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Not adaptable, incorruptible and cannot be manipulated. Only people who are afraid and think they can lose or gain something can be manipulated.
The brave man lives the way he wants to. Fearful people live the way they have to.
An awakened person no longer belongs to a particular society, even if he lives in it. It does not belong to any country, community or religion.
And nothing hates rulers more than the free man who whistles at their (slave) offerings.

- Benjamin Wehle

Which crown do you choose?


The narrative crumbles. Something bad and big is happening

Video: Dr. Heiko Schöning: Production of COVID-19 vaccines II. Budapest COVID Conference

Dr. Gábor Lenkei: A Crime Against Humanity II. Budapest COVID Conference


Dr. Gábor Lenkei, author of the book "Censored Health", has already made many videos about the coronavirus. A II. At the COVID Conference in Budapest, he presented the most important thoughts and subjective opinions to the participants about how he sees this situation.

He said that at the beginning of the last century and in the last hundred years, scientists had made serious discoveries that would have made, and still make, the prevention of the vast majority of diseases known today, nearly 100% protection of health, and higher than ever before. level. The discoveries would have allowed us to see only 5-10% of the diseases known today. 90-95% of the diseases could have disappeared.

According to Gábor Lenkei, this could not happen because unscrupulous criminals entered the picture and took power over medical education, funding scientific research (hence they determined what could and could not be researched) and took control of the national health systems.

And the best known representative of this stratum is John D. Rockefeller, a multi-billionaire communist whose infamous slogan is that competition is a sin. Rockefeller has validated this for healthcare as the main founder of the disease industry.

The German Dr. Heiko Schöning also participated in the II. Budapest COVID Conference. The Vice President of The World Doctors Alliance and The World Freedom Alliance gave a presentation on the production of coronavirus vaccines, in which he also presented Game Over, which names the people who benefit from the pandemic and who control the world’s health industry and the world. .

A message from one of the trucks this morning
A message from one of the trucks this morning ... we're all going to learn who the boss is in Australia.
I go shopping after I walk in the park with Bibi. I suggest you go shopping too.
We warned you would. Video: Facebook

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The new
wave of epidemics is coming, the government is not planning closures on 21.08.2021.

The government also reviewed the epidemic situation at its last meeting on Friday, and concluded that the epidemic situation is currently the best in the Central European region, especially in Hungary, said Gergely Gulyás. At the same time, the fourth wave of coronavirus epidemics has clearly started and will arrive in Hungary as well. This, in turn, will be different from the previous three waves, according to government calculations, and the defense will also be different from the previous ones, the minister called attention.

A new wave of epidemics is coming, the government is not planning closures

We can also get the fourth vaccination

Gergely Gulyás also told the Government Info that 5.7 million people have already received at least the first vaccination and 5.5 both doses. Together with those who recovered from the infection, the total number of protected people in Hungary exceeds 6 million.

The Minister in charge of the Prime Minister emphasized that he had the available disease data after five and a half million vaccinees, and these show that the chances of getting the disease are very low, one in five hundred people get sick if someone has vaccinated themselves. The course of the disease in this case is significantly milder and shorter.

As the elderly continue to be most at risk, the government will visit all unvaccinated people over the age of 65, and six-year-old medical students will also be allowed to be vaccinated on site after the residents. Gergely Gulyás also revealed that 185,000 people have taken the third vaccine so far, which is available at all locations. Even if the vaccine runs out, a new date will be given within days.

In total, nearly eight million vaccines are available, meaning everyone can be vaccinated with a third, but even a fourth. Stocks are limitless, the chancellor said.

Responding to a journalist’s question, he underlined that the government is not expecting closures during the next wave of epidemics, as they are confident that by then vaccination will be so high that it will provide sufficient protection against the disease.

The vaccination program for 12- to 18-year-olds will continue on August 30 and 31, as well as on September 2 and 3, when mass vaccinations will be organized in schools, Government Information said. Gergely Gulyás stated that the country should not be closed, there would be no restrictions on work or school, there would be no need to believe the rumors related to it, education for children from kindergartens to universities would start in a regular schedule from September. The vaccination of teachers reaches 80 percent, the minister pointed out.

THE WISHING WISH IS THE MOST NEEDED - said Gergely Gulyás, who also stressed that whoever vaccinates on the merits should not be afraid of austerity. The above-mentioned willingness will soon be supported by an advertising campaign.

Australia carries out mass child sacrifice at Lucifer vaccination ritual targeting 24,000 childrenAustralia carries out mass child sacrifice at Lucifer vaccination ritual targeting 24,000 children
Brad Hazzard, the Minister for Health and Medical Research in New South Wales, announced this week that 24,000 children will be involved in a mass vaccination campaign under police supervision and that parents will not be admitted to the Qudos Bank Arena, where mass vaccinations are taking place. It turned out that the Qudos Bank Arena has been used for years as a temple of Satan, where luciferist "art" performances are held that worship Satan and insult God. Several satanic rock bands have performed at the facility over the years, unleashing waves of demonic energy on the facility while demonic masses enliven Satan. Currently, 24,000 Australian children are marched into the arena where this satanic worship takes place. Injecting, tissue-destroying spike protein biological weapons are injected into them, while parents cannot be present. This is obviously not a public health initiative: It is a ritual of child sacrifice that is performed at the national level.

Kassler instructed schools to document by name which children are not vaccinatedKassler instructed schools to document by name which children are not vaccinated
Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, instructed school leaders in a circular to assess parental needs for school COVID vaccination of students over the age of 12. For the survey, the Minister also published a "application form" which schools are required, as instructed, to complete with all parents, and even to attach the completed application form to the pupils' personal files. However, according to the Society for Freedoms (HCLU), this constitutes infringing data processing, so the defenders turned to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority. If the school leaders follow the instructions of the minister without reservations, they will not only assess the vaccination needs of the parents and students, but also map the vaccination of the students attending the school by name,

Deprived health workers can also go directly to the Strasbourg courtDeprived health workers can also go directly to the Strasbourg court
Former health workers who have been terminated because they have not signed a health service contract may also bring proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee and the HCLU are once again providing assistance to nurses and doctors who have been deprived of their rights. According to press reports, 5,500 health workers were terminated on March 1 this year because the new health service employment contract was not accepted. Compared to the previous regulation, they received less severance pay and did not receive any severance pay. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee and the Society for Freedoms (HCLU) jointly prepared a petition for a constitutional court for those concerned due to the illegal regulation of severance pay. However, according to the legal position of the organizations, no effective remedy is expected from the Constitutional Court in relation to the notice period. The reason for this is that the violation occurred due to a so-called omission of the Constitution, the finding of which cannot be proposed by the complainant under Hungarian law. It is therefore worthwhile for workers deprived of their pay for dismissal to apply directly to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Plans for the reminder shot sped up to kill the masses before the awakening spreadsReminder shot plans have sped up to kill the masses before the awakening spreads
For anyone who pays attention, it is now quite obvious that the whole sourdough "plandemic" scam is a global depopulation plan to scare people into a prickly protein biological weapon injections ("vaccines") that kill them over time. What the globalists did not expect, however, is a rapid awakening to the truth that is now spreading like wildfire in medicine and science. We have reached a turning point. Humanity is waking up at an ever-accelerating rate, so globalists are now trying to exterminate people as quickly as possible to stop the spread of truth.

Government info: Vaccine recipients do not have to prepare for large closuresGovernment info: Vaccine recipients do not have to prepare for large closures
The epidemic situation is one of the best in Hungary, but there are signs that the fourth wave will start, the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister's Office said in the Government Info. Gergely Gulyás drew attention to the fact that due to the significant vaccination, however, this will be fundamentally different from the first three, there is no need to prepare for similar closures. He who vaccinates himself will not be subject to substantial restrictions. The school year begins with attendance education. The most important thing would be for everyone to take the vaccine, he repeated. It has been said that another media campaign will be launched to promote the vaccine. The head of the ministry reminded that 5 and a half million people have already received both vaccinations, and there are more than 6 million protected people in Hungary, including those who have contracted the infection. He said: all vaccines are reliable and provide protection, vaccinated 0, Only 18 percent get sick, and in their case, the symptoms are much weaker, they are not life-threatening. "Anyone who has been vaccinated has been able to go to festive events with minimal risk, and who has not, knowingly started, everyone is responsible for themselves, is now taking on this, so the current situation is different than before. It needs to be vaccinated."

Mihai Lasca MEP to protect unvaccinated health workers - It is unacceptable for doctors, nurses, teachers to be blackmailed and discriminated against because of the experimental vaccineMihai Lasca MEP to protect unvaccinated health workers - It is unacceptable for doctors, nurses, teachers to be blackmailed and discriminated against because of the experimental vaccine
It is completely unacceptable for the government to force the health workers to administer the experimental genetic engineering vaccine Covid19 through various extortion maneuvers, says a MIHAI LASCA from the Romanian parliament in Bihor County. The politician posted a statement on Youtoube in which he briefly explained that it was completely unethical and illegal to force doctors, nurses, but also educators, who were reluctant to use the covid vaccine, to perform the vaccination with various extortionate maneuvers, threatening to even they may also lose if they do not comply with the covid terror order. Unfortunately, as time goes on, it becomes increasingly clear that something is very wrong about the whole aggressive vaccination propaganda, and the opinions we get from hip. ”

Béla Merkely: The mask is less effective against the new variantBéla Merkely: The mask is less effective against the new variant
Those who have not yet been vaccinated are in serious danger, as highly infectious mutants have been selected during the year and a half of the coronavirus epidemic, which are much easier to catch compared to the older variants, he said. He also said that the delta variant has the same symptoms as the British variant, but has a higher infectivity. He also sees vaccination of young people as important in preventing the spread of the virus. Mask use may return, but not in all cases, as the mask is less effective against the new variant, he added, noting that protection should be obtained as this is the only way to avoid severe infection and only then can everyone return. to his usual life.

Merkely: The usual precautions will not protect the unvaccinated, QUARANTINE is coming!Merkely: The usual precautions will not protect the unvaccinated, QUARANTINE is coming!
The rector of Semmelweis University believes the fourth wave will not burden health care. Those who have not yet been vaccinated are at serious risk, as highly infectious mutants that are much easier to catch compared to older variants have been selected during the year and a half of the coronavirus epidemic. Until the average number of people infected per day rises to its current multiple, it is vital that people who have not done so be vaccinated. The number of infected people is rising - they report 100-120 new cases a day - but it will no longer be similar to the second or third wave, and the current wave will not burden health care. Merkely also talked about the fact that the delta variant has the same symptoms as the British variant, but its infectivity is higher: it can be obtained with less contact and in a shorter time.

The resigned military leader sees the tasks facing the Hungarian army The resigned military leader sees that the tasks facing the Hungarian army require a different type of leader
Colonel Ferenc Korom, Commander of the Hungarian Armed Forces, performed his assigned duties and therefore asked for his dismissal from the Minister of Defense. The military leader sees that the tasks facing the Hungarian army require a "different type" of leader. He is pursuing his career abroad, in the service of Hungary, the Ministry of Defense said. The Ministry of Defense announced that Colonel Ferenc Korom had asked his Minister of Defense Tibor Benkő to dismiss him. He justified the Colonel-General's request on the grounds that the tasks entrusted to him in 2018 - the separation of the Ministry of Defense and the Hungarian Defense Forces, the relocation of the Ministry of Defense to Székesfehérvár, the organizational reorganization and done and also successfully led the Hungarian Armed Forces in carrying out tasks in the epidemic situation. In the view of Colonel General Ferenc Korom, however, the new tasks facing the Hungarian Armed Forces require a different type of leader.

An important warning has been received: put on the mask againAn important warning has been received: put on the mask again
Although it is not mandatory to wear a mask in most places of our daily life for the time being, it is recommended to return to using it indoors. This means that even if we are vaccinated, it is worth picking up on public transport, shopping, the cinema and the theater. In such cases, we need to look at what we win and what we give for it. We will have no problem in the world if we put on the mask, if we get sick, but it can be a serious problem - said Rita Lénárd, MOK's vice president of the portal. In his opinion, the mask remains a part of our everyday lives. For the time being, the epidemiological situation in open areas does not necessarily justify the wearing of a mask, if keeping a distance can be solved. However, it is not worth going to the crowd in open spaces without a mask. If you are visiting an elderly parent, it is worth keeping in mind: in the garden, it is enough to pay attention to the distance while walking, but if we go into the apartment, put on the mask, said the vice president. There are no double vaccinations against the coronavirus in complete safety, and data on the effectiveness of the third vaccination are now available. And the virus is still constantly changing.

Gergely Gulyás: We can expect the fourth wave with relative calmGergely Gulyás: We can expect the fourth wave with relative calm
Happy Gizella: Gergő probably only thinks about the shelf life of the vaccines in stock, so that they don't expire, so it doesn't matter how much he pushes. You probably don’t read the foreign news, which clearly states that a higher percentage of vaccinees end up in hospital because they get re-infected or infect themselves ... a few examples: - More than 23,000 German doctors quit the genocide campaign! They are not vaccinated because they know they have learned the consequence. - The British government expects that 60-70% of wave 4 deaths will affect those who are fully vaccinated. Several people have told me what torments they have been going through since receiving the vaccine. Do they want to push this into our children and grandchildren? Let their lives also suffer if they do not die only after vaccination, as the information on the surface proves. The immune system needs to be strengthened (with vitamins C, B, D, Zinc, which is also viral). White wormwood tea should be drunk if there is trouble and within 1-2 days the viruses are tossing their feet to burn). DO NOT SUFFER! PROTECT! We are living in an era of genocide, so I suggest that the one who pounded this monster into the world and wants to force the vaccinations on us by spreading false data write himself out.

The anger in Melbourne has been unleashed by the closuresRages freed in Melbourne over closures
Thousands protested against epidemiological restrictions in major Australian cities on Saturday. In Melbourne, about four thousand marched into the streets to protest the quarantine across the state of Victoria announced a few hours earlier. Police in some places tried to curb the protesters with tear gas, and six police officers were seriously injured in the clashes. More than 200 people were arrested and many were fined for violating epidemiological regulations. In Sydney, only one police officer was injured and 47 protesters were arrested. The epidemic in Australia has never been more severe than it is now, largely due to the spread of the much more contagious delta variation, with 886 new cases of coronavirus registered in Sydney on Saturday, for example.

Orbán unexpectedly: the fourth wave knocks on the doorOrbán unexpectedly: the fourth wave knocks on the door
The Prime Minister spoke at Kossuth Radio that the fourth wave will not escape Hungary either. Viktor Orbán emphasized that we can vaccinate everyone, because we have 8 million vaccines in our warehouses. He said that there are still Hungarians in Afghanistan, they must be safely evacuated. Viktor Orbán said in the Sunday newspaper show that if everyone convinces one more person, the level of protection in the country will be such that the strength of the fourth wave of the epidemic will not be comparable to the previous waves. “We can vaccinate everyone, we have 8 million vaccines in our warehouses,” the prime minister said, stressing that if someone reports, they will definitely get the vaccine within a week. Although this weekend, on the occasion of the national holiday of 20 August, the cloudless celebration is the terrain, meanwhile, preparations must be made for that "the fourth wave (...) knocks on the door." Not the strongest and loudest on our door, "but on the door of the neighboring and Western European countries, but like last year, Hungary will not be avoided by the fourth wave." Only the vaccination saved lives, "said the Prime Minister.

The fourth wave could explode as early as mid-SeptemberThe fourth wave could explode as early as mid-September
According to virus researcher Miklós Rusvai, although it previously seemed possible to swim the acceleration until October, this would require great luck. The concentration of coronavirus in wastewater also increased in Kaposvár and Tatabánya last week, but according to Miklós Rusvai, this does not indicate the fourth wave. The virologist expects the coronavirus epidemic to explode again in mid-September. "In the wastewater data released last Monday and Tuesday, the concentration of coronavirus hereditary material increased according to measurements from seven different wastewater treatment plants. However, there has been no further increase since then. A slight fluctuation may be observed, but , and voluntary precautionary measures may be introduced, but they are not yet epidemiologically necessary.

Can someone who didn’t work the first two get a vaccine?Can someone who didn’t work the first two get a vaccine?
If someone has not had the first two vaccines work properly, the third vaccine may be enough, but if their body has given a near-zero immune response to the first two vaccinations, they may easily need two more vaccinations. Miklós Kásler is not right, Sinopharm should not be given a third vaccine to those vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, says immunologist András Falus. Several of our readers were concerned that if the first two vaccinations didn’t work for them for whatever reason, then a third might be enough, so why not get two again in that case. According to him, two cases are possible. On the one hand, the immune response of those affected may be just below the "threshold," but if they receive another boost with another immunization, antibody production will begin. "If this is not the case - and perhaps more often -

Artificial coronavirus: the lambda variant is resistant to vaccinesArtificial coronavirus: the lambda variant is resistant to vaccines
Under laboratory conditions, the lambda variant of the coronavirus has been shown to be resistant to the immune defenses developed by vaccines, Japanese researchers said. The lambda variant of the new coronavirus, which is causing more and more disease in South America - and was first identified in Peru - is highly contagious and much more resistant to vaccines than the original, Wuhan version of the virus, Reuters reported, citing Japanese researchers. Researchers have been believing for some time - and even reported in a preprint study - what has now been confirmed by laboratory experiments: that three mutations in the lambda variant spike protein, RSYLTPGD246-253N, 260 L452Q and F490S, make the virus resistant to vaccine-induced against the effects of antibodies. More bad news, that, in addition, two other mutations, T76I and L452Q, also increase the transmission rate of the lambda variant, i.e., it is highly contagious. As we wrote earlier, it is precisely because of these two virological features that scientists say it may be the most dangerous variant of coronavirus to date.

Will vaccination be mandatory for all Hungarians?Will vaccination be mandatory for all Hungarians?
10 possible measures announced by Gergely Gulyás at today's Government Info. We chose from the less absurd and very absurd scenarios. What, why is the government doing? Gergely Gulyás and Alexandra Szentkirályi will hold Government Information; the press conference will be held at an unexpected time on Saturday morning at 11 a.m. No details have yet been provided on the details of the government announcements. It was the last month of Government Info, which is no wonder, as most government members have been on leave in recent weeks. Our paper knows that some of the ministers were away for weeks, so it is an interesting question how complete, if any, the last government meeting was. Under these circumstances, we guess what they can report. No country has even taken this action, not even Israel and Britain, where they overtook the previous wave due to the high-volume vaccination campaign. The government of Viktor Orbán may be the first to make vaccination mandatory. There is no great political risk, in Hungary there are few Gödény believers who would seriously go out to protest against vaccination. However, this would put Hungary on the front page again in all newspapers around the world.

"Sometimes we have to throw in political correctness and do what's right. Honestly, I don't have what I want to say, but there are children with myocarditis here and we have the dead. And what we're experiencing is just the tip of the iceberg ... This thing is exploding. Thousands and report thousands of deaths to the VAERS program, suggesting a strong link between vaccinations and deaths, especially in children ... ”- Dr. Scott Jensen. "I call on the media to publish at least once as a cover story a fourteen-year-old child who is lying in a hospital bed with tubes in every body orifice, (...) who is dying of myocarditis and who had no need for vaccination ..."

Swiss police are cracking down on a restriction imposed by the governmentSwiss police are cracking down on a restriction imposed by the government
Swiss police are rebelling against the "big restore" and refusing to enforce government restrictions on the population. A group representing Swiss police wrote a letter to the Swiss Police Association (FSFP) stating that police work for the people, not for the world’s elite. The group warned not to implement restrictive measures that disproportionately violate citizens' fundamental rights. "If the measures contradict the general opinion of the population and disproportionately restrict their fundamental rights, many police officers will no longer be willing to apply them," the group wrote in a letter. While the Swiss public welcomed the letter, the FSFP tried to quell the uprising by claiming that the letter represented few police officers. Adrian Gaugler,

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Jeszenszky: The case of the Norwegian Fund proves that the Hungarian government is not driven by the national interest
August 22, 2021

The former Hungarian ambassador to Oslo warns that if Hungarian-Norwegian trade ceases, Hungary can only emerge as a loser.

Jeszenszky: The case of the Norwegian Fund proves that the Hungarian government is not driven by the national interest
Photo: Géza Jeszenszky, former Minister of Foreign Affairs at the LMP ceremonial commemoration in a hotel in the capital on the day of remembrance of the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848/49, March 15, 2018. MTI Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák

According to the Hungarian government, Norway owes Hungary HUF 77 billion for access to our market, but the Northern Foreign Affairs claims that this money does not automatically go to any country, reports the Atv Weekly Diary. According to experts, the fact that Hungary has managed to clash with Norway is a huge "feat", as Norway is "one of the least conflicting nations, not only in Europe, but in the whole world". Former Hungarian Ambassador to Oslo Géza Jeszenszky warns that if Hungarian-Norwegian trade ceases, Hungary can only emerge as a loser.

The tendering system, called the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Fund, was set up by three non-EU countries: Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. These three countries do not contribute financially to the Union's budget, but enjoy the benefits of the EU's free market, so in return, 15 less developed EU countries are supported with tender money.

Hungary, for example, supported the Nest Leaving Program from the Norwegian Fund and the rescue of the cave dwellings in Egerszalók. But it was with this money that the building of the Budapest University Catholic Grammar School was renovated, and there was also money for the mobile filter bus of the Maltese Charity Service. Hungary and Norway could not agree on these goals either. The 77 billion intended for Hungary has a share of 4 billion forints, the distribution of which the Hungarian government cannot be involved in. This is something the government has not been able to accept since 2014.

From 2009, the Ökotárs Foundation won the opportunity to call for tenders and distribute the money. This organization has been targeted by government attacks. Already in 2014, Nándor Csepreghy called the foundation a "political umbrella organization". The pressure did not stop, and the case significantly deteriorated relations between Hungary and Norway. Jeszenszky tried to settle the dispute through diplomacy for a while, but did not achieve much, so he gave up his resignation because he did not want to give his name to this growing conflict.

Police officers raided the foundation, their leader was taken away by police, laptops were seized. A legal prince's war that began for years began. There were sympathy symptoms, negotiations, and an intellectual stand. The situation did not alleviate, although neither the investigators nor NAV found any violations at Ökotárs, but not even at 17 associations supported by the Norwegian Civil Support Fund, and it was established that both Ökotárs and the supported foundations complied with all legal requirements, reporting obligation has been fulfilled. It took two years of litigation to find out Prime Minister Viktor Orbán ordered the rampage of the Eco-Companion and the investigation.

According to Jeszenszky, it is only by brainwashing a part of Hungarian society that one can really believe that some kind of freedom struggle is going on here and that the outside world wants evil for Hungary. According to him, the case reveals that the Hungarian government is not politicizing on the basis of national interest, he said in the Atv.

The company of Lőrinc Mészáros takes out a HUF 50 billion loan from the bank of Lőrinc MészárosLészinc Mészáros' company takes out a HUF 50 billion loan from Mészáros Lőrinc's bank
Opus Energy Kft. ., announced on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange on Saturday the Opus Global Plc. According to the information, Opus made an offer to E.On for a 100 percent stake in Titas last December, and then signed a purchase agreement in March. The transaction could be completed this year by obtaining regulatory approvals.

Orbán announced that a pension premium will be paidOrbán announced that a pension premium will be paid
The state can pay a one-time pension premium of 50-56 thousand forints to the elderly, another campaign for a large vaccination will start on September 1, and there are still Hungarians in Afghanistan - Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke about this on Sunday's Kossuth Radio program. "The economy is racing, so it will be possible to pay a pension premium, the amount of which depends on the rate of economic growth," the prime minister said on Kossuth Radio's Sunday newspaper. Viktor Orbán currently sees a one-time payment of 50-56 thousand forints as probable, but that amount may be much higher. He emphasized that since the change of regime, they had never worked as much in Hungary as they do now. Therefore, people can be proud of themselves, but at the same time, the government also has a role to play in the favorable growth data. He said he trusts ...

BudaPart: an entire district of the Danube has been built unnoticedBudaPart: an entire district of the Danube has been built unnoticed
Due to the height of the MOL Campus, the controversy surrounding it and the protests of UNESCO, it has become really big news whether it is destroying the cityscape or not. But there is less talk about the fact that this high-rise building, which also fits into a skyscraper, is only one element of the huge urban development project called BudaPart, which is in many ways completely unique among the developments in Budapest. BudaPart is a real estate group being built next to Lágymányosi Bay, which will be both a residential and an office district, with some commercial functions. By the end of the full development, up to 7,000 residents will be able to live here (although only 4-5 thousand have been talked about before), about 23,000 office workers will join. I have already written about its exact location, size, planned installation and use in relation to the plans, I would not repeat myself. A lot has happened since then,

Can the skyscraper under the Kopaszi Dam be 150 meters instead of 120?Can the skyscraper under the Kopaszi Dam be 150 meters instead of 120?
The district chief architect wants higher than original plans. According to Magyar Idők, Viktor Takács sees that a 150-meter skyscraper would look better in the quarter under construction at the Kopaszi Dam than the 120-meter one in the original plans. According to the chief architect of the Újbuda district, a special solution is needed so that the high-rise building does not look like a box. According to Takács, due to the peculiarities of the Hungarian regulations, it is necessary for the building to be higher than 40 floors. Under current regulations, a skyscraper could not be as slender as its counterparts in Europe or overseas. This can only be done too widely at home due to mandatory regulations. Update: According to the announcement sent to us by the developer Property Market "

The Dürer Garden is reborn: Offered to launch the cultural effervescence of the entire Kopaszi DamThe Dürer Garden is reborn: "Offered to launch the cultural effervescence of the entire Kopasz Dam"
The new Dürer Garden will move from the city center to the banks of the Danube, to the fishermen, to an old mill and to the BudaPart residential park, a major government investment. They tried to unload the nightclub next to the City Park for ten years, by which time the operation was successful. We will show you where it will be built and what the new Dürer will look like. After a long, years-long tug of war, he finally had to move to one of the capital’s iconic entertainment venues, the Dürer Garden, next to the City Park, after residential properties and offices were built in its place. The club announced on November 5 last year that it would close, and then in three months unload a total of 40 trucks of equipment from the halls, backstages, offices, courtyards, corridors, after 12 years, it finally set foot on the Ajtósi Dürer line. "On the last day, we did a ritual fire in which we threw objects that

"At 19-21 Ajtósi Dürer, the French-founded Sacré Coeur order originally built a convent and school, which could operate until nationalization. After that, the Political College of the Hungarian Socialist People's Party After the university moved out of here, the property was bought from the state in 2007 by the Israeli company Ehud Amir, which later became one of the owners of Ajtósi University Ingatlanforgalmazó Kft. it took over the renovation of Gozsdu-yard, but this company would also turn Ankert's former Paulay Ede Street building into a luxury residential building.) "

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Angelina Jolie has registered on Instagram to be the voice of oppressed Afghans
August 21, 2021

Angelina Jolie launched her official Instagram site on Saturday. He already has more than 5 and a half million followers on Sunday, though he didn’t post a selfie or a picture of himself in a professional photo shoot. The first ?? and so far only ?? entry is about the situation in Afghanistan.

Angelina Jolie speaks as Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Burkina Faso in June 2021
Angelina Jolie will speak as Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Burkina Faso in June 2021. - Photo: OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT / AFP.

The Oscar-winning American actress shared a handwritten letter allegedly sent to her by a teenage girl living in Afghanistan. The letter is about the girl’s fear that the Taliban will lose the rights they have been given so far, so she won’t be able to go to school or go to work either.

Jolie, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees ’special envoy in a post attached to the letter, says she has registered for Instagram because she wants to help people in Afghanistan who are less and less able to express themselves freely on social media.

?? I came to Instagram to share their stories and the words of all those around the world who are fighting for their basic human rights. ??

After two decades, US and NATO forces left the region this summer. In parallel with their departure, Taliban fighters invaded more and more Afghan provinces, eventually capturing the capital, Kabul, in mid-August in preparation for the proclamation of the Islamic Emirate. Since then, desperate masses have been trying to flee Afghanistan while the Taliban go house-to-house to hunt down Afghans collaborating with Westerners.

(You can read more about how we got to the Taliban takeover here. And about why the two decades the United States and NATO spent in Afghanistan were almost in vain, we wrote in detail here.)

Jolie says Afghans deserve much more.

The actress visited the Afghan border shortly before the 2001 terrorist attack, where she met people fleeing the Taliban twenty years ago. He said it was painful to see many Afghans forced to leave the country again out of fear and insecurity. And he considers it an almost inconceivable failure that after 20 years, despite a lot of money spent and a lot of deaths, that is all that has been achieved in Afghanistan.

On her Instagram, in addition to the Afghan girl’s letter, Angelina Jolie also shared a story that would disappear within 24 hours, in which she drew her followers ’attention to an opinion article published in Time magazine. The actress and UN special envoy to the ?? people of Afghanistan deserve much more than that ?? In his article, he writes that as a U.S. citizen, he is ashamed of the way the U.S. has withdrawn from Afghanistan.

?? There is a lack of a strategy that would continue to monitor and support Afghan civil society and the women living in Afghanistan who have been targeted by the Taliban in the past. ??

Jolie also focuses on the situation of Afghan women in her writing. Draws attention, inter alia, to the fact that Afghan girls have risked their lives for the past 20 years if they went to school (citing as an example the fact that more than a hundred people died in attacks specifically targeting school girls just last year in a single district in Kabul); women serving as lawyers, judges and police in Afghanistan; Since May, more than 250,000 people have fled Afghanistan, and more than 80 percent of these refugees are women.

The current situation, according to the actress, is not just about Afghanistan, but about all the countries where the Western powers have set foot and left behind chaos. And his article goes on to say that any future Afghan government will have to judge how it views human rights, especially whether Afghan girls and women can retain the rights they have already earned.

1500 year old ceramic Maya figurine with detachable helmet, El Perú-Waka ', Petén, Guatemala.
1500 year old ceramic Maya figurine with detachable helmet, El Perú-Waka ', Petén, Guatemala.
It was one of 23 ceramic figures arranged by the mourners in a circle in a royal tomb.
It tells the story of the ancient Mayan ritual life.

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