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Are we organizing a national peaceful demonstration, against an illegitimate government and all parliamentary parties and MPs in the alleged opposition, for the abolition of divisive, tyrannical, exclusionary, inhuman, illegal party democracy and the exercise of exclusive power, the dictatorship itself?

The people have the right to drive away an illegitimate dictatorial government in a democracy if it rules against the will of the people. He was a traitor to overthrow the constitution
is it our constitutional duty to curb and replace criminals?

Viktor Orbán said this on December 16, 2007:
"At all times, people decide the fate of the government, because as long as the people tolerate a government doing what it does and do not protest against it with a force that makes the government its intention. it forces him to change, in the meantime, people, if forced, accept what is. "
Following the findings of Viktor Orbán at that time, we now accept the advice of the "wise" and hereby declare:
From being a tyrant with exclusive power, an illegitimate prime minister who is otherwise a traitor - who is obviously from abroad / e.g. ISRAEL / CHINA / controlled - do with us whatever you want!
Let us demonstrate against dictatorship and party democracy with great faith and cooperation, for the time being peacefully!

We are waiting for every movement and every participant who has been restricted in their Basic Human Rights, or is currently being restricted by these traitorous criminals!
We welcome everyone who has suffered and is still worthy of racial, religious, sexual, health and any kind of discrimination, insult to this day!
(e.g. Jewish, Gypsy, sandy, vaccinated, unvaccinated, etc., etc.)
End of restrictions, meaningless, illogical social and health measures clearly contrary to the laws of the NUNBER CODE ???
We want free expression and respect for OUR FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS!

We want exactly what Viktor Mihály Orbán put it in 2007, nothing else: We are
now deciding on the fate of the alleged government and all parliamentary liar and thief parties and representatives: END! HAVE BEEN ENOUGH ??? ???

An end to divisive political pulls! It was enough! Let's show them that we are more! We are organizing a new management! With Hungarian people leading with a real heart and soul! Those who govern fairly! This leadership is over!
Police have repeatedly stated, "if more than 50,000 of us march to one place at a time and move in and out of the countryside en masse, they will lay down their arms and stand by us." They can't wait! "
We are also very much looking forward to them because "WE ARE OF ONE BLOOD"!

We are initiating the creation of an "upper house" of highly knowledgeable, noble-minded, wise men who can exercise control over the expert "lower house."
This is exactly why the building of the Hungarian Parliament was designed as it is. Consists of two parts. I need control! All power must again be the PEOPLE and we - the PEOPLE must take power away from these traitorous parasites!
This can only succeed if we have had enough and have a minimum of 50,000 dissatisfied and agreeing, determined but peaceful and sensible People in one place at a time!
Come too, if you are tired of the drags of the government that destroy your body, soul and brain and the lies of the last 30 years !!!
If you are tired of restrictions, if you are tired of preventing the Hague FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS from being enforced, if you are tired of theft, lies, inconvenience and restrictions!
Only with You, only with You can we succeed in creating our freedom !!!
The company called "Hungary" is null and void in the international sense, "deleted", in its legal bases, definitively, irrefutably together with its entire administrative system and public institutions, since 25 December 2012.
The dictatorship called Hungary and its alleged "basic law" have been illegitimate, void, legally invalid, false and lying since 01.01.2012.
They took the POWER from the people, passed it on to foreign hands, they took away the individual pension and the health care system. The gingerbread created mázos "dressed in robes" Basic Law ", which served not the rights of the Hungarian people, not in fundamental human rights, but also foreign invaders of buyers and corrupt politicians.
We must unite a real regime change and who thinks so, to come and help work together! We

need all people - both GRAZED and UNGOSENABLE - in this current collaboration, who clearly sees, feels and already knows that the future, health and lives of our children are literally BET! ”
Viktor Orbán and his accomplices are an evil, The Hungarian contractors of the international, intriguing intrigue:
The impoverishment of the country, its total indebtedness, the destruction of health care and social order, and the bankruptcy of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises are being carried out on foreign orders. These oppressors must be imprisoned and the People's Court established by the PEOP must be judged over them, respecting their universal human rights!

No hanging, no lynching, no lanterns, no chaos, no burning! Judgment and judgment under the intellect, SCIENTIFIC MORAL, and INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC LAW is the only solution!
/ For treason, e.g. up to life imprisonment, the current BTK. also according to ... /
Therefore, we invite ALL OUR COMPANIES who want freedom and the rule of law and democracy and feel good on Saturday, August 28, 2021, at 12:00 - BUDAPEST, under the shady trees of Népliget!
The exact location is located in a green area bordered by the Zoltán Kárpáti Promenade and the Árpád Degen Promenade.

Important! We have a police permit to hold the event!
Please note that this event is not about the epidemic, it is not about health measures, this event is about the peaceful overthrow of the DICTATORSHIP, the realization of a REAL SYSTEM CHANGE!
/ According to Viktor Mihály Orbán's "Wise Teaching of OUR GENIUS" in 2007 and his message ... / In the
spirit of this, we ask the speakers and contributors to take all this into account! We want a peaceful but "STRONG" demonstration.
Csaba Bódis - Organizer of the demonstration: +36301887143
We welcome all help and ideas, support and welcome everyone who wants to join and agrees with what has been said!
The event is under constant organization and development! We will inform all esteemed people about everything in a timely manner ...
That was enough!

The list of invitees, co-organizers, sponsors, speakers and any speakers, which is constantly extended and updated:
- Jogállamért Association
- World Federation of Hungarians
- Béla András Kohánszky - President of Righteous Movement
- System Transmissions
- Joseph Dr. Tamasi
- Dr. Pócs Alfred
- Dr. Hips Frederick Zsolt - Pharmacist
- Dr. Adrienne Tóthmartinez - Doctor - Naturopath - (Our Heart's Way Movement)
- Rákóczi Zója - Healthcare Professional - Representing Mothers and Grandmothers
- Tamara Pozsa - Hungarian State Owners' Association (MATT)
- Hajnal János - People's Sovereignty Movement
- Oláh Movement - Oláh Unit
- Doctors for clairvoyance
- Hungarian Association Movement
- Crown Justice Civil Co-operation -
Róbert Ferenczik - New Beginning Hungary Movement
- Kiss-Papp Marcell - Ciszta Dili Bio - Logical Education and Humor Magazine
- Szecsei Miklós
- Árvai Attila - Writer - Facsint
- Ruthenian Transcarpathia blogspot. com
- Kék Etheriel - Painter
- Judit Regős
- Attila Heffner - Spiritual Television
- András Brindza - Public writer, one of the initiators of the 3rd passenger Coalition for Survival Movement, launched in 1999, Member of MAREVOSZ
- The Unity Orchestra
- Attila Krisztián Nagy: musician, athlete, hobby writer, motivational performer and inspiration trainer, who shares his thoughts on behalf of himself and his fellow disabled people, at the end of which he will play two melodic compositions with his instrument CAISA.

The event can be shared on the Facebook link:
History of the demonstration:

Are we waiting for dissatisfied firefighters, police officers, / civilians / crippled, deceived, humiliated health professionals, educators, students and everyone and every movement who is dissatisfied with the current system - the DICTATORSHIP and the exercise of exclusive power planned until December, but actually planned indefinitely?
Many of you have asked how to imagine parliament after the change of regime that I was talking about. Perhaps this video sums it up in the best, easiest, and most understandable way. It would be important to also look at this to understand how the 2-chamber parliament I was talking about was:

Or for those who are more interested in what we want and that, here are the answers to your questions and doubts in more detail:
We welcome constitutional lawyers, lawyers, foreigners observers and through them the foreign and domestic TV channels, press bodies with which they are connected! This would allow even more people to get the event happening live.
Please participate in the domestic alternative Internet and TV channels and broadcast the event?
We ask you to share in as many groups as possible on as many surfaces as possible to reach everyone and succeed! And come live as many people as possible! And bring 1 MORE !!! Thank You!

József Borbély: We have to go to Pest not on the 20th, but on the 28th, because that will be our holiday!

More than 23,000 German doctors quit the genocide campaign!More than 23,000 German doctors quit the genocide campaign!
Vaccines are no longer given in quite a few GP surgeries. More and more doctors are withdrawing from the crown "vaccination" campaign, according to the Robert Koch Institute, available in the newspaper Welt am Sonntag. In the week of Aug. 2 to 8, only 29,300 practices "vaccinated people against the coronavirus," meaning many dropped out. At the time of the introduction of vaccines in Germany, a total of 52,600 practices were involved in the genocide campaign. This means that 23,300 (44%) practices stopped shooting. Eleven of the 16 states will close the escape centers !? Meanwhile, people who have not been vaccinated in Germany are under further pressure. From October 11, the tests will no longer be free. In the absence of a vaccine, recovery certificate or negative test, you will not be allowed to enter the hospitality industry, hairdressers and other providers. Sports or events will also be taboo. The rule also applies to visitors to hospitals as well as retirement and nursing homes.

Singapore will end quarantine for Hong Kong, even if travel bubble burstsSingapore will end quarantine for Hong Kong even if travel bubble bursts
The new rule will apply to short-term travelers from Hong Kong and Macao from next Thursday, as the city-state will launch a quarantine-free travel corridor with Germany next month.
Hong Kong and Singapore “will not be able to launch or maintain the travel bubble in its current form,” says Singapore’s transport minister. Singapore will begin admitting travelers from Hong Kong and Macao without quarantine, although the measure will not be reciprocated, officials said on Thursday, adding that there are no further negotiations on a travel bubble. The unilateral, unquarantined admission of visitors from Hong Kong and Macao on Thursday, August 26, has been part of a month-long system that has now been extended to mainland China, Taiwan and New Zealand since Thursday. Singaporean citizens, permanent residents and long-term residents of Hong Kong and Macao will be able to access the system earlier this Saturday.
They must continue to be quarantined when they return to their own city.

Warning that vaccine-spike protein releases extensive neurological damage and overloads hospitalsWarning that vaccine-spike protein releases extensive neurological damage and overloads hospitals
Imagine living in a world where every hospital is flooded with vaccine-affected patients of all ages who suffer such extreme neurological damage that previously healthy people fall into the category of people in need of constant medical care to survive. We already know that as many as 500,000 Americans may have died from "blood clots," but it's important that these are just short-term vascular effects of blood clots. These deaths do not take into account the long-term, slow-acting neurological damage that appears to resemble the human form of mad cow disease. Now, a neuroscientist warns that widespread neurological damage - caused by spiky protein vaccines - could overload and collapse the world’s health system.

Vaccination is not, but smoke rising from forest fires can also spread the virusVaccination is not, but smoke rising from forest fires can also spread the virus
Due to raging forest fires around the world, fine particles released into the air may have contributed to the development of thousands of people in the United States as a result of coronavirus infection, in many cases fatal. According to a study published in the journal Science Advances, destroying forest fires right in the midst of an epidemic puts many more people at risk for Covid-19. Researchers studied 90 counties in California and Washington state and concluded that 20 percent of last year’s viral illnesses were related to the amount of extra smoke released into the atmosphere. What’s even more alarming is that some scientists say smoke can carry the virus. And this, according to the authors of the study, shows how they interact and how global crises are related,

Fourth wave: the medical chamber demands immediate restrictionsFourth Wave: Medical Chamber Demands Immediate Restrictions
In a statement, the MOK warns: keep a distance, wear a mask indoors, and continue to follow the rules for hand washing and hand disinfection. At the same time, it also calls on the Hungarian government to take all effective measures to encourage the population to vaccinate themselves. "Restricted, uncontrolled crowded restaurants and shopping malls, open beaches and hotels, crowded public transportation; the mask has disappeared almost everywhere, with no sign of defense," the statement said. The MOK draws attention to the fact that so far we have been lucky with the delta variant, but it may not last forever. "Let's not take any chances!" - they write according to

Agenda 21: a plan to exterminate 95% of humanity by 2030Agenda 21: a plan to exterminate 95% of humanity by 2030
When the New World Order comes to power, much of humanity may be wiped off the face of the Earth. In short, what exactly is the draft Agenda 21 about? The essence of this is that the purpose of background power is to destroy man, because the root of every problem is basically man himself. One solution is to reduce the population. Many say it’s a real problem, not a conspiracy theory, but there are also plenty of skeptics who say it’s just a fiction. According to those who say Agenda 21 can actually come into force in a few years, there are countless signs that this is not a conspiracy at all, and that there are indeed processes going on behind us. Georgia’s famous monument is also said to stand for nothing more than to be an eternal memento of the Agenda 21 draft. The monument, called only the Georgia Guidestones in English, contains a precise recommendation and instruction on how to maximize the number of humanity. Little is known about the monument itself, not even its exact origin is known, nor exactly who may have made it, or when it was erected. The only key to its origin is on a plaque near the foundation stone.

What Happens Actually And What Awaits Us For WinterWhat Happens Actually And What Awaits Us For Winter
It is said that repetition is the mother of wisdom, so it may not be a bad idea to summarize the situation for regular readers who are mostly familiar with it, but also beginners to common language conspiracy theories for whom this is a great introduction to what is actually happening. . There are more and more such people and we dedicate this text to them. So, dear beginners, if you haven’t noticed yet, what’s going on in our society has nothing to do with the horrific fight against the virus, which has 100 versions of which people fall dead on the streets. What is happening has been planned for a long time and what we have written about many times on this portal. In The Plan of Slavery of the Human Race, you can read biblical prophecies, see a wonderful 2013 short documentary, The Chess Carpet for Humanity, which predicts in detail, step by step, exactly what will happen today. And you can see the Police State banned episode in which former Governor Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones set the whole plan. In this 2010 episode, Alex Jones says, “We have government documents that show the U.S. government is preparing for a major pandemic that will be used as an excuse to introduce a curfew, mandatory vaccinations and take people to camps. on the pretext that they are addressed to migrants. We have government documents that show that the U.S. government is preparing for a major pandemic that will be used as an excuse to impose a curfew, mandatory vaccinations, and take people to camps. build. on the pretext that they are for migrants. " We have government documents that show that the U.S. government is preparing for a major pandemic that will be used as an excuse to impose a curfew, mandatory vaccinations, and take people to camps. build. on the pretext that they are for migrants. "

******************************************************** **************

He wrote a holiday time, the government of giga tender: outsource WASTE management is 35 years
Domokos Erika, 2021 August 19

next to the motorway network maintenance and development of the Orban government to waste public tasks would give private companies under concession for 35 years. The application deadline is September 9, ie the National Concession Office, supervised by Minister Antal Rogán, gave the interested companies 12 working days to apply, he pointed out in a statement from Momentum. According to the chairman of the party, only Mol Plc. Can fulfill the tender conditions.

Waste management is also outsourced for 35 years

"In addition to the right to waste management in the entire territory of Hungary, the huge state subsidies will also go to the only winner of the tender. The tender is precise and accurate, was set as the submission deadline, ie 12 working days were given for a 35-year concession competition .

The recently established National Concession Office (NKI), headed by the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister's Office, Antal Rogán, wants to outsource not only the maintenance and development of domestic motorways to private hands for 35 years, but also waste management. An amendment to the law on the concession of waste management was also adopted at the end of last year, but the publication of the public procurement invitation has been awaited since then. The Free Europe news portal wrote about the involvement of the oil company Mol Plc., Which is also preparing for life after oil, in November last year.

The starting date for the 35-year concession would be July 1, 2023, the NKI writes in the tender. The winning concessionaire must establish a domestic company with its own participation.

Is the concessionaire responsible in accordance with the tender:

- "receipt, collection, transportation, pre-treatment, trade and transfer of management of waste within the scope of the waste management public service and institutional sub-activities (expected to be about 4 to 4.8 million tonnes per year), including those affected by these maintenance and operation of waste management facilities (such as collection points, waste yards, redemption points, transhipment stations, sorting plants),
- extended producer responsibility schemes for waste covered by the institutional sub-activity are regulated by the Ht. 53 / A. Extended producer responsibility obligations specified in § paragraph (4) supply of organizational tasks of performing on behalf of the manufacturer, and the mandatory redemption rate system operation. "

Contract with only one koncesszorral

to perform a task but also to apply part deal can not be done." The state of waste management public duty to exercise The State is only entitled to transfer its right to the same concessionaire in a single procedure, on the basis of which the bidding for the lots cannot be interpreted in relation to the present procurement requirement, or the division into lots would be contrary to the law ", the announcement states.

Public procurement is in two stages. The deadline for applications is 9 a.m. on September 9th. In the participation phase, the suitability of the candidates will be examined, in which case no bid can be made. Only invited candidates who have been found suitable will be eligible for the second bidding phase. The procedure is scheduled to be completed by December 2021.

The bids of the bidders will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

- The value of the commitment for the planned new investments in the 10 years following the entry into force of the concession contract is a minimum of HUF 50 billion - a maximum of HUF 300 billion.
- Commitment on the new energy utilization capacity planned to be implemented in the 5 years following the entry into force of the concession contract (t / year) min 100 000t / year - max 400 000t / year.
- The fixed concession fee to be paid at an annual rate (minimum HUF 100 million, but the higher fee is an advantage).

Let us not forget these mattersLet us not forget these matters
As it turned out recently, the government would outsource the maintenance of highways to buddies for 35 years. It became a great outrage, but over time we forgot about it. But here is another government plan, namely waste management, which they also want to outsource for 35 years with only 12 days to submit a tender, and according to András Fekete-Győr - he ventilated the news - the conditions outside MOL no applicant will be able to complete, so essentially the application was written for them. MOL also owns several foundations, so a few billion forints can be squandered again through the foundations, even when Orbán may no longer be in power. Orbán’s goal is clearly to seize everything valuable before that he might be forced to accept an electoral defeat. If he had his mind, there was nothing in his name and then it would be Mészáros who would take responsibility for the acquisition of thousands of billion in wealth. If, on the other hand, the NER knights escape prison in some way, they are likely to spend the rest of their lives in luxury, as the government even during its reign arranged for them to have adequate capital even in the event of a change of government. Thanks to the two-thirds, they are essentially doing what they want and even if it is all transparent, no one can do anything, as the authorities are in their pockets. then presumably they will spend the rest of their lives in luxury, as the government, even during its reign, arranged for them to have adequate capital even in the event of a change of government. Thanks to the two-thirds, they are essentially doing what they want and even if it is all transparent, no one can do anything, as the authorities are in their pockets. then presumably they will spend the rest of their lives in luxury, as the government, even during its reign, arranged for them to have adequate capital even in the event of a change of government. Thanks to the two-thirds, they are essentially doing what they want and even if it is all transparent, no one can do anything, as the authorities are in their pockets.

Zsolt Hernádi: you have to close your eyes and go through the transformationZsolt Hernádi: you have to close your eyes and go through the transformation
He expects the government to plan beyond one cycle, and in several sectors he urges structural changes in Zsolt Hernádi, the CEO of Mol Plc., Who is one of the biggest problems in management training in Hungary and Central Europe. In recent days, major players in the economy have been guests of InfoRádió Aréna. An edited, abbreviated version of the conversations will be published in a series. Are you happy with the result of the election in terms of competitiveness? - I think for the past eight years the government has led a predictable economic policy. The first and all economic actors have the predictability to know exactly what will happen. It is also safe to say that this economic policy is business-friendly, because tax cuts and the reduction of public burdens on work clearly mean such a policy. Macroeconomic balance has also been restored. This used to be a serious barrier to development and was therefore a fundamental issue. But very serious structural changes are needed in education, in health, in the whole issue of employment.

After the economy has started, the money promised by Viktor Orbán can comeAfter the economy has started, the money promised by Viktor Orbán can come
In addition to expectations, the performance of the Hungarian economy jumped by 17.9 percent. All of this means that GDP has never grown in a quarter as much as it did in the second quarter of this year. The Hungarian economy grew faster than analysts' expectations in the second quarter, making it increasingly likely that up to 1.5 million parents raising children will receive a tax refund next year before the spring parliamentary elections if they are above 5.5 percent. gross domestic product (GDP) growth. Of course, it is worth emphasizing that there is a unanimous consensus that in 2021, the Hungarian economy will recover from the pit after a 5.5 percent fall a year earlier and produce strong growth. The extent of this is what is not fully agreed.

Showtime on August 20: The biggest and most expensive national holiday of all time is comingShowtime on August 20: The biggest and most expensive national holiday of all time is coming
A multi-day, national dynamo-dan is expected around August 20 - at first it may seem that the government would make up many times over for the national holiday that was missed last year due to the epidemic, but it was already planned for 2020 and officially postponed until 2021. Everything from beer and Ákos to the military air parade to fireworks will be parked at the monster state festival named after St. Stephen’s Day. Of course, rag shaking has a price: between 5.5 and 7.9 billion forints will be spent on the series of events. August 20 is not just about fireworks and the Holy Right Procession, although these two events are a good indication that the day is not only an official public holiday in honor of the founding of the state and the founding king King Stephen I, but also a major celebration of the Hungarian Catholic Church. is.

Jakab Péter Orbán: Jakab Péter Orbán: "You will have time to read in prison. In the meantime, I recommend the Bible"
István Ujhelyi, an MSZP politician, and Márton Pál, an activist of the Foundation for Rainbow Families, also recommended a reading to the Prime Minister. Viktor Orbán shared a picture on Facebook on Thursday about what books he is reading now. Several politicians and public figures also commented on his entry. Peter Jakab, president of Jobbik, said, "You'll have time to read in prison. In the meantime, I recommend the Bible." István Ujhelyi, MEP from the European Parliament, commented: "I think it is worth flipping through Ludas Matyi so that he is not surprised ..." "I even recommend the storybook" What a Family, "but especially for the grandchildren! #Fsaladazcsalad"

A new government transport plane rolled out of the hangar with gold paintThe government's new transport aircraft rolled out of the hangar with a golden paint
"The government's A330 rolled out of the hangar " - it was announced in the Facebook group of Aviation, Aviation, PlaneSpotting - reminds that the Hungarian state purchased the cargo aircraft for air cargo transportation in October 2020 for USD 57.5 million (converted into approximately HUF 17 billion) from Qatar Airways. The machine can cover distances of up to 7,400 kilometers.

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6,000 Years of Leadership- Women Must Return to the Confession of the Blessed Virgin

Nimrod is our ancestor (our spiritualist ..) who fought against the "god" of Abraham on the tower of Babel (Jhvh) not God LIVES but a copier! Also called confusing (ufo) "Let's confuse their tongues .." HARP ..!

6,000 Years of Leadership- Women must return to the Confession of the Blessed Virgin

When Moses ascends Mount Sinai he hears the sound of a rotor and circles in the sky (Sumerian stone tablets!) And a telepathic sound sounds in his head ...
The DO NOT Steal, DO NOT Lie, Do not commit fornication, DO NOT KILL .... BUT! Why?

Because there is no NE in the universe!

NE means BUT! A barrier, a dam which, if congested (energy), eventually leads to it because all repression and dogma have the opposite effect ...

Who is it to be found please.

Small guide + - 6000 years SHADING ..!

If I tell you that we came here to try to uncover the truth, will you believe me?

Do you believe me when I say the Vatican is the Church of the Antichrist where the woman was oppressed or just shielded by all means? ...!
Father son holy spirit? Where is the WOMAN? If a woman is left out of creation, two-thirds of creation is left out!

This was also the goal because READY is the real enemy of the Blessed Virgin because she is the parent of the enthusiastic life who is renewed again and again (monthly cycle + birth of life)

Therefore the chador, therefore was the female animal ! ...

Nimrod knew this then and therefore he built the crystal generator tower called Babel which was plugged with the SEVEN sacred chakra crystals step by step (7) also represented on a plane but actually resonant arrow charged with psychic energy (dimensional shot).

I know it sounds like a sci-fi, but we're talking about the Magic of Mages, the ancestor of HUN MAG ...

(Arabic and Turkish gestures) Jesus is called the Panther Fatty by the Israelites (Pharisee) because they know exactly to this day that (Attention is not racism because every soul can return beyond the worship of matter to the spirit). to the lord of eternal love LIVES to God) Jesus is the same branch of descent ... In

our present world, Woman is the key to balance to correct the invisible multi-threaded light web anomaly of the world ...

In the middle of the stem cell, the Blessed Virgin wrecked and confused because Ármány is only capable of immature creation (cars, technology (of course what we know is the most obsolete even if we think of it as a maximum ... because of shadow government)

That is why Women need to find their way back to their Blessed Virgin creed and way of life by consciously calling on the Mother of God.

I know there’s probably a lot I’ve described here but it’s important to state these.

The essence of MAG (Magar) is no different than MAG itself, so the stem cell is a flower of life in the middle of which (the heart) is the WOMAN as the queen of the BEE (mother bee).
He is the source!

Something else ... Jesus in our Aramaic Father begins: "Mother of the Father of Cosmos, you created everything that moves in the light. Gather your light in one point in us ...

(In the present, it is: OUR FATHER (woman nuku ..!) But whose father? he lies, he draws from himself because he is a liar, and he is the father of lies, "(Gospel of John 8.44)"

Gábor Szemző
Hungarian Woman Magazine

How long do you think the Fidesz-KDNP governing coalition, which currently wins 2/3 of the elections in 2010, 2014 and 2018, will be in government?
We asked the readers of the News Network 2 years ago what you think about this.

Based on the 868 valid votes, the result is:
217: It will remain in force for another term, ie 7 years
204: It will remain in force for at least 3 more terms
183: It will fail within a year or two
132: It will be below
128: 30 in the next parliamentary election in 2022 or concreted himself for several years

Details on the site:

The beautiful dancer would dedicate her life to babiesBaby Toys devote his life to the beautiful dancing girls
represent Bekes county finals of the Fairy Vivien Fazekas. The 21-year-old emergency girl envisions her future among babies. Although she graduated as a waiter, Vivien Fazekas envisions her future in a different profession: she wants to be a babysitter because she has every dream of dealing with babies. Where this will happen is still a question, because the girl from Békés County, although she loves her home, Vésztő, longs for the capital. It owes its shape to ballroom dancing, after seven years it is now present as a hobby in his life. He likes samba, rumba and chachacha the most, but as he says, his dance partner was also very good, which is why he will want to come back. The Fairy Girl is not the Fairy Beauty's first beauty contest, as she has already won a county contest a few years ago.

Are dark times coming back for Afghan women?Are dark times coming back for Afghan women?
Since the end of May, the beginning of the Taliban offensive, a quarter of a million Afghans have fled their homes, fearing that radical rebels will reintroduce a strict and ruthless interpretation of Islam. They deprive women of their rights. Eighty percent of the refugees are women and children. Fundamentalists ruled Afghanistan for five years until the 2001 entry of American troops. Over time, girls were excluded from education, deprived of their right to work. Over the past 20 years, significant progress has been made in this area in a deeply conservative, male-dominated society. Especially in cities. Girls go to school, women also get into parliament, government, the business world. “In the recent Taliban, my mother took me to ice cream,” says one of the women’s rights activists. "I witnessed my mother being beaten by the Taliban for for he revealed his face for a short time. I can never forget the feeling of helplessness, vulnerability that gripped me then. I was still a little girl. I believe that if the Taliban come to power again, the same dark times will return. "

Taliban militants look for Afghans who worked for Americans or NATO forcesTaliban militants look for Afghans who worked for Americans or NATO forces
Taliban militants are increasingly looking for Afghans who have worked for Americans or NATO forces in Afghanistan, writes The New York Times. Referring to a confidential UN document, the paper reports that Afghans, who previously collaborated with Allied troops and the U.S. military, are also being searched by Taliban militants at Kabul airport and threatening to kill or arrest their family members if they are not found. them". The Times points out that the contents of the UN report run counter to the Taliban’s public commitment not to take revenge on members and supporters of the failed government. The newspaper reported that "there have been a number of reports" that the Taliban have a list of people whom they want to interrogate and punish. According to the document, the Taliban "went from house to house and arrested and / or threatened family members of the targeted individuals if they did not surrender to the Taliban". According to a report in the possession of The New York Times, "members of the Afghan army and police, as well as workers in the overthrown government, are most at risk."

Lavrov: Russia is in no hurry to recognize the TalibanLavrov: Russia is in no hurry to recognize the Taliban
Russia is in no hurry to acknowledge the Taliban’s radical Islamic movement that came to power in Afghanistan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a presentation at Immanuel Kant’s Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad on Tuesday. "We are in no hurry to acknowledge it, as do all the other countries. I just talked to Chinese Foreign Minister Vang Ji about this yesterday. Our position is the same," he said. In Russia, the Taliban movement is officially a terrorist organization. Lavrov said he expects the Taliban's dialogue with the leaders of the other Afghan political forces will lead to the formation of an inclusive transitional government and thus to the normalization of the situation. He called it a positive sign that there is relative calm on the streets of Kabul, that the Taliban as a whole are maintaining public order,

Biden shifts responsibility to the Afghans for the total collapseBiden shifts responsibility to the Afghans for the total collapse
oe U.S. President Biden blamed Trump to a lesser extent and the Afghans to a greater extent for the total escalation of the situation in Afghanistan. At Biden’s Monday night white house press conference, Biden said there was no real alternative to U.S. troop withdrawal, if they stayed, they would have just escalated the conflict. Scapegoats about Afghanistan and the Taliban's victory in Washington. He returned to Washington Monday night from Joe Biden’s Camp David, where he first appeared in public to explain the U.S. foreign policy certificate for the drama in Afghanistan. The United States, which has been stationing its troops in Afghanistan for twenty years and is spending about $ 145 billion to stabilize the country, will withdraw completely from Afghanistan in September, but the situation is already dramatic:

An uncomfortable truth or a reassuring lie?Most people

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