No more unvaccinated soldiers, just disarmed anti-vaccinations
No more unvaccinated soldiers, just disarmed anti-vaccinations

No more unvaccinated soldiers, only disarmed anti-vaccination
February 2, 2022 168 / MTI

The disarmament of unvaccinated soldiers has begun in the United States.

The disarmament of U.S. soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus will begin with immediate effect, Christine Wormuth, the Secretary of State for the U.S. Army, said on Wednesday.

The rationale is that this step is essential to maintain the combat readiness of the army. The measure covers active and reserve members of the land army as well as cadets. Exceptions are those with approved or pending exemptions.

In August 2021, the Pentagon ordered vaccination to be mandatory for U.S. military soldiers. The vast majority of soldiers of different weapons have already received at least the first dose of coronavirus vaccines. Seventy-nine U.S. soldiers have died from complications of coronavirus infection.

“The readiness of the army depends heavily on the ability of soldiers to practice, mobilize, fight and win the wars of our country,” Secretary of State Christine Wormuth said. "Unvaccinated soldiers pose a risk to the armed forces and endanger combat readiness," the official added. The other U.S. forces, including the Air Force, have already begun disarming soldiers without relief.


The Biden regime wants to start a war with Russia to terrorize the American peopleThe Biden regime wants to start a war with Russia to terrorize the American people
In their absurd despair, we now see the publishers of the White House and deep state propaganda ragged mouthpieces (WashPost, NYT, CNN, etc.) pushing aggressively to break out the war with Russia. The creation of a "major emergency" (i.e., international war) will allow the Biden regime to continue to terrorize the American people in all sorts of malicious ways. It also creates a cover story for Biden’s catastrophic economic failures, which are already pushing millions of Americans into food shortages, unemployment and homelessness. With the outbreak of the (artificial) war with Russia, Biden’s men would likely be able to get a state of emergency declared and a state of war in the U.S. as a “war” police operation. From there, they plan to

Russian warships are heading to the Black SeaRussian warships sail into the Black Sea
Six Russian warships are sailing into the Black Sea from the Mediterranean, Reuters reported. Team movement is part of a pre-planned military exercise. The six ships are scheduled to pass through the Turkish Straits to the Black Sea on Tuesday and Wednesday. Russia announced last month that the Russian Navy would conduct a comprehensive military exercise in January and February with the participation of all its fleets from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The ships include Korolev, Minsk and Kaliningrad, which will sail across the Bosphorus on Tuesday, while Pyotr Morgunov, Georgy Pobedonozec and Olenegorsky Gornyak are expected to cross the strait on Wednesday. NATO member Turkey could legally close the strait if Russia launches military action against Ukraine.

Facebook blackmails with withdrawalThe Zuckerbergs gave a Facebook
ultimatum to extort. Either the European Union will allow them or they will withdraw.
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has come up with an ultimate demand: if it can’t store data from EU users on US servers, it will shut down those services and exit the European market. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in an annual report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that if his company is unable to operate its services as usual, they could leave the EU. Zuckerberg points out that the Meta has so far used the so-called Privacy Shield framework as a legal basis for the flow and processing of data between the EU and the US. However, in June 2020, the European Court of Justice ruled in favor of the transatlantic framework with the GDPR regulation, which ensures that


28. December 2021

Edith Brötzner: "Professor Bhakdi, thank you for taking the time to interview. You made a very interesting video with Professor Burkhardt about the vaccinations, which are not really vaccines. What are the most important information?"

Prof. Bhakdi: "First, that" vaccination "is not necessary at all because this virus is less dangerous than an influenza virus. Second, that" vaccination "will never be able to protect against an infection because the antibodies that are produced in the blood by the immune system into the blood and not into the airways through the mucous membranes where the viruses come in. So the vaccine can't work at all. It really has to be digested by humans. vaccination on our body, our life.This is proven.

Namely prof. Proven by the work of Arne Burkhardt, one of Germany’s most experienced pathologists. With more than 40 years of professional experience and more than 150 scientific publications. A retired professor like me who stood up and said, "I want to know this now!" And the result we got is so clear ... that we reported on it at an international meeting on December 10th (in English) and now replaced it in a video (in German) that everyone can watch, prof. With pictures and explanations from Burkhardt. This video is on Rumble, not Youtube, because it's deleted there.

But now a scientist has collected this data. He was not paid for it, on the contrary, he paid for doing these tests himself. You need to think about this! And the results are so obvious that we are now calling on all the doctors in the world, not just the Austrian doctors - the health ministers are doctors too - look at the evidence, damn it, and don't talk nonsense and still lie to people that the "vaccination "secure. You must not, you cannot, you will make yourself punishable! Because what I'm testing now, after that data is already known ...

And what do these data tell us? The data screams into our faces that a high percentage of vaccinees are likely to be respected. it will surely be damaged because the killer lymphocytes enter the tissue of the heart muscle and we will find them there after the person has died. If he doesn't die, they won't be found. But where the killer lymphocytes are, there must be suspicion, people, doctors! Killer lymphocytes are where something needs to be killed.

And killer lymphocytes kill the body's own cells that make the viral protein (in this case, spike protein). Prof. Burkhardt found them in more than 90 percent of the cases, in 16 of 17 cases. The deceased were between the ages of 28 and 90 and all had the same lesions. So it may not be that these lesions were not from vaccination. That is not possible. What’s more, they died at home and didn’t even notice they were sick until they died. Can you imagine that? They died at home, either at work or in their cars or while playing sports, in some nursing homes

. or you have to learn to live with it. "

Prof. Bhakdi: "What everyone in this country and even around the world should understand is that there are tissues that cannot regenerate. Everyone knows that the cells in the brain, for example, cannot regenerate, so if the brain is damaged and these poor cells will be destroyed, destroyed by the damn vaccination ... and I will tell you that the cells can be destroyed anywhere by the vaccination, they can cause thousands of symptoms ... and you will never recover 100 percent from these damage.

And the heart, the heart can not regenerate either. The heart has to beat for a lifetime, up to 100 years. To say that today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in 10 years or 20 years, you will die of a heart problem or be unable to work, I do not want to say anything. All I can say and that is prof. Arne Burkhardt also said there is much that can be improved, but the heart is never. Whoever says otherwise understands nothing from the first-year medical material.

If your health ministers don't understand, throw it out! If you do not know this, you should not be a health minister. If you know and keep quiet, you shouldn’t be a health minister either. Don't you understand people? Austrians, don't put your kids against a wall and don't tell them to shoot, because it's just a water gun. This gun is loaded. You cannot endanger the hearts of your children. This is a crime. And for this crime in Buddhism ... I believe in karma, ... evil comes from evil, you will reap the "fruit" of evil ... you sow evil, you will reap evil. That's one thing.

Of course, if the adults want to do that and they say it's a few years out of my life, now I want to go to the theater blah-blah-blah .. and if people in the theater say they can only come if you're vaccinated and you leave it, then I say, you are at fault. You are so wrong! And then I ask you to go, vaccinate yourself, but damn it, leave the kids!
I would also like to say that the second organ involved was the lungs. Of the 17 cases examined, 16 showed lesions in different organs, but all 16 had abnormalities in the heart, plus lung lesions, lung self-destruction, and then lesions in the liver, pancreas, thyroid, and brain.

People, are you crazy? And you, Austrian doctors? Think about how great your doctors and researchers were, but what you're testing right now is unspeakable ... you can't do that, you can't do that. "

Dr. Aseem Malhotra @DrAseemMalhotra

For individuals, friends or relatives who have unexpectedly suffered a heart attack, sudden cardiac death or myocarditis within one year of mRNA administration, please send an e-mail with the permission of the journalist.
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COVID vaccines: Why they do not work and convincing evidence of their causal role in post-vaccination deathsCOVID Vaccines: Why They Do Not Work and Convincing Evidence for Their Causal Role in Post-
Vaccination Deaths Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Professor Arne Burkhardt present scientific evidence calling for the immediate discontinuation of COVID-19 gene-based vaccines. They explain why these vaccines cannot protect against viral infection. No positive effect is expected. According to professors, vaccines are more likely to trigger self-destructive processes that lead to serious illness and even death.
How does COVID injection suppress the immune system?How does COVID injection suppress the immune system?
In an unreviewed research study published just this week, Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., describes the mechanism of COVID injections that result in the suppression of the innate immune system. It does this by blocking the type 1 interferon pathway. In this interview, the returning guest is Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior researcher at MIT who has been working at MIT for more than five decades on the latest, “Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations. The Role of G -quadruplexes, Exosomes and MicroRNSs "co-authored with Dr. Peter McCullough and two other authors, Dr. Greg Nigh and Dr. Anthony Kyriakopoulos. Earlier, Nigh and Seneff co-wrote a full study detailing the differences between spike protein and COVID jab spike protein.Vaccines actually suppress the innate immune system.
Scientists begin study of experimental HIV vaccine based on the same breakthrough mRNA technology used in Moderna CovidScientists begin study of experimental HIV vaccine based on the same breakthrough mRNA technology used in Moderna Covid
A total of 56 Americans have been admitted to test the Moderna HIV vaccine. They received their first vaccine at George Washington University last month. The vaccine is expected to elicit the same immune response as the Covid vaccine. Moderna has launched testing of an HIV vaccine that uses the same breakthrough mRNA technology used to vaccinate Covid. The U.S. pharmaceutical giant recruited 56 non-HIV-infected volunteers to test the vaccine. The dose was administered at George Washington University last month, authorities said. There is currently no cure for HIV, which affects about 100,000 Britons and 1.2 million Americans. Although there are prophylactic medicines, they should be taken daily, as a single dose, a vaccine that provides lifelong protection could be a breakthrough in a disease that claims millions of lives. Moderna recruited 56 Americans between the ages of 18 and 50 who were not HIV-infected to test the vaccine, and the first volunteers received the injection last month at George Washington University. Vaccination against HIV uses the same mRNA technology as the injection of pharmaceutical giant Covid.
Experts warn of increased risk of HIV infection associated with some COVID-19 vaccinesExperts warn of increased risk of HIV infection associated with some COVID-19 vaccines
Vaccines that use the Ad5 vector are said to carry a risk of HIV infection. In recent days, we have learned about the AIDS virus, HIV: the emergence of a new version and an increase in the number of cases. The WHO voiced concern last November as the number of tests to detect the disease has declined as they focused primarily on Covid during the pandemic. The lack of control measures would have led to a higher number of infections. This would be one of the main reasons for the increased presence of HIV infections. However, this may not be the only reason, as Forbes reported in October 2020 that "researchers have warned that some Covid-19 vaccines may increase the risk of HIV infection".
Government informant warned in 1995 of global depopulation using artificial bioweaponsA government informant warned of global depopulation in 1995 using artificial bioweapons
Phil Schneider, a former government geologist and engineer of a deep underground military base, was killed (executed) after disclosing staggering details of what he knew in 1995. In the archived speeches, Schneider describes a biological weapon to reduce the global human population and then a system of world government dictatorship to subjugate survivors. It sounds familiarly? Sounds like what we’ve all witnessed over the last two years?
School of Virus Dictators and Tyrants: Implementing the Great Reset Plan of the Background Power on thisSchool of Virus Dictators and Tyrants: The Great Reset Plan of the Background Power Entrusted to These "Young Global" Politicians - From Klaus Schwab's Incubator
Economist Ernst Wolff believes a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is taking advantage of the epidemic to collapse national economies and introduce the global digital currency and the New World Order. How is it possible that more than 190 governments around the world handled COVID-19 in almost exactly the same way, and short circuits, mask obligations, and vaccination cards are now commonplace everywhere? How is it possible that even propaganda voices are the same in every country? (see "Either vaccinate yourself or die" The answer may lie in the Young Global Leaders School, founded and run by Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, through which many of today's prominent political and business leaders have embarked on the path to the top. We’ve already written a lot of articles about Schwab’s Great Reset plan, but it’s also time to report on the executive mechanism! German economist, journalist and writer Ernst Wolff in a podcast video of the German Corona Commission revealed some facts about Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” school that are important for understanding world events during a pandemic.
The craze goes on: Most intensive care units are full of unvaccinated peopleThe fuss goes on: the majority of intensive care units are full of vaccines The
number of coronavirus patients in hospital is increasing, and statistics show an increase in casualties in recent days. According to doctor Gábor Zacher, almost only the unvaccinated are in the intensive care unit due to the omicron, and the elderly, chronic patients. Zacher pointed out that people in their 40s and 50s will get through the omicron sooner. He added that those who go to the hospital have other diseases than the coronavirus, but in the meantime it turns out they are. "There is peace. There are hardly any serious patients in the COVID wards. Those who are treated intensively are unvaccinated patients in 99 percent of cases," Zacher said.
During the siege of the Canadian capital, a state of emergency was declaredCanadian capital under siege, state of emergency declared
Ottawa authorities blockade of Canadian truckers originally ordered by authorities to order compulsory coronavirus vaccination for truck drivers commuting between the US and Canada if they do not want to be quarantined for two weeks to fill. The protests soon became a gathering place for demonstrators for epidemiological restrictions and the rights of unvaccinated civilians: several organizations have since joined the demonstrators, and even confederation and Nazi flags have been seen in several places (so to speak, of course).. Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa, has already ordered a state of emergency to end a ten-day truck demonstration that has completely paralyzed the city center. The mayor has previously stated that the number of protesters exceeds that of the police, so the authority is not in control of the situation, so the capital's leadership is asking for help from other administrative areas and the government.
Britain’s unethical Covid messages should never be repeatedBritain’s unethical Covid messages should never be repeated
For the past two years, under the guise of a Covid-19 communication strategy, the British have been subjected to psychological bombardment by their own government. Who could forget the constant images during the pandemic that warned people to stay home to "save lives," students were told that breaking the rules would amount to "killing their grandmother" or "look him in the eye." a campaign that showed Covid patients in the hospital in an oxygen mask and asked people to never break the rules and keep a "safe distance" from others. Even now, as the number of Covid cases continues to decline, we are surrounded by billboards with black Covid particles hanging in the air like smoke,
Our party and government: WE ARE NECK IN THE FOURTH WAVEOur party and government: WE ARE NECK IN THE FOURTH WAVE
Now "we are in the fourth wave to the neck", the hard part is next, and the only thing that protects us is vaccination, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Kossuth radio Good morning, Hungary! in his show. The prime minister also talked about the fact that the vast majority of Hungarians support reducing fuel prices. The prime minister explained that those who are not vaccinated are in danger of death. Everyone is responsible for themselves, but there is more to it than that, because everyone who is not vaccinated is a danger not only to themselves but to others, he said. He added that protection measures do not protect against the virus, they only slow down the spread of the epidemic. He said that 4-6 months after the second vaccination, its protective effect is reduced, so it is justified to take the third vaccination. The level of protection after the third vaccination is much higher,
The fifth wave is at its peak: plenty of new infections have been identified todayThe fifth wave is at its peak: plenty of new infections have been identified today
17,894 new infections have been confirmed, bringing the total number of identified infections to 1,600,411 since the outbreak began. The number of vaccinated persons was 6,366,402, of whom 6,107,843 had already received the second and 3,700,305 had already received the third vaccine. 17,894 new infections have been confirmed, bringing the total number of identified infections to 1,600,411 since the outbreak began. The majority of the 88 deaths were elderly and chronic, bringing the number of deaths to 41,636. The number of people recovered is constantly increasing, currently 1,330,876 and the number of active infected people is 227,899. There are 4,451 patients with coronavirus hospitalized, 163 of whom are on ventilators. 94% of infections are already caused by the omicron. The government announced today that vaccination certificates will be valid for a longer period, with two vaccinations, until 1 May, in line with the practice of EU countries. Gergely Gulyás also reported that according to the majority of virologists, Hungary is at the peak of the fifth wave, and as soon as the number of infections has risen, it is expected to decrease at the same rate.
Hungarian experts talk about the sixth wave of the epidemic: Miklós Rusvai has revealed whether he is asking for the fourth vaccinationHungarian experts talk about the sixth wave of the epidemic: Miklós Rusvai has revealed whether he is asking for the fourth vaccination
The fifth wave of the epidemic is coming to an end, but there is no complete agreement among experts as to exactly when this could happen. For the time being, it is also uncertain whether another wave of epidemics will come in the autumn. The coronavirus epidemic is on the decline, but Miklós Rusvai says it is only possible to breathe a sigh of relief if the number of hospital admissions starts to decline, ATV Híradó reported. The virologist believes that even after the epidemic curve has flattened, one cannot recline, he personally expects higher epidemiological numbers until the summer. "It's a long time until the summer, another variant may appear," he warned. The so-called stealth omicron is not a new variant, but a subspecies of omicron that has been infecting humans at home for some time. Anyway, Miklós Rusvai would not give himself the vaccination for the fourth time.
The 7th Wave will start on July 31stThe 7th Wave kicks off on July 31. I
greet you on my channel. I work as an astrologer, I will introduce you to the world of card throwing and the secrets of numerology. I have great experience and success in the German-speaking areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I worked for TV for years on spiritual shows. I live on the island of Mallorca with my husband, and from here you mediate.
According to Slavs, a supermutant could come that would even trick super vaccinesAccording to Slavs, a supermutant could come that would even trick super vaccines
János Slavik is worried that another variant will come, which is completely different from the previous ones and will avoid vaccinations. Slavik sees that there is currently no guarantee that another variant will come, which could again infect both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Several countries are tightening epidemiological restrictions and introducing compulsory vaccinations, but Slavik told TV2 that this was not a good solution. There is no need to tighten up, I do not think it is a good decision to introduce compulsory vaccinations when we see that milder, milder variations are coming, people are learning more and more about living with the virus, ”he said. After Slavik, Miklós Rusvai, another of the government's favorite veterinarians, also spoke at Spirit FM. His expertise does not match that of Slavic at all points.
Coronavirus: There have never been more serious patients in Israel than nowCoronavirus: There have never been more serious patients in Israel than now
On Sunday morning, 1,263 serious cases were recorded out of 2,888 coronavirus patients treated in Israeli hospitals. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, most serious Covid patients have been cared for in Israel, although fewer and fewer new infections are being identified, a health ministry website said Sunday. On Sunday morning, 1263 serious cases were recorded out of 2888 Covid patients treated in Israeli hospitals, 291 in need of a ventilator and 19 in the use of an operating room (ECMO machine). This is not only the fifth wave of outbreaks caused by the omicron virus variant, but also the highest number of severe cases since the outbreak of the coronavirus. On Saturday, 33,374 virus carriers were diagnosed with fewer-than-usual tests, nearly 150,000, with a positivity rate of nearly 28.9 percent, a relatively low number from previous days.
Coronavirus: Hong Kong enforces the strictest rules to dateCoronavirus: Hong Kong enforces the strictest rules to date
With several temporary closures, a ban on gatherings of more than 2 families. Public gatherings will be maximized in two people and the new "vaccine pass" will be extended to shopping malls and other public places, sources say. Hong Kong confirmed 625 new coronavirus infections, breaking a daily record for the third day in a row. - The limit on public gatherings has been tightened to two, but families with more than two members are exempt, and inter-family gatherings involving more than two families are prohibited. - The vaccination permit has been extended to shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, water markets, religious sites and salons, the latter two remaining closed until 24 February. - In "D" type restaurants, meals are limited to four people, "B" and "C" type restaurants for two people. - Doubling the fine for non-compliance with the mandatory tests to HK $ 10,000. (about 400 thousand HUF)
Professionalism has been overridden by loyalty and party loyalty in healthcareProfessionalism has been overridden by loyalty in health care, party loyalty
According to Dr. Zsombor Kunetz, there is no segment of Hungarian healthcare that has developed in the last twelve years, and the lack of decisions or the impact of bad decisions has been exacerbated by the pandemic. According to the expert, only society can force change in a country where Fidesz has been elected for twelve years without a health program. Orban policy will respond immediately to health care problems if it becomes vital to it. As long as it isn’t, you don’t have to deal with it. However, the last twelve years have shown that this is not vital for the Orbán government. You can win an election, you can stay in power without it, said Dr. Kunetz Zsombor is a specialist and health analyst.
For the first time in Europe, all covid rules will be abolished: no mask, no quarantineFor the first time in Europe, all covid rules will be abolished: no mask, no quarantine
The British have chosen to try to live with the coronavirus from now on. Boris Johnson announced today that all epidemic restrictions on the coronavirus in Britain will be lifted by the end of the month. This now includes the fact that from March, those who have tested positive for covid will no longer have to go into voluntary quarantine. Just as those who have the flu are required by law to segregate. The British prime minister said the detailed rules would be worked out after 21 February, but as epidemiological indicators are very positive, the restrictions could be lifted weeks earlier than previously planned. According to the first proposal, the current restrictions would have been lifted on 24 March. There have been 66,183 new cases of coronavirus in the UK in the last 24 hours, up 41 per cent from a week earlier. There were fewer new infections in the archipelago on December 14th. At the same time, the number of hospital admissions is steadily declining, but the number of deaths has risen for the first time in six days, with 314 people dying in the previous 24 hours.

Not only is the sinner who puts out a diabolical plan, but everyone is an accomplice who unknowingly or consciously assists in accomplishing it!
Many unfortunately pay for it with their lives! It is very important to stand up for ourselves! It is inevitable that we will take our destiny into our own hands and make our own decisions in our lives! Let’s make our decisions so conscious that we don’t have to say later that they cheated us on anything!

We can see that by arousing fear, masses can be influenced, deceived, and persuaded to do certain things. Then you don't even notice, you do these things automatically, out of habit, so you don't have to say ...!

Unfortunately, if we go into it under the influence, we will undertake certain things, and it will be a problem later, no one will excuse us, compensate us for our naivety, our credulity, our ignorance! What could be more important than our health, our naturally functioning immune system? We need to pay particular attention and use the utmost care about what interventions we allow for our children and for our own bodies as well!
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The trouble is huge - it has turned out how much public debt the Orbán government has brought together!
The trouble is huge - it has turned out how much public debt the Orbán government has brought together!

The trouble is huge - it has turned out how much public debt the Orbán government has brought together!
Károly G. Kovács 2022-01-02

The next government is facing an amazing challenge, even if Fidesz-KDNP wins the elections again, as they will no longer be able to hide their public debt from their constituents.

The country’s leaders will have to face the fact that the Orbán government has squandered money in an unprecedented way over the past 12 years. And this is evident in the public debt, which has taken on brutal proportions!


While the public debt did not reach 20,000 billion when the Orbán government came to power in 2010, this number has doubled due to 12 years of poor governance, SO THE DEBT IS ALREADY OVER 40 THOUSAND BILLIONS!

This makes its mark on everyday life, the country is unable to create a stable economy where prices do not rise steadily and wages and pensions do not lose value. Unfortunately, Fidesz has created a world where only the privileged 1 percent can live well, while the majority are drifting into worse conditions.

Aware of these, the current government slogan would actually sound like Hungary is not going forward, it is going backwards!

And the only solution is a change of government, as the Orbans would increase public debt as much as possible, rather than struggling to reduce it, as they have done in the last 12 years.

It collapses pretty slowly on Orbán's card card - the people of the government are falling in line!It collapses pretty slowly on Orbán's card card - the people of the government are falling in line!
The fact that several of his people have recently been charged with a crime could cause a serious headache for Viktor Orbán. Recently, Pál Völner found himself in a distressed situation, and now an audio recording of a government commissioner has emerged. According to the material in Népszava's possession, the material, which was secretly recorded in December, was prepared at a meeting at a hotel in Budapest, where Attila Sztojka, Commissioner for Roma Affairs, Director General of the Ministry of the Interior Drom representatives and allies. Stojka offered contracts to those who are "in this circle" through the leaked audio recording through the directorate-general he leads. "The goal is not to walk you badly. So far, whoever has sat in this circle,
No member of the government other than Pál Völner is involved in the executive corruption scandal, the prosecutor's office said.No member of the government other than Pál Völner is involved in the executive corruption scandal, the prosecutor's office said.
There are no suspicions that a government member other than Pál Völner has been involved in a corruption case involving the chairman of the Hungarian Judicial Executive Faculty, the Central Prosecutor's Office said, adding that Péter Márki-Zay's statement was unfounded. according to "prosecution documents prove that a member of the government regularly received bribes abroad from the chairman of the executive faculty". The opposition's prime ministerial candidate was asked by videographers on Tuesday what he was basing his statement on. Based on his answer, Márki-Zay did not have any additional information compared to what was published in the press. The prosecution writes in the statement that that, according to the investigation file, George Schadl and another suspect called each other my Master. We first wrote about the name My Master in our article on on December 17, after we were the first to look at the transcripts of the Schadl-Völner case, Schadl referred to a person he had met abroad. At the time, we wrote that insiders familiar with the matter said my Master may be a government politician who is certainly not Völner.
A bishop of Transylvania asked the faithful to vote in the Hungarian electionsA bishop of Transylvania asked the faithful to vote in the Hungarian election
István Csűry, a Reformed bishop from Transylvania, wrote to his followers about the successes of the Hungarian government and the rogues on the left. He asked the faithful to register and vote in the Hungarian elections. The diocese responded to RTL Híradó by saying that the letter does not campaign for Fidesz and leaves it to the conscience of the faithful to vote for.
Orbán steps in: the government gives HUF 7.8 billion to Catholic investments in TransylvaniaOrbán steps in: the government gives HUF 7.8 billion to Catholic investments in Transylvania
The type of investment in question is not disclosed in the relevant government decision. This year and in the next two years, the Hungarian government will give a total of HUF 7.8 billion to Catholic investments in Transylvania, according to a resolution published on Monday evening. The beneficiaries are the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Michael in Cluj-Napoca, the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Stephen in Gheorgheni, the Institute of Priestly Education in Gyulafehérvár and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Gyulafehérvár. What kind of investment is involved is not stated in the government decision. The Minister of Finance must ensure that the money is "available" from an unspecified source, but it has been stipulated that this amount to be used in Romania should be booked to the "Economic Restart Fund" budget chapter.
"I will destroy you!" Such is the real Orbán! Are you planning this with us?
Shocking details were revealed about what was really in Viktor Orbán's mind. The prime minister threatened to destroy his own allies — but then what plans could he have with his opponents?
Viktor Orbán thinks about the world with brutal cruelty. This was revealed in a recollection published by the New York Times as part of an analysis. The prestigious paper quoted by goes through the process of how Fidesz was pushed out of the mainstream of European politics and left the People's Party. In this regard, an official is quoted who knew exactly what was said in May 2018, when Orbán met in Brussels with then-party chairman Joseph Daul and his successor, Manfred Weber. All this happened shortly after Fidesz's election victory, when, according to the source, Orbán, with his fresh two-thirds behind him, "felt like he was on a steroid." When the People's Party leaders warned the Hungarian Prime Minister that if he continued his aggressive policy, Fidesz's membership in the People's Party could be jeopardized, Orbán said: "If you try to fire me, I will destroy you." This astonishingly aggressive style reveals exactly how Viktor Orbán actually thinks about the world.
Péter Szijjártó: An important result is that the Hungarian economy is now on several legsPéter Szijjártó: An important result is that the Hungarian economy is now on several legs
One of the most important results of the last ten to twelve years is that the Hungarian economy is now on several legs and many of its sectors are internationally competitive, thanks to which the country was able to overcome the difficulties of the world economy, said Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in Aszód. According to the announcement of the ministry, the head of the ministry took part in the announcement of the investment of the Turkish Sisecam group in Aszód. The state provides HUF 650 million in support for the HUF 3 billion development of the company, which manufactures glass products for the automotive industry. The project, which will be completed by the end of this year, will create a hundred new jobs. In his speech, the Foreign Minister emphasized that we could witness the emergence of a new world order as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, of which Hungary is clearly one of the winners.
The stock of retail government securities reached HUF 10,000 billion!The stock of retail government securities reached HUF 10,000 billion!
The role of foreigners is decreasing, that of Hungarian families is strengthening in debt financing: in 2010, 60% of the debt was in the hands of foreigners, today it is one third. At that time, only 3% of the public debt was in the hands of the Hungarian people, today this proportion has improved to 25%. This means that Hungary now has the highest public participation in public debt financing in Europe. This will reduce the country's vulnerability, increase stability, keep interest income with families, and increase the income of non-foreigners. It is also due to this that Hungary has been on its own in the economic crisis caused by the epidemic.
Another scandal: there is evidence that Fidesz is behind the camouflage parties - we showAnother scandal: there is evidence that Fidesz is behind the camouflage parties - we show
Slowly but surely, every detail of the camouflage scams comes to light. Fidesz is behind the camouflage parties, Ákos Hadházy wrote in his Facebook post on Thursday. The MP published an excerpt from a telephone tapping in which former Socialist János Zuschlag talks to Péter Táncsics, who was the president of the New Hungary Party, which won 1,578 votes in the 2014 elections but received HUF 149.2 million in campaign support: "I show a document which reveals a lot about who and how they run this country.This is a transcript of a telephone tapping (its encryption has already been declassified, so I do not commit an offense by publishing it) in which János Zuschlag (in the undercover investigation: Comet) speaks to former socialist Péter Táncsics won 1,578 votes in the 2014 elections,
Here is the evidence - behind the scenes, Fidesz and the balliberal side are intertwinedHere is the evidence - behind the scenes, Fidesz and the balliberal side are intertwined
While they fight fiercely in public, behind the scenes, in the dark corridors of parliament, they represent the same in key fundamental issues, as politicians in Fidesz and the balliberal side actually serve the globalist, liberal world system. Hungarian society has now received tangible evidence of this, as it turned out that Fidesz's number one oligarch, Lőrinc Mészáros, is secretly doing business with László Bige, who is openly a supporter of the candidate for prime minister, Péter Márki-Zay. Mészáros has paid more than HUF 10 billion to László Bige in the last two months with a cash advance. The number one oligarch of the NER is thus doing business with Bigie, a billionaire who is allegedly fiercely persecuted by the authorities, and about whom the Minister of Agriculture of Fidesz said that he had damaged the Hungarian farming community by HUF 36 billion. It is clear from this that a well-planned play is going on before our eyes, they are trying to deceive and deceive the Hungarian people.
According to Judit Varga, OSCE observers are SorosAccording to Judit Varga, OSCE observers are Soros
"We look forward to seeing the OSCE observers in Hungary!" - Minister of Justice Judit Varga wrote on Facebook. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) issued a recommendation last Friday recommending the deployment of more than two hundred election observers to the Hungarian elections. Judit Varga wrote that the opposition "is already affected by the news while there is no problem with it". Similar missions have been present in Hungary in recent years, and we even like to send observers to other countries. It is customary, routine, said the minister, who no longer mentioned that the OSCE had only sent a full-fledged mission to another EU country, Bulgaria, which had performed worse than Hungary in corruption surveys.
Truckers are already demonstrating in Hungary following the Canadian model, they are also waiting for participants from TransylvaniaTruckers are already demonstrating in Hungary following the Canadian model, they are also waiting for participants from Transylvania
Telex reported that by 2:15 p.m. 80 cars gathered at the Mogyoród junction of the M3 motorway to launch a multi-day solidarity action with Hungarian and international truckers to stifle the global elite. Attila Szűcs, the event told the paper, is still around 4 p.m. the same number of cars are waiting there. The paper writes that convoys also come from county towns and Transylvania, and according to the plan, the majority of those who arrive there spend the night in Mogyoród. The series of events is called Hungarian Freedom Convoy 2022, and is essentially the Hungarian branch of the larger, international World Freedom Convoy 2022 movement born after the Canadian convoy. The plan is for the protesters to arrive in Brussels at the same time on 14 February. The call reads: "We call on everyone to take action; those who feel it is enough and rejects unjustified and unlawful coercive measures; who feels like an adult and responsible to decide for themselves the health and fate of their children; whose conviction is that real and conscious democracy and social agreement are needed instead of the dictatorship twisted by the ruling forces. "

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