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They poison the Hungarian people, you SHARE the children!
Mandatory poison vaccination, under police coercion, on a 14-year-old child.
Hepatitis B. ALARM !!! Programmed homicide, genocide!


Ohio judge orders hospital to treat COVID-19 ventilator patient with Ivermectin
Ohio judge orders hospital to treat COVID-19 ventilator patient with Ivermectin

Li Hai August 31, 2021

A judge in Butler County, Ohio, ordered the hospital to provide emergency care and administer Ivermectin to a ventilator-treated COVID-19 patient at the request of the patient's wife.

Butler County Common Ground Judge Gregory Howard decided last week that West Chester Hospital, part of the University of Cincinnati UC Health Network, should "administer Ivermectin" immediately to Jeffrey Smith after his doctor prescribed 30 mg of Ivermectin - reported in the Ohio Capital Journal .

Smith, 51, is a Verizon Wireless engineer in Butler County. Action brought by his wife, Julie Smith ( pdf), Smith was positive at COVID-19 on July 9 and was admitted to West Chester Hospital on July 15. He was delivered to the intensive care unit (ICU) on the same day.

Smith's condition continued to deteriorate and he was placed on a ventilator on August 1st. By Aug. 19, the ventilator was operating at 80 percent power, and Smith’s chances of survival had dropped below 30 percent, according to court documents. At this point, the hospital claimed to have exhausted all possibilities of the COVID-19 treatment protocol.

“At this point, the defendant can’t, that is, will not do more for my husband,” Julie wrote in a statement in her complaint.

"But I can't give it up, even if the defendant resigned," Julie continued. "There is no reason for a defendant not to approve or authorize another form of treatment until its benefit outweighs the risk."

Julie read about lawsuits reported by the Chicago Tribune and The Buffalo News in which patients with a serious condition from COVID-19 later recovered after receiving Ivermectin.

These patients won a lawsuit and forced their hospitals to treat them with Ivermectin.

In these cases, each plaintiff was represented by attorney Ralph Lorigo, president of the Erie County Conservative Party in New York, who later became one of Julie’s attorneys.

According to court documents, Julie asked the hospital to treat her husband with Ivermectin, but the hospital refused to do so, despite Julie offering to absolve them of "all" responsibility.

Julie then sought medical advice from Dr. Fred Wagshul, who later prescribed Ivermectin for her husband. But the hospital still refused this treatment, and the doctor advised him to file a lawsuit against the hospital.

"Since he has nothing to lose at all, the risk is small, and the defendant is likely to begin palliative care, there is no reason to refuse Dr. Wagshul's instruction and prescription for Ivermectin," Julie said in a statement.

Wagshul is a founding member of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a nonprofit organization that works to develop effective treatment protocols during the epidemic to prevent COVID-19 infection and to treat patients with COVID-19.

In October 2020, the FLCCC approved Ivermectin as an essential drug in its protocol for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. His website cites a number of recent studies that say Ivermectin is a safe, effective, and inexpensive drug for the disease caused by the CCP virus (also known as the Chinese Communist Party in the U.S.) virus.

"Ivermectin is very safe," Wagshul told Dayton247Now. "It has essentially no drug interactions and no side effects."

UC Health did not respond to The Epoch Times' request for comment. The Ohio Capital Journal said it did not challenge the judge's decision, although federal agencies oppose the use of Ivermectin against COVID-19.

Ivermectin is a medicine that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat infections caused by certain internal and external parasites. A Japanese scientist and an Irish-American scientist received the Nobel Prize in 2015 for their discovery of Ivermectin, given the drug’s success in a continuous effort to improve the health and well-being of millions of parasitic people living in the world’s poorest regions.

President Joe Biden’s senior medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, advised people not to use Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

"Don't do it. There's no evidence it works and it could be potentially toxic," Fauci told CNN on Sunday. "There is no clinical evidence that this works." Epoch Times Photo: Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to the accusations of Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) When he testifies before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Retirement Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington on July 20, 2021. (J. Scott Applewhite -Pool / Getty Images) Last Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a formal health advice (pdf) reiterating its opposition to the use of Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19.

Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to the accusations of Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.)

"Ivermectin has not been approved or approved by the FDA for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19," the prospectus reads. "The National Institutes of Health (NIH) COVID-19 treatment guidelines publication also found that there are currently insufficient data to recommend Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19."

“The adverse effects associated with the abuse and overdose of Ivermectin are increasing, as evidenced by the increase in the number of calls to an overdose intoxication center and the number of people experiencing the adverse effects,” counseling continued.

The FDA warned on its website that taking a high dose of Ivermectin could cause "dangerous and serious harm." The agency also stressed that Ivermectin products for animals are different from products for humans because veterinary medicines are often highly concentrated.

“Such high doses can be very toxic to humans,” the FDA said.

Written by Li Hai, a New York reporter for The Epoch Times.
Translated from English by: Kincsesné Salca Mária

Why were 600 Hungarian children orphaned in 2020?
Why did 30,000 Hungarians supposedly "have to" die in covid?

Few still "believe" that only "covid vaccination" with graphene, which is already terrorist-led by the WHO, is permissible, - therefore MANDATORY (because it brings unimaginable benefits to vaccine manufacturers), - as THOSE PATIENTS, e.g. with cheap Ivermectin - or PREVENTING the disease also with cheap Ivermectin - runs counter to the already undisguised goal of the "New World Order": - enough for half a billion (500 million) people on Earth, - and whoever survives the "vaccination" should be 5G -TOWERS CONTROLLED, obedient robot man!

There is therefore a life-and-death struggle (= war) in the world, - in the USA e.g. the right to life of each patient can be sued in court!

But to whom can we turn ???

Senior FDA vaccine officials resign to avoid prosecution for crimes against humanitySenior FDA vaccine officials resign to avoid prosecution for crimes against humanity
It is impressive that two senior FDA officials who have overseen mass vaccinations for decades have now finally reached the end of their tolerance for crimes against humanity. They resigned earlier this week, citing the shocking fact that the White House, the CDC and the UN had conspired to exclude the FDA from decisions to approve vaccines, bypassing the FDA regulatory authority and for political reasons, without a scientific basis. vaccines. Also today: the Red Cross has publicly announced that vaccinated individuals are prohibited from donating blood for certain plasma applications because "the vaccine kills these antibodies." Further shocking news is that new research has found that antibodies produced in response to covis vaccines are themselves pathogenic.

Florida: $ 5,000 fine for businesses and schools certifying vaccinationFlorida: $ 5,000 fine for businesses and schools certifying vaccination
In May, Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of the U.S. state of Florida, signed a law banning businesses, schools, and government institutions from requiring a Corona vaccination certificate. The law will enter into force on 16 September. A $ 5,000 fine for businesses and schools that require proof of vaccination. In the U.S. state of Florida, the new Department of Health rule will soon impose a $ 5,000 fine on businesses and municipalities that require their clients or citizens to certify vaccinations against Corona. Earlier this year, Florida’s Republican-led legislature passed a bill (SB 2006) banning businesses, government agencies and schools from “vaccinating records,” that is, ask for proof that people in need of the service have been vaccinated against Corona. Governor Ron DeSantis signed the law in May. On August 27, the Ministry of Health submitted a bill outlining how the measure will be implemented. Businesses, government agencies, and schools are fined $ 5,000 for “each separate and distinct violation,” the rule states. This is the maximum penalty allowed by law.

Rusvai virus: all vaccines are effective, information should be provided on an ongoing basisThe virus is Rusvai: all vaccines are effective, information should be communicated on an ongoing basis
- There are differences between each vaccine, but these differences are not so great that anyone can doubt the effectiveness of vaccines, the virus researcher said. The same number of those vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine died as those vaccinated with Pfizer, 4 out of 100,000 people, according to data from the National Hospital Directorate-General, which first appeared on 444. According to Miklós Rusvai, the data show that the differences are small and that each vaccine is really effective, he told RTL News. According to the virus researcher, it would be important for this information to be continuously posted on the coronavirus portal. "Actually, it's not much different from what was expected"

Slavik is also forcing the fourth waveSlavik is also forcing the fourth wave
János Slavik knows that with the current vaccination, the fourth wave is inevitable. According to the chief physician, 90 percent of those infected who were admitted to the hospital did not receive any vaccinations. "We need to be prepared for the fourth wave, and the most important part of that is for everyone to vaccinate themselves against the coronavirus. The delta variant of the coronavirus is much more widespread among children than the mutations so far, so it's important that they take it over 12 years old. He added that the delta variant can infect asymptomatically, which means the virus can settle in the throat two days before the symptoms appear, which vaccines can, if not completely, prevent, the chief physician said. He also indicated that while in the case of the previous variants the infected passed on the disease to one or two people, in the case of the delta this number was three to five, but when it comes to super-distributors, there can be more. "If a lot of people were vaccinated, there's a good chance we could prevent the fourth wave, but in the current vaccination, it doesn't work."

There are too many vaccinated patients in IsraelToo many vaccinated patients in
Israel There are too many vaccinated patients in Israel, so Israel is changing its definition of an unvaccinated patient. People who have been vaccinated 2x and have not yet taken the 3rd vaccine will henceforth also be considered unvaccinated and will lose their certificate of protection. So they are already trying to manipulate the statistics and hide that there are 2x vaccinees in the hospital and they are the patients. In this way, it will be possible to rebuild the public against the unvaccinated. That is why we are not only unvaccinated, but also unvaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated 2x in Israel will only obtain a protection certificate for another 6 months. So there will be a 4th vaccination for the extra freedoms.

The world will soon be divided between the injured vaccinated and the uninjuredThe world will soon be divided between the injured vaccinated and the uninjured
Vaccine presses try to divide the world into vaccinated and unvaccinated by denying unvaccinated people access to society (through vaccination passports). But they get a shock ... and a twist. The real divide that will unfold will be between damaged vaccinated people and unharmed unvaccinated people. Those who continue to take spiky protein injections will soon realize that their “vaccination passport” is actually a sign of relentless human suffering as their brains, bodies, and hearts begin to disintegrate. It won’t take long for millions of Americans to be able to function meaningfully in society. They will be the new disabled people who have been damaged by spiky protein injections and need constant care. Meanwhile, the unvaccinated will inherit the Earth,

During the epidemic, hospital waiting lists in Hungary increased frighteninglyHospital waiting lists in Hungary have increased frighteningly during the "epidemic"
According to the government, more than 41,000 people are waiting for hospital care in perfect Hungarian healthcare.
Népszava writes that the National Health Insurance Fund (NEAK) is trying to shorten hospital waiting lists with 30 percent extra funding: while about 25,000 people were waiting for hospital intervention before the epidemic, that number has now risen to over 41,000. Only since the end of the third wave, ie the beginning of May 2021, the number of people waiting for surgery has increased by 9,000. NEAK Director General Zsolt Kiss spoke at a national conference on health economics that the number of non-coronavirus-related services fell sharply during the epidemic: the number of medical treatments in pediatrics, ear services, ophthalmology, hepatitis treatment, and various surgeries fell by more than 40 percent. Several planned surgeries had to be postponed.

The Americans and the Chinese are blaming each other for the origin of the pandemicAmericans and Chinese blame each other for the origins of the pandemic
The Chinese government is obstructing the work of experts investigating the origins of the coronavirus epidemic. This is stated in the intelligence report for the US president. On the contrary, according to China, the United States is obstructing the investigation. To date, the number of coronavirus infections registered in the world has increased to 215 million, and 4 and a half million people have died from COVID.

Deep state ... New digital money ... New world order ...Video: Deep state ... New digital money ... New world order ...
Big technology and big pharmaceutical companies merge: Oracle takes over the world of vaccination data. The new mRNA COVID vaccines inject an operating system into the body - not a conspiracy theory, Moderna admits. Visual representation of how mRNA tripping affects cells. Catherine Austin Fitts explains how globalist billionaires and technocrats plan to take over the planet and how we can stop it. HOW GLOBALIST BILLIONARS AND TECHNOCRATS WANT TO TAKE OVER POWER ABOUT THE PLANET AND HOW TO STOP THIS.

We are forced to undergo gender reassignment surgeries - Thousands of doctors are suing Biden’s government
Two organizations representing more than 3,000 professional health workers and a doctor in Tennessee have sued the Biden administration for its Transgender Mandate, which they say violates state law protecting freedom of conscience. The American College of General Practitioners and the Catholic Medical Association, Dr. Jeanie Dassow, filed a lawsuit with a Chattanooga physician last week in a Tennessee court. Current American law prohibits sex discrimination, which also requires doctors to perform non-neoplastic surgeries at the request of transgender people. These include double masectomy (breast removal), phalloplasty, and orchiectomy (testicular removal). As defendant, Xavier Becerra, Minister of Health and Head of the Human Rights Office of the Ministry of Health, Robinsue Frohboese, will be involved in the lawsuit.

School principals can find out if their staff have been vaccinatedSchool principals can find out if their staff have been vaccinated
Managers of public education institutions can find out if workers have been vaccinated against coronavirus and if they are still protected. They will be informed on a daily basis by the operator of the EESZT health care system, which is the Directorate General of the National Hospital. The decree was published in the Hungarian Gazette on Friday evening. According to the decree, the heads of public education institutions can find out about the protection data about their employees as public servants or employees. The decree highlights the economic, administrative, technical and auxiliary workers who will be told on the basis of the number of animals whether they have been vaccinated or protected for other reasons. The data must be passed encrypted to institutional managers so that no one else can see it. This does not apply to all public education institutions,

Coronavirus: Unvaccinated do not get a dormitory placeCoronavirus: Unvaccinated do not get a dormitory place
Several higher education institutions have introduced a statute that only students vaccinated against the coronavirus have access to dormitories. The Ministry of Innovation and Technology's (ITM) package of proposals stipulates that dormitories and dormitories should only be used by healthy, asymptomatic students who feel healthy and, where possible, have demonstrated protection against the coronavirus. This, in turn, is only a recommendation, so the final decision can be taken by the institutions themselves. And this, according to Eduline, has been done in several places, leaving unvaccinated students out of dormitories. If there is no protection, there is no room. Marcell Budai, Press Officer of the National Conference of Student Municipalities (HÖOK), indicated before the beginning of the school year that that there is likely to be an example of admitting only those with a vaccination certificate to the colleges of some universities, and it may also be that although a lack of vaccination will not be an exclusionary reason, it will be a plus point to apply once someone has received all the required doses. (Specific restrictions may be decided individually by each university, so there may be different practices.)

Governments Spreading governments ’COVID horror news has allowed fear to prevail over the truth: Alan Jones
Sky News presenter Alan Jones says half of the nation is "tragically" locked in their own homes "dreaded" by the riots of the "idiot office" who have no other way to deal with COVID. "Australian governments boast a triumph: their spread of horror has worked. According to the World Health Organization today, 99.4 per cent of cases worldwide are mild. In Australia, 99 per cent of all cases are mild. In Britain, more than 590,000 positive tests are performed in three weeks. and they open the gates - we close half a country with thousands more and bury the whole of Australia in panic and fear, all in the name of health and well-being, without ever acknowledging the damage that closures do to personal health. that Australians copy it because fear has prevailed over the truth. People believe they are at risk of death, even though more than 99 percent of the cases are mild. Let’s get these politicians out of our lives and let us deal with our own through personal responsibility. ”

Joe Rogan reveals COVID-19 diagnosis, taking ivermectin, other interventionsJoe Rogan reveals COVID-19 diagnosis, taking ivermectin, other interventions
Joe Rogan, the big-name podcast presenter, comedian and UFC commentator, revealed that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and was taking a cocktail to treat the symptoms, which included ivermectin. In a Instagram post on Wednesday, Rogan wrote that he returned home late on the evening of August 28 from a trip, "very tired." "My head hurt, I felt like I was just tired," the 54-year-old said, then added, "As a precaution, I was separated from my family, I slept in another part of the house, and I became feverish and sweating during the night - I knew what happens ". Rogan said after diagnosing COVID-19, he decided to use "all kinds of drugs ... everything." “Monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-pack, prednisone - everything,” he said. "

Pizza for vaccination

Horror School!I'll give you all this if you take the vaccine
Horror School!
It violates the BTK, only the "judiciary" also operates in the illegal private state operated by the invalid Basic Law, so it "makes sense" of the population and not the actual perpetrators ...

Separated from the vaccinated

They are not normal ... The photo shows a tent concert event yesterday in Győrújbarát / at the concert of the Lord and the Depression band /. The public - vaccinated and non-vaccinated - are visibly separated by a fence. Surely the parasite can no longer spread like this, because the cordon protects the vaccinated ... I see more and more brain dead. They are inescapable. Hard times may come, but we - those with brains - are going through it. We will win! Attila Heffner

Mahatma Gandhi

"We live in the fatal mistake that no disease can be cured without medication.

This view has caused more harm than anything else. Most drugs are not only ineffective, but often downright harmful. The patient who expects drugs and medication healing, a fool like one who, instead of cleaning, tries to cover up the garbage that has accumulated inside his house.The more he covers it, the more it rots.The

same happens in the human body.The disease is nothing but a warning to nature that garbage has accumulated in the body in some part, and wisdom advises, let nature allow you to clean up the dirt, not to cover it with drugs.

Whoever takes medicine makes the work of nature difficult. On the other hand, how easily can we help the work of nature if we know certain elementary principles; for example, we fast to keep our eyes from multiplying and exercise in the open air to get some of our eyes out by sweating.

And the most important thing is to keep our minds under strict control. ”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Once you understand this people that last 31 years
Once you understand this people that last 31 years

Once this people understand how many thousands of billions in the last 31 years, and thus the opportunities that have been stolen from us and from our country by politicians, not all of the candelabras on Andrássy Avenue will be enough!

Once this people understand that it is not the "migrant", not the Jew, the gypsy, the Muslim, but only the Libyan, fascist, communist, etc. labeled by each other. our acquaintances are not enemies either ...

When this people realize that the real enemy is none other than those who make the laws, the laws of the country and the people, who scatter our seemingly forints.

When this people realize that here, in this country for the past 31 years, every government has just gained weight from our fears.

When we’re able, we little people will lend a hand to each other and not look at each other’s skin color, religion, pocket, when it won’t matter where you came from, just where you’re going!

Well, this is going to be the moment I say to the "mighty ones" - Run!
Lang Alex - Facebook

What will happen to us Hungarians?

Since 2010, 18,000 families have been evicted in Hungary because of their Swiss franc loan. Multiplied by four family members, that means 72,000 people. So many could choose the world under the bridge as their place to sleep, many of them becoming homeless and homeless. While they still have to pay the bank loan remaining after their requisitioned apartment. I saw an eviction where two policemen dragged the half-fainted man upstairs through the stairs to the yard. There, then, his unfortunate collapse, he lost consciousness.
There is a document, an agreement signed by the Hungarian Prime Minister, signed by Prime Minister Orbán and the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) in 2015, according to which Viktor Orbán undertook that banks would not be charged a forint for foreign currency loans. , and do not create any obstacles to evictions or executions.
It is clear and clear speech, in defense of banking interests, but this agreement was reached despite those in trouble.
There may not even be a government in Europe that has become such a server for banks. Meanwhile, they are constantly praying that everything has already been solved, everything is fine.
There is another mind-boggling figure still around our own house. Currently, 40,000 people are waiting for their hospital surgery, which has been postponed for one reason or another. Waiting often takes years. Meanwhile, you have to suffer the pain, or to reduce it to some extent, a multitude of medications need to be stuffed into them. If you get money for it. Pharmaceutical companies, of course, applaud for their joy. While, of course, people’s health is deteriorating even more.
These are just two figures that go against any political heureka approach. And meanwhile, can we think of such a "high level" of family support in our country?
After all, we hear this on the road.
What will happen to us Hungarians?
Pál Lakatos - Facebook

This agreement was signed by Viktor Orbán: banks will avoid the burden of foreign currency loansThis agreement was signed by Viktor Orbán: banks will avoid the burden of foreign currency loans
In February 2015, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán signed an agreement in which the government promises that banks will not have to bear additional burdens due to the conversion of foreign currency loans, and evictions will not be prevented. The agreement signed on 9 February 2015 between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Suma Chakrabarti, President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), is also available on the government's website in English. One is that the Hungarian government has undertaken to ensure the implementation of the law on the regulation of foreign currency-denominated loans in such a way as to avoid additional costs related to exchange rate risk in the banking sector. It belongs to this, that the Hungarian government is also refraining from introducing new laws that could have a negative impact on the profitability of the banking sector, ie its profits. Obviously, this also means the release and modification of foreign currency loans. The other is that it is forbidden to prevent evictions, ie the Hungarian parliament cannot pass laws that would hinder the implementation. It is stated that the existing program for the purchase of real estate by foreign currency borrowers, ie auctions, should be expanded and the eligibility conditions should be relaxed.

According to Kocsis, the Orbán government freed one million families from the foreign exchange trapAccording to Kocsis, the Orbán government freed one million families from the foreign exchange trap
In the Gyurcsány era, people were chased into a foreign exchange trap, the leader of the Fidesz faction wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday, adding: "there was really enough of them already, we ask everyone to sign the petition!". Máté Kocsis responded to the press conference of the Democratic Coalition (DK) prime ministerial candidate, in which Klára Dobrev promised that if she could form a government after the 2022 election, a so-called foreign currency credit compensation law would be created. The Fidesz politician wrote that "rope nerves are needed" for this press conference to be interpreted calmly. Máté Kocsis called it an astonishing falsehood that the leftists are excited about the "families they owe", and he considers it an incomprehensible lie to blame someone else for the "foreign exchange trap" before 2010. "

The cover of Viktor Orbán's multi-billionaire new action is a multifunctional hallThe cover of Viktor Orbán's multi-billionaire new action is a multifunctional hall
The stadium was replaced by a multifunctional hall. The government spends billions more on these almost without stopping. More will be handed over until the election. Changed by the government: the stadium has been replaced by the multifunctional hall, it is now one of the most commonly used government terms. Smaller and smaller settlements are "getting" this in order to catch up with the infrastructure of the countryside. In some cases, it’s just a huge gym, but in county seats and downtowns, there can be a real basis for not just having training opportunities and sporting events on such properties. The largest halls will be completed by the end of next spring and will enter the final implementation phase. Three of them are at the venues of the European Men's Handball Championship, which will take place at the beginning of 2022: The new center costing HUF 36 billion in Szeged and the multifunctional facility worth HUF 18.5 billion in Tatabánya. Of course, in the construction of companies that rarely argue with the government: Market Zrt. In Népliget, West Hungária Bau in Szeged, B.Á.L. Fejér in the hands of the children of Lőrinc Mészáros in Tatabánya. Zrt. And Épkar Zrt. Are the main contractors.

So much for Gyurcsány and Christmas?So much for Gyurcsány and Christmas?
It is now certain that Ferenc Gyurcsány and Gergely Karácsony have completed their political careers. They are being hit by a more destructive force than ever before, such as the Civil Co-operation Forum, shorter and better known as the CÖF. This intellectual worker fist, stuffed with millions by state-owned companies and claiming to be a civilian, has such characteristics as László Csizmadia, Tamás Fricz, András Bencsik, István Stefka or Zsolt Bayer, who is excellent in all respects. The CÖF has now announced on Facebook that the Stop Gyurcsány, founded by Fidesz faction leader Máté Kocsis, will join! Stop Christmas! to a petition entitled The very fact of this petition may have caused fear among those concerned. We would not be surprised if both Gyurcsány and Christmas considered retreating and instead of further building their political careers, they would go to sharpen oats. But if that hadn’t been enough, now here’s another blow that promises to be more frightening than ever. Characteristics of the CÖF, including many persecuted and expelled from the one-party system, such as the former column of the party-state Népszabadság party column, the former editor of the newspaper Young Communist, are the pearls of former home affairs correspondents.

Exclusive photos: This is what the gigantic antler gate, for which hundreds of millions have been spent, looks likeExclusive photos: This is what the gigantic antler gate, for which hundreds of millions have been spent, looks like
As is well known, Zsolték Semjén is also preparing a monumental work for the World Hunting Exhibition. The state order was given to sculptor Miklós Gábor Szőke, who seems to have finished the work. The Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations visited the sculptor’s workshop to check if everything was going according to plan. Zoltán Kovács proudly shared with the nobleman that the "Bögő bull's head" stands. By the way, Blonde used 10 tons of fallen deer antlers for the 16-meter-high and 20-meter-wide gate. This brutal statue will welcome those entering the exhibition. On the website, it is written that the game management value of fallen antlers is 5 thousand forints per kilogram. According to our calculations, this means that only the raw material for the gate cost about 50 million forints.Earlier, Kocsis-Olivio Cake, a politician of the Dialogue for Hungary, found in the budget of the World Hunting Exhibition that the Semjén family would spend HUF 240 million on the deer antler gate. The One with Nature World Hunting and Nature Exhibition will be held in Budapest from September 25 to October 14.

Gyurcsány comes and shoots your eyesGyurcsány comes and shoots your eyes
For the sake of variety, this time Hungarians are scared with mummy in the form of a petition. Pedophile expert Máté Kocsis has announced that Fidesz Stop Gyurcsány will launch a petition from September 1! Stop Christmas! we only do not know to whom the petition will be submitted or to whom it will be sent. Who are they protesting against? The point of the petition is that people can join a call in which signatories protest against someone’s decision. This petition is about those who want to come to power "those who destroyed the country between 2002 and 2010", which no longer belongs to the Hungarian people, but to the Orban family, and to those who hold Orban in their hands in Moscow and Beijing. But who do they want to protest against? At the Good God? At the National Electoral Commission or at Viktor Orbán? Maybe with those involved? Kocsis said

The luxury Orbán estate in Hatvanpuszta: father complexThe luxury Orbán estate in Hatvanpuszta: father complex
The site plan that helps spatial planning reveals what kind of complex the Orbán family dreamed of for themselves on the border of Alcsútdoboz. The greenhouse and orangerie are already under construction, the chapel and the service apartment are still being planned. In emergencies, the estate is fully self-sufficient. According to the site plan, Viktor Orbán either lied when he said that the Hatvanpuszta complex would be a major or his father beat him. Crop production and large-scale animal husbandry are nowhere to be seen, and roads paved with basalt cubes would also withstand the movement of tractors and lorries. The former south-western barn is planned as a "guest house" with a "orangerie" in front of it. The latter in the XVII. It became an aristocratic fashion in the 16th century, and citrus fruits were grown in it for representation purposes. The "Meditation Promenade" nor does the name refer to ruminants. Economic activity could be hidden only by the planned horse stable, but based on its size, it will be able to accommodate only a few horses kept for sports purposes. The plan shows how they try to make the customer's dream out of a former majority built by palatine Joseph: a fusion of classicist castles and American luxury ranches.

Viktor Orbán: Relations between Hungary and Slovakia have never been as good as they are nowViktor Orbán: Relations between Hungary and Slovakia have never been as good as they are now
Hungary and Slovakia are playing an instrument on the issue of enlargement in the Western Balkans, the issue of migration is being judged in the same way, and Visegrad cooperation is important for both countries, Viktor Orbán said after receiving Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger. Taking the balance of the last ten years, relations between Hungary and Slovakia have never been as good as they are now, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after receiving Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger at the Carmelite Monastery on Tuesday. Viktor Orbán emphasized that after Germany and Austria, Slovakia is Hungary's third most important trading partner, with a turnover of more than 10 billion euros. He added that this year the growth has already exceeded 9 percent. The Hungarian Prime Minister indicated that Hungary and Slovakia are playing an instrument on the issue of enlargement in the Western Balkans,

Krajniak: we Slovaks did not suffer under the millennial Hungarian oppression, but as the state-building nation we shaped the history of Greater HungaryKrajniak: we Slovaks did not suffer under the millennial Hungarian oppression, but as the state-building nation we shaped the history of Greater Hungary
Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Milan Krajniak approached Slovak history from a completely new perspective, very different from the previous one. The opinion material published on tries to make it clear in an appealing tone that it is enough from the gloomy approach that they were oppressed by the Hungarians for a thousand years while grazing sheep in the mountains. The Minister specifically mentions that this approach actually came from Vladimír Mináč, who defined Slovakia as a plebeian nation during socialism in accordance with communist ideology, about which, among other things, a book and a film were made (Tisícročná včela). However, according to Krajniak, this is far from the case, as they, as state-creators, shaped the history of Greater Hungary in the same way.

The head of ARTA was sworn in as a member of the anti-corruption councilThe head of ARTA was sworn in as a member of the anti-corruption council
Jeremiah B. Belgica, Secretary of the Red Ribbon Authority (ARTA), took his oath as a member of the National Anti-Corruption Coordination Council at the virtual opening of the "Kasangga Project: National Anti-Corruption Coordination Council" on Friday (September 3). The National Coordination Council was chaired by the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) in the "Kasangga Project: Aksyon Laban sa Korapsyon" project, which aims to further strengthen President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's commitment to clean and effective governance for Filipinos. "We, the civil servants of the Republic of the Philippines, with full commitment and support to the President's mandate and policy against corruption and bribery and in the dedicated service of the people of the Philippines, together with,

Food shortages: shocking data came from BritainFood shortages: shocking data came from Britain
More than half of Britons have experienced food shortages in the local supermarket or shop in recent weeks, according to a YouGov survey. According to a survey by a market research firm, 56 per cent of UK shoppers have experienced food shortages, while 39 per cent have not encountered the problem and 5 per cent have not given a meaningful answer, according to The Grocer. Most encountered empty shelves in Scotland (67 per cent), but more than half of respondents (57 per cent) also experienced shortages in the south of England. In the Midlands and Wales, 55 per cent of respondents experienced a shortage of stocks in local shops, while in the North of England the proportion rose to 56 per cent. Food shortages affect London the least, where 46 per cent of locals perceived the problem. Slightly more than 3,560 adults participated in the survey. According to the research, the majority of those who reported deficits came from the age group of 50 or older. The UK food industry is struggling with a crisis in the entire supply chain that affects everyone from leading retailers to fast food restaurants to pubs. Recently, for example, the Nando’s restaurant chain was forced to close about 50 restaurants due to a lack of chicken while the shake was removed from the menu of McDonald’s restaurants across the country.

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There is no such thing: the teenager from Kiskunság takes a self-sustaining farm
There is no such thing: the teenager from Kiskunság takes a self-sustaining farm

Steiner Petra 05/20/2019.

Firefighter, police officer, doctor. Just a few professions that preschoolers prefer to mark as future professions. Later, then, interest changes in many cases, and a certain vocation turns into uncertainty, so many young people can’t even say “what they want to be when they grow up” even before graduation. This is not the case where Kamilla Dósai, who has been preparing for the farming lifestyle since her childhood, won 2nd place in the 2019 National Farmer Profession Excellent Student Competition.

Kamilla from Kiskunfélegyháza excelled in the world of the homestead, she loved it, she got used to it, so she knew from an early age that she was destined for this career. He was in sixth grade at the local primary school when he decided that he wanted to continue his studies at the Kiskunfélegyháza Agricultural and Food Grammar School to learn the theoretical and practical knowledge of the profession, while helping his father work around the house on weekends.

As he said, he loves farming because he could never imagine himself in an office job, he loves a lot of things to do to move around the fields so he never gets bored. That’s why you can’t understand your peers who voice on the social side that they can’t commit to it because they have too much time and can’t delve deeper into anything.

For the Dósai family, this profession, which has become a way of life, is not unknown, because Kamilla belongs to the third generation, who continues and sustains the self-sustaining economy that was already flourishing in Hungary. Their day starts around half past six, and with a break of a few hours, the work lasts until the evening hours, of which there is never a shortage, as animals and plants require daily care.

As a woman, Chamomile does not shy away from hard physical work, if necessary, fertilizes vegetable beds, feeds cattle, pigs and poultry kept on the farm, but as she said, agricultural machinery is already used to harvest the crop, so luckily you don't need straw for the animals. mow by hand. Although Kamilla has slowly been licensed to drive a car for a year, she said that she had previously learned to drive a small tractor, and today she also manages and controls larger machines with confidence.

He couldn’t single out one of the farm jobs, as he likes to handle the machines, milk the cows in the same way, make the abrac for the animals, or just throw himself into the gardening work. On their 18 acres of land, they grow radish, turnips, peppers, potatoes, triticale, wheat and corn, among other things, which Kamilla usually sells on the local market in addition to its own use.

They also do not have to buy the meat, eggs and milk of slaughtered animals in local shops, so they are able to produce exactly as much on their land as is enough to benefit from it, and the animals and they live well from it. Kamilla has no secret goal of growing more fruit and vegetables if he takes over the management of their farm, but as he said, he does not want to increase the size of the areas, because if he continues to farm alone, it will be enough to cultivate the current area.

In connection with the national competition held for the second time this year, the 18-year-old girl made a modest statement, even though only 2 of the 14 competitors represented the girls.

On the practice day, I was pretty excited and in the end I felt like something wasn’t going well. The next day at the verbal, when I spoke, yawned one of the examiners, I thought, I must say boringly. I was able to talk for twenty minutes, but I still received the best oral award, ”said Kamilla Dósai about her experiences in connection with the competition.

The practice of the test was milk density testing, operation of a front loader, sowing of tomato seeds and setting up a rotary fertilizer spreader, while theories required students to report on their knowledge of irrigation, pig farming, sales and hygiene.

With regard to agriculture, it is still common knowledge that, due to the operation of machinery and hard physical work, it is still a very masculine profession, as it once was, and this is well reflected not only in the boy-girl ratio but also in the number of students in Kamilla's class. . Initially, only 3 of the 15 students were girls, but in the meantime it changed to 7-3 with the departure of students who did not like the career, so it is not hopeless that such a predominance of men could slowly decrease over time not only at the desk but also in the profession. Thanks to the good result, Kamilla doesn’t have to take a professional exam at the end of the year, so she can focus all her time on what to do around the farm right now, but she still knows exactly what she wants for years to come.

First I would like to do my graduation in the evening, then if I can find a cheese-making course nearby, I would also like to apply for it and take an insemination course - the 18-year-old farmer listed his short-term goals.

In addition, for a self-sustaining economy, it is essential to give a bigger boost to the homestead with investments for larger-scale development, Kamilla knows this well, so she is not averse to learning how to write a tender. He is a true planner type and hopes that after 5-10 years he will be able to do the work around the house with his own family, which he can still run profitably, and in the meantime his dad and mom will help him enjoy every minute of the farming lifestyle.

This rural festival will be mentioned by everyone: a huge party awaits here in the autumnThis rural festival will be commemorated by everyone: a huge party awaits here in the autumn
Lóci plays, Parno Graszt, Punnany Massif, Elefánt, Balázs Szabó's Band and Bohemian Betyars will give concerts at the festival. Presentations will be given by the Orlai Production Office, the Fig Production, the Táp Theater and the Momentán Company. The Round Hill Days will start with the presentation of local crafts, joint craft classes and children's programs, with Manó Swing, Péter Huzella, János Bárth, Andrea Malek and EsZeMent MeseBand, Dániel Varró and György Molnár on stage. András Cserna-Szabó and Benedek Darida, Ágnes Judit Kiss, Csaba Szendrői, János Háy, Zsolt Prieger and Franciska Törőcsik are preparing a literary program, the Miskolc Symphony Orchestra, the Four Bones Quartet and Edina Mókus Szirtes with a classical music concert. Local history walks are organized by the Losszúlép team, film screenings are organized by the Malter Vándor Film Festival. In addition, vineyard tours await visitors and a sunset hunt combined with wine tasting, where you can hear a performance of the Tállya vineyards on a panoramic walk. The wineries of Tállya will be present at the festival, presenting the endowments and secrets of the Tokaj Wine Region. Wine tastings in the courtyards of the wineries are colored by small concerts, gastrograms and a gastronomy theater. János Vázsonyi, Apey, the jazz students of Papaver, Ferenc Snétberger, the Jónás Vera Trio, Bea Palya and Jenő Lisztes will perform.

Uncle Gyuri's advice at the beginning of the school year: here are the tricks, what and how to give to lurkersUncle Gyuri's advice at the beginning of the school year: here are the tricks, what and how to give to lurkers
Here in the autumn, the children also went to kindergarten and school. Because of the changing weather and the more easily spreading pathogens in the community, is it worth equipping the little ones ’immune systems, and what more could we recommend for this purpose than herbs that have been proven for centuries? But how do we incorporate herbal tea into children’s diets? What to give to an ovis and what to a schoolboy? Now Zsuzsa Lopes-Szabó, a phytotherapist, the daughter of a herbalist from Bükk - who is also a practicing three-time grandmother - gives advice. The start of the school year was overwhelming with excitement every year. My children were healthy little kids, rarely sick. It is also true that they have been drinking teas since they were little children, it helped a lot to prevent troubles and, if necessary, for coughs and colds. Around September, I always had lemon heat on hand, on the one hand, because it is a very good antiviral and getting into the community often brought diseases, on the other hand, they drank even when they got home after a hectic day, then because of its calming effect - Zsuzsa remembers the first of September. But how to love a medicinal drink with a child who has neither a herbivore nor a herbivore in the family?

The master tailor from Szombathely created a self-sustaining farm in the middle of the cityThe master tailor from Szombathely created a self-sustaining farm in the middle of the city
He had to get out of the squirrel wheel of the rushing everyday for medical advice. Szabolcs Balogh, a master tailor from Szombathely, and his wife, Eszter, established a self-sustaining farm in Szombathely, where they live in a village feeling with their two children. The desire for self-sufficiency is indeed a relatively recent phenomenon. It was primarily brought to life by detachment from the urban environment and the everyday robot, as well as environmental awareness, and is gaining in popularity. Wheel of the Year Eco-Farm: Sustainable living has been chosen by the engineering couple. Responsibility for animals and the earth transforms many things, both body and soul. Four years ago, Szabolcs Balogh had to get out of the squirrel wheel of the rushing everyday for medical advice. As you said in the video made by G. Martin Horváth and Noémi Baráth, they replaced the almost nonstop tailoring with their new lifestyle. Village farming was started three years ago. They get up earlier and lie down later than most people, but take pleasure in keeping the animals. All this is considered a kind of leisure activity, as tailoring has not been given up either, but they are filled both physically and mentally by the beauty of farming.

An uncomfortable truth or a reassuring lie?Most people

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