. But the authors of the article leave open the question of what will be the end of this hypothetical escalation. (...)
Video: Did Soros suggest Eastern Europeans as cannon fodder? In 1993, György Soros wrote a study in which, even before NATO's expansion to the east, he explained that Eastern European manpower supplemented with Western weapon technology could be a good combination against Russia.
The 30-year-old writing now takes on a new meaning with the war in Ukraine and the issue of supplying the frontline fighters.
To hell with fighting the Houthis! Here we go again. The "Joe Biden" thing just started another war in Yemen without a constitutional declaration from Congress. And all of this was/was done against a ragtag tribe of desert insurgents who could do no harm to the freedom or security of the American homeland.
After all, the most formidable missile the Houthis possess is the Burkan-3, which has a maximum range of 750 miles. Last time we checked, the distance between Yemen and Washington DC was 7,200 miles. So why is the Uniparty GOP leadership paying tribute to Sleepy Joe with a chorus of attaboys?

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell: I welcome US and coalition operations against Iran-backed Houthi terrorists responsible for violently disrupting international trade in the Red Sea and attacking US ships. President Biden's decision to use military force against these Iranian proxies is long overdue.

Speaker Johnson: This action by American and British forces is long overdue, and we must hope that these actions signal a real change in the Biden administration's approach to Iran and its proxies, who engage in such evil and wreak such havoc. They must understand that there is a heavy price to pay for their acts of global terrorism and their attacks on American personnel and merchant ships. America must always show strength, especially in these dangerous times.

No, Speaker Johnson, America should not seek monsters abroad to destroy them, as our sixth president, John Qunicy Adams, so persuasively said nearly 203 years ago on Independence Day. The Red Sea is not the Gulf of Mexico, Long Island Sound or the Gulf of Catalonia - which means that the Houthi blockade of ships bound for Israel, in retaliation for the genocidal attack on the Gaza Strip, belongs to Jerusalem, not Washington.

Furthermore, the US Navy has not been tasked by the UN or any other global organization with protecting all of the planet's sea lanes. He shouldn't even take the assignment if it were offered to him, because America's domestic security does not depend on Washington acting as the world's gendarme.

In fact, there are only two ways to threaten our freedom and security in today's world: Either nuclear blackmail or conventional military invasion and occupation of US territory. Neither is even remotely possible; and in any case, to ensure this impossibility there is no need for aircraft carriers and military bases circling the planet.

When it comes to nuclear blackmail, there is no nation on Earth that does not have anywhere near the first strike force necessary to completely defeat America's triple nuclear deterrent and thereby avoid retaliatory destruction of its own country and people. After all, the US has 3,800 active nuclear warheads scattered under the sea, in entrenched silos, and across a fleet of 66 B-2 and B-52 bombers—all beyond the detection or range of any other nuclear power.

The Ohio-class nuclear submarines, for example, have 20 missile tubes each, and each missile carries an average of four warheads. That's 80 independently targetable warheads per ship, and 12 of the 14 Ohio-class nuclear submarines can be actively deployed at any one time and spread out over the planet's oceans within a 4,000-mile range. So that means 960 deep-sea nuclear warheads that need to be found and neutralized before any blackmailer can even get started.

And then there are the roughly 1,200 nuclear bombs aboard the 66 strategic bombers, which also aren't sitting in a Pearl Harbor-style airfield waiting to be destroyed, but are constantly in the air and on the move. Likewise, the 400-man-minute rocket is scattered deep underground in highly protected silos. Each missile carries 3 warheads, providing an additional 1,200 nuclear warheads for blackmailers to disable.

Needless to say, there is no way, in any form, that America's nuclear deterrent can be neutralized by a blackmailer, and best of all, the nuclear triad only costs $65 billion a year to maintain, including periodic upgrades.

Ultimately, the only other potential military threat to America's homeland security is an invasion by a massive conventional armada of land, air, and sea forces many, many times larger than the military behemoth funded by Washington's $900 billion defense budget. The logistical infrastructure that would be required to control the vast Atlantic and Pacific trenches surrounding North America, and to sustain an invasion and occupation force on the North American continent, is so staggeringly vast as to be scarcely imaginable.

It would take at least $50 trillion in GDP to sustain such a thing. And if it's obviously not Russia's mere $2 trillion GDP, or even Red Ponzi's $18 trillion GDP, then exactly which far interstellar region of the known universe are we talking about?

Besides, it's not like, in an age when the skies are full of high-tech surveillance devices, such a massive conventional armada could be secretly built, tested, and assembled for a surprise attack without Washington noticing. There can be no repeat of the Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku, and Zuikaku strike force that steamed invisibly across the Pacific toward Pearl Harbor.

In practice, Russia only has one aircraft carrier and China only three or two, which are refurbished rust buckets bought from the remnants of the old Soviet Union, and whose carriers do not even have modern catapults to launch their strike aircraft.

Likewise, neocons like Nikki Haley blather on about China's growing navy, which has 400 hulls compared to the US Navy's 305. But what he doesn't say is that most of these Chinese units are coast guard vessels that probably wouldn't even be able to reach the coast of California.

In terms of the navy's power distribution capability, the appropriate measure of lethality is not the number of hulls, but the tonnage of the total displacement. In this context, the US Navy has a displacement of 4.6 million tons, an average of 15,000 tons per ship. In contrast, the Chinese Navy has only 2.0 million tons of displacement ships, an average of only 5,000 tons per ship. That is, China's navy is fully visible, assessable and trackable, and nowhere near the size and lethality of ships that would make an invasion of America remotely plausible. (...)
Trump: Reclaiming the United States bought up by the global financial elite The Nation is more important than globalism. A huge media machine worked to ensure that neither Americans nor we Europeans recognize the true stakes of the presidential election in the United States. In many ways they succeeded; that is why it must be stated emphatically: the election of Donald Trump as president is a historic event, a huge chance for the rule of the global elite to be shattered and for American society to get back on its feet - both economically and in terms of its sovereignty. This is the real stake that will define the next four years in America.

The global forces, which also hold the United States in their grip, felt and knew exactly the danger inherent in the possible election of Trump. 1. That's why they did everything to make Trump appear to people, primarily in his country, but also in the international public opinion, as a total jerk who is aggressive, rude, violent with women, stupid as a pumpkin and doesn't understand anything .

2. In contrast to this is Hillary Clinton, the thoughtful, experienced woman, the real expert, who has domestic and foreign policy in her little finger. That is, Clinton is the insider, a member of the "club" trusted by markets and investors (i.e. members of the global financial elite), while Trump is a real outsider, a nobody from the bottom who will never be accepted by the elite, and therefore must be chased far away from power. (...)

The inscription on the mysterious ancient sphinx statue is in Hungarian
The inscription on the mysterious ancient sphinx statue is in Hungarian

The inscription on the mysterious ancient sphinx statue is in Hungarian, according to the professor of the American university
The professor supports his amazing claim with solid arguments
January 12, 2024 source

Quite interesting, let's be honest, a bit "steep" and, knowing the historical conditions of the Carpathian Basin, a spicy claim was published not too long ago in an American university magazine, the author of which is our compatriot, Péter Révész - promotions.hu reports.

According to the professor of the American university, the inscription on the mysterious ancient sphinx statue is in Hungarian.
Our picture is an illustration
Photo: NorthFoto
Péter Révész works for the University of Nebraska, his field of expertise is computer linguistics, he was born in Budapest in 1965, he moved to the United States with his parents in 1980, at the age of 15 , and in 1985 he obtained a double degree in computer science and mathematics.

He received his doctorate in computer science from Brown University in Rhode Island in 1991, after which he became a professor at the University of Nebraska. His research areas are data mining, databases, bioinformatics, and computer linguistics, and based on his public studies available on the Internet, he seems to particularly like the languages ​​of ancient cultures: he wrote a book on the Sumerian language, and a lecture is available on the linear hieroglyphs of the ancient Minoan culture that developed on the island of Crete too.

The Hungarian professor therefore researches archaic language forms with the help of the most modern computer technology methods, and in a recent study published in the English-language professional journal Mediterranean Archeology and Archaeometry, he develops an interesting theory.

The study in question provides a presumed translation of an inscription around the base of a bronze sphinx statue from the 3rd century Roman province of Dacia. The bronze sphinx statue shows many striking parallels with the famous B.C. with the Naxian sphinx from 560, now in the Archaeological Museum of Delphi. Presumably, the sphinx cult spread from Naxos to Dacia as well.

It can be determined from the inscription that it was written in the archaic Greek alphabet. However, the phonetic values ​​of the Greek alphabet result in unintelligible text in the Greek language. Therefore, the meaning of the inscription has puzzled scientists since the find was discovered in the early 19th century. The scribe probably wanted to express something in a language other than Greek by using the archaic Greek alphabet: the inscription is unusual in that it contains some archaic letters that are mirrored and read from right to left.

The professor claims that this different language, in which the scribe wanted to convey his message, could be a kind of proto-Hungarian language. It is particularly noteworthy that the sphinx cult was not widespread in the territory of the former Roman Empire, so the find also gives an idea of ​​an ancient religious minority.

The Dacian sphinx statue in question once belonged to the art collection of a count named Kemény, but it was lost during the revolutionary events of 1848-49, but we know what it looked like from drawings. The alleged place of origin of the statue is the city of Potaissa in the province of Dacia (today's Romania) of the former Roman Empire, which today is called Torda - a city of historical importance, its famous salt mine produced a significant amount for almost 200 years, and it can be visited as a tourist attraction since 1990.

According to the professor, the Torda sphinx is a copy of the Naxian sphinx, and he presents several arguments for the truth of his statement, according to which:

- The two sphinxes have similar headbands.
- Both stand on square bases.
- Both have forelegs extending slightly beyond the platform
- Both sphinxes are designed to be raised high into the air by means of a column (the word Naxos means pillar) or an iron clip (Potaissa) that can be inserted into a wooden post.
- Under the front legs of both sphinxes are several deep bumps.

After clarifying the origin of the statue, the next problem to be solved was the inscription itself, which can be seen in the picture above. Dacia was counted as a Roman province from 106 to 275 and its inhabitants came from all over the empire.

About 3,000 names that once lived in the Potaissa area survive in contemporary records, 14 percent of which are of Greek origin. The presence of the Greek language, inferred from an Egyptian-Greek statue of a god found in a former bath in Potaissa, is probably due to Greek settlers - but the use of Greek letters does not always indicate the use of the Greek language: the inhabitants of the provinces under Hellenistic influence often used Greek letters to write their own language as well ( this statement is proven by several contemporary artifacts, we also know the ancient pronunciation of the Latin language from the fact that it was written phonetically with Greek letters), so theoretically the inscription could have been written in any language spoken in the region.

The theory would suggest that since the letters are Greek, the inscription should also be read in Greek, but several people have already tried such a translation (Professor Vlassa), but according to Révész, this translation is incorrect. The beginning of the inscription (in today's Greek letters, phonetically: IMA) appears in only one sense in Liddel-Scott's Ancient Greek Dictionary (leather belt), the other forms are also variants of this, and there is no liturgical phenomenon associated with this word in Ancient Greek, so the inscription has no other meaning. must be in language.

After the study establishes that it is possible to write other languages ​​in Greek, it considers the possible languages. Révész assumes that it must be a language that did not yet have an established alphabet at the time, and there were two such languages ​​in the region, Dacian (about which we do not know much) and Proto-Hungarian.

Révész describes that there is more evidence from the period that Proto-Hungarian was spoken in Dacia at that time: in Ptolemy's great work, the Geography, he refers to the people (pronounced: materi) living in the area (it can be easily identified with the Hungarian word megyer, especially if we take into account the two language's consonant-harmony rules) - based on modern research, it is easy to imagine that since the conquest did not take place in one wave, these could even be early Hungarian tribes, which is why Révész attempted the Hungarian translation.

So, according to him, the meaning of the inscription is "here worship, here is a famous lion." In his study, Péter Révész explains in detail how he came to this conclusion. The professor has extensive knowledge of both ancient Greek and modern Greek writing, and is also a thorough connoisseur of contemporary writing systems, as well as the most modern technology. If we read the text in Hungarian, only two words, famous (hieres - szent) and lion (arslan) are of foreign origin, the rest only make sense in Hungarian. For those interested, the study in English is available in pdf format (with a detailed list of referenced references) free of charge on the professional journal's website.

On bringing a child into the world: The earth knows what it's doing This is a recording and partial transcription of an impromptu dialogue (although mostly I speak). I responded to the general reluctance of young people that they do not want to have children. Seeing the times ahead of them, they think: Why should I bring a child into the world?

The recording starts mid-sentence...sorry. The transcript belongs to the first part, on the topic of having children, and the despair that comes from the belief that humanity is nature's great flaw.

Someone once asked me the following question at a Q&A: "You owe everyone in this room an apology for selfishly giving birth to four children who will consume resources for the next 90 years. What is your rationale?" \

I replied, "I have no excuse. I did it out of calculation."

I don't remember everything I said, but I'll say the following now. Part of it comes from realizing what human purpose is, and that human beings have purpose at all.

If we don't understand the purpose of being a human being, it will seem like we are just a burden on the planet. But really, the purpose of the human being is to contribute to the life and beauty on Earth and to the further development of what all species are here for. That's why in any ecosystem, if you remove a species - it's not like the deer will be better off if we remove the wolves, or the plankton will be better off if we kill the whales. On the contrary. And when you add a new species, when a new species is born, the ecosystem becomes more complex, which is the entire history of the Earth from multicellular to flowering plants, which is probably the most recent innovation, mammals, et cetera. etc. etc. So that's the purpose of life - to create more life. And the purpose of human beings is that we have not yet found that purpose as a collective, although individual cultures have. But as far as the mass of humanity, mass society, and civilization are concerned, we are not yet mature enough to fully validate the reason for life.

Some sort of initiation is required to enter adulthood, the adulthood of the species. So far we have been in the childhood of the species, doing what children do - taking and taking and taking away from the mother incessantly. This is normal. I don't want my kids to hold back on how much they eat because they're afraid daddy won't be able to provide enough. A nursing mother does not want her baby to breastfeed less because she is afraid that the mother will not be able to give enough milk, the child's job is to receive, grow and play.

Play is the discovery of gifts and the exercise of gifts that, when mature, turn to a creative purpose. So the initiation of, say, a young man into a traditional society may involve an ordeal that brings forth a transcendent part of his being that is no longer merely selfish, and that brings forth an understanding of the purpose of serving the whole tribe—the human tribe, but all tribes of earthly life as well.

Perhaps we can say that civilization is going through such an ordeal right now, due to the crises that are bearing down on us. And it also coincides with a new kind of love (for civilization), which corresponds to the awakening of romantic love in an adolescent, where, in contrast to the relationship with the mother, you no longer only want to receive, but also to give, you want to present your loved one, you want to create together, maybe finally start a family, do something together. Unless one partner is so immature that they act like a big child. But in general, as if this is a new phase of love, and humanity (that is, civilization) is already sensing this. We don't just want to take from the Earth, we want to contribute, give and regenerate.

So, returning to the question of why I have four children - if these children understand and realize the purpose of human existence, then they will be a gift to the Earth. I see my children as my gift to the future. They will be a blessing to this planet, contributing to life and beauty. Because they are not here to have it easy, they are not here to enjoy a perfect world. And this world is so imperfect that, you know, we don't want to bring them into it. They are here with a difficult task, a heroic task, and not in the sense of a hero's journey, but heroic in the sense that they may never be applauded or celebrated for it. Because so much of what needs to be done is so quiet and unassuming.

Anyone who has children who can pass on the next step in the realization of the goal is giving a gift to the future.

On another level, perhaps a more esoteric level, difficult circumstances are necessary for our capacity to love to grow. Like the woman whose son was murdered by Hamas and says in my name that there is no revenge, instead calls for peace, or the man whose daughter was kidnapped and held hostage and says no, it must stop the war. Because, they say, I don't want another parent to ever go through this. Like this.

These souls come here on purpose, all of them, to a place that is hard to love, so that we have to develop skills. And beauty is hard to create. We have to work against something, it's like a muscle working against resistance, and that's what strengthens the soul.

I have this vision of humanity in a pit. I made a three-minute short film about how we got into the pit. But then there's the sequel, which I haven't made yet. This is about how we get out of the pit. This is hell. This world is in it now. This is my inside joke: we are in the sixth or seventh circle of hell. This is what I think of when I wonder why we raise children this way in this society. Why are we born this way? Why do we die like this? Why do we store old people in nursing homes? Why? This whole thing is so fucked up. Why? Why? Well, that's how they do it in the seventh circle of hell.

And how do we get out of the pit? Everyone is holding on and trying to climb the walls, and someone else is grabbing their ankles to try to climb them and pulling them down again, and the human condition just goes on and on and on, cycle after cycle. We are like the writhing mass of humanity trying to get out of hell and trying to improve the human condition. And we never succeeded. We are no better off now than we were in the Middle Ages, when public torture was the norm. But we are not worse off. Only the forms of suffering have changed.

So we try to get out. Eventually we realize that the only way out is to build a human tower. Some, instead of trying to climb over others, crouch down on the edge of the wall, and the next generation climbs onto their shoulders, and the next onto their shoulders, up and up and up. It's also like a race, a long-distance relay race. You go as far as you can, get exhausted, stagger and fall. But you push your child in front of you and he runs the next stage. You hold your child and you get old and weak and you can't do anything anymore, you can't create much anymore. And the last thing you do to push someone up the wall might be reading a story to a three-year-old while you're in your rocking chair. You can still do that and give them some love to make them stronger for climbing.

And one day they reach a certain point and can't go any further. But there is the next generation and the next, and we push each other up the wall.

My mother, for example, was an innovator. She was one of the first women at Yale Law School. He was the first in many things. Back then, it was a bold thing for a woman to go to law school. Your advisor said you could be an executive secretary. Today, it is not daring for a woman to go to law or medical school. More than half of those attending medical school are women. But in my mother's time... for my generation to even think about the thoughts that we think about, it took bold steps from the previous generation. We stand on their shoulders. And the same goes for the next generation. My kids say that daddy doesn't understand this, this, that, the other thing. They still don't understand where I came from. And so each generation climbs on top of the previous one, and finally - and maybe it's your generation - there's the edge of the cliff! You reach up, grab a root, and pull yourself up.

Unfortunately, many parents today drag their children down. They don't trust them. They are not given the resources. They would have to be pushed up and then they would hold on and pull themselves up to the promised land and look around a little bit. Then maybe they put their hands down and pull me up. I feel like my kids are doing this m. Then it's a bit non-linear, but that's how we heal our ancestors.

I encourage people to have children, but it is difficult with the desperation in the world. There are no guarantees. In my parents' and their parents' generation, pretty much everyone believed that their children would have a better life than they did. This was called progress and it was the religion of the day.

That's not the case now, although in a way I think the next generation will have a better life, just not in the sense that we measured a better life. But if we find meaningful things, if we feel that our lives have meaning, if we contribute to something important with our talents, if we are needed, and if we are part of a community that is built on doing something together, then in this sense we really we will have a better life. And if you have another child, your life can be even better. It may be less financially secure, it may have more difficulties, but the absence of difficulties does not make anyone happy.

Tani: That was beautiful. Thanks.

Charles: It's just a story. It's not the whole truth, but there's definitely some truth to it.

Leslie: I really like the feeling that whatever uncertainty we're going to face, we're not going to face the nonsense that people are dealing with now. More and more necessary roles have to be taken on, not just for fun or for a living. No, there is important work to be done. And more and more people are saying this and, as it were, pointing the way to God. And that seems like a very important change. It's interesting because I've never seen so many people, at least in my age group, who have no idea what they're going to do, or what they want to do, or have any aspirations for the direction of their lives.

Charles: Yeah, that's interesting to hear from you. This is because we are in the space between stories. There used to be a story about how we live our lives and how to be a man, how to be a woman, how to do things, get good grades, get a good job, make prudent investments, and so on. Well, this instruction manual no longer provides useful guidance.

And the new structures have not yet formed. You can't just go and find a job that meets the need to do something meaningful. You have to create one somehow.

For our parents, this was not the case. You study, get your PhD, get a job, and contribute to the grand project of civilization. There used to be a map.

Tani: I remember. It was still intact when we were younger,

Leslie: I appreciated the first half of what you said about trials (before you got to the sixth circle of hell), about trials only making us stronger. My friend said the same thing almost verbatim this morning. On a very similar topic. We were in a kind of evolving conversation about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and how we face it, how we accept the war as it is. Here is the ordeal. How do we meet him?

Charles: If someone doesn't show some restraint, things can go bad quickly.

Tani: Which brings me to the other question, which is, you know, I think he's, he's, you know, why would we bring another child into the world? I hear so much - they don't express it that way, because most teenagers don't express themselves that way - but I hear so much despair in his generation about the future of the USA that they won't even be able to live their lives before we somehow collapse or implode.

Charles: The planet knows what it's doing. Life has an intelligence that is obscured by the prevailing ideology that life is just a chemical accident. Gaia knows what she's doing. It is no coincidence that easily accessible mineral deposits are available. It's no coincidence that life spent hundreds of millions of years depositing coils of coal and oil exactly where it was needed to keep civilization running.

We don't really understand anything. This is one of the things I learned in Taiwan. We don't understand much.

Leslie: I hope you're right.

Charles: You know, hope is an interesting word. It can mean longing, but it can also mean a premonition of an opportunity.

I like to invoke a kind of reverse logic that says, "If it were impossible, you wouldn't be here." It simply wouldn't make sense for you to be here, to care so much, and to be willing to express your gifts to this opportunity if it wasn't possible. It's kind of teleological, kind of reverse causation, but it seems true to me. It makes sense that I wouldn't be here if it was useless. I wouldn't have these skills if it didn't make sense.

It's like an ecology. It used to be thought that there were species that were unnecessary. I remember one example, two different types of grass. Originally they thought, well, they're completely redundant, they both occupy the same ecosystem niche. Why are there two? What a waste. One would be enough for the ecosystem. But it turns out that under certain extreme conditions, one grass does much better and helps stabilize the ecosystem. For example, if there is a super drought or something like that. In other circumstances, the other grass satisfies the need.

In ecology, waste is food. The nitrogen produced by nitrogen-fixing bacteria doesn't really help them directly. But it helps a chain that leads back to them. Like ecology, your gifts have a reason. And if we think otherwise, it's kind of an insult to Gaia to say that humans are just a big mistake. Indeed? The gifts of our hands and minds - are they just a big mistake? They were not created for the same purpose, they were not born for the same purpose as all other species. It is a perverse kind of anthropocentrism to say that we are the exception to nature. To say that we are better than other living beings is no different than to say that we are the worst. It is quite arrogant to think that we are nature's fault.
ANCIENT DIET: 1. Your diet is almost certainly lacking in gelatin.  Here's why that's a bad thing Delicious oxtail, a gelatin-rich cut of beef that will feature in next week's recipes alongside other inexpensive cuts like calf's feet and pig's ears.
After yesterday's about-the-world post, we're continuing our usual routine with a two-parter on the benefits of adding gelatin to your diet. In part one, I'll talk about why you're probably missing gelatin from your diet and why that's a bad thing. And in the next part, I'll give you some recipes that you can use to make dishes rich in gelatin, including cheap, delicious and extremely nutritious bone broth.

As we know from Weston Price, the modern diet lacks many things. One such thing that Price doesn't talk about much, if at all, is collagen, the cooked form of which we refer to as gelatin. For the purposes of this paper, the two materials and terms are simply considered interchangeable.

When people talk about the benefits of gelatin, they usually mention its benefits for the skin and joints, both of which are very valid.

Collagen is extremely important for the structure of the body's tissues. Here's why:

Collagens are a family of extracellular proteins that give skin its ability to move, stretch, and retract into its shape. In the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, thin, hard, flexible collagen molecules run between neighboring cells. And the larger collagen bundles form strips that intertwine in a continuous layer under the epidermis, in the part of the skin called the dermis.

Collagens are not only in the skin, they are everywhere and give strength to all tissues. Just as collagen fibers running between skin cells hold the outermost layer of skin together, collagens also connect adjacent cells in all glands and organs, from collagen-rich, robust tissues like bone and heart valves to soft, mushy, lower-collagen organs like the brain, liver and lungs. Collagen bundles form extensive strips and sheets in harder tissues, such as the ligaments and tendons that surround joints and hold the skeleton together. Collagen is the most common type of protein in the body; about 15 percent of its dry weight is pure collagen (dry weight is body weight without water, which is about 60 percent of the total weight of a normal adult male). Without it, we would not only fall apart at our joints; we would literally fall apart into little piles of individual cells. Although it may seem like an obvious connection, doctors are only now beginning to appreciate the connection between collagen strength and sports and, for those whose jobs involve lifting or manual labor, work performance. Research now shows that people with weak collagen suffer more injuries throughout their lives. (Catherine Shanahan, Deep Nutrition, p. 306)

If our diet is deficient in gelatin, our collagen-rich tissues will suffer. A lack of gelatin is responsible for skin aging, including sun damage, joint problems, and even cellulite. Consuming enough gelatin is therefore essential if you want to keep these tissues in optimal condition - and of course you should.

However, there are more benefits to consuming gelatin than glowing skin and smooth functioning joints, as the late Dr. Ray Peat informed us, and I want to talk about these lesser-known benefits in the rest of this article. Although Peat is best known for his beet salad, which recently became something of a TikTok sensation, and his important work on vegetable and seed oils (also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFAs) and sugar, he had some very interesting things to say about the protective role of gelatin in the traditional diet and about the negative effects of gelatin deficiency in the modern diet.

In simpler terms, the lack of gelatin in the modern diet is due to the fact that we have abandoned the head-to-toe eating style favored by our ancestors, where virtually no animal part was wasted. I've talked about this modern prejudice at length, so I won't repeat it again, suffice it to say that the vast majority of people get most of their animal protein from lean cuts of meat, not from things like organ meats, skin, blood, bone broth and tougher pieces of meat cooked on the bone. Lean cuts of meat contain very little gelatin, but a lot of other types of protein. Gelatin, being a substance of animal origin, is completely absent from vegetarian and plant-based diets.

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