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Wave 4 is coming from Paris.  The name of the wave: Freedom!
Wave 4 is coming from Paris. The name of the wave: Freedom!

A world revolution will sweep through here soon! There will be anthelmintics! Governments will fall in line!
The people are waking up!
They want to take our lives, our freedom, our health, the lives of our children!
Every nation must fight for survival!
Is this the key to the future? (Csaba Bódis)

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Huge announcement: the German army will be deployed in Afghanistan

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced today that the German army will be deployed during the evacuation in Kabul, evacuating roughly ten thousand people from Afghanistan.


The situation in Kabul is so serious that Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin has announced the deployment of the German army, the Bundeswehrt, in Afghanistan. However, the capabilities of the German army are limited, so the operation can only be carried out with the support of U.S. forces providing Kabul International Airport.

Among those to be evacuated is a group of 2,500 people, with Bundeswehr helpers from their families: some of them have already been sent to Germany, and 600 people are not yet known if they have already left Afghanistan. The other group includes human rights activists and lawyers, which means roughly two thousand people, but they also need to be evacuated with their families, the ATV wrote.

America’s wars since World War II

one part is dominated by the Islamic State and Syria, where oil reserves are also significant)! There has been no livable life in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria since they were attacked by war shells. People are fleeing wars, mainly towards Europe. America has also intervened in Ukraine.
America is deploying heavy weapons in Europe! Many believe that preparations for World War III are underway or are already underway.
"They usually carry out a false-flag operation. A false-flag operation means that someone does something while producing and spreading evidence to spread responsibility. It has been such a prominent operation against Iraq. The war launched in 2003, as well as the events of the Arab Spring and Ukraine. " (Excerpt from The Damage Caused to Us by the American Wars)

The United States has lost its world leadership, according to the Czech head of stateThe United States has lost its world leadership, according to the Czech head of state
The United States has lost the prestige of the world leader by leaving Afghanistan, while NATO has questioned its own raison d'être because it has dramatically declared bankruptcy, Czech President Milos Zeman has declared. The Czech president fears that the Taliban will set up a terrorist center in Afghanistan and resume terrorist attacks around the world. He said he no longer supported raising Czech defense spending to two percent of gross domestic product (GDP). He believes that the Czech Republic should now invest primarily in its own defense, because the NATO investment can be described as a "slight" waste of money. “All the predictions I’ve talked about publicly before have come true,” Zeman noted. He added: continuing the script, that the Taliban are setting up a terrorist center in Afghanistan and that terrorist attacks are being resumed virtually all over the world. The departure of Allied armies is cowardice and NATO's dramatic failure "In my view, Americans have lost their world-leading prestige by leaving Afghanistan, and NATO is now raising doubts about its viability."

The Taliban promise a free retreat to civiliansThe Taliban promise a free retreat to civilians
Human remains were found in the chassis of a C-17 military plane that took off from Kabul, the U.S. Air Force said. According to the report, when a plane landed in the Afghan capital on Monday, the runway was surrounded by hundreds of civilians. "Faced with a rapidly deteriorating security situation around the aircraft, the crew of the aircraft decided to leave the airport as soon as possible," the statement said. They added that they are investigating what exactly happened. Due to the security situation, the airport will have to be suspended for hours after the incident. The Taliban have agreed to allow a safe withdrawal from civilians seeking to join the American-led evacuation from Afghanistan, President Joe Biden's national security adviser said Tuesday. According to the Pentagon, after Monday's forced break, air transport resumed and accelerated despite weather problems, at the same time as regular talks with Taliban leaders. Additional U.S. soldiers are being reinforced to secure the airport, which is currently attended by more than 6,000 Marines.

The Hamas Islamic terrorist group congratulated the Taliban on taking powerThe Hamas Islamic terrorist group congratulated the Taliban on taking power
Congratulations to the Muslim Afghan people for suppressing the American occupation in all Afghan countries, and congratulations to the Taliban movement and brave leadership for this victory, which was the culmination of the long struggle of the past 20 years. Hamas stressed that just as the Taliban took Afghanistan back from the American occupation, they would free Israel from the Jews in order to become Islam. Despite being categorized as an Islamic State and al-Qaeda, the Taliban are not actually on the U.S. State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations, CNBC TV18 reported. Instead, the U.S. government recognizes the Taliban as a "rebel, revolutionary group." Musa Abu Marzouk, a member of the Hamas Politburo, expresses his support for the Taliban and calls them a "winner", and praised the Taliban for being "smarter and more realistic." He added that the Taliban had refused to accept "half-solutions" and "slogans and false promises of democracy and elections", "they could show a lesson to all oppressed people".

Bishop Joseph Strickland: The world is punished, but nonetheless, we must return to GodBishop Joseph Strickland: The world is punished, but nonetheless, we must return to God
Bishop Joseph Strickland issued a warning in the latest episode of The Bishop Strickland Show to nations and those in power around the world who support abortion, promote homosexuality, and oppress ordinary citizens. His Excellency warns that we suffer because of our sins and do not recognize God as Creator and true author of life. “We’re under punishment for ruining children’s lives, slaughtering unborn children, and at a pace never seen before in history,” Terry Barber told presenter. His Excellency added that despite this punishment from God, our creator “still loves us” and urges everyone to return to Him. Strickland pointed out that, unfortunately, too many politicians and authorities fail to realize these problems and continue to manipulate humanity. Bishop Strickland affirmed that the salvation of the world can never come from "control of the state or control of mandates."

A campaign of prayer is launched for politicians living according to the Ten CommandmentsA campaign of prayer is launched for politicians living according to the Ten Commandments
László Surján has already joined the movement. A prayer movement will start from August 20 until April next year in order to get as many members of Parliament as possible who accept all ten points of the Ten Commandments as moral norms and try to live as public and private people, the initiator of the prayer campaign told the Hungarian Nation. Péter Gál, director of the Zamárd Cultural House. The goal is to have at least one person praying in each settlement. On behalf of the KDNP, former Minister of Welfare László Surján (pictured) also joined the call. He told the pro-government newspaper that next year we will not only vote for parties, we will also decide the direction in the election. Are we drifting towards worthlessness, losing the remnants of our sanity, as is the case in many countries of the world, or by listening to common sense, the common good and morality will prevail, Surján said. It is not clear from the call how to check whether a politician is abiding by the Ten Commandments.

Abraham Convention
1 world order 1 world religion?
The merger of the three world religions, already signed in 2020,
Donald Trump, Netanyhau, Islam, Jew, Catholic.
This is also a condition for the introduction of the new world order.
This important step has already been taken!

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What? Miklós Rusvai wants to catch the delta variant
14 Aug 2021 - Blikk

Miklós Rusvai says that in the long run, triple-level protection can only be achieved by surviving the infection.
According to Miklós Rusvai, he is confident that he will catch the delta variant, thanks to the vaccinations so far, he will go through the disease with a slight course, thus gaining protection against the variant.

Miklós Rusvai wants to catch the delta variant for really effective protection

As a guest on his ATV Start show, the virologist also said that if someone has an adequate level of protection against the coronavirus, they don’t necessarily need a third vaccination. He also revealed that he himself had received both doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine and did not intend to take the third vaccine.

In the long run, really good, triple level protection is only achieved by surviving the infection
, he said, which is why he thinks he wants to get through the infection of the delta variant.

Regarding the variant first identified in India, he added that there are indications that it causes a milder course of the disease, but there is no harm in being careful as satisfactory statistics are not yet available. He also agrees with the Hungarian Medical Chamber that the use of the protection card should be re-introduced, and believes that wearing a mask should not be harmful either.

Emmi: Schoolchildren will be vaccinated in early SeptemberEmmi: Schoolchildren will be vaccinated in early September
In addition to school doctors, with the involvement of GPs, vaccination of 12-18 year olds in educational institutions could begin at the beginning of the school year - this was evident from the succinct answer given by the Ministry of Human Resources to the People’s Word question. It was originally planned at Emmi that schoolchildren would be vaccinated on the last two days of August, and in the meantime, it would be assessed how many parents would like their child to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. However, the needs assessment has not yet begun, and Emmi has now written to the paper that it will be vaccinated in the first days of September. No more information was provided by the ministry, which promised information at a later date. The school principals do not know any more about the administration of vaccinations, Péter Horváth, the president of the National Teachers 'Faculty, and Tamás Totyik, the vice-president of the Teachers' Trade Union, do not know that schools and their leaders had been instructed to organize vaccinations. According to Totyik, this is also worrying because there are only two weeks left by the end of the month and not even the needs assessment has started.

Parents don’t know what to expect when they open school in the event of another waveParents don’t know what to expect when they open school in the event of another wave
Sándor Tóth, a virologist from Szeged, told the Pénzcentrum that the possible fourth virus wave released due to the delta variant will coincide with the opening of the school. Parent-representing communities like Parental Voice have so far received the news anxiously and see that, just like last year, as parents this year, they don’t know what to expect in the event of another wave of epidemics. "The situation is now similar to a year ago: epidemiological data is good in the summer and the government is expressing hope that schools can get off to a good start. However, it would be useful for all participants in education to have well-thought-out plans A, B, C depending on the severity of the epidemic,

The CDC is setting up a secret national database of households with unvaccinated childrenThe CDC is setting up a secret national database of households with unvaccinated children
The corrupt CDC, which has outlined a plan to set up an internment camp for covids in every U.S. city, is secretly creating a database of U.S. households with unvaccinated children. The CDC, in collaboration with NORC at the University of Chicago, disguised as a nationwide vaccination "survey", calls households across America by phone and asks if there are children between the ages of six months and 17 at home and asks about their vaccination status. Together with the fact that the CDC has announced a national "green zones" plan to isolate unvaccinated people in essentially tightly guarded sourdough concentration camps, which the CDC claims meet "minimum humanitarian standards", it seems almost certain that that the CDC will use data from a telephone survey conducted by NORC to identify and target households with unvaccinated children who are classified as "at high risk" because of their unvaccinated status and are medically abducted under their alleged "authorization" in the context of the Kovid National Emergency; children as well as parents. (Translated with

A new show begins or the old one continues: A new variant of the coronavirus has been identified by biologists here in HungaryA new show begins or the old one continues: A new variant of the coronavirus has been identified by biologists here in Hungary
Two molecular biologists from the TritonLabs human diagnostic laboratory, Kitti Tátrai and András Benedek, have discovered a new variant of the coronavirus. According to the report, the variant not yet identified in Hungary contains both spike protein mutations characteristic of the alpha (i.e., identified in Great Britain) and delta (from India) virus variants. We routinely detect the virus in the lab (whether a sample is positive or negative), but my colleague András Benedek and I are also working to determine which virus variant is present in the positive sample. This is not part of your daily routine. At the time of our discovery, we were just working to have the right methodology so that we could tell what variant we were finding. This is also why my first thought was that I spoiled something, since such a variant (C.36. 3) they have not been described in Hungary yet, "said Kitti Tátrai. The experiment was then repeated." András did it completely independently of me and got the same result. At that time, however, we could not yet say that it was that particular variant, we could only state that a mutation characteristic of that variant was present in the sample. Professionally, there is a slight difference in this ".

A lot of people have been fooled by the "doctor" .... you already know why !!!
Surely many of you “know” me through his videos of the “I Tore to Asia” Facebook page and Youtube channel doctor. Many have also asked him what his name is and what field he works in as a doctor? - but he gave no answer to anyone, he has remained a mystery to this day, both to his followers and to his visitors. Recently, he has been attacking people in his videos who are skeptical of COVID vaccines. He tries to expire them one by one, if he knows them at all, but he does everything he can to make others unreliable, especially if the person he wants to expire is national-minded. Well, tonight I decided to check on this doctor myself - I almost wrote a doctor by accident now, but I corrected it in time - who he really was and what he really did.His name is Dr. Zsolt Gordos and - now everyone hold on - AstraZeneka Hungária kft is the business director! So that no one can hide in incognito anymore in this world and then splurge from there on other doctors, or just those who may not agree with their trutum vaccine.

The UK government expects 60-70% of wave 4 deaths to affect fully vaccinatedThe UK government expects 60-70% of wave 4 deaths to affect fully vaccinated
The UK government expects that in the 4th wave, which they say will come in August, 60-70% of infections and deaths will affect those who have received both doses of the vaccine, meaning they are fully vaccinated. According to the description, a weaker immune response in those at risk will be a problem that triggers tragedies. Twice-vaccinated people over the age of fifty will be at greater risk than those who have not received a single dose. The vast majority of Britons have received the gene therapy mRNA-type vaccine, so it's not that the ineffectiveness of other vaccines could be blamed for politico-economic reasons ... . That is, the facts described above are irrefutable facts. See page 10, paragraph 32:Download and read for yourself! Literally translated: 32. The re-increase in both hospital admissions and deaths is dominated by those who received the two doses of vaccine, which will account for 60% and 70% of the next wave. This is due to the high level of administration among the most vulnerable age groups, so that immunization failure causes more serious illnesses than in unvaccinated individuals. This is discussed in more detail in paragraphs 55 and 56.

Fourth wave of horror: John Slavik sent a warningFourth wave of horror: John Slavik sent a warning
The fourth wave could be scary because many new cases are expected, especially among young people. "Because of the many cases, it can be tough. It can be scary how many new cases there will be, mostly young people," he said from the chief medical officer on TV2's morning show Mokka. However, János Slavik sees that if the fourth wave actually arrives in Hungary around September-October, the hospitals will not be under as much pressure as before. "There can't be such a burden in hospitals. The fact that an elderly person is vaccinated with two vaccines is a very big safety, because if they also accidentally catch the delta mutant, because, say, a child, his uncle is taking him home, they won't be sick anymore. to get to the hospital, for the most part, ”he explained. The expert added that although the data show a slow rise, "

An alarming study confirms that vaxers will face catastrophic antibody-dependent developmentAn alarming study confirms that vaxers will face catastrophic antibody-dependent development
For more than a year, intensive research by health experts such as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has shed light on growing concern about “antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE), a phenomenon in which vaccines make the disease much worse by potentially boosting the immune system. cause a fatal overreaction. A new scientific paper published in the Journal of Infection provides solid evidence that vaccines administered worldwide undoubtedly cause ADE effects in humans when exposed to the Delta variant or possibly other coronavirus strains. With nearly 200 million Americans already vaccinated - and 2.4 billion already injected worldwide - a mortality rate of just 20 percent could result in 40 million vaccine-related deaths in the U.S., and 480 million deaths worldwide. (Of course, this is the essence of population-based vaccinations.)

Gene Therapy - A Key Healing Technology or a Dangerous Biological Weapon? - Dr. Zsuzsanna Bardócz

Our home is the Earth, and it is an ominous phenomenon that our environment has begun to perish. Every day we should be aware of ourselves and each other that only a few days we can live without air or drinking water, so with that in mind, we should act at every moment and protect the essential treasures of nature!
Can our genes adapt to these major environmental changes? What does genetically engineered food cause in the human body? What is gene therapy? Can a biological weapon be a gene therapy experiment called vaccination? Can quantum genetics be a solution?
Why is science getting so much emphasis and dealing with the electromagnetic field of the brain and heart now? Why is it so important to control our thoughts and emotions? How does all this relate to our environment and living space? Conversation between

Professor Dr. Zsuzsanna Bardócz and István Jakab .

Good health to all unvaccinated. We wish the 2x vaccinated to improve.

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When you exit from the EU, it would be in the advantage that young people would not be able to work in the West
08/17/2021 Urban Courier

"it came time to 2021 in July, it is now taken seriously consider the possibility of a withdrawal of our one bleeding from a thousand wounds, Imperial symptoms from Tamás Fritz's "Time to Talk About Huxit" in the leading government newspaper of the Orbán regime begins with this idea. It can be assumed that such an article could never appear in the Hungarian Nation without Orbán's knowledge, will or instruction.

From the chain: leaving the EU would also have the advantage that young people would not be able to work in the West

Speaking about the current state of the EU, László Kövér said: "some big-faced Western politicians like to rub under our noses that if we wanted to join the union now, they would not be recruited, so to speak, because of our alleged rule of law problems and our views and values".

In response, the Speaker said: if there were a referendum now, "I would definitely vote no."

László Kövér trusts in his long existence on earth: he believes it is worth the collapse of the European Union! It is still worth it when the EU ceases to exist in its current form, says the Speaker. Will he become head of state? What is your favorite flower? Would an opposition role benefit Fidesz? - leads the interview of the Mandiner with László Kövér, Speaker of the House.
Tamás Lánczi's astonishing confession "If we leave the EU, it would also have the advantage that young people would not be able to work in the West," he says. "They will protect the labor market." István Vágó wrote on the community page Tamás

Lánczi told the

tut on the HírTV Plus-Minus show about Huxit about the fact that Hungarians like the idea of ​​the European Union, but they do not like its practice, so what Brussels is trying to do Hungarians no longer agree with it (compared to this, polls indicate that the vast majority of respondents are pro-EU).

On the Afghan crisis If you stick to this - Brussels stabbed vaccine procurement, stabbed the 2008 crisis management, stabbed the 2015 migrant crisis - it could be one of the last throws in the European Union and it will simply fall apart.

He added - somewhat contradicting his previous statements - no one disputes that Europe has an unparalleled quality of life (...) those who run Brussels today, Europe, they perform worse and worse every day and Europe slides down nicely. Today, Europe is still a cool place, but every effort is being made in Brussels to ensure that this is not the case.

Lánczi would also solve the problem of not allowing the "labor force" to go to the guilty west. It is much easier to protect our labor market. What is happening today is that in this much-criticized Hungarian education system, however, we only train children who then go to work in Western Europe to become adults. They are seduced there by seemingly high salaries.

"What is called corruption is practically Fidesz's main policy." (András Lánczi, President of the End of the Century Foundation, in an article published on December 21, 2015)

The Hungarian economy is said to have produced overwhelming, unprecedented growthThe Hungarian economy is said to have produced overwhelming, unprecedented growth
Mihály Varga spoke in a live video on his Facebook page about the fresh GDP data that has just come out. As the Minister of Finance put it, there was good news about the Hungarian economy, which is worth paying attention to even in the heat of summer. In addition to expectations, GDP grew by 17.9 percent in the second quarter from a year earlier, the highest quarterly growth ever, above pre-epidemic levels. It is true that the big jump is also due to the low base due to the economic slowdown due to the epidemic, but it still turns out that the economic restart was the fastest in Hungary, the Minister of Finance said. Incidentally, GDP rose 0.1 percent from the pre-epidemic figure of 2019, according to the finance minister, largely due to the government's economic protection and restart measures, - these represent an achievable growth of 8.4% on an annual basis. There are no detailed data yet, but it seems that this is a healthy structure of growth - said Mihály Varga, who also revealed some details in the video, which sector, how much exceeded the same period last year.

We have not heard an understandable explanation as to why the gas should be pushed furtherWe have not heard an understandable explanation as to why the gas should be pushed further
By the second quarter, the Hungarian economy returned to the level of the end of 2019. According to Ákos Péter Bod, in addition to such figures, analysts question whether it is necessary to further increase the deficit at all, as it will have to be reduced at some point. The growth of the Hungarian economy in the second quarter exceeded even the most optimistic estimates. According to the raw data, Hungarian GDP grew by 17.9 percent, seasonally and calendar-adjusted by 17.7 percent compared to the same period in 2020, the Central Statistical Office said. The remarkably high growth is obviously due to the fact that the downturn due to the coronavirus crisis was brought about by the economy - a 13.5 per cent decline was registered a year earlier - but Hungarian GDP is already 0.1 per cent higher than in the last quarter of 2019. was before a coronavirus epidemic. As early as June, Governor György Matolcsy spoke about the fact that the central bank expects economic growth of around six per cent, even over six per cent, in 2021, which he believes will be one of the best restarts in the EU. This also means that the PIT refund promised by Viktor Orbán to those raising children will not be an obstacle, as this has been tied to a 5.5 percent increase by the government.

An uncomfortable truth or a reassuring lie?Most people

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