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The time has come - Demonstration for a livable future - August 28, 2021 Népliget

We will talk to Csaba Bódis, the event announcer, and Ilara about the prospects for the coming period.

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Unprecedented numbers arrived from Hungarian hospitals
Anita Szepesi, 24 June The

debt of Hungarian hospitals increased by more than HUF 9 billion in May, and there has never been an example of such a year-on-year increase. With the May plus, the debt stock grew to over 40 billion, which is also a record by the end of the fifth month.

Unprecedented numbers came from Hungarian hospitals

By the end of May, the debt of Hungarian hospitals had increased to almost HUF 42 billion, and the debt stock had increased by HUF 9 billion in a single month, according to the latest data of the Hungarian State Treasury. This year, in the first five months, the value of unpaid bills swelled by an average of 6.7 billion, compared to the monthly average of 3-4 billion in previous years.

By the end of May, the debt of every tenth hospital exceeded one billion forints, and that of 4 institutions two billion. At the end of May, the University of Pécs was the largest debtor with HUF 2.9 billion, followed by the University of Szeged with HUF 2.7 billion. The latter university clinic, on the other hand, with a plus of 669 million in May, is first in terms of monthly growth. The University of Debrecen also owes more than two billion (HUF 2.2 billion), where the debt stock was reduced by HUF 103 million in May.

Among the large hospitals, the value of debts in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg counties also exceeded 2 billion (2.18 billion), the monthly growth here approached half a billion forints.

The debt of the Péterfy Sándor Street Hospital is approaching two billion (HUF 1.9 billion), where more than half a billion was added in May.

The South Pest Central Hospital (HUF 440 million), the György Gottsegen National Institute of Cardiology (HUF 391 million), the Békés County Hospital (HUF 298 million), the Fejér County Hospital (HUF 345 million), the North-Central Buda-Center, János Hospital (411 million), Bajcsy Hospital (330 million), and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Hospital (421 million).

Invoices for Covid devices may have arrived

The May figures for MÁK are more than double the realistically predicted debt growth (3-4 billion). This time, the roughly deteriorating data may be due to several factors, in addition to the poor financing structure that constantly stimulates debt, and underfunding, commented László Rásky, Secretary General of the Medical Technology Association, which represents a significant part of suppliers.

One possible reason is that government subsidies to hospitals in the form of an additional resource ceased by May, and another was that when the third wave of the coronavirus epidemic broke, 60-day payment accounts for devices installed in March could expire in May, significantly dropping debt arrears. This rough increase cannot be explained by anything else, as elective surgeries have not yet started, and the number of hospital patients with covids has declined, although their care kept hospitals under severe pressure in May.

Overall, the accumulation of unpaid bills in institutions that have never been the case before shows that there is something very wrong with the system, and there has been no example so far, except for the payment of the protracted consolidation in 2015, that it will exceed The debt portfolio is 40 billion, Rásky added. The

amount that can be spent on material expenses, ie the actual cures, has not changed for 7 years.

The increase in hospital debt is coded by underfunding, regardless of Covid and wage increases. While there is nothing going on from government communication other than how many more resources health care is constantly receiving,the reality, on the other hand, is that for 7 years, ie since 2014, essentially the same amount of money - HUF 220-230 billion - has been spent on material expenses for healing - at the level of budget appropriations.

Actual spending is only boosted by wage competition on material expenditures as well as resources spent on forced consolidation. With the latter planned, we would no longer have to face debts of 40 billion in May.

FDA vaccine approval prompts blue states to order mass slaughter of teachers and workersFDA Vaccine Approval Causes Blue States to Order Mass
Slaughter of Teachers and Workers FDA fraudulent "approval" of Pfizer's failed kovis vaccine, all that blue city and state leaders needed to order their own employees mass slaughter. A few hours after yesterday’s FDA announcement, the state of New Jersey ordered a mass slaughter of all New Jersey teachers and government employees with a spiky protein injection, a “clot” that has already caused (and is still counting) the deaths of some 500,000 Americans.

More than ten thousand Covid dead were hidden by his infamous compatriotMore than ten thousand Covid dead were hidden by his infamous compatriot
Nearly 12,000 more people died of the new type of coronavirus-induced Covid-19 disease in New York State than previous governor Andrew Cuomo, who was forced to resign on charges of sexual harassment, the new U.S. governor Kathy Hochul said on Wednesday. The politician, who took office on Tuesday, promised greater transparency in the work of the state government on the first day of his term. According to a report released on Wednesday, 55,400 people in New York State have died of Covid-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus since the outbreak began in July this year, according to the state's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), while Governor Cuomo He reported 43,000 deaths on Monday, his last day of office. We are now publishing more data than was previously disclosed,

It's starting!It's starting!
Australian truck drivers have announced that all huge highways will be blocked in the radical closure attack starting at 9 a.m. on Aug. 30. Until the government is removed. Australian truck drivers will close all major motorways across the country and advise the public to ‘store enough food as freight will be suspended indefinitely - so there will be no food delivery.

Some European investors have left the Philippines amid the epidemic
Crowds line up in the parking lot as municipal representatives project and distribute the serial number of 900 qualified individuals assigned to the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID19 vaccine at a hotel in Manila. "There were few, some left the Philippines. Honestly, I would be surprised if they returned," Lars Wittig, the newly elected president of the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, said at a virtual press conference on Wednesday. “These companies worked in industries that had two minutes to midnight,” Wittig added. Wittig said European businessmen found some local industries, such as manufacturing and the clothing industry, "perhaps outdated" amid the health crisis. The manufacturing industry suffered largely from the outbreak of the pandemic,

The FDA for the Pfizer vaccine is fake The FDA is polishing the world with false approval of the Pfizer vaccine ... shocking details
"Gas light" is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group questions someone with their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People with gas light are often confused, anxious they feel and can’t trust themselves.)We now know that the FDA's "approval" of the Pfizer covidosis vaccine is a bold, insidious gas campaign that involves media lies, false science, and the FDA's own criminal behavior. The FDA also issued two letters on Monday, actually extending the EUA approval for the Pfizer vaccine while approving another vaccine called "Comirnaty," which does not exist on the market and is not even manufactured. Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Tech are gassing America like never before, pretending that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine has been “fully approved” by the FDA, and using this as an excuse to demand the full vaccine requirement. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval numbers have collapsed and a regime change is already imminent in Washington. Get ready for the chaotic,

New York Times admits Pfizer vaccine fails in Israel as post-injection infections skyrocketThe New York Times admits that the Pfizer vaccine not succeed in Israel, since the post-injection infections skyrocket
know how bad the situation is the Wuhan-coronavirus (Covi-19) "vaccines" and epidemiological program, when even the New The York Times also warns of infections due to widespread adherence to vaccines. The more people who receive injections, the Times now admits, the more they do a “positive” test for Fauci sprouts, in many cases requiring hospital treatment. How can this be when the stab is the "cure" for covid? The answer, of course, is that Fauci flu vaccines cure nothing and actually cause antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), an unnatural immune response that facilitates the entry of Chinese virus into cells.

Katalin Novák: here is the final decision, the fate of digital education has been decidedKatalin Novák: here is the final decision, the fate of digital education has been decided
The government is preparing for attendance training in the school year starting September 1 because the current state of the coronavirus epidemic makes it possible, the minister without portfolio for families said Tuesday after a meeting of the operational tribe responsible for restarting community life. Operational Staff: digital education is already available in 186 Hungarian educational institutions. Katalin Novák said at a press conference in Budapest that next Monday and Tuesday, as well as on Thursdays and Fridays, a campaign-like vaccination will be organized for those over 12 years of age studying in a public education institution. Parents need to signal their need for this by Wednesday to see how much vaccine they need, he added. He explained that vaccination is carried out with Pfizer vaccine, and the involvement of school doctors and school nurses in the campaign is also justified.

Mass murder: Parents can be the last to report today if their child is vaccinated before the school yearMass murder: Parents can be the last to report today if their child is vaccinated before the school year
On Wednesday (today), parents can indicate for the last time if they want their child to take part in the national coronavirus vaccination campaign at the end of August and the beginning of September - read on Anyone over the age of 12 is eligible to participate in the immunization program. Young people will receive the Pfizer vaccine on August 30-31 and September 2-3 with the involvement of school and GPs. The second vaccine will be given three weeks later at the same site. Eighty-three percent of 12- to 17-year-olds registered have already been vaccinated against coronavirus infection. Schools have notified parents electronically of the current program. Institutions accommodate students in their own or in a nearby school building, as appropriate. Children under the age of 18 must have a parental consent statement to be vaccinated.

Real epidemic rumor spreaders are afraid: Rumors are in the way of vaccinationReal epidemic rumor spreaders are afraid: Rumors are in the way of vaccination
There are those who cannot be persuaded. Those who are afraid of the consequences will not take the vaccine. As previously reported, by August, the capital’s government office had issued 6,560,942 protection certificates to those vaccinated and infected, a rate of 66 percent. There are also big differences between the counties and the settlements in this field, because while in Győr-Moson-Sopron 72 percent of the population has a protection card, in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén this number does not reach 55 percent. There are a total of 65 Hungarian settlements with a rate of 30 percent or less - we found more in our county. We asked the mayors of the villages concerned what might be behind this trend.

Who is Jehovah God?  - Genesis instead of genesis - Ágnes Golenya, István JakabWho is Jehovah God? - Genesis instead of genesis - Ágnes Golenya, István Jakab
When the high priest named Moses led a group of people out of the land of Egypt, the word was Jewish ... After forty years of wandering with the people of Moses, a completely mentally, genetically modified group of people arrived in the land of Canaan. What has happened in these forty years? God had an ancient people, and this ancient people guided their flocks in love, peace, happiness, there was no venomous snake in their lands, their plants fed the body, and Nature was a friend and not an enemy of man. Today’s world that we have formed is a projection of everything we have done over the last couple of thousand years with Mother Earth. This modified geneticization should somehow be remedied in order to trace a reprogrammed ethnic group back to ancient traditions based on love and peace rather than sharing,

WHO: Nowhere by the end of September should a third vaccine be given!WHO: Nowhere by the end of September should a third vaccine be given!
Tedros Adhanom Gebreesus, head of the World Health Organization (WHO), on Wednesday asked that a third vaccine be given nowhere by the end of September. Gebreus justified the request on the grounds that a large number of people around the world had never been vaccinated, arguing that instead of the third vaccination, their efforts should be focused on protecting them. I understand that the governments of the world want to protect their own populations from the delta variant. But we cannot accept that the countries that have already used the most vaccines now want to use even more, Gebreesus said. According to the WHO, high-income countries have given fifty doses per 100 inhabitants by May this year, and now almost one inhabitant has one dose, even though that very many did not apply for the vaccine. We need to change our policy quickly. Most vaccines should now arrive in low-income countries rather than high-income ones.

Germany - No vaccination, vaccination permits suspended!Germany - No vaccination, vaccination permits suspended!
The federal government has announced that vaccinations are no longer recommended or available, and vaccination licenses have been suspended for two weeks due to "side effects"!
MORE truths about the dangers of vaccinations have been revealed!
Remember ‘Rumble + or -
Note: UK statistics: According to the latest Public Health England data, vaccinees account for two-thirds of Covid deaths in England. February-August 21:
679 2x vaccinated - 57%
104 1x vaccinated - 9%
390 unvaccinated - 33%
16 unvaccinated - 1%
If vaccinations precede death,should unvaccinatedpeople die more?

Prof. Dr. Zsuzsa Bardócz (Hungary, Scotland) / video presentation, login /
Video: Transition from the past to the future

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Facebook post:
For those who are not yet clear what is going on in the background, I suggest to those
who do not have enough evidence, I think it is inescapable ....

Coronavirus - 233 new infections in the county - Died 241 patients in the countryCoronavirus - 233 new infections in the county - 241 patients died in the country
In one day, another 233 people were diagnosed with coronavirus infection in Győr-Moson-Sopron county - the data published on Friday revealed. There are already 3 million 145 thousand vaccinated in the country.

There are 233 people on ventilators - all this is revealed from the data published on koronaví are 233 people on ventilators - all this is revealed from the data published on koronaví
Coronavirus in Hungary: record infection and mortality. The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) was detected in 2316 new Hungarian citizens, which increased the number of infected people in Hungary to 61,563. The majority of the 47 deaths were elderly, chronic patients, bringing the number of deaths to 1,472, and 16,491 have already recovered. The number of active infected people is 43,600. 28% of the active infected, 36% of the dead and 29% of the recovered are from Budapest. 2602 patients with coronavirus are treated in hospital, 233 of them are on ventilators - all this is revealed from the data published on koronaví

The number of new cases jumped, 233 infections were confirmed in one dayThe number of new cases has jumped, 233 infections have been confirmed in one day
In the last 24 hours, 233 new cases have been confirmed in Romania following more than 35,000 tests, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) said on Tuesday. They also reported the deaths of 5 people diagnosed with the coronavirus, as well as reporting a death that did not occur in the past day. The number of new infections has not been as high since early June. With the new cases, the number of infected people diagnosed since the beginning of the epidemic increased to 1,083,711, and 1,047,915 of them were declared cured. In the past 24 hours, 14,561 RT-PCR tests were performed (6294 based on case definition and medical protocol, and 8267 on request) and the results of 19,306 antigen rapid tests were processed.

Coronavirus: the situation in the neighborhood is deteriorating: 233 new infections are almost double the average for the last two weeksCoronavirus: the situation in the neighborhood is deteriorating: 233 new infections are almost double the average for the last two weeks
In Romania, for the first time in two months, the number of new coronavirus infections diagnosed in one day again exceeded two hundred on Tuesday, the MTI writes. The 233 new infections reported in Tuesday’s report by the Strategic Communications Tribe are almost double the average for the past two weeks. The data broken down by county show that the epidemic is most prevalent in Bucharest and in the counties of Cluj, Timisoara, Constanta and Iasi, which include the most populous cities in the country. Five deaths were reported on Tuesday, more than double the last two-week average. In Romania, the number of victims of the epidemic is approaching 34,300. The rate of infections began to rise again in the first half of July. The acceleration of the epidemic is now being seen at the level of those in need of hospital treatment: their number has almost doubled in the last two weeks, rising to 441 by Tuesday.

233 were infected in the old people's home on Pesti út, 23 died233 were infected in the old people's home on Pesti út, 23 died
There was no physically present doctor in the home for at least a week. Monday information from the operational staff. Before the information of the tribe on Monday, it was announced that: in 10 days, 10 more deaths and 68 new infections were diagnosed in Hungary. The number of infected people thus increased to 1984, and the number of dead is 199. 267 who left the hospital recovered. However, 811 people are still in need of care and 60 are on ventilators. At Monday's briefing, Colonel Róbert Kiss spoke of a total of 11,240 official home quarantines. Regarding the curfew, he said 3945 measures were taken in connection with it over the weekend. But there were no major violations in Budapest over the weekend. He also said that on Sunday, two planes arrived in Hungary with protective equipment, a total of more than 20 tons,

There are 233 new cases of infection registered in Australia233 new cases of infection registered in Australia
The country's youngest Covid victim to date has been registered. A man around the age of 20 died of a coronavirus infection in New South Wales, Australia. With this, his virus is the youngest fatal victim in the country. The daily number of infections is nearing a peak, and in Sydney, for the sixth week in a row, there are outbound restrictions on more than one million people. A 20-year-old man in Australia has died of a coronavirus infection, making him the youngest victim of the virus in the country, Reuters reports. The man, who died at home, had no underlying illnesses, but was not vaccinated. He first complained of mild symptoms and then his condition began to deteriorate rapidly, authorities said.

Coronavirus in Transcarpathia: 233 new infections, 1 victimCoronavirus in Transcarpathia: 233 newly infected, 1 victim
According to the Transcarpathian County Public Health Center, 233 patients infected with coronavirus have been registered in the last 24 hours, the center reported on its community page. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 37,427 active cases have been diagnosed in Transcarpathia, including 2,691 health workers and 1,919 children. So far, the disease has claimed the lives of 840 people. Since the outbreak, 211,827 CoViD-19 PCR assays have been performed in the region.

Coronavirus: 10 patients died, 233 new infections detected by PCR testsCoronavirus: 10 patients died, 233 new infections detected by PCR tests
On Monday (May 17), 7276 RT-PCR tests were performed and 233 new cases of new type of coronavirus infection were detected in Slovakia. 10 deaths were recorded. This was reported by the National Center for Health Information (NCZI) on the website According to the Ministry of Health, the positivity was 3.2 percent for RT-PCR tests performed on Monday and 0.37 percent for antigen tests. Of the 70,972 antigen tests performed on Monday, 265 showed positive results.

Of the more than 30,000 intensive care beds, only 233 patients with Covid-19 are treatedOf the more than 30,000 intensive care beds, only 233 patients with Covid-19 are treated
Infection with the new type of coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) is again more common in the elderly in Germany, according to an analysis by the Robert Koch National Institute of Public Health (RKI) on Wednesday. However, since last week, there has been a slight increase in the number of cases in older age groups, they added, underlining that this process needs to be closely monitored. As has been written, the number of illnesses in the elderly and in high-risk groups of the population, like the first wave of the epidemic, must be prevented from rising, because in this case the number of people in need of hospital treatment and deaths would rise. The increase in the number of daily cases did not put a significant strain on the health care system. This is indicated by

The number of registered coronavirus infections in Northern Macedonia increased by 233 to 153,694 on SaturdayThe number of registered coronavirus infections in Northern Macedonia increased by 233 to 153,694 on Saturday
Montenegro treats infected tourists for free. Montenegro promises tourists free coronavirus treatment and testing, the local press said on Saturday, citing the country’s health ministry. The regulations of the Ministry include that tourists who become infected in Montenegro will receive free treatment in hospitals, will have the opportunity to perform free PCR tests in public health institutions, and hotels will allocate ten percent of accommodation capacity to Covid cases. The number of registered coronavirus infections in Serbia on Saturday increased by 1277 to 698 518, in Kosovo by 170 to 106 192, in northern Macedonia by 233 by 153 694, in Montenegro by 100 98 142, in Bosnia and Herzegovina by 340 200 It increased to 689.

The number of infected people increased by 233 in Veszprém countyThe number of infected people increased by 233 in Veszprém county By
Wednesday morning, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in our county increased by 233 people compared to Tuesday's data. Thus, a total of 27,527 coronavirus infections have been registered in our county since the onset of the epidemic. Nationwide, the number of new infections is 3,597, bringing the total number of identified infections to 731,675 since the outbreak began - read the government information page. The majority of the 285 deaths were elderly, chronic patients, bringing the number of deaths to 24,265. The number of people cured is constantly increasing, currently 435,344 and the number of active infected people is 272,066.10 364 coronavirus patients are cared for in hospitals, 1204 of whom are on ventilators.

Coronavirus: 233 people in quarantine, 134 of them with coronavirus in NagykanizsaCoronavirus: 233 people in quarantine, 134 of them with coronavirus in Nagykanizsa
Dear Kanizsaians! According to data from this morning, 233 people are quarantined in our city, and 134 of them have been diagnosed with the infection - so the epidemic continues to spread, so I urge you to adhere to the measures and rules that have been taken in a disciplined manner! On my Facebook page, I only post data that our municipality receives from a strictly controlled and official source. It is not possible to disclose information concerning personal rights! From midnight on Tuesday, new austerity measures will come into force in Hungary, and everyone must comply with them with binding force. The rules are not against us, but for us. The goal is to reduce the number of illnesses. Let us not question the existence of the virus and look for loopholes: follow the rules!

233 new cases in Italy!233 new cases in Italy!
233 new cases in Italy! 20:00 Tonight, 222 new cases and 4 new deaths were reported from Italy. With this, the number of Italian cases rose to 888, while the number of deaths rose to 21. Note: On January 23, China reported 845 cases and 23 deaths. One week later, they were held at 9,823 cases and 213 deaths. We hope it will not be similar to the growth. In my opinion, the infection rate is lower in Italy than in China at the same time. There could have been a much worse situation there, but of course this will only be decided by time. The WHO, the World Health Organization, has raised the risk assessment for the coronavirus epidemic to a "very high" level.

32 more recovered;  233 new case of covid-19 infection confirmed32 more recovered; 233 new case
of covid-19 infection confirmed A further 32 cases of COVID-19 infection [i] were discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities. A total of 560 people fully recovered from the infection and were discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities. On April 12, 2020, at 12 noon, the Department of Health (MOH) confirmed and confirmed an additional 233 cases of COVID-19 infection in Singapore.

Coronavirus infections Viral video on the 233 phenomenon of coronavirus infections has no scientific basis
The viral content on TikTokon shows news from different parts of the world where the number of infected or died is 233. However, the articles come from different dates and this number is a coincidence. You, through our WhatsApp monitoring service (+34 627 28 08 15), asked for a viral video on TikTok called "Phenomenon 233" that shows news from the Spanish and international media about coronavirus infections. Each news story talks about the epidemic situation in different parts of the world, but in each, the number of COVID-19 infected or killed is 233, which the content author describes as “suspicious”. The news in the video is real, but it comes from different dates, and Javier Álvarez Liébana, a mathematician at the University of Oviedo, explains to that, given that

In addition:
- Idaho registered 233 cases of COVID-19; state gave money for response and vaccination efforts
- NSW records 233 local COVID-19 cases and two more deaths as Gladys Berejiklian warns the epidemic will get worse
- Two major San Francisco hospitals report that 233 staff were positive in COVID-19
- Hawaii sees Day 9 of the third-digit cases; 233 new infections are sent to the state for a total of over 40,000
- Oregon reports 233 new confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases, 2 new deaths
- Armenia COVID-19: 233 infected patients in critical, 962 severe condition
-Coronavirus: The number of COVID-19 infections in the UK reaches 5,000 while 233 die
- Covid UPDATE: 233 deaths, number of provincial infections, vaccine update in Thailand
- 233 deaths in Covid-19 in Thailand, and 19-day low, 19,014 new cases in last 24 hours, the Department of Public Health said on Sunday morning
- Michigan reported 233 COVID-19 infections in which the individual was infected with a delta variant, a 165% increase from last week's figure
- Alberta on Thursday 233 new COVID-19 cases reported
- Ontario officials report 233 new cases in Ottawa
-The team analyzed serum from 233 people diagnosed with COVID-19 over 7 months
- Jacksonville Hospitals of the University of Florida are among those who exceeded this point 233 COVID-19 patients were admitted on Thursday
- 233 COVID-19-related concerns and sleep disturbances for patients previously admitted to hospital for COVID-19
- London: At least 233 COVID-19-related deaths reported, unchanged from Tuesday for one death
- Poland reported 233 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, eight deaths
- April 2021 21, Mississippi Cases UPDATE: Today, 233 new COVID-19 cases were reported with 2 additional deaths
-VOA is our voice 233 COVID-19: What is Africa's "next norm"?
- Trinidad & Tobago records another COVID-19 death, 233 new cases
- Iowa reports another 5 COVID-19 deaths, 233 new confirmed coronavirus cases
- 233 new COVID-19 cases in Puducherry (India)
- Covid-19: Angola with 15 deaths and 233 new cases
- Thane (India) registered 233 new Covid-19 cases, 4 more deaths

Signs and symptoms in total 233!
Signs and symptoms in total 233!

Note: BUT! We also find 230-31-32-34-35-36-37 ... with a similar frequency ... looking for a covid case with millions of hits!

An uncomfortable truth or a reassuring lie?Most people

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